26 April 2017

From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella – On the results of the SWS survey re:proposed death penalty
The latest SWS survey showing that 61% of the Filipino people support the proposed death penalty affirms the President’s leadership platform anchored on peace and order as well as his strong stance against illegal hard drugs and criminality.

It also proves that the House of Representatives’ decision last month to pass the death penalty bill is on the right track and accurately reflects the pulse of the Filipino people.

The President is determined to fulfill his promise to make a safer and more secure place for the people and eventually pave the way for sustained economic progress to uplift the lives of the Filipinos especially the poor.

From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella – On the April 25 New York Times Editorial
We recognize the New York Times’ right to opinion, however, we have a clear disagreement with the newspaper’s April 25 editorial, “Let the World Condemn Duterte,” which was based on a complaint filed by a lawyer of a self-confessed assassin.

The President was democratically elected to attack corruption and crime that have made so many Filipinos hostages to the criminals who had prospered through the rampant drug trade and other criminal activities that plagued our nation for decades.

PRRD’s number one priority is therefore to save lives and to improve the lot of all of our countrymen with the cooperation of law enforcement officials, public health professionals, civil society and committed citizens.

Consider the following tangible results: Crime is down by 30% across our nation during the first few months of this Administration when compared with the last months of the previous administration. More than eight of ten Filipinos surveyed by Pulse Asia in Metro Manila feel safer. Drug addicts are taking steps to find the help they need with more than 1.18 million addicts turning to the government for rehabilitation and other assistance.

Drugs are killing people in our country and around the world. Our President is committed to stopping this cancer on our nation and to building a better life for all Filipinos.

Excellent rapport key to ASEAN Chairmanship’s success — DFA
The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Wednesday, April 26, assured that the “excellent rapport” built by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte with the leaders of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) will make the country’s Chairmanship of the ASEAN a success.

“Si Presidente po ano, prior to chairing the summit, he went the rounds of the ASEAN member states, traditional po ‘yun ano, to introduce himself and to build rapport. And ang masasabi ko po is that there is an excellent rapport between the President and the other ASEAN leaders. And I’m sure that rapport will help ensure the success of his chairmanship,” Acting DFA Spokesperson Robespierre Bolivar said in a media briefing held at Conrad Manila in Pasay City.

“We have started the formal meetings today. As we speak, the Committee of Permanent Representatives (CPR) is meeting at the PICC,” Bolivar continued.

The basic task of CPR is to prepare the groundwork for the ASEAN Summit, which will open on Saturday, April 29.

“So anything that needs to be ironed out will have to be ironed out at the CPR,” Bolivar said, adding that the Senior Officials and Ministerial Meetings on April 27 and 28, respectively, were all preparatory to the Summit.

As for the Chairman’s Statement, Bolivar told the press that it is still in a draft form, and the final version will be issued after the Leaders’ Meeting on Saturday.

“So there’s usually some sort of an outline that is prepared. Some elements, some key elements that pertain to issues which are normally discussed during these kinds of meetings, during summits and ministerials,” the acting DFA chief said.

“And it’s usually the role of the Chair in consultation with the ASEAN Secretariat to prepare such a draft. And over the course of the days leading up to the summit to consider the comments, the views of the other ASEAN member states to try to come up with a statement that really encapsulates the consensus of ASEAN,” Bolivar concluded. ###PCO-Content

President Duterte meets local charitable organization, Marikina shoemaker
President Rodrigo Duterte met with the officials of the Philippine Chinese Charitable Association Inc. (PCCAI) in Malacañan Palace on Tuesday discussing about possible collaboration.

During the meeting with the President, PCCAI officials talked about their charitable works and how they help the poor. They also shared projects they have done in Davao City.

The group said it already had tie ups with government entities and it is particularly active in providing medical assistance to poor and underprivileged Filipinos.

PCCAI told the President about their willingness to collaborate with the government in extending medical care to those in need.

Among the PCCAI officials who met with the President were Dr. James Dy, chairman emeritus and president; Florante Dy, chairman emeritus; Dr. Benito Goyokpin, chairman; Jose Castaneda, vice chairman; Jameson Dy, vice president; Dr. Robert Sy, vice president; and Kelly Sia, vice president.

Also present were Dr. William Lee, corporate secretary; Peter Ngo and Simon Lee Tiong Seng, treasurers; Carlos Chianpian and Lao Giok Chiao, auditors; Albert Abaya, secretary general; and Antonio Hilario, secretary general.

Also in attendance were the PCCAI board of directors Juanito Pacheco, Antonio Dino, Arthur Chua, Tomas Valles, Peter Dy Lim, Ramon Chuaying, Robert Lee, Manuel Co, Dr. Jaime Cruz, Dr. Tai Kuo Hsing, Allan Wang But Loy and Eric Lee.

Meanwile, shoemaker Rolando “Tatay Oly” Santos also met with the President in a courtesy call in Malacañan.

Tatay Oly made leather boots for the President for his inauguration last June. The President, however, did not use the boots when he took his oath of office but wore those during his meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry last July.

During the Palace meeting, the President told Tatay Oly and his family that he will look for ways for them to get assistance from government from investments to be provided by China. ### PND