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PBBM rallies Pinoys in Brunei: ‘We will build, better, more!’

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has vowed to improve infrastructure projects in the Philippines to bring development in remote areas of the country.

“I’ve said it before, uulitin ko na. We will build, and we will build better, we will build more!” President Marcos stressed in his message Tuesday at his meeting with the Filipino community during his State Visit to Brunei Darussalam.

President Marcos is in Brunei for a state visit. Afterwards, he will proceed to a working visit in Singapore.

In his message, President Marcos aims to widen the focus of infrastructure development in the country to allow growth in far-flung municipalities and transport of goods and services to underdeveloped areas through the construction of roads, bridges and efficient means of transportation.

He mentioned the expansion of railway service, improvement in connectivity and greater access to means of communication so that no part of the Philippines is outside of reach.

“Infrastructure will remain a very high priority as it helps drive growth and employment,” President Marcos said.

“I am also committed to shifting to renewable sources of energy. Kagaya po ng aking nabanggit, ito’y gagamit po tayo ng wind power, ‘yung mga windmill, ‘yung geothermal, ‘yung biomass, wave power, hydroelectric power generation para magkaroon naman tayo ng mabilis na pagbalik ng ating kuryente pagkatapos ng kalamidad, pagka may bagyo, pag may lindol, may baha. At para naman mabawasan ang maging casualty natin kapag mayroon ganyang mga pangyayari,” he added.

In January, President Marcos launched the “Bagong Pilipinas”, a powerful and unifying framework of ideas, values, and beliefs that aims to inspire the nation to come together and strive in earnest towards elevating the Philippines to new heights.

“I encourage every Filipino to look beyond differences and to work harmoniously to build a nation that not only meets our current challenges, but also envisions and shapes a more promising future for all its citizens,” he said.