Speech of President Rodrigo Duterte during the Oath Taking of the People’s National Movement to Federalism Advocacy
Reception Hall, Malacañan Palace
12 December 2016
Kindly sit down and thank you.

Mr. Dante Liban, the PENAMFED President; the officers, directors, and advisers of the People’s National Movement to Federalism Advocacy; my fellow workers in government; my beloved countrymen.

Actually, it is only not me, but every great mind of this country, were really for or are for our federalism. Beginning from Jose Rizal, the national hero himself.

Why? Because he was there at the time when this Republic was being ruled by imperialists. And the system adopted was unitary. Imperial Manila and all of the decisions that would affect our country, emanate from this building.

Now, unitary type is really a process, a mode of control in governance. Para sa mga authoritarians and mga kings, mga royalty. That is why during the Spanish times, they were ordered to the, whoever is the governor general, but then it took his orders, how to run this country from the Spaniards, the King Philip.

Tayo ‘yung surrogate, a lackey of the Spaniards at that time. And sila Rizal, alam nila that they had to stop this kind of line of authority. There was no freedom at all except coming from one person.

When the Americans came into the picture, because the Philippines was ceded by the Americans, to the Americans by the Spaniards because they lost the war.

Iyang Dewey Boulevard na ‘yan, he was the commander of the Navy, talagang they maintained it. As a matter of fact, until they gave us the independence in the 1946, and those guys came from a federal system of government in the United States. Bakit nila hindi ibinigay?

Well, two reasons, because they wanted the Philippines to still remain a surrogate, a lackey. And you can notice it by the provisions of the Constitution at that time when they gave us the independence because they perpetuated the power in the Parity rights, that they will enjoy like a Filipinos, to exploit and develop the natural resources.

That’s about it. Then that is the control of the country economics. No need for… Because a rebellion would be there always. And to do away with it, was really to just give it, I mean, the physical power of the gun and of the Armed Forces kuno but that they retained the colonial hold. And that they maintained the — itong unitary type.

Alam mo ba na, tatayo tayo. Magka-prankahan tayo, huwag na tayo magbolahan. Ang presidente ng Pilipinas, dito lang ginagawa sa mga — sa isa sa mga kwarto dito.

Sila-sila lang ‘yung iilan mga, mga big-time, mga negosyante, those who can finance the election and those really who have the money to give away at at saka sige, ito ang ano…‘Yan, sila-sila ‘yan.

Never mind about the party actually. Those parties are just mere physical platforms na titindigan nila. It’s not… There’s no ideology involve in that party.

And for that matter, ang PDP lang ang merong horizons na ganon. And the… Iyong mga originals ng PDP really push for a federal system because the country was in control of the elite, mga oligarchs dito.

Iyan talaga ang totoo. Sila-sila lang ‘yan and one of them would emerge as the choice. Iilan lang tao, iilang pamilya lang. You trace the Philippine history. Look at the genealogy of the…Sila-sila lang.

And because he is popular, ‘okay ito kasi anak ito ng…’ And pati ‘yung sa Senate slate, puro dito. Kung hindi ka malapit dito, pagkasabi ito, ipinu-push ni ano kasi bilyonaryo ito.

Ako, I’ll make it public. I never accepted. You can ask the Megaworld and Tan there. I never accepted their financial ano…Ayaw ko kasing matalian. It’s public o, nandiyan ‘yung ano, but sorry. It’s part of the — part of the territory now sa pinag-usapan natin.

Wala talaga ako… I said I won’t do that. So when I became President, iilan lang kayo nag-suporta sa akin. That’s why ngayong Presidente ako, I just had two governors, Imee, because talagang magkakilala na kami niyan and another lady in Mindanao who supported me.

And the only reason also because love. Love for fellowmen. Iyon lang. Wala ng iba. So wala akong… Wala akong bagahe. I can shit anyone that I like and I can talk of anything.

Wala akong pabor pabor kasi wala akong utang na loob. Wala akong…Kaya ako, gusto kong malaman ng Pilipinas na for as long as this country, there is no politics involved here and for as long as itong mga taga-Maynila ang mag-suporta… Ito kandidato ito ni ano, may pera ‘to. So ganon.

Without really, kasi I do not want to offend anybody but that is true. It’s about time that we take a deep look at federalism. Iyan nga ang gusto ni Rizal eh.

