Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during his Meeting with the Families of the Special Action Force 44 (SAF 44)
Heroes Hall, Malacañan Palace
24 January 2017
Kindly sit down. Thank you.

The Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, Undersecretary Catalino Cuy, Police Director General Ronald Dela Rosa, the families of the Special Action Force 44, beloved workers in government, mga mahal kong kababayan.

I have a prepared speech. Ito… As I want to do, I do not read speeches actually. Mas naging sintunado ako sa…Pero mabuti kasi kung basahin ko, kasi hindi ako nag-p********* i**.

Kaya lang, minsan I have the… I’m not really up to it reading speeches. So just let me express what is in my heart always, maski saan, kung ano lang ang nasa bituka ko. If you want to hear, fine. If not, so be it.

Itong Mamasapano, I would like to lay the predicate. I will address myself to former President Aquino. I do not have any quarrel with you. I do not want to disturb your life now that you are retired and so with General Purisima and the others.

Eh magkakilala po tayo, not really kaibigan because the few times that we met when I was mayor. I do not want to pick a fight at this time in my life.

Although ito na aking ano — it’s a one shot deal also. I am no longer a politician but just a worker in government, period. Wala na akong… I’m not going to campaign for anybody. I’m not trying to raise somebody else’s— well, whatever.

Pero ang gusto kong sabihin na mensahe kayo because this happened during your time. And there were a lot of investigations from the lower house of Congress, the Senate, pati ho sa inyo, opisina ninyo.

But all of these investigations unfortunately left a void. Kasi alam ho ninyo, just let me also…I am not the brightest of the lawyers but you let… Iyong imbestigasyon, maraming issues na tanong that’s hanging.

And unless we address the issues and find the reasons why then makapaghinga na ito, ang pamilya ng SAF 44.

Otherwise, they will bring to their grave the hurt and agony that they had to injure losing a husband, a father, a brother.

Kasi ang investigation kasi, you could have completed it. You could have just simply say, ‘Eh ako ‘yung gumawa nito. Ako ‘yung nag-order but I left it to Purisima to do the direction. But I made the crucial decision and maybe along the way, I was also giving my inputs with the sense of being the in charge, the highest official there.’

Kung inilabas lang ninyo at ang sikreto why because maraming tanong eh. And as a lawyer, tama ‘yung sinabi and I’d like to adopt the same question: Bakit ipinadala ang SAF when SAF is geared — organized and geared into the service to meet the challenges of urban terrorism? Urban is urban. Dito lang ‘yan sa siyudad.

But maybe on a special occasion sent to augment the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Eh ‘yung terrain doon, hindi alam ng pulis. Bakit karaming divisions doon halos ilan ba? Almost… Ilang brigade na doon?

And they are practically surrounding the Mamasapano area. Bakit hindi ninyo ginamit ang Army? And why was it under wraps? At bakit ninyo itinago na actually it was an operation of the CIA?

Kaya totoo ‘yun… But far from the highway, nandoon ‘yung chopper and you had to delude the nation that after the Marwan finger was cut, it was delivered dito sa Crame for the forensics, when as a matter of fact, ‘yung helicopter na ‘yon, ‘yun ang nagdala doon sa — just for validation, to confirm that it was indeed Marwan.

Bakit ninyo itinago ‘yun? And why the police? Why not the Army with the artillery? At bakit kayo pumasok? Because under the agreement, if you want to arrest a criminal, not rebellion connected, you have to inform the MILF.

Eh kung pumasok kayo doon, it was really a violation. That is why na-stymie kayo. And ma’am, si Deles, I do not want to, you know, belabor. Ikaw ‘yung peace negotiator. And para sa akin, ikaw ‘yung nagpigil kay PNoy na huwag because war will breakout, because then you have violated the agreement that you should not enter MILF territory.

Bakit ninyo sabihin kaya kayo pinigilan ninyo ang air assets? There is Davao City. It’s about 40 minutes away. Then there’s the Awang, and there’s the Gen San TOG, ‘yung CASF.

The fighting started in the wee hours, in the dawn of the day until midnight. Bakit ni isang rocket lang naman wala kayong hinulog? And who said na, ‘huwag kasi we will break’. So why did you enter into an operation which was really placing in jeopardy the lives, because at the end of the day, you would have decided not to send anymore?

Kaya ‘nung nagputukan na, pinigilan ninyo because alam ninyo and alam ni Deles that you have violated and kung ganoon, inisip ninyo hindi ninyo kaya uli, because then war would be declared.

