Speech of President Rodrigo Duterte during the 7th anniversary of the Federalismo Alyansa ng Bicol (FAB)
Legazpi City Convention Center, Albay
08 December 2016
[recording starts]

But Dante has been my friend for a long time and both of us were really surprised that — wag ho kayong magdadalawang-isip lalo ka na, kasama ko sa gobyerno. 

Tapos na ako diyan sa pulitika. As a matter of fact, I give you my commitment now, my word of honor that if you can craft the federal set-up in two, three years and have it decided in the affirmative by the Filipino people, I will step down. Because it will provide for the election of a president and surely, I’m sure for reasons of delicadeza, talagang bababa ako and that would end my political career for almost 40 years in government. 

Alam mo kasi noong eleksyon, well of course tapos na ‘yan. You know, ‘yung lahat na nakatindig doon were given their programs of government projecting what will happen when they are elected and it was good but there was really one very important factor that they failed to realize, to take into account: Mindanao.

In Mindanao, there is a rebellion, hindi lang ninyo nakikita but there are killings everyday. Pati ‘yung Maute. Ang problema nitong Maute, because I’m sure you know what’s happening — CNN and BBC is there, there’s a lot of killing, a lot of fighting now in Aleppo and Mosul. 

Once the ISIS loses its land math, they will scatter all over the world. But the ideal place in Asia really would be Indonesia, not because the Indonesians are cooperative with them but Malaysia and the Philippines have the biggest number of Muslims. 

In Mindanao, para ho malaman ninyo, what is happening there is really the Moro nationalism because they lost their land with the arrival of the Spaniards. For 400 years they sat here, governed, sometimes with brutality. Now, they also brought in their cannons, their gunpowder, which the natives really in these islands could not match, and so they were able to conquer even Mindanao. Pero periphery lang ‘yung kanila and the coastal. 

For example, in Zamboanga, they built the Fort Pilar to stop the inroads of missionaries coming in, from the Middle East down to Malaysia, Indonesia and to the Philippines.

Naga-ano doon eh, nagsuswing ang balance of power noon. But with the Americans, after Spain lost the war, the Spanish-American war, the Philippines was ceded to the Americans like a chattel. Well anyway, they stayed there for dito for 50 years.

And in the process of pacification, they committed a lot of atrocities which is really natural in any colonial system like the German, Italians, British, the Americans, they forced their way into the Middle East, killed all the tribal leader there at that time and enjoyed the fat of the land and that was oil.

So when they finally decided to make city states and really from the cities and parang munisipyo, they carved out Iraq, Iran and it was just a matter of you know, sila-sila ‘yun eh and the Arabs accepted it because they were subdued and suppressed.

Dito ganun rin. In the pacification, I said, a lot of people were killed and that is why —

You know, before the arrival of Magellan, 100 years, nandoon na ‘yang Islam that is why hindi mo makayang i-overrun kasi may poste sila doon eh. They’re being Mindanaoans, a moro, tawag sa kanila, ‘yung mga moors ng Europe and they are still fighting from the Spaniards, to the Americans and this Republic of the Philippines.  

Kaya nakita nila ‘yung mga sundalo, ‘yung mga Special Forces in the different camps, sabi nila, ‘Mayor,’ — ‘Mayor’ kasi ang tawag nila sa akin doon — ‘Mayor, we will talk to you but we will not negotiate with you.’

And the reason may access ako doon is that, you know, I have Moro blood — my mother is a mestiza Maranao. And my son, ‘yung vice mayor ngayon, married a Tausug, a Maranao lady so I can go to them inside, talk to them.

Wala kaming problema, wala naman silang makukuha kung papatayin nila ako. They’ll just enflame the whole of Mindanao.   

Ngayon, nakita ko dito walang nagsasalita about Mindanao. God, I’m telling you, I am not forcing you to believe me but listen to me. Laki akong Mindanao, I’ve been mayor for 23 years of Davao City. Once upon a time, congressman. Kasama kami ni Joy and we were the group doon na mga left.

There were 10 of us actually voted for Arroyo, the rest kay Villar. But the leftist doon sa Congress noon kami and I didn’t, do not deny coming from the left eh anak lang ako ng mahirap eh. And you know, ‘yung dimensions sa, as a boy as you grow up, with the so many people taking advances of power, influence, at hanggang ngayon hirap talaga and because that is the inequality of our society. 

