Press Conference of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
Ahfat Seafood Plaza 1, Victoria Plaza Compound, Bajada, Davao City
24 August 2016
I’ll be talking in English because I’m also—at the same time, addressing the nation.

Effective this hour, it’s 11:35. As of today, I am declaring a ceasefire. So, I’m joining the Communist Party of the Philippines in its desire to seek peace for this nation.

Likewise, in the same manner, I am ordering the Armed Forces of the Philippines pati ang Philippine National Police: As of today, meron tayong ceasefire.

So, we avoid hostile actions against each other, we do not go into antagonistic behavior in front of whoever and as a matter of fact, I am encouraging people in government—the military and the police to be friendly with the forces of the revolutionary government of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

In the meantime, that we have the ceasefire, because of the Oslo talks, not because we want to be extra friendly but you know, forget for—in the meantime, even for a short period, and I hope it would go a long, long period for a peaceful resolution of the communist rebellion against the Republic of the Philippines.

‘Yan lang po, very important so that everybody will be apprised of, with my decision, which is mainly based on a consensus and with the concurrence of all, the commanding generals of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The other day, and alsowith—kasali si Defense Secretary, si Delfin Lorenzana.

So very important that this is transmitted to all. Alam mo, I’m addressing myself to the government forces, all the security forces na huwag kayong masyadong magsama ang loob because as mayor—as President rather, my main task is to seek the peace for my country.

I am not a President who would enjoy waging war against the citizens of this Republic.

It pains me deeply to see people dying for ideology na pwede naman nating mapag-usapan nang mapayapa, just like now.

I would have just also wondered: Bakit kailangan pa tayo magpatayan for 45 years, only to end up, which is really a significant event for everybody? Ngayon pa lang, mag-usap lang naman tayo and to think there’s so many lives lost for both government and on the other side. Na madala lang pala, na i-take ko sa istorya, okay naman pala.

That is my regret for my nation that sana noon pa ito, wala na masyadong patayan at magagamit ko pa ‘yung pera para sa mga mahirap na Pilipino.

Housing or whatever, relocating the—yung mga slum talaga, slum areas na blighted and inhospitable na nga eh, ‘ika nga.

So that is my plea to everybody, to the communists at itong mga sundalo, mga pulis ng gobyerno to understand that there is always a time for everything.

We cannot be at war at all times. Yung sa generation natin, wala na tayong makita kung ‘di magpapatayan. Sana bago ako umalis sa mundong ito eh, magkaroon tayo ng lessening of the hatred of war.

I am also appealing to my Moro brothers, our Moro brothers and sisters, the same thing. Bigla kong—gaya ngayon, ‘di na tayo mag-away.

But let me just stress also a point here: I am committed to give to the Moro people what I promised. Tanggalin na lang ninyo muna yung Constitutional issues na nasa BBL para wala nang gulo, no court, no litigation, no nothing at kung in the fullness of God’s time, we’ll have a successful talk, we can have a Constitution that—embedded na ‘yung hinihingi ninyo.

Ang hindi ko lang nga maibigay, sabi ko, as of now, yung—which I really would object this, really, is itong Armed Forces na regional, pati regional armed police. Armed Forces—it’s not, I’m sorry, I cannot give that.

In the same manner, sa komunista, I cannot share the power over the police and the Armed Forces with anybody. It only belongs to one guy, to the President. But kung sino ‘yung, who will be elected after me and before me, that has always been the case. It only belongs to one person who is elected by the Filipino people. Kung sino man ‘yan, kanya ‘yan. That is to keep the country together, to bind us as a nation. Otherwise, delikado.


Q: Sir, four days ago you said–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: U nagka-ulan na o.

Q: Wala pa, sir. Four days ago, you said you need to consult the AFP in declaring a, in responding to the ceasefire, which was announced by the NDF. Has there been any consideration or has there been any–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I just wanted a time to be with the commanding generals of all the Armed Forces of the Philippines. You know why? And I can do it on my own. But you know, ikaw isipin mo, ikaw ang Presidente. Hindi naman ikaw ang namamatay eh. So you should consult these guys who are the ones ordering the troops to move and to die. It’s not an issue maybe for other people but it is to me.

