Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the 140th Founding Anniversary of Philippine Chinese Charitable Association, Inc. (PCCAI)
Fiesta Pavilion, Manila Hotel
28 June 2017
Kindly sit down. Salamat po.

Dr. James Dy, the Chairman Emeritus and President of the PCCAl; former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, ma’am magandang gabi po; former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada, sir good evening; Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea and the other members of the Cabinet; members of the Senate and the House of Representatives; si Senator Gordon here; the medical doctors and employees of Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center; the honored guests; I see my fraternity brothers, Justice Santos. Brod, magandang gabi sa inyo; ladies and gentlemen.

I have a two-page, three-page speech. I will be through in about a minute and a half. So I would just bid my — you goodbye because I have to fly back to Davao tonight.

I apologize for the attire. I thought that I could make it on time to my quarters there in Pasig. Apparently, I was busy talking to the Ambassador. Is he here? Ambassador Zhao. He was there to preside over the delivery of the arms and ammunitions donated by China.

It took about four cargo planes as big as the — [applause] C-130 of the Americans. And I would like to thank China and President Xi Jinping and the Ambassador for their kind assistance.

We’re talking of charity, humanity, and health. But before that, I’d like to pay tribute and homage to the men and women behind the Chinese General Hospital when it was first established.

I’m sure they are not around but their humanity and love of fellowmen remains and it is conveyed and transferred from one generation to another.

My mother was also one of the early workers of Davao Chinese school. Kayong, taga-Davao, you know that she was a teacher. She was accepted there in 1952. We migrated in Davao ’49 because of our father who was also Chinese.

You know, I’d like to talk about your charity and your sense of humanity, and the trouble that we are now facing.

Having been a resident of Mindanao for the most of my life, I was really worried about Mindanao.

And the only reason why I decided to run is not because of any shortcoming on the part of the candidates. They were all good. Maybe better than me. But nobody was talking about Mindanao.

And I was really worried because if ever Mindanao was just mentioned in the sidelines, lip service lang. And nobody was discussing about what will happen if we lose Mindanao.

It was a serious problem then during the campaign. I was talking a lot about the dangers of being a country that is dismembered.

And, of course, recently you should notice during the last four months, I was mouthing about: “Do not force my hand into it because ‘pag ang sitwasyon lalala ito, I will be force to declare martial law.”

I was not specifically trying to target anybody, except that there were terrorists. But I knew at the time, as I know now, that the terrorists, ‘yung mga Abu Sayyaf pati the Maute, were really a part of the ISIS.

‘Yang Maute brothers were in and out and they went to Libya and Egypt to study. And it was there that they acquired the… I don’t think it’s an ideology.

It does not have any connection at all or claim to any God or even the goodness of a human being. They are there just to kill and destroy. That’s about it.

Alam ko na noon na delikado because I was really talking of shabu. And I was complaining — and itong mga human rights, why I was always mouthing “shabu”, “shabu”, “shabu.” And apparently, they were trying also to connect the killings.

You know, shabu at that time was an apparatus, an organization. And they said, this one senator, if he knows his sense of whatever, it was really growing big. But the bulk of the shabu was being produced in Mindanao and even in, not in my city — Davao del Sur, Kidapawan, Buldon, Marawi, Cotabato City. Masyadong marami.

At sabi ko if it’s just a consumption, everybody will get an overdose. It was just too plenty. And you know as a mayor for the last 23 years, and having been a prosecutor once upon a time in my life, I was trying to figure out why. And then I realized that at least in Mindanao and part of the larger shipments, shabu was funding or was fuelling the insurrection.

At that time, ang ISIS wala pa sa picture. But when they imported Hapilon to Central Mindanao, he is a Tausug. At alam ninyo, kayong… The Tausugs can never get together with the Maranaos and the Maranaos could never understand also the Tausug and even the Maguindanao. Hindi… Magpatayan ‘yan.

And that quarrel of them started even before the arrival of the Spaniards. It started with the Shiite pati Shia. ‘Yung religion ngayon na nagpapatayan sila doon sa ano… They were battling it out but 90 percent of the Moro who are Muslims, 90 percent of them are Sunni.

