Departure Speech of President Rodrigo Duterte on his State Visits to Cambodia and Singapore
Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2, Pasay City
13 December 2016
 Kindly sit down. Thank you.

The endless trips outside that because we are hosting the ASEAN Summit next year, I have to go around the ASEAN countries and get the wherewithal to formulate our own policies during the plenary sessions. Hindi kasi naiwan lahat ang gusto nilang mangyari dito sa ASEAN.

May I be given the chance the acknowledge the officials here: The Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea and the members of the Cabinet; former Speaker Feliciano “Sonny” Belmonte Jr., sir; Lieutenant General Eduardo Año and the major service commanders; police general, Director General Ronald de Rosa; General Manager Eddie Monreal; Congresswoman Imelda Calixto-Rubiano, ma’am; Mayor Antonio Calixto, sir, nandito ka palagi, salamat, sir, ha; fellow workers in government; my beloved countrymen.

Let me just…Before I read the speech prepared, hindi naman talaga ito akin. Iyong…Hindi, I am getting tired actually. But for the reason that we are hosting the ASEAN Summit next November, I have to go around the ASEAN countries and get their views on what will be the policy or policies of ASEAN vis-à-vis with the rest of the world.

We are trying to get a unified stand especially so now that every other block of nations whether in Europe, may EU sila, then you have this planned, may APEC, WTO. It seems that the trade policies of the world are convoluted. And we do not seem to get a clear view of where we stand with the poor nations.

Kagaya ‘yung TPP and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Mabuti’t nalang hindi itinuloy ni Obama. Kasi napakamali na policy iyan and it was initiated by the — it’s an American idea actually.

Kung sumunod tayo doon sa TPP of which I think we will not qualify. Before we are not that modern in a sense that we have to catch up with their technology. Ang pinaka-example ko lang diyan sa TPP is mawala ‘yung generic. We have a law governing generic so that we can buy cheaper medicines.

Kung mag-TPP ka hindi ka makapagbili ng generic either we bought from India and Pakistan, talagang mura ang generic nila. And we can save a lot for our country.

But kung pumasok tayo doon at magkamali tayo, you will not be able to sell medicines na hindi branded, then it could be a day ruled again by the rich multinationals. Iyong mga bagay na ito na apparently it is intended to help but it is not. It’s your use everywhere, everyday.

And I am glad that Trump said that he will throw to the garbage can ‘yung TPP. Otherwise, we’d still create a lot of problems for all of us here in Asia. We are promoting generic because we are a poor nation and we can buy the medicines at costs sa India pati Pakistan.

And yet there is a damper which says that we cannot if we are a member of the TPP. You cannot sell, you still have to go to the branded ones, the multinationals, which are very expensive. And even ‘yung mga diabetes, hypertension and everything that is taken everyday, it would cost a lot of money and well, to our disadvantage.

Now, I’d like to…I will not entertain questions now because I am in a hurry. I was expected to land there in Cambodia at 1:30 but we had a meeting with the ASEAN Secretariat pati ‘yung Secretary General and a lot of things that — bago ako makapunta. And from this, I go to Singapore again to sound them off.

Meron lang akong importanteng sasabihin. Si Andrea Domingo sa PAGCOR, nagbigay siya, sir, ng five billion. So right there and then, sabi ko kay DSWD na ibigay koi tong five bill — one billion for all of the Filipinos now today to buy the medicines. Iyong lahat ng Pilipinong may hawak-hawak ng reseta from the PGH to mga government hospitals. At saka ‘yung pribado na may mga medisina kayong hawak-hawak, mga reseta tawag nga sa ating lengguwahe, to go the nearest DSWD and you can ask for your medicines there. It’s one billion I released the other day. [applause]

Ngayon, iyon namang mga…My advice to itong tinamaan ng droga and if you are really on the program of the health officers of the city, nandiyan lang kayo sa bahay, mas mabuti na hindi kayo lumabas ng bahay, magkulong na lang kayo ng bahay kasi pagnakita ko kayo sa labas, dadamputin kita.

