Speech of President Rodrigo Duterte during the 4th State Conference of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption Implementation Review
Rizal Hall, Malacañan Palace
07 December 2016
Kindly sit down. Salamat po.

I’m sorry I was late. I was presiding over the turnover of the office of the Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces of the Philippines. May bagong ano tayo. It’s General Año. Kasi dalawa ‘yan silang contender kasi eh.

I chose Año because of the seniority. I… And, of course, pursuant to my promise during the election that I would never tinker in the selection and promotion of military officers.

I would also have done it with the… [live stream cut]

…Of the police. Hindi ka kasali dito, itong the following topics that I would like to say to this audience.

I would have also allowed the police to have their own…Meron ‘yan silang promotion sa board something. But, can I have the—

You hear me very often and always and I say and I will complete the story para…Wala akong tataguin. Sabi ko, p****** i** ninyo, papatayin ko kayo because you are destroying my country. And I said that those of you who are depriving us of the youth for the next generation, talagang papatayin ko. That’s my statement and that is all there is to it.

Now, why? Here is all there is to it. This is the drug industry in the Philippines. [shows ‘narco list’] Ayan, litrato nila. ‘Yung ibang ‘X’ patay na ‘yan. Ito si Loot and some police generals.

When I… I knew that the drug problem was serious and with it the corruption of the entire government. I knew that it was something that marks something drastic must be done and I had my own way of enforcing what I took to be something very serious.

Noong na-Presidente ako at ginusto ko nang malaman ang lahat. And with the few, alam mo na, how it is played. Ginamit ko ang pagka-Presidente ko. Sabi ko, ibigay ninyo lahat sa akin. Do not fool me. Do not try to.

Sabi ko, mag-papatayan tayo. Huwag ninyo akong bolahin. And so…Ito sample lang ito. This thick. Region 1. Ayan, nakalagay lahat diyan. Puro pangalan ‘yan. There are 5,000 nandiyan.

Who are they? Some governors, some mayors, policemen, a few military men, lot of barangay captains, and the drug lords, ‘yung mga Instik.

So I was really horrified. So when the final listing came…Kasi sabi ko, it is not good to make public the name of a person tapos sabihin mo lang na nagkamali ka.

I had that you know mistake when—pero ako rin. I was the one who was, who tried to…

Wala akong nakita kay Espino eh. Putol-putol ‘yung ano. And so I had to apologize. Then I had it validated, revalidated, revalidated, hanggang ngayon. Nakakatayo ng balahibo ito eh. It’s 4,000 personalities, nandiyan lahat.

The Maute rebel movement in Lanao and even in Mindanao with exception of the MI and the MN, almost all of them extremists, are driving their movements.

There are a lot of laboratories in the mountains, between Datu Piang and Buldon. And I just…After the ceremonies kanina, nagpapalitan sila ng pwesto, we had a command conference and I gave the instructions.

We have to invest here lives. We have to invest money. We have to invest armaments and we have to invest in everything that will suppress itong extremism. Because ang extremism sa Mindanao, ang gasolina nila ang shabu. That is why Mindanao, ang Cagayan de Oro, hindi lang siguro nila alam…

Sa galit ko ganon sinabi ko. ‘Bat sino naman ang hindi magalit? At tsaka sabi ko, why would be — why would it be wrong to say that if you destroy my country, I will kill you? And if you deprive us, the parents of our children, wala namang mayaman sa atin dito talaga na malaki ang bahay na. Puro tayo mahirap. Kaya tayo nagta-trabaho eh. Nagtitiis lang sa gobyerno, kaya ‘yun lang inabutan natin.

But sino bang magbibigay ng medisina sa atin when we grow old? Who will dip the lugaw to your mouth kung puro ugok na lahat na ito?
Remember, General Santiago, PDEA, two years or three years ago, gave us a figure of three million addicts and he said noon 92 barangays of Metro Manila, then he will further by saying that 92 percent of the barangays in the Philippines were already contaminated.

That was the red flag actually. Eh wala itong kasali sa akin. Because ‘yung sinabi ko na na mag-surrender kayo kung hindi papatayin ko talaga kayo, so everybody lined up doon sa ano.

What did I do? I deprived them of their might. And what is it? It’s really the warlord’s style. If you’re a mayor, you strut around with so many guns, so many bodyguards. Then you are into shabu. And for those policemen of yours who resisted the temptation to be there, papatayin mo.