Now kung walang federalism papasok sa Mindanao, we will lose it. I don’t know how much pa sa blood should still would happen basta sigurado ako, magulo yan. So walang nagsasabi sa kanila dito. So what about Mindanao?

We suffered explosions in the church, in the international airport, in the Land Transportation terminal, sa barko, and recently — sanay na kami ng ganon kaya pagputok nung sa — linis kaagad, tapos na parang walang nangyari. Just like Israel, ano, it comes naturally to us, okay lang ‘yan we can bear it because we know there is a conflict.

But to talk about the next generation ay — naku, either we lose the island or there will be, to maintain the “sovereignty,” we’ll have to invest more money for more lives, bullets and all. Kaya ang isang importante para sa amin is really federalism.

The only thing that I do not agree with them, with their proposal, is because they wanted an autonomous regional Armed Forces of the Philippines pati chief of the PNP. That’s our basic, hindi talaga ako papayag.

You know, maybe someday, my words would really sound stupid and insignificant but for as long as I am President, I have to say something. 

The negotiation, whatever the talks would come later after my term. So kung anong sinabi ko dito, wala na ‘yan eh, it’s of no moment. But sinasabi ko lang ‘yan sa inyo ang totoo, now kung ayaw mo maniwala eh di sige. Basta sinabi ko.

The important thing is that as a President, it is my duty, sworn duty, sacred duty to tell you and maybe to protect the race in the days to come. ‘Yan ang isa diyan. 

Then maski sa power. You know, you have due— pareho tayo, kayo sa Marawi. Lanao Lake is there, Maria Cristina is just beside a fence away and yet ‘yung elektrisidad iikot sa national grid and they pay huge amounts. Sa kanila ‘yan.

Noon, kagaya ninyo, inyo ‘yan. Kayo ‘yung original na gumamit. Do you know why you can really say that you are the originals? Because you cannot invent dialect.

‘Yung forefathers natin, and they can talk it, parang it’s so natural, it flows out of their mouth because they have perfected it for centuries. 

Kaya sabi nilang Tasaday — toto, hindi na ‘yan they were attacking Marcos, totoo talaga ‘yan. ‘Yung mga  cave tribes because you cannot invent dialect. 

So kung may mga tao diyan sabihin nila bago ito, it’s in your tribe they have not discovered, and they have their own badabadababdabada. You cannot — all the years, down the centuries, sabihin mo talaga, o, ‘what is this?’ Sabihin mo, ‘kanino?’ So those are connectives which cannot develop, it takes about centuries so inyo ‘yan. Nakita mo dito, same sa Marawi —

Kaya they have a some sort of hatred there na hindi talaga maalis.

Now the only way is to go federalism. Payag na sila. The problem is pumasok ang extremism. It was at first. So that you’d understand everything: a Moro nationalism sa lupa niya, Mindanao. So the advanced civilization a lot of Christians, we outnumbered them pero sila minority and they were reduced to things — just like you. 

The classic example, really is what federalism is all about is dapat ang national government wala ng pakialam except to govern, see to it that everybody is doing their duty and they are governing in accordance with the federal constitution. That’s about it.

Then you pay salaries there, you contribute to the national upkeep to maintain the Office of the President pero the bulk of the money collected should go to your pockets. Dapat talaga, ideally, something like you give 30 or even 25 percent then you retain and you operate your own resources. So i-konekta mo ‘yan dito diretso. There is no need for you to go to the national grid. Or if you decide Bicolanos that we will maintain it, then you can fix the price but  for as long as this is the kind of setup — you know, military type of government was invented by the colonials. So you have one throne there and that is why Manila continues to lord it over us. 

Sila na ‘yung magsabi and even — politician naman tayo lahat. Totoo lang prangka-prangka tayo. Sino ang namimili ng Presidente? Sila. How many people who gather in one room in Malacañang? About four or five and then they select. Ganun ang nangyari over the years, ayaw ko na lang magpangalan kung sino. Pero ganun.

They will foist a candidate, ito kay popular ganun-ganun. God. Tapos pagdating ng araw, walang ginawa p*** kundi mag-corrupt. It’s all corruption. One way of pulling us down is ang talagang pera, nasasaktan talaga ang tao. 

