Speech of President Rodrigo Duterte during the 2016 Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas
PSG Grandstand, PSG Compound, Malacanang Park
19 December 2016
Thank you. Thank you.

Wala akong speech. These are all introductions.

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, Secretary Silvestre Bello, [live stream cut] Excellencies of Diplomatic Corps, the 2016 Presidential Awards [live stream cut] and [live stream cut] organizations fellow workers in government, my beloved countrymen.

There’s no speech to read but let me just…One of my [live stream cut] passages actually just above the pigeon hole [live stream cut]

You have it in your heart, in your mind and I give you my snappy salute, malaki respecto ko ‘yung mga tao na inaalala nila ang kapwa nila tao. But before proceeding, let me just—I’d like to ask for your apologies. I was talking to two guys, the other was the Ambassador, just before I came in. Ambassador Gorely of the Australian Embassy.

Natagalan ako but there is other one and I was supposed face the said group in a different group, I said, you might just irritate about one or two or three there in that room.

Everybody, when I came in, was expecting me to just go direct here and so I am very sorry for your time wasted.

But let met just say something also about, the best I can really say is that I remember in one of the debates, I think it was in La Salle, but nobody came there except me and another candidate.

And, I was asked by the moderator, ‘Why are you here, what’s your program?’ And I said, ‘I am here because I love the Philippines and I love the Filipino, truly.’

For those who did not understand really the dimension of my statement and for those who knew me, I know that there was already a sort of a something of a half knowledge of what I am and what I do.

Alam ho ninyo, especially our problem. We have a very serious problem in this country, deeply serious I would say. It’s not easy to comprehend how we would go about treating, rehabilitating the four million confirmed addicts.

If they’re just about a thousand, or even, five hundred, but four million is sheer horror. And that is why, when I said, when I was Mayor, I knew drugs was really a very serious problem of the city.

But I was able to control it, in such a way, was just manageable, but few, here and there, and far in between the years that I was Mayor. I was Mayor for 22 years.

I knew about drugs because I was a prosecutor and there’s so many ways that money can work for a criminal. Buying the case, bribing the police, bribing the fiscals, prosecutors, and bribing the judges outright.

And there was even a time when I was handling a piece of evidence, which was really in reality, in the arrest it was really shabu.

But when I was presenting in court and I knew that he was bought because even the other fiscals say that…It turned out to be alum, tawas.

And so there was a judge. He’s a judge here even in Manila, far more than the judge in my place, hear about 1,000 cases not a single conviction of drugs.

So if this is how the way it is done and when you are in prison and you operate just like in America, you continue to operate the drug operations, outside — inside the prison and you have so many lieutenants going around. It’s really an apparatus of death. Death for the victims and death for the perpetrators.

Now, in Davao I said, do not destroy my country. Do not deprive us of the next generation because if you that I will kill you.

And so I ordered the police, not only a police action, but war. When I became President, I repeated the same statement: Do not destroy my country because I love my countrymen and do not destroy anything here that is really for the next generation. So I said, I tell the military: Go out and fight. Go out and arrest them, if it is still possible to arrest them. But if you feel that in effecting the arrest, you will lose your life, then my God, kill the idiot.

And you just follow my orders and I will protect you all the way. And when the time comes, at the end of the day, and there’s a reckoning of whoever is responsible, I gave the orders, I assume full responsibility.

And if I have to go to hell, may I rot in jail for all times. If I’m cut…They say that they want a coup d’état, fine. Go ahead. It’s part of my destiny. You know very well, all of you Filipinos, that I didn’t have the money, I didn’t have the machine.

I didn’t even know why I’m here. And I asked my wife when the returns were in, because my margin was — my margin was about six million. And to think that I did not have a leader, except for two ladies: Imee Marcos of Ilocos and somewhere in Mindanao, also a lady, because he was also my lady once upon a time. Magyabang naman tayo ng konti.

So that’s my order. I said, you know I ask my wife, what happened? My wife said is, she’s a baptist. You know, there must be a message for you from God.

We have a serious problem in this country. That is why, when I go out and when we take-off leaving Indonesia, Singapore and the other countries, I’m almost—not really crying, but misty-eyed.