Ayan ang nangyari eh. So where’s the five million? Bakit tatagu-taguin ‘yang pera? So the five million went to whom? To [inaudible] Okay. But tell the truth, eh ilan ba naman ‘yang five million or 25 million dollars sa isang buhay ng tao? Tutal government can always answer for that if anything goes wrong.

But who was so interested in the money? Gagamitin mo ang pulis. Kaya ako ‘nung mayor, nagalit ako.

And Mr. President, in that meeting, I do not want to insult you. President Aquino, I’m just telling you the truth para sa — matapos na nga ito eh. Matapos na ito, I will begin with my statement.

Remember that day, I was also in Zamboanga, you arrive there because there was a bombing the previous day or was it that day?

Ako, I must tell you the truth. Wala nang pakornihan. I was there to campaign. But you knew of my presence, you requested Roxas to call the police, to contact me to go to — sa Andrews Air Base. Then you requested me to be brought into the command conference.

Alam ko na something was wrong. Iyong katabi kong general binulungan na ako. ‘Something horrible happened.’ At kayong dalawa… Sabi ko na ‘yung totoo para lumabas na. Kayong dalawa ni Roxas, I would say about four times, there was always a — we were not talking about anything. By the way, ‘yung nandoon tayo sa command conference.

You went back and forth sa, doon sa kwarto na maliit sa well but… Then you, I could… Alam mo, hindi naman tayo bata eh. So ako, hindi rin ako mag ano but, you know, I’ve been trained to what’s the demeanor of person. Trabaho ko sa korte ‘yan eh.

Every time that you went out of that room, I could see in your faces the — I cannot describe, ayokong insultuhin ko kayo but I could sense that something was really, really, really bad happened.

Alam mo, Mr. President, ganito ‘yan, noong nag-upo ka, at medyo nalaman na nang lahat — ikaw, Roxas, si Beng Climaco, mayor ng Zamboanga, ako. Iyong aide ko, si Bong, nasa likod. Pero ‘yung umupo ka tapos sinabi mo doon sa isang heneral, ‘kung ikaw ang nandoon, ano ang dapat gawin?’

You know, Mr. President, I will not characterize your behavior but you would notice that I just stood and I said, ‘Mr. President, medyo hilong-hilo pa ako sa byahe. Can I beg the indulgence to leave?’ Bakit? Patay na tapos may tanungin ka na isang general na anong dapat mong gawin kung nandoon ka?

I was really, sorry to say, I’d be honest and you can criticize me for this o whatever, this is a democracy and you can also — I was really pissed off.

Sinenyasan ko ‘yan si Bong, sabi ko, ‘Umalis tayo dito.’ By the…Patay na lahat, mabaho na nga eh tapos sabihin mo sa isang heneral, ‘kung ikaw ang nagpunta doon…’ Ma-remember mo kung sino ‘yung general na itinuro mo? What would you do…What would you have done? Ano dapat ang — ano ang gawin mo?

So, unang-una, you have to answer to the nation: Bakit ang pulis? What’s so special about the police action? Anong…And why was Purisima, at that time, already suspended? Hindi mo ako mabola kasi tinanong ko lahat ‘yung mga opisyal.

Tinanong ko, sabi ko, ‘Halika dito. Sabihin ninyo sa akin anong nangyari, totoo.’ They were taking orders from Purisima, obviously under your authority.

Kasi kung… Si Purisima kasi noon, nakadikit na kaagad ikaw. You were so dependent on Purisima for everything and you even forgive him for all of his sins sa corruption. Ayaw kong buksan ‘yan. If I want to dig, I will dig but I will not look for guesses.

Ikaw General Purisima, hindi tayo magkalaban pero do not… Alam mo na, isangkatutak din ang kasalanan mo sa pulis and even sa corruption, madami.

But I can assure you that it will not — never, never happen to me. ‘Di talaga ako papayag. Hindi ko bastusin ‘yang mga pulis but I do not even ask or plead for their loyalty. I do not need it. I am just a worker in government.

Mga military ‘pag ayaw nila na sa akin, bahala kayo. Just say the word. Pati ‘yang mga bata-bata. Dela Rosa kasi ‘yan ang kilala ko. Cuy, he was also my chief of police noon, nauna lang si Lito.