Marawi is a Shiite. ‘Yung [motif?] nila ‘yung bishop is there. He holds office there. Noong pinapasok nila si Hapilon, nagdududa ako kasi hindi ‘to pwedeng mag… There could be only one reason, there was a poste, a rallying point.

Then I realized that it was the infiltration of the IS. Kaya ako sige nagsabi: Do not force my hand into it because they were planting IEDs, improvised explosive devices everywhere including the Zamboanga High School.

Kaya ako pumutok na talaga at pati mga bata na. Sabi ko, delikado na ‘to. But still pigil ako kasi, you know, you do not resort to extraordinary powers for a flimsy reason.

But when I was in Moscow, I was only about six hours there. I was waiting for the chance to meet President Putin. But he finally… Noong nalaman niya na aalis na ako, he called his men there to tell me to wait because he was in — from the other region.

You know, Russia is a vast expanse of territory. A part of Russia lies in Asia and a part of it is also in Europe. But I had to… Sabi niya, “Six hours”. And I got to talk to him, same problem. ‘Yun ang… Sinabi ko na na sabi niya nga malakas na nga ang pasok sa ano ninyo and the intelligence from all sources.

Nung sinabi na ng inatake ‘yung Marawi… Marawi was attacked by the ISIS together with the terrorists, mostly foreigners ‘yung nasa forefront and they were the Kuwaitis who were — parang puti ‘yan eh.

At a distance sabihin mo Amerikano except for the beards, ano talaga, mga puti. May apat sila nakita, anim, tapos Indonesians because of their language, and Malaysians.

Nung sabi ko, “Ilan?” Sabi ko, “Ito na ‘yun”. Kay kung terorista lang na local, I wouldn’t have declared martial law. But since they were already coming here because of their dream to establish a caliphate, a kingdom in Southeast Asia, sabi ko, “Delikado ito.”

Nung sinabi sa akin ng mga military kasama ko na the situation is critical because they were attacking also civilians, I had to sign a declaration dated on that day but I signed it in Moscow — signed in Moscow, Russia. So that was the truth, I was there. But I sent the electronic copy of my declaration forthwith, so napadala ko.

‘Yan ang problema ngayon. Maraming patay diyan hindi lang ano, including the civilians. I would not speculate on how many Christians were being beheaded.

But that is how the ISIS operates. It does not have any compassion at all. No reason to kill a Christian or a child or a pregnant woman. And they are doing it also in the Middle East. They burn you, place you in a cage.

At alam mo sa totoo lang, I went there for the second time sa China. We had a talk with Mr. Xi, President Xi Jinping and the rest of his… We had a serious talk sa airport. Ang sabi niya, “Tutulong kami.”

So galing kanina… We were celebrating the 120th anniversary ng PSG, ‘yung guwardiya ng Malacañan. Tapos pumunta ako doon sa Clark to receive the four cargo planes of weapons and ammunitions.

Sabi lang nila, “Tutulong kami.” So I was really very thankful to President Xi Jinping and to China and expressed my gratitude and to you guys. Pare-pareho man lang tayo, malayo na lang ako. It was my mother who is already dead.

ISIS presents the terror of our generation. Alam mo every generation meron ‘yan eh. You know itong Europeans who are fond of — itong extrajudicial killing tapos pati ako dinadamay ng mga g***.

Kaya sabi ko, “Mga u*** kayo”. And they are complaining, “Why is your President calling us stupid?” “Because you’re stupid”.

You know in 1914, the Duke, Ferdinand of… Prussia ‘yan, was assassinated. You know, these European mga g*** went to war with each other. How many died until 1817? It was almost 15 million Europeans. Sila-sila ang nagpatayan. Tapos ngayon karaming daldal.