Akala ko ba naniniwala tayo kay Rizal? He’s the foremost hero and everybody else and even Aguinaldo at one time he said that this country has to change into something like empowerment of the other places of the Philippines, otherwise we would not be able to control it.

Look at Mindanao now. Before the Spaniards came, Mindanao was already Islam ahead of 100 years. That is why with the arrival of Spain, they tried to conquer Mindanao but they were only able to put up one outpost there, Fort Pilar. And that was it.

But they never conquered the entrails of Mindanao. So when the Americans came in with brute force. Akala nila, the massacre here, massacre there.

Now, let me be very frank with you. And you will remember me, kung wala na ako at magulo pa rin ang Pilipinas.

There can never be peace in this land, especially Mindanao, if you do not come…Short of a federal setup, ayaw talaga ng mga Moro because kanila ‘yung lupa at wala silang power because it’s being controlled by the Christians.

Also karamihan ‘yan, kung hindi mayaman sa negosyo, mayaman sa shabu. Iyan ang problema natin ngayon.

So hindi mo talaga ma-appease ang bayan. We will pass this on to the next generation. The last card that’s available is federalism.

If it will appease, baka sakali. Because they are all agreed now na wala naman ‘yung historical hold nila.

Actually, what is happening in Mindanao, let me very clear to you, it’s not about rebellion, it’s the Moro nationalism. Sila ‘yung original diyan eh. So ‘yung revolt nila is actually about their land.

The disposition of the land or at the very least, marami ang nawala sa kanila. And they were divided into several provinces. It was perfected by the Americans. Not the Spaniards. Ang Spaniards noon, isa lang ano. Even during the time, it’s a department of Mindanao, ‘yun lang.

Now, wala talagang… And it will continue to be an iniquitous, unequal. Kasi kung sino lang ang malakas, you can tell by the projects of those who are a favored few.

And look at ‘yung iba naman. Mabuti ‘yung binigyan. So I salute them, Pero ‘yung nabigyan… Sa kampanya ko, may airport nakita two meters lang. There are provinces, island provinces, if you look at the DPWH record, criss-cross na ang highway diyan. I’ve been there several times. Anak ng…Isa lang ang highway. But sa mapa, wala na. It’s all super highways.

Kaya they remain poor because there is this elite also. Kung sino lang ang tigas, may baril, siya ‘yung, will prevail.

So you know, this thing about… Bakit? ‘Yung iba naman, sinuportahan kasi dito. They supported warlords. Magdala ng election sa kanilang resulta, zero ang kalaban. Those are the injustice of a unitary type.

Ngayon kung ibigay mo ‘yan sa kanila, including the natural resources, whatever is there. Magbayad ka lang for the national upkeep ng pagbayad lang sa suga and everything.

Ang ano kasi, the most striking difference is that, unitary type is president, vice pre—Mayor, ako na lang. Mayor, ‘yan ang powers mo. ‘Yung hindi na-mention diyan, the residual powers go back to the DILG or to the President.

Ang federal type is nandiyan. Ito powers mo. But very limited. ‘Yan ang power ng governor or whatever. Tapos ‘yung wala diyan, hindi ibabalik doon, pupunta ‘yun sa ibaba.

Iyang ganon, mga Cabinet members, hanggang diyan lang kayo parliament. But you do not have really the awesome powers of the executive department because it is reserved for the election of the locals.
But then, sabi ko sa inyo, unless we break this monopoly and money and guns. Wala. We will remain in the rot of things.

But if you have the will…Ako ito ang promise ko sa inyo and to the politicians. Kasi ang iba, napaka-corny naman. Diktador ganon. Look, wala akong ilusyon sa power. ‘Yung ganon na, he’s preparing for a long rule. Shut up kayo.

Ako, if you can perfect a structure setup and you submit it to Congress and call for an election of a federal system and you provide a president there that it is really strong to keep hold of our country, once the product is there, hindi ko na hintayin ang election, I will step down. If you can craft it in two years, I will step down. You have my word. P**** i**, delicadeza na lang. Count me out.

If you can perfect it within three years, fine go ahead. Wala na ako. So kayong mga diyan ano, worrying about perpetuation of power, you’re wasting your saliva. I said I do not have the illusions of staying here forever.