So these were the guys that to me were honest and can be trusted kaya sila ang kinuha ko na — hindi naman ako national. So ‘yong ibang pulis, sorry na lang because hindi kita kilala eh. Iyang mga kilala ko lang ang itinuro ko doon sa gobyerno, whom I can trust. PDEA is a judge, Lapeña, he was also a chief of police and he was my chose RD noong panahon ni Arroyo.

Kasi kung hindi ito masagot, p****** i**, walang katapusan ‘to. Every now and then, I get a letter, makita kung saan ako, ‘mayor’ and then they would confront me. It bugs me really because it’s something which I am not responsible for and yet, I have to answer this question because I am now what used to be you at kasalanan ko, hindi. It is now… It behooves upon now for me to find out.

Let it be brought to the open. It was an American adventure with the cooperation of some and apparently with your blessing. Sinabi mo, pawis na pawis ka sa TV and you were so stressed and you said, ‘kasalanan ko ‘yan.’ But it is not enough.

Sabihin mo sa Pilipino, sabihin mo sa akin kung paano ka nagkasala? At anong ginawa ninyo bakit you fed the soldiers to the lion’s den, to be eaten by death?

Kung isa, dalawa lang sana then I could just say na, ‘You know guys, that’s the life of a soldier.’ Wala naman, do not expect that you take your oath as a young man and you are assured of your retirement alive. Along the way you have to face so many challenges. And if by chance, hanggang diyan lang ang destiny mo sa buhay then so be it, pinili ninyo eh. Pero okay lang ‘yan. Everybody is willing to die for this nation.

I’m willing to die for this nation and not because I want to show off that I’m brave. No, that has nothing to do with it. It has something to do with just being a Filipino. And if you are called upon to die for your country, then it’s gonna be an honor for me.

We were not all given the chance like Rizal to die honorably being shot for the values that we stood for our country. I wish we could have that opportunity but we don’t have it. But at least we must be ready to face when the moment comes, especially if it is in the service of the nation.

What went badly, horrible result was — ? Hindi, kasi lumabas ang totoo eh. Si Napeñas, Napenas or… I… At saka ‘yung — so they are asking. Bakit dalawa lang ang Valor? Eh lahat naman ‘yun namatay. Nagpaputok rin. Of course, they had the enemy on the crosshair of their — they directed the direction of their palms in the line of fire.

So I am asking Dela Rosa and you guys, Lito, study the matter very carefully and look that up. You know, if it’s sauce for the gander, it’s also sauce for the goose. Walang pinipili. Patay kung patay. So look into it, I’m directing you now and give me the result within, probably at the end of the month.

Tutal nandiyan na ‘yung records hindi naman kailangan mag-imbestiga-imbestiga. Look at the records of the Senate and everything. And if you think as a soldier that the 44 deserve the Valor, then recommend it and I would give it to them. All of the soldiers, the 44. [applause]

It carries with it certain privileges befitting the death of their loved ones serving the country. And I will create a commission of seven kagaya ng Agrava Commission noong panahon ni Marcos.

I will appoint men of integrity and honor and kung tanggapin nila, then I will choose mostly the justices of the Supreme Court, maybe a few from the civilian sector, maybe a lawyer.

Ayokong mag-recommend na kilala ko. I will not recommend anybody na… That has always been my policy. Kaya walang — ito, nandiyan man silang lahat. Walang lumalapit sa akin for assignment or ‘yung promotion.

‘Pag pumunta kayo, itatapon ko ‘yung papel mo just like what I used to do when I was mayor. ‘Pag may negosyo ka sa Davao mag lapit ka sa akin, denied.

When I was a fiscal, pumunta ka sa opisina ko, kausapin mo ako, filed ‘yung kaso. I do not entertain. So I will appoint only persons whom I do not know and you can check it out. They will be independent in all aspects. They are free to summon and as President sa Executive department, I will order you to honor the process.

I will bestow upon that commission the powers that was exactly given to Agrava Commission, ‘yung panahon sa pagkamatay ni Aquino and let us see. Maybe I’ll just give them — tutal nandiyan na, hindi naman lahat ‘yan nandiyan na ‘yung papel… All they have to do… At the end of the year and they can have the truth.

From the time the plan was maybe being hatched, who were the guys who went to President Aquino to talk about this thing, maybe you can call the Embassy of the America, what was your role there and to whom the money was given? Eh pa-deny-deny ang Amerika kaya nga ayaw ko eh. Kasi ‘pag alam ninyo lalo na kayo karamihan pumupunta kayo ng Amerika, I’m not trying to say anything but sometimes a misplace value, you adopt a certain loyalty to the Americans. Stop it. Stop it. Hindi mo kailangan magpunta ng Amerika para maging magandang sundalo ka o pulis.

