Press Conference of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte with Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, AFP Chief Eduardo Año, Philippine National Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa, PDEA Director General Isidro Lapeña and Undersecretary Catalino Uy
Reception Hall, Malacañan Palace
29 January 2017
Thank you for accommodating us in this late, late presscon. I just came from Davao but because of the urgency of the issues that I will discuss with you tonight para ma — may maigawa na kami na policy.

Bato offered to resign yesterday. But I declined his retirement because it would not contribute anything at ‘yung kanya lang naman it happened that the venue allegedly was done ‘yung sa kidnapping ‘yung Koreano, happened inside the camp. That is what the witnesses are telling us.

But itong ano kasi killing ng Koreano, the place was just incidental. Na-kidnap na nila eh, nakuha na nila, they could have killed, strangled him everywhere, anywhere but they say it had to happen inside the Camp Crame is really bad. And we admit that and that something has to be corrected severely. But to sacrifice Bato, wala namang kaming — in all probability tulog na rin ‘yung tao.

I know that there is a command — chain of command even with the police, but noong tiningnan kong mabuti na lahat ng mga opisyal ng pulis makapasok sa Crame if you are an official. You are not even asked to go down to be searched ikaw pati ‘yung kotse mo.

I was just facing the reality that walang magandang maratnan kung papaalisin ko si Bato and more reason for us to do more. And the correct way to do it, if I may say so, is to go after the persons who have perpetrated the crime. Sila ‘yon. Because crime is personal. Hindi mo mapahayag sa ibang tao iyan as severe as ousting a chief of the PNP just because the perpetrators are police officers and they brought in the suspects.

Ang masama lang kasi, what makes it morbid is the fact that after killing, inilagay sa crematory tapos allegedly, again, flushed down sa bowl.

I did not react at that time na sabi na, “Why is Duterte keeping his mouth shut?” Because I was waiting for everybody to come out. Na ngayon ‘yung  Dumlao na ‘yon kept insisting that he was all along not connected but he was.
And the investigators are telling me that siya talaga ‘yung — who masterminded. Silang lahat, it’s a conspiracy actually. So maybe equal criminal responsibility.

When you commit a crime two or more of you and you decide to commit it ayon pareho kayong tabla. I think all are accounted for except the itong agents or ahente ng NBI.

Well, I am giving also the National Bureau of Investigation to produce those assets. I’ll just give them maybe 48 hours. And if they cannot be located and they surrendered to the NBI it would be a dereliction of duty on the part of the officials of the NBI who allowed them to go around.

Kaya iyang restricted, restricted, it should not anymore be followed, restricted to quarters. Military lang iyan and it should not be carried over into the civilian atmosphere or environment. The next time there is a soldier or anybody for that matter, they should be detained doon sa Taguig. There’s a detention there.

Kaya itong si Dumlao if I were you, if you are listening to me, you better surrender or clear yourself kasi kung wala kang kasalanan bakit ka umalis doon sa custody sa Crame? If you do not come out soon, I will offer dead or alive ikaw, ikaw mismo Dumlao, five million. Dead or alive, you deliver him to me dead, okay ako. Dalhin mo diyan sa gate ng Malakanyang patay, buhay, okay sa akin.

Dead or alive, five million if you are a fugitive. I have to spend this much because you put the reputation of the police in shambles. Now, it’s an injustice enough but to ask for the head of the PNP chief — there is no rhyme or reason for that. Even sabihin mo sa military ‘yung chain of command, if that is the story surrounding how the crime was committed it would not be fair.

And besides a person who is accused and if I’d fire him, you’d always give him the right to be heard. That’s the law, the Constitution. Kaya nga nag-iimbestiga sila eh. Pero p***** i** kang Dumlao ka ‘pag hindi ka lumabas, patungan kita ng five million. I am giving you exactly 24 hours ‘pag hindi that reward goes into effect.

And I said, dead or alive. If you bring him dead the better. I do not have to ask questions more. I think we have more or less already — alam na namin kung ano ang nangyari. It’s just a matter of catching the two others whom we suspect that are connected with the kidnapping.

Now, the other…Huwag muna kayong magtanong kasi it’s getting late. The situation in Mindanao. As you know the greatest danger now that mankind is facing is really extremism.

There’s a group in the Middle East and they sport the name of ISIS. And they kill without [compaction?]. They don’t — they don’t even differentiate between bata ka, babae ka. Kung bata tapon ka lang. So, it’s a mass insanity. 

And [Hapilon] was already given the blessing to be the leader ng ISIS. I don’t know if it covers Malaysia and Indonesia. But he is now the top honcho of the ISIS dito. He is billeted somewhere in Lanao and we have a full time military operation there.

Takot ako sa kanila because historically they use bombs, bomb, IED and they did it several times in my city. The latest one was ‘yung sa flea market ‘yung vending doon sa harap ng Ateneo.

So that to me would be the more dangerous thing for us. And I have ordered a full-press military operation kasi uulit iyan, uulit iyan. And if they are desperate enough they would resume bombing. 

That is why I said to the military and the police, you embargo the place, you contain them in that area alone, Lanao. Sana huwag nang lumabas sa ibang lugar. Diyan na lang tayo magbakbakan.

And I have also asked the Armed Forces to use all available assets and all the weaponry that’s at our disposal. At I have an urgent message to China to help us kung meron silang mga precision-guided arms, they can give us a loan or…

Now, here is my worry…Parang nakapako man itong yawa na ito. [refers to his chair] Ito bang Amerika, I was viewing  the TV because I was in Davao, I rested for a while. Medyo nagkaroon ako ng low immune situation again. Na mag-gawa sila ng parang depot. They are unloading arms in the Philippines now. Dito sa Palawan, Cagayan de Oro, pati Pampanga.

I am serving notice to the Armed Forces of the United States: Do not do it. I will not allow it. First of all, merong provision diyan sa Visiting Forces Agreement that there shall no be permanent facilities. A depot by any other name is a depot. It’s a permanent structure to house arms. And I do not even know if there is a nuclear tip now that they are unloading because bawal eh sa atin.

So, and besides, more or less a depot is not…It’s a permanent one, it’s not allowed by the treaty. You do that and I will consider a review and maybe ultimately abrogate, since it is an Executive Order, abrogate the treaty all together.

You know, you are egging us — as a plain, any sane person, kung hindi lang estupido, egging us to force the issue of arbitral judgment. Alam mo noong…When I received the…I read the copy all together, I had two choices: Go there and destroy the structures there because that is ours and go to war or talk. So I was looking at our resources, kaya ba natin? Kasi kung kaya natin matagal na ako nandoon. Kaya natin ang China?

Ngayon the missiles of China are pointed at the American expeditions dito. Iyang mga depot nila would serve as a supply line nila. Ngayon, ang unang tatamaan niyan ang lapit lang sa Pilipinas niyang missiles nila. They will hit Cagayan, Palawan and Basa.

So? G*** ba akong papayag? Oo, kaibigan tayo pero huwag mo akong idamay. Eh RP-US pact is that…The RP-US pact says simply that when there is a declared war…Eh ang declare ng war kayo man ang gustong pumasok diyan. China is claiming it. You are insisting it is now an international sea while the arbitral says that is ours, entitlements. Ang ginagamit na nga ng Amerika ngayon is “international seas” iyan. It’s not even closer to what we are claiming na atin ‘yan which is validated by the award.

