Duterte orders sequestration of shabu lab, 27 Sept. 2016

ARAYAT, Pampanga—President Rodrigo Duterte inspected here on Tuesday, September 27 a clandestine drug laboratory that could have produced about 400 kilos of shabu in one day.

President Duterte ordered the immediate sequestration and the confiscation of the property discovered by joint operatives of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Philippine National Police, and the local government unit. It is located in Barangay Lacquios in this municipality.

The property was bought by a certain Mr. Chua from another person.

The President said PDEA may use the machines for industrial purposes while the property will be used by the government of Arayat, Pampanga and can also be converted into a rehabilitation center.

The laboratory is capable of producing about 200 kilos per production, twice a day or a total of 400 kilos. 

“Biro mo kung wala, hindi ‘to nadiskubre or somebody else got the position of the President, six years after, we would have a failed state,” the President said in his speech after the inspection.

The President said all piggeries will now be inspected, as the smell of the piggery can drown the smell of shabu being cooked.

President Duterte said that the Filipinos should know the politicians — the barangay leaders and the mayors –who are engaged in illegal drugs. “I will be reading them publicly again maybe ‘til I come back from Vietnam. Because it is important that the public knows kung sino ‘yung mga opisyal nila na corrupt pati kriminal,” referring to the list he had been flaunting for days. 

Meanwhile, the President said he intends to bring the Philippines’ drug problem to China’s attention which has given its commitment to help the country.

“So we want them also to control their people and increase their focus on the criminals. Kaibigan man kaya tayo. Eh bakit ganon? If you consider us your friend, you want to help us, but most of the materials, lahat and the machines and the boilers are from China, what does that mean?,” he said.

He divulged that the discovery of the laboratory, which is a major accomplishment in relation to the war on drugs, is connected to the Bilibid network where the drug lords are detained. PND