Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the 38th National Convention of Philippine Association of Water Districts
SMX Convention Center, SM Lanang Premier, Lanang, Davao City
02 February 2017
Salamat po. Sit down.

There’s always a prepared speech for me anywhere I go, maski nasa kabaranggayan. Parang buang. [laughter]

Sa bukid na…You know I’m not really up to it actually reading speeches. But I would just like to… For example, maybe touch on the matters that would affect the entire water system in our country.

But before that, there are persons to be addressed, as usual, Mr. Eduardo Bongayan, the convention chairman; Mr. Renato Mercado, the chairman of the Philippine Associations of Water Districts, Metro Cebu Water District; Mrs. Alma Abrasaldo, President of the Philippine Associations of Water Districts; Mr. Mario Villasan, Secretary of the Philippines Associations; mga kasama ko sa gobyerno, mga kababayan ko.

There is a need to actually… What is more important to be discussed here is the need to rationalize the whole system of — a gamut of procedures and jurisdiction, parang overlapping. Who gives the authority to what and whose final judgment is it that we follow?

In the city of the Davao, there is the water code passed by the City Council during the time of my — during the incumbency of my daughter, the first time.

She would insist on it and, well, there was this attempt to reconfigure the river of, I think, one of the tributaries that comes out of Tamugan.

She stood her ground and hindi talaga pumayag si Inday na maggawa ng bago. I don’t know what they were — what were they up to but I think it’s big business.

Now, today, I’ve read in the newspapers that Secretary Gina Lopez cancelled about seven of the big mining firms in the country.

You know, I support her. And there was never a time that I called her to slow down a little bit because on one hand is the strict implementation of the mining laws.

She’s so passionate about — not about the mining laws but about the little men on the land tilling. And she’s very adamant — today she’s insisting on the closure of so many. And I support her.

She has pro-people, pro-poor policies that I said, when I took her in, “You can have your way, just be fair and make it legal.”

That’s about the only standard that we follow, what is legal and what is fair. Hanggang diyan lang tayo.

Now, the reason why I think…By the way, ‘yung mga bago kong appointments, matagal na ‘yun. It does not lie in my grid. It’s somebody else’s turf. It’s Commission on Good Governance or something — government.

And all appointments that I make has to pass that [grade?] there. And it takes them time to review the appointments whether or not all the clearances are secured, iyong mga ganon.

These are things that you overlook when you appoint somebody because you do not ask for all of these things but it gets to be reviewed by a commission and there lies the delay.

Dito ho sa… Tapos na ho ‘yung appointments ninyo sa Board of Trustees and I hope that you have a new life there. The Filipinos never had the chance to have a respite of graft and corruption.

I would not want to zero in or focus on any administration. But for so much of our lives, it has always been corruption and it is the one thing that really pull down almost to the drain.

Iyong indolence ng taga-gobyerno if not outright making money. It does not exempt any organization, even the police have been criminals.

But remember, as if I’m quoting it for the first time. May I remind the public that when I ran, I was campaigning, I made this statement that I have to fix the police because it is rotten to the core.

I made that statement when I was campaigning. I just repeated it. So para bang ipinapalabas na all along hindi ko alam. And that is why kinuha ko si Bato from down sa ranking, placed him there because he has my trust and confidence.

I know na talagang pati ‘yang NBI. And may I remind Dante Gierran, the chief of the NBI now, when I talked to him and I said, “I will appoint you as the NBI director. It’s only one question that I will ask you, that I’m interested to hear an answer: ‘Kaya mo bang pumatay ng isang ahente mo, agent mo kung magka-leche-leche ‘yung trabaho ninyo?’” And he said, “Yes”. “On that condition, I will appoint you.”

So I hold him responsible for his statement, whether he really kills them or not, that is not my problem. What I’m trying to say is that I was trying to exact ‘yung performance. Not really literally, but if it has to be that way, then so be it.

I‘ll make it public for the first time. Kay Bato ganun, kasi alam ko ang pulis talaga is rotten. And I said, remember that when I took office, I had to fire several generals including — I don’t know if he’s here, General Loot, a son of a b***** of a general who has been involved in drugs with 100 million in assets and liabilities.

And I said that they are workers and very hard businessman that is why he earned… Sino bang niloloko mo, p***** i** ka?

Don’t… Instead of really reading itong speech na ito. Tutal, insofar as I’m concerned, in Davao City it’s working well. I hope it is happening all over the country. It’s so efficient. I’ve been there several times, that is why I pay on time, my water bills. Nakakahiya naman kasi.

You have this…Really one of the best performing government entity in this city ‘yung water. Mining also. [applause]  

Wala man dito. Wala rin corrupt na police. You know, I would not want to pull my own chair. But for the 23 years that I’ve been mayor and in between my daughter, and I was a vice mayor, we did what we had to do.

Ako, I promised Davao early on in 1888, that maybe we would try to have something of a  peaceful Davao.

At that time at 7 o’clock in the evening, everything was closed. And so I had to talk to everybody, those wanting to talk. But I never asked for a quarter — given quarters for criminals.

And… So it has come to pass and Davao with incredible growth of 9 percent. For any local government that’s a feat. But it took us time to do it. It took us time to reconfigure the technology of the brain. It’s not easy in Davao to enforce a law. All you have to do is suggest, just say it if this is good for us and obey it.