As a matter of fact, if I go back in time, ayaw ko na. Huwag na kayo sana mainsulto but ayaw ko na. Because of the job na, mabigat na trabaho.

I will be out here by 2 o’clock in the morning, 3 o’clock. We have a meeting with National Security Council. Iniwan ko sila.

Then I wake up, sinasabi ko ‘yan. Alas-dose gisingin na ako ng mga security to dress up, Come here, stay until two, three o’clock in the morning, then I go to sleep.

But before I can sleep, the papers are there. Puno ‘yan. Folder ng Defense, folder ng Foreign Affairs, folder ng Trade, folder ng… then I have to check.

Sabihin ko, lagyan mo ng mga annotations diyan. The proposed draft, the rationale why we should have this and this. Pagod. Tapos maliit ang sweldo. [laughter] Totoo. 130. Tapos dalawa ang pamilya ko. Paano na lang ‘yan?

Hindi totoo. Wala akong ano diyan. Basta, gawin ninyo ‘yang federalism. At sabi ko, wala ng ibang solution dito. Because of the iniquitous equation diyan.

Kung sino lang ‘yung malapit na pinaka-malapit na, lalo na ‘yung probinsya, nagbigay ng pinaka-malaking boto, ‘yung doon buhusan.

It’s not a number of…It’s not the number of votes that you got. Kaya sabi dito sa akin is… Sabi ko kay Secretary Diokno, silang lahat, whether I won in this place or not, lahat pare-pareho tayo. It’s really ‘yung iba na, you favor one and one politician because he can deliver the votes. And then you get to get him all concessions pati ‘yung mga illegal na.

So, ‘pag hindi nag-trabaho itong, hindi umubra itong federalism, forget about happiness in the Philippines. Forget about an ideal state.

We just have to remain and enjoy what we have here. ‘Pag hindi ito na-push, ako taga-Mindanao, hindi ’to lumusot, hindi ito lulusot kailanman. I guarantee you.

‘Pag hindi ito lumusot diyan, wala na ‘yan. And even the Moro, kung hindi ako makalusot nanggaling ako. I mean, I have a Moro blood in me. ‘Pag hindi na, hindi kayo pumayag ng mapayapang paraan, you will never get a — from any other president for that matter.

Wala na. Hindi ninyo makukuha ‘yan. So now is our chance. Ilang buwan pa lang but next year, there has to be an acceleration on all of the things.

I want it done in three years. And on the third year, you are able to consolidate all that we want for the Filipinos and for our country, I will go. I will resign and give way.

Tutal, alam ko naman siguro ‘yung magiging Presidente ulit. Pero kung every election, dito lang, tapos sila lang ang nandito ‘yung Cabinet, sige, bottoms up. Patay. Tapos ‘yung ibang probinsiya wala.

You know, may underspending all the years. Towards an election’s year, may underspending ‘yan. Bakit hindi nabubuhusan itong pera, may pera ito?

But pagdating ng election, ibuhos. That is how it’s being done. But if you enjoy, my countrymen, if you enjoy this kind of setup, fine.

But may mga tao, kagaya nito ngayon, they are the exponents of federalism, hindi nila masikmura ‘yan, because they are the thinking Filipinos and out there, for those who do not agree, I don’t know if you have the IQ of 14 to see na ganito na nga ang sitwasyon natin.

Now, I promise the country when I ran that there will be no corruption. So there will be no corruption.

I just fired 92 of them. Mga LTFRB pati ‘yung LTO. Ubos. Diyan sa Regulatory. That’s why I want the least intervention of government. ‘Pag kasi nakikialam ang gobyerno, karamihan niyan, with all the good intention, parati ‘yan pera.

Kaya noon, take you about several months to act on the papers. My order now is one month for every department. And the local governments, ‘yang business permit, electrical connections, pati ‘yung bumbero, I call your attention.

Kasi mag-building ka, may electrical permit. Bago lalabas ‘yan sa fire department, pabilhan ka muna ng fire extinguisher. Hay nako, ipakain ko sa iyo ‘yan.

Ganun eh. You sit on the papers and they go back and forth. So I just have to formulate rules there whether you are a local government or not na ganun ang… Because if I allow your practices to continue, nothing will come out of my promise about graft and corruption.