A lot of those guys killed so many people along the way, just to protect and continue with their business. Do not be sorry for them. It’s not needed. You’ve had enough blood.

Kaya ako, I gave a copy to Congress, si Senate President, pati si Speaker. Why? Hindi ko kaya. Puro naman tayo abugado. ‘Di ko talaga kaya. Ganito karami?

Sabi nila ipinapatay ko? Wala akong panahon. I’m getting emotional but I would be running out of time even to kill them and of bullets.

You know, if I file a case…Sabihin mo I file a case, I have to build the case because alam natin it is an (inaudible). Either you have it in your position or control or it is not, then if it is not.

Kagaya nitong si Albuera. And he said it was not his, pero galing siya doon and his house was full of drugs.

Alam mo, if there is one thing na hindi ko matanggap. T***** i***, huwag mo akong lokohin. Do not come in front of me pleading na, ‘Sir, huwag kang maniwala diyan.’ When all along and you start selling and you never stop. Hindi ko matanggap ‘yan sa totoo lang.

Pareho tayong magiging kriminal. Do not…Paano…I can’t… Mabuti’t na lang there’s a good soul amongst the Chinese investors that would come in.

He decided not to invest but to put his money to finance the biggest 10,000-persons facility.

Otherwise, wala talaga akong magawa. Itong mga — all the bleeding hearts. Itong Amerikano. And they reprimand me as if I am their lackey.

So, Mayor Duterte, calling for investigation before the International Criminal Court. Fine. Let’s go ahead. Sabi ko, wala akong pakialam diyan. Go ahead.

Now, it turns out they are not even a signatory to that Convention. Itong mga g***. Even the EU kaya sabi ko, ‘kayo? So despite or despite the protestations of Obama picturing the Philippines, well of course, including me, to be murderers and everything.

Here comes Trump. So we had a talk and he said, ‘Mr. President, it’s evening here, good evening.’

‘Oh President Duterte, we should fix our bad relations, it needs a lot of, you know, you just set something good here and you’re doing great. I know what’s your worry about these Americans criticizing you. You are doing good, go ahead. I had this problem in the border of Mexico and America and this goddamn s*** guy is…’

So ngayon, kung makinig ka kay Trump magsalita sa akin, naging santo ako. Doon sa isang administrasyon, well, ganon lang pero the bottom line… [Salamat. Sa Air Force ka ba? Araw-araw kasi magpalit ‘yang aide ko eh. Navy, Air Force, Police, ito ngayon sa…]

Ang plano ko is mag-resign nalang siguro ako. ‘Yung mga yellow diyan. Nagde-demonstrate kayo — hindi kayo, kayo, nakikinig kayo — you want me out because you cannot accept defeat.

Pero ‘yung masabi mo yung left, they would never even allow me to step down two steps to the ground. Iyang mga komunista, ‘yang NPA? Puro Duterte ‘yan. Tingnan mo balang araw, sila ’yung…

Ito pulitika ‘to eh. Just they wanted me out. Sabi ko, siyempre ‘yung Vice President. O, di kayo. You had your chance. When the drug industry blossomed with that kind of fix. Of course, I cannot prove my case beyond reasonable doubt, I know that. I’ve been a prosecutor for years. But to build a case just select one. We have to assign about four or five operatives.

We do not have the money and we do not have the manpower. That’s why I had to declare a state of lawlessness to justify the entry of the military to do police work and to be of assistance to the police, kulang talaga ng tao. At saan ba ‘yung papel na namatay? Itong g*** na ‘to. Iyong ilan ‘yung patay?

Eh kung extrajudicial killing, I’ll give you a rundown of how many soldiers we have lost to war and policemen.

Sabi sa inyo, araw-araw halos lumilipad ako doon saan ‘yung namatay to show solidarity with the people and, of course, with the police. Eh araw-araw namamatayan ako ng pulis, dalawa, tatlo. Ngayon, itong araw na ‘to sigurado ako may patay na naman. [Wag na lang, Bong. Magulat pa ‘yan sila.]

Ang sama talaga ng lagay ng panahon ng Pilipinas, sa totoo lang. So far, I’ve lost 58 sa pulis. I’ve lost 54 sa military. If that is extrajudicial killing, why would I allow my men to die? Why don’t you just shoot them by Barrett? You can hit them a kilometer away. That’s the characteristics of that gun. Wounded is 233.

