Remarks of Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella during the Dutertenomics Forum
The Conrad Hotel, Pasay City
18 April 2017

It’s about the portal launch. Noting that the administration’s commitment to transparency in governance, the government has created a Build, Build, Build portal or [shows the portal]

It is a real-time tool where projects are monitored and tracked with relevant information made available to everyone.

It’s a manifestation of the Duterte government’s commitment to ensure that all these projects will be corruption-free.

You can view all the game-changing projects under the Build, Build, Build program. All right.

As an example, we have the NLEX-SLEX Connector. You can see the status of implementation. In this, construction is ongoing and the target completion date which is September 30, 2020. All right.

You can also show how you feel about the project by clicking on one of the emoticons. Are you happy? Are you just okay? Are you sad or angry perhaps?

Okay, you can also access the latest news about the Build, Build, Build program on the news page.

[It should work.] [laughter] Okay. And, you can also look at the success stories from the agencies concerned. Success stories…[Is it there?] All right.

Okay. And also, there are also some video materials available about the various projects.

[technical glitch] [Someone says: “Nawalan yata tayo ng Internet ah.”]  

[Sec. Martin Andanar says: “You know why? Because we are trending No. 1 #Dutertenomics”]

So in summary, if you want to stay in the know about these projects and monitor them from start to finish, please visit

Thank you. 

— END —