Pati ako idadamay mo sa kalokohan mo diyan. So I want it really complete and be heard by everybody that when it means to walang corruption, talagang walang corruption.

Especially ‘yung mga Register of Deeds, wala sa opisina. You are paid by the government good for eight hours of work. Pagkatapos ng lunch magpasyal- pasyal kayo, you are shortchanging government which is actually estafa. You swindle us. I pay you for the eight hours or work and you are not there. So who are you?

Eh ‘di estapador ka. So I want everybody there, ‘pag ka ‘yang absence ninyo ng ano… I will not give you a warning na one, two, three na ano, first offense, second offense kalokohan ‘yan. I’ll ask you to resign. I will ask the Civil Service to act on it also immediately or the Ombudsman for that matter.

Kasi ako nademanda ako ni Matobato pati kaming lahat ng g***, t****** i**. Alam mo Matobato ang galit talaga sa iyo ‘yung anak kong mayor. Huwag na sanang magalit ‘yung buwang kasi sabi niya from Kindergarten to high school siya daw ang bantay ni — ‘yung Vice Mayor ngayon, sa Ateneo de Davao.

Hindi man ‘yan nag-graduate ng Ateneo de Davao, hindi man nakapag-aral ng Ateneo ‘yan. Nalaman ng PWC. Graduate ka pala ng eskwelahan ng mga babae. Galit na galit ako.

The Ombudsman is ready fine investigate us. And if you think that there is something wrong there mete our the proper penalty. Pero ilahat mo, ma’am, kasi we are really in a bind.

Now sa droga, you know, ayaw kong pumatay. I do not enjoy looking and seeing Filipinos there sprawled in blood. G*** ka kung ginusto mo ‘yan para sa tao mo. Now, if these were only a problem of drugs, 10,000, 20,000, pwede pa akong…Now, I can even be courteous to everybody, and say, we’ll just try to — then rehab.

But ang figure ni General Santiago, who is here. When he was in PDEA he pegged it about three million, sir, two? Mga…Peg mo was about three million. Sabi niya, there are three million addicts in this country. Ngayon, ‘yung sa term ko hindi ko pa nilabas but I am already nearing…I will breach the million mark. It’s about four million drug addicts. That is really the existence of the country.

Sabi ko nga naman eh basta may deperensiya lang konti, okay ako, huwag lang ‘yung bayan. Because i-compromise mo ang bayan, magpatayan talaga tayo. And anything but droga o ano. I will not allow my country to go to the dogs.

Mahirap iyan. Eh ako ang nandito ngayon. Tingnan mo naman doon. And even before I was campaigning, I was already mouthing that if you are a general involved in drugs, you better resign because I will name you publicly. And I did not fail you.

I really fired about seven generals. Now, even before I took my oath of office, there was already a lot of killings what do you think was really happening? Who was doing the cleaning, we? They have the power. They are already cleansing their — to prevent…I was…I called them about a month after.

This is the strategy. So a third of those really died, died in the encounter with the police. At aminin naming, and we give proof.

Bakit takutin natin ‘yan? I said, go out and hunt for them. Arrest them if possible. But if they resist arrest and offer a violent resistance, kill them. So what’s wrong with that? And in Davao, when I was mayor, I said if you are a drug pusher, if you are a drug lord, go out of Davao because mamamatay kayo. So what’s wrong with that?

And we said, dito, when I was already President, if you destroy my country, I will simply kill you. And if you deprive us of our generation of our young, dito sa Pilipinas, talagang hihiritan kita. What’s wrong with that?

Human rights? Blah blah blah. Hayaan mo ba. I will answer for that. Basta sabi ko sa pulis pati military. Do not do anything that is illegal. If you have to work, work well. At protektahan ko kayo. Na ‘yung sa Jolo, may insinuation ito si, ‘yung asawa ni Samson. Anong pangalan niya? Basta ‘yung asawa ni Samson. ‘Yung gumanon sa poste. [laughter] Insinuation.

Ako natuloy ang, biggest drug protector ng kanyang korona man ‘yan. Huwag niyang ibigay sa akin. G***, halimaw talaga.