Actually takot lang ano but ‘yung komunista because they injected violence in their campaign. Had they persisted on the lawful mechanics of a democratic society, they could have improved. Sigurado ako. By that si Governor, Congressman Salceda, magkasama kami sa 11th Congress noon eh. Ngayon di mga left eh di tatakbo and they would defer. Kagaya ng socialist party. Kagaya tayo ng British or for that matter, France and other countries. I am sure that by the dimension of a political setup in a society, kaming dalawa ni Congressman Salceda would belong to the socialists. And you have the conservatives, they want to stick to the original and the conservatives really are for just the way they are, maintain the status quo.

And we the socialist, they want radical changes. And the communist…Ang problema nila there was a Partido ng Bayan, I don’t know if Joey was there but I was there and Bebot Bello. Noong pumasok ang hard core sabi ko, ‘kalokohan ito.’ You know, anak kami ng mga mahihirap meron kaming mga dimensions. It’s just an ideology but you cannot impose that…

Kagaya ko, Presidente ako. I have to govern what is correct. The ruckus now between me and yung panel is that they want 130 political prisoners freed. So nag-debate kami ng matagal. Pati ‘yung peace panel, pati si Bebot. Ang sabi ko, ‘No, I will not give it to you. Mauubusan ako ng baraha.’ By the time na merong, we have the grand finale, ay you’ll just give me for the — kasi wala na akong baraha. Parelease-release kayong — Sabi ko, ‘I have considered so much too soon.’ That’s about it.

Now, bring me a document which says that there is a formal agreement under the — sabi ko nga ‘yung good offices ng Norway, guaranteed by the nations giving us the encouragement. Give me a ceasefire agreement. Huwag mong lagyan ng hanggang ano lang. And I will release the 130.  Pero unahin ko ‘yung mga matatanda, iyong may sakit. (applause)

Marami sa kanila ano eh ‘yung 70 years old na NPA. Umalis ka, ito Armalite, sige makipag-away ka diyan, balik ka sa bukid. Walana, mayrayuma na ‘yan, may kidney, palpitation.

Pero ‘yung mga hardcore na mga NPA fighter, kalokohan iyan. Sinabi ko na baka kayo na-ano na left-left. Kasi it’s just a belief. But you have a government here which says that it is the greatest good for the greatest number because if you do not follow that ratio and proportion, kung pareho tabla ang komunista, partido pati ng mga Liberal, mga yellow, sana…Ang tawag kasi sa amin ng yellow sa Bisaya, ice. (laughter) Ganun ba dito? Ganun ba ‘yan? (applause) Dito yelo rin, magbili ka ng yelo. Kaya I really don’t  know how it came to be, ‘yung yellow, natunaw naman so…(laughter)

So you want a setup. I recommend the French style. You must have a strong President. It cannot be a Parliament na where you wait for the cue from the Prime Minister. Look at Britain, noong pumutok the first time ‘yung double decker nila, the Prime Minister had to call the Cabinet because it is a consensual thing there what to do. Ngayon, kung may Presidente ka, he can really address it immediately.

You know what I said a few days ago na Martial Law? I do not need Martial Law. All I need to do is that there is really a lawless violence now going on which is really true — pumunta kayo ng Mindanao. And the drug problem, I’ll talk about it later.

So itong, ganito ang federalism eh. Now, what is governing our relation between the national government and those elected, municipal mayors, governors, congressmen, ang sa autonomy nakalagay diyan mayor, governor, iyong power is ito, one, two, three, four, five. Iyong wala diyan, so what about this thing? Could it be decided by the local units or the national government? If it is not mentioned there this specific powers, it goes to the residual — the residual power goes to the DILG. Ang federalism baligtad. President, ito lang ang power mo. Five great powers: To call an election; to dissolve the Parliament, Commander-in-Chief, iyan. Ang wala diyan hindi sa kanya. Goes down doon sa local unit. Unless you open the Philippines may…Alam mo magprangkahan tayo. 

I am not up to anything anymore. Hindi naman ako makatakbo. Sana just ponder on it, sleep on it. Habang hindi mo buksan lahat for competition because this country is ruled by just a few oligarchs and they own the power.

Kaya ako nagalit doon sa ERC. You know, they fixed the rates of how much we pay. Siguro kaya itong crowd na ito is the wrong crowd. (inaudible) iyong mga tao doon sa labas. The bulk of — pobre lahat iyan. You give me a corrupt commission, you resign. Ayaw mag-resign I will abolish your office. (applause)

I promised you, dito napadaan ako, I passed this place, I was complaining.What was my promise? No corruption. I will destroy drugs and criminality.

Corruption in my Executive department, down to the — masisiguro ninyo ‘yan. One day we will have…Mag-a-adjust lang ako muna. But one day I will enforce the anti-corruption measure. 

