12 April 2017

From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella –  On clash of gov’t troops vs. ASG in Bohol

The Palace commends the timely action of our military and police that thwarted the evil plans of some armed lawless elements to sow fear and terror in the province of Bohol.
We also laud the vigilance and cooperation of local communities that led to the rapid deployment of security forces against these bandits.

At least 6 members of the armed group were killed during the fierce firefight at Inabanga town on Tuesday.

One officer, two soldiers, and a policeman paid the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of their duty to serve and protect our people. They are true heroes. We salute their gallantry as we also assure their families that they will be provided all the necessary assistance from the government.

The public should have no cause for alarm as the situation is contained and our security forces are in control. The government is exerting all efforts to maintain peace and order.

We encourage everyone to keep calm but remain alert and vigilant and to report to authorities information on any possible threat to public safety.