Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the 20th Founding Anniversary of the Premiere Medical Center, Daan Sarile
Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
18 January 2017

Salamat po. Kindly sit down.

Iyong umimbita sa akin brod ko po kaya hindi ko matanggihan. Atty. Danilo Yang, Dr. Reynaldo Yang, Ms. Geraldine Yang, Dra. Sylvia Yang, Congresswoman Vergara, Mayor Julius Oscar Vergara, the other employees of the Premiere Medical Center, fellow workers in government, my beloved countrymen.

Ito hong pinaka-importante ‘yung “beloved countrymen” because it spells out my country really.

But before I forget, I’d like to extend my warmest felicitations to the family behind the hospital Davao… Akala ko nasa Davao ako. [laughter] The Premiere Medical Center for the sheer service to the Filipino people.

Alam mo, maski anong klaseng survey all over, it’s always the doctors who occupy the highest credibility and respect of the Filipinos and rightly so. Kasi buhay eh, it’s life and saludo po ako sa inyo in the sense that is really…

I know the years that you have to toil. Pare-pareho ‘yung ano natin. A law takes about 10 years. ‘Pag ka doktor ganon din. Kaya marami ho akong nakitang doktor na classmate ko, mas matanda ‘yung mukha sa akin. [laughter]

The rigorous schedule ng isang doctor but you can — no other tao dito na respetado sa Pilipinas. And even the NPAs, they would not hurt ‘yung mga rural doctor pupuntahan mo. Ang lalaki ng respeto ng mga ‘yan kasi nagkakasakit naman ‘yang mga buang na ‘yan, wala rin pumupunta, kayong mga doctor.

Meron po akong prepared speech. But siguro, masisiguro ninyo ‘yan, maybe the usual niceties of life and topics that are really generally acceptable.

Pero napag-usapan na lang naman ho natin itong profession ninyo, malaki ho ’yung problema ko sa gobyerno and this is not the first time that I have heard again complaints sa PhilHealth.

Kaya sinabi ko kay Danny, you better assemble and if you want, I’d like to invite you for dinner or lunch sa Malacañan. I call for the — ‘yung PhilHealth pati itong DOH.

There has to be a corrective measure put in place now. Kailangan ngayon kasi… [applause] Matagal akong — mayor ako noon. The usual, the usual, the usual little things that would amount to a huge corruption in the final analysis.

So kailangan ito gagawin na ngayon. Kaya ‘nong pagdating ko, I was in the holding room and we had a short tête-à-tête. I said that pumunta kayo and everybody would be interested but my office could only accommodate so much.

But give me a list because I’ll invite all others especially from the medical associations to pitch in their [work?] so that I can formulate new policies.

Walain natin ‘yang corruption, madali lang ‘yan. All we have to do is suportahan lang ninyo. And the only thing really that needs to be done is for the people to be assertive.

Do not give in to anything that is out of the way or totally outright wrong. Kayong lahat nasa gobyerno, if you are dealing with the transacting public, the taxpayers, I have this to say: Now is not the time to do it. Maybe some, hindi kayo dito ngayon or probably who have been doing it for several years. BIR, Customs, lahat ‘yan.

Sabi ko sa kanila, you have had your heydays, your fun and glory but this time, at my time, paki lang po kasi…It’s only six years, a little bit of sacrifice.

I know that you’d go home less than what you used to bring when you were there in the previous administration.

Ako po’y nanalo and alam naman ninyo. Dito sa… Well, except for my brods and the one solitary soul that supported me. Wala akong barangay captain, wala akong congressman, wala lahat.

And that was all throughout the country. Not even in the hometown of my father. Ang nanay ko Mindanaoan eh. So but the sheer majority of six million really was boggling and I had to ask myself, I had to direct myself to God directly. What do you intend me to do kasi…?

Actually, I did not expect really to win. But I was there because nobody was talking about Mindanao, our problem. And hindi alam ng lahat, this could really cause a fissure in the country and maybe a permanent one which we do not like to happen. And nobody was talking about drugs, which was really flooding the country.