Ako sa Davao, I am not trying to pull my chair.Sa Davao, three days, you need electrical connection, electrical connection punt aka doon sa electrician, wala. Tapos hintuan isang buwan na. Tapos pagkatapos sa electrician punta ka naman sa bumbero. Pipirmahan ng ugok pero pabilihan ka ng…

Look. Guys, don’t. I’ve been mayor for…Huwag ninyo na ako bolahin, t**** i**** ‘yan. (applause) I am preparing because gusto ko ‘yung pagpasok ng taon. Departments dito sa akin, NEDA. We have a pending application for a railway simple commuter train. Sabi ko ‘yung simple lang ‘yung sa Taiwan ‘yung una nila. Iyon lang ang kaya natin.

Natapos na lang ako pagka-mayor, wala pang lumabas sa NEDA. Kaya ‘nung nag-Presidente ako, alam nila ‘yan. One month. One month. Kaya si Piñol nagyayabang na at bakit naman niya isauli ang Rolex?

Sabihin mo kay Piñol, ilang Rolex ba ang — how about the others? Siguro mga coming Christmas, isauli ninyo lahat iyan? Ibigay niyo sa akin ipagbili ko ibili ko ng bigas, ipakain ko sa mga tao. (applause)

Pero ako sa Davao, every Christmas sasabihin ko na alam ko madaming magbigay, mayor eh, hindi mo talaga maiwasan ‘yan. Sabi ko, ‘huwag na kayong magbigay sa akin.’

Bigyan niyo ‘ko ng bigas. Kung gusto ninyo magbigay sa akin, bigas. O pagkatapos niyan, ‘o, sige ipakikilala mo doon sa ano.’ ‘Yan. Huwag kayong… Bigas o ulam. Papayag ako sa p***** i** Pilipino na ‘yan. (applause)

Unless you open the essence of the ‘yung, the blossoming of economy is actually competition. Kung may-ari, isa, dalawa, tatlong pamilya lang, p***, it’s a feudal setup.

Why do you think that we have a violent election? Bakit nagpapatayan ‘yung mga leader mo pati leader niya mga tao? Why? Why is it not happening in Japan or America? Because the Philippines is still in the feudal state.

Pagka election, ang anak niya iskolar ni kapitan. Iyong pangalawang asawa niya na inagaw lang niya doon sa secretary niya, tubig, daan, saan napunta? Doon, kapitan, sakit pati kapitan. Kung kontra partido ka wala ka eh. Hindi ka dalhin doon. Pagdating doon sa mayor, ‘leader natin ito ‘no? Sige.’ Ganun sila ‘yung mga — wala sila. 

Iyong Landbank ilang beses ko nang sinabi. Dapat si Joey nandun sa Malacañang eh. Now you are out of grace. Hindi, you’re welcome to join me pag wala…. Wala akong tanong. Wala na ako sa pulitika. I just want the best minds of our time. Hindi ko naman solo— bakit ko solohin ang gobyerno na ito? What do I get?

Ako, meron lang national ano eh— regrets pero tapos na iyon. Pero ‘yung mga Tony Lambino, ‘yan sila Dino, sinabihan ko talaga iyan pati si Dante, kung pabalikin ako ayoko na. Ayoko na talaga. Wala kang ginawa tapos…P*** ang sweldo, kaliit-liit, 130,000 lang pala. Eh dalawa ang pamilya ko. Oo.

Hindi ako magbigay doon nandiyan si Inday Sara nanunutok iyan eh. So yung share ni mama ko? Dito may isa pa.

Kita naman ninyo nung pag-inaugurate ko. Dalawang pamilya, dito ang isa, dito ang isa. Bilib kayo. (laughter) Totoo ‘di ba? Management lang iyan. Silibog. (laughter) 

Bakit tayo magbolahan? Katanda -tanda na ninyo. Hindi mo lang alam ginagawa nila yan dito. Siguro itong linya na ito magsabi ka ng lima meron. (laughter) Hindi lang nila sinasabi ang totoo.