Why? Was their conscience different from their conscience now? If you say that I killed what? 10,000? Eh kayo 15 million, pinag — t******** ‘tong mga t**** i*** ‘to. [laughter]

Look, I was mayor. My city was in shambles. It was the battleground of the sparrow and ‘yung mga taga-gobyerno. I used to lose about three policemen or PC noon, Philippine Constabulary, or an army man daily.

At the end of martial law, it was about 600 ang namatay na ano, pulis, sundalo, lahat na. And marami doon because if you claim to be an Alsa Masa, anti-communist, government was very, very liberal doon sa armas, bigay nang bigay.

So nung nawala ‘yung NPA, anak ng — hold-up dito, hold-up doon. And they would… Alam ninyo ‘yan. I know that in the Chinese community mabilis ang balita.

They would get into your house. Since you cannot also withdraw more than 50,000, mag-istambay ’yan sa bahay mo isang linggo. Re-rape-in ‘yung anak mo, asawa mo, ang mga maid, tapos everyday you go back to the bank, you have just to be silent about it because your family is being hostage, tiisin mo ‘yan. And that was the practice.

Puro mga gobyerno ‘yun noon na mga agent-agent na nagwala. So there was no sense of talking to them.

So… Then there was drugs. Shabu was already made its appearance at that time. And so I said, “I cannot run a city with this kind of situation.” And I would not be a mayor, mag- resign na lang ako kung hindi ko… If I could make a difference in their lives, what will be the point in electing me as mayor?

Kaya sinabi ko: “Do not destroy my city and do not destroy the youth of my land because I will kill you.” P***, talagang papatayin kita.

You destroy a city and when I became the President, I uttered the same words. Tapos sabihin nitong mga g*** na, “Si Duterte, pinapatay ‘yung mahirap”.

Look, if there is an organization, may mga manufacturers, may lieutenants ka then the runners. Kung wala ‘yan, ‘yang shabu mo useless ‘yan. Ibuhos mo na lang diyan sa Manila Bay. Wala kang tig-pabili, no vendors, no…

Ngayon kung hindi mo rin hiritan ito, patay, mayroon din shabu and others will take over. Walang katapusan. ‘Yan ang problema.

In destroying an apparatus or an organization, I don’t give a s*** kung ikaw ang pinakamahirap sa mundo o ikaw ang pinaka biggest drug lord. Pareho kayong dalawa because one without the other, there can be no effect there. Tapos sabihin nitong mga g*** na ‘to [inaudible] binabayaran ko.

Look, you ask the former President, the mayor, every command conference, nagbibigay talaga ako ng pera. Why? Because you are after the trafficking.

If there is no seller and there is no buyer, it is not trafficking. Kung i-deliver lang ‘yan konti-konti by sachet tapos bata ang gamitin, purnada ka because there has to be a transaction.

‘Yung ibigay mo na pera sa pulis, hindi na mabalik ‘yun kasi ‘pag hulihan, marked money na ‘yun. So it forms part at least a property of the case.

Talagang nagbibigay ako ng pera. Totoo ‘yan. Lahat ng dumaan na military o pulis, binibigyan ko ng pera to make them effective.

Walang hindi totoo diyan, totoo ‘yan lahat. Ngayon kung sabihin mo nandiyan ka despite of nakikiusap na ako.

Sabi ko nga, if you remember my dialect or language, nakaluhod ako sabi ko, “I am on bended knees, asking you to stop because you will die.”

Ako na ang lumuluhod sa iyo para sa buhay mo. Eh, kung ayaw mo pa rin p***** i** ka, ‘di papatayin talaga kita. Nakaluhod na nga ‘yung tao sa iyo, eh. [applause]

Bakit hindi ako… Kasi kung walang ganoon… Same din dito sa Marawi. Sabi nila, ang martial law because delikado talaga. At bakit Mindanao?

Look, Central Mindanao is Lanao Del Norte, Lanao Del Sur, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao, iyan ‘yan. Tapos, Zamboanga, dito Ozamiz, Cagayan, Davao City, Caraga. Lahat ‘yan sa Mindanao, may Moro. At lahat ‘yang mga ‘yan, may mga pinsan, mga… At lahat ‘yan puro Muslim.