Medyo konting hirap noon, but, I said with the passing of time parang lahat kami nagka… We agreed that it is really to the best interest of the community to just obey the law.

So wala masyado akong droga because I never kept my secret. Before I remember talking here before you and I said the rule is do not do it in Davao with the drugs or crimes, I’ll kill you.

And when I became President, I said, do not destroy my country. Do not deprive us of our youth. We need them for the future. And maraming mamamatay along the way.

So itong rapporteur, ang bunganga nito—And, of course, until now they begrudge me about my rhetorics.

You America, you started it. Do not take it on me and saying that the relations are bad because of my rhetorics. Kayo ‘yun. You kept asking me in public. Despite the fact that I was no longer mayor but the President.

I’m not extraordinarily proud or happy to be President. And even if you ask me what would be my answer, I would say: I do not need the position at this time of my life. Kayo ‘yun eh. You chastised me publicly forgetting that we are a sovereign country.

You could have gone to the UN because we’re all member states. State your complaint and then the Human Rights Commission or the body itself, they would call my attention and conduct an investigation. Furnish me a copy then give me the right to be heard, that’s very important.

It is the Constitution, the same world that you gave us. We suffered as your colony for 50 years and you live off the fat of the land of my country.

Iyan ang mahirap sa inyo eh. Mas bright kayo. You seem to impose on people. So you chastised me publicly. Obama, you would not even… Hanggang ngayon, si De Lima, human rights chairman. She investigated me. Secretary, siya ‘yung may racket. She was running the whole show. Senador ganon rin.

Until now you have not come up with something. You know, let me just lecture on you. Iyong mga EU, bright, Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard. Bugok kayong lahat sa totoo lang. What a waste of money investing in your g****** brains.

Nobody but nobody can accuse a leader of saying do not f*** with my country because I will kill you. Do not drown my — with drugs and destroy the youth of my land because I will kill you. That is a defensive statement.

Just trying to preserve the Filipino. Four million addicts. Who are they? They are all slaves to a chemical and to fatten the pockets of the drug lords, who are in the police.

Pati ‘yung mga drug lords. Four million. How many of them are permanently off his rackers. I do not know. Because one year or six months of shabu — the severe usage would really shrink your brain. So how many persons…Ilan ‘yung mga kamag-anak, anak ninyo na kung mag-usap kayo, magsalita, gaganon ang…

Suddenly it veers to another territory. Marami ‘yan dito. And you bleed for those son of a b****?  Ilan? 3,000. I will kill more, if only to get rid of drugs. And this campaign, I thought that I would finish it within six months, but my standard then was Davao City.

When I became President, I had access to all information. And then I started to squeeze everybody. And then you realize that you saw it on TV by the hundreds of thousands, ganon pala kalala.

And there are about 40 percent of the barangay captains all over the country still operating, and policemen about 6,000. And the trade is still being carried on behind prison bars.

And no amount of confiscation even noon. Inilagay na nga sa NBI kasi nakakadala ng  cellphone. You know a cellphone if you are a prisoner and into drugs, ang price niyan is about 500,000. There was a time na pumasok ang cellphone, so you cannot trust anybody.

So one day, we will just have to talk… Do not give me that s*** that, “You know, this is an isolated case. It does not affect the whole country.” That’s bullshit. Someday we’ll have to talk seriously. Tayo-tayo sa gobyerno.

But remember, you are not exempted. As a matter of fact, ideally you should be the first to go bago ‘yung mga sibilyan. Kayo ang dapat mauna sa impyerno, totoo lang.

And… Well, as of now, there are no policeman in the entire country and I want to add even the NBI… The Bureau is suspended from enforcing drug laws. Kasali kayo. Kasi nawalaan na akong tiwala sa inyo.

Only the PDEA which is being headed by General — si Sid Lapeña. He used to be my chief of police also and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

I still have to write — there is a proclamation, executive order but I have taken in the AFP and raise the issue of drugs as a national security threat so that they can call all the Armed Forces to assist. 

So ‘yung iba, in the meantime that there will be a cleansing, a purge inside Crame and the NBI.

Merong… Marami sa inyo ang okay pa. Pero, ang problema, it’s a virulent thing. It’s like a virus that has really affected lahat ng law enforcement, lahat ng law enforcement.

So ‘pag ka droga tumabi kayo because I will suspect na iyo ‘yan. For example, if you catch 50 kilos, i-surrender mo sa headquarters ‘yung 25 o ten kilos, ‘pag ka bukas may medalya ka pa. Meritorious service. Iyong iba pinag—P***** i**, buhay na ‘to.

You know, you guys. Whether it’s PMA or PNPA, four years, government spends for your education. Libre, pagkain, lahat. Gives you a degree then you finished with a rank.

And then pagdating ninyo diyan sa… Itong si Dumlao, abugado ‘to. But he’s not a PMAer. But then again marami, ‘yung ibang general.

Pagkatapos ninyo we give you jobs, the corresponding rank. It’s a little bit comfortable life then you f*** the people by committing treason.

Kaya hindi na ako tumatawa. Kasi alam mo, hirap ako eh. At the beginning martial law, martial law. Right and left, martial law.

It started when Lacson suggested because of the propensity to decapitate people at hinihiya tayo to declare in Mindanao limited martial law. 

You know I don’t really need it. Sa totoo lang abugado ako, I don’t need any martial law. Frankly, I do not need any extra powers.