Eh kasi ako wala naman. Saan na magpunta after this? I just want everything that is good for my country. Wala na akong ano. I didn’t have a political party. It was a moribund PDP. Ganun na lang ‘yan. Kasi nanalo, Bebot Alvarez nag-PDP. Actually wala akong makinarya. Wala akong pera. Tama ang desisyon niyo na hindi kayo bumoto kayo sa akin. Wala talaga akong pera. (laughter)

Ating pulitika? Ang sabi nga ni Luchi Cruz-Valdez, ininterbyu nila ako. Anong makapag-change ng isip mo para tumakbo? Iyon yung tao na the most influential sa buhay mo? Nanay mo? Wala na akong nanay. Namatay na. Asawa mo? Ano sino? God. Tapos sabi niya, God, bigyan ka ng pera ano? Pag ako ang pinili ng Diyos, sabihin ko, ‘magkanong pera mo?’ Manalo ba tayo ng eleksyon nito kung…Hindi ito madala ng dasal. Pera muna. Kaya tama kayo, wala naming pera ‘yan. Hindi ko sinasabi na ano. Pero wala akong pera, wala akong makinarya but I won.

So, with the 6 million margin to vote. So anong gawain ko? So I asked my wife, actually, ‘bakit ako nanalo?’

I was in coming from the cold. Hindi naman ako national figure, hindi naman ako ‘yung sabihin mo na anak ng artista — ordinaryo man lang kami pero nanalo ako.

So ano ang ibig sabihin niyan? Nandito ako ngayon sinasabi ko sa inyo: no corruption.

Iyang airport na ‘yan, it will be finished, I assure you, 2 to 3 years. Na wala ng corruption iyan. (applause)

Matatapos talaga ‘yan on time. For those really who want to stop corruption, now is your time kasi back-upan ko kayo. (applause)

If you really want to be strict, you want to expose something, do not be afraid. Sabihin ninyo ‘yan. Ang Pilipino kasi, let’s have a change of paradigm. Ang Pilipino kasi kawawa because hindi tayo assertive eh, lalo na ‘yung taga-bukid, dapat matuto ‘yan sila. 

Sabi ko ‘pag punta ‘yan doon, mahiya pa tapos, magdala, magbigay pa. Kaya sabi ko, ‘iyan ang permit’. Now, in the provinces, dito sa aking department, one month. Noon makita mo ‘yan kahit ilang taon pending, oh, di, sige hingi, sige hingi. Ngayon kung diskumpyado ka, maski sino sa inyo dito, I said I am through with politics, so let us talk straight. 

Meron ka dito empleyado, tapos pinapahirapan ka,  ibigay mo ‘yang papel mo sa akin. Ibigay ko sa mga tao ko, sige kayo ang magpa-ikot niyan, sabihin lang ninyo kung anong kulang. 

Kung talagang mahirapan man kayo, but walang mahirap niyan sa national. Even a whiff of corruption, tatanggalin talaga kita dyan. 

Maski kaibigan tayo dalawa. Iyang lahat ‘yan mga bright yan, baka akala ninyo ganun-ganon lang ‘yan. 

Presidential lawyer ko, with all the sartorial elegance, butas ‘yung pantalon, maraming singsing, mula dito, pero ‘yan ang trip niya eh, at saka bright eh, marunong maghanap-buhay.

Nagtaka lang ako minsan, doon sa Lyceum, Honoris Causa ako. P*** ng dumating doon naka-leather pants, leather jacket. Sabi ko, ‘ano ka man Sal?’  Sabi niya lang, well, there are people really who do not perspire. Ako ang may hyperhidrosis. May hyperhidrosis ako. Kaya I sweat a lot. Pero ‘yan ang ano natin. 

Now, let us talk about the framework later. Let us just agree for now kasi ‘yung iba magsabi we follow the Parliamentary, it’s the pure system of Britain. Eh, ayaw ko naman ‘yan because it’s a collegial ano eh… In times of emergency, catastrophe, calamity, you cannot be discussing there because it’s one na sabihin mo Cabinet. 

In case of rebellion, suppression, whatever, you need somebody who would and that would be the President. Pero limitado ang power niya, hanggang diyan lang siya. 

So practically, parang dekorasyon siya diyan. And it is run by… The government is run by the Cabinet, ‘yun lang.

Hindi na masyado tayo kung what type because we have plenty to chose from, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Britain and even Russian Federation. 

Ang problema kasi let us agree that this cannot go on. That there has to be a competition. Problem is there is a Constitutional 60-40. So, takot sila. Ang ayaw ko lang sabi ko, this I cannot — non-negotiable sa akin ‘yan, selling of lands. Ayaw ko talaga and I will resist it. Why? Masyadong mahirap tayo ngayon. We are poor. 