So huwag mong ipasubo ang Pilipinas hindi ako papayag. Patayin mo ang Pilipino, ano ang laban namin? You place us all in danger. You do that and I will be there when you start building the — even before you could build the first post. 

Kasi ang China ayaw namang makipag-away. And I made a commitment to President Xi Jinping, I made a solemn commitment that we will talk about this arbitral award during my term. When? I really do not know but during my term and we will talk hard.

And somebody asking me, “What would prompt you to do that?” Well, that is part of our entitlement and ano ba naman ‘yang fish-fish. They have allowed us to fish already. So everybody happy na. Then we start to dig for oil and other precious metals, whatever titanium or…

Then sabihin ko talaga sa kanya and I have to tell them: “You know, Mr. President, we have to talk. You claim it as yours, we claim it as ours. We have to talk about this because that is equally ours. It’s a matter of host claim but it’s stronger. But I think it’s ours because that has passed the scrutiny of a judicial body, the International Court of Justice.”

Certainly, I will have to confront him, but now? The investments are coming in, the tourists are coming in, and there’s a lot on the pipeline, iyong iba on deck na. And they have answered for all of the projects that Congress would never give to Tugade. Gustong manghiram ni Tugade wala siyang pera. Sabi ng China, “Well, then. We’ll take care of that.”

So it’s not even money, it’s not a mercenary thing. Even without that I will not allow my people to needlessly die. That would really…At the end of the day, I would be the worst President kung gamitin ko ‘yan. Ganun talaga eh, naghahanap siya ng gulo. Gusto niyang pumasok. They are planning an expedition. Go ahead. We will not participate.

And I would like to assure the President of China, Xi Jinping, that I will stand by my word.

Now, itong…I’ll leave it to the police to take care of some…There’s a lot of resurgence sa kidnapping, holdups. Nakatutok dito sa droga. Iyong iba namang…

I think this Dumlao is insane. In the first place, bakit naging abugado ‘yang ulol na…? Guy, you must remember there’s a five million. Surrender within 24 hours, place yourself at the disposal of the police, or let’s have 24 hours, that is the operative act.

The five million is in — shall be given to anybody who can bring him…Iyan dalhin mo diyan sa harap ng — nitong building na ito, may gate diyan eh. Dead, that would be okay; alive, okay na rin. Five million I will give it to you, cash.

Bakit malaki? Eh p***** i** mo, sinira mo ‘yung pulis, sinira mo pa ‘yung… Pati the way how you killed the Koreano. Cremated him and flushed his ashes down the toilet drain. [PNP Chief Dela Rosa whispers to President Duterte that Dumlao is already under police custody]  

Let them store him. Pa-custody na. Mabuti Dumlao. Abugado ka pa naman. Sayang ma-byuda ‘yang asawa mo pati ‘yung anak mo mawalan ng tatay. Pero sinabi ko sayo p****** i** papatayin talaga kita. Nandoon na daw sa pulis eh.

At ‘yung mga ano na lang agent — assets, they are not really agents. They were characterized only by the word “assets”. Tag-one million kayo. [PNP Chief Dela Rosa talks to President Duterte] Assets nila? NBI.

So I am addressing myself to Dante Gierran. Alam mo I will let you in noong tinanong ko ‘yan siya. Sabi ko, “Dante…” Ito ha these were my exact words, “Dante, sino ang ma-recommend mo NBI director?” “Marami man kami, sir, pero ako na lang, sir.” Sabi ko, “Oh, I expected that answer from you.” “Isa lang ang tanong ko sa’yo, Dante, kaya mo bang pumatay ng ahente mo ‘pag nagkasala?” Ang sinagot mo sa akin, “Yes, sir.” So mangongolekta na ako sa guarantee mo.

Assets ninyo ‘yan, alam ninyo kung saan. The worst is kapag hindi mo makuha ‘yan, I might relieve you. Kasi kayo ang mag-asset-asset diyan tapos itong mga p***** i**, iyon ang magiging kriminal.

One million, tatlong assets ninyo. If you don’t get it, it’s gonna be your neck. Sinabi ko sa iyo, isang tanong ko lang, “Kaya mo bang patayin ang isang agent mo?” Kasi iyang ahente mong p***** i** NBI puro racket rin diyan.

Hindi bale, imbitahin ko kayo minsan magpunta tayo ng Corregidor. Mag-picnic tayo doon. Butasan ko ‘yang barge diyan.

Noong una ‘yung mga telepono, pumapasok eh. Now, ganito ang problema. Once and for all, bakit nakaka-negosyo pa hanggang ngayon despite the jammer, despite the — ?

Ang negosyo ngayon is in the provinces also Chinese and others who are detained or in prison, may final judgment, sila pa ‘yung naka-contact sa labas.

Well, sabagay, we took care of the problem of the big ones but bakit hanggang ngayon nakaka-ano. So kayong mga warden, I will ask an audit team from PDEA, one or two lang ‘yan eh. ‘Pag may nakita silang mga cellphone sa mga presuhan, you are out. I will charge you for dereliction of duty because the shabu trade is being continued because ganito ang nangyari.

Kapag ka may preso tapos may cellphone, iyang BJMP head diyan, regional head, pati ‘yung local warden will have to go. Dereliction of duty that is a criminal offense. But administrative law I will — summary dismissed ka.

So ganoon ho. Next time, do not start to crucify me. Hindi kayo. Iyong mga bright dito na…Iyong mga halimaw sa press. You know, ang krimen naman is not…The solution is not an instant coffee. Pag-aralan ko pa.

Ngayon, nandiyan na pala lahat so binitawan ko na. But give me time to investigate. Alam mo motu proprio to condemn tapos paalisin ko si Bato. What good will it do to the police to remove Bato, aber? If there are still scalawags and criminals inside Crame, they will continue with or without Bato.

Kayong mga pulis, kayo talaga ang pinaka-corrupt. That’s why I said when I got elected, “Corrupt to the core kayo.” It’s in your system because kayo lang kasi ang nakakapagpasyal outside.

Given the power to enforce the law and to arrest persons. Ginamit ninyo iyan sa kalokohan. Kasi kayong mga pulis, hindi lahat. It’s almost about 40 percent of you guys are really nasanay sa corruption. Even the graduates of PNPA, mga second lieutenant or first ‘yan, pag-graduate niyan mag-hanap ng assignment kung saan ‘yung may pera.

Kung ganoon, ang balita ko sa Basilan pati sa Jolo maraming gold doon na ibinaon noong panahon ng giyera. I-assign ko kayo doon.

Ganito iyan alam ko ang sikreto ninyo, matagal akong mayor eh. Kayo ‘pag nademanda nakapatay, nag-holdup ganun, you disappear. T***** i**, huwag ninyo akong lokohin l****.  You disappear. 

Tapos bantayan ninyo ‘yung kaso. If the witness in the meantime has died or loses interest, eh nagpapa-subpoena hindi naman dumarating, ang style ninyo is to go to court with your lawyer. At there and then they would say, “Your honor, we have surrendered because we fully agree in the criminal justice system.” Magpabilib ‘yang abugado ninyo. Maniwala ka, piskal ako naririnig ko ‘yan araw-araw ganoon.

Tapos ang witness, either ‘yang process server, eh tanong ng judge ‘yan. “Your honor, we cannot locate him.” Bayaran lang niya ‘yang process server. “Yes, your honor, nagpunta ako, cannot be located.” Maski nandiyan pa.