Kaya ako, sabihin mo, ‘Bakit galit ‘yan palagi si Duterte?’ Masakit ulo ko palaging… Kita mo naman… I know, you might characterize this as a…Kung ito kidnapping lang, kagaya dito, Maynila 6 or 4, ganun, okay lang. Kasi ang style nila dito ‘pag kinidnap na ang Intsik, patay na ‘yan. Ke magbigay ng pera ‘yan o hindi, patay na ‘yan. Kaya kung ikaw ang mag-kidnap, sabihan ng asawa mo, ‘wag ka magbigay, hayaan mo. Magsindi ka nalang ng pair doon ng kandila. Malaki man ‘yung —’

Kaya ako galit because it is not a simple police matter. It is an assault sa bayan ko. Na ‘pag ang bayan ko na, na ganito, ilagay mo sa talagang alanganin, we will come up with a failed state.

If I do not interdict now at kung matakot lang akong mag-demanda ‘yang ICC na ‘yan, p*** na ‘yan. Well, I will rot in jail. And so? That is my contribution to you to protect your sons and daughters.

Look at the crime rate of Manila before I became a President. Tingnan mo. Rape dito, rape doon, pasok dito. Eh at least ngayon, namamatay ‘yung mga g***, eh pasensya kayo. Ginusto ninyo ‘yan eh.

Sa totoo lang, ‘yung early onslaught, ‘yung 3,000 na pinagrereklamo nila, hindi amin ‘yun. We never had because at that time, I had to — yet — to talk to the entire command.

You must remember, do not be offended because that is really true, initially, I fired several generals.

And before I became President, two weeks before, bakbakan na dito, patayan na. Look at the records. Do you think we will waste time torturing a person by wrapping him with the—? What does that indicate to you?

Torture. Why? It must be some information. What information? Eh sinong sinabihan mo na sabit ako dito? That was the vogue. Of course, totoo ‘yang may engkwentro at totoo ring may talagang sinalvage. Talaga ‘yang pinatay without ni hi no ha.

But kung sabihin mo ang order ko sa pulis and nandiyan ‘yan sila, now you shoot the idiot kneeling down with his hands tied on his back, hindi ako gagong ganun tsaka abugado ako.

I said, we are fighting a war, it is an assault on my country, and I will not allow it. Go out and destroy the apparatus of the drug lords.

At ilang beses ko sinabi ‘yan time and again over TV: Go out and hunt for them, arrest them if possible so we can get the information. But if they present a violent resistance using now the book and you feel that your life is in jeopardy, shoot him dead.

That’s my order. Totoo ‘yan at ‘yan ang gagawin nila. At ‘pag hindi nila gagawin, ako ang babaril sa kanila. ‘Wag ninyo akong laruan. Magpapatayan tayo dito sa bayan na ‘to.

You know, I ran for the presidency, you know, lahat naman kayo. Wala akong pera. Well ‘yung PDP was moribund and… But it suddenly came alive. And to the surprise of it all, I won on a margin yet na ganong kataas. What does that indicate? Ano… What did I say to the public? You elect me President then I will… corruption.

I will give you a respite of this so many generations of corruption in this country. We are like a plane on the verge of a takeoff and yet cannot lift, there is not lift because of corruption.

‘Yan talaga ang totoo diyan. Everywhere including sa baba, local governments. ‘Yung mga, for example, in the islands of down south. Ayaw ko na lang i-ano, kasi baka magwala ‘yung mga g****.

Tingnan mo sa mapa ang highway crisscrossing. Mga limang highway, may intersection ‘yan. Sa mapa, pati sa papel, as certified completed project. Pumunta ka doon, anak ng jueteng. Isang highway lang sa tabing dagat pa.

Kaya itong dito sa Jolo, pati Basilan, it will be undertaken by the Office of the President and it will be handled by the military. At ako mismo ang magtingin doon, the hospitals and all. Otherwise, walang dadating doon.

I’m not saying ano… I’m not casting any aspersion. But that’s the cold reality. It’s either I do not help, I will withhold the money or help and do it, ako na mismo.

Ako na mismo ang mag-supervise. Ibigay ko sa engineering battalion. You go to down Sabah. Construct the roads there. Mga engineering brigades there. So may makuha po ako diyan kabutihan.