You allow the selling of lands? China has trillions, may utang pa nga mga Amerikano. If they convert it into something — ubos ang Pilipinas. I have nothing against China but I’m just saying that China is rich and it can gobble up a lot of territory. 

It’s not about an issue of sovereignty now, but I simply cannot imagine a situation where a Filipino would be building a house of a — on a land that is owned by somebody else, foreigner.

Hindi ko matanggap ‘yan. I cannot…I cannot even think of it as right. But we have to go federal at saka ‘yang autonomy must be given, sino ang papasukin mo? You want to improve your grid? Papasukin mo ang China maski Japan, bukas maganda na.

You’ll have all the energy that you want. How can we progress kung ganung kontrolado tayo? It’s a unitary type, system, invented by the Spaniards. 

Eh pag-control niyan, eh, parang hari man talaga ‘yan. Then the Americans adopted really, I really do not know… Itong Amerikano came from a country which is a federal system. Bakit nila hindi ibinigay? 

And our history is replete with the writings of Rizal, Mabini and they are really for federalismo. Bakit hanggang ngayon we are stuck with it? 

Ang Presidente… Ang Presidente pa ang mag-appoint sa LTFRB mo. By the way ang LTFRB, I fired 92. Basta ‘yang regulatory, that’s what I do not like about regulations. Kung anu-anong, pahirapan eh, pahirapan. 

So, ngayon I placed somebody there that — General Galvante is there. Alam mo bakit kinuha ko ‘yan sa LTO? Naging RD ‘yan sa Davao, sa Mindanao, Region 11, pero hindi tumatawa ‘yan pati sa akin, mayor ako, ha. 

Kaya ‘nung naisip ko, sino bang naisip kong tao na, kung babae pa eh bitch ba, ah Galvante. Kung hindi ko siya nakilala, it happened at one time, ganun ‘yan.

Now, may I, I cannot… I have to go back to Davao. I am going to Davao, I am going home. Let me just…Para magkaintindihan tayong lahat. The issue here is my country. You start to f*** with my country, talagang away tayo.

Itong droga. Noon sabi ni Santiago, we have three million addicts, and that was two or three years ago. 

Sa panahon ko nakita ko. 

When I was mayor, talagang istrikto ako. I even coming up with the statement: ‘You know, if you destroy my country, I will kill you. If you deprive us of the next generation, I will kill you.’ 

When I became President, same: ‘Do not destroy my country because I will really kill you. Do not destroy our sons and daughters, mess up with their lives, because I will kill you.’

That statement will apply until the end of my term, to the last day. (applause) Alam mo bakit? That is not just a matter of NPA, rebellion, away dito, sporadic and intermittent. This is a constant God– and ‘yung akin, hindi ko binilang ‘yung akin. I am waiting for the years and report, and I am very sure that I would have breached the four million mark.

Place it at four million addicts. You are waging a war against my country. You are destroying the most precious thing — ang mga anak naming. Paaralin mo, mangutang ka pa kagaya noon ako nagtra-trabaho mag-GSIS loan ka pa.

Tapos pagkatapos niyan bigyan mo lang ng shabu and it has reached a staggering, horrifying number of four million. And then you start by saying na, ‘you know human rights may 3,000, 4,000 namatay diyan’. 

How sure are you na kami? Remember, Philippines that I named several generals in the PNP. Hindi ba ninyo nakuha iyan? And even before I was sworn to being the President of this country, marami nang patayan.

How could I give the order when I was not yet the Pre…? You review your reports. Nag-umpisa na sila. And when I came there because of itong natunaw na. 

Ganito ‘yan eh. Iyang sa demonstration, wala akong away kay Leni. I dont want to pick a fight with a lady. Pero ‘yang demonstration diyan ng mga yellow, ang target niyan ako, to oust me. 

Pero ‘yang mga left diyan sumasali hindi ‘yan — they will never allow me to go down. Mga kasama namin ‘yan. Iyong  iba mga tao ni Salceda noon nagbabaan na. Sige, mag-bolahan pa tayo dito. Iyong mga left, they would never…Iyang left nga ang ano ko diyan eh. 

Pero ‘yung yellow, you wait for time, tapus na eh. Well, I’m trying my best to put things in order. And what is the…Ganito ‘yan eh.

Ako pati ‘yan mga pare. You follow the rule of law. I will ask you now, what is the role “e”, ay hindi “o”, “R-O-L-E”. Madaling sabihin, there’s a rule of law, ganun-ganun. But can we cope up? 

