Arrival Statement of President Rodrigo Duterte on his state visits to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain and State of Qatar
Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1, Pasay City
17 April 2017
Kindly sit down.

You know, before anything else, I would just like to, off the cuff statement that pinaka, sa lahat. The most productive trip ever, even when I was — [applause]

Hindi ko masabi lahat kung anong pinag-usapan namin but the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar were very much, more than willing really to help the Filipinos.

Good morning everyone. I am pleased to be back home. I just concluded a three-swing visit to the Middle East, the very first I made to that region as President.

The Middle East is a region of great importance to our country. Vi-veer ako ng kaunti.

You know, it is to the national interest of the Republic of the Philippines that we maintain more than just a good relation, relations between the country.

It is the national interest to realize all of us na merong more than a million Filipino diyan. And that is why in every state, and for the every head of state that I talk to, iniistress ko ‘yan that there is very much at stake here and that we are very interested to say your nation’s stable, trouble-free and a good neighbor for everybody.

The Middle East is a region of great importance to our country.
It is the home of the largest number of Filipino Workers Overseas. It is our partner for our conventional energy needs. It is an emerging source of broader two way-trade and investments.

Isipin na lang ninyo, and that was why I had to congratulate General Roy Cimatu here, who was the Special Envoy of, at the time ni President Gloria Arroyo. To see to it that the safety and the lives of the Filipinos are protected.

More than just anything else, I stressed the point that should the need arise, we will be there to help them.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I met His Majesty King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

We recognized Saudi Arabia’s importance as home of almost [800,000] Overseas Filipino Workers. We agreed that it is in the interest of both our nations to uphold the welfare and well-being of Filipino workers. This is an area of partnership that we are keen on making greater strides.

Puputulin ko ito dito. Ang kailangan talaga ng ating mga Pilipino doon is the — well of course, you cannot expect that everything is given free so marami doong nag-retire na at gusto nang umuwi o kailangan ng medical attention.

Kaya sabi ko, ang hinihingi rin nila is kailangan nila ang ospital. So I will — we will look for the money and I will ask their permission to establish even just a small, a general hospital to cater to all the health needs of our countrymen.

Ma-kaunting bagay lang ito para sa akin. Nung pinapadala ng mga Pilipino dito sa bayan natin, malaki masyado. It goes beyond, it contributes to the gross national product. And it has played a crucial part in the economy. Importante na babayaran naman natin sila ng kaunti and so if it is, find it, na papayag ‘yung mga gobyerno nila, magtatayo tayo ng ospital doon. Marami palang gusto na rin umuwi. [applause]

And by the way, pinadala ko — Kailan kayo nag landing ba? Sabay-sabay lang tayo. Kasama ko ‘yung nabigyan ng pardon at gustong umuwi, isang eroplano sila, kasama ko pag-uwi ko dito.

They landed at the time [applause] nung nag-land ako and we will continue to provide the, lahat ng gustong umuwi. Lahat ng gustong umuwi na Pilipino doon, makakauwi. Gastusan natin ‘yan. Isang, one way of repaying for their sacrifices also back there, just to see that they’re back home.

Alam mo… Inaantok na ako, karami nito. [laughter] Isus, limang pages.

Ito na lang. ‘Yung last page na lang kaya. Ito na lang basahin ko o [laughter]. Sinong interesado sa atin makinig eh alas tres ng madaling araw. [laughter]

We have an ongoing program for the repatriation of our distressed nationals. Pinapangako ko ‘yan sa inyo. Gagawa ‘yan natin araw-araw. We will have to spend money. I will look for the money. [applause] Baka ang… kung hindi eh ipadala ko ‘yung airport doon. [laughter] Ah ‘yung iba kasama na namin nung lumanding.

I am thankful that you are home safely. You can now be with your family and loved ones. We know your hard work and sacrifice. I have directed relevant government agencies to assist you as you turn a new chapter of your life. Salamat sa tulong na inyong naibigay sa bayan.

Huwag na akong magbasa nito. Eh puro naman ito ano partnership, tutal nag-usap na kami eh. We will inform you of the developments from time to time. Tutal, ang gusto kong ma-ano ‘yung ospital tapos ‘yung makauwi, ‘yung mga may mga sakit, unahin ‘yun. ‘Yung mga sabi nilang may mga bulag na.

They should be attended to immediately. Pilipino eh. At one time or another during their productive years in their life, they helped us very much. So ‘yung nagpapadala ng steady income na mga remittances nila, so kailangan magbayad tayo at malaki ang binibigay ng Overseas Workers.