Diyan na lang kayo sa bahay at wait for — in about one or two days, I also released another one billion kasi five ang ibinigay ni Andrea Domingo ng PAGCOR na doon na ninyo kunin ‘yung mga medications ninyo. There are about four million of you, I do not know if it would be enough but I still have the three. Nagho-hold lang ako and you can buy your medicines. For example, the tranquilizers, the medicines that would keep you calm, medicines that would restore your sanity kung mahabol pa. You just stay in the house and I will order the medical workers all around the country to go around the areas at saka ‘yung may tinamaan ng droga who are there for the ‘yung sa bahay lang ang treatment, ang mahal diyan ‘yung medisina.

So it behooves upon now that the DSWD to make the announcement and if possible to find out kung saan ‘yung sila nakatira at titingnan ‘yung medisina and to supply the addicts some medications that are needed. Really it’s a — parang ano iyan eh, it’s a combination of depression and — but mahal. But I hope that one billion would go a long way to treat you this Christmas.

Ngayon, ‘pag talagang loko-loko na, tapos walang alibyo na ang katawan, hindi na masauli, nagpadala rin ako ng mga lubid. Magbigti lang kayong mga p****** i***. Sinasabi ko sa inyo huwag eh.

I leave today for the State Visits to the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Republic of Singapore. These State Visits will reaffirm our relations with our close neighbors in Southeast Asia and seek to further strengthen our engagement with our brothers in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEANs.

In Cambodia, I will have the honor of meeting His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni, who invited me to undertake the State Visit.

The ties between His Majesty’s family — anak ito ni Norodom Sihanouk pati ni ‘yung — maganda ang nanay nito, during her time.

The ties between his family and the family of the Philippines run long and deep. It is a strong foundation for true friendships that must be renewed.

In Cambodia, I will likewise meet with Prime Minister Hun Sen to discuss the ways to further intensify bilateral cooperation and issues of mutual concern.

These include defense and security measures, bilateral trade and investments, law enforcement, and the war against illegal trade of drugs; the protection of Filipino and Cambodian migrant workers, and the cultural and tourism cooperation. Marami tayong mga kababayan na nasa Cambodia.

As the Philippines and Cambodia prepare to commemorate the 60 years of diplomatic relations in 2017, I look forward to conclude the State Visit that will bring our nations and our peoples even closer.

In Cambodia, I will proceed directly to Singapore, where I shall meet President Tony Tan Keng Yam and [Prime] Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Singapore and the Philippines are exceptional but there are issues of mutual concern we can work on and with the areas with room of significant growth.

With growth of an area of focus, both governments need to ensure a safe and secure environment for businesses to thrive.

I will also discuss further increasing the levels of two-way trade and investments with Singapore as I seek to strengthen defense and security cooperation to address traditional and emerging threats that undermine progress.

Alam mo, in Sulu now, there’s a group there, the extremist maybe ISIS, which is led by a Singaporean. And merong mga Malaysians pati Indonesians and Filipinos. And you’d be surprised that a Singaporean, as a nation with a very strict criminal laws and yet they are able to nurture a cell there of terrorists.

Countering terrorism, violent extremism and radicalization will be the key areas of discussion as well as the war on illegal drugs.

In both State Visits, I shall meet with key business leaders to identify mutually beneficial areas of partnership in order to enhance bilateral trade and investment.

With ASEAN integration, it is important that we harness the economic strengths and complementaries in our region to sustain growth beneficial to all.

These introductory visits of mine are vital in the lead up to the Philippine chairmanship of ASEAN in 2017.

This leadership role requires that we listen to all ASEAN brothers in order to build a common action agenda that will strengthen Southeast Asia for the benefit of its citizens.

As always, I will devote time to meet Filipino community. Our countrymen who work hard and sacrifice a lot will always have my ready ear and earnest attention.

As the year 2016 draws to a close, I am humbled by the opportunities given me as a President to advance and protect our national interest.

I shall be singular in my resolve to uphold our independent foreign policy that serves our nation and our people.

Daghang salamat. [applause] No questions. [laughter]