[Nasan ‘yung aide ko?] Kunin mo nga ‘yung record ko na ano. O sige, nandito man tayo lahat. Pagandahan na lang tayo ng aide. Sige daw bi. (laughter) Kayong mga governor, sige nga bi. (laughter)

Ayan si Loot, p****** i**** general na ‘yan. Lecheng tao ‘to. This is the drug industry of the Philippines. [shows the ‘narco list’] Tapos you keep harping me na violation, violation. Mayors, governors, police, barangay captains.

We are a narco-politics state. With the election ‘yung superstar. Iyong asawa ni Samson. (laughter) Totoo ‘yan nakita naman ninyo what was unfolding. Testigo na lahat.

Kaya ako galit. Sabi ko sa even justices, ‘do not…’ My country is in the verge of a failed state. Kasi itong mga ito nasa gobyerno ngayon kaya ayaw kong pumayag na mag-eleksyon ng barangay captain because itong mga animal na ito will win because they have the money.

May representative pa dito o, pati mayor, kung mabasa mo sa…Pero ibinigay ko na ito kay Speaker Alvarez and the Senate President. Sinabi ko, ‘hindi ko ito kaya.’

Even you give me an authority to kill, I would run out of bullets and time to kill all of them. So, actually with this number spread all over the Philippines including dito sa inyo, you are waging a war against my country. 

And my orders to the police and the military: Go out and hunt for them. Arrest them if possible. But if they resist violently and you feel that your life is in danger or the (inaudible) or whatever, kill them, kill them.

So ‘nung sinabi ko ngayon, wala akong pakialam diyan sa International Criminal Court. Wala akong pakialam sa inyo. Dalhin ako sa criminal court. So be it.

And if I am tried and send to prison, I will rot in prison. Walang problema matanda na ako. Pero I have to do something. Whether I am right or wrong, legal or not that will be a proper case of history.

But I will not allow my country to go to the dogs. As I see it now, it is really…You are waging a war against my people. 

I have to do it because I have to preserve the Filipino, the next generation.  (applause) Marami na masyado ‘yung four million. It’s a matter of sampu dito sa Bicol, 20 sa — okay na. Four million sa…Wala nga tayong…Alam mo ganito ‘yan eh, I was condemned and I am being condemned still na sana huwag mo na lang pinatay, i-rehab mo na lang. Anak, four million po.

You know very well that I came in to the presidency midterm. I am operating now on a budget that was prepared by Aquino, the previous year because the budget next year is being prepared. Hindi ito akin. Eh midterm ako sa year na ito, pumasok ako, alam mo naman na bottoms up. Ang naiwan sa akin para na lang sa MOOE, operating expenses na lang ako. Hindi man alam ni Aquino na pero pa lang… When I declared lahat mayor, p****** i**, patayin ko talaga kayo.

At papatayin ko talaga kayo. At sabi ko police, umuwi kayo sa mother unit ninyo; Army, umuwi kayo, umalis kayo diyan. Eh di naglabasan pumunta ng Crame.

Tapos bobolahin mo ako, ‘Mayor, hindi totoo ‘yan.’ Then kung malaman ko you are still at it. Naghahanap ka talaga ng kamatayan mo. Pati sabi ko nga eh if you want to talk to me? Simple lang ako na tao. Sinungaling rin ako but you know when you talk about government and about public interest just tell me the truth.

Kung gusto mong magpatulong, tulungan kita. If it is forgivable, huwag mo akong bolahin. Bobolahin mo ako ginagawa mo akong g***. Ipapatay talaga kita. Ay na—Ganun ang.

So lahat kayo kung may kilala kayo, stop. Kasi talagang my orders to the police and military, destroy the apparatus of the shabu industry. Destroy. When you destroy, not only the laboratory, including the people there. Para wala tayong. You want to file a case against me? Go ahead, walang problema. I go to prison? Fine. Sabi ko, so be it. 

Basta sa panahon ko, hindi talaga ako papayag.  I would not, you know, leave a legacy, ‘let it be known that during his time, everybody went crazy and I did nothing.’ Hindi ko ano iyan. Hindi ko istilo iyan. Hindi ko tanggap ‘yan.

So iyan ang warning ko. It’s being televised, lahat iyan. Magla-live tayo. O sige, maski saan ako, pasunod-sunod ‘yang mga iyan.  Wala ng ginawa kundi maghanap na mali. Hindi yung mga nakikinig. Hindi trabaho nila iyan. Nagbibiro lang ako. (Laughter).Federalism and the problem of drugs. So nagkakaintindihan na tayo. Oust me. 

