Speech of President Rodrigo Duterte during the 2016 Search for Outstanding Government Workers
Heroes Hall, Malacañan Palace
19 December 2016
Kindly sit down. Thank you.

The Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea and the members of the Cabinet; Excellencies of the Diplomatic Corps; Chairperson Alicia dela Rosa-Bala, Civil Service Commission; the Vice Chairman George Cabanungan, Civil Service Commission; Robert Martinez, Civil Service Commission; awardees of the 2016 Search for the Outstanding Government Workers; my beloved countrymen.

Please accept my congratulations and your extra walking the another mile to do something for your fellowmen.

Meron akong speech dito. It’s a good one but I want to, I want to communicate with you tonight on a different level. As a worker in government, of government, or in, whatever, I’d like to repeat my talk with the private sector. May awarding rin kami, same. Those people who excel in their lives, to walk the extra mile for their fellowmen.

Alam mo sa dormitoryo namin noon, there was this anonymous, sabi doon: Expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to my fellow creatures, let me do it now. Let met not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again.

So ‘yun ang pinaka, pinaka — ang pagtingin ko sa inyo. That is how I would characterize your virtues in life. It’s really a virtue sacrificing extra time to think of your fellowmen aside from your regular hours. Those are the — is a virtue that is not present in everybody’s soul, spirit.

Ang akin kasi dito, itong problema natin ngayon… Eh ito ang ano lang ito, blah blah blah. Eh gusto kong magka-prangka-prangkahan na lang tayo.

I’d like to talk you as a government worker. Do not consider [technical glitch] superior to you, pare-pareho lang tayo, binabayaran ng tao. So I talk to you just what a government worker would do to confront the truth. Ito bang problema natin, ng bayan, the biggest threat, I would say, in the coming years it would be terrorism. It’s sure to come.

By the time the ISIS losses the land base in the Middle East, they would just go wherever and everywhere. And alam mo, they have this profound statement that they want to establish a caliphate in Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

‘Yung may mga, may mga maraming Muslim. Wala tayong problema dito sa atin. I’m sure that with Nur, he’s out of the country, he is collecting a ganong mga ano doon, mga suggestions, mga datos ‘ika nga, which he would present to us. But he has agreed to talk.

Ang MI naman were ready for January. And sabi ko sa kanila, I hope you can finish 2017. Or at least kung magka-isa tayo, then we have to concentrate on the economic side of our governance. Ang problema lang sa atin ngayon is sabi ko ‘yung Maute pati ‘yung Abu Sayyaf, they do not have that kind of patriotism na, ‘yung itinuturo natin sa eskwelahan.

Pero frankly I would tell you, what started in Mindanao, an ISIS or a Abu Sayyaf thing. It was awakening of their historical heritage. And you know before Magellan landed, about 100 years earlier in Sulu, Mindanao, Islam na.

I mean, there were already… Walang ibang tao doon except the Lumads, ‘yung nasa bukid talaga na hindi naman bumababa noon at ‘yung mga hindi inabot na mga conquistadores. But when they really try to subdue Mindanao, nothing happened.

Because hindi nila mapapasok ‘yung loob ng Mindanao e. May poste kasi. And the post was itong Islam. So but okay tayo in the days to come for as long as they’d want to talk to us it’s fine. Rather than really fight even a day.

Ang, dito naman sa mga, in the Communist Party of the Philippines, I’d like to thank them for even agreeing to talk, so by agreeing to talk, we can have the ceasefire and I hope it would continue until it is really finish to everybody’s satisfaction na sana huwag naman mangyari ‘to sa lahat. And everybody is listening sa buong Pilipinas, we are covered live. And I would ask the iyong ano dahan-dahanan lang muna natin.

What really gave rise to this movement in Mindanao was a Muslim, no region eh, Moro nationalism. Lupa nila eh. So they were really pushed to the wall and reduced, marginalized lahat ang kuwan. But they were in Mindanao first. So that is why ang pinaka-demand nila ngayon is ang federalism.

Iyon ang pinaka-barest na. Kasi they tried something else, they’d want to change it to a state. You cannot do that. We will all die fighting and even our — we will never have peace in this land.

Ngayon, pumayag na sila ng federalism. I just hope that it would pass. Next year, I will appoint the commission members to do the talking and studying and talking to the ano para magka-isa lang, kung anong… Whatever Misuari brings out here, after his trip abroad, fine and let us talk.