But you know, because of that, ‘yung minsan maski sa Armed Forces ‘yung ano nila and they have some — sa akin ambivalent. ‘Ano ito si Duterte, komunista. Bakit niya iniinsulto ang Amerika na maraming tulong?’ Is that so? Really? Kayong nagpunta ng Amerika? Kayo, ikaw, Bato? Are we really treated like the way they treat each other? Nakita mo hanggang ngayon maraming, it’s bigotry and everything. At saka inaatake ka doon. May problema tayo.

Which is the lesser evil? Iyong dito nagluluto ng shabu at ipinakain mo sa anak namin o itong mga pulis na may tinamaan na ‘yung bala kasi ‘pag lumabas ‘yan sa barrel of the gun, hindi mo ‘yan mapigilan? And sometimes, it can really hit innocent persons. But even in the law, if you are in the performance of your duty at ang ginamit mo puro auto bbbrrrttt. ‘Pag tinamaan ‘yung isang libo namatay that is only civil liability with the government has to pay but there is no criminal liability. Performance of duty. Kung hindi ka nag-perform ng duty, lasing ka, ‘yan ibang pulis, wala ka ng ginawa kundi mang-abuso and then pagputok mo ng isang putok, iyo lahat ‘yan because wala sa trabaho mo. Iyan ang tandaan mo lang. ‘Pag nagputukan diyan o nagwala itong pulis. Anong ginagawa nitong g***** ito? Lasing? Eh ‘di lahat nang namatay kanya iyon. ‘Pag sinabi, ‘Anong ginawa?’ ‘Sir, may barilan. Exchange of fire.’ At bakit itong mga pulis mas maraming patay ngayon? Kasi sa panahon ko, nagtratrabaho iyang mga iyan. Eh noon ‘yung mga pulis, ‘pag may raid na ano mga politiko noon, tawag. Dito. The seat of power. Eh President ‘yung… ‘Paalisin mo iyan. Masyadong istorbo.’ So ‘yung pulis assigned doon, ‘O, transfer ka.’ That will not happen in my term.

Mabuti’t na lang nanalo ako na halos walang tulong ng tao, ng lider rather. Tao lang ang akin. Alam ninyo iyan, hindi ninyo ako kilala eh. But I knew that I was popular sa pulis kasi word of mouth because sila ganoon sa Davao.

Trabaho ka. Akong bahala sa iyo. When I said destroy the enemy because there is a war. When you destroy the enemy, you kill and destroy. Ano ba namang klaseng giyera iyan?

Police operation, 4 million slaves. Mabuti pang nag- slaves lang sa Middle East doon sa African slavery market. ‘Pag nabili mo ang slave mapapatrabaho mo pa. P******* i**, itong Pilipino g*** mo, anong gawain natin diyan?

And sabihin mo mas importante. Hindi ko maintindihan ‘yang Amerika. Tapos ‘yung lang si Trump. ‘Ah, Mr. President, you’re doing it right. You’re okay.’

Iyong isa naman…’What you are doing is wrong, human rights…’ Anong asal? Asal ni Obama ang sundin ko o asal ni Trump?

Eh si Trump, ‘you’re doing it all right’. May message ako, saan ‘yung briefer ko? Kasi ‘yung Ms. USA, sabi niya, ‘President Trump is sending his warm felicitation.’ Nangumusta. Sabi ko rin, ‘sabihin mo sa kanya, okay lang.’ Pero hindi ako pumunta doon sa inauguration ‘di naman ako niyaya eh ‘di huwag. Hindi ko rin naman sila niyaya. Tayo-tayo naman ditong Pilipino. Ba, I don’t need them. It’s about time you disabuse your mind about the colonial…This is the briefing: ‘Message from US President Donald J. Trump as relayed through Ms. Universe…’ ‘yung kandidata nila, Paula Shugart. ‘[inaudible] to the Philippines expressed Trump, the US President, extend his best regard to President Duterte… According to Ms. Shugart, US President Trump supports the Duterte administration and I requested her to relay this message to him.’

Iyong kay Obama, ‘you are now…’ ‘We recommend you criminal prosecution before the International Criminal Court.’ T***** i**, u***. Noong nabasa ko ‘yung batas, hindi pala sila miyembro ng International Criminal Court. Naka-g*** ng…Bakit mo gawain sa akin iyan? Why do you do that? Hindi ka pala miyembro tapos you reprimand me in public. Who are you? You go to hell. Ewan ko kung nandoon na. Iyong…Kung ganoon kayo magsalita.

