From Secretary Martin Andanar on PRRD’s Martial Law Remarks before the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 15 Jan. 2017

The President has categorically said no to martial law. He even made a pronouncement saying that martial law did not improve the lives of the Filipinos.

We therefore decry the latest misreporting that the President will declare martial law simply “if he wants to” or that “no one can stop the President from declaring martial law.”

Such headlines sow panic and confusion to many. We consider this kind of reportage as the height of journalistic irresponsibility.

The President’s remarks before the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry are clear.

He mentioned declaring martial law only under the premise that the country has deteriorated into an utter state of rebellion and lawlessness.

As President, he recognizes the challenges and limitations set by our Constitution in declaring martial law but he would nonetheless act accordingly if it warrants the preservation of the nation.