Speech of President Rodrigo Duterte during the Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Awards 2016
Heroes Hall, Malacañan Palace
12 December 2016

Kindly sit down. Salamat po.

Maupo po kayo at I have a prepared speech here. It does reflect some but not all of my aspirations in life, what I want for my country. But just the same, to do justice to the guy who industry niya…

I will read it but I will add my own para hindi copying.

To the awardees, the officers and members of the JCI Senate, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, a good and pleasant afternoon to you all. 

Today, we honor and give recognition to three outstanding Filipinos, whose exemplary achievements have contributed to public welfare and national development.

Their selfless dedication to their profession or vocation has resulted not only to the advancement of their respective fields of endeavor, but also made significant contributions to the betterment of our countrymen and to our country at large.

This ceremony carries the theme vision of change, an apt description of the times that we live in. In this period of our history when our countrymen look for people and leaders who possess the vision to help him achieve genuine changes that they long for in their lives.

The people we honor here today are one of them, or any one of them, they are truly been visionaries, steering their respective institutions and companies in a way that led to advancement of their fields, where at the same time changing lives and changing the difference in our history.

We see this in Rev. Fr. Anton Pascual, a man who serves God by serving his people. He continues to enrich his priestly vocation as a respected community leader in the various institutions and cooperatives. Provide affordable healthcare, accessible loans, and self-improvement programs for the poor and marginalized Filipinos.

We also see in this in Jose Cuisia Jr. who has recently served as an ambassador to the United States. His financial expertise and acumen also put to good use when he became Bangko Sentral Governor.

He has served in other capacities in the insurance, utilities construction, business process outsourcing companies in the country.

And finally, we see this in William D. Dar whose lives were found way of feed millions of people. His works in steering and directing the International Rice Research Institute and other agricultural research institutions. Have been instrumental in giving food and opportunities, not only for countrymen but for people all over the world, especially in India and the Sub-Saharan Africa.

In this individual, you’ll see not only exemplary but truly extraordinary Filipinos by dedicating all their lives to work for the betterment of the fields of endeavor. They have uplifted not only their sectors but also our people and our country in the process.

Indeed, they have earned the honor to be called “outstanding”. 

Let us emulate their commitment, dedication, and (inaudible) so that one day we may become a great nation filled with the excellent, extraordinary and outstanding people.

Once again, thank you and congratulations. (applause)

So ‘yung akin naman. [laughter] Tapos na silang tatlo. You know, I am not really a familiar figure to you. I come from a place sa, the corner of Mindanao. And though I became mayor for 23 years in that city, medyo… I am guy coming in from the cold outside of the national arena.

So hindi ho ninyo masyado ako kilala and I understand that well because maybe destiny. I am here in Malacañan and presiding over the affairs of our nation.

Noong nagkampanya ho ako, I promised you, aside from the economic factors, I said, I’m not an expert and do not have the expertise for that. I run the city just like any other.

But ako naman, napunta kayo ng Davao. It used to be a rusty, urban, rural area combination. But I… In the 23 years, nakita naman ninyo ang resulta ng pagod ko. At, Davao is something like, at one time, we reached nine percent growth, the highest in the country.

And all of this is really because of the vision of the people of Davao City that they like a city that is peaceful, drug-free, trouble-free, freed from criminal lurking in the streets and everything.

So ‘yan ang ibinigay ko sa Davao. But, there are costs. And so I really at that time, did not know the enormity of the drug problem. And it even horrified me, not only appalled, ‘nong na-realize ko how widespread it was.

When Filipinos addicted to shabu surrendered to the police and to the barangay captains in droves, almost daily, like zombies, by the hundreds of thousands. So I knew that I will have a problem managing the scourge.

Four million is four million. The three original was a figure by General Santiago at the PDEA two years ago. Hindi ko binilang ‘yung akin, because by the yearend I know that I would have breached the million mark.

So four million Filipinos addicted and all potential criminals… And alam mo ang droga, it does not end there, the story that i-rehabilitate mo. 