At itong sa drugs, kaya ko ibinigay ko sa kanila. And I don’t know maybe he’s right or he’s right. Kay Bingbong, padala ko sana sa Supreme Court. Tinanong ko si Atty. Teo, sabi niya, hindi pa. Lalagyan ko doon sa ano ko, for whatever it is worth to you.

But remember that this is not a complaint where I have already the proof beyond reasonable doubt. Kaya sinabi ko lang, kasi marami kayong judges nandiyan. Anak ng…Pati prosecutors nandiyan.

Alam mo hindi mo matago ang corruption eh. It would always leak. Kaya ang department ko, sa NEDA noon, it would take you two to three years to get your papers released noon. Ngayon, one month.

Kay Billy Dulay, sabi niya three days. Kasi ‘yung ano, the longer they squat on the documents, pera-pera talaga ‘yan. So, ang… It needs to be corrected now. Dito wala kayong problema. I can assure you, there will be no corruption.

Pagka meron, isali kita… I will suspect that you are a drug lord. Dito sa akin, okay ka na.

There will be no corruption. I will assure you, 100 percent. Ang crime, ang problema, ang corruption sa droga ang mas malawak and must a threat really to the very existence.

Now, why do you say that you want instead of bringing into justice? Huwag mo akong bolahin nang ganon. Katagal ko.

Fiscal ako, isang kaso ko lalaruan ka nga abugado, aabot kami ng siyam-siyam. Umalis na lang ako pagka-fiscal nandiyan pa ‘yung kaso. Huwag mo akong bolahin nang ganon.

From where I’ve come, I should know. Huwag na tayong magbolahan nang ganon kasi you build a case.

Kaya ako, basta, my warning lang ako: Do not destroy my country. Alam mo, I can be, I can… I will ask you, hindi what is the rule of the law? What is the role of the law here? Now.

Huwag ‘yan ang rule na ‘U’. I’m asking you for the ‘O’. What is the role of the law? Knowing fully well how fast we can produce a conviction.

Up to the Supreme Court? How many years? While they are playing, they can give you bond, tapos maglaro. ‘Yung ganong style nila. ‘Pag naka-piyansa ka, may abugado ka. Magaganda mga high-profile na abugado. Sige, tapos maglaro ka ulit. Pati ‘yung abugado mo, isali ko ‘yan.

Huwag mo ako ganonin na ako, kasi this is an — this is fit for something like talagang staggering. And it would do well. Tutal everybody is listening, this is televised national.

You would do well to stop or kayo ‘yung mga ano, may tama na. People now can walk the streets unafraid because walang nagiistambay. Umalis kayo. You go back to your house, bumalik kayo sa bahay ninyo, tapos pumasok kayo sa kwarto, i-lock ninyo sarili ninyo. Huwag kayong magpakita-pakita sa labas. Pagdadamputin ko kayo, yawa kayo.

Ganon ang… Wala akong choice eh. The choice is martial law or what, I’m not into it. It’s enough that there is a state of lawlessness. And even with the fighting now in…

Nakita mo ‘yung pati ‘yung… If it is not rebellion, what is it? Sumabog ‘yung harap ng Ateneo killing how many? Ilang beses nangyari ‘yan? Sa taga-Davao wala. We just clean the place, clean it up then business again. That is the life in Mindanao.

So I have — the MILF is willing to talk. So they have stopped waging a war. The MN, si Nur, meron silang dynamics with the MI. So he wants a separate talk. But he has stopped fighting government.

Itong mga extremists ngayon ang bagong problema ko and I hoped that it would not come during my time, because if they lose the land base, the land mass in Aleppo and Mosul and the IS with their backs against the sea, they will look for another territory.

And ideally, it is Malaysia… Alam ng pulis, alam nila ‘yan. So ‘yung hijacking hindi na natapos-tapos diyan. So I met with Widodo and Najib. ‘How can we stop the piracy here?’

So we allowed ourselves that, we agreed that if you are hijacked in the Malaysian waters and there is a chair across the international waters and you enter the Philippine waters, they are free to continue the pursuit.

Sinabi ko sa kanila, sabi ko kay Widodo. Eh kung talagang you are about to escape, eh ‘di pasabugin na. If they cannot be captured, pasabugin po.

O how about the hostages? Eh ‘di pasabugin mo rin. You’re not supposed to be there. There’s a warning and good that there is.