And if I would declare martial law, I will not announce it and I will not even give you an answer and I will just say, “shut up”.

If it is really needed to preserve the country, maybe. But it’s not a — the right thing to do at this moment. Wala pa naman. 

Pero kita mo, we cannot make use of the police because it is corrupt. I cannot trust now the NBI because it is corrupt. That is a law enforcement agency under the Department of Justice. Then the police is under the DILG. Both under me.

So I have about a limited warm bodies, still have so many wars to fight. There’s an ongoing operation in the Central Mindanao area and in Basilan. And what’s really very dangerous is that [Hapilon] who is an Abu Sayyaf, who has been the leader there, kidnapping people, has been proclaimed as the leader of the ISIS maybe in Southeast Asia.

Nagbibidahan ‘yan sila kung who will be captured as the leader, the — who will be crowned. And the… What’s the work? What’s the ethic? The work is kill as many people as you can. Because, if they are not Muslims, they are infidels.

And for you guys who was there, kayong mga Moro… Hindi masyadong — do not try to jump to conclusion.

My grandmother is a Maranao. My grandfather was — stayed there sa Iligan. But originally, ancestral, may bahay pa kami sa Marawi. Long time ago.

So just the NPAs, they wanted release of prisoners 400. I said, I have surrendered, conceded too much too soon. Lahat ng mga leader nila binitawan. The Tiamzon couple which is really the ideologues diyan, it’s freely so that they can talk the leaders.

Now they want 400 released. My God that is already releasing all. Para na akong nag-amnesty which is usually given after a successful negotiation.

Ang sabi ko, huwag ninyo akong ipitin because the military might not like it. And then if the military would oust me, would kill me, you have nobody talking to you.

‘Pag ang military magalit, hindi naman sila sabihin mo hindi sang-ayon sa akin. But they would always support you, if they think that you are right. 400 is 400 it is already as if the talks are over and there is a successful formula. So what is there to show?

You want individual declaration of ceasefire. I am just asking for a document which says that we are now in a ceasefire mode. Signed by the government of Oslo who is offering the good offices for us to negotiate. Iyan ‘yan eh. Now if you ask too much, this is a country that is not authoritarian.

I head the Executive department but I consult people and the military especially in these matters. Of course, nobody stood up right on my face to see it’s not good. But during our talks, on our coffee time relaxed moments, they would make suggestions and you can get a good vibration of what they want. So timpla-timpla ako dito in the same manner, that you have the politburo that you vote on whatever you want for things to evolve in these talks. Mahirap kasi ‘yang ano.

So nag-withdraw kayo sa ceasefire. So am I supposed to do the same? Gaya-gaya puto maya. 

Go ahead. I will decide on the fullness of God’s time. Mahirap ‘yang… Akala ninyo ako lang kasi nanalo ako tapos ako na. Hindi ako diktador ha.

And I have to be very careful. I have to you know —this Congress to consider which is co-equal body. As a matter of fact, they lay down the policies of this government. They initiate laws. And I said, I have to temper. I have to calibrate my moves vis-à-vis when I deal with Congress and with the military and the police.

Now what is important is that they must have respect. Otherwise, ‘pag wala ng respeto ‘yan, wala na.

For the years that I’ve been mayor, I got it from a father who was also once the governor of this One  Davao before. And he said that, nurture respect in everybody’s heart. ‘Pag nawalaan ‘yan ng respeto sa ‘yo, tutumbahin ka.

All these years, tanungin ninyo dito sa Davao kung nanghingi ba ako maski piso diyan sa mga negosyante? I’ll make it public now. Lucio Tan, si Andrew sa MegaWorld. They came here, chasing me to the last moment. I never accepted their donation.

Bangayan, you can dig into the records. In 1988, they were already her group, kasi magkaibigan kami. Not because they wanted to place their own candidate but because we were friends, family friends kaya sila gumastos. Look at the records, sa election, 1988 nagbibigay na ‘yan. Hanggang ngayon, a bigger slice of the contribution came from them, because we were friends.

And when I asked for their help, in 1988, this was the answer. Sabi ko sa kanya, sa brother-in-law, I asked for a meeting I said, “I will run for vice mayor. Can you support me?” And he said, “No, hindi namin sayangin ‘yung pera ko sa iyo. But if you decide to run for mayor, we will go for you.” Iyan ang totoo.

So ‘yung akin was just the millionaires of Davao, si Boy, but ito naman mga kababata ko. Wala akong utang noon.

Kaya ganito, if you want to enforce the law, if you want yourself followed, kailangan magkaroon ang respeto ng mga tao especially the police. I can b****** you anytime because dito wala silang makita na may gambling dito na humihingi ako ng… That’s why I survived. I never lost an election since 1988 until the presidency. 

Nasusunod and gusto ko dito, why? Kasi ipinakita ko sila, wala kayong masilip sa akin. Patayan, yes. Eh, alam mo itong buhay na ito madali lang ang istorya na…Kagaya nitong… Tama ‘yang sinabi ni Vit Aguirre. If you rape, if you rape, if you take marijuana, shabu, get drunk then rape a child, tapos ipipilit mong human right, ikaw? ‘Di tayo magkaintindihan diyan.

Matulis, kagaya ng mga pari. Susmaryosep. Itong si Bacani ang unang nag-fire, the opening salvo ko. You started it. Kayong lahat ang mga pari sa pulpito. Lahat ng… Tapos ngayon itong si Mercado, “stop bullying the Church.”