When I was mayor, I did not realize that it was that in magnitude. Alam ko because you know, the ones sa barangay, ganon may droga, dito, doon. But hardly an overall, a bird’s eye view of what was happening to the country.

Now when I became President, I already had the access to all information. And I found out to my horror that really three years or four years or five years, hindi bababa ‘yan sa three years, we were already a narco-politic country.

Kasi karamihan ng mga barangay captains, pati municipal mayors without really — no offense intended at ipinakita ko naman rin kasi sa inyo. To my horror, ganoon na karami.

So Santiago, General during his PDEA days, pegged it at about three million. Me? At the end of the year, nag-breach na ako ng one million and still counting.

Ang paghihinakit ko dito, what is really raging in my heart is that you are making so many slaves, millions of them in my country. Hindi ko ho matanggap ‘yan.

Honestly, hindi ko talaga matanggap ‘yan. They are slaves to a chemical and making the people very rich.

Kayong medyo umabot nang mabuting buhay, I’ll ask you: At what time during your marriage life, when you were building together a conjugal thing, kailan umabot sa inyo ang milyon ninyo? And I’d like to ask the billionaires: When was the first time you became a billionaire? For how many years did you really work for it?

Mga droga, may kompetensya ang mga negosyanteng legit. What? Drugs. Overnight to become a sensation. So ito ‘tong mga ‘to, hindi naman ako…Walang pinag-aralan ang mga… Lakas ng loob pati the greed.

Overnight, one, one transaction ‘pag naka-palusot ka ng…Kagaya ‘nong sa San Juan. Sabihin ko sa inyo sa totoo lang, kung nandoon ako sa Maynila at nalaman ko may raid ang NBI tapos ganun karami, I would have gone there at dinala ko ‘yon sa likod ‘yung mga tao at pinagbabaril ko. And I would…Iyan kaharap ko ‘yung nationwide TV. Ayan nandiyan lahat ‘yan eh, susunud-sunod ‘yang mga ‘yan eh.[laughter] Kasi naghahanap ng mali. Hindi ako nagkakamali, talagang papatayin kita. Kayo ang nagkamali, kayo ang patayin ko. Hindi ako. Hindi ako nagkamali. Trabaho ko ‘yan eh. Hindi ko matatanggap ‘yan.

Kaya ‘yung dynamics ko sa simbahan, sa ibang human rights, pati Amerika, I really don’t really give a s***. Hindi naman kayo ang pumili sa akin ng Presidente, ang Pilipino. So ang Pilipino ang poprotektahan ko. Now if… [applause]

Sabi ko nga, impeachment, tapos mag-coup d’état, do not “F” me with that kind of talk. [Because me?], I leave my destiny. First of all, I became a President by sheer destiny and destiny is God.

So who’d ever thought that I’d win? Wala naman akong pera coming in from the cold. Mindanao. That’s just the last city facing the Malacca Strait. On a clear day, I can see the Australians there, the women swimming in [laughter]. Nakikita ko ’yun sila nandoon.

So I took it upon myself to characterize the whole thing and I said maybe, baka ako pinapanalo kasi ako lang talaga ang pumapatay.

Kasi… Look, the 4 million Filipinos all reduced to slavery. Tapos marami ang yumaman, marami ang nag-bilyonaryo. Sabagay tingnan mo kung saan sila ngayon. Eh di nasa, kung maganda kung makita ko punta ako doon sa tatay ko. ‘Sino ‘yung magandang mausoleum?’ ‘Ah ‘yun ‘yung nasa ano, sir, ‘yung drug lord na ano.’ P***** i**. Sa kamatayan niya.

So ipinatawag ko and the mayors would tell you and I’ll be calling for the governors. Prangkahan ko kayo. Sila pinrangkahan ko. Hindi sila, hindi kayo. Mga mayor — Mindanao, Visaya. Sabi ko kayo mag-kwan. Talagang papatayin ko kayo.