I will give you the primary importance. I will look for money. [applause] Pag hindi, hoholdapin ko ‘yung Central Bank, tulungan lang ninyo ako. Kailangan natin ng armas diyan. I will look for the money. Unahin na lang… huwag na muna ito. Unahin natin ito.

In a few days, I will just announce kasi mga protocol ‘to and there are some issues which I cannot talk with in public but only to the military.

‘Yung in case of, you know, it’s a very troubled world there. I hope it would not ramble on to the states which do not want trouble. And these are the three countries that I visited.

Ang, what really impressed me very much is that hindi sila, I could not sense any kind of discrimination.

Wala masyadong akong nakita unlike ‘yung, itong the pretentious ones tsaka itong mga iba na loko-loko. Mahilig sa Human Rights. ‘Yun naman pala sila, mga bigots. We call it bigots. Wala — meron kasi because you cannot be a citizen of that country to enjoy all of the perks and the privileges.

But what I have sensed especially eh doon, nirerespeto ang tao. At there might have been some incidents but it can happen anywhere.

Overall, all things being equal, wala akong masabi sa mga bayan na binisita ko.

Well, of course, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a bit more regimented I would say because it is really, they follow the, every direction sa Islam. Pero ‘yung sa ibang states, especially Bahrain at Qatar, wala, ‘yung parang talagang you can move around and you can talk and you can sense that there is really a little of the freedom that the citizens enjoy which is shared by everybody.

So ‘yun na lang ang pasalamat ko. At ‘yung mga problema, hayaan mo na lang na ano, the Halal and the itong mga, this will involve the so many intricacies. I have yet and I cannot talk about it because somebody has to prepare the documents.

And when it is in full implementation, I have to report to the country that this is the result of what we went there for.

So magsasayang lang tayo ng panahon at tsaka tinatamad na talaga ako. [laughter] Tagal ‘yung biyahe. Kayo pagod na rin kayo. Are you sure that you are — Makauwi kayo ngayong gabi? Sino ‘yung hindi makauwi ngayong gabi? Ikaw? Sino pa? Magsabi kayo ng totoo. ‘Yung hindi makauwi ngayong gabi. Bukas na?

Kindly… somebody sa PMS would — Meron silang matulugan, ma’am? Ah, o sige. Baka gusto ninyong dumaan pa ng Davao para… pero wala man kasi ako doon.

[Speaks Bisaya] Kababayan ko. Kapitbahay tayo.

‘Yung hindi makauwi na pigado sa oras, we will take care of you. ‘Yung hindi maka… ‘yung mahirapan. ‘Yung makauwi na, may pera naman sila ma’am. We gave you something like 5,000. [applause] Sa DSW—

You know, one of the hardworking Cabinet members ha. Si Taguiwalo. [applause] Kaya ‘yung mga… sila ‘yung sinasabi na mga left. Pero ang totoo niyan, left naman rin ako.

I never really hid the fact that I am left. Wala man akong… Hindi ako komunista. I am not a party member but I share the socialist dimension sa… Kanya-kanya tayong. Anak ng mayaman, anak ng pobre. Anak ng hindi masyado pobre. Maraming asawa, isa ang asawa. ‘Yung mga ganon.

We will take care of you and ganito. Putulin ko kasi ito — I am not trying to belittle the guy who prepared the speech ha. Just pardon me.

Meron akong programa. It is not much but it’s billions. Ang inuuna ko ‘yung small scale, medium and small industries. Bigyan kayo ng capital, nandito si Secretary Mon Lopez.

Mon, walang ibang, medyo parang [katsila?] na. [applause] O ‘yung dati ‘yang silang Go Negosyo. ‘Yan, magbigay kami ng, nagbubuhos ako dito billion. Mag-aral o turuan kayo mag-aral ng business ninyo. Tailoring, mapa-bakery. Tapos bibigyan kayo ng capital.

Hindi naman malaki. 50 million siguro, tama na ‘yan. [laughter] Hindi, nagbibiro lang kasi pawala ng antok, g**a. Ito ‘yung parang ano lang, pang-start ninyo.

So as you will see that your sacrifices there will be repaid here. Kaya tutulong rin ang gobyerno. Since you helped us a lot sa ating economy noon, so tutulong rin kami. So just go to your nearest DTI ba ‘yun? DTI office, that’s a regional office, every region. And kami ang magus-supply ng ano.

Kung wala kayo, punta na lang kayo sa Ilocos Norte. Maraming trabaho doon. Nandiyan si Imee o. Parang OFW rin, kasali namin.

