Remarks by Czech President Petr Pavel for the Joint Conference

Event Joint Press Conference
Location Octagon Hall, Prague Castle in Prague, Czech Republic

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen; the distinguished Mr. President. [unclear] that you bring your trip to Europe, Mr. President, apart from Germany, you also decided to visit the Czech Republic.

It does not only prove of interest in the mutual cooperation but also it proves to the top quality of our mutual relations.

Last year, we actually commemorated 50 years of bilateral relations with the two countries— between the two countries which however go further back into the history.

Let me mention the— our close bonds between our two countries through the friendship between Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines and our teacher [unclear] Ferdinand Blumentritt. They were close friends indeed and it has until now been remembered by Jose Rizal [unclear] also the Czech National back in Prague. So, there is a lot to build on.

And I was happy during the discussions with the President and between the delegation to see the close standpoint of position not only on mutual cooperation but also the international law [unclear] regardless of the long distance, geographical distance between our two countries.

We speak about may areas of potentially expanded cooperation in the future on both sides, there is strong will and determination to further expand the framework that is built on framework agreements and other documents.

Future meetings will continue during Mr. President’s visit in the Czech Republic in Prague, but also in the future, very soon our Minister of Agriculture shall visit the Philippines with a numerous delegation of our businessmen with specific, particular plans to offer.

We also have companies that are involved in defense industry, manufacturing, in farming and agriculture, science, technology, energy sector, power sector, many of these businesses do have a particular specific plans for the future cooperation with the Philippines come to part.

It does not only concern purchase products but also technology transfer, technology cooperation, know how, sharing, funding, all many innovative forms in order to facilitate the implementation of such projects in the nearest future.

And also, appreciate the signing of Joint Communique in the establishment of labor consultations mechanisms.

As we all know the labor market in the Czech Republic suffers from shortage workforce and the Philippines ranked among the top countries that send to us where we have topped qualified, highly skilled workers.

I’m glad that the Philippines are interested in upskilling. We also worked on legal and the mechanisms that would facilitate the work of such workers in our country. They also have to enjoy equal standing and protection of rights just like all others.

Let me say welcome, Mr. President, Presidential visit and later also the Prime Minister and Chamber of Deputy said in the evening we shall meet again on the occasion of gala dinner. And I believe we shall cover other topics of mutual interest.

Thank you.