Kayong mga barangay captains, panahon ninyo. Panahon lang. Hihiritan ko kayo lahat. Somebody should go to prison for that? I will, no problem. I will rot in prison for the Filipino, no problem about that. [applause] I die. [applause]

Just to make a visual impact on our problem. San na ‘yung aide ko? This is the drug industry of the Philippines. Now, anybody who would just, who’d want to take over and solve the problem, I can place you in a special commission. Do it for us.

Kasi ako, even if Congress would give me a carta blanca to kill all of them, I would run out of bullets and I would not have the opportunity to do it all.

Kung sino ‘yung wise na cardinal, na bishop, na pari, o human rights, puro listahan ‘yan. Karamihan dito, barangay captains, pulis, mayors, generals. Itong Loot na ’tong p***** i*** ‘to [laughter] general ng pulis, tingnan mo kung anong ginawa niya sa bayan niya. In his statements of assets and liabilities, he had 100 million because he was hard worker sa negosyo. One hundred million? Hindi kita iniinsulto, I’m not trying to belittle. Maybe you belong to a wealthy family. But 100 million?

Kaya binigyan ko si Koko Pimentel, the Senate President, and the Speaker, at binigyan ko ang military, sabihin ko, ‘try to sort out a solution to this problem.’

Kaya ito, that’s 6,000 and they are spread all throughout the country, including dito. Kaya mga drug lord dito, panahon lang ‘yan, panahon lang. Pangdagdag sa greenery sa mga memorial ninyo dito. [applause]

Kasi kung hindi ko ganunin… I can be a good boy actually. Holy ako eh. Ilang beses na ko nahuli kaya dalawa na tuloy ang asawa ko. But… I can be an extra decent person. All you have to do is just raise my hands, I will not do anything that is a sin against God again. Pati ang Diyos kung galit sa akin, eh ‘di you are invited to come down and, Jesus Christ, kayong mga bishops, sige inyo na ‘yan, try to… Because they’re invoking…Kagaya ng…

Hindi ko maintindihan talaga ang simbahan. Alam nila, alam ng mga parish priest gaano kalala. And yet they say that “extra-judicial killing.” Lahat ng dorog — alam mo naman na, kayo dito, alam, niyo ‘yan ‘pagka ang tao bangag, lumalaban talaga ‘yan.

Eh itong mga — kaya dapat ‘yung ibang pari, mag-shabu para maintindihan nila [laughter] I recommend one or two of the bishops.

Eh sa kanila walang shabu pero asawa meron. Pareho man kami. Ako pati ang mga pari namin sa Davao? Ah pareho. Tag-dalawa, tatlong asawa. Asus. Huwag na tayo mag — all the hypocrisy of, pretension.

There’s a book about — nabasa niyo ba ‘yun? “Altar Secrets.” It was written by the writers of, ‘yung narrator ng CBCP noon. You read the book, you will find all the sleazy. Meron niyan. So hindi lang — they’re trying to suppress. Pati ‘yung may isang film ngayon na about homosexuality of priests. Pinipigilan nila. Bakit mo pigilan?

When you expose the frailties of your faithful, you are free to shout on the pulpit but kung kayo exempted, anong klase ‘yan. Lahat tayo.

Itong mga Pilipino — you know from a long haul from Laos, we arrived in Davao only to be asked, ‘anong — have you resolved to stop cursing? Saying epithets?’ Kaka… Galing akong Laos, ‘yan ang itanong mo sa akin? Sinabi ko na, you know, sanay akong — you ask your stupid questions, I’ll give you a stupid answer.

You know I looked at the window, saw in the darkness God and he whispered to me, ‘stop cursing.’ Alam mo, kinabukasan editorial ako. Ako raw [kulungog?] kasi nagfe-Fentanyl, ‘yung pain killer, dito ‘yung Lidocaine eh C4 ko pati C7.