Kasi ako I’m warning you. This is no joke. And I’m not, wala akong, walang politika dito. I’m not up to anything. If we cannot agree on a federal type of government, there will be no peace in the land.

And we will just have to pass on this violence. And with the entry of itong ISIS, all the more, it becomes to be a virulent thing in Republic of the Philippines.

Kaya ‘yun lang ang ano ko sa inyo. Now, kung sabihin nila na gusto ko federal, ako wala ako, kung gusto niyo okay, ‘pag ayaw ninyo, okay. Pero if you are talking of sabihin ambisyoso, I am there to create another situation whereby I can prolong my stay in power.

Sabi ko sa inyo, I will tell you now, and I will give you my word, sinabi ko sa kanila lahat, if you can craft the federal structure next year and submit it to the Filipino people for the plebiscite, I will step down before my term para ma-implement ‘yan because you will have…Sabi ko, my suggestion is get the type of the parliament system sa France but you have a strong President. Hindi pa tayo pwede kasi there are so many islands there. Kailangan isa lang talaga ang salita.

So you have — maybe have a strong president with few powers but powerful ones — to dissolve Parliament, to call for a new elections, and parang ceremonial lang rin halos eh. And he must be the Commander-in-Chief of all the Armed Forces. Armed Forces, including police kasi armed ‘yan eh pati CAFGU. It’s just not limited to the military na, Air Force, Navy – ito armed. So if you are an armed government, you are into it.

So if you can have it in three years’ time — ako six years pa ako pero ‘pag nandiyan na ‘yan, I will step down and I give you my commitment. Wala akong gusto diyan sa ano. Kasi ako ‘pag tinanong mo…Do not be offended for those — lalo na ‘yung nagboto sa akin.

‘Yung nagboto sa akin, tumawa na lang kayo. And I woul understand, if you would ask me now, even sa Cabinet, ‘are you exceedingly happy?’ Or a little bit backward two steps, ‘are you happy?’ I will answer you, for those, the wondering guys: I do not need the job at this point in time in my life.

Pareho sa akin, halos ako matagal sa gobyerno. I became mayor for 23 years, I became a congressman tapos a vice mayor to my daughter, and now I am President. I have never lost an election in Davao. Pero kung sabihin ninyo na gutom ako, my answer is: I will step down. You have my word basta nandiyan na ‘yung federal system para wala kayong — kasi maraming, ‘hindi lulusot yan,’sabihin na, ‘ah, kasi he’s trying to maneuver, gusto lang nila to stay in power.’ That’s b*** s***. I don’t need the job. I really do not need it. I will not hang on to it.

Kaya ‘yang mga coup d’état-coup d’état, sus. I became President when the votes were counted, I was really almost appalled. Bakit… I had won siguro mga 200, 300. Meron pang mga kaso-kaso ’yan pero kung ganun. So wala akong pera, wala akong makinarya but I had a solid backing from the groups like the left. Ang left talaga, siya yung magde-demonstrate diyan sa labas — na ano, no offense intended.

Yung mga yellow man lang yan, they want me out because maybe they cannot accept defeat. Pero ‘yung ibang — tingnan mo diyan sa demonstrations, ‘yung mga komunista, hindi ‘yan papayag. Hindi talaga papaya ‘yan kasi komunista rin ako eh. I’m just — at best, you can describe me as a socialist.

I’m not a member of the Communist Party of the Philippines but I am…Kaya ‘yon ang…Ngayon, kaya nga ako, I released one billion para lang doon sa mga addicts who cannot be provided with rehabilitation facility because kulang.

Now, remember, they would say that, ‘President Duterte, why does he kill the drug lords? Why didn’t he just leave them in a rehab center?’ You know, I came to this position midterm. The battle cry nila noon, nung nakatira dito was ‘bottoms up’. Talagang bottoms up so when I came in, yung lahat ng reklamo, on hold. Walang pera. So magnakaw? Kunin ko yung sa agriculture? Ilagay ko sa DSWD? Tapos yung sa DND kay Gina? Magyawyaw ‘yan hangggang umaga. So that would be robbing Peter to pay Paul. Hindi pupwede ‘yan.

So, wala talaga akong magawa and I was at the butt of all the crucifixions. Kung ano-ano na lang ang sasabihin. Sabi ko, hindi kasi nila naintindihan. Pero mahirap na, I do not want to please my enemies with justification. I don’t care if they’ll listen to me or not. Even if I am telling the truth, ayaw naman marinig, that’s always the case because people judge best when they condemn. They do not really hear you out. So ‘yan ang problema ko but next year — but I was kind of thinking na doon sa drugs.

