From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella – On PRRD’s Approval Rating in Pulse Asia Survey

The vicious noise from the President’s fiercest critics failed to dampen public sentiment on the latest presidential rating.

Considering that Pulse Asia March conducted its survey during the filing of an impeachment complaint against PRRD, the Senate appearance of a self-confessed hitman, the media releases of human rights reports highly critical of the Duterte administration’s campaign against illegal drugs, and the internationally-aired video message of VP Robredo, the President has remained the highest approved, at 78%, and most trusted, at 76%, top national government official in the Philippines.

This tells us that a great majority of Filipinos appreciate the President’s priority of protecting the nation’s patrimony – the next generation – from dangerous drug traffickers and violators; to restore a trustworthy government free from corruption; to keep our streets safe from crime; our society just and fair; and our many peoples get along.

We thank our people for trusting that the Duterte administration is on the right track to building a nation worthy of all Filipinos.