Wala akong galit sa mga Muslim na Muslim kasi ang Islam does not also allow you to kill just anybody. That also is true for the Christians and the Judaism. You do not just kill people for nothing.

Kaya ako, I had to kasi ang spillover. And there is Sulu, Jolo, Tawi-Tawi, very active. Gumagamit na ako ng bomba doon, which is not ordinarily used in a rebellion. Kasi fight-fight lang ito pero ito they are now trying to congregate… Eh ‘pag sabi ko, ‘pag marami ‘yan, bombahan mo na. Unahan mo.

And to think na masabi kayo. ‘Yung Chinese grandmother ko, a Maranao. Para malaman ninyo ‘yan. So wala akong galit sa Moro, wala akong galit sa Islam. Galit ako sa terorista. Whatever their citizenship or whatever nationality.

Wala silang gawain kung… Ngayon, nandito ako, “Why did you declare martial law?” Because according to the Armed Forces and the police, “critical”. Now, we have standards of being critical. I have my own standards of what critical situation is. Might be different from the critical situations of the others especially ‘yung kalaban sa pulitika because they would always downgrade it.

Now mine, ‘pag critical, ‘pag inatake mo na ang isang siyudad, that is critical to me because you are attacking innocent civilians.

Ngayon, the next question is, “Kailan matapos ito, Duterte?” Look, I am not a field officer. I do not go around selling plastic products and asking people. I am not an employee that makes surveys there in the mountains.
My decision was solely made upon… Ang totoo, hindi ‘yan sila nagsabi, “Mag-martial law ka, Mayor.” Sinabi sa akin — mayor kasi ang tawag nila, ayaw kong magpatawag ng Presidente. Nakita mo ‘yung introduction? Sabi nila, “Mayor, critical.” Critical to me is critical, in my own standards. So I declared martial law.

Ngayon, sabihin ninyo, “Kailan matapos ‘to?” Ang military ang nagsabi, ang pulis ang nagsabi sa akin critical. ‘Pag sinabi na nila, everybody is safe, and everybody is free to roam around Mindanao and he will be alive for the next 24 hours, and then I would ask them, “Do you think it’s time to lift the martial law?”

Kung magsabi sila huwag muna, hanggang kailan, I really do not know. Ibig sabihin, it is not my option, I will listen to them. Then I will ask for their recommendation. They should know better than me.

‘Pag sinabi nila, “huwag muna”, eh ‘di wala tayong magawa. Now, for the 60 days, eh ‘di magpunta ako sa Congress, another 60 days. Give me another 60 days but maybe I’d be able to eliminate all of them.
Ang aking nung order sa Mindanao, ‘pag ikaw humawak ng baril, hindi ka pulis pati military, shoot him dead. Kasi papatayin talaga tayo niyan. Hindi lang papatayin, ang ulo ng Presidente, ilagay nila doon sa plaza. Hawakan ni Rizal, naka-ganoon. T*** i**. Susmaryosep.

Eh, ako pa ang takutin… Hay nako. Sabagay noon praktisado ako sa manok. I-ganun ang ulo. Pero marunong man rin ako magputol ng ulo. Anak ng jueteng. [laughter] Question na ‘yun sa init ng ulo kung ma-timingan mo talaga.
But, you know. You know why I am emotional? Do you know why I am almost enraged? Kasi ako ang nag-declare ng martial law. Ako ang nag-utos sa mga sundalo, “Pumunta kayo doon. Magpatay kayo.”

So, ‘pag binabasa ko ‘yung y*** na papel na ‘yan at makita ko na wounded tapos dead, tag-dalawang pages, ako ang nasasaktan.

And I feel, even if it’s right or wrong, the burden of guilt. Naisip ko kasi ‘yung mga nawalaan na ng tatay, nawalaan na ng nanay. Kaya kung pabilisan lang, gusto ko matapos na ‘to.

Kaya ako, I choose the subject… Ito ngang basahin ko sana. Wala man ito, congratulate lang. [laughter] Nakasali pa ang Red Cross dito. Sabagay nandiyan si Dick Gordon, same — same line of service to humanity. They are mentioning here the humanitarian endeavors of this country.

