Statement of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on the recent aggressive and dangerous tactics by China in the West Philippine Sea

Over the course of these past days, I have met with and spoken to our country’s National Security and Defense leadership. They have made their considered recommendations and, through exhaustive consultations, I have given them my directives.

I have also been in constant communication with representatives of relevant allies, partners, and friends in the international community. They have offered help to us on what the Philippines requires to protect and secure our Sovereignty, sovereign rights, and jurisdiction while ensuring peace and stability in the Indo-pacific. I have given them our requirements and we have been assured that they will be addressed. Over the succeeding weeks, there shall be implemented by the relevant national government agencies and instrumentalities a response and countermeasure package that is proportionate, deliberate, and reasonable in the face of the open, unabating, and illegal, coercive, aggressive, and dangerous attacks by agents of the China Coast Guard and the Chinese Maritime Militia.

We seek no conflict with any nation, more so nations that purport and claim to be our friends but we will not be cowed into silence, submission, or subservience.

Filipinos do not yield.