Tapos sabihin, ‘We will cut your assistance, pati ‘yung baril suspended. ‘ Sus maryosep. Iyong China okay pa and Putin he said to me—totoo ‘yan. I’m saying it public, ‘you will have everything that you need to fight terrorism and drugs. I’ll wait for you.’

Sabi ko, ‘Not at this time, because it’s really cold. I cannot stand cold.’ Sabi ko, ‘But, Mr. President, Inshallah, I will visit you maybe spring time.’

But there will never be a time na pupunta ako ng Amerika. I swear, I swear maski sinong—maski ipakilala ako doon sa lahat ng Miss Universe doon. Kayo na lang. Tiis nalang ako ng mga Filipina, maganda pa, mabango pa. [laughter] Sus kung makwento ko lang sa inyo.

I am not trying to be derogatory but it’s just fit. It has nothing to do…Iyong Filipina lang. Hindi niyo ako nakita. Maski mga congressman, sige magtanong kayo. Iyong pagka-gabi maghanap nang ano…Maghintay na lang ako. Nothing beats the Filipina. Maganda, mabango, lahat na.

Saan na ang magaganda may nakita ako kanina nawala naman? Biro lang ‘yan ha. Huwag ‘yung biyuda, ayaw ko ‘yan sila. ‘Yung magkapatid na walang ano, walang commitment—sige magpatawa nalang tayo.

So you will have that…I have requested Secretary Medialdea to study the matter very carefully. I’ll give the two guys, General Cuy and General Bato to—matagal pa naman at end of the month maybe…Wala na kayong basahin eh. I mean you do not need any materials other than what you have now.

So just review it and think, ponder on it, sleep on it, and then come up with a — because may drift, ang ano ko is to also grant the Medal of Valor. Then I will set a day it will be known as “A Day of Remembrance” for the SAF 44. [applause]

Sabi nila, sabi ko hindi—Kasi ‘yung mga ‘yun maraming memorial ng—memorial dito, memorial circle, memorial ng punerarya marami ‘yan eh, memorial na cementery. Ibahin naman natin, mas maganda — A Day of Remembrance. Oh hindi ba? Ayaw lang niyong bilib sa akin eh. Kinig-kinig ka diyan sa…

But ang importante ‘yung the highest honor that I can give really—ako ba personal — the highest is to award them, the Medal of Valor.[applause] Iyan, so I invited you to break bread with me and I’m supposed to be last speaker, is dinner ready? Masarap ang pagkain, baka tatlong putahe lang na gaya noon?

Dito kasi sa totoo lang, because this is not my money—dito ‘pag niyaya kita it’s only one ulam, sabaw, pati kanin, ‘yan lang talaga ang ma—ang order ko.

I do not order ‘yun ano kasi hindi natin pera eh. So even ‘yung mga ambassador magkain sila, sabi niya ano ‘yan? Sabi inun-unan, Visaya ako…Tapos magsabi, ‘what’s inun-unan?’ Medyo makalimutan ko ‘yung Tagalog ko. Ano nga yawang pangalan nito luto na ito? Sabi niya inun-unan, paksiw.

Pero dito expert ang…’Pag kumain ka dito ng isda, milagro na talagang mabuto ka, kung mabuto ka ibig sabihin kalaban mo ‘yung—patayin mo ‘yung chef. The bone there is really very great, you can—they always do it cleanly. But I have ordered maybe something more ‘yan kung ano—I’d like, I know that you almost lost your appetite.

Let us just remember them in a very special way. And I would even say that God please remember the SAF 44, they were all good men and they sacrifice their lives for their country. And please do not forget their families. They have a long way to go, especially the children, may you be there always to take care of them as they have now — now they have the Father to guide them.

At ako naman…Somebody will give you a card. Whatever reason, sa lahat ng sundalo ganoon ang ginagawa ko, na magpunta ako ng mga hospital ng—para sa sundalo, pulis. There’s three numbers there, for anything. May problem ka, hindi mo kaya huwag kayo mainsulto ha, do not be offended.

Hospital minsan cancer ganoon o relative mo o tatay mo. If you think hindi ninyo kaya at walang ibang katulong pumunta kayo sa akin. And that goes for every policemen and Army man in the entire country. [applause]

Iyong hindi ninyo kaya dito itapon ninyo sa akin. At magdasal tayo sa Diyos that everything will be all right in this country, we are improving.

