News Release

PBBM to drug-linked cops: I will be accepting their resignations

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. stood firm on Monday that he will be compelled to accept the resignations of erring members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) involved in illegal drug activities.

“Unscrupulous law enforcers and others involved in the highly nefarious drug trade have been exposed. I will be accepting their resignations,” President Marcos said in his second State of the Nation Address (SONA).

While he did not name names, the President said that he will thereafter appoint individuals with unquestionable integrity to lead the government’s campaign against illegal drugs as he emphasized that his administration is putting “a new face” to the campaign.

“In their stead, we will install individuals with unquestionable integrity, who will be effective and trustworthy in handling the task of eliminating this dreaded and corrosive social curse,” the President said.

“We cannot tolerate corruption and incompetence in government,” he added.

President Marcos said that he will be relentless in the fight against illegal drug syndicates as he vowed to shut down their illegal activities and dismantle their network of operations in the Philippines. PND