Duterte rallies support from business for country’s ASEAN Summit hosting, 24 Jan. 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte attended the launch on Tuesday of the ASEAN 2017 Business and Investment Program and urged different sectors to cooperate with the government for the country’s successful hosting of the ASEAN Summit this year.

“As partners in development, I welcome your interest and commitment to be the catalysts for change,” the President said in a speech during the launch in Malacanan on Tuesday (January 24).

I urge you, all business leaders and enterprises, to take an active part in the vital programs developed to support initiatives under the Philippines’ ASEAN chairmanship,” he added.

According to the President, these include ASEAN Micro and Small Medium Enterprises mentors’ conference and ASEAN creative business forum and exhibit, the ASEAN women’s business conference, the inclusive business summit, the Second ASEAN young entrepreneurs’ carnival, creative market place slingshot and the ASEAN MSMEs summit.

The experience and expertise of businesses and enterprises will help ensure that ASEAN roadmap to growth remains responsive and relevant, he said.

ASEAN’s action of agenda will be full, the President said. He will spearhead work on agreements to facilitate investments, reduce the cost of doing business, develop MSMEs, improve and harmonize safety standards, develop innovation economies and increase the participation of the youth and women.

“Yet, we’ll likewise be firm in our resolve to bring these agreements to fruition,” he noted.

To uphold the region’s common interest and advance towards its collective goals, he said the Philippines will work closely with the ASEAN member states and engage its partners to realize positive changes for the region.

Duterte called on other ASEAN member-states to work together for a stronger, resilient ASEAN that is ready to do business.

ASEAN has changed a lot since its inception in 1967, he pointed out, stressing today’s ASEAN presents many real opportunities for investments to grow, and for investors within and outside the region.

ASEAN is a huge market worth over $2.5 trillion. Collectively, it is the seventh largest global economy. ASEAN member-states also represent the third largest market base in the world, next only to China and India.###PND