Isang tao lang. A kindred soul, Chinese, came here and he said, ‘I know that you are hard up. Would you allow me to build a facility, a rehab?.’ Wala naman akong lupa. Sabi ko, ‘saan naman natin ilagay ito?’ And he was asking for a certain hectarage. Sabi ko sa mga military, ‘Open up your camp. Allow the rehabilitation, mga health, DSWD to enter and para magawaan ng mga rehab.’

So this guy went to Fort Magsaysay. You know what? He built a structure there that would — can hold 10,000 drug addicts. Natapos siya dalawang buwan lang, all fabricated. Mag-import siya, walang taxes, walang free-free tax, binayaran niya lahat. Itinayo niya parang prefab talaga. In two and a half months, meron tayong rehab. Tapos bumalik siya dito, he shook my hand, he left. Wala na. I have not heard from him since. Iyong mga ganun.

And like you, on a different level of vocation, we are trying our best to really do something for the country. And like me, a worker, ang problema ko is inabutan ko ‘yang mga — ‘yang mga drug ‘yan sa panahon ko. Kaya ako passionate na almost obsessed. Dahil four — three million ang sabi ni Santiago. That was the PDEA of about three years ago.

The incremental increase, really, I would not know how much. Ilan ang nadagdag doon sa three years na ‘yun? Because there was no — there was really no. Eh pati yung mga pulis, they were into corruption. Itong, I said, seven generals I had to fire them because they were tainted with drugs.

And so, ‘yung bago ako umupo, count the killings before I assumed the office and you would notice that almost everyday there were killings five, six, seven. What does that indicate to you? Then when I assumed the office, hindi agad kami nag-operate. I had to — everything. And it was only after one month and a half na sinabi ko ‘mag-operate kayo’.

And there were killings and I suppose that I could simply say that a third, one third of those who died, died fighting the police.

Hindi lang kasi nila alam, I’ve been mayor for 23 years. Magtanong kayo ng taga-Davao. I go out of the night alone. Maghanap talaga ako ng tao na gusto kong patayin. Gusto ko mahanap ‘yang nananaksak, kasi estudyante saksakin, patay. Naghahanap talaga akong mabaril. Pero ‘pag ako ang hinoldap mo, tapos ka. Ganun talaga kasi ba’t eh —

So ang Davao medyo peaceful. I was able to control drugs and Davao even prospered. You know, the country is hitting seven-something growth — economic growth. Davao is nine. Look, go to Davao and lalo na kung andito ka sa shrine, there’s a bukid there in the middle of the city. Parang you — you look at the right side and left side, endless ang…Number one ang housing sa Davao. So we are hitting the two-point something mark sa population kasi istrikto ako.

Now, for those really, uso ‘yung kidnapping noon eh. At ginagamit pa ako doon sa crawler… Nandoon ako sa CNN, naghiga ako sa kama, napatayo ako. ‘Duterte admits killing suspect.’

So ano itong — wala man akong nalaman na pinatay ngayong recently. And you know, hindi ako sabihin nagpapatang ako.

Three months into the mayorship, may kinidnap— style noon sa Davao, damputin ka lang sa, damputin ka kung saan tapos ikarga ka, balewala.

Hanggang na-mayor ako, ganon, three months. Maski sino lang ang ma-ano nila, may kotse, kikidnapin ka. Tapos ikot-ikot ka lang sa Davao, tawagan ‘yung ano mo, manghingi ng pera, i-release ka pagkatapos, after two or three hours. Itong babae na ito, kinidnap niya, idinala nila sa Cotabato.

Ang mali nila, sabi nila ibalik nila ang babae doon sa Davao, sa bahay pa. So dito kami, ako, pati dalawang pulis, pati si Colonel Estares, General, kasi dumaan na sila doon. Sabi namin, any military man o policeman would tell, do not, huwag mong ibalik ang dinaanan mo. Diretso-diretso ka na.

So ang mga unggoy, dinala ‘yung babae, tapos nagpaluto pa doon, kumain pa ang… ‘Di na lang nilason ang mga…Kaya ‘nong paglabas nila nandiyan na ako. Eh kasi may mga hinatid pa ‘nong, ‘yung isang tiyuhin na babae, hawak-hawak pa nila, so hinayaan namin.

‘Nong after a few stops, ibinaba nila. Hindi nila alam na nandiyan ako. Tapos meron sa loob, bumunot ng carbine, ah ‘yon bakbakan kami.