As a Commander-in-Chief, I would not like anybody there dying or dead. Kaya ako, kita mo ang punta ko, galing ako doon sa pulis only to—tingnan mo itong mga Human Rights. Is there anybody sa inyo, ‘yung mga human rights, counting the dead soldiers and policemen?

I’m losing, as a matter of fact, on the average, two. It’s either soldier, drug connected ha. Either a police or a military man, nag-aano, nag-a-average ako ng dalawang araw na patay.

Kanina sa Samar. I was visiting the, ‘yung si Mark doon sa Tanay. Tapos binulungan na lang ako na, “Sir, may patay na naman.” 

At itong mga human rights, silent naman. Ni hindi na nakakasabing, “nakakaawa naman.” Letse kayo. Genocide. Genocide? Mga criminal, genocide? Paka-ugok naman ninyo eh! Mag-aral nga kayo uli.

Ang tinatarget pa ninyo, ay ‘yun pang pinaka-mayor sa Davao. Genocide?

Q : Sir, follow-up. Are you willing—the NDF says they wanted the government, the GRP to free other political prisoners. Are you ready to give in to that demand?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I am ready if the successful talks are there for me to see and to hear. In the meantime, “No.” Kung tapos na, oh free, you want to join my government? Many of them are already there.

Nandiyan na nga sila halos and I’m ready to give more. Kaya mga banking, mga financing institutions, I can accommodate all of them. And ‘yun namang mga NPA soldiers, I will release money and lands for them.

‘Yung totohanan na Land Reform but I will not confiscate lands now who are—which are, rather, or get it from people who own. ‘Nong una tapos, ini-Land Reform at ipinagbili uli ng tenant. Tapos kunin ko ulit doon sa landowner, I will not do that, that would be an injustice.

But there’s so much land in the Philippines, and I could—sabihin lang nila and I will give them everything.

Hindi sabihin na ano, but you know, hindi ako natatakot magpatayan. The problem is, tayo-tayo lang Pilipino. It takes so much money to run a war for nothing.

Kita mo, after 45 years, estudyante pa ako noon, kasali ako sa mga rally-rally. Kaya kilala ko si Sison, kilala ko sila halos lahat.

But now, we have hit—a kind of an agreement there to talk. See? Pwede pala tayo mag-usap eh. Another 45 years of what, deadly fighting?


Q: Good evening President, there’s a deployment of troops in Western Mindanao right now to crush down the Abu Sayyaf group. Do you have timeline to–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Part of the regular movement of troops, they have to be relieved. They’re just passing by to catch up the plane bukas. Nire-relieve mo ‘yan, they cannot be fighting forever there so you have to give the soldiers a respite also.

Part of the regular movement of troops ‘yan. Nobody is getting somewhere, dati na ‘yan sila diyan, pinahinga lang tapos palitan na naman ng mga bagong ano para—you know, they have to also take a respite of the war. Nothing. No big deal.

Kasi pag landing ko nandoon ‘yung—sabi ko, sabi ko “Bakit kayo nandito?” Sabi nila naghihintay ng sasakayan. Sabi ko, “Okay. I’ll invite you to a dinner.” That’s the long and short of the story, no big deal, I said.

Part of the regular movement of troops in this area. Wala tayong sabihing may kinuha ako sa ibang lugar because I need them every inch of the territory, we can be helped. Just for law and order purposes.

Q: President, second question. When are you going to announce the six to seven personalities that involved in drug, ‘yung sinabi niyong matrix?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I have the matrix now. I don’t know if–

Q: Going back to the ceasefire, Mr. President. May timeframe ba ito? Hanggang kailan?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I really do not know. The success or failure would depend on the people talking there. If they can agree with each other, especially on the points towards moving—towards peace, baka—because there will be some dynamics there, you know.