Then walang alam, sabihin ninyo, “Surrender ako, sir. I demand speedy trial.” ‘Pag sabi, “Next month.” “Speedy trial, your honor, I want…” Eh corrupt rin ‘yung judge. “O sige.” 

Hanggang walang hearing, walang complainant, ang piskal tulala. Magpagalit-galit ang judge. “Dismiss the case.” Gawin ninyo maghanap kayo ng pera, one or two or 300. Pupunta kayo doon sa Crame ulit doon sa C1 na contact ninyo, nabibili ninyo ‘yung opisyal ninyo eh. 

Magbigay lang kayo ng mga 200,000, reinstated ka. Tapos kasi acquittal because the dismissal of a criminal case in court for want of witnesses sa prosecution — a dismissal on that ground is with jeopardy. Hindi na mare-file ‘yan. Iyan ang gawin ninyo tapos balik kayo sa serbisyo.

So matrabaho ito Bato. I-review mo ‘yung lahat na pulis na na-reinstate, tulisan iyan sigurado. At saka there will be a special unit of — hindi ko sasabihin sa inyo — who will keep track of mga pulis na napaalis kasi kung napaalis ‘yan sa serbisyo sa kalokohan, iyon ang trabaho niya pagalis niya. 

Mga karamihan diyan na may warrant na. Kita mo ‘yung kidnapping, ‘yung anak ‘nung sinunog. Previously he was also involved. Lahat ng may kaso na pulis na mga murder na previously ipa-ano mo, bigyan mo ako ng isang linya, ako na ang bahala sa kanila. Ako na ang bahala sa kanila.

Ibigay ko sa inyo kung anong trabaho gusto mo. Huwag ninyo kaming…Civilian…Sinabi ko sa inyo ang sibilyan dapat dito sa Pilipinas makalakad at hindi takot sa kriminal.

Ito ngayon to all, to the military and to the police, and to the NBI, dapat ang kriminal matakot makita in public. ‘Pag may makita kayo, damputin ninyo, dalhin ninyo sa istasyon. Eh ‘pagka lumaban ganun rin. Go out and arrest them. If they refuse to surrender peacefully and would put up a violent fight, kill them.

Send me the drugs but this time because of the sordid incident, eh let me reorganize the system. Kaya ang kalaban natin dito ‘yung mga pulis na kriminal. Siguro dahil nahalin na lang ng patay itong mga p****** ito. 

Bigyan ninyo ako ng listahan. Basta ‘yang na-reinstate. Naka-kidnap na, nag-holdup na ang mga p****** i** kayo tapos may sweldo pa. Sinuswerte kayo kung ganun. Gawain ninyo ang Pilipinas ganun? Aba, huwag panahon sa akin. You are just as lousy as the drug lords.

Magkaroon ka pa ng dalawang kaso tapos na-dismiss, dalawang beses ka bumalik. Iyang administrative mo, i-assign ninyo sa ano…Wala tayong pulis sa Basilan eh, kulang. We will increase our presence doon sa Basilan pati sa Jolo. Doon walang mga pulis eh ‘di dapat…

I would like to establish control sa Basilan pati sa Jolo. Diyan sa Lanao there’s a fight going on. Doon muna sila mag-duty. Basta ‘yung may mga kaso lahat. At saka there must be a unit parang oversight. Sino ‘yung na-convict, naalis at large? Kayo ‘yon, kasama ka. Alam ko kasi ‘yung hanap-buhay alam ninyo kalokohan.

All that you can think of is evil. Let me remind you,

I’ve said that many times: You do not monopolize evil in this country.  

Hindi lang ikaw ang marunong mag-baboy ng tao. Kaya ni Bato. Kaya ni asan ‘yung isa? Saan si Danao? Iyong lahat ng dumaan sa Davao. There’s Danao. I think he will…I have…Halika, halika dito. Umupo ka diyan kay Air Force tabi. Mamili ka na ngayon ng tao as we try to cleanse the…

Abolish ko lahat. Hindi ko maintindihan ‘yang… Ako hindi ko maintidihan ‘yang style ninyo, AID, SOF, RP. Hindi ko malaman kung anong unit iyan. May AID, SOF…Tapos ‘yung ranggo ninyo SPO1, SPO2, kung magbasa ako ng report, tanungin ko si Defense Secretary, “Del, anong katumbas nitong p***** i**** SP na ‘to?” Siya, “Ewan ko, hindi ko din alam ‘yan.”

Now, I will ask Speaker and the senators and the congressmen to just revisit the law balik kayo sa ano…Kasi ‘pag sinabi “police patrol man” ‘yan, alam ko na. 

Alam ko na ang sphere of ano niya, police lieutenant, police sergeant, police major, ‘yan para pag isang ano…”Major, may hawak ito na tao…” Ganun. Sinong General nag-gawa niyan? [asks his officials] [Sec. Lorenzana responds] Hindi pero may…Eh galing talaga sa inyo ‘yon. Wala man, sa Amerika sabihin ano police sergeant…Ano lang ‘yan semantics or nomenclature.

But it would be easy for the civilian including me to just get a — lieutenant, alam ko na kung gaano ito…Iyang SPO1, SPO1, akala ko talaga ‘yan special police o ano.

Kaya ‘yang galing man ‘yan sa Crame. O sige tanungin ko kayo, ikaw Pia, bright ka man, ano ‘yung SPO4? Oh see. How can you make a reporting kung wala kang idea kung anong halimaw na ito?

So I will — maybe establish a command, narcotics command. Chief of police ko ‘yan siya, chief of police ko ‘yan dito. Mga chiefs of police ko ito.  Iyong mga tao na trusted. 

Until that time, i-plantsa mo na. At huwag mong kunin ‘yung mga sabi ko may kaso. Yayariin ka talaga niyan pati ikaw. Ibalik ko ‘yung narcotics command, tapos ibalik ko ‘yung simpleng titulo. Ibalik ko ‘yung theft and robbery, homicide division, arson. Iyon ang ibalik natin sa trabaho ninyo para mag-focus sa…

Tapos ito — ito pa ang isang ayaw ko, itong Amerika mahilig magimbita ng mga pulis, Quantico tapos ang Japan, field of forensics. Pagdating dito sa Pilipinas kung saan-saan i-assign. 

Eh sabi ko, kung ano ang pinag-aralan mo, diyan ka. If it’s about warfare then you should be assigned sa SAF or sa ano. Nakakalito, nakakalito talaga. 

Karami diyan si…Pinuntahan ko…May pinapunta ako sa Israel, pagdating doon sa Davao makita ko sige lang basketball. Kaya ako ma-ano ang pulis mamatay kayo sa konsumisyon.

Any question? Sige go ahead.


Joseph Morong (GMA-7): Sir, good morning po. Sir, can I go first to General Bato and then to you?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, of course.

Mr. Morong: General Bato can we ask for the reason why you offered to resign yesterday? Bakit po kayo nagkaroon ng decision to resign, which was rejected by the President?

PNP CHIEF DELA ROSA: Because I want to give the President the free hand to choose somebody who can replace me and do the job as expected. I don’t want to belabor the President for whatever misdeeds that the PNP has done. I don’t want to add more embarrassment to the country.

Mr. Morong: Sir, there have been criticisms of the “Tokhang” before, but why is this different now — this incident, sir, doon kay Sta. Isabel? Did you think that it affected the credibility of the campaign?


