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PBBM defends VP Sara on her “silence” over South China Sea issue

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Friday defended Vice President Sara Duterte on her supposed “silence” over the South China Sea issue as he assured the Filipino people that they are on the same page in dealing with China and its agenda.

President Marcos made the remarks when asked during a media interview in Washington D.C. on the criticism being lobbed at Duterte for her silence on the China issue.

Marcos said the Vice President Duterte is part of the government but it’s not her role or position as Education Secretary to talk about China.

“So, I think we are all in line because I’m very sure that if Inday Sara had some very serious misgivings about what we are doing in terms of foreign policies, she would bring that to me,” said the President.

“And, wala naman siyang, ang pinag-uusapan nga namin, sabi niya, ‘Basta ako trabaho lang ako nang trabaho,’ sabi niyang ganun. That’s a good policy. So, I don’t think it is something that we need to be concerned with,” he shared.

President Marcos also dismissed speculations that the Philippines’ trilateral agreement with the United States and Japan will have an effect on China’s economic influence in the Philippines.

He said China will continue whatever investments it chooses to make in the Philippines.

“This (trilateral agreement) is separate from any proposed or potential Chinese investments in the Philippines. How do I see it, how will it affect? I don’t see that it will affect, one way or the other,” President Marcos said.

The President forged a strong trilateral alliance with the US and Japan, which he said, will define the future of the Indo-Pacific under a more robust economic, security and defense structure. PND