You read [Aries] Rufo’s book, “Altar Secrets”. It’s online. Now, basahin ninyo and if you think na binastos ko ang simbahang Katoliko, tell me after reading the book and if majority of you in this room says that I was wrong, I will resign.

Tutal meron man kayong registry. Just read the book, kayong lahat. Tapos you write me, all of you. Ito, itong listahan ninyo ngayon dito who are present.

Write me and we will have a plebiscite and I will resign. I give you my commitment now. During the campaign, ganon ang hamon ko.

Kayong mga tao, Katoliko na gustong pumunta ng langit, as if it is really true, sige doon kayo sa mga obispo at pari.

Kayong lahat na gustong pumunta ng impyerno, dito kayo sa akin. Kasi may gawain ako para sa bayan. [applause]

I’d always believe… Eh sa Ateneo kami sabi ko, lahat kami. Tingnan mo diyan sa ano, Mark Falvey, a priest who was charged in L.A. for molestations.

Tingnan mo ‘yung bio data niya sa Google. Last assignment Davao City, dito sa Ateneo. At an early age we were already being molested.

‘Pag kumpisal, maglapit pa ‘yung mukha baho pa ng bunganga. [laughter] What your sins are? Only to be… You know, kaya nga hanggang doon lang naman. Lahat kami hinihipo habang nagko-confess. “Bless me Father for I have sinned.”

Kayong mga pari, you know, by… ‘Pag nakinig ang Pilipino sa akin at nabasa nila ‘yang writer, he’s a narrator of the CBCP. He used to write for I think Inquirer pati Philippine Star.

Parang namatay na ‘ata. I don’t know. I am sorry if I am wrong. Ang number one si Bacani, molestation. Iyan ang karamihan ninyo, molestation.

Kayong mga… Ayaw ko lang mag-intriga, kayong mga asawa ninyo, magtrabaho diyan sa pari, bantay kayo. Ay sus, maniwala ka. [laughter]

I am not…Maski kayo alam ninyo. Sino man… Eh ‘yung parish priest ninyo, matino? Dito ako na p****** i** sa inyo, eh mayor ako eh. Tapos may magpa — magpunta sa opisina ko. “Mayor, pwede bang magpaembalsamar pa ng isang araw?” “Bakit?” “Kasi ayaw ng pari magbendisyon kasi linggo daw. Kasi, tapos ipinasok namin doon mabaho na, nagalit ang pari.”

Kita ninyong kaugok ninyo. You refuse to what? To bless? Mamatay na lang ako, galit ka pa, magbayad pa ako sa p****** i** ninyo, ay susmaryosep.

Tapos, “Stop bullying the Church”. Anong klase kayo? Kolekta dito. Every… Noong una Sunday lang, tapos ginawa ninyong misa Sabado, okay na ‘yan sa Linggo. Tapos sige kolekta, where’s the money? We are into the business of — ?

I haven’t seen really a true blue na meron kayong rehab center. Madala ba naman ‘yang p****** i**  droga na… “Mga kababata, huwag ninyong — ang droga.” “Ang koleksiyon natin, ako na ang bahala sa sarili ko.” [laughter]

Nabubusog kayo ng… Eh kayo ang nag-umpisa eh. B******** kayo ang nag-umpisa. Kaya sinabi ko sa inyo huwag. Because sabi ko noon sa eleksyon ‘di na bale akong matalo, huwag ninyo akong ganunin.

Kagaya rin sa Amerika, kaya sinabi ko, “Obama, go to hell.” Huwag mo akong ganunin, P******* i** ninyong lahat.

So, tinawagan ko si Trump. “Mr. President-elect, this is President Duterte, I’d like to congratulate you. Allow me to say hurrah you deserve it.” “Yeah, I’ve heard that you have a bad fix with the state department, I’ll take care of that. Whenever you’re in town in Washington DC or New York, pass by and have coffee.” Recorded man ‘yan. “I know of your problem about these drugs. Son of a—it’s also flooding my country, it’s destroying my country.”

Kita mo sa speech niya, ganoon pa siya. Puksain ko. I will destroy drugs. [applause] So, America, what are the values that you are trying — that you want us to follow? Shared beliefs? ‘Yan in your speech always that “shared beliefs”, “shared values”.

Here is Obama, reprimanding me before the nations as if he was talking to a state governor. Here comes Trump, supporting me and said, “I’ll take care also of my problem”. O ngayon nagkagulo sila pati immigration na. So saan ‘yung asal na gusto ninyo? Simbahan? Kayo?

Because it is either incongruity or outright hypocrisy. Iyan talaga ang totoong buhay ng mundong ito. You play with hypocrisy or incongruity. Your left hand does not know what your right hand is doing and it’s easy to condemn because people judge best when they condemn. Ganon iyan.

Kaya kayo ang nauna, eh walang para ‘to. Every time that I feel like, magsakit itong kalyo ko at bigwasan ko kayo, doon ko ilabas. Bakit ko tabuin ‘yung sakit ko sa puso?

Ngayon, USA, wala tayong ambassador. Walang ambassador pupunta doon. Hanggang wala tayong ambassador sa states… I don’t feel like sending one.