Look at Davao, sabi nila, ‘killer ako’, but look at Davao. Early on sinabi ko: ‘Do not destroy my city, do not destroy the youth of my city because I will kill you.’

When I became President sinabi ko ‘yan: ‘Do not destroy the Philippines with drugs, I will kill you. And if you deprive us of our youth. Gawain mong g*** the next generation, talagang papatayin kita.’

And when I said ‘I declared wa’, I did not order the police for a police operation. No, I said, ‘destroy the apparatus of the…’ May apparatus ‘yan. Kung mayroon maraming drugs diyan, walang nag-distribute, walang kwenta ‘yung negosyo na ‘yan, then it is not a problem.

But kung may drugs maraming…Sabi nila mga mahirap lang. I don’t you know. Itong mundo umiikot and it will never stop even for a minute or a second to understand ‘ako, kasi mahirap lang, ang nanay ko, tatay ko holdupper, ang nanay hostess lang.’ Hindi makinig lang, where does the multitude of people in this — marami tayong problema. But when it reaches to the core of the interest of my country, pasensiyahan talaga tayo. When it is an issue now of my country, the welfare of my country, pasensiyahan talaga tayo.

Kaya sinabi ko iyong mga pari na…Sabi ko, ‘which is more important to you the rest of the innocents to be destroyed and the four million now or itong..?’ They entered it, alam nilang masisira ang utak nila. Alam nilang magluluto sila, mamamatay talaga sila.

Tapos every mass, maghanap kayo ng ibang relihiyon. Maniwala kayo Katoliko. Totoo. Iyong Katoliko mga bishops, they knew that they were not supposed to receive anything from government.

At panahon ni Arroyo, they asked Pajero mga—P***** i**, tumanggap ang mga u***, and they enjoyed. Didn’t they bother to say sa parokya ko maraming gutom, maraming…It was pure graft and corruption, nandiyan sa Constitution no public money will be spent for any religion. Kayo pauna-una kayo ng exposé. Dala ba na — ‘yung libro? I do not have it ‘yung libro ng pari?

I will make you a deal, basahin ninyo itong libro na ito and if I feel lahat halos nakabasa na ninyo, then go back to me and tell me binastos ko ang relihiyon ko at nagsisinungaling ako and I will resign. I will resign.

Sabi ko nga, Am I exceedingly happy to be President? I’ll give you this answer: I do not need it at this time of my life. Matanda na ako. Iyong mga clapping of the hands, mga Duterte, that started 23 years ago because I was a mayor for 23 years. Tapos na ako diyan sa mga applause, sa mga…

It does not mean anything to me at all. Pero ako I ran because its my obligation to — trabaho ako. ‘Wag mong takut-takotin ako ng coup d’état, ‘yung mga oust Duterte pati ‘yang mga pari. Eh ito pareho naman pala tayong tarantado.

Basahin ninyo ‘yang libro na ‘yan. Ang opening remark si Bacani. P***** i** Bacani na ‘yan, dalawa pala ang asawa. Pareho ko. Parang mayor rin ang buang. Tapos kung magsalita itong mga unggoy na ito. T**** i**.

Sila na basahin mo ‘yan, it’s by Rufo. It’s called ‘Altar Secrets’ Altar ba, secrets of the altar or altar. Nandiyan lahat sex, corruption, politics. Siya ‘yung narrator ng CBCP. He’s a writer. Diyan sa nag-co-cover ng — ibinulgar niya lahat wala dito it’s written by — it’s online. I’ll give everyone a copy If I can get one.

Basahin ninyo ‘yan. Ngayon, kung magsabi kayo ‘pag nabasa ninyo nagkamali ako, anak ng jueteng, mag-resign ako. Nakatalikod ang ano…’Altar of Secrets: Sex, politics, and money in the Philippine Catholic Church’ seller ito online, Aries Rufo.

Ibinulgar niya lahat. Basahin ninyo ito pagkatapos kung sabihin ninyo nagsinungaling ako at wala ‘yung how do you say the basis in Tagalog? Wala kayong karapatan magmura magre-resign ako. Walang problema. Pero kung ito ‘pag nabasa ninyo ito sabihin ko sa mga bishops conference marami kayo e pareho naman pala ang baho natin babae ganon eh puro kayo corruption.

Ako wala ako sa pera sa babae lang. Medyo limitado ‘yung akin. Hamunin ko kayong lahat bishops conference mag- resign tayo bukas sabay-sabay. Okay? Resign. Ako mauna.