Akin ‘yon. I assure you, walang, walang… May plano ako doon. Akin ‘yon. Totoo ‘yan. As Commander-in-Chief, I can… Wala akong agenda diyan sa drugs. Pinapatay ko nga kayong mga p***** i** kayo eh. Huwag kayong magkamali diyan. Akin ‘yon.

May laro doon na gusto kong tingnan. Gusto—Sabi ko mapuputol ‘yan. And do not do it because pati ‘yung ibang pulis ma-discourage na.

Do you know the reason why in the past…Alam ninyo ‘to. Bakit walang namamatay na— Bakit umabot ng four million ‘yan? Hinayaan.

And the police, ayaw gumalaw. Kasi ‘pag galaw ang police, magtanong ka ng police, tanong ka ng abugado ng pulis, ‘pag idinemanda mo, magka-counter. ‘Pag mag-counter ‘yan, wala silang abugado. And if the case is already filed in court, suspended ‘yan, pati sweldo. Wala ng pagkain.

Kaya ang pulis takot talaga. Magtanong ka ng pulis. Ano kinatakutan ninyo? Kaso. Kasi left and right ang suspension. Eh dito sa aking panahon, wala.

Basta mag-trabaho ka lang. Well, of course, pwede ka hold-upper. Kasali ka doon sa listahan. Eh talagang…Ano kong pulis-pulisan diyan.

Isali kita diyan sa…May warning talaga ako. Huwag kayong pumasok diyan. Pasok kayo droga, yayariin ko kayo. Pero kung nagta-trabaho, ang pinaka-takutan.

Ngayon, naging mayor ako, sabi ko mag-trabaho kayo. Eh lahat naman talaga ng — paranoia ‘yan eh.

You must have encountered one or two or three drug addicts. May paranoia, may baril talaga ‘yan. May kutsilyo, may kutsilyo at the most. Lalaban ‘yan. That’s the reason why, magpasyal ka ngayon. Ewan ko kung may mga addicts pa.

But kokonti na lang kasi sinabi ko, hoy kayong mga — huwag kayong paistambay-istambay diyan sa kanto, sa daan. Kung drug addict ka, confirmed ka, you go out…I mean, do not go out, stay inside your room and lock yourself. Iyan ang payo ko sa pamilya.

Pag makita ko ‘yan sa labas, dadamputin ko ‘yan. Eh nakikiusap ako ayaw ninyo maniwala. Ngayon, barasuhan eh di sige. Ngayon, at least the Filipino has recovered his right to use the streets lighted or not lighted. He must be able to ride in a bus safely with or without a police there.

Iyan ang gusto nating lahat at iyan ang mangyayari. Believe me. We are better off just obeying the law. Hindi ako. Iyong lahat ng mga pinag — lumabalas sa bunganga ko there is a basis for them.

Ibalik ninyo iyan. Huwag kayong diyan sa kanto-kanto, maghintay kayo kasi talagang maggagawa ako ng rehab. Now, I am releasing one billion para sa — in the meantime that you are waiting for rehab, you go to these health o mga district hospitals or district health…I gave it to Taguiwalo, ‘yung sa DSWD. I am comfortable with them with any amounts. Sabi ko, ibinigay ko na kaagad sa kanya na bilhin mo ‘yung mga medisina ng mga drug addicts. May mga tranquilizer iyan, diyan na lang kayo sa bahay ninyo muna magpa-rehab. Huwag kayong magwala diyan sa daan kasi bantayan ko talaga.

I will be…Sabihin ko talaga sa pulis, if you cannot maintain law and order ‘yung sa assignment mo diyan, umalis ka. Ilalagay kita diyan sa Jolo. Marami na akong inilagay sa Jolo, sa totoo. What about four of national officials? Nandoon na Jolo ngayon. Ewan ko kung buhay pa ang mga animal.

Eh corruption. Pati iyang pulis. Sigurado ka Basilan or…Do not…Eh gusto ninyo ng..O kayong mga Pilipino maniwala tayo sa batas ha. Ayaw ninyo ng ganun eh o di sipa pati…Mahirap kasi bayan ko ‘to. Maski na ganito lang ako, galing lang akong Mindanao para kaming mga ano doon, bayan ko pa rin ito because my father is a Cebuano.

Although I have not lived in Cebu not even for once. But this is my country and I love it. It’s either we’ll make it a country that really ours. And we all behave to give the Filipino a chance to live in peace or away tayo. And I am ready for it.

