Duterte: Drug campaign will not end, 08 Oct. 2016

President Duterte on Friday, October 7, said it is destiny that he became President so that he can solve the country’s problem on illegal drugs.

He said there will be no let-up in the administration’s campaign on the fight against illegal drugs.

“The drug campaign will not end,” Duterte said at the launch of the “Mentor Me” program of Go Negosyo in Davao City.

“I will not renege on that. There shall be no reduction in substance or in form,” he said.

President Duterte has been taking a firm stance against the elimination of illegal drugs in the country since he came into office on June 30.

He said he needs to interdict while he is still the Chief Executive to save the next generation from the proliferation of drugs that destroy relationships among family members and society.

“Somebody has to do it for the Filipino. It’s a matter of maybe destiny,” Duterte said, noting that he did not expect to be a mayor of Davao City for 23 years, let alone to be the President of the country.

“Maybe God placed you there to, precisely, to do the things that must be done to help the Filipino,” he said.

“Itong expectations, what evolved in my life were the very opposite of the things which I was really looking at into my future. So it’s a matter of destiny,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Duterte expressed his willingness to help Filipino small and medium enterprises.

“If I could get some loans, I will give you some,” Duterte said, noting that he will prioritize additional funding for education, rehabilitation, agriculture, and helping micro, small and medium scale entrepreneurs.

“If I get extra additional money outside of government sources, you’ll have a part of it,” Duterte said.

“If I can get all those things that I expect, I’m not so much into expectations. But I will look for the money. If I can get some, you’ll have the part of it. Otherwise, we wait for next year,” he added.PND