Noong nanalo ako, I ‘ll end my speech with this. Destiny. Nanalo ako wala akong pera. Kaya ako natalo dito kasi wala akong peraeh. Wala akong makinarya but nanalo ako. 

So sabi ko sa asawa ko, bakit nanalo ako? Sabi niya, asawa ko, your destiny. So bakit ako nilagay dito ng Panginoong Diyos? I have to do something about it. Now I really, truly, honestly state na kung hindi ako naging Presidente, lulubog talaga kayo. Lulubog itong bayan, maniwala ka. Kaya nila? Kaya nila ‘yan?

Terrorismo ‘yung akin kaya baligtad lang. I am really terrorizing the— Pagka drug lord ka talaga, to the last day of my term, kaya nga, mawala na talaga ito. Kasi it’s 4 million and it’s a huge — hindi lang ninyo alam  napakabigat ng problema 4 million. Mabuti na lang mga Instik nagbigay. 

You know in China, punta siya dito, ‘yung philanthropist. ‘I’ll help you.’ Pumunta sila doon sa, sabi ko sa military, you open the military. Eh wala tayong ibang lupa eh. Ang malalaking reservation military. Sabi ko, you open your camp and allow them to build the — In two months time, tinignan nila yung lugar. In two months’ time nakita ninyo sa TV, tapos.

See how efficient and how — Ayaw ba ninyo nag anon ang Pilipino? Ngayon kung yung next generation puro bugok na, kasi pinakain mo na ng droga.

Ganito na lang. I will end by saying this: Who gave you the right in this universe? By what power do you have to destroy my son? Anong kasalanan ko? Huwag na yung lolo diyan. Anong kasalanan ko sa iyo? 

Na Ang anak kong babae, narape dahil diyan sa mga durugista. Why do you have to create a monster against your own fellow human being. Eh ako hindi ako. Pu***** ina ka. Talagang hihiritan kita. Huwag mong gawain sa akin, do not f*** with me. Hindi ako matapang. Pero marami na rin akong na…. Mayor ako noon eh.

Kaya…now ask me what is the growth rate of Davao? I’ll give you. The highest, nine. P***. Tumama kami ng nine.  So tingnan, punta kayo ng Davao. From a backward city in Mindanao, tingnan niyo,  it’s clean, you can move around. Because I take it personally noong mayor ako. Pag nagka ganoon ka dito. Sinabi ko huwag ninyong gawain iyan. 

So noong Presidente ako. What is my statement? Same. I am just protecting… Self-preservation iyan eh. 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 addicts. But 4 million looking for the…. Kaya sabi ko sa mga drug addict, pati na yung nagpapabili diyan. Huwag ko kayong makita naglalakad sa daan. Dadamputin ko kayo. Ayan para makinig na lahat ng buong Pilipinas. 

In every city, huwag kayong mag-ano sa kanto. Sa mga tao, bata, estudyante. Ayaw ng. Huwag dito tayo dumaan. So. Huwag diyan. Huwag diyan. Kasi nandiyan ‘yung mga istambay. Kaya ang gawain ninyo ngayon. S***. Ginusto ninyo ang mga iyan. I know you’ll have a monkey.  Magma-monkey ka talaga niyan. Ganun.

So ginusto ninyo iyan. Kung walang supply, kumain na lang kayo ng asin. Ubusin ninyo. I’ll pray that your kidney will fail on time. Huwag talaga makita ko kayo sa kanto, nagshabu na, pag nadampot ko kayo. Ngayon, pagdating ng ano niyan, eh sinabi mo man sa Bicol, ganun-ganun. Eh p****** ina, istorya mo lang iyan. Maniwala ka pala. 

Of course, ganoon isagot ko sa iyo. It’s just a story. Better believe it. Because I said, this is something which is — Bayan ko ‘to eh. Maski ganito lang ako taga-Mindanao, tatay ko Cebuano. Bayan ko ‘to. Huwag kang gumawa ng…. sisirain mo pati… sisirain talaga kita.

So kayo pasok kayo sa bahay, Mag-lock kayo sa kwarto. Huwag kayong paistambay-istambay diyan sa labas, maghingi ng pera ganoon. Pagka nadampot ko kayo, i-deliver ko kayo dun kay, sa asawa Samson. Bahala siya. Siya man ang —

Maraming salamat po.