I am ready for impeachment go for it. Wala akong ano diyan. Kung ousted ako okay lang. But let it not be said na sa panahon ko hindi ginawa ang trabaho ko. That’s all there is to me.

I will be impeached, I will be ousted, fine. But sabihin ko magkaintindihan na lang tayo, sa panahon ko ginawa ko talaga ang lahat ng magawa ko to stop corruption, lalo na corruption.

We are like of planes or we…Eroplano tayo na running full speed sa runway towards nearing the end of the runway and yet there is no lift kasi because of corruption. We could have done better in the — all days passed. Mas maka-ano pa tayo but kasi ‘yung corruption. Ayaw ko talaga ‘yung corruption. So may mga kaibigan ako na nandiyan and I am beginning to, sorry na lang.

Iyong nabigyan ko diyan sa ano do not ever think that that is a license just because we won. We won because we promised the people how to behave. If you cannot behave then I am really sorry for you. Our friendship is not meant to be that way. Tamang ano lang — tamang diskarte.

Criminality ganun rin. Ako basta isauli ko talaga ang law and order sa daan. Whether you like it or not. Talagang pipilitin ko. Ngayon, pagka-pinilit ko nandiyan ka pa rin, ginusto mo na talaga ang mangyari sa iyo.

Droga, maraming patayan daw may salvaging, extrajudicial. Gusto ninyong mahinto ito? O simple hinto kayo lahat mga durugista pa kayo. Stop it and there will be a very peaceful New Year, Christmas. Huminto lang kayo. ‘Pag huminto kayo wala ka namang madinig na reaksyon sa amin. Stop. Stop it.

Kayong mga critics, you are better off going into the neighborhoods and finding out kung sino ang nandiyan, pati mga pari sa mga ano ninyo, spend time with the people, go out who are really affected. Then you are better off giving them the advice of how to seek treatment and ano.

Walang pera? Wala akong rehab ngayon except aside from the Chinese guy who built as a ten — good for 10,000 facility. May God bless his soul. Talagang mabait.

Wala ako niyan eh. Remember that pumasok ako dito midterm, bottoms up nga sila eh. Operating expenses lang ako. Next year meron na ako sa budget. Ang sabi, ‘bakit patayin ni Duterte, ganun, hindi na lang i-rehab?’ T****** i** hindi mo lang alam na wala na akong mapasukan. Gusto mo pati ‘yung tulong na lang ako ‘yung bahay ninyo, mag-reserba kayo ng ano… Iyong mga mayaman, mga mansion, mga apat, lima, anim ang kwarto, eh di ibigay ninyo ‘yung isa. Adopt an addict and see what happens. [laughter]

So that was my advice. Kulang ako kasi wala akong pera I said I entered midterm, I am operating in a budget that was prepared the other year. This is the budget of Aquino and I am sure when he was preparing that budget he never really believe that ganito karami, by the tens of thousands surrendering to the police and to the barangays.

Alam ko. So if you want kayong mga bleeding hearts, if you really want to stop the violence, ganun, mag-adopt na lang. Adopt an addict, share a love between your fellowmen. Sige.

Para malaman ninyon ang perdition ng isang drug addict. O sige kung gusto ninyo lahat ‘yung sa Tondo unahin ko pag…Kayo na ang mamili kung saan ninyo gus — kung sino ang gusto ninyo doon, babae, lalaki. Just the same kasi pagnaloko iyan saksakin kayong lahat, massacre ang labas. [laughter] Akala ninyo ganun kadali.

And criminality, kasi this time, kayong mga hold-upper kayong mga, itong mga, bantay kayo. Kidnappin ninyo ‘yung mga Chinese about seven already on record, magbigay na ng pera tapos patayin pa rin ninyo.