Mr. Morong: Sir, Mr. President, sorry.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Actually ganito, he told me nahihiya lang siguro sabi niya, “Sir, to protect the image of the police, I’ll offer to sacrifice [inaudible].” So that’s a good statement. I appreciate that na para mawala na ‘yung reputasyon namin madali pa sa…Sabi ko, “You have committed nothing.” Iba ‘yung scandal kung ikaw.

And also the trust, mahirap ang trust… Sabi nga nila puro taga-Davao, eh wala ako magawa eh ito ‘yung mga dumaan sa akin eh. At ito hindi naman magtatagal itong Danao na ito kung corrupt ‘yan tapos t******.

I mean there might be temptations but I’m sure that they will resist it kasi siguro alam nila that it will destroy the friendship and relationship.

Mr. Morong: Sir, if I may ask a question…


Mr. Morong: If you wanna read something, sir. Sir, why did you think, sir, that Dumlao is the mastermind? And where do we place Sta. Isabel in this scheme of things, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, because he said that he is now a suspect. So nandiyan ka sa barracks so dapat hulihin ka. Suspect ka na eh.

And he has to be investigated. He has to be there 36 hours as a matter of fact. But because of the gravity of charges and the very stupid crime that they committed, if I were Dumlao, I’d stay inside. I’m not trying to threaten you. Stay inside the prison. Do not go out mag-shopping-shopping ka. Magmall-mall ka na, nagma-mall-mall ka talaga.

Galit ako ibig sabihin kasi pati ako napahiya. Doon pa sa criticisms ha I would not mention the place, at bakit raw ako pumunta sa birthday ni Bato na itong nangyari. Why? Should I lose my civility? Hindi ko pa alam kung anong kasalanan niya. I seldom attend parties but kung ayaw niyo sila because they are my closest friends. I could not have succeeded in Davao sa totoo lang kung wala akong suporta nito iyan sila si Morento, Danao, si Cuy. Iyan naging chief of police ko din ‘yan. He used to be the aide-de-camp of President Ramos before.

Eh they serve the full term of their assignment there. So wala naman ako. Malaman ko nang malaman eh. Sabi iyong mga video-video karera hayaan mo na ‘yan. Kulang man ng ano pati ‘yung financial infrastructure ng — ipasilip ko ulit.

Again, may isa pa dito, may mga tao babae, magaganda, ipinakita sa akin ‘yung picture, kilala ko. Nagpunta doon kay Tugade, nagpunta doon na kilala na may blessing sa akin. P***** i** kayo, huwag ninyong gamitin ang pangalan ko.

Sinabi ko nga eh kung may anak — ang asawa ko, anak ko are into corruption with government projects or privileges, I will resign, I will resign. You have my word.

Huwag kayong gumagamit sa pangalan. Sabihin ko sa inyo kayong mga director, kayong mga — ihulog ninyo sa hagdanan. Itulak ninyo.

Alam mo wala naman kasing naloloko kung walang luko-luko. Wala ding luko-luko kung walang magpaloko. Bakit ako mag…? Kung ako ang gusto magyaman, ako na. Sabihin ko na sa inyo ‘yan, ‘yan, ‘yan ‘yan. Bakit ibigay ko sa ibang tao?

Kaya kayong mga in public offices, do not ever grant or twist the rules just to accommodate anybody because I am not into…Hindi ako taga-recommend tapos…

Pati itong si SPO3 Sta. Isabel. Iyon ba ang apelyido niya? Kawawa naman si Santa Isabel ginamit pa niya pangalan. Gusto na tumulon ‘yon. Nasa langit ‘yon gusto na tumalon sa impiyerno. Ipinahiya niya ‘yung…

How could he have made 20 million in his lifetime? I am not trying to derogate the family. Siya lang mismo. How could you have earned 20 — ? Ipasilip ko siya kung nagkaso ba siya noon at ano ang lifestyle nito.

Kasi kung ganun that is what happens if you crave for material things you cannot afford. So kayong mga pulis if you want a better deal in life, get out and do business outside. Huwag rin kayong mag-gangster because I will oversight. I will be forming about half a battalion of just… Kayo lang sundalo ano ang hanap-buhay ninyo? Kasi you are the one prone to commit crime again and again and again. Sanay kayo eh.

Pati ang sa opisina ngayon is one month sa departamento, any department one month. Director, alam mo, I gave Judy Taguiwalo, one billion last December, intended for, you know, whoever in need Filipino. May reseta but cannot buy the medicines. Sabi ko, “Jud, ito ibigay mo.” Then another one billion for the drug addicts that are undergoing community-based rehab. Sabi nila walang pang-tranquilizer, o sige, another one billion.

Itong mga director at kayo diyan sa Bureau of — down sa baba — Department of Health, may nag-ano diyan na it took them almost two weeks to get the medicines.

If it’s a matter of medicine, you must release or get the medicine for them within 24 hours. If you not do that, I will establish a — or ask the Civil Service to proceed with the summary dismissal. Tutal kung hindi ninyo, directors, they are not there every time. Register of deeds, land registration, lahat.

You are not there always. You only report once, twice a week. Nandoon kayo sa farm ninyo. That is abandonment of office and dereliction of duty. I will ask anyone there who is hurt by your behavior to file the charges before the DILG and we also file the criminal charges. And I assure you… Directors you have to be there eight o’clock in the morning and you will be the last to leave. If you have no bundy clocks I will ask the Executive Secretary to make a program. Buy those bundy clocks para makita namin…

Alam mo kung bakit? Many of you are not all — just lazy — indolent, that’s the word. Indolent. So iyan. Iyan ang nafo-follow up. When I was a fiscal and you can ask anybody in town, if you go to me when I was a prosecutor and your case was assigned to me, and even my cousin who also became a fiscal later on, nagdala siya ng ano, your case is as good as filed. Your case is as good…Mag-follow up ka sa akin patay ka. Even how good your or how meritorious…Find another way of doing it. Basta sigurdao basurahan iyan.

And even I was a congressman ‘yung pagbilibili ng mga libro, project, ‘yung countryside ganun, blackboard. Akin ang hiningi ko sa gobyerno daan. Gobyerno mismo ang magtrabaho.

JP Bencito (Manila Standard): Good morning, Mr. President. Sir, I’ll address the question to General Bato and Secretary Lorenzano po two different questions. Kay General Bato po, sir, it was belatedly announce to the President that si Dumlao po was brought to Camp Crame this Sunday noon. Sir, were you informed lately by your men na nakabalik na pala si Dumlao sa Crame this noon or paano po ba ang nangyari?

PNP CHIEF DELA ROSA: He called up Colonel Dumlao, the one investigating the case, Colonel Glenn Dumlao of AKG, that he is willing to tell all.

At true enough, pagdating ko kanina nandoon na siya dala-dala ng HSS at sinabi niya sa akin lahat iyong buong-buong picture ‘nong krimen na ‘yon, kung sino kasama niya, bakit naging target ‘yung Koreano, at kung ano ang motive.

Mr. Bencito: Sir, are we planning ‘yung complete overhaul of the PNP following the incident?

PNP CHIEF DELA ROSA: Yes. As directed by the President, we are going to dissolve all anti-drug units of the PNP at all levels, including the anti-illegal drugs group of the PNP.