Ang Amerika nagsabi, there’s danger there, do not go there. Because talagang totoo. Kikidnapin ka lang rin tapos lublubin ka sa harap ng camera.

But in dealing with them, what is the role of the rule of law there? Let me ask you. Pati ‘yung mga sundalo ko kung mahuli ‘yan. You know, iyan ang isunod ko. Why would I allow my government people to make the supreme sacrifice? Sabi ko nga, you are son of a bitch creating trouble for my country. You not only destroyed a few people, you destroyed the whole of the Visayas. And another idiot who is now dead, who is responsible for the contamination widespread sa West.

I would say that… I may be opening myself to — but, you know, somebody has to do it.

It behooves upon me to — I will do everything to prevent my country from being fractured. If we cannot give, you will remember me after.

May isang Maranao, he is my brod, he’s the Presidential Adviser for the — If we cannot give the setup of federal type, forget about peace. We will lose Mindanao. Incessant fighting? Finally, magsabi tayo, ‘sige hiwalay nalang.’

Then we will have like the Balkan states, teritoryo, teritoryo. Then the Visayans would also like it. And ang mga Bicol. I am going there for the federalism, itong sila sa fight against crime, VACC, si Jimenez. Kumakati na ang mga kamay. They will not allow a — this is a topsy-turvy place.

Do not ever think that there is no trouble in Mindanao. There is a war going on. My soldiers are there, the Republic of the Philippines. They are fighting now, hanggang ngayon nagi-gyera pa sa Jolo. And many died. Magsabi ka, how many soldiers? 100? 200? More than.

Siguro in that course of that fighting — during my term, baka I lost about — whenever I fly there just to condole, I lost an average of nine, the last time was nine. ‘Yung mga Scout Rangers na — because we are freed of the fighting with the communists.

I thank them that they agreed to talk sa Oslo about peace. So we seize the moment baka sakali ma — I can hack it.

So kung okay ang Communist Party and then we have a large grouping there sa Cabinet. And you should see when they clash with the rightists and the — sabi ko, ‘yung mga CIA diyan sa Gabinete. Alam ninyo kung sino ‘yan. One even talks like an American.

‘You know, Mr. President, I would like to report to you that during my talks in Washington DC, I had a chance to talk to—’ ‘Okay, marunong ito magsalita ng Amerikano ah.’ So ganun ho ang ano.

Ang order ho talaga is to destroy because my firm belief, my honest assessments sa bayan ko is it’s going to the dogs like the Latin American countries.

Ioan Grillo, who wrote the “Gangster”, wrote about how the Latin American states failed, including… Tang— gusto ko batukan —

Human rights? You want me to go to jail for human rights? When you as a matter of fact, invaded Panama, unseated the President, placed him in jail, until now, no trial. Noriega. Why? Because they were feeding the drugs doon sa…

Now, ang problema ngayon, I was talking to… I received their new ambassador, ‘yung Koreano. Nandoon din ‘yun, the same group ‘yung mga g*****, mga CIA diyan.

Sabi ko, you know, you imported so many Filipinos. Karamihan dito ‘yung mga anak ng mayayaman magkaatraso and even the policemen. Itong mga g***** ito, you go to America. Sila ‘yung tigas-tigas doon sa…

Sabi ko, you imported so many Filipinos. You have now a problem because ‘yung cocaine pati heroine comes from Colombia and Bolivia ‘yung…But itong shabu, niluluto lang ito sa likod ng bahay, magpa-barbeque-barbeque ka lang diyan.

Shabu, when cooking shabu, it smells like a wire that’s burning. Ewan ko kung ‘yun yung mag shhhhh, tapos may amoy. ‘Yun ang amoy ng shabu.

Ngayon, problema nila ’yan so dumating na sa kanila. Mamili ka kasi eh. You want to be an Obama? Then suffer the consequences. You choose Trump [laughs], alam naman ninyo si Trump pero at least kaibigan ko. [imitates President-elect Trump] ‘So you are doing all right. Do not mind them.’

At sinabi pa, may sinabi ‘yung may international network, ‘yung lumalaban sa kanya: ‘Never. Media? No media supported me and I did it on my own.’ ‘That’s why I’m very impressed with you, Mr. President.’ ‘Oh yes, when you come to Washington DC or New York City, look me up and we’ll have coffee. And maybe you can give me a suggestion, one or two how to solve this goddamn, son of a b****.’

