From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella – PRRD on lobby as influence – not bribery

The President reiterates that he does not doubt the integrity of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

In what has been an impassioned issue, the appointment of Ms. Gina Lopez as DENR Secretary quickly polarized supporters between pro-environment and pro-mining, missing the position of the Duterte Administration, which is pro- environment and pro-responsible mining.

The way the issues were framed seemed to imply a “lobby” – or, an activity of a group (or groups) representing certain interests seeking to influence an outcome.

While the President did refer to a “lobby”, he did not mean  bribery, which is also a negative meaning of the word. He does not mean that the members of the Commission on Appointments were financially persuaded to take a position on Ms. Lopez’ appointment.

The President remains faithful to his covenant of seeking justice for the wronged and the environment. He trusts that all branches of government share the same commitment.