Trabaho nila, how are they supposed to be assimilated back to and be with us, together with government people. Parang ganoon. At no other time, at no other time that there’s really a big chance for both the communist and government to have peace. At no other time, hindi ako nag-aano—

Q: Second question, sir. Did they–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Including—excuse me ah, sandali, including the Moro people. At no other time, mga brother na makakita tayo ng opportunity na ganito.

I do not think that in the future would be able to talk sensibly about the, what bugs this island, what ails this country. Okay, go ahead.

Q: Okay, did they assure you na wala nang puputok na bomba sa mga sundalong bababa from the operation sites?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It’s not my problem.

Q: What if kung meron?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala na. Alam mo na, madali eh, may isang order lang naman. Depart kaagad. It’s not my problem. That’s their problem.

My problem is nobody violates my order and it behooves upon the Communist Party to do the same. Otherwise, walang mangyayari rito kung ganoon. Hindi ko ‘yan problema sila, problema nila ‘yan.

Ang problema ko, ‘yung mga sundalo ko pati pulis ko, kaya ko sabihin na, ako kaya ko, kasi naniniwala sila. Isang gobyerno lang naman kami, so sabihin ko: Huwag muna kasi baka sakali, magkaroon tayo ng kapayapaan sa mundong ito.

Q: Good evening sir. I understand, last Saturday before Presidential Assistant to the Peace Process Jesus Dureza left for Oslo, he also announced you having declared that ceasefire. So, point of clarification lang po–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. I said I will but I have to consult the—ang mga tao na, which I’m worried, I said kung nangyari sa kanilang mga komunista, that nobody should violate the order because that is a guarantee of the Republic. Hindi ko naman akin, personal ‘yan eh.

You know, there are the CAFGUs, tsaka rin—sa kanila. But everybody should behave. Hindi ko personal ‘to, so karga-karga ko in the burden sa likod ko ang Republic of the Philippines. That’s why, I wanted to be sure na masunod ‘yung order ko.

Q: Sir, right… I think it was yesterday or the other day, the Eastern Mindanao Command came up with an announcement that there is already a suspension of military operation and that is before you have a declaration—?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. Correct. I said, I already ordered it but I said I have to consult them, just to make sure that my orders are followed. Otherwise, para akong gago dito.

That’s a sovereign—my view ha? That is a sovereign gesture. That is not, sabi ko, personal whim ko. Sa ngalan ng Republika ng Pilipinas ‘yan.

Q : Sir, another question po. You announced yesterday that you have invited Gibo to be the Defense—any development po, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE : Coming in tonight, I called him and reiterated my—si Delfin naman, Lorenzana, he used to—he was here, matagal na. Kilala ni Carol. ‘Di ba, kaibigan ni Carol Arguillas ‘yan. He was a very good soldier and I got him as my Defense Secretary. Sabi niya, “Mayor, wala man ako mag—” ‘Mayor’ kasi tawag niya sa akin, hindi ‘Presidente’ pero I do not want. Gusto ko, mayor, kasi ‘yan ang palayaw ko noon. That’s my—nickname ko ‘yan, kaya matagal akong mayor eh. Sabi niya, “maniwala man akong order mo talaga. Pero alam mo, matanda na ako. Gusto ko, nakabalik na lang rin ako dito, gusto ko dito na lang.”

So wala akong—sib Gibo, talagang naghugas kamay. These are the guys siguro who had a, who had some—

Q: Bad experience being with government?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, no, not naman. He was the Secretary of Defense. Maybe ‘disenchanted’ would be the word. Because you know, he ran for president. Itong si Lorenzana naman, eh gusto niya ng—kaganda ng buhok niya ‘nong pumunta ‘yan dito, ngayon wala na siyang buhok. Konti na lang. 

Q: Thank you po, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Gusto na niya manahimik, gusto niya dito sa Pilipinas na lang. Of course, that is the dream of every— 

Q: What is the status of Lorenzana, what is exactly the status of Lorenzana and Gibo right now?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala. Both. First, nagtuturuan kami sa Cabinet. Somebody pointed to him. Sabi niya, “Ayan o.” Sabi ko: “You know guys, we have to have an Ambassador to the UN—ah to the United States.”