I went to China. Now, you keep on pushing us, assert, assert, assert. The question — you create a friction. So I go to China. Get out, dismantle your — or else I’ll come here with my Coast Guard and Navy. So if I go out and picking fights. What do you think will happen to this country? It’s massacre.

Can you contend with 3,000 planes? The missiles are there in Spratly. It can hit Cagayan de Oro, it can hit Pampanga, it can hit Palawan. So you want to go to war? By what proxy? Where is the battleground? The Republic of the Philippines. 

Akala ninyo ganoon kadali. Wala akong magawa. I said… You know, I went to China. I’m here to talk about peace. I want trade and commerce but there will be a time, you can be very sure of that, that during my term, we will have to talk about this arbitral judgment.

Which is the most opportune time? When they extract minerals and precious — precious whatever. Then I would say, you know you’re asserting ownership and so are we. So here’s the beef.

Pero ngayon gumaganda na, pumapasok na sila, they have offered, why do we to go war? Itong Amerika, ipadala daw sila ng… na kayo lang.

I know that my soldiers are brave. There are, as matter of fact, die. Extrajudicial killing, son of a… I have lost 32, 33 soldiers now and 26 policemen have died, gave their lives in the fight for these drugs.

Kung extrajudicial killing, eh ‘di barilin mo na lang, bakit mo harapin? You know in Mindanao, there are about laboratories here… Ang naka-gwardiya sa mga gate nila, sa building is not M-16 riffle or a pistol, it’s an M-60, dalawa.

Kaya ako namamatayan talaga ng sundalo. Baka akala ninyo ganon kadali. It’s easy to criticize, I said, especially condemn.

You are at you best looking at… Tingnan mo muna sarili ninyo. Buhay… Ipusta ko ‘yung buhay? Four million. Ilan diyan ang loko-loko na? And ilan diyan maghanap ng shabu? And every time they get the monkey on their back, kumakati na ang katawan, they look for one o walang pera maghold-up. Eh ganon ang nangyari sa Pilipinas. Sino ang namamatay noon? Mga bata, mga ganun…

O ngayon? Mga durugista. So ano bang problema mo? Hindi tayo… You push me to the wall. Hindi ako ‘yung basta na takutin mo lang. You will, you will go to prison because we will go after your International Criminal Court. Tingnan mo ‘yung charter ng International Criminal Court, ang Amerika g*** talaga, hindi pala miyembro.

Why? Well, I tell you why. Hypocrisy, yes; incongruity, yes. Remember Panama. They invaded Panama because the drugs sa South America went across Panama and were flooding America. Anong ginawa nila? They not only killed people, they invaded Panama. UprootedNoriega brought him to America to stand trial and he’s facing time there. Hindi lang talaga pumatay sila, they went to war — ah to invade and arrest a President.

So, you tell me first that you are correct. You went to Iraq on a pretext of there were weapons of mass destruction. You killed Saddam, undermine Libya, and eventually Syria. But China and Russia stood their grounds. Kaya hindi ninyo matalo-talo, they even you with the funding sa rebels. Now it is radicalized.

Kasi nakita nila, you destroyed so many countries for nothing. Para bang senior. I killed people for money. But since you are my friend, I’ll kill you for nothing. Parang ganon ‘yan. Dapat kanina pa ako dalawang pages lang, tamad ang gumawa nito, [laughter] Lalaki siguro.[laughter]

We will establish a central water agency under which all water related functions will be addressed. Tama ‘yan. It’s coming during my term. Itong sa — pati itong ano…

I’d like to remind all, when I say all it is all: Do not be a hindrance to the pag-propagate pati cultivate and make use of the surface water.

Huwag ninyong pahirapan ang local utilities, ang water work kasi kailangan natin ng tubig. And do not make it hard for them. Do not ask money from contractors. [applause]

The central government that is Manila, they only have one month to process papers. The directors are only given 15 days sa bureau nila.

Noon ‘yung NEDA, until now ‘yung aming application for a railroad, just a simple commuter railroad, hanggang ngayon wala.

So ako during my time, all departments, for whatever be the workload, I bought you so many computers. Billions na ‘yan. And we have made Sony, and Toshiba rich by a thousand times buying computers because we do not… It’s only now that we are trying learn how the world really catches up with technology.

Huwag kayong…At saka ayaw ‘yang ano… All… I will come up with a — being so para sigurado — iyong mga businesses permits. 

Itong bumbero, wala na ‘yan sa picture. Because when you erect a building or when you build a house, you go to the electric — city health electrician, ku-kuryentehan ka doon. Tapos ang bumbero, mag-pirma pa rin, pabilhan ka naman ng fire extinguisher ng walang laman. [laughter and applause]

P****** i** hintuan ninyo ito lahat. I will go for summary dismissal, sabihin ko talaga Civil Service, “If there’s a mechanism there somewhere, put it into action.”

Kaya itong mga director, mga register of deeds, all throughout the country. Alam mo mag-punta ‘yung tao doon, wala hindi mapirmahan, hindi ma-release kasi ‘yung director wala, wala diyan. Magpunta ka sa umaga, hindi pa dumating. Pagdating ng hapon, wala na. Tapos nasa Maynila, minsan nasa mapaaga magpunta sa mall kasama ang kabit tapos diretso na sa motel [laughter] Susmaryosep.