And also in Mindanao, do not make the (inaudible), ‘yung Maute na maghinto sila, mag-withdraw ang gobyerno. Kay kung hindi bababa daw sila sa Marawi sunugin nila. Eh di magbaba kayo, sunugin mo tingnan natin. Kailan mo gusto? Sabihin m okay magpunta ako doon. Manood ako paano mo sunugin. Do not…

Do not place conditions just like the — ‘yung peace talks ngayon. Do not put a condition. I am the Republic, kayo ‘yung may kasalanan. If you want to do something do it. I thank the Lord that we have realized how wrong it was. But do not place conditions upon me. Ako ‘yung…Kayo ‘yung rebelled diyan tapos ako ‘yung magbigay ng…Eh wala, I do not…I am not in that kind of mood na ganun basta mag…Eh kausap ko kayo. Sabi ko peace tayo, ganun, ganun kung ano lang ang lumalabas sa bunganga ko. If you want. Pero kung nandiyan ka you are a moribund there and you place conditions for stopping it. Karami kong sundalo dito. Eh ‘yan nakabarong puro sundalo man ‘yan.

O pag mag-uniporme diyan eh di magkabilaan. Iyong nakaitim mga ano ‘yan, mga CAFGU ‘yan na babae. [laughter] Hindi biro lang pero sundalo iyan silang lahat.

Kaya nga sabi ko ayaw kong…Noong bago ako? Alam mo noong bago ako iyong sinundo nila ako sa bahay ‘yung nanalo na ako, hindi pa ako presidente. Pagdating doon, galit ‘yung mga pulis pinapaalis na ‘yung mga pulis. Mag-take over na sila. Pati ‘yung mga pulis umalis na kayo diyan kami na ang mag-take over.

Kami na ang bahala ni Duterte. So paglabas ko ng bahay one day sunuran iyan mga kanto-kanto kasi subdivision ko ang liit eh, teacher’s village siya. Pagdating namin sa highway ang haba.

Tapos puro nakaganun. Eh naco-cornihan ako niyan kasi…Alam mo sa Davao maski ano even the Moro people, I embrace them. Kita ninyo sa TV noong nagpunta ako Lanao, I go to…Lumalapit ako talaga sa…Sabihin ko, sino ‘yung pinsan ko dito? Eh di meron talaga. Eh lumalapit talaga sanay ‘yan silang mag-embrace. Lalaki pati babae na sa Davao sanay sila. Punta kayo ng Davao. Ang pangalan ko doon mayor. Hindi sila nagtawag ng presidente. Mayor iyan.

So ‘nung ano na ako, hindi ko mabuksan ‘yung p**** i** sasakyan ko, ganun kakapal ang salamin. Tuktok mo. Hindi ko rin mabuksan kasi ayaw nilang buksan. Eh sanay akong magba-bye. Sanay akong magba-bye sa tao kaya ako ‘pag ano, ‘para’. Bibigyan ko, ‘para’ magbaba ako. Tapos batiin ko.

Tapos ‘yung flashing light maski dito. Meron doon mataas, tapos tingin ako salamin ko. Parang two way man ‘yan kasi. Sabi ko, ‘ano yan? Ano ‘yang sa dulo?’ ‘Sir, ambulansiya iyan.’ T**** i**.

Sabi ko, ‘bakit may ambush ba dito kung ano?’ ‘Sir, ganun talaga.’ Eh di sabi ko kumpletuhin na lang ninyo. Dagdagan ninyo ng punerarya [laughter] para galing sa ambulansiya diretso na punerarya tapos sa libingan ng…Ako ayaw ko sa Libingan ng mga Bayani gusto ko doon sa amin. Tabi mo lang ako doon sa tatay ko pati nanay ko, okay na, mag-cremation. [applause]

Libingan ng mga Bayani tapos malasing pa ‘yang mga relative mo karaming krus diyan maghanap sa, ‘saan ba ‘yung yawa na ‘yon?’ Doon sa amin makita mo talaga kaagad. Hindi biro lang ‘yan. It might sound irreverent but iyan ang pilosopiya ko. Biro mo may ambulansiya pa.

Eh di punerarya na lang na maganda pagdating doon sa ambulansiya, may ambush, ‘o patay na si Duterte.’ O ilagay mo ambulansiya tapos wala na talaga ito. O di punerarya kasi diretso na doon sa crematory. Maraming arte diyan sa…So patawa na lang iyan akin ha. It’s just…Ganun ako. That is sabihin nila bastos but ganun talaga ako pabiro kasi totoo naman.