Q: That’s for Lorenzana?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: May nagturo, I don’t know, I fotgot—I think it was Sonny Dominguez. Sabi niya, “Ayon o,” Tapos sabi: “Bakit ako naman?” Sabi ko, “You should do it for your country.” Tapos sabi niya, contending kami, “Mayor, kung wala ka naman talagang, if you order me to accept the position, I will work there. Pero gusto ko lang malaman mo na matanda na ako, tsaka mahirap ang buhay sa labas.” ‘Yung mingaw. If it’s not your country—

Q: So if that’s the case, Lorenzana stays as DND?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Oh, yeah. Ayaw niya eh, ayaw rin ni Gibo, ibig sabihin, maghanap tayo ng iba.

Q: For Ambassador?


Q: Okay, thank you.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sinong naisip mo?

Q: Maya na lang.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sino ‘yan siya?

Q: Sa PTV 4.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sige ma’am, abante ka.

Q: Hi sir. I’m Lala Babilonia po from PTV.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah, ‘yung pumunta ka. Sabi mo assigned ka dito. Kaya nga sabi ko, familiar siya. Ikaw pala yun.

Q: Thank you sir, ayon po. Good evening. I’m sorry po. Baka natanong na ‘to kanina. Amidst the unilateral ceasefire po, naka-heightened security alert pa rin po ba ang ating militar? At naka-deploy pa rin po ba sa areas kung nasaan ‘yung mga NPA?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It would really depend on the military on the ground, whoever is the commander there, whether it is a battalion or a company, he decides for—if going to be a relaxation of the vigilance or not.

Q: Sir, follow-up. Ay ano po. Another question po. What’s your comment po on the militarization po ng mga areas ng ating indigenous peoples, particularly mga lumad. Kasi sabi daw po nila, mayor pa lang daw po kayo, nagkakaroon na po ng series of dialogues. Pero ngayon pong nagkakaroon na tayo ng peace talks. Umaasa po ‘yung mga Lumad leaders na baka daw matigil na itong militarization. What’s your comment?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: There is no such thing as a militarization. Every inch of this property of the Republic must be occupied by the soldiers of the government. Wala, there is no such thing as hindi kayo papasok diyan kasi, no militarization there. Siguro ‘yung overt acts na makipag-away, ‘yun ang iniiwasan. Ito namang ideological conflict. Nasali lang ito kasi ‘yung iba, nandyan sa Alamara, which is really a paramilitary unit of—CAFGU is also one.

The other one, is meron rin itong who sympathize with the Communist Party. Meron rin silang kanyang liquidation. Meron silang private army rin, even they have also the regular ones.

Kanya-kanyang sphere of ano ‘yan, may influence man eh. Baka bukas ko na siguro i-deliver. But I will deliver it to, pag-uwi ko na siguro. Kasi natagalan tayo, naghintay na ‘yung— Mukhang may magsama mamaya.

Actually, I am inviting you also, lalo na ‘yung ‘di taga-rito, ‘yung kumakain ng durian. I have invited the soldiers to a durian festival. Kasi hindi na naabutan nila ang Kadayawan eh. Sabi ko: Sige, punta tayo doon, makahabol ako.

Baka ikaw, Ma’am. I am inviting you. Do you eat durian?

Q: Of course, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Of course, then we should be together of course also. (laughter) Hindi humabol lang kayo. You are with a—mga mabait naman ‘yung mga taga-Davao.

Sige, sino pa?

Q: Good evening, sir. Last weekend, you declared positions in the government, are there – vacant – are there officials already tendered resignation?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, marami na, especially those who have pending cases. ‘Yung may mga kaso sa Ombudsman, tapos suspended already and reinstated back, they have to go.

Marami akong nailagay sa gobyerno because I also supported Arroyo during the last election. And before that, I was also—malapit. Alam ninyo, I was the consultant of President Arroyo’s law and order.

Marami rin akong nailagay sa mga institutions diyan, lalo na sa financing institution. But I told them, kung may mga kaso kayo, there are complaints against you, you resign now.