Bakit alam ko? Matagal akong mayor. Ako kung hotel sa gabi. Iyong wala ng trabaho. Motel, motel, office—Sinuswerte ka, ikaw lang ang gumaganon na binabayaran kung ganon. [laughter]

Let’s try to behave.  Let us give the people a respite of corruption. BIR, matagal na kayo. Customs maghanap ka sa subdivision dito, pinakamagagandang bahay BIR, Customs, military. [applause] Pulis, hindi masyado military.

Military pag-retire, makita mo just a simple country house. Police, mansion. Tanong ka diyan sa mga… sino mga—“Ah kay General ano ‘yan.”

Sino mag-respesto sa ‘yo? Kaya ‘yung mga tao mong pulis… P*** magsabi ‘yan. “T*** i** ‘to.  Siya yumaman na, tapos kami ngayon na sumusunod lang ayaw niya kaming yumaman.”

So that’s a f***** thing there. Walang susunod talaga. Kaya walang respeto. Sigaw dito, sigaw doon. And you want, you want your rank… You want your cake and eat it too.

That’s your problem. And not decide, whether a simple living, the pressures of the family. You want a mansion, and you could just go by with a simple life.

Well, of course, you can understand that you want them enrolled in La Salle, Ateneo. But try to figure out if you can really manage to do it? Ako kung hindi ako na… Ayan o si Ed Bangayan, kasi kaibigan kami. Iyan mga anak ko, kung hindi ako na-mayor hindi makapag-aral ng — Inday is well, she eventually transferred to sa last year niya, San Sebastian. But she wants to…

Napunta lang ‘yan ng sa San Beda kasi na-mayor ako. And I was a congressman at that time. Actually she was able to study in Manila because I was a congressman. Noong naghiwalay kami ng asawa ko, ang isang bunso ko, isa pa ring t*******. ‘Di umuwi ng bahay, sige lang doon kay Adarna. [laughter and applause]

Kaya ‘yung anak niya, nandiyan ngayon kausapin mo. Ilan beses ko na kinausap, sabihin mo ‘yung… Tanungin ko ‘yung… Tanungin ko ‘yung apo ko eh, kaya ko kinuha inilagay ko sa isang bahay na maliit, ‘yung katabi lang rin ng bahay ko. Kinuha daw ng tatay, “Sinong mahal mo, papa mo pati mama mo?” “Mama lang.”

It’s a tragedy magsagot ng bata nang ganoon. It’s a… It’s a private family but ako sinasabi ko sa inyo. Mag-gaganon na… Sabihin mo ‘yung bata, “Mahal mo papa mo o mama?” “Mama lang.”

Sabagay, ako man rin. Never got along well with my father. Alam mo sa totoo lang ang tatay ko namatay na never… Hindi nga niya siguro akalain na ma-prosecutor ako, ma-mayor ako tapos…So I was still a law student when he died.

But I thought he would never have dreamt of… But my mother still have faith in me. Itong tatay ko, Bisaya kasi kami eh. “Do, hanggang pantalan ka lang.” That’s an idiom actually sa Visayan, it’s a cliché.

Ibig sabihin trabahador ka lang kasi hindi ka nag-aral, “sa pantalan ka lang”. “O gusto mo? Pantalan ka lang kargador.” Sabi ko, “O, sige basta bayaran lang ako sige karga ko, okay naman ‘yan.’ [laughter] Siyempre ang mahirap kung i-TY ka.

Well…but I’m sure that because of the eerie silence, either minumulto ng ginanon ko o talagang interesado kayo na — whatever. Sinadya ko ‘yan because as President, I tend not really to…Style man itong, old style man ‘yan. Pati ‘yung prompter, tingnan mo doon sa Congress nawala ako, nag-ouido ako. Sabi ko, hindi naman gumagalaw ‘yang yawa na ‘yan. [laughter] 

And I do not… Whether ‘yan si GMA tanungin niyo ‘yung… I used to work for her, public order and security ano ako niya eh when I was mayor, adviser. Maski ‘yung tumatawag kami sa gabi, nagmumura talaga ako ‘pag hindi kami nagkaintindihan noon.

Lalo na ‘yang oppression. I do not want oppression. So you have to work for the number of hours that you are paid. You are shortchanging government.  You are paid to do a job for 300 pesos a day or 500. Then you only report once a week.

That cannot happen. That is why nandiyan ‘yung 8888. Text lang ninyo. Itong si — name the director, then spell out his sins and I will take over.

Kung ayaw ninyong maniwala itong droga, it’s hounding us, everyday may briefer ako. I will publish the briefer. Almost half of the five pages puro droga ‘yan all throughout the country.

Bakit lahat nagpatay? Ipakita mo ito sa… This is the drug industry of the Philippines. Hayan ‘yung mga pulis o. Hayan si Loot o. G***. Listahan ito lahat, elected public official. Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Norte, Pangasinan, Ilocos Norte, Baliw Daya, Lalong West, Lubog, Sta. Lucia.

Ito four region. Region 2, iyan o. Puro listahan. That’s 6,000, 40 percent of the…  Tapos sabihin mo lang ako, takut-takutin ako ng human rights. Ipakain ko ito sa bunganga nila o.

O solve the problem? How do you solve? When you’re complaining about, how many? ‘Di pa nga alam kung sinong pumatay.

Calabarzon, foreign national, [inaudible] itim itong yawa na ‘to. I think he is black.

Barangay captain… Ricardo. “Hoy, I’ll name you Barangay Captain Ricardo ‘Idol’ Satingin”, Calabarzon. Region 6 judiciary. Judge, judge, judge, judge.