Kaya ako mag-tingin ng babae kung hindi naman talaga maganda hindi ko na lang tinitingnan.[laughter] Hindi ko maganun ito eh. Pero kung medyo talagang I mean in the peripheral makita mo man, you make a little bit of sacrifice ganun. [laughter]

No, ako, do not treat me as just one of the ano, talagang what you see is what you get. Ganun talaga ako maski sa labas, maski saan. Maski doon sa kaming nag-harap ni Obama. Sabi ko, ‘You can go to hell.’

Ganito ha, look, America, panahon ni Obama with all the wisdom and the pretensions of honoring great principles of humanity, even suggesting that I should be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court. Noong nagbasa ako, ang mga unggoy, hindi pala miyembro ng International Criminal Court. Tingnan mo p***** i** pagkahipokrito nito. Bakit? Well, do you remember Panama? Anybody remember Panama? They invaded the country because Panama was flooding the United States with drugs. They uprooted the President, shanghaied him to the United States, brought him to trial and Noriega is serving sentence there.

Kita mong pagka-hipokrito itong mga…They went to Iraq on a pretext of in search of weapons of mass destruction. They found out…They undermined Saddam. They undermined Libya. Look at what’s happening now. There’s a carnage. Kawawa ang…Never mind about the Muslim Christian, mga Hudyo. The human beings there, the Arabs are…

When you talk to me you better be prepared to go down to reality kasi diyan ako eh. I will point out to you what’s wrong with the world is not really me. And so iyang droga na ‘yan, ‘yang corruption, sinabi ko talaga I even fired dalawang brod naming sa fraternity. Talagang pinaalis ko. And I have fired so many nitong LTFRB, 92 of them already and many more. It will not stop over six years.

Drug problem…The killing? It will not stop. Believe me until the last pusher is out of the streets pati ‘yung drug lord. [applause] Wala akong choice eh. I cannot operate. Kung ganito lang makita naman ninyo. You build a case. How can you build a case isa-isa? You ask your fiscal, kami. You get arrested, get a lawyer, delays the investigation. The case is finally filed after six months to one year. Then first day in court, you ask for a postponement then another postponement. How can I prosecute 6,000?

In the meantime, I prosecute two, three, four, five in this community and everybody else in the list plays the drug game. What will happen to my country? Kaya sabi ko: Do not destroy my country. That’s what I said in Davao. Do not destroy my city. Do not destroy the young people of this country.

When I became President, I issued the same one: Stop it because it’s going to be bloody. Then I promise walang corruption. Then I promise walang criminality. Then I promise that — doon sa debate, that I will bury — I will allow the burial of Marcos doon sa Libingan ng mga Bayani. I have com — trying to come up with — with my promises.

Ano ba ang hindi ninyo nakita? Alam ninyo ang Davao. Alam mo kung bakit? Ang Davao noon medyo magulo. It’s in Mindanao, Secretary Mamondiong is there and so a Maranao. Nanay ko Maranao, tatay ko Chinese but my father is from Cebu.

Sinabi ko sa kanila magulo masyado. Sabi ko, I will make the city peaceful. Kayo ng mga negosyante bahala na kayo. But along the way, talagang hiniritan ko lahat. At ito ngayon, nationwide, it has created an uproar beyond the normal proportions.

Ngayon, here comes Trump. ‘Good evening, Mr. President, it’s evening here. I’d like to congratulate you on your victory. I think you are doing great. You will make a good country.’ ‘Oh, yes! Mr. President Duterte.’ ‘Yes, sir!’ ‘You know I think we have a bad relations.’ ‘Forget about it, we’ll reset a new one. You’re doing it right. They’re s** of a b****.’ I do not name them. ‘In the boundary they are throwing…’

So sabihin ko, anong asal na sundin ko? Amerika mismo with all its pretentions and hypocrisy dalawa ang makukuha ko. Here you have a guy who said continue with what you’re doing, it’s good, and this s** of a b**** is saying that I should go to prison.

