Interview with Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella
DZRB – Radyo ng Bayan
19 February 2017
Q: Galing po kay Marlon Ramos ng Inquirer. Ang tanong niya: “How do you explain President Duterte’s flip-flopping on his previous statements that he came from a poor family?”

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Okay. Unang-una hindi flip-flop iyan. It’s just an explanation of how the family progress as a family ‘no.

Pagdating nila sa Mindanao and especially noong kabataan pa ni Rodrigo Duterte, as a young man, they really were not — they did not have any luxuries, they did not have — wala silang lavish lifestyle, hindi sila mayaman. Because the parents, unang-una, immigrant ‘yan eh ano, talagang hindi pa sila nakapag-impok.

So they really had nothing — not naman nothing but meron naman silang sweldo and all that but they were government employees ‘no, so there was nothing there.
Except that during ano — noong nakapag-impok na ‘yung magulang niya, when he died, the father died meron siyang iniwang inheritance.

So it’s not a question of flip-flopping. Overtime…Tama siya ‘nung — Presidente, when he was growing up there was no luxury. But ‘nung ano medyo may edad na siya at may edad na din ‘yung — when the father ano — he left them some form of inheritance.

Q: All right, another question po from Marlon, sabi niya: “As part of the government’s no-nonsense campaign against corruption, will President Duterte order the filing of — filing of criminal charges against sacked BI officials Al Argosino and Michael Robles who were allegedly accepting bribe money from Jack Lam?”

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: I, you know…I suppose that’s a matter of DOJ to recommend to the President. Let’s just wait for the DOJ to make a recommendation.

Q: Another question po from Marlon: “How do you respond to insinuations that the Duterte administration had entered into an agreement with the ‘pork scam brains’ Janet Napoles?”

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: I don’t know, I am not privy to those matters ‘no. Pero kung may usap-usapan sila hindi natin alam iyan. But definitely the SolGen viewed these matters and that’s what he decided on.

Q: All right, another question from Marlon: “Is the government now protecting Janet Napoles arguably the face of corruption in Philippine bureaucracy?”

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Seriously? [laughs] I doubt that. Thank you, next question.

Q: All right. Can we get Malacañang’s reaction to the CBCP “Walk for Life” rally which condemn the rampant killings and attempts to revive the death penalty?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: The President allows the freedom of expression and this is one of them. That’s part of the — that’s part of the democratic dynamic. Thank you.

Q: Question naman po from Gen Kabiling ng Manila Bulletin: “How soon does the President expect the AMLC to complete its probe on his true wealth? And will the President file charges against Trillanes if his accusations are proven wrong?”

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: I don’t know about the accusatio[n] — Ah, I don’t know about the filing of charges but it — everything depends on AMLC I suppose right now to do what they need to do.

Q: All right, question naman po galing kay Efren Montano ng Journal. Ang tanong niya: “Palace’s take on indications by Mocha of MTRCB to quit her post regarding differences with the rating system of sexy scenes?”

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: I’m not sure about the — exactly the ano, the issues being involved ‘no. But if she feels that she needs to quit then she is free to do so. But as far as I know, she still said that she would be continually supporting the President in whatever capacity that she has.

Q: Okay, another question from Efren Montano: “Palace expectations regarding inevitable arrest warrant versus Senator de Lima?”

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Well, let’s just follow due process.

Q: All right, okay wala na rin po tayong mga question pa from MPC. Baka meron pa kayong ilang pahayag, sir, para po sa ating mga kababayan?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Patuloy lang po tayo katulad ‘nung ano…Patuloy po tayo sa paggawa ano and let’s continue to focus and let’s bear in mind what the President has said that he is focused…Let us build a nation that’s worthy of Filipinos and let’s continue to mold Filipinos that’s worthy of the nation.

Hindi po madali ang nation-building and — considering the fact that he inherited — he inherited this situation right now na tayo rin naman ang gumawa. So if we can ano — if we can work together and agree, let’s continue to build together isang bayan na nararapat sa Pilipino at mga Pilipinong nararapat sa bayan in his words.

Q: Sir, meron pong pahabol kay Marlon Ramos, ang tanong niya: “Will President Duterte release the bank history of his BPI account?”

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: That’s his call. I guess he said anything but I suppose he will, yes.

Q: Okay, with that, sir, marami pong salamat sa oras na ibinigay ninyo po sa bayan, sir.


SOURCE: PCO PND Transcriber