‘Yan ang totoo. Ako, ayaw ko na kasi… Ako ang nag-utos noon, eh. Ilan na ang patay ko? Kaya sabi ko nga na ano, nung nalaman ko, pasalamat ako na mga sundalo pati libre diyan sa Chinese Gen. Pero kung may kalaban diyan na dinala, eh ‘di i-expose mo na doon sa radiation ng isang oras. [laughter] Hayaan mo doon. I-anesthesia mo, sige, matulog ka diyan. P***** i**, b*****.
Ayan ang totoo. Hindi ako maligayahan nito. Why should I be happy? Am I satisfied with the decision? No. Of course, I am not. I feel responsible? Yes. I declared martial law. Who will answer for those who are dead? I. Sabi ko nga, eh. I and I alone will be responsible for all acts committed during the martial law.

Ano ‘yung mga kasalanan ng sundalo, akin ‘yun. [applause] At ako ang magpakulong. ‘Yang sundalo, nagtrabaho lang ‘yan. So I accept full responsibility.

Kung makulong ako, eh ‘di makulong. Libre naman ang doon sa General kay magkaibigan man kami niyan. [laughter]
I am 72. Huwag mo akong bolahin magdating ako ng 80. Kalokohan na ‘yan. I’d be through when I’ll be 77 years old. Time to die.

Kasi idemanda ka man rin ng mga kalaban mo. ‘Yang buhay na ‘to.[laughter]

Pero ‘yan talaga ang totoo. But I am really — I’m really very, very almost in the sense of gratitude sa Chinese. Alam mo kasi ang Chinese, it’s not really — it is not your grief, it is mine.

Ang mga Chinese kasi pumunta dito, wala namang ano, may negosyo lang. Lolo ko, copras pati bakery. Hindi naman nang-agaw ng lupa, nagbili naman siya.

The Chinese came over mga ano nila, they never conquered any territory. Never reclaimed anybody’s land. Wala man silang ginawa negosyo lang.

So ako, I… When I was… So that… Almost like America was trying to avoid us. Mahalata ko kasi sa, you know, during mga cocktails diyan sa mga Ambassador, the reception very cold, even ‘yung mga military attachés nila.

Ang sabi ko, “Wala man tayong away, bakit malayo tayo?” Tapos, ang pineapple pati ‘yung lahat ng ano natin, hindi na tinatanggap kasi quality daw.

Sabi ko, “What’s wrong with the quality of our…” So nagpunta ako sa China, sabi ko “Anong problema ng saging namin na masarap man ‘to?”

Sabi… Usap kami, usap. Ngayon sabihin sa… “Anong klaseng export ninyo? Bilihin namin.”

Kaya magpabili na lang tayo ng ibang mga fruits, mag-import tayo ipagbili natin sa kanila tubuan na lang natin. [laughter]

Hindi man masakit ‘yan sa kanila eh puro tayo Intsik. Ano ba naman ‘yang tubo na para mabuhay kami dito?

So that is my message to you tonight and I would like to… Forgive me if I interrupt a little bit because I have to fly — I have to meet the wounded soldiers.

I have allowed the Air Force to use the Presidential plane, ‘yun ang ginagamit nila. [applause]

Ako, nag-commercial lang ako. Hanggang ngayon itong si PAL pati si, ‘tong si Cebu, hindi na lang naisip nila na ang nagsasakay Presidente, hindi man lang makabigay ng passes pareha sa sine. [laughter]

You know my father was a Cabinet member, about the time in — Senator Gordon’s, his father was also the mayor. Governor ang tatay ko eh but he was a member of the Cabinet during Marcos time.

Merong card ang tatay ko noon eh, ibinigay ng PAL. “Secretary Vicente Duterte, wife and family.” Kaya para akong Congressman noon, sige uwi. Itong bago ngayon, kuripot itong… [laughter]

Alam ko na tapos ako naman I ordered to everybody, ito mabuti rin ma-ano ninyo ha, puro kayo negosyante.