First, it breaks down the family. Dysfunctional talaga lahat ‘yan. Magbugbog ng nanay, sinasampal. Patay, rape and all the evil things you can think of with a criminal mind, crazy mind. 

Iyan kasi ang problema sa droga. From a very good boy, a very good girl, tapos sa high school o sa college, tinamaan ng droga.

And the forensic guy says that if you are in it for a long time, one year above, they shrink of the person — it shrinks the person’s brain. So kumukuyos. 

And that is really my problem. It does not end with a social dysfunction, family dysfunction, then you have to deal with this individually.

And you must remember that they are spread all throughout the country. When I ran, I promised you that I will deal with the drugs, corruption and criminality. 

And I said, sabi ko, kukuha ako ng mga bright sa mga economics because I was never one. And as a matter of fact, you might want to know, Secretary Dureza, Sonny Dominguez, mga kababata ko ‘yan sa high school.

I was an underachiever simply because I wanted to be an underachiever. I never report to the school regularly. I prefer to drink and, you know, all the sorts of adventure that a non-student would do. 

So, they graduated I was left behind and it took me seven years to finish high school. So ganon lang ang buhay. So I had to rely on people other than the law itself because nakatapos ako ng law by the grace of God.

But all others, itong ganito na laro, I am not a killer. I do not relish or enjoy a Filipino sprawled there with all the blood and (inaudible).

You know every time I decide on things to buy guns and bullets and everything, there is always in my mind that these things would be used against the Filipinos.

Hindi ako nag-e-enjoy diyan. I am not really into so much about religion but I still have deep and abiding faith in God. Naniniwala ako ng karma. Pero ‘yung problema ko ngayon  sa droga pati corruption, I will hit hard.

Kung ano man kayo sa droga, God help me but I cannot…We were discussing it ginawan ko ng…I was talking to the Speaker I included him in the National Security Council and I said, ‘hindi ko ito kaya.’ And even if Congress would give me a carpet authority to kill everybody, I won’t have the time nor the bullets to do it.

You must be put on notice now. Mabuti ‘yang malaman ninyo. I said the…How horrifying it is and…This is the drug industry.

So, if you expect miracles from my government, forget it. I wanted to meet the Speaker, si Diaz nandoon, and the Senate President si Pimentel, sabi ko sa kanila, ‘Hindi ko kaya ito.’ Eh ngayon itong mga picture ng mga g***. Iyan si Loot. Ito ‘yung dalawang generals na ito.

Hindi ko kaya ito kasi sobra karami. These are all names. Pareho-pareho iyan. Kaya it took time to say that I want to say my piece because you must understand me. Because if you cannot understand me we are (inaudible).

We have here about 1,800 policemen and about 700 barangay captains, city mayors, governors and a few congressmen. I think they would decide to make it public I would not interpose any objection. Ayaw ko lang manggaling sa akin kasi ako ‘yung enforcement, hindi naman ang Congress.

But I’d like to ask for an advice, ano dapat gawin ko? Ako gusto kong umiyak. Talagang parang hindi ko kaya. Hindi ko kaya ganun karami. I now realized that about 15 years ago, 17 years ago, we were already a narcopolitics country.

Exactly just like the Latin American nations that are already fractured. Doon sa Latin America, sabi ng mga taga-roon… Ioan Grillo was here four night ago. And we tackled about the history of…Doon sa Latin America, ang governor pati mayor, hindi binibigyan. Ang governor doon pati mayor nagbabayad sa cartel para hindi sila patayin. And they choose the people who would run for public office.

And this was this lady mayor, who defy the cartel or the gangster, she took her oath of office in the morning, then pagka-hapon pinatay siya. Simple as that. Now, kung ano lang sana ito. A limited number 500, 1,000 okay lang. Pero kung umabot 4 million…

And you know I entered the presidency ito ngayon midterm halos. And the budget that I am using now is the budget of Aquino. Ang naiwan sa akin because of the bottoms up is just maintenance and operation. So that when they kept on hammering me na bakit mo ipinapatay? Bakit hindi mo inilagay sa mga rehab centers? In the first place, all already filled.