Eh di sino? Ang Constitution mismo ganito. Sinira nila ang…Because of their hatred for Marcos, they came up with a Constitution. Abugado marami man tayo dito. The President can declare martial law but any citizen of this country can bring a petition to the Supreme Court to question on the legal basis for declaring martial law. But in the same paragraph, the President after 60 days should go to Congress for an extension if he wants to, if he wants to complete the slaughter.

Pagdating sa Supreme Court, sabihin ng Supreme Court, ‘it is baseless’, ‘it does not amount to any legal basis.’ Eh sabihin ng Congress, ‘go ahead because it is the national security which is at stake here.’ Eh kung magbangga ‘yung dalawa, if they cannot agree. But the President usually and Congress are betrayers eh. Pulitiko eh. O ngayon pag…Who decides now? Supreme Court sabi huwag; sabi ng Congress, yes. Who decides? Eh siyempre ‘yung President. So ako. It will discourage me to become a despot because I now can interpret the law itself and it is final. Eh nag-aaway kayong dalawa eh ‘di dito. Iyon ang ibig kong sabihin. Ito namang newspaper, ‘Duterte, Martial Law.’ I will not declare martial law. At kung mag-declare ako ng martial law hindi ako mag-ingay. [laughter] At magtanong anong basis? P******* i** ka, wala kang pakialam. Basta tumahimik kayong lahat. [applause]

Ganun ‘yan eh. Sino man ang g***** presidente mag-declare ko ng martial law Supreme Court, pwede ba ito Congress ganun? Basta ako, it is not found in the Constitution. It is not written there. But if I feel as a President that I have to preserve my country, I will declare martial law. [applause] Pero kung sabihin lang ninyo na peace and order ganun ngayon, tama ang military, there is no compelling reason really. But I will just fill you in as the days to come.

It’s ISIS is coming in very fast and itong Mindanao is a pure case of rising nationalism. Iyang Mindanao, before Magellan came more than 100 years, was already Islam. Kaya pagdating ng Kastila pati tayo there is no original Christian there kasi nandoon lahat puro — ang Moro country was already Islam.

So ang problema ‘yung rising nationalism, sila Nur Misuari, ‘yung MILF, MN, they want their country back which is correct, eh kanila ‘yun eh. Kaming mga… Kaya tatay ko ‘yung Kristiyano pumunta lang doon nakapag-asawa ng Mindanaoan.

Pero ngayon iba na ang istorya, because the ISIS have contaminated Mindanao. Kaya alam mo — you see the CNN TV putok dito, putok doon and the ISIS is a very, very cruel thing. I don’t know what drives them crazy but they burn children, they’re making women by the thousands as slave. Iyan ang delikado, hindi pa dadating ‘yan. Pero ang media kasi hindi nakikinig eh. Ang marinig lang nila ‘yung martial law. Hindi ako istupido, mas bright tayo sa kanila. [laughter]

Alam mo sa totoo lang, kung mas bright sila sa akin, sila ngayon ang gumagamit nito. [laughter] Kaya ako bright and besides, it’s — I said, it’s a God given — not even a gift, it’s a God-given task and I will not do it just for a flimsy reason. Perpetuate in power, I will tell you now. Please listen very carefully.

Am I exceedingly happy or I am glad — am I glad that I am President? I’ll give you the answer, truthfully. Truthfully, sa bunganga ko: I do not need it at the time of my life, at this time.

So takut-takotin ninyo ako niyang ‘Oust Duterte.’ Iyang ‘yung yellow—‘yung si yellow sige maski — ‘yan — ang yelo sa Bisaya eh ice, bumili ka ng yelo, that’s ice. Eh matagal nang natunaw ‘yan, pagtapos ng eleksyon, it melted. Sino pang gustong mag-Liberal dito? Eh di wala. [laughter] Sinong kaibigan ni Duterte? Kita mo. [laughter and applause] Sinabi ko eh.