Bakit mo ako lagyan ng ambulansiya diyan? T**** i** puro buwang. Kaya sabi ko sasakyan na dalawa, tatlo, tama na ‘yan. Sus Ginoo ko, pati magdaan ka. That’s why I do not accept invitations to talk here in Metro Manila. Whenever I go to a certain place, hindi mo lang alam but when I leave Malacañang or I am through with the speaking engagement but five minutes before kasi may mga iyan paselfie-selfie pa, hinahanap ko rin kung sino ang nag-imbento ‘yang yawa na ‘yan. Lahat gusto pa-selfie. Tapos lahat kayong nakatindig meron isang picture. Maya magsabi isa ‘yung akin na naman. Ako selfie tayo dito, ayaw niya ‘yung…Eh di noon isang ganun wala na may flash pa. Dito ngayon kanya-kanyang selfie. Okay lang kung babae. [laughter] Kasi mag-ganon, may isa pa diyan magakbay tapos ilapit ‘yung mukha. Anak ng jueteng. Parang cheek to cheek. Sa talaga na trabaho na ito mabakla ako nito. [laughter]

Anyway, I am taking much of your time. I hope we can take a full swing. I will be appointing a commission somewhere pati file ‘yung federal para ‘yung consensus. Then I am only giving them three months. So you have to finish it in ARMM. Time is running out.

You know, the great plans of this Republic, ‘yung ganun, ganun, ganun, alam mo kung bakit? Hindi talaga matutuloy-tuloy sa…Mahilig kasi ‘yung commission na ano. About three. Kapag may investigation, create a committee to investigate. Kalokohan. Ibigay mo ‘yung trabaho niya. Ikaw pulis? Hala doon iyan. Saan ka na-assign? Homicide? Hindi ‘yung committee nang committee. Kalabas-labasan nito walang produkto.

So, iyan ang…I am happy that you are able to visit me also sa Malacañang. Hindi ako natutulog dito. Ang standard ko talaga sinasabi dito hindi na naghihintay ang multo dito. Araw, harap-harapan. [laughter]

Tapos kung matulog ako sa presidential room, kuna. Tapos may magalaw sa iyo, buti sana kung white, tyagaan talaga kita ng halik. Ang problema pag hawak mo na ganun bigotilyo tapos [laughter] Mga Kastila noon na.

Doon ako sa malayo. Secret doon sa kampo ng mga sundalo. Hindi ako natutulog dito. Walang mangyari sa iyo. Dito ‘yung mga multo. Paano ka maligo dito kung magsige ka lang tingin diyan sa salamin. [laughter]

It’s not a peaceful resting place. Malacañang? Maraming ano, maraming…Ako hindi naman ako takot sa ano pero kung hanapan mo ako nakapipa na Kastila, na Amerikano, p*****.
So, I’d like to thank you for showing the interest and keeping alive the spirit of federalism. I tell you remember the statement, kung magka-leche-leche ang Pilipinas, there can never be peace especially in Mindanao if you do not grant them a certain amount of — much more than just a local autonomy.

And they are really accepting the federal setup. Let’s take advantage of it and end the unitary type of government because dito it emanates from my office. And to the last guy there maski security guard lang ano, I can revoke his or abrogate, whatever.

Maski sino basta sa executive department. It emanates from ito…Office of the President. Okay ‘yan kung gusto mo…Kayong mga suspetsyoso na gusto akong madiktador to perpetuate a power. Sus kung alam mo lang. Sabi ko, gusto ko mga demonstrator galit kayo sa akin. Akin na magdala kayo ng kutsilyo sa Luneta sabay tayong mag-suicide ng dahan-dahan. [laughter]

G*** perpetuate ng power? Naka-corny iyan. Hindi ko type iyan. At saka matagal na ako sa gobyerno gusto kong magpahinga.

Sabi ko nga perfect the federal type of government. Maski structure before the elections. But I will just see to it na…And I can assure you, you elect a new president and I will oversee the election, tingnan mo kung hindi malinis iyan. Maski saan. Hindi ako papayag ‘yang daya-daya.

Ibala kita sa kanyon. Oo, totoo. If I am the President and there’s an election, I will guarantee you that kung nandiyan pa ako I will oversee the election na walang ano ‘yan. Forget about terrorism, forget about…

I will not allow it. Simply, I will not allow it. And then you will have an honest election, elect a new form of government rather vote for a — then elect a president that is good. But he must be one who can control the country.

Thank you.