I will deliver my letter of resignation hintayin ninyo kayong media. On bended knees ilagay ko sa kay Rizal diyan sa Luneta as a Filipino. Lagay ko diyan pulutin ninyo provided lahat ng bishops mag-resign kayo, mag-resign kayo pareho lang ang baho natin. Nandito lahat o, pati ‘yung mga seminaryo ninyo paano ninyo pinag…

May mga bakla, ilagay mo doon sa seminaryo o ‘di patay lahat. Mga pari nag-Ateneo ako. Sa Ateneo kung sino sa Ateneo ‘di ba every Friday mass ‘yan tapos confession.

Dinudukot pa kami noon ng pari. Maniwala ka. Iyan Cabinet na ‘yan ang classmate ko diyan dalawa, tatlo kami. Kung mag-usap kami…Sabi ko, ang iyo mas malaki kasi hinihipo ka ng pari araw- araw. T***** i**.

Eh kayo ang nag-umpisa eh. Sige daw be, explain to me. Ito writer ninyo ito, CBCP narrator ninyo. Nauna kayo. Ako walang problema magsabi, I challenge you now, I challenge the Catholic Church, you are full of s*** at mabaho rin kayong lahat, corruption and all.

Iyon lang pagtanggap ninyo, paggamit, paghingi ninyo ng Pajero. Hindi na kayo nahiya sa sarili ninyo? Pagkamahal-mahal niyang p****** i** na ‘yan, maraming Pilipino walang pangkain.

Kaya sabi ko one day, I will write a book: Hypocrisy. Lahat ‘yan politician, nagmamalinis, asus. Pero kayo ang starring diyan. I will start from the day noong bata pa kami.

Iyan ha. Gusto ninyo, hintayin ninyo ‘pag nabasa na ng buong Pilipinas, ng mga Katoliko at sinabi nila, kung sinabi ng mga tao dito mali ako, hindi tama ang ginawa ko pagmumura sa inyo publicly.

What’s wrong with that? Kami kung tawagin ninyo kami, ‘kayong mga politician, corrupt, dirty’ ganon. O kayo? So bakit kayo? Sinong tao na ayaw nila mag — takot sa inyo dahil sa politika. T*** i** ninyo.

During the last meeting, meeting de avance sa Luneta nakinig ako. Sabi ko, well, kasi ‘yung mga bishops they were coming out very strong against me. Sabi ko, ‘Well, let this be a plebiscite. Kayong mga Katoliko na gustong pumunta ng langit sumunod kayo sa mga tonto na mga bishop na ‘yan. Kayong lahat ng gustong sumali sa akin sa impiyerno, dito tayo.’ O, I won by what? 16 million with 6 million margin.

Inaatake ninyo ako, anong nangyari sa pamumulitika ninyo? Eh di talo kayo so ngayon ako na naman. Takot man Pilipino walang politiko ang magmura sa inyo eh, ako lang.

Kasi bata pa kami alam ko na ang trabaho ninyo, mga p****** i** kayo. Ang style ninyo matagal ko na talaga itong itinatago mga leche kayo.

‘Pag may namatay ayaw ninyong basbasan o magmisa kayo pagka-Linggo. Ngayon eh ‘di Sunday wala. Nagmamadali ‘yung mga mahihirap sa buhay kasi mabaho na ang patay, ang kaya nilang bayaran lang isa o dalawang araw na pag-embalsama.

O ‘di sabihin, pagalitan, ‘wag,’ pinauwi. ‘Bukas na, Linggo wala.’ Pagdating sa simbahan mabaho na, murahin ninyo. ‘Ilabas yan ilabas yan mabaho na yan.’ Tapos pagtapos basbas magbayad pa p*******.

Buti pa kung san ‘yung tubig, sa faucet lang ‘yan eh. Ibabasbas, maniwala ka ‘yang basbas puro chlorine ‘yan. Maghanap kayo ng ibang — but there is God. You better cultivate the relationship between you and God at mas malapit.

Huwag kayo pakumpisal-kumpisal kasi ang harap ninyo mga buang na ‘yan minsan umaga, walang toothbrush. Magsalita kayo malapit, ang baho ng mga bunganga. Gusto kong sabihin, ‘ano ba ang kinain mo kagabi?’ Ulam ba talaga o ulam-ulaman lang?