Nandito si Secretary Ubial, kanina nasabi ko sa kanya, nung three months ako Presidente — I’m about to wind up —pumunta ako sa AFP V. Luna. May kaunting alam rin ako sa ano kasi masakitin ako.

Sabi ko, “Meron ba kayong MRI?” “Wala.” Sabi ko, “CT scan?” “Wala.” Mabuti’t na lang kasama ko si Diokno, ‘yung Budget officer.

So every time magsabi sila, sabi ko, “Sir,” nagsi-sir ako kay — kasi Cabinet member ni ma’am ‘yan eh. Eh trabahante ako ni President Arroyo noon, taga-decapitate. [laughter] Pero siya ‘yung nag-utos, hindi ako. [laughter]

I was her public security adviser. Sabi ko, “Anong wala ninyo?” Nilista. Ganito ‘yan. Talagang… Kasi nagtanong ako kanina PS — ‘yung anniversary, nagkita kami ni Secretary Ubial pati ‘yung ibang mga doktor na sa… Sabi ko, “Nabili na ba ninyo ‘yung ano?” “Wala pa.” Imagine, last year. Ang proseso hanggang ngayon.

Ngayon may bidding, natalo. ‘Yung natalo nag-file ng kaso nag-TRO. Kaya ako nagalit, sabi ko. Kaya sabi ko sa kanya, with due respect to the Justice, hindi naman lahat eh.

Sinabi ko talaga, “Kayong mga huwes kayo, you are contributing to the corruption of this country.” Alam mo bakit? [applause] Kasi ‘yung mga taong, p****** i** niya [laughter] mag-file ng kaso ‘yan para lang mag-negotiate.

Ang korte naman kasi, mag-TRO, ang project ma-delay. MRI, marami akong pulis na pati sundalo ko patay na, wala.

Kaya sabi ko, “Secretary Ubial, buy it in 60 days. I will shorten it, buy it within 30 days.”

Kaya dapat ‘yung mga judges should be — alam nila proyekto ‘yan. Alam nila equipment ‘yan. Alam nila marami akong sundalo na may sugat, lahat na. I would need those pati ‘yung baric, hyperbaric, that’s a chamber na ‘yung may mag-dive ka may bends ka, so you are placed there inside para…

But pwede ‘yan sa pasyente especially mga sundalo na ma-extricate mo two days after, papasok na ang gangrene. So ipasok mo ‘yan diyan to arrest the infection. Hanggang ngayon wala. P**** i**, sabi ko.

Sabi ko, judge, kung may judge dito, pardon me. But be discriminating and study it very well. Huwag kang mag-issue ng ganon lalo na kung ang bidding tama naman, kung presyo lang.

Eh kung sabihin ng nung nanalo ‘yung, “ito ang dapat natin kasi mas matibay”, tapos i-entertain mo ‘yung nag-protesta kasi natalo. You are killing the soldiers actually.

Eh mag-sepsis na ‘yan eh. Alam mo ‘yung mga doktor, ‘pag mag-sepsis na, it’s all in the blood, mamatay ang sundalo.

Kaya… Ewan ko kung anuhin ko ito pero I’m warning the judges: Please do not do it. Please do not do it. Do not. Do not force my hand into it. Pupuntahan talaga kita sa opisina mo, tignan mo. Sabihin ko talaga, what’s your God d*** business? [applause]

At tsaka kayo, I hate corruption. Hindi ako nagmamakalinis. Marami rin akong nanakaw pero naubos na. [laughter] So wala na. P***** i**, hindi ako nagmama — pero corruption is really out during my term. [applause] I will be…

Eh ‘yung mismong Cabinet secretary ko, magbili ka ng truck na 18 million bumbero? Anong klaseng apoy ‘yan patayin mo? First class na apoy? [laughter] T*** i**.