And I said in my country, they don’t have my problems, they don’t have the serious problem of shabu, they don’t have the serious problem of rebellion in the south. Nationally, the Communist Party of the Philippines, and the Maute who has pledged allegiance to ISIS, and the Abu Sayyaf. Maswerte sila sabi ko, what a life for you guys. It’s peaceful, development is going on full speed. Nothing is stopping them and they are all happy and their citizens are comfortable. What about me? What can I give the country? I am just a simple lawyer. 75, 75, 76. I am not a brilliant guy. I am not like everybody else. I never tasted a grade of the number 8, it’s only 7. 78, 79 back to 76, 75. And I said there must be a reason for this. And I knew already the meaning of the statement of my wife. I have to solve the serious problem first.

And I gave this warning to everybody, and I said, ‘stop drugs.’ And I told the police, ‘destroy the apparatus. It’s not good when you only hit the delivery boy. You have to go up.’

Early on, they would always say, here in Manila, what about the big fish? So where are they? Why are you arresting? They didn’t really bother to know that those big fish were really some of them, were aliens, foreigners. For those who are in prison, they continue to use the — and despite of the jammers and everything, they had their way of running still. And we are fighting a losing battle here.

And so I warned everybody: Stop drugs or I’ll kill you. You want to stay alive? Stop drugs. You want dead? You want death? Go on with the drugs. Simple man lang ‘yan.

You know, until the last pusher is out of the streets in my country, and until the biggest or big drug lords are killed, this campaign against drugs will continue to the very last day of my term. Six years for now.

If I do not survive, then it is God’s will that I do not survive. If I only stay here for about a year or two, then that is my destiny and that is the time, the only time that God gave me to be President of the Republic.

But I intend to solve — we are now talking to the communists. For the first time they have agreed to talk in Norway who provided the good offices for them to meet and discuss.

Secretary Bello is also one of the panelists on the government side. I think he conceded the island of Mindanao to them and I said, ‘Bello, if you do that, I’ll kill you also.’ [laughter] This Republic will remain to be a republic and I will protect for the love of my fellowmen, just like what you do. I will protect the innocent lives. I will not allow that they go crazy.

Shabu, one year, two years of use, you’re finished because the human brain shrinks and they cannot, they say, the forensics guys says rehab is no longer viable.

So dito na ako because this is a burning issue about… The rapporteur of the Human Right Commission wants to come here and she said, she wants to talk to me, one-on-one.

Sabi ko, ‘no’. You go public, you make the accusations. I’d like to know where you get the garbage. Because give me a policeman or a soldier here in front of me and ask him kung sinong ‘to? Who was the one or who I ordered to be killed? Extrajudicial? We do not do that. You do not shoot.

You know guys, our military officers, most of them from the PMA, they would not do that and if you force them to commit that kind of — they will mount a coup d’état, believe me, especially, and all of them — the officers: the non-commissioned and commissioned officers.

We have an Armed Forces who will never, never do that. And I know that, well, you do not overdo things. You think that we shoot people walking with their hands tied at the back on bended knees, no. But if you say a third of all killings were committed, happened during a police confrontation, yes.

I know because I’ve been mayor of Davao City. I know because I walk the streets there alone, with a bike, sometimes I drive a taxi. You can ask anybody from Davao City. I go alone at night when my security are already sent home. And I have experienced it, I saw it several times.

Itong mga buwang na durugista, the first thing that would enter their minds or do — no, the mind is — the mental health of a person is paranoia. And you would see. I’m sure that you have seen partners or your friends, the sons and daughters of your — mga kumare, kumpare and your friends.

You would know because he is very suspicious of everything. I do not like the way drugs destroy — it does not only destroy the mind. It destroys the family and society.

The first thing that will happen if you have a drug dependent and I said…Alam ninyo ‘yan, lumalaban sa nanay pati tatay, sinasampal sa mukha ng cellphone ang nanay and the horrible son or daughter and even killing the grandfather or the grandmother because she looked like a devil and somebody was whispering to him. That is the very thing that really rages in my heart. Galit ako kasi lahat na. It becomes a dysfunctional family, the children can no long — the food intended for food, the meager income for the tuition and for the fare, punta sa droga.

I’ll give you an example, I made a count. Droga is 200 noon when I started the campaign. Tondo, 200 at, one week, ilan ’yun? One month, 6,000? Times the three million, wag na ‘yung four, akin yung four, hindi pa tapos eh. Only three because the – yung fourth computation akin.