Were if not for the good soul of a Chinese guy, he donated a 10 million — a 10,000 facility and I opened the military na ‘buksan mo ‘yung kampo mo because sila lang ang may mga lupa na malaki.’ And it’s there.

I am releasing 10, no, 1 billion. It was the last of the — ibinigay ng PAGCOR na social fund. Ibigay ko ‘yan sa kailangan ng medisina. Pwede ko silang dalhin doon sa Zambales, ah Laur in Nueva Ecija. And I have this 10 billion to sustain them sa mga medications nila, 1 billion. I programmed a 10 billion for the next six years.

Eh kaya i-budget pa ‘yan. So iyan ho ang nangyari. Na si Andrea turned about, may isa pa siyang 1 billion kita ng PAGCOR, I gave it directly to the DSWD, kay Taguiwalo. Sabi ko lahat ng Pilipino ngayon naghahawak ng reseta na walang mapuntahan, may reseta sa doctor, you can go — this is a national television now. Go, punta kayo sa pinakamalapit na DSWD. Kunin ninyo ‘yung medisina ninyo. Binitawan ko ‘yung pera three days ago. Doon ninyo kunin.

And for the addicts, I have another one billion. Go to the nearest DSWD for your tranquilizers and everything but please stop. Ang problema dito ganito hindi tayo nagkakaintindihan eh. Ayaw kong mamatay kayo, hindi ko utos iyan. Iyong mga nangamatay puro engkwentro iyan.

Now, you must remember that when I entered the presidency I fired about nine generals. Even before I became a president, and you would do well to review the figures, there were already a lot of killings them. And it became a profound problem when I assumed office. And I saw ‘yung mga balot-balot, ‘yung balutin ng plastic ang katawan, hindi trabaho ng gobyerno iyan. Hindi kami gumagawa ng mummy. Hindi ito Egypt.

We do not export anything of that kind. But that was…That is an indication of torture. We do not do it. Kasi kung lumaban ka talagang mamamatay ka. But torture huwag kayong maniwala. Killing a person on bended knees with his hands tied at his back, hindi amin iyan.

Now, kayo na ang bahala. You have to sort it out because I cannot explain every death in this country. Pero kung sabihin mo na aatras ako dito, I cannot because I cannot afford it. I cannot now stop the momentum with the four million drug addicts spread all throughout the country.

I would be abandoning my job. It is a harsh one but somebody has to be crucified for it. Ako? Well, okay lang sa akin. No problem. It’s part of the territory to be disliked. Whatever you…Hindi naman tayo magkaintindihan lalo na sa pulitika. You might not want my philosophy about how I look at things but you can be very sure that corruption will stop at sabi ko naman sa inyo you just have to…Meron diyan a brewing and intend to, I said, I’ll be harsh.

I already fired 92, itong sa…Kaya ako ayaw ko ‘yang the least government intervention the better. ‘Yung self, mga regulatory bodies.

So most of them sa LFTRB and LTO talagang sinibak ko. I told them to resign. Meron dito in a brewing, so you can be very sure that I am just being careful. I do not want to be a persecutor. But you can rest assured. 

May 99, ay 911… Iyong 8888. You just call that number, place there your complaint. If you want, name the person. No need for you to identify yourself. Lagay mo, lalabas ‘yan doon sa TV so that this country will know who are the corrupt people in this country and you can be very sure. Sabihin mo lang. 

Ako mismo, mayor, when I was applying for a railway. It took NEDA until now, sa awa ng Diyos, nandoon pa sa kanila. Pero sabi ko, punitin mo na lang.

Ang sabi ko dito, 90 days. No, one month. No ninety days but I reduced it to one month when I saw that everything was going smoothly.

Sa BIR you can get your whatever in three days. But each department will have no more than one month. One month not 90 days. One month to finish.