Tapos estudyante, ‘Duterte is not a statesman.’ S***. I never studied to be a statesman. What I remember is taking up law kagaya nito, brod ko sa San Beda. Anong statesman? Hindi ako — ako 75 lang, totoo ‘yan.

Tingnan mo. Sonny Dominguez ‘yung Finance, classmate ko ‘yan. Kindergarten, valedictorian hanggang college kami. Tugade — Tugade, valedictorian ‘yan at saka bilyonaryo ‘yan, totoo lang. Iyong sa brod ko sa — karamihan ng ano ko Ilocano eh ang —  kasi ang Talionis sa San Beda halos lahat ng Ilocano pumupunta doon.

Kaya karamihan ko brod puro Ilocano lahat ‘yan. Puro valedictorian. Si Pernia is a Boholanon but he is emeritus sa UP School of Economics. Si Briones is a valedictorian sa UP ‘yan and the National Treasurer bureau. Puro valedictorian ‘yan sila.

Ang malas lang nila is nagtatrabaho lang sila sa isang 75 [laughter and applause] Bakit ka pa magstatesman, statesman diyan? Kalokohan. Aral konti, inom konti ‘yan sa Legarda p*** [laughter].

Ang gagawin dito diyan sa bridge, sa Legarda, sa bridge meron diyan ‘ice cold beer’.

Kung magtinginan kami ng mga brod ko na u***, mga judge ngayon. Kung sabihin ko lang sa inyo hindi kayo — puro walang ginawa iyan kundi mag-inom.

But anyway we passed the bar and — wala naman ako. Ako, I’m more of a just a storyteller. I do not really give speeches. I just a tinga-tinga. [unclear] lang tayo dito. Hindi kasi hindi ko madeliver ang message na iyan. Eh wala man dito yung p***** i** mo bakit ayaw mong tumayo? [laughter]

Hindi lumalabas ‘yung sentimiyento ko kasi baka dito marami pa rin. So kung nakikinig sila dito. Aabutin talaga kayo. 

One day, there will be one day in your life na magkamali ka talaga. Expose yourself or whatever. Merong mga mayor na — you know Odicta was running the show on the Western front of the Visayas. Iyong Albuerra, ‘yung pinatay nila doon sa loob, sinabi nila sinalvage —- whatever was — kaya ‘yang Cebu is a very docile tribe. Mga Boholanon. Ano ‘yan sila docile. Ayaw mag-away, ayaw lahat. Basta mabait ‘yan sila. And to think that when I became President, it was flooded with drugs. Ito palang p***** i**** mayor pala ng Albuerra ang —

Tapos kung magsagot ‘ay wala ako.’ ‘Talaga, walang ano, walang katoto — pulitika lang ‘yan’. Pag raid ng bahay niya, puno ng drugs. Ay p****** i** ka. Pati ako bolahin mo.

Ipatawag ko ang mga, next ang mga governors, sabihan ko talaga. Pero hingan talaga ninyo ‘yung… It’s either I come out with my mission accomplished or I go out of the presidency in shame. Pusta ko diyan pagka-Presidente ko pati buhay ko. Walang ano. [applause]

Sana maintindihan ninyo ako lahat. I may not be the civil President baka madumihan ninyo ng bunganga ko pero…  Kung ayaw ninyong makinig sila. Alam kong wala dito. Pero kung ayaw nilang marinig.

Sabi ko nga, I will kill you. Mamamatay ka kagusto ka lang diyan.

Now the bishops, the cardinals want to stop killing? Ayaw na ninyo ng gulo? All they have to do is to drop the shabu. Itapon mo lang sa dagat. Ang lawak ng dagat. Mamili ka ng dagat. Itapon mo diyan sa bukid. Umuwi ka kung anong kinita mo, makuntento ka na because if you continue then magsasalubong talaga tayo.

Whichever it goes kung ako o ikaw, walang ano sa akin but there is —there has to be a solution to the problem. [applause]

Maraming salamat po.