Iyan ang trabaho ko kaya mainit ang ulo ko palagi. Gusto mo na…Ibigay ko ito sa’yo pati posisyon ko, ikaw na. Sige. Ni hindi ko nga makarga ang p****** i** niya sa kabigat. Puro listaha ‘yan.

How do you solve the problem now if you listen to this idiot human rights? And give me the book. Tapos, Katoliko… Katoliko, studied in Ateneo tapos ako ng San Beda. Pero…[Nandiyan ‘yung libro? Wala?]

Inunahan ninyo ako, sabi ko sa inyo, huwag ninyong sobrahan eh. Kasi ako, totohanan. This is the book. It portrays a priest sa likod nakatalikod. 

“Altar of Secrets.” I’ll give you one if you want, by Aries Rufo. With introduction ni Maritess Vitug. “Sex, Politics, and Money in the Philippine Catholic Church.”

Ah sandali… “Acknowledgment. This book is not divinely inspired. It draws inspiration and strength from the people who believed in the project, who believed that it was time to focus a different lens of the Philippine Catholic Church. This includes Church people themselves who are aching for reforms and within the institution. The idea for the book came after the Newsbreak published the stories of Bishop Crisostomo Yalung and Bishop Teodoro Bacani in [2013?] which I wrote it was one the best and the worst of times for the magazine. We broke silence on the misdemeanors of men, which cause troubles.”

Nandito si Bacani. Holy stations…Okay man lang ‘yan noong estudyante kami na mura-murahin kami. Pero, ngayon malaki na tayo, cut the crap ‘ika nga.

Hindi naman kami g*** eh. That’s why itong… Mabasa ito ng lahat ng college students and the next generation, wala ng Church. Just like in America. I’m sure everybody of you have been there.

Sige kayo ng allowance ninyo malalaki. Tapos, may first thing is trip kaagad ‘to. Ganon ‘yan dito.  So, I’m sorry but I will control the rate now. Babaan talaga ninyo nang husto as in baba.  And no more ‘yung mga… I will not. I will call your attention. It’s either I will…

No more waste. Wala na itong, mag-meeting ganun sa labas. I cannot imagine also how you’d be able to…Hindi kayo lahat ha. But it happened before. Ganoon ang style.

You are awarded immediately with the out of town or out of the country trip. Do not make me see ‘yung mga— dito they say, as a milking cow. No more of that. I’m sorry.

Lahat ng government corporate institutions will be controlled. Marami diyan na tao na… I will ask the financial guys to prescribe regulations.

Not because I do not want you to enjoy, I want you to enjoy life. But mga Customs, mawala ‘yan, the extra. Iyong sweldo ninyo, ano lang ‘yan noon, tip lang ‘yan.

Ngayon, we’ll just have to sacrifice. Wait for six years. Tutal mawala man ako. O magdasal kayo na mamatay ako or ousted. Mahulog ‘yung eroplano, ganon. Okay lang maski saan, basta not while I’m there. Kasi you know, I’m going. Napapaiyak ako sa pari, p****** i**niya. [laughter]

Sa campaign, wala ako masyadong… Even during the debates, nakita mo simple lang ‘yung akin. Hindi ako kasi — mag-diskurso ka, impress that…

Ako sabi ko, I will restore order. Try to stop criminality. I will suppress drugs. No corruption in my government. Sa Executive department masiguro ninyo, wala talaga eh.

At saka, ‘wag kayong…Walang dumadaan sa akin na mga contract. Prohibited sa Palace ‘yan. Diyan-diyan lang sa departamento niyo. If it’s a matter of approval sa Finance about dollars, then I sign after the advice of Diokno and Sonny Dominguez.

So i-dineliver ko, I’m controlling crime, drugs. I’m putting pressure on everybody. I’m going after the police, for corruption lahat.

Napunta na nga ako sa human rights eh. And there was one thing ha… Gusto ko lang point out sa mga… This is a democracy. We were on the hustling during the campaign, we were asked point-blank by the panel, “If elected president would you allow the burial of Mr. Marcos at the Libingan?” Ako pati si Binay nagsabi, “yes”, ‘yung tatlo ayaw nila. So when I became President, maraming alliances ganoon na pagkatapos, pag-resign papasok si Bongbong. Wala akong amo.

Maski dito sa Davao, wala akong amo. I do not follow anybody. It has always been my nature to rebel. ‘Di mo ako mapagsabihan. But when I make a promise, I will do it. Hindi ako nagpapa-corny na — for what? Bakit ko pagbigyan?

Kayo mga abugado. We were told time and again, do not go beyond the meaning of the word. Kunin mo sa diksyunaryo. He was a soldier, maybe he was a coward but he was really soldier. Wala naman sinabi he must be extraordinarily courageous. He was a president, yes. He might have been really a total failure, a bad president, okay. Let’s accept that. But he was a president. Wala na. So ‘yung mga abugado…

Kaya ako kay Grace, wala akong away. But tayong mga abugado, the only time that you can be a natural born is when you go out of the womb of your mother, Filipino ka, period. Ilang semester ‘yan pabalik-balik ‘yan sa Constitutional…?

Isa lang. One alley, through the womb of your mother, Filipino ka. Otherwise, you acquire it by acquisition of the husband’s…If the law provides that you become, you acquire his citizenship also or by naturalization, or by adoption. Pero natural born citizen. Tayong mga… Isa lang talaga ‘yan.