Mr. Bencito: Sir, last na lang po, sir, bakit parang ngayon lang po nasabi sa Presidente na nagkaroon pala — there will be… Ngayon lang po nasabi sa Presidente — ?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ngayon lang kami nagkita eh.

Mr. Bencito: Ah okay po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala man siya doon.

Mr. Bencito: Wala po siya sa command conference, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kasama siguro niya girlfriend niya ewan ko.

Mr. Bencito: Ah okay po. Sir, on kay General Lorenzana po. Sir, the President was quoted as saying na “I have also have the Armed Forces to exercise all available assets and all the weaponry that is available. Sir, ‘yung with regards to the ISIS problem sa Central Mindanao, are we eyeing on the possibility an all out war against the terrorist groups? Paano pong gagawin nating sistema in case, sir?

SEC. LORENZANA: We are using all the assets that are available in the area. And we believe that we already have sufficient assets there and the ground troops supported by by our air assets.

Now last 25 January, we used for the first time our FA50s  to deliver our bombs and it was also supported by the Broncos and helicopters plus in the morning ‘yung mga artillery naman natin ang ginamit to support our troops.

So you can say it is an all out war against the Maute groups in Lanao dahil nandoon nga si Hapilon — Isnilon Hapilon with 40 of his people from Basilan with the intention of organizing the ‘yung ISIS connected group nila doon.

So that’s what we are doing now. As I speak, our troops siguro wala sila ngayon sa operation but they will again resume tomorrow the operations.

Mr. Bencito: Sir, follow up na lang po, gaano po ba — paano po ba natin tinitingnan kung gaano po kalaki ‘yung ISIS problem in Central Mindanao, ilang provinces ‘yung affected?

SEC. LORENZANA: As of now, we are only looking at Lanao del Sur ‘yung area diyan sa Butig because there is a sizeable number of Maute groups. Iyong Maute group na ‘yan I think they are about 100, 250 armed men pati ‘yung mga support nila.

And I think that is the purpose of the ISIS kaya I think they asked Hapilon Isnilon to go there and organize ‘yung kanilang grupo doon so kaya siya nandoon. So that’s the only area we are concentrating.

Mr. Bencito: Sir, last na lang po. Do you think na lalaki pa ‘to aside from Lanao del Sur in the coming days?

SEC. LORENZANA: As of now, we don’t think dahil surrounded naman sila doon sa Butig. And we are trying to get them all kung nandoon sila. We will prevent them also from escaping.

Mr. Bencito: Thank you, sir.

Pia Ranada (Rappler): Good morning, Mr. President. Sir, just going back to the murder of Jee Ick Joo and how you said na this proves how there are corrupt police involved in implementing the drug war. So how do you think — how will this affect the implementation of “Oplan Tokhang” and do you think this will — for example, what kind of measures are you planning to implement in order to change the way this drug war is implemented? Earlier, you mentioned a possible oversight committee and also a narco politics chief of command. Can you give us more concrete details of how this will be implemented and will this overhaul — possible overhaul of the “Oplan Tokhang” lead to an extension of the deadline of the drug war?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, itong cleansing? Madali lang man. All you have to do is look at the records and how many policemen have had cases mostly involving in extortion mga ganon.

And if they are already reinstated tapos na ‘yan eh so it was done legally, I will just gather them, bring them a new uniform, new combat boots.

I have to have a strong presence in Basilan and in Jolo. Sila ‘yung paunahin ko doon eh kung marunong itong manakot ng mga magnakaw eh ‘di doon sila.

Maski na even if you are retirable. I have to…Tingnan mo ‘yan, many places, Bongao. They will have their sightseeing days before they go.

Ms. Ranada: But, sir, how about the police who haven’t been convicted of any crimes before but they are involved in implementing the drug war? What kind of safeguards can citizens expect from the government to ensure that such corrupt policemen don’t, for example, use the drug war as an excuse or as smokescreen to, you know, kill them in their homes or on the streets? You mentioned an oversight committee is that what you meant that you will have someone watch over these — the operations?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. Iyong na-convict na tapos napaalis na serving sentence, marami ‘yan diyan sa Muntinlupa. And paglabas nila all they know is really to — how to commit crimes to make a living.

Madali lang man ‘yan. Walang problema kung ‘yan lang ang — if that is the only thing that worries you. Just… May bagong listahan ako aside from the drug lords may listahan ako para sa kanila.

Ms. Ranada: Sir, has anyone specifically leading this overhaul of the drug war?


Ms Ranada: Specific unit…Are you creating any body to implement or to — to have oversight over the drug war?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. Maybe because I have said I have raised the drug issue to the level of a national security. So that empowered me to get into the picture, military doing police work. And that is what is happening in Mindanao.

Ang hindi nakalista doon ‘yung mga sundalo sila ‘yung entry eh ‘yung umuuna kaya ‘yung mga pulis doon hindi naman ako nag-ano pero…Kaya ako I have suffered losses. It’s not only three, biruin mo 19, 21 puro drug ano ‘yun drug war ‘yon.

Ms. Ranada: Sir, to clarify the military will be over…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo ba, Pia, teka sandali. Kasi sa Mindanao meron ng ibang generation. Iyong mga Kristiyanos na nagkasala na-convert into Islam.

Iyon ang mga matindi. Ito ‘yung mga holdupper. Sila ‘yung they joined ISIS for protection kasi alam nilang mamamatay talaga sila at mamamatay talaga ‘yan for a better or a secure environment. Iyan sila. Isa ‘yan sa problema natin tawag nila diyan “Balik Islam”, and they have converts all over Mindanao.

So I am happy para isang grupo na lang ang harapin ko. Kung sabihin mo na it will — maybe the violence will spread to other places maybe, maybe.

But the Armed Forces and the Navy at this time can cope up. Sabi ko sa kanila, we will end the problem sa Lanao para wala na tayong problema. I’m declaring war.

Ms. Ranada: Sir, just on my last question, iyong doon sa deadline of your drug war. You extended it to March ‘di ba and then now you’re saying that this revealed corruption in the police implementing the drug war. So does this mean, sir, you plan to extend it yet again?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, because the police are doing on the pretext of doing the drug war.

They are now a new strain of the original itong mga kriminal ‘yung mga Chinese na malaking big time. And out of this was borne itong mga pulis na gamit ng warrant on the pretext that they are arresting you or searching you for drugs. Ito ‘yung mga bago ngayon ito mga pulis na kriminal.

As in kriminal, so nag-resurface na naman ‘yang sakit nila. So will have to deal it in the most expedient way. They will not able to operate. I assure you.

Ms. Ranada: So, sir, how many months are you extending the drug war by?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: The drug war? I will extend it to the last day of my term. Kasi wala na…

Ms. Ranada: Sir, your goal of suppressing drugs will be until…Hindi na po ‘yung March deadline but until the end of the term?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: March? Wala na. March of ‘pag patapos na. It should be during the last day of my term. Five years plus…

Ms. Ranada: Sir, but even if you promise nga po that you would suppress it by March, you are saying end of the term na lang?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala na ‘yung March eh hindi ko naman akalain. Mayor kasi ako noon. When I was making hambog, I said, “Stop drugs…” Ang paradigm ko was limited to Davao City.

Little did I know when I became President and had access already to all information available and to my horror and the Filipinos and everybody including the human rights, thousands, hundred of thousands Filipinos surrendering everyday.

