President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. arrived in Manila on Sunday morning following the conclusion of his successful trilateral meeting with US President Joe Biden and Japan Prime Minister Kishida Fumio where he secured support for Philippine development from the two leaders.
President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. delivered a keynote address at a U.S.-Philippines Society dinner, highlighting the robust partnership between the two nations and emphasizing collaboration in defense, economics, infrastructure, digital transformation, and energy security. PBBM shared that according to the US Department of Commerce, the recent trade mission generated over USD 1 billion in investments. The President also underscored the importance of trilateral cooperation with Japan and the United States in addressing regional challenges.
President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. reaffirmed the commitment to further strengthen relations between the Philippines and the United States for mutual prosperity at the PH-U.S. Business Forum. The President outlined initiatives aimed at enhancing economic cooperation, and underscored the importance of sustained partnerships in sectors such as infrastructure, semiconductor industry, clean energy, and agriculture. He also expressed eagerness for the upcoming Indo-Pacific Business Forum in Manila.
In his opening remarks during his meeting with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III at the Pentagon, President Marcos extended his gratitude to the US government for its unwavering commitment and support to maintain peace and order in the South China Sea.
PBBM was greeted by U.S. Defense Secretary Austin at the U.S. Department of Defense in an honors ceremony
President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. discussed collaboration with Google in the expansion of digital skills training for Filipinos, cybersecurity programs, and initiatives for a safer digital space, during a meeting in Washington D.C., USA.
President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. highlighted on Thursday the importance of the historic trilateral cooperation between the Philippines, the US and Japan amid challenges to international rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific region.
President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. arrived in Washington, DC Wednesday night (US time) along with members of the Philippine delegation for the trilateral meeting with the United States and Japan.
President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. left for the United States today, April 10, to attend the historic trilateral meeting with the US and Japan where he is expected to highlight the economic and defense and maritime cooperation with the two countries, among other concerns.