Kaya sabi ko, lahat. Ngayon, there’s somebody there sa Clark Airbase. I will… I’m just waiting for the… I will fire him maybe tomorrow or… Basta…

Eh kasi doon ang balita, locator pagka maghingi na ng permit to start to contract — a contractor starts to build, eh humihingi ng 2 million.

P****** i**, ako nagtitiis ako ng 130,000 na sweldo, ikaw 2 million kada pirma mo? O di palit na lang tayo ng trabaho. [laughter]

Sabi ko nga itong si — basta nasa gobyerno, huwag kayong magkamali, talagang uupakan ko kayo.

Ang akin is [inaudible]. I would never go for ano. Tama ‘yan si Ombudsman, dismissal palagi.

Huwag na ‘yang suspension. Walang mangyari diyan, magnakaw rin ‘yan ulit. Kaya lahat ng ano, ‘yang mga opisyal, dismissal dapat.

Kaya ma… Matapos na ‘yan si — si Carpio. Wala akong magawa. Aba ako… I will appoint myself as — resign as — appoint myself as the Ombudsman. Ubos kayong lahat, t*** i**** ‘yan. [laughter] Ano sinuswerte kayo, kayo lang yayaman? T*** i**, kami dito, nagta-trabaho ng…Bwisit kayo.

Pero totoo talaga na corruption should stop. Corruption, huwag… Magkasala ka na, mag-asawa ka ng lima, tutal akin apat, okay lang ‘yan sa akin. [laughter] Wala akong problema diyan, mag-girlfriend ka ng anim. Ako, may tatlo akong reserba, pareho lang tayo.[laughter]

Huwag lang ‘yang corruption kasi p***** i** mo uupakan talaga kita. Huwag ‘yan kasi… Alam mo the reason why this country has never really progressed, you know why? Corruption. Ako… Dito sa taas, pareha kay ma’am, dito sa taas okay ‘yan, wala namang — no stupid President will ever discuss corruption diyan sa Senate.

Mabaril ka ng Cabinet member mo diyan. Paano ito magnakaw ganito? You do not do that. You always talk about good things.

But down the line, mga director, mga ano, ayan, procurement, puro corruption. Kaya ako dismissal, wala akong panahon ng… Kung ayaw paalis, eh ‘di ipapatay mo. Tutal tatlong araw lang ‘yan sa ABS-CBN, blah blah blah, tapos wala na. [laughter]

Uwi na ako kasi nasalubong namin ‘yung — diyan lang ako nag-landing sa Quirino nag — nauubusan ako ng panahon eh. I… We were… Nasalubong namin ‘yung thunderstorm. Kidlat dito, kidlat doon.

Sabi ko, “Matamaan ito, maligaya talaga si liga…” Ang maligaya dito, maglukso-lukso si De Lima, si Trillanes, si Leni kasi siya naman.”

Ang problema kay Leni, may problema siya. Si Leni, ma’am may problema. [laughter] Alam mo bakit? P***** i**, si Pamatong sabi niya, “I have assumed as of today the Presidency.” ‘Yung si Pamatong na… [laughter]

Oo, sabi niya sa newspaper, sa press release, “As of today, I have dislodged Duterte.” Eh ‘di sige. Tutal pareho man kaming lahat nagswerte-swerte. Eh ‘di i-dislodge niya ako. Sige inyo na. Bahala kayo diyan.

Pero kayo ang — the only way na makatulong kayo is really tell me straight. Anybody, anybody for that matter. Itong si Bong Go, Chinese man rin ito. Itong aide ko, call him. Set a date, sabihin mo lang may… “I have a very important, urgent matter to take up.” ‘Pag sabihin mo corruption, I’ll give you all the time. I’ll listen to you at ipapakita ko sa inyo kung paano ko upakan ‘yang mga…

Wala talaga. Ako, I do not expect na during my time, tataas tayo, but at least ‘yung corruption mawala. Eh, talagang ano eh, sumobra.

I have to go home because I have a very important… You know you’d see me less — less of me until the Marawi incident is over.

Nandoon ako sa mga kampo. Every day lumilipad ako ng kampo talaga just to raise the morale.

Thank you. [applause]