At ayaw nilang maniwala na ‘yung bangag na na hindi na nag-surrender ‘yon talaga ‘yung lumalaban. That’s why kung may pera lang ako I will require the policemen to have a camera. Iyong camera kagaya ng nasa ibang states sa Amerika.

Mag-raid sila o tawagan ninyo ang media. Sabi ko nga sa kanya, huwag niya kalimutan si Pia. Mahilig iyan. Ikaw una samahin nila para makita mo ‘yung aksyon.

I will also provide you the camera so that you would be able to get something out of it. Ha? Okay ‘yan?

Ms. Ranada: Okay, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pa-okay, okay ka diyan. Totoo ha. Para ‘yung walain natin ‘yung… Let us do away with…Every time there’s a dead guy doon sa tabulation ng mga estupido, EJK kaagad. Sira ba ang ulo ninyo? Patayan ‘yan bat wala bang patayan sa galit?

Iyan ang ano kaya nga eh, men judge best when condemn. Iyan ang problema dyan. Lahat ng kasalanan huhusgahan mo doon na sa isali mo na doon sa ayaw mo pero ako I’m not — I’m not running a popular…Iyong rating ko might even go to one or two. I do not give a shit. I have a duty to do and I will do it. Wala akong pakialam.

Alam ko lang na nanalo ako because I carried the message, the urgent and immediate message during the election was: law and order and drugs.

So kung babagsak ako ng two percent, pasensya wala akong pakialam basta trabahuhin ko trabaho ko.

Marlon Ramos (Philippine Daily Inquirer): Good morning po, Mr. President. Sir, during your discussions with the military and PNP officials, did you discuss the possibility of using your executive power issuing executive action in dealing with the Maute group and other local terrorists in Mindanao?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, I’m the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces. I think I’m the one sa Constitution. So I have the… I do not micromanage anything. I hate it. But they briefed me and they would tell me, these are the things that we recommend to you.

So there are options. Ito gawain natin. Ito ganito ang mangyari. They have the projections. Ito ganito ‘to, may mangyari dito. Pero civilian maraming mamatay. So I try to balance it.

And at the end of the day, I’ll call Delfin. Sabi ko, go ahead.

Mr. Ramos: Because previously po, you declared a state of lawlessness, ‘yung after po ‘nong incident sa Davao ‘nong September, you declared state of lawlessness. Are you considering placing certain parts of Mindanao like Lanao, possibly, or Basilan, under martial law? Did you consider that?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: When the time comes that they will be asking for it, I’ll give it to them. Remember this Philippines, kung kayo na ang maghingi, magsabi kayo, ‘Mr. President, declare tayo ng martial law.’ Sabihin ko, ‘mag-isip muna ako.’

Kung kayo na mismo ang maghingi at baka dadating ‘yung mga scenario na ‘yun, sabihin ko lang, ‘huwag muna, okay pa naman, madala pa naman sa presinto, presinto.’

But when the time comes na ang tao na ang maghingi, ibibigay ko. But ako satisfied na ako. I’m quite adept with the… what… what is available to me now. Tutal nakakagalaw man sila. They are doing their duty. They are being commissioned to do police work.

The police naman nandiyan. Nagkamali lang ng isang u*** na Dumlao na ‘yan, dali lahat.

So this guy, I said to protect the image, para… from further damage. Sabi niya, ‘sir mag-resign ako.’ That won’t solve anything at all. Sabi ko, this is what I will do. ‘Yung police mo, mag-cleansing muna kayo diyan. ‘Yung mga kaso nila i-review ninyo. Give me a list kung sino ‘yung scalawags, because itong mga ‘to, we will assign them.

Kailangan ko ng contingent na malaki na police, Basilan, Jolo, Zamboanga, and Lanao. Diyan sila lahat.

Mr. Ramos: Mr. President, do you believe po ‘yung insinuations na ‘yung killing ni, ‘nong South Korean was just a part of grand scheme or orchestrated efforts to undermine your drug war?


Mr. Ramos: Kasi may mga lumalabas na retired police general was behind this para ipahiya ‘yung PNP and ultimately the Duterte administration.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So this stupid police general will kidnap and kill just to undermine me? ‘Yan ang gusto ninyong mga leader? Kaligaya ko na lang kung magdating ‘yung panahon. That’s the kind of police general that you want? To undermine the country, wreaking havoc sa economy, what? Because they want to take over, to kill a Korean, burn him, and flush him down the drain? ‘Yan lang maisip na general na ‘yan? Paka-torpe. P***** i** niya.

Sabihin mo sa general na ‘yan, mahina ka talaga, ang utak mo.

Mr. Ramos: Last question sir, ‘yung transfer po ‘nong police scalawags in Mindanao, do you think that would solve the problem of corruption within the PNP organization?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi… hindi kasi, kasi acquitted eh. Acquitted means he’s innocent. So talo ako because I never, I would never know how many cases were filed against police before. And the way they handled things just to get acquitted.

Karamihan niyan [inaudible] o kaya ‘yung mga process server. Bayaran nila, sabihin nila, wala na dito ‘yan. So acquitted. So they’re clean. So ako nagduda ako. So I want a strong presence in Basilan and in Jolo.

Ayaw mong magpa-assign doon? Umalis ka sa police.

Mr. Ramos: Mr. President, I ask this question because Governor Hataman made an appeal the other day na huwag naman daw gawin parang garbage bin, trash can ‘yung Mindanao na tapunan ng mga basura ng PNP?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi… behave ‘yan. Sabihin ko kay Hataman, ‘huwag mo ng problemahin ‘yan. Tawagan mo Abu Sayyaf.’ [inaudible] itong mga sundalo ko, ‘di ito na lang pulis. Ito na lang unahin ninyo.

Henry Uri (DZRH): Good morning, Mr. President and I have also a question for General Dela Rosa. I’ll go first with General. Napakataas ho ng tiwala sa inyo ng ating Pangulo. ‘Di kayo pinayagang mag-resign. Ano ho ang aasahan ngayon ng taong bayan sa mga susunod na araw at buwan ng inyong panunungkulan?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  I will just do my work.

Mr. Uri: Hindi, I’m asking po General Dela Rosa. Ano po ang aasahan sa inyo ng taong bayan? Kapalit ng napakataas na tiwala ng Pangulo?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well he has to… Ay siya itanong mo?

PNP CHIEF DELA ROSA: I will do my job to the best of my ability and I will, I hope I will not fail the President and the Filipino people.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I expect you to fight crime including policemen who are into crime. Kalaban natin lahat ‘yan. They are really public enemies. So what’s the problem? All you have to do is work. Trababo lang.

But we cannot altogether erase this kind of… Marami namang itong mga heinous tapos ‘yung mga morbid na nagawa. But ang problema dito, foreigner kasi. Nakita mo naman kahapon, every, every manood ka sa TV. May pinatay na babae. Tinapon doon, wala pang ulo, hanggang ngayon hinahanap pa nila ang ulo.

So these are as really serious as that what happened with the [inaudible]. But itong sa Koreano has had, has had, international implications. Pero, nothing, nothing is new to me because everyday you read a newspaper. Ang uso ngayon pinuputulan ng ulo, that’s the vogue, that’s the fad.

I don’t know why but… ang akin lang siguro, if you cannot really prevent it, then at least we can get the perpetrators. Mas maganda ‘yan dead or alive.

