Andanar: Ph, Thailand should tap rich area of cooperation in media and public information

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Communications Secretary Jose Martin Ruperto Andanar on Tuesday, March 21 met with Lt. Gen. Werachon Sukonthapatipak, Deputy Government Spokesman under the Secretariat of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand

to exchange on-ground experiences and forge cooperation in terms of training and practice in running the information and media arm of their respective governments to bring fast accurate and truthful reports to the general public.

Andanar was given a brief tour of the Information facilities, such as the media briefing room and holding room for guests, the studio for pre-recording of events message, and the work area for the local press.

“A very productive morning in Bangkok, Thailand,” Andanar immediately posted on his FB account. “My PCOO Team and I are happy to report to you [the public] that both sides (Philippines and Thailand) agreed to craft a Communications Bilateral MOU,” he added, with accompanying pictures of the Information officials exchanging tokens that are also conversational pieces from each country.

NBT or the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand is the counterpart of the PTV4 or the Philippine government’s People’s Television Network 4, which expects to undergo upgrading, together with other agencies supervised by the Communications Office namely, the Philippine News Agency, Philippine Information Agency, the Radyo ng Bayan, and the Bureau of Communications Services.

Recently, the Communications Office under Andanar has initiated a pioneering consultation on the draft policy related to social media, whose influence and accessibility have been the recourse of the public looking for alternative sources of information free of business and political interests of traditional media.

Andanar said that the areas of cooperation between the Philippines and Thailand may cover the services of TV, radio, and print; public relations, and social media management.

“The world is so connected now, and information is vital,” said Andanar, as he emphasized the value of fostering the Memorandum of Understanding between and among ASEAN neighbors.

He echoed President Rodrigo Duterte’s assertion of the independent position of the Philippines as a nation and enjoined the ASEAN community to strengthen ranks in regional cooperation in terms of media and information to serve the best interests of the public. ### PCO-Content