I am now hitting the 900 mark. By the year’s end, I would have breached the one million mark, so another million. So we’ll just stick to three, a computation, 6,000 a month. Times 14— ah four million. That’s eight billion. And one year times 30, that’s 260 billion.

Talagang masisira tayo. Wala nga tayong — we are… Yesterday, I ordered the release of 1-billion because I do not have the rehab centers. One billion for those needing medications, one billion for the crazy guys.

I could have bought something used for rice, poverty alleviation, school. And I have to spend because I’m being attacked. Kasi sabi nila, ‘Why is Duterte killing the drug addicts and the drug lords?’ ‘And why does not he place them in the rehab?

Well, I’ll tell you: Our rehabs are filled to the brim. You know very well that I became a mayor midterm. I am operating on a budget that was prepared by Aquino until the end of the year.

The campaign sloganeering was ‘bottoms up’ and they used the money for all of that thing. They buy, used the things just to win. Ang naiwan sa akin is maintenance and operation of my… So how?

There were a lot of flagging and crucifixion — eh wala akong pera eh. I cannot get the Defense’s money or the Education money to place it under the Department of Health. Kasi that would be robbing Peter to pay Paul.

So I was really just trying to find out how — then I remembered when we talk about humanity. There was this Chinese. He was a very simple man. He came to me here and he said, ‘I want to donate a rehab.’ ‘Fine, thank you, thank you.’

So I said, ‘how many? Good for how many? 300? 400?’ I will go to the land. So I ordered the military to open up the military camps because ang military ang may reservations, they have big reservations. So I ordered all, ‘open up your gates’, and allow them to build rehabs there.

So this guy went to Fort Magsaysay. He built — he built 10,000, good for 10,000. After that, he passed by here just to — he shook my hand and say, ‘I’ll go.’ I never saw him, again.

And so for those of you who spend time, money for your fellowmen, I’m sure God will repay you. I am very sure ‘yang karma. I’m, 72 at lahat, lahat ng — all the things, the bad things that I committed in the past, pinagbayaran ko ‘yan.

I know somehow that I was repaying my debts to God for doing something, sometimes wrong. But you know, just as killing — in our catechism, when I was grade 1, grade 2 under the Jesuits, they would always say that you’ll go to hell, it’s a mortal sin. Truly. I do not enjoy killing. But I have to protect the four million. It must be stopped, otherwise…

I don’t know if the other guy would have won the presidency. I do not know kung kaya talaga. But somehow I must stop it because it will continue to contaminate and contaminate and so to the last man I said, to the law enforcer, to the military guys: Destroy the apparatus. And I said, O sir if they are there, destroy them also. Especially if they put up a good fight. O ‘pag walang baril, walang — bigyan mo ng baril. Here’s a loaded gun, fight because the mayor said, let’s fight.

To the last…Ang apparatus when I say destroy the operation, destroy everybody there including the laboratory. And so how many laboratories in the Philippines we have discovered? You know the one in Pampanga Arayat was… The machines there, the equipments would fill two warehouses or if you want a visual, you can place there about four airplanes, if it’s a hangar.

So mabuti’t na lang, hindi ko talaga naabutan sila. Because pag inabot kita diyan nag-o-operate ka: Say your prayers and I will you.

That’s why I said, a fourth of what happened maybe correct. Truly, it must have been a shoot-out.

You know, why do you say that it’s a rubout, because the police do not go out alone. They go out in numbers two or three in operation that is why the idiot would always die or die fighting.

And why do you say now? Bakit noon? Why in the past walang shabu, walang pulis? Because the answer is very simple, we have been or we are already or we have been a narco-politic country, hindi natin alam until I became the President of this Republic.

When I started to squeeze it…Bigyan mo ako ng ano [asks for the narco-list] …When I started to squeeze everybody then I found out that there are mayors, municipal mayors, barangay captains, governors and a few congressman were in the business of shabu. We have been corrupted and this is why I cry every night. This is the drug industry of the Philippines.

In here are the names of municipal mayors, almost all of the barangay captains and a few — a senator who was playing at the same time and she was glorified with an award in Washington D.C., God.