Hawak-hawak ng ostiya, ano ba ‘yan sabihin mo, ‘yung kamay mo, ba’t iba ang amoy niyan? Kung ano-ano ang pinanghahawakan niyan. They better behave.

Ako lang talaga. Ako lang ang sa paningin ko, ako lang ang nagmura sa inyo kasi panahon na dapat rin kayong murahin. Matagal na kayong lording it over. Mga cross na, mga bishop na gold. P***** i**, si Kristo ba ipinako ng gold cross? Ang bigat. May mga bato pa.

Samantala ‘yung… Akala ko ba mahirap ‘yun si Jesus Christ? Kung mag-painting Last Supper, kita mo ‘yung painting ng Last Supper, akala mo nag-pista ang mga buang. Iyon pala nag-inuman lang.

Mag-Last Supper ka, si Jesus Christ portrayed ‘yan parang may Diyos, pero huwag tayong magbolahan dito. Kung painting mo si Jesus Christ, huwag kang happy. Meron bang tao na patayin kinabukasan may panahon ka pa magtawa-tawa diyan? Kalokohan itong Katoliko.

Ito ang sabihin ko. Ang asawa ko Baptist. So noong kampanya, wala man akong pera. So ‘yung nirerenta ko na eroplano purot-purot. Minsan nawalaan pa ng break doon sa, doon sa Zamboanga, nawalaan ng break, diretso-diretso na. Kasi ‘yun naman ang pinakamura.

Wala akong hiningi na tulong. Kalaban ko ang simbahan and yet I won. At alam ninyo na minumura ko na ‘yung mga pari.

Madali lang man ‘yan kasi. Malinaw ‘yung you use the pulpit during the campaign. Mag-atake ka kasi may… O, tingnan mo ang Davao. Kayong nakapunta ng Davao. Tingnan mo gaano kalinis. Lumabas ka ng gabi sa Davao. Sabi nila wala kasi pinagpapatay. Eh ‘di mabuti. Bakit mo isakripisyo ‘yung inosente?

Ayan. Ayang pulis na ‘yan. Ano ang direksyon ko sa kanila? Ayan si Cuy, buhay pati: Palakarin ninyo ang inyong asawa at anak. Papasyalin mo ng alas-dose hanggang alas-kwatro. ‘Pag umuwi ng bahay ‘yan na walang molestiya, walang kabastusan nagawa sa kanila at buhay, ‘yan ang standard na sundin ninyo.

‘Pag hindi ninyo kaya… Si Cuy, ganito, huwag mong tanggapin ‘yun, maghanap kayo ng iba. Iyon ang standard. Kaya hanggang ngayon ganon ‘yan. ‘Pag may nangyari diyan naglakad, tatawagin kong station commander.

Pero ako sa pulis, tanungin mo ‘yan sila. Iyong ano ‘yung peace and order ko, ibinibigay ko sa kanila. Down to the last precinct commander, sabihin ko sa inyo, 15,000 lahat ‘yan. Buwan-buwan.

Sabihin ko, baka hindi ninyo ginamit doon sa Statement of Assets and Liabilities ninyo? Hindi ko na sabihin magkano ibinigay ko sa inyo, dito.

Siguro baka hindi mo rin binigay doon sa ano mo. Kaya ako, pati ako ‘di ako maloko ng pulis. Nagbibigay ako ng bonus sa Christmas. ‘Di ko ‘yan pinapayagan ‘yang pulis.

Huwag mo akong… Walang ginawa ‘yung mayor kung magpasyal doon, sige na tong-its. Bigyan mo ng pera, isugal ‘yan. Ako every time…Tanungin mo ‘yan sila, tanong mo ang taga-Davao.

Dito, asawa mo. Wala kang asawa, nanay pati tatay mo. Wala ka dalawa, maghanap ka ng asawa ngayon pakasalan mo. O kasi ‘yon doon ibigay ko ‘yung—

Hindi ‘yan sila nakakahawak ng pera sa akin. Pulis? Ano ka. Walang ginawa kung hindi mag…’Pag nagsugal iyan sa istasyon. Bigyan mo ng pera, isugal man nila ‘yan.

Pero ‘yun ang ano, ‘yun ang pang-araw-araw na but of the matter. Iba naman itong istorya na, you know. Patayin mo ang pulis na…

So the best way to find out the truth is that it should not come from my mouth. I’m just suggesting to you the, what is the appropriate is.

And it is up to the commission now to find out the truth. And Inshallah, Lola ko kasi Maranao. Inshallah. We will find out the truth.

Maraming salamat po.

— END —