Q: Sir, which offices are these–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Marami na. I do not keep count. Because it’s somebody else’s errand. Not mine. Basta, ‘yung may—lahat may kaso. Patay na kayo.

Q: Sir, another question: You are scheduled to travel to Laos Republic for–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Laos… because ‘yung chairmanship ng ASEAN, it’s our turn. They have to—I have to be there to receive it. It has to be the head of state. I beg off sana but the protocol people say that, you know, “you have to be there.”

Q: Are there issues that you wanted to raise before the–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, there are issues, but they are not—there are critical issues but it is not the proper time to be ranting, raising hell or whatever. We are better off—just, you know, biding our time.

But, I will wait for the bilateral talks. If you are—I will read your mind. You’re talking about China. But during a bilateral meeting, maybe — When? I really do not know.

Then, I’ll put squarely the things that we have. We will be talking about the arbitral judgment, and maybe we cannot go out of discussion within the four corners of this paper. But that has to wait. Because if I act hostile now, then they might just decide not to sit in front of you and talk. Magka-pikonan.

So you better just say when, maybe a goodwill visit to their country to express our willingness to talk and be friendly and avoid war. It’s not an option. So there is only one option left. And it is just to talk.

There are two things: You talk or go to war or create trouble. If you cannot afford to go to war or do some trouble, there’s only one left for you to do. And that is to talk. What is there to worry about?

So I’ll go to Laos and I will avoid talking the issue, vis-à-vis with the Philippines. Now, if another country brings the matter up, that is not within my control. My participation there is to listen to the issues confronting the ASEAN.

And if somebody brings up the matter about China Sea, then I will talk. But I said, it has to be like a soft landing. We do not go there shouting and ready to fight. We’re there to talk peacefully.

Ah, palit-pait ang magaga-fashion show. 

Q: Good evening sir.

PRRD : Dress to kill pa gyud ang show natin na—

Q :Pangtulog na, Mr. President.

PRRD : Ah, eh istorya. Sige na, ge.

Q : Angie of Bombo Radyo, Mr. President. Na-issue po, regarding po doon sa pag-declare ng Supreme Court na unconstitutional ‘yung banning of aerial spray po sa Davao City. Kasi ikaw po ‘yung, during your term po ‘yung–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, it’s the final say of the Supreme Court. Hindi naman ako, hindi ako naghuhugas pero alam naman ninyo hindi ‘yung akin, kay—Neneng Arculeo ‘yun because she resides within the vicinity, within the parameters of—just beside the parameters of the banana plantation.

Q : Balikan ko lang po yung—

PRRD : Wala na tayong magawa diyan.

Q : Peace negotiation po.

PRRD : We do not intend to file a motion for reconsideration or anything. And if it is useless. And kung ‘yun ang sabi ng Supreme Court, wala tayong magawa. We’ll just have to follow and maybe allow again the spraying of—ewan ko. I would not—we will have to dwell on so many things. We have to dwell on so many things there: health issues, and whether it is really, whether it’s a good chemical to be using and what’s the net effect of that sa water, sa underground. There’s a river there. And whether you like it or not, ‘yung chemicals will seep into the aquifer of a place.

Kaya kung magbutas, may lalabas talaga na tubig, because there’s leveled down there, that there’s water.

Q: Isang question pa po, Mr. President. Regarding po doon sa ongoing na peace negotiation sa Olso, Norway. Assessment lang po niyo for the first three days po ng talks?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I’m sorry I was distracted. You have to—naputol. Yung trend ko na, my … got lost along the way.

Q: Assessment lang po, Mr. President during the first few days po ng peace negotiation po sa Oslo Norway?


Q: Kontento po ba kayo doon sa first few days po ng peace negotiation sa Oslo Norway?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I have not been—I’ve been posted with just a general statement, almost generic. But as to the hard, to the gravamen ‘ika nga of the problem, wala pa. Wala pa.

I’m posted by Dureza and the rest. But it’s just almost generic that—we talked this afternoon—maybe at this time, they’re still shaking hands until now.