Sabi ko, I do not know if I hit really. Tatlo kami ang nagbabaril eh. So hindi ko malaman kung ilang bala pumasok doon lang sa makina o sa tao. Pero it was really a legitimate encounter at covered ng media ‘yun. The media of Davao were all aware that there was this happening, evolving event rather.

Iyon lang naman naalala ko. Many others, kidnapping rin ‘yung situation. Pero hindi ako, sabihin mo na, nag-participate, pupunta ako as — as mayor tinitingnan ko ‘yung…

Sinabi ko sa taga-Davao ganito: Do not disturb or destroy the peace of my city. Do not destroy the youth of my land. If you do that, I will kill you. Talagang papatayin kita. Pero hindi ako papatay ng paikot nandito ‘yung kamay, nakatali na. Walang hiya naman. Maski sundalo, pulis, they do not do that.

I’ll tell you what, itong ating mga Pilipino na officer, commissioned, itong mga PMAers, hindi mo mautusan ‘yan illegal. Hindi ‘yan susunod sa inyo.

Sabihin, ‘we only follow legal orders, sir’. Sabihin na, salvage salvage. Maniwala ka diyan. Sila-sila lang ‘yan. Otsohan, hindi nagbayaran, ganon.

About a third of that really happened, legitimate. Do you know why? Because the first, may doctor man talaga dito, the first thing that they are or they are prone to do is to get violent and why? Because they are now affected now with paranoia. Kaya nga may armas talaga ‘yan, maski knife, basta may armas. They would never go naked. Kaya lumalaban talaga ‘yan. Maniwala kayo sa akin. Salvage-salvage, sila ‘yung nagpatayan diyan or gantihan.

Maski ako naman, ako mag-prangka ako. Sabi kasi nila with impunity, ako raw nag-salvage. Pero ako, personal? Kung rape-in mo ang anak ko o ilulong mo sa droga ang apo ko, papatayin kita. Papatayin talaga kita.

By what right in this universe na ito? By what right do you have to do that to my granddaughter or my children? Anong kasalanan ng tatay pati nanay sa inyo, bakit ninyo gawain ‘yan? Bakit ninyo pakainin ng droga? Ang social cause niyan it will result in the breakdown of the family.

Sigurado ‘yan ‘pag ‘yan magnanakaw ‘yan, there was a—doon sa Davao kumpare ko mayaman kasi Insular Hotel. He called me because the younger brother was raping the elder sister.

We’re able to get hold of the 45 hindi sila makalapit. Ang sabi sa kanya, ‘if I call the policemen baka mapatay ‘yung anak kong babae’. Sabi ko, ‘tiisin mo nalang.’ But I could hear the wife inside the car full blast music — inilagay siya doon ng asawa niya kasi sumisigaw ‘eh. Nag-iiskandalo ‘tulong’, ‘yan ang sinasabi ko. ‘Hayaan mo lang’. Tama nga alas-diyes wala tulog na ang buwang. Ewan ko nandoon sa Amerika pandagdag ng gulo nila, buti nga. Human Rights. Sino bang gustong pumatay ng tao? Filipino.

Pero ‘yan… Now, four million hindi ko nga malaman kung magkano ang gastusin ko. I just released one billion to them kasi kailangan ‘yan sila ng ano eh sedative, tranquilizers… And when the monkey starts to play in their back gumaganon na ‘yan eh. So they had to have a fix.

How much are we spending for this industry? How much are we spending? Noon, noon ang presyo mura pa 200, that is one day ha. Iyang trabahante one month, magkano ‘yan? 6000? Tapos ‘yung ano times three ‘yung kay Santiagno muna, three. Huwag muna ‘yung akin hindi pa ako tapos sa taon na ito. Times three that’s eight billion a month. In one year that’s 216 billion industry. Ganoon kalala, ibigay mo sa akin.

Itong nagdala nito, adik ito pero sa pag-ibig. This is the drug industry of the Philippines. I cannot produce proof beyond reasonable doubt, hanggang probable cause lang ako. Ang nandito si Loot, General Loot anong declare niya sa kanyang 100 million kasi matiyaga daw siyang magpabili ng bahay hindi naman kanya. Lahat ito pulis, mga pulis, mga buwang. Ito ‘yan.

Elected public officials per region, Region I, puro barangay captain, puro barangay captain lahat ‘yan. Barangay captain municipal mayors, a few governors and congressman. Anak ng…We did not know or I did not realize na noon pa pala we were already a narco-politics state.