If you do not get your paper on time and the Republic… Kung ayaw ninyo, takot kayo na magkasabit-sabit, but you have supplied all the shopping list that’s been given to you and it was all there. Kung ayaw ninyo, ibigay ninyo dito sa akin, Executive Secretary’s office, I will do the overseeing sa papel ninyo.

Kung sabihin mo may kalaban ka diyan, si Director diyan, ano ‘yan, corrupt ‘yan. Ibigay mo papel mo dito sa akin. Ako ang magpatakbo.

And I will ask them how many days can you finish the job. And after that, you have any misgivings, correction or something, you let me know because I will tell the guy that ‘yung papel mo kulang.

One month. Lahat ng departamento. Without exception. So ‘yan ang order ko sa kanila. 

Criminality, ‘yan ang akin eh. Corruption, drugs. Ang corruption is a virulent thing. It’s a virulent, sad experience problem. Hindi natin alam ganon pala kalala. At ‘pag ka iyan nakabitawan mo, they are users and if they are users, they have to be, unless you are son of a millionaire, sinong mga — the owner of the shipping and airplanes. Kung hindi ka lang naman anak ng ano, you have to contaminate one to finance your addiction. That’s why it spreads so quickly and I said that (inaudible) other lives.

‘Di ako pwedeng umatras dito. And everybody’s patay. Sino ba naman ang gustong pumatay? Iyong nakatali, on bended knees, nakatali sa likod?

Would it make you a better policeman or a solider? At saka ‘pag ginawa nila ‘yan ganun baka siya ang babarilin ko. Why do you keep on killing people tapos it becomes a popular notion? Huwag mong gawin ‘yan, especially papalusot ka na. ‘Ito sir, drug pusher ‘to.’

Sabi ko, I’ve been mayor for 23 years. Do not. Talagang hihiritan kita. P***** i**, babarilin talaga kita. Huwag mong gawin sa akin. Killing innocent people. 

Anyway, matagal naman kaming politiko. You’ve never heard me doing terrorism in the elections. I said, I became mayor for 23 — one time congressman. And one time, a vice mayor of my daughter. Iyon ang medyo masama, nanununtok talaga ng tao. Bugbog, bugbog. 

Pero ako wala ka namang nakita na may sinaktan ako na tao. ‘Yung si Inday ang delikado. (laughter)

So that is my piece of story. Kung hindi kayo kontento diyan, pumunta kayo sa Malacañang. Or you can call Secretary Dureza, give him the papers. At ako ang mag… Ipadala ko sa Secretary. Alam na nila ‘yan na ayaw ko, ayaw ko talaga ng corruption. 

I am not the most honest person. But you know, I’m about to end my… I’m 72. By the time, I don’t know if I could really survive six years. Gusto ko na lang mag-iwan ang… Huwag na tayong mag-drama about pinaka-honest, pinaka-matapang, huwag na ‘yun.

I just want to give a respite to the Filipino. The reason why we have not progressed is really corruption. That is my honest opinion.

We are like by analogy an airplane, running full speed sa runway. But until now, hindi tayo naka-take off. There is no lift because of corruption.

But maybe, just maybe, in the fullness of God’s time baka we will be able to attain a certain degree of a more civilized bureaucracy. Tutal ang industry ng tao nandiyan na. But, you must also remember that I am…

I have to face the communist front. Secretary Dureza is there. We talked about the problem of the… They want to release 130 prisoners before the — signing the peace agreement.

Ang sabi ko kay Jess, Cabinet meeting. I will not do it. I have conceded too much too soon. So just give me the ceasefire agreement and I would release all of them. But not before. But not before.

No more releases of…Dito sa Mindanao, it remains to be a troubled land. Itong Maute… It was carried by a Moro ambassador, former, sabi niya na, ‘maghinto sila basta huminto ang military sa operation’. 

Sabi ko, ‘No. You do not put any condition.’ Ako ‘yung gobyerno. Bakit ako maghinto? And then they threatened to go down from the mountains to burn Marawi. Go ahead, be my guest. We will wait for you there. Walang problema. Bakit sunugin mo ang Marawi? Those are things that sabi ko, no. I am the government. Do not place conditions on my shoulder. I will not ano…Maybe out of goodwill, I order…

I have already released all the big leaders of the Communist. The Tiamzons are really the ideological. So they went to Davao and they asked for 130 more. No more. Nada. Wala na. 