They should know very well. They have the investigators. Look at it. Every page, elected public officials. Ako hindi ako maniwala. Representative Vicente Belmonte, Mayor Lawrence Cruz, that’s in Iligan. Mayor Willie Lim. They are all high profiles. Lahat iyan.

This is my problem and maybe it will take my life or my entire term to solve it, pictures, here’s General Loot who reported his assets — statement of assets and liabilities. He had 100 million because he was a good businessman.

That is my problem that is why we have to take care of our generation. This is the drug industry. That is why I gave a copy to the Speaker and to the Senate and I said, ‘Hindi ko kaya. I cannot handle it on my own.’

And even if it is true that I could kill them with a bullet, I will run out of bullets and time to do it. That is the agony that we have. Many people do not realize it.

So this mayor was a rubout, and the police said he fought, and this investigator said that he had a gun. The police said that he fought because he had a gun. And the bleeding heart would say, oh he had no gun. Given his corruption and he bought all of the politicians.

Odicta, the couple, husband and wife, operating on the western side of Visayas. Albuera the mayor, Espinosa operated the eastern side. How many lives were lost, how many crazy Filipinos who are there? Four million.

Concede to them about two, one million and when he died everybody said, ‘Ah, he was rub…’ ‘Why is the mayor defending the police?’ And I post this question: You want to side over the death of a son of a b****? Although I worry about the four million now suffering in agony and I said the social cost of a destroyed family. You only not destroy the person.

Look at Mexico, they elect a mayor there, lady. In the afternoon, she was assassinated. It will happen here because of the barangay captains that is why I did not agree to an election because if there’s an election they will win.

And if my plane go back home crashes, I do not really know how the next…Ah baka madisgrasya ka. Never mind there is a Vice President. Oh well, let her try doing it. Wala eh. Kaya sabi ko it must be God because… You must be very, obviously you know the characters of…

I promise you no corruption and there will be no corruption. I fired two commissioners of Immigration. You know what, they are all my fraternity brothers. I fired all of the ERC. How can I be sure that you are protecting public interest when you are a board member that would hear cases of increase and decrease of electricity when you are corrupt?

So everything, the first whiff of corruption, you are out, you are out. And do not make a stand there because you might not be there standing but lying down. That’s the only way especially…

Now the reason why we has a narco-politics. Do you know these politicians they have an Army escort of two and then a police, so nobody would touch them. Every time they go to places people would know that there is an idiot there pretending to be a big one when he is not. He wants his presence felt by the crowd. Rides on a plane with arms. Well, not in my term.

Next year I will impose the two limit. Two security officers and the rest will go back and that’s what I said. That’s why you saw people running that you cannot imagine a mayor who moves like a swagger, like a tough guy and when I gave the warning, you surrender or I will kill you within 24 hours.

They went to Crame perspiring and sweating all over. And I said all security men, go back to your units. So when there is no security, they are afraid and so you can hardly hear a mayor…I don’t like it. I don’t like people…I have been mayor of Davao City. I do not even appear on national TV. Naco-cornyhan ako. I find it corny and makatindig balahibo.

That is why here it’s simple. If I invite you here it’s — I am not pretending, we have money. But the problem is the money, the food we are eating is sponsored by the people. So you are here — you are invited but I do not prepare steak and all. Just soup, rice then one viand.

That is what you get here. Sometimes because I want to honor the Filipinos prepare a better one maybe one or two or three selections.

But usually I just —- mga civic organizations, they want to come, okay we eat but very limited menu. I know that it’s sometimes hypocrisy but it is the hypocrisy also funded by the people. So, simple lang tayo.

I said my administration and I said it: You do not blame me. I know that maybe some of you did not vote for me. But during the debates do not…

You know, I was asked by the moderator, I don’t remember, it was the debates in Cebu. And we were asked because of the questions, several, ‘Are you willing to bury Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani?’ Three of them said ‘no’. I and Binay said ‘yes’ because we have to heal this nation.

If you do not want to heal this nation you go demonstrating, fine, I said. No offense intended but it’s the yellow who are interested to oust me.

If you can muster the money and force, fine. I said, ‘I’ll go.’ Or if I get impeached the better. But let it be remembered that you impeached me because I was not corrupt but because I was desperate to help my countrymen. [applause]

Thank you.