Kaya sabi ko, I beg to disagree. Although, I follow. Supreme Court eh. But into the wisdom of a judgment certainly not. I don’t believe you. But I will follow.

Ilang beses ‘yang…One semester, nagbayad kami, mahal pa ang tuition. We were under Isagani Cruz. He was a brilliant lawyer. Constitutional law.

Isang ano lang man talaga ‘yan. When you are a Filipino at the time you make the egress from your mother’s womb. That’s about the only time. All others, sinasabi sa atin, hindi talaga.

And here comes…Wala akong ano kay Grace. Grace is a gentle woman. Mabait, wala akong masasabi. I am not saying anything against her. She’s really a good girl.

Iyan ang mga issues na… Sometimes, you hear me talking. Because maybe of my verbosity sometimes on one topic, I tend to, you know, overdo things.

Iyong paglabas ng ano mo, ganon. Sometimes, I use a metaphor. I use a lot of idioms in my talks. Kaya nga…

So there’s a good time with you here. I have never seen so much attentiveness ng mga estudyante.

Kung ganon lang tayo sa school, wala tayong problema maski college. [applause]

I’d like to thank you for the time that you’ve given me. And let me assure you that… Again I will…There will be no corruption in my government. Not ever, ever, ever.

I would just want to give the Filipino a respite of about six years and try to build… They say that economy is good. Ako naman, I’m not an economist so I say, basta ako dito…That’s what I told Chito Ayala dito pati sila Manny: I will create the environment for Davao City for business to thrive.

Kayong mga pera. Wala man kaming pera, inyo na ‘yan. Basta ako dito, walang kidnapping. Patayin ko lahat ‘yung mga murder for hire. But I will make it really a livable city. We got it. Nakuha namin.

Of course it’s God’s — it’s the will of God. Kaya kayo huwag kayong maniwala. Magpunta ka… Mapunta ka sa hell, sa heaven.

You know, now I disagree with…There is no such thing as a heaven and a hell. You know, it would be a very stupid God if he creates me as a human being and at the end of my earthly life, he will just send me to hell.

God is Alpha, Omega. The beginning and the end. He sees everything. And he says, but you have freewill. But just the same God knows that you’re going to hell.

So why the h*** create me if you let me suffer? If you’re the creator of life, then create another one but not me. But you know—when you have this universal identity.

Kaya hindi ko na masabi change ganoon. “Mayor, huwag kang magmura, be courteous baka may mga bisita.” I cannot anymore. It’s too late in the day.

That’s my universal identity and I will bring it wherever I would go when the time comes. In the meantime, you try to survive in this planet and we can only pray to God, the true God, itong God nila.

With all the pageantry, tingnan mo ‘yung mga cross nila… Itong cross gold—‘yung ganon, ganon. Iyong cross nila, gold ba ‘to o?

Akala ko ba si Hesukristo gipako sa kahoy? Bakit naging gold ‘yung cross niya ngayon?

So where is your God? Because the Catholic Church are all pageantry and drama. Punta doon sa Rome, mag-elect ng Pope. Well, this Pope is good. I have no issue with him.

Itong mga bishop… Gastos ng mga yawa. Stop travelling and use the money, ‘yung kinokolekta nila. That’s about billion a day. Where’s the money of the faithful? You have not returned it.

Mamatay ka, magbayad ka pa ‘pag mabaho na. Ito pang isa. I’m going…Hoy, Church makinig ka. Itong mga mahirap, alam ninyo ‘yan. Dumaan ang mga iba dito pulitiko eh. Mamatay. Magpunta doon sa akin. [acts like crying] “Lubong? Sige, punerarya pati libing pakwenta mo na.” Tapos sabi ko, “Two days lang.” Maraming, maraming patay na walang— hindi makabayad.

You know, you’re only allowed so much to spend. Discretionary fund mo ‘yan eh. And then COA will start to question. Bakit malaki ang — ? Bakit nine days?

Kasi ang Katoliko ganito. Itong COA, pati pari pareho ang utak. [laughter] Kasi kinewestiyon ako kung bakit malaki ‘yung— Eh ang Katoliko nagtuturo that for nine days ang kalag. Ano bang Tagalog sa kalag? Kaluluwa.

Kasi for nine days, after mamatay, ang kaluluwa nandito pa sa lupa. Kaya you have to wait for nine days, bugbog ‘yung namatayan ng kape, pakain. Maski wala ng pera sige lang kasi nine days. Tapos ang pera nila hanggang limang araw lang na embalsamasyon. Tapos nangangamoy na. Tapos punta ka doon sa simbahan. “Hindi, huwag. Walang ano sa Linggo.”

So ‘yung patay medyo mabaho na. ‘Pag dinala mo doon sa pari, magagalit naman. “Bakit kayo nagdala dito ng mabaho na patay?” 

Kasi kasing baho ng style ‘yan ninyo. Mga ganoon na Katoliko…Nine days… Iyan mga turo nila, ‘yung sa…For nine days, nandito pa ‘yan. Pipilitin mong [acts like crying] “Ang kaluluwa nandito pa sa ano…”

Hoy, ang walang kaluluwa ‘yung nagtuturo ng kalokohan sa inyo. 

Maraming salamat po. [applause] 

— END —