17 February 2017

Duterte to Trillanes: Prove rehashed allegations
President Rodrigo Duterte responded to allegations of Sen. Antonio Trillanes III that he and his family amassed huge amount of money while in office advising the lawmaker to bring his case to the proper forum.

In a statement he issued on Thursday, President Duterte said the allegations of Trillanes is actually an old and rehashed issue that he has answered before he became president.

“If Trillanes can prove his allegation that I have amassed P2 billion illegally or if that bank account under my name has a total deposit at one time of even just half a billion, I will resign as President immediately,” the President said.

He stressed that the Filipino people have already spoken by placing him in office with 16 million votes during the last presidential election.

He advised Trillanes to stop opening his mouth when he “has nothing to say”.

The Chief Executive noted that Trillanes is on his last term as lawmaker and would have nothing to lose if he would resign from office.

He said this explains Trillanes’ penchant for daring him to resign adding that the senator does not have a political career after his term expires in less than two years.

Duterte likewise lashed back at Trillanes saying that he uses his office to ask for retainers.

“It is known in the Senate that Trillanes uses his office to ask for retainers and that this has become a lucrative business for him,” the President said.

The President urged Trillanes to file a case against him in court and show evidence to prove his claims.

Duterte brushed off the allegation of Trillanes noting that his family has legitimate sources of income.

The President also said that his father left something for the family who at one time became governor of Davao.###PND

PRRD Awards Wounded Personnel Medal To 14 Soldiers Injured At Landmine Explosion
DAVAO CITY — President Rodrigo Roa Duterte today, February 17 personally visited 14 soldiers who were wounded in a landmine explosion during a pursuit and clearing operations against armed rebel group, New People’s Army (NPA).

The explosion took place at Barangay Lamanan, Calinan District yesterday, February 16, where the soldiers were stationed as part of the Charlie and Alpha Companies and Scout Platoon of the 3rd Infantry Battalion.

The president spoke with the soldiers, who are presently confined at the Camp Panacan Station Hospital (CPSH) of the Naval Station Felix Apolinario in Panacan.

The wounded were identified as Cpl. Bel Jon D. Soratos; Cpl. Joe Mark O. Accad; Cpl. Allan R. Aguilar; Cpl. Abelardo Suela, Jr.; Cpl. Rey M. Danaytan; Pfc. Kevin Nuesca; Pfc. Paul John Aromin; Pfc. Dominic M. Alegado; Pfc. Marlon Soriano; Pfc. John L. Tecson; Pfc. Celso Oliveros Neri, Jr.; Pfc. Alvin S. Omagtang; Pvt. Noel M. Ramos and 2Lt. Harvey Kyl Escora.

During his hospital visit, Duterte awarded each soldier with the Wounded Personnel Medal, a recognition for putting their lives at risk for fighting the NPA. They were also given cash assistance and cellular phones.

Two soldiers were also killed during the said explosion, identified as Cpl. Michael Yadao and Pvt. Vilmel Damondon.

Reports say the encounter occurred when members of the NPA Pulang Bagani Command 1 under alias Jinggoy and Pulang Bagani Command 2 under alias Lando attacked military troops in the second and third districts of the city yesterday.

Around 5:30 A.M., the rebels attacked a military detachment in Malabog, Paquibato District, during which one NPA rebel was killed. Around noon time, the NPA also attacked civilian communities and burned down equipment at a pineapple plantation in Baguio District.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines believes the series of attacks perpetrated by the rebel group are retaliations for the death of their comrade in a recent encounter in the city’s Paquibato District.###PCO-Davao