Kasi nandiyan ang barangay captain about siguro mga 2,000 of them, barangay captains, municipal mayors, may congressman pa.

Ay naku sabi ko, ang sakit ‘yan ang ano…This is my kalbaryo, because I was elected President maybe on — at a wrong time.

So ano? Iwanan ko ‘yan? So I pretended to be with a capability and everything tapos iwanan ko ‘yang problema na ‘yan? So it will not stop until the last pusher is out of the streets and the last drug lord killed.

Maniwala ka sa akin. Papatayin ko talaga ‘yang mga ‘yan. Anong ginawa nila sa bayan ko? Itong si Odicta, ‘yung mag-asawa na pinatay doon sa pier, he was holding the western side of the Philippines sa droga. Easily mga one million, two million ‘yung nasira nila na buhay. Tapos ‘yung pulis nademanda dahil, well, noong he was — itong si Espinosa ng Albuera. Sabi ko, ‘that is your theory but I will believe the police because the police is under me.’ Sabi ko, huwag ninyo akong pilitin na makita ninyo in contrast and the Justice department came out with a ruling that says it was a rubout.

Eh kung nakikialam ko eh ‘di sabihin ko lang sundan lang niya ang istorya ng pulis, let it stand, let them file the case. But I have to protect them. Kaya nga ako, bigyan mo ng abugado, bigyan ko ng assistance kasi ang pulis, the day they are suspended wala nang makain ‘yan.

You know how much the sweldo ng pulis? 14,000. In Manila if you are a policeman how will you survive with three children, four children? Itong mga durugista, nagtatrabaho lang diyan sa pier mga kargador, driver ng ano.

Wala nang madala kasi nandoon na walang pagkain ang pamilya. It is really a dysfunctional family. Kaya ako talaga I am raging mad, galit ako. Kasi sisirain mo ang pamilya, walang makain, hindi makapag-aral kasi sira.

You destroy everything and you destroy them forever. Eh tayong mga pobre wala namang mayaman dito sa atin puro tayo sa gobyerno lang eh. Sweldo ko, t***** i** 130. Dalawa ang pamilya ko alangan naman hindi ko bigyan ng…Alam naman ninyo annulled ako but I continue to support my wife. She is sick. Pero annulled na kami. May isa akong anak, sabi ko, ‘isa lang ang anak ko sa iyo kasi hindi ko na talaga kaya.’

If you have a salary of 130, dalawa sila, wala na ngang maiwan sa akin…Diyan sa River Pasig na ‘yan, totoo. Kaya sabi ko, if you think that I am happy, I do not need the job. Makahanap-buhay pa ako siguro ng iba, negosyo.

Kaya ako galit. Ano ba ang ginagawa mo sa bayan ko? I said, I never declared a police operation. I declared war against the drug front because I was up to every drug syndicate. Eh kung hindi dahil sa mga security ko matagal na ako patay sa totoo lang. Bigtime na eh. There’s a plot na to assassinate me. [garbled] paraho kay Bato, sir, 50-50 ka. Eh ‘di patayin mo. Tapos na ako.

Sabi ko nga bakit nanalo ako? With only…Wala akong barangay captain ni isa dito sa Maynila. Not even a mayor, wala akong mayor.

Sa Davao ako man ang mayor, eh ‘di ako lang. And yet sabi ko the sheer number of six million. There has to be a very deep and — hindi ako kilala eh.

Ang governor ko lang nga dalawa: si Imee pati sa Ilocos, pati diyan sa ano — basta diyan sa Mindanao because she was once upon a time the love of my life. Alam man ni DIL — huwag kang magtsismis diyan sir ha. She is also a governor pero wala na matagal na.

But for love sake, ang laki ng panalo ko sa probinsiya niya, 100,000. Pati sa mga Moro, I won in almost places sa Moro. Pati sa overseas worker I got 78 of the total. Doon ako bumawi doon. But still very…Iyong droga na ‘yan has to stop because…

I am not trying to be corny ha. ‘Pag hindi ko natapos ito pati itong problema na ‘yan sa ano terrorism. ‘Pag hindi ko natapos iyan sa panahon ko, looking at the landscape, political landscape, walang makakatapos nito.

Eh kung ako order, I said: Go and destroy the apparatus. I never said, go and destroy the drug industry. It’s an industry 218 billion.