Pero ako, mag-prangka ako. Kababayan man tayo. Hindi na ninyo ako matakot diyan sa mga International Court of Justice. That’s b*** s*** to me. May trabaho ako eh.

I take it as an onslaught, as a plunder in my country. You took the advantage of the frailty of so many people, especially the young. You made them crazy in numbers? To the millions? What do you think will be my reaction?

‘Pag pinag-usapan na natin ang bayan, ‘pag nagwala ako, tumabi nalang kayo diyan. Sa totoo lang, rule of law but what is the role of the law there? Ano nang laro ng batas nito kung ganun? Pati yung mga anak mo. Talagang magpatayan kayo. You know that is self preservation of the Filipino race.

Four million, you add another four. Maybe you add another four. Kung pagkatapos ng… They would be back in vengeance.

Maybe if I lose, I’m ousted. Ganito ‘yan eh kaya sabi ko sa mga ugok, huwag ninyo akong takutin.

My presidency has something to do with destiny. I am sure it was God who placed me there, because mismo sa Luzon, well Luzon, isa lang siguro, wala akong barangay captain, ni wala akong congressman isa.

In the Visayas where I come from, from Cebu, sa tatay ko. Even sa hometown sa Danao. Mga Duranos, my cousins, went for another candidate. In Cebu City, wala talaga ako ni isa. And yet I won by two million. Kaya sabi, ‘Saan ito galing?’
Ang sabi ko sa asawa ko…Sabi nanalo ako, ginising ako ng asawa ko, ang sabi niya, ‘nanalo ka.’ Sabi ko, ‘Ilan?’ ‘Four million.’ Sabi ko, ‘Kindly, let’s talk about this state.’ Hindi ako makapaniwala.

Sabi niya, ‘Diyos na ‘yan. Maybe he has a role for you.’ Siguro may purpose ka ng…Sabi ko, sa totoo lang rin ha, wala, kung hindi ako naging Presidente… Alam ninyo ‘yan. Kung hindi ako ang naging Presidente…

Now, I get ousted? Impeached? Fine. I’ll step down. I’ll be assassinated? You’d blow out my… Fine. So be it.

Why? Because that is part of my destiny. God says that you will be President, you’d stay there for just six months, one year and that’s it. Maybe just to show to the people of the Philippines that you have a serious problem here.

Wala akong illusions diyan sa staying in power. I’ve been mayor for 22, 23 years, then a congressman. I’ve been a vice mayor to my daughter. May kaso pa rin ‘yun siguro, nanuntok eh.

Well, so make no mistake about it. Wala ho akong ano diyan sa…I’m (inaudible)it’s cold. Wala akong illusions diyan.

Basta ako may trabaho. And as I understand it, this is the problem. So lahat kayong mga… Simple lang. It’s a very simple formula: You stop or you go out, enjoy your money, no problem.

Kayong may tama na, punta kayo sa akin, I will bring you to the biggest facility. It’s good for 10,000 people. Kumpleto. Siya ang magbayad sa doctor, nurses and all. Truly, a very generous man, a Chinese.

So, ganon. Ngayon, kung kayo sige pa. Hindi mag-imbento ‘yang pulis, hindi ako maniwala eh. Lalagyan ka ng shabu. Alam niya papatayin ko rin siya ‘pag ginawa niyang ganon eh.

Hindi kita papalusitin, oppression? Ganon patayin mo ang isang tao, palusutin mo na, mag-away kayo ng babae tapos bigyan mo ng shabu. Malaman ko nang malaman ang totoo eh.

So for the time that I am here, until I am, whatever be the, whatever future holds for me, let us be clear on this: I will do exactly the way I understand the problem honestly. And I will react to it the way I should, no middle ground.

To think that there’s a — something there is broken, so be it. Hayaan ko kung…. Let it flow. Whatever comes to me, I will accept.

But itong bayan ko, maski ganon ako, ganito lang, mahal ko talaga ang bayan ko. Remember that my mother is a Maranao. Ang lolo ko Chinese. Nag-Roa lang ‘yan kasi ang kanyang naturalization, ang abugado niya, Atty. Roa.

In spite of my being a mixed, talagang mahal ko ang bayan ko. Do not or else will go kaput.

Salamat po.