Iyong ang ano ko. Sana maintindihan mo rin. Kasi ‘yung mga pari kasi. Ang problema nito ganito. Would you believe it? It’s really… With due respect, divided ‘yan sila sa totoo lang. 

May mga pari na, ‘yung nakita siguro… The misery and how a drug addict wallow in…Kasi kung makita mo wala na eh. Ang problema ganito. Anak ko, papag-aralin ko. Lalo na ‘yung taga-Middle East. 

And husband sa Qatar, ang nanay nasa Saudi Arabia. Tapos they are thinking that sending money para makita na engineering. Only to find out, at the end of the day, nalulong sa droga, pati ‘yung mga anak nilang babae nare-rape ng mga…

Kaya one of these days I will not allow…Sabi ko nga, ‘kayong mga tinamaan, huwag kayong mag-istambay diyan sa mga kanto-kanto. Go inside your house.’

Pu**, ‘pag nakita ko kayo dadamputin ko kayo. Ayaw ko…Because ang mga tao they have lost their right. And I am addressing the wrong crowd.

Actually ‘yung mga mahirap matakot ng mag-uwi, hindi na lang mag-uwi kung gabi na alas dose makitira na lang because they cannot go because of the so many mga buwang diyan sa streets.

Kaya I don’t know what happened to the petition sa ano…Kagabi dalawang patay ang nag-rumble. The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the issue of human rights about children being…

You know, we are not arresting the children. We are taking them into custody for their protection. And that is why… That is the rationale behind itong curfew.

They have to be protected because if they mix up in the middle of the night until the wee hours in the morning, and they are into drugs and they are the ones who are made the runner…Kasi pagdating ng…Pinakialaman kasi talaga.

Ako I have the highest of respect for Pangilinan. But iyong law, liability, labas-pasok ang mga bata. You can ask any policeman or anyone connected with the law enforcement. We produce a generation of criminals. Kasi pagdating doon pagsabi below 15 o sabihin pati 16, 15 siya, the police must release them immediately or face charges.

Whatever the crime the child committed. Maybe he will rob and kill, maybe he will rob, kill and rape maski ano pagka sinabi 15 years old, release. No hi, no hi.

Nakita mo ‘yung sa EDSA. Iyong mga snatching diyan harap-harapan tapos takbuhan. I am sure they were caught. They were caught but the problem is pagdating doon, for record purposes and they are released again to commit another crime.

Tama ‘yung…Kaya ‘yung mga abugado…Iyong Spanish ano natin was still correct. Below nine, talagang walang ano iyan. Above nine below 12 then you temperately correctional penalty. Above 12 below 16 you apply the indeterminate sentence law.

Ang nagkulang kasi noon it was good but the law did not provide for itong mga correctional where they are taught to understand the responsibility. Wala silang sense of accountability.

Many of them ‘yung mga malalaking iyan walang sense because they go in and out of prison until eventually become adults and go to prison.

Kaya ang presuhan natin hindi na sila makatulog, ganun. And the human rights dito look at the sordid state of the penal system of the Philippines.

Diyan nakatindig, palit-palit sila, siya matulog diyan, siya magtindig ngayon. Sabi ko, (inaudible) kayo. That’s what you get for.

But they will also try to improve it unless we have the…Ang inuna ko nga sabi ko bilyon-bilyon ako doon sa…Iyong lahat ng tao na may reseta December ngayon I am sure ‘yung one billion na ‘yan marami ng mabili iyan.

I am raising another one billion solely for their medications. I do not have the rehab houses. But marami pang bakante doon sa Fort Magsaysay. It’s good for 10,000. Kaya ako I’d like to thank that gentleman from China., si Huang. Whatever your motivation but I am sure he was driven by the sense of — he started his little business here in the Philippines. He went back to China and became a billionaire of sorts.