Q : Maayong gabi sir. Going back to some of the local concerns, like the budget. Edcel Lagman is hell-bent on trying to oppose that budget for the Office of the President because of huge increases. What is your justification and why is the increase—?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I have so many fights. And he can be very sure that that money will go to either the soldiers or to the police. I should have a budget to buy information and all of these things. I’m fighting a crisis.

But at the end, there should be no worry. It will come to evoke and I’m sure Congress would know. Ako, kung ayaw ninyo binigay, okay lang sa akin. But, you take care of the problem.

Wala naman ako hiningi na sabihin mo, ibulsa ko. All of these things will be used for, lalo na sa intelligence fund. You know, I also, magtanong ka. Even ‘nong mayor pa ako dito. Ngayon, Presidente na ako. Magtanong kayo. Umaabot talaga sa kanila ‘yan.

And I tend to give more because I said I’m fighting so many wars. I have the Abu Sayyaf, I have the MI, MN. I really do not know if this will go on, as peacefully as we can really do it, then I have the Communist.

So kung ayaw nilang ibigay, okay lang sa akin. Wala akong problema. Pero sabihin ko, we are failing in this, failing of that because we fail to act on time. Now, if we had the information, malaman sana namin, ‘di we could have just also interdicted this and that.

Pero if you just worry that ibubulsa ko ‘yan. When I was mayor, magtanong kayo ng mga pulis na wala na ako sa pwesto. Ngayong Presidente ako, tanungin mo sila. You can ask anybody in the military establishment.

Q: Sir, follow-up question. I hope this will not irritate you if I bring up again the issue of De Lima.


Q: She kept on repeating about the possible human right violation but when she came here for an investigation during your time Mr. Mayor, she in fact could have violated the rule of law and trying to pull out the prisoner from the prison cell by the person of Jonathan Balo, without the benefit of a court order.


Q: Are you not trying to contemplate on turning them–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I will, you know. De Lima is undergoing a nightmare now. Tama na ‘yun para sa akin.

Alam mo, I still have the tapes and you guys were there. And you should be able to utter the same words that she uttered, which was very simple. “I am here to conduct an investigation,” meron pa akong record eh. Narecord rin sa inyo, sa inyo rin. Nandiyan sa tapes ninyo. “And I will connect that he is connected with the DDS. I will prove it.”

Nandiyan sa tape. She came. Bumalik dito, nagdala ng pala, kasi killing fields daw ang Davao. Do you agree with me if she said that? Di ba, sabi niya, killing fields ang Davao. Do you agree na sinabi niya ‘yan? Wala siyang nakita, buto isang tao pero may dalawang skull, plate numbers na nandon naman sa kabilang partido. ‘Yung nag-udyok sa kanya na pumunta dito.

She violated the human rights. She started everything, not only me. But maraming Pilipinong sinira niya.

Now, the truth is out. The cat is out of the bag, ‘ika nga. So what happens now? She’s still yakking about the same issues. I do not deny that there are encounters between the police and the drug. Sinasabi ko lumalaban talaga ‘yan.

Tingnan mo ‘yung pulis na namatay kanina. Hinabol niya. Kumuha ng—di binaril siya. Lalaban ‘yan kasi ‘yang mga ‘yan, sira na ulo talaga ‘yan. Kaya ‘yung sabi nila, nakita na sprawl there with a gun beside a body and they think that is planted, it’s machinations of you know, evidence.

Sinasabi ko sa inyo. Davao experience. Lumalaban ‘yan. Kasi constant use of shabu will shrink your brain. Kaya talaga, bumubunot ng baril ‘yan.

Now, I said I’m losing two policemen a day, either police or military man. Ayaw maniwala, ito namang mga gago, genocide, genocide. Tang-ina. Paka-bobo naman nitong mga putang-inang ‘to. Is it live? ‘Di mas mabuti. Ulitin ko: Napakabobo naman ninyo, kayong mga putang-ina kayo.

Why are you asking about—eh ‘di si De Lima, pati ‘yung mga UN rapporteur. Meron, legitimate encounters, we will, I will assume full responsibility. We will explain. Nandyan ‘yung mga papel na pinadala ko. Sabi ko: Ipadala ninyo ‘yung mga—babasahin ko. The papers are with me. I’m reviewing it.