Mr. Uri: Sa inyo pong kampanya laban sa droga, binigyan ninyo ang inyong sarili ng hanggang sa katapusan ng inyong termino. Ang corruption ho, ilang buwan, taon ninyo binibigyan ang inyong sarili para matapos ito?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Corruption? I will never know the criminal minds in government. I do not… unfortunately, I’m not a psychic to read into the minds of who are the director and who are the employees of government who are corrupt.

But as fast as we discover them, kagaya ng… even the indolent ones. Sabi ko, I will go for the board of summary dismissal. Tapos sinabi ko, hindi na bale may mga krimen mangyari but… important is, I said this government will be clean.

I am referring myself to the Cabinet members and me. Kasi ang malaking magnanakaw noon pati ‘yung train, MRT, kung anong pinag– Ang mga opisyal, ang Secretary of Transportation, secretary … It was all corruption. Pero ‘yung sa baba, for all you know, mga rekomendado nila ‘yan, kanilang tao ‘yan.

I cannot read a criminal mind. But I can only show them an example, sampulan mo. For those who are not really reporting that’s a crime, if there’s a dereliction of duty.

All you have to do is– Kaya nga… 8888 eh. The 8888 is the sounding board. You name the official, his function, what you asked, at anong ginawa niya, how much. Lagay mo diyan kasi tawagan ko ‘yung director na ‘yan, sipain ko ‘yan sa harapan mo. Kung ginawa sa’yo ‘yan–  Ipatawag ko dito, diyan sa isang kwarto, sipain ko tapos filan (file) natin ng kaso.

Totoo ‘yan. Dalin mo, pag pinatawag ko, patawag kita… ginawa sa ‘yo. He will get kick in the ass.

Ace Romero (Philippine Star): General Dela Rosa, you mentioned that Colonel Dumlao told you to everything he knows. Can you give us details about their raket?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, no. I will not, I will not allow you to answer. You just wait for the official investigation.

Mr. Romero: But okay–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It’s not complete. He might say something here which is half true or half false. Then, he would be again put to task for… Eh kung  nandiyan na ‘yung imbestigasyon na written in black and white, then you can say, ask something out of this.

Kasi ngayon hindi pa kumpleto eh.  Nasasabi lang, kasali diyan. Put it in writing first. Baka mag-renege eh. Kasi pagpasok ng abogado, sabihin, p***** i**  huwag kang mag-admita diyan. Sabihin mo hindi ‘yan totoo.

O, so ang… which is really, the—karamihan, ang pulis tinorture kasi ‘yan nakakuha ng impormasyon [inaudible] ‘Yan ang ituro ng abogado eh.

Remember that for every criminal case, the style now is to file a counter charge. Ang problema sa pulis, pag nahuli, pag may criminal case and even an invented story, tapos ma-suspend, that day is pamilya niya wala ng pagkain.

That was I said when I said, I protect the police, that they will survive, that they can eat and that they will be acquitted. Bigyan ko talaga abogado at palabasin lang ang totoo, ‘yun lang naman ang atin. You and me and everybody else. We do not mix ingredients here just to tell a lie.

What would be the purpose of lying? We are not obligated to lie. We are only, we can only inflict the [inaudible] or when it is a part of your duty. Eh kung pulis ka, pinaghirapan ka, babarilin ka pa. Ako sa Davao ganon, pag makita ako… g*** ka, ba’t ka nag-pauna? Gusto ko tuluyan ka na lang tuloy.  

Mr. Romero: So it will require more fact finding and investigation pa po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I don’t, I don’t interfere. It’s a Justice department but since I would be part of the questions and the answer, so I will want to get… tutal nandiyan naman daw. Hintayin natin and let us see. But I will also defend by my police, even ‘yung sa mga Albuera ganon. What they tell me is ‘yun ang istorya and that is the truth to me.

So let us go to court. While should I protect the police, I will protect the police. I will not protect lying. But kung ang sinabi niya ‘yan ang nangyari, saan man ako maniwala? Doon sa mga u*** na guwardiya? Naturally, I will have to… ‘yung military ang magsabi ‘yan ang nangyari.

I expect them to tell me the truth and only the truth and nothing else. Wala man kaming obligasyon dito na mag-sinungaling. I assure you dito, magtanong kayo ng mga transaksyon, wala kami. Walang transaksyon sa ano na, dumadating sa lamesa. Project, MRT. Wala, walang papel. Tingnan mo ‘yang, you can go to my office.

Mr. Romero: Thank you po.

Dexter Ganibe (DZMM): President, good morning. Sir, ‘nong June ng 2016, nagpadala ng judicial request ang India sa Pilipinas kaugnay doon sa Pinay na na-involved sa pagre-recruit ng ISIS sa India. Ano na po ang… at may mga balita po na sinasabing nahuli na po ito. Meron po kayong maibibigay na update?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know the ISIS is, the ISIS is recruiting everybody. The ISIS, sabi nga nila, come hell or high water, they will establish the caliphate. That’s a Muslim kingdom comprising of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines. Hindi lang ako. But I said, for as long as I am President, it might be bloody but I would not give an inch dito.

They occupy a certain municipal building, I’ll just give you maybe to your pleasure one day but I will bomb you. I will use the bombs and heavy artillery and all.

Bago umupo ‘yung pumasok, ‘yung mamatay diyan, sorry na lang collateral damage. Even if the victim is a Christian or a Moro. Ang sabi ko, there is a war going on and they have my support all the way.

Mr. Ganibe: Pangalawang issue po Mr. President, ‘yung binanggit ninyo po na arms depot ng US. Pwede niyo po bang palawigin pa ba ‘yung ibang detalye kung may maibibigay pa kayong karagdagan?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala akong ano… Basta sinabi lang nila, there was this footage na binababa nila ‘yung tangke. They are, they’re deploying it in certain areas, [Basa?]. Pag mag-giyera ‘yan, magpunta ‘yang Amerika, mag-asaran sila, hindi ako sasali. Bakit ipasubo ko Pilipinas? Sabi ng China, mag-usap tayo. And I give them my word of honor. Ganon ang nangyari. Wala pa man giyera.

Mr. Ganibe: Follow-up po. Kung may mga reports na po na nagbaba ang US ng arms doon sa areas ng Pampanga–? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We have to stop it and remove it. I will demand. I will ask the… to call the ambassador, tell him, ‘do not do it.’

Mr. Ganibe: So magkakaroon po ng diplomatic protest? Magfa-file po tayo sa US?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said, basta bayan ko, wala na tayo pinag-usapan, ‘yung interest of my country. Wala tayong pag-usapan. Iyan is iyan. Huwag mong lagyan ‘yan, kahit targetin ng missile diyan, malapit lang sa Palawan, dalawang minuto dadating na ‘yan diyan.

Of course in a war or conflict, there’s always the supply line. Pag naubos diyan, dito na kunin sa depot. That’s a permanent facility, worse than the bases kasi puro explosive ‘yan. Anong Amerikano?

Mr. Ganibe: Sir, pangatlong issue. Nababanggit niyo po ‘yung almost 40 percent ng PNP ay nasanay na sa korapsyon. May mga ibang na-reinstate–


Mr. Ganibe: ‘Yun ang pinaiimbestigahan ninyo?


Mr. Ganibe: Sir, ang nagrereinstate po ng mga pulis ay ang NAPOLCOM. Ano pong plano ninyo po sa National Police Commission? Sila po kasi ‘yung naghandle ng kaso against sa mga pulis.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I told them na i-ano na lang. Sabi ko kay Bingbong,  you better alert itong National Police Commission. Marami ‘yan silang mga commissioners diyan.

