Departure Statement of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. for his participation in the ASEAN-EU Commemorative Summit

Event ASEAN-EU Commemorative Summit
Location Maharlika in Villamor Air Base in Pasay City

Good evening. [Please take your seats.]

Vice President Inday Sara; the members of the Cabinet; House Speaker Martin – Congressman Martin Romualdez; the AFP Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Bacarro and our other major service commanders; the members of the media, those who are accompanying and those who are not; and of course always our – who is always here for us, our good mayor, Mayor Calixto-Rubiano; of course, First Lady Liza Marcos – I only do that to annoy you [laughter]; fellow workers in government; other distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen.

In a short while, I will depart for Brussels upon the invitation of the European Council President Charles Michel, to attend the ASEAN-European Union Commemorative Summit on the 14th.

The standalone Summit is celebrating 45 years of ASEAN-EU relations with in-depth discussions on the most relevant issues concerning both regional organizations such as global and regional security challenges, sustainable development,
and economic cooperation, amongst other things.

This will be the first meeting between ASEAN and EU Member States’ Leaders at the EU Headquarters and I am pleased to highlight the Philippines’ role as country coordinator for ASEAN in its dialogue relations with the EU.

In addition to pursuing ASEAN’s interests, as country coordinator for the EU, I will always as certainly push for Philippine priorities within the context of the ASEAN-EU cooperation, particularly in post-pandemic economic recovery, trade, maritime cooperation, and of course climate action.

Preceding the Commemorative Summit is the 10th ASEAN-EU Business Summit hosted by the EU-ASEAN Business Council. A C-Suite Luncheon on the occasion of the Business Summit will be hosted for ASEAN Leaders and guests from
the private sector.

It is up to me as coordinator – the Philippines is the coordinator country between ASEAN and EU – so I will deliver the closing remarks at the C-Suite Luncheon and at
the Business Summit itself. These events will provide an opportunity to drum up economic interests once again and engagement for the Philippines in view of the presence
of key business leaders in Europe at the event.

I will also call upon the King Philippe of Belgium, as well as hold bilateral meetings with some of my counterparts in Europe.

And of course, I look forward to meeting the Filipino community in Belgium.

And after the successful series of Summits hosted by ASEAN Chair Cambodia last month, I look forward to a productive
and meaningful Summit that recognizes ASEAN and the EU’s four-and-a-half decades of long-standing relations.

And this we will continue to do and we are very proud… Although I am representing the Philippines, I am now also representing all of ASEAN. But nonetheless, as I have mentioned, Philippine interests will always enter into all my discussions. Thank you very much and good evening. [applause]

— END —