Naghihintay lang ako sa mga bilyonaryo dito na magpagawa rin. Maski 10 room, okay na ‘yan. So the next time I will call for the billionaires of the Philippines. Gusto ko silang kausapin dito. Magbigay kayo o kayo ang ipasok ko doon sa… [laughter]

Hindi biro lang ‘yun. Ayaw ko ng away sir ha. Si Mr. (inaudible) does not have that billion. Worker lang ‘yan siya, just like us. Walang mayaman dito.

Kung meron, eh ‘di sabihin na kita ngayon. Magbigay ka for your own good. [laughter] Far from it actually. Kung sino lang gusto mo magtulong, kung sino lang gustong magtulong.

Pero ako dito, padaan lang ako. Wala akong ambition. I won by the moribund PDP. Wala akong governor dito except…Would you believe it? Dalawa lang ang governor ko. Imee. Puro babae. ‘Yung isa sa Mindanao. Dito si Imee, magkaibigan kami. She chose to support me,

‘Yung isa naman sa Mindanao because of love. [laughter] Love talaga. I tell you, baka sabihin na ano richest arrears, love talaga, love at first sight. [laughter]

Grabe, nanununtok ‘yun. Tinamaan ako sa tiyan, dito sa, natumba ako. Just because she wants me all the time to be with her.

Love and all of these things that I’m doing really because of love of my country.

I’m not trying to be cruel. I do not want to be one. I said I guarantee you. This is my guarantee you. I do not have any illusions about the presidency.

The only thing that can appease the Moro people is — the last card there is federalism. You know, I said, when Magellan came here. Mindanao was already Islam by 100 years. And the Spaniards and the Americans, pati tayo, they already conquered the whole of the place because they think that we are the extension of the imperialists. 

So ang pinaka-hingi lang nila is federal system. If they can, Congress can work out the federal system with your support. Kasi ‘pag ayaw ninyo talagang… Ayaw ninyo, okay lang but forget about talking peace in Mindanao.

They have to continue financing people’s money and soldiers and, of course, the other side dying. ‘Ka ko, ‘pag ka meron ‘yan, in two or three years because I — proponent ako doon sa—

There are a lot of federal set-ups. But I think what is applicable to us, especially the ating gulo ngayon, for the communists, that the MILF. I would say go for a French system. 

Have a strong president with very, very limited powers. The power to call an election, dissolve a parliament, then the power to make war, power of being chief of — commander-in-chief of all Armed Forces. Dagdagan mo pa ng dalawa pero huwag mong ibigay—

I’d like to remind you about Britain when you have the double-decker and it took them several days to move because it was a collegial body, pirma na ‘yung prime minister. Hindi pala pakapa sila, pakapa. 

But dito sa atin, especially with the so many islands, get a good president. I give you my word that if you can perfect it within three years, I will step down. 

Wala akong ano sa…Aalis na ako. Then elect a president. Kasi obviously disqualified ako. For reasons of delicadeza, gusto mo palitan ng… tapos… Just like Africa. Bago ang Constitution kada. Iyang mga buwang nay an kung sino na ang maupo ayaw ng umalis. Kaya talagang, sige ‘yan sila patayan diyan.  

Ako, I give you my word. You have that next year, alis ako. I will not demand for the six years. Count me out.

Sabihin na wala akong… Diktador na Duterte. Mag-ano ka na perpetuate in power. They demonstrate, wala. Kung gusto mo ngayon eh. Mag-mass suicide tayo sige. Harap-harapan. T**** i** ‘yan.

Corny masyado diktador, diktador. I have no… Tapos na ako. I have 23 years, plus congressman, plus vice.

Wala na akong hingiin pa sa Diyos. Mahirap ‘yun kasi matanda na rin ako. Ba-bye na lang lahat, 72 years old ako.

Lahat man tayo 72. Time to say good-bye to everything. But if there is one available, time to say hello. [laughter]

Maraming salamat po.

— END —