They can always handle the investigation. But ‘yung investigation na. Pero dito sa, on grand level, pulis pa rin pati NBI. Hindi naman kagaya sa Amerika, when there is a case, it’s being handled by federal… There are some states that before the police can begin or embark on anything connected with police work, there is always the, kagaya ng Britain or France, it must always be handled by a judicial, quasi-judicial.

Mr. Ganibe: Sir last point. Nabanggit niyo kanina na i-dissolve lahat ‘nong mga anti drugs group sa PNP. Ano pong ibig sabihin niyo po doon? At magki-create ng bago or–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi pa. Bago ka bang dating? Sinabi ko na ano… I’m not trying to… I said I will establish in your command. It could be a narcotics command or whatever. What’s the appropriate name? But the name is not important. It will be partnered with the PDEA. But the overall head diyan is the PDEA.

Like my other chiefs of police. Sid was once upon a time also a police director ng Davao and… wala akong, I have no reason at all to doubt his integrity and dedication sa duty.

Mr. Ganibe: Kasi sa bawat police station sir meron silang mga anti-drug group or—

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala na ‘yan. Kaya nga. If you violate that, then you are dismissed. I will dismiss you kung—Hindi lang… Bugbugin kita para may remembrance ka sa akin, sinabi ko na sa inyong huwag eh.

Bianca Dava (ABS-CBN): Good morning po. I’d like to ask Director General Lapeña po. We’ve received a lot of reports about corrupt and bad policemen, how about sir sa may PDEA po meron din po ba tayong ginagawang cleansing sa mga tauhan natin sa PDEA?

PDEA Director General Lapeña: Yes ma’am. We have an ongoing cleansing; it’s a continuing one. In fact, is one of our priorities. While we have doubled our…. We have intensified our campaign against illegal drugs, so with our cleansing, we consider it as important as that of the our campaign against illegal drugs.

Ms. Dava: And last po kay General Bato po. Sir to clarify lang po, so si Supt. Dumlao po ngayon ay nasa Crame? Okay, thank you po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tanong ka rin Ina? Siguro mga alas dos na, mga alas kwatro siguro, okay na tayo. Yes, ma’am, go ahead. 

Rosalie Coz (UNTV): Good morning po. Sir kunin lang po namin reaction niyo po regarding po sa immigration ban, travel ban ni US President Donald Trump and na-mention na po ninyo in the past na willing po ang government natin na tumanggap ng refugees. Hanggang ngayon po ba’y applicable pa rin po ito, lalo na po’t marami pong maaapektuhan? And assistance ng government sa mga Filipinos na pwede rin pong maapektuhan sakaling i-expand po ‘yung ban?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know, Trump said, I will not interfere in the affairs of other countries. Now, kung may mga policies siya to protect his country, I will understand. Kasi ‘nong sinabi niya rin ako, we will not interfere in your drug war,  you are doing it right. As a matter of fact my country is also facing that serious problem. So out of respect, for the statement, I can only answer him in the manner that he has told me. Hindi ako makialam.

So ‘yung mga Filipino nandoon, you better be on the right track.  If you are not allowed to stay there where you are staying, get out. Because if you are caught and deported, I will not lift a finger. You know that it is a violation of the law.

Ms. Coz: Willing pa rin po tayong tumanggap ng mga refugees sakali pong lumapit yung mga government na ito pong naapektuhan po ng travel ban? Refugees po?


Ms. Coz: From Syria, for example po. Iraq, Iran, ‘yung pong mga seven Muslim major countries na binan (ban) po ng US?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. Ako, in the name of humanity and God, we’ll have to make some adjustments.

If there is a compelling reason for us to offer sanctuary, I’m one of those na okay lang ako, ‘yung walang mapuntahan na.

So if they cannot go anywhere, anymore, except to face death by hunger, pati ‘yung Rohingya sa Myanmar, ‘yung mga Muslim doon na, they are driven out of the– We will consider it, but it has to be with the concurrence of Congress. I for one, I said, in the name of humanity. Kaawa eh.

They might be a potential problem to the country but it’s a matter of handling them. Just like we did with the Vietnamese, we provided the sanctuary for them. Ipit sila. Wala na ngayon, some of them are already Filipinos. At that time, it was as a matter of human spirit that would give us the right direction.

Wala akong ano diyan sa… accept refugees.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hay, si Ina, salamat.

Ina Andolong (CNN Philippines): Huli na ‘to sir at maikli lang. This is for you and Secretary Loranzana. Sir, ‘yung pronouncements ninyo about the US depots. Does that in any way affect the implementation of EDCA this year? Because I understand the US will be building facilities in some of our bases already. For you, sir, Mr. President and Secretary Lorenza.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Akala ko si… ‘di na ko nakinig kasi ang narinig ko–

Ms. Andolong: Would that in any way sir affect EDCA’s implementation this year or ‘yun po ba yung tinutukoy ninyo?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  No… Kasi sa EDCA, they are not supposed to build permanent. Certainly, a depot of firearms, weaponries, and armaments, malaki ‘yan. And it is a facility in the sense that there would be people manning the fort.

Para sa akin not only because it is already a structure, but because of the extreme danger that things might go out of control dito sa posturing ng Amerikano pati Chinese.

At parang ang statement kasi lumalabas, we will not allow you to be there because it’s international waters. And even to think they forgot that there is already an arbitration, it says that it’s ours, entitlements ‘yan.

Of course, it’s an international water. Ang territory natin is just 12 miles. But beyond that para bang… Let me give you an analogy. Kung nandiyan ka sa isang ektarya, tapos there are fruits to be… agriculture… There are fruits to be… For your hunger or ano, gawa ka ng bahay, magputol ka ng bahay doon sa forest ilagay mo diyan sa agricultural land mo. Those are your entitlements.  

So ito, ikaw ang pinaka-[inaudible], alam mo ba ‘yang continental shelf? The continental shelf is like this, ang dagat ganon lang straight lang makita mo, pero under water may lupa ‘yan, and that is the parang extension ng lupa doon sa ano…

Parang umabot ang atin sa… It can only be observed by ‘yung sa mga submarines. They would know that part of it is our continental… Ibig sabihin buntot natin ‘yan pero naka-cover lang sa dagat.

That is what you call the international… rational siya… Dito makikita mo pero ‘yung tubig, meron pa man diyan sa baba. Kung ang structure ng tubig, ‘yung terrain na umabot doon sa… iyo ‘yun. That is international law.

Ms. Andolong: So sir just to clarify, tuloy ang EDCA because previously sir you expressed or you threatened to abrogate the deal?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sige, mag-exercise lang sila diyan. Wala problema. Tutal wala man nagawa ‘yung gobyerno, ang army. ‘Di mag-training kayo diyan. Pero kung sabihin nila na mas mahusay sila sa atin, eh–

Ms. Andolong: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sila pa ang turuan ng sundalo natin. Ang maganda lang sa kanila because they are gifted with… That’s an old government, that’s an old country, and they have developed so much for— America is a war machine. If they don’t stop going to war, the economy of State of California would fall. Full collapse. Nandun ‘yung Boeing, nandon ‘yung ano, mga, doon ang eroplano ginagawa.

Ms. Andolong: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I apologize again for calling you in so late. But I also have the– You know, ‘yun discuss na nga. You know the problem. So salamat po.