Sabihin nga na anon a, we will withhold your assistance and aid. T****** i**, you know, every time that they do that ‘yung Millennium Challenge, it’s about 400, eh nag-i-industry tayo ng 16 billion eh ang ibigay nila 400 lang. So every time they talk about itong Human Rights, they always connect it to the statement that, ‘ayan kanselado kayo.’

Kaya ako galit. You know, you are trivializing the four million problem of this country. Sasabihin mo diyan may pinatay na ano. Kaya ko ngang sabihin eh, even if it is true, your hearts bled for this son of a b**** destroying my country?

You are not only in the business of shabu, you are destroying my country; and I have declared war against you. Kaya’t pasensiya na lang talaga tayo.

They said that they would impeach me, go ahead, walang problema. Do you want to assassinate me? Go ahead. Pero let it be na natanggal ako dito sa Malacañang na ito kasi sa graft and corruption. Maybe because I was ousted because I was desperate in helping my country because I love my country. [applause]

Iyan diyan. Huwag mo ako, do not. So that is how it is. Kaya ‘yung mga aid-aid, sabi ko, we will get it somewhere. At saka hindi na ako tatanggap kasi sabi nila it was just…Tell America na sponsor ng…You can have your Millennium, 400 million? China promised me 50 billion. They even — six? Six billion dollars available next year. Tapos ‘yung — ‘di lahat lahat na 50 billion. Pati ‘yung trabahuhin…Sabi ko hindi mabigyan si Tugade ng Congress ng pera. Wala talagang solusyon sabi ko, there can be no solution sa EDSA if you do not come in. And they have agreed. So at least mga more than 50 billion papasok sila. So I thanked China.

Sa Amerika wala naman akong away except that it’s a land of hypocrisy. There are about 40,000 Americans killed every yea, drug connected. They supplied arms to those who fought in the cartel. Iyong si Oliver North. Remember that, North, that he was sentenced to prison. Iyan ‘yon, siya ‘yung nagbigay sa armas doon sa mga Mexicano.

Iyong oil. Tayo may arbitral. Gusto nila i-push talaga na ano. Bakit ba ako maghanap ng away? If I send the Marines there, they will be wiped out and in just one minute. It will be a disaster. We have no might. So at this time, there will be a day. Sinabi ko kay Xi Jinping that we will have to take this up but not now because I am here as a visitor and ‘yung sabi ko, I cannot talk about it kasi lalabas na tayo, bisita lang ako dito sa inyo.

But I will bring this up. And alam nila, pati ang ambassador dito, ‘yung Chinese na I will bring this up someday but it will be during my time that I have this arbitral award so I have to push it. Kung gusto ninyo, well, let’s just develop what’s the oil there, hati-hati na lang tayo.

Anhin ko man ‘yang dagat kung walang…What will I do with Scarborough Shoal, swim there everyday? For what? To send my soldiers there to die? Doon nakalutang lahat, susmaryosep.

I’ll just have to start with the domestic problem. Pati ngayon ‘yung iba kasi mahal na ang droga, wala na, balik na naman sila. You know these guys? They kidnap people mostly Chinese, they collect the ransom, then they kill the hostage. Ganun ang uso dito.

Sabi ko, iyan ang gusto ninyo, sabihin ko talaga: What you can do I can 10 times over, more evil than you. Do not ever, ever believe that you are the only evil-minded in this planet. Marami tayo. Kaya lang hinto na ako kay…

Just a warning kasi ganun ang ano. I try to save…Maganda na ang economy. It’s hitting seven so huwag na nating sirain and let’s just work.

Now itong sa drugs, ganito iyan eh. May I suggest a way of action. Gusto ninyong hintuin ang patayan o hinto kayo sa drugs wala ng patayan.

Tutal ang naghihinakit lang naman dito ang mga punerarya wala tayong pakialam sa kanila. Hintuan lang ninyo ang droga, kayong nagluluto ng droga, p**** i** maghinto kayo, ‘pag inabot ng pulis magbabarilan na naman kayo.

Eh ‘yang pulis preparadong makipag-barilan ‘yan. Eh sila ‘yung nag-a-attack eh. Hintuin lang ninyo ‘yang droga, good na tayo. Gusto ninyong mamatay, pumasok kayo ng droga, iyan lang.

So I end this up by…I am sorry for the raw language. But as I have said I am just a worker in government trying to communicate with you my — kung ano ‘yung, hindi basta na pano ganun, ganun, ganun, ouster? Go ahead.

I am telling you again: If you think that I am happy I will answer you, I do not need it at this time of my life.

Maraming salamat po.