Sabi ko ‘yung mga, on the spot, and I will compare it with the affidavits. I am studying it every night. Tingnan ko kung may mga salvage-salvage.

Pero ‘yung pinatay na hindi natin—binalot ng mga sako. Binalot ng plastik. The police I assure you, would not waste their time on that.

So kung pati ba naman ‘yan isali ninyo na wala akong kamuwang-muwang, pakisali na lang po sa namatay ng lahat diyan sa punerarya, pati ‘yung may mga cancer, isali na lang ninyo, may mga diabetes, may mga—kasi ‘yung lahat na nakita ninyong patay. Binibilang ninyo sa akin. Baka ‘yung gusto ninyo, ‘yung taga-Davao dito. Magbilang ako sa punerarya.

Lahat na. Lahat ng patay. Bakit lang ‘yang binabalot ng mga sako? Because the accusation itself is very stupid. It assumes right away na ‘yung may patay diyan. Gobyerno ang pumatay. When as a matter of fact, as early, as kuwan, sabi ko mag-drama na tayo. We sow intrigue. Hulihin mo ito. Sabihin mo siya, siya ang may courier. Tapos ito, sabihin mo, ito siya ang nagturo. Kung magpatayan ‘yan sila, hayaan mo muna. Let them kill each other. After that, papasok tayo.

We are not prohibited from using that kind of methodology or modality or what’s the term? 1,000? Sira-ulo 1,600. ‘Di naubusan na kami ng bala niyan. Papakialam naman ‘yang binalot ng plaster? And to think that there are—Hoy, De Lima. Makinig ka. Putang-ina ka. 3 million addicts in this country. Hoy, UN. …(dialect)…

There are now, even those who surrendered, 600,000. You think it’s a joke? It’s a joke for you to tell me about human rights. Come here and solve the problem yourself.

I will fund you. I will pay your, even your, bibili ako pati ‘yung toilet paper mo. Gago kayo. ‘Wag kayong magsalita nang salita diyan. May problema ako dito. 600,000 tapos ganon kayo magsalita.

De Lima, you are finished. Tapos ka na. Sunod election—by the way, you look nice. Fighter talaga. Fighter talaga.

Q : Sir—

PRRD : Depensa ka kay De Lima?

Q: Good evening po. May we know if you have a confirmation already of this report that a kidnap victim was beheaded in Sulu this afternoon?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Is that the other one? ‘Yung Norwegian, is that the one?

Q : No.

PRRD : Well, if that’s the one then I would accuse now the Abu Sayyaf of utter bad faith. Binayaran na ‘yun sila, 50,000, they were adding—Ano?

Q: This is the 18-year-old.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Babae, lalaki? Ah ‘yung bata?

Q: Lalaki.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That’s why, I’m sending the troops there and tell them to destroy there. My orders to the Police and to the Armed Forces against all enemies of the State: Seek out. Seek them out in their lairs whatever and destroy them. Ang mga droga, destroy them. Ang mga Abu Sayyaf, destroy them. Period.

Napakaano naman nila. Diyan ako nawalaan ng bilib sa inyo. Pasalamat ako when I won by landslide sa ano. Alam naman ninyo kung ano. I have this little connection by blood with you. But you know, nawawala talaga ako ng bilib sa inyo.

Although hindi ako Tausug. More of the Maranao side. But, ‘di ako bilib sa inyo.

Q : How will this war against the Abu Sayyaf be any different from the previous administrations, which also by the way, waged wars against the Abu Sayyaf?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said, I’ll be harsh. But, that is just a campaign, a campaign. Go out and destroy them. So patay kung ano ‘yan. ‘Wag na kayo magtanong ng human rights. Don’t bother to think. Wala akong panahon magsalita—even sa drugs. 3 million—destroying my country. Mister—sino ‘yang putang-inang ‘yan? Anong pangalan ng Amerikano na nagsasalita? Hoy, gago ka. Drug—or the drugs, drug is destroying my country. Do not fuck with me today.