Media Interview with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte following his visit to the wake of Bulacan massacre victims
Brgy. Sto. Cristo, San Jose Del Monte Bulacan
04 July 2017

Q: Assistance na i-e-extend po ng pamahalaan sa pamilya po ng mga massacre victims? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, it could really be in bad taste to be talking about what were given to the family.

Pero since it involves public funds, I think NHA offered a housing unit for them. I gave something like 255,000 and 20,000 and gave him a cellphone. I told him that, “if there’s anything that you would need and if you think that I can help, call me”.

Itong sa mga killer, I understand one was found dead today. Hindi naman kailangan ‘yung mismong ano eh.

As I have told you, this is an organization, a loose organization of criminal syndicates and droga.

And, I will repeat my warning: I have told everybody since the beginning that if you destroy my country, I will kill you. And if you destroy the young of this country — it happened here which is more of what could be a work of a devil — patayin ‘yung mga bata, papatayin ko kayo.

Q: Sir, follow up lang po. May directives po ba tayo sa PNP regarding sa mga utos po ninyo sa kanila regarding investigation po sa case?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sa kanila na ‘yan. Basta ako, sabi ko, patayin ko. Wala naman akong sinabi may inuutusan ako. Basta pagdating ng panahon, magkita tayo, patay ka.

Bahala na ang human rights diyan, sila na ang umintindi diyan. O sila siguro gustong maging — mag-hawak ng anti-drugs. I am willing to let go altogether my particular duty in reference to drugs and I can give it to them.

And, takot sila diyan sa human rights, eh ‘di kayo ang mag-enforce. Maybe lahat ng mga kriminal buhay. 

Ikaw, ma’am?

Q: Sir, did you give a timeframe to the police?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, but it should be as soon as possible. Alam mo, maski saan ka magtago, I will catch up with you. Maski saan ka magtago, pagka kriminal ka… Mahirap ang kriminal — buhayin mo ang kriminal.

Sa isang kriminal dito, hindi niya kailangan may relatives sila sa ibang bayan. Pupunta lang ‘yan doon, tatanggapin ‘yan ng mga kriminal doon.

‘Yung mga taga-Davao na kriminal at alam nila hinahabol sila, punta ‘yan sa Maynila, hindi na kailangan may kilala sila dito. All they have to do is to mix with the criminals. Papakainin ‘yan sila at kung may trabaho, bibigyan sila ng parte, or otherwise, they are prospective participants to a criminal activity here.

Wala akong ano diyan sa ano… I don’t give a s*** about human rights. Wala akong pakialam sa kanila. Ako, basta may trabaho ako. And my job is to see to it — I will repeat — to preserve and defend the Filipino nation. That’s about it.

Q: Sir, can we ask on martial law?


Q: Sir, can we ask on your reaction to the decision of the Supreme Court on the martial law?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I have not received a copy.

Q: Sir, 11-3-1, 11 pabor po at sinasabi na legal ang pagdedeklara ng martial law, three sinasabi na legal pero sa Marawi lang dapat, at isa po ang nagsasabi na walang basehan ang pagdedeklara ng martial law.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I would give due respect to the opinions, the dissenting ng tulad ng — questioning the martial law power of the President.

Alam mo, it’s a ver — it’s a very shortsighted thing. Alam mo, ‘yung Central Mindanao, if you care to look at a map, it’s in Central Mindanao. Kaya nga “central,” kaya siya nandiyan sa gitna.

You have the two Lanaos. There are Muslims there, Moro. Then if you go up, nandiyan na ‘yung Maguindanao, nandiyan na ‘yung mga Iranon, nandiyan na ‘yung mga Sama. Then if you go to the left, you skip there, you have to contend with the Moro also of Zamboanga, the Tausugs, and the — lahat na, the sub-tribes, ‘yung mga ano ito? Itinerant, mga sa — [pabili?] nagda-dive diyan sa dagat.

Kaya when you… When you declare martial law, you have to use your coconut. The gray matter between your ears. Since that is very easy to escape because there is no — there is no division in terms of land. Tuluy-tuloy and they can go anywhere, and we can have the spillover.

You forgot to remember that martial law should have been declared a long time ago. When? When Davao City was — airport, pumutok. They failed to do their homework.

Then, the Zamboanga siege, then the simbahan ng Davao, airport pati pantalan, pati ‘yung terminal. And recently, noong April, ‘yung diyan sa… Those are lawless activities not connected with the land at all,[with the venue?]

It happened na itong attack ngayon… But they just forgot maybe to ask the police to narrate to them the so many.

That is why months before, I was telling you, I’m warning the nation: Do not force my hand into it because if I will declare martial law, tatapusin talaga natin ‘to. For as long as there is one terrorist diyan sa Marawi na ‘yan, hindi hihinto ‘yan.

And besides, I was not the only one who pondered on martial law. And in fairness to the military and the police, including dela Rosa here, they never said, “President, declare martial law.” I was given the feedback of what was happening in Marawi, and I asked them, “What’s the situation?” And they said, “Critical.”

That word “critical” is my standard. Ang critical sa iyo might not be critical to the justices of the Supreme Court. It might not be a critical kasi hindi naman — wala naman silang pakialam kung ilang tao ang namatay diyan.

But then you explode IEDs. Kagaya ng Zamboanga, sa eskwelahan, sa national city high school. In Marawi, sa library.

How would you describe… How would characterize the situation? Just law and order? When the schools, when the national high school, mga bata, lagyan mo ng IED? It’s all over Mindanao. In far away Sulu, Jolo, they have been decapitating people, kidnapping children, kidnapping an eight-year-old, then killing him.

Ano bang tawag mo dito? Unless you want to separate Luzon, and even Visayas, out of the jurisdiction of the Republic of the Philippines.

Q: But, sir, with the current situation, will you have it extended? Iyon na lang po. Pardon me, sir, for having to ask this question.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi, ganito ‘yan. Hindi naman ako surveyor eh. I do not go around getting the opinion of people if they are already safe or not.

It was the military and the police, they never said, “Declare martial law.” They said, “Mayor, ang…” “Mayor” kasi ang tawag nila sa akin, hindi Presidente. “Mayor, the situation is critical.”

So when I was informed of the word “critical,” in my own estimation, having been mayor for 23 years sa Davao, having been at one time a congressman, and one time a vice mayor to my daughter, that word “critical,” kapag ako na because I take care…

You know, our number one duty is really to protect and defend the Filipino people. One death, two deaths – malaking impact na sa amin, kagaya nito. Itong apat. I mean, lima. Kaya ako pumunta dito.

And there will be justice. Papaano? Well, I do not know how. Basta, ang sabi nila, patay na ‘yung isa. So pagka ganon, there will be many more to come.

Kaya ang human rights should begin their campaign among the criminals and tell the criminals to stop their G** d*** s*** so that there will be no more killings.

Eh sabihin naman nila, papaano pinatay mo, baka inosente? Eh ‘di naman g*** ‘yang mga pulis pati ako. What do you think of me? If I catch you stabbing somebody there, do I have to say, “I’ll wait for due process”? I’ll just shoot you.

Hindi ka naman magdala ng bayan na you just… Alam mo kung bakit? There is a peculiar phenomenon dito sa Pilipinas. Itong mga tao dito, [inaudible] — including media, they are so tolerant about the killings perpetrated by the drug people.

Parang, “Drugs lang naman ‘yan.” When they know that the drug was the one also fuelling the insurrection in Marawi.

Wala silang pera. We got the — mga ano nila sa kwarta. Ang pinakamalaking nabigyan, ‘yun si Nobleza, ‘yung babae. ‘Yung w*****h*** na babae na pulis.