So ‘yang importante is ‘yung message ko about the livelihood at tsaka ‘yung continuing repatriation of those Filipinos who want to return, lalo na ‘yung, the priority is ‘yung may mga sakit.

And we will… dito sa ano, panahon ni Secretary Ubial. Libre dito, libre. Every month nag-re-release ako ng billion of pesos sa medisina lang para sa, ‘yung walang mapuntahan. May rista ka, punta ka lang doon sa DSWD. And we will buy the medicines.

‘Yun namang, dalawang bilyon ‘yun, ‘yung isang bilyon, masama. Ito ‘yung pagbigay na may sama talaga ang loob ko, kay para ito sa mga p****** i**ng, mga drug addict na community-based.

Eh kung hindi ko rin bigyan ng medisina, mag… maraming… bakit, tulungan daw kasi Pilipino. Ito ‘yung walang kinontribute sa bayan ang mga y*** na ito. [laughter] Nag-gagastos pa akong milyon. But what can I do? I have to treat them, just as citizens of this Republic. Pero masama talaga loob ko.

O, may anak, may dalang anak? Ilang taon na ‘yan ma’am? Nabinyagan na? Wala pa? Wala pa? O doon, taga-saan ka? Find a day na mapunta ka dito, punta ka kay, sa DSWD, maghanap ako ng pari. Doon natin binyagan ‘yan at ako ang ninong. [applause]

Ang ninang si Mocha. [laughter] Mocha nasaan ka? Kasama ko siya kasi marami siyang fans doon and I am really gratified by the huge crowd. Maski saan ako pumunta, ma-Laos, ma-ano, ano ako sa Pilipino. Ganon na lang ang… gusto ko ng minsan lumuhod. Really, I feel like kneeling down and [applause] and thank you for helping the country.

Malaki ‘yan. Hindi lang ninyo alam, malaki ang tinutulong ninyo sa bayan, ‘yung remittances ninyo. That keeps us afloat during the years na crisis. Ang remittances ninyo ang, it’s buoyed the economy. Kaya inuna ko… alam ninyo, marami akong imbitasyon punta na ako.

I will go where the national interest is. And part of that really on a global scale, that is why I promised them we have even defense and security arrangement. Sabi ko, tutulong ako sa inyo bilang pagbayad sa anong ginawa ninyo sa kababayan ko. Magpapakamatay kami sa inyo. [applause]

I will not elaborate on it but that is how it is. ‘Yung pinakita mo sa akin na utang na loob. Lalo na kaming mga Bisaya, utang na loob is utang na loob. Babayaran rin kita ng wala kang masabi sa akin.

So mag-uwi na kayo. Those who are not able to go home. Anong oras ‘yung flight ninyo sa Davao? Wala pa? Bong, [unclear] mo sila ng ticket. Lima ‘yang credit card mo diyan. [laughter] Katong gusto mong ulit so that — pupunta pa akong Batangas ngayon.

From here, I go to Batangas because bibisita ako doon sa sundalo ‘yung namatay then I have… pagkatapos uwi na ako sa Davao kasi ningaw. Anong tawag ba sa Tagalog ng ningaw na ‘yan? Wala kayong word ng — Kasi itong mga Tagalog, kulang talaga ang language nito.

Sabik na ako sa apo ko pati mga anak ko. So I have to go home from here, I go to Batangas then I fly home. Kayong gustong umuwi, you can catch up with the early morning flight. There are about 32 flights a day sa Davao, at any time, at any hour, you can always go home.

So maglinya lang kayo lahat, somebody will take care of you. I’ll buy you the tickets and you can board the plane. Okay? [applause] So kayo talaga ang pinuntahan ko, hindi ko masabi lahat kung ano ang mga pinagusapan namin. But I gave so many concessions because I said it is to the national interest of the Republic of the Philippines.

So hindi ko masabi lahat. Welcome home. At maraming salamat sa tulong ninyo. Sa ano pala, sa Qatar I got 76 percent of the total votes. Nag-wallop ako sa… all-in-all ang average ko was 77. Sa lahat ng state diyan sa… ang boto ko sa inyo. Salamat ha. [applause] ‘Yung hindi nagboto sa akin, hindi natin pauwiin ‘yun. [laughter]

You have two five thousands. Ang sa OWWA is 5,000 rin kay Bebot, tapos ‘yung akin, akin ito, 5,000. So you have 10, ang baon ninyo. [applause]

— END —