President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s Press Statement on the Philippine Illegal Drug Trade Hierarchy and Press Interview
President’s Hall, Malacañan Palace [Aired via People’s Television Network/PTV-4] 
07 July 2016

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Due to the constant and insistent demand especially coming from media of the Philippines regarding the state of where the Right for Information, I have decided to hurry up the process. I have the copy now of the draft. And this is the one Executive Order, Freedom of Information. I would like just to read the opening statement: “Operationalizing in the Executive branch the people’s constitutional right to information and the state of policies of full public disclosure and transparency in public service and providing guidelines therefore.”

Now, first I would like to remind everybody that I can only bind the Executive Department, my branch of government. I cannot mind the other two, the Judiciary and Congress because of the separation of powers. But it is up to Congress also if they want, that they can file and maybe come up with a copy of the Freedom of Information Law, this is just an Executive Order. So, this will be implemented the very least next week. This was just submitted to me after the Cabinet meeting and I have to review it personally.

On the drug front, I have the three personalities that are behind in the operation on the trafficking of drugs in this country. You would notice later on, I’ll give you a copy, that most of them are inside the National Penitentiary. This would show to you how corrosive and how maybe “lawak” the dimensions of our problems regarding drug. So ang nandito is yung Wu Tuan alyas Peter Co. He is a triad member and operating the Luzon and the NCR. He is inside the prison but he is the one directing the traffic of the drug operations in Luzon. He’s currently in jail, leader of “Bilibid 19.” I don’t know what this means. And the other one is Peter Lim alias “Jaguar,” triad of the Visayas.

Now, there was an earlier report that a certain “Jaguar” was killed in Cebu or—I read, I do not know—for lack of information but he’s dead. But he is not the “Jaguar” that is the leader of the operation for the Visayas. He is also inside the National Penitentiary. And because there is the level of participation, you’d notice that Garbo is indicated in the line of hierarchy. And the other one is Herbert Colangco, he’s also inside the prison. I was informed that he is the son-in-law of the mayor of Ozamis, Aldong Parojinog and he is the husband of the vice mayor, who is the daughter of Parojinog. He’s also one of the identified members of Kuratong Baleleng, so yan.

Hindi ko maibigay sa inyo—this is the matrix of the diagram of the extent of the operation in the Philippines—because I was asking for more dossier and I have to read the documents or the reports or the intelligence gathering of the different branches of government. Hindi ko pa nabasa, ayaw kong eh this mix of Chinese, mayors, maraming mayors dito. As you would read later, or no, later when I release this finally to you. We’ll just compress it but ngayon lang binigay sa amin nasa briefing and I said I am hesitant really to, you know, condemn a person with baka ang tingin ko would not really be sufficient to place his name in this matrix. But ito na yun, kumpleto na yung study natin. And talagang binabastos tayo ng mga drug people.

You know, when I said they’re destroying the country and they’re destroying the youth of the land. So, my appeal to them is since they are beyond redemption they can stop and commit suicide, because I will not allow these idiots to run their show, not during my watch. So ito sila, pag nalaman na nandito, they better come up with something that is really very good. We have a mayor there, maraming mayor dito. We have the mayor sa Mindanao, puro mayor, may babae pa. You know, I do not know the reason why intelligence people would not want me to mention it, but itong si Colangco, now that I know from the intelligence gathering that he was connected with also Richard King.

I would like to bring this out, this matter out because King was that person who was killed—I was still mayor—about a year ago or two and one half years ago, na pinatay who was into this pyramiding thing, and ito yun siya. He was killed at the lobby of his building and there was a lot of speculation that was weaved around the incident. Pagkaalam ko kasi dito he was killed at the instance or at the behest of a police colonel who is now also in prison, his name is Pelonia? I forgot his first name, nandito. So the initial whisper before, and even before his killing, was that he was into drugs and I think he is—ang problema dito I was in constant touch with the family because they were also interested. Sa bagay, eh, pagka hindi ganon, nahuli at napatay marami talagang ano yan. Now, I’m sorry not to say in public and to the family who is in Cebu, that after all your son or your brother was involved in the drug front. Ang tsismis ko nito na pinatay because of a love triangle, menage a trois, we called it because magkaibigan na sila ng asawa niya, sa asawa nung kabila. But it turned out that sa drugs ito siya. But I think and I believed that he was not killed because of drugs. He was killed because kinain niya yung pati yung propiedad ng babae. I cannot mention the name, but ito yung—these are the, again, maraming mga mayor dito, they are running the show.

The next presentation would be after I shall have reviewed them, their dossier, if their files, the documents against them and I am satisfied, bibitawan ko na ‘to. And malawak ‘to, mga mayors karamihan, pulis, Chinese pati mga mayors. And you will have it maybe by next week. So, that is the presentation for the day, para malaman lang ninyo that it’s really very sad. Alam mo, Peter Co, Peter Lim, then on the line of the structure is Marcelino Garbo, retired and Herbert Colangco. Is he, he’s not at large? Ah, he goes in and out of the Philippines? Ah, patay na ‘to. Well, somebody should tell him that he is ‘wanted.’ Ito naman ‘to hindi naman ito talagang ‘wanted’ because we have to add our evidentiary thing. But they would be considered “persons of interest.”

Now, ito si Peter Lim according to the Chief PNP, he goes in and out of the Philippines often. Now if he has friends here sabihin mo sa kanya “the moment he lands at NAIA he will die. He will die.” Might as well, because surely the Chinese authorities are listening here. Better tell him “do not come back to the Philippines anymore.” The moment he steps out of the plane, he will die. That is my assurance to the people of the Philippines. How? Ah eh, hindi na bale, basta wag na siyang pumunta dito, no. Because of the communications they can always run the show even outside of our country, that is given. Meaning to say most of the operators and most of the shabus come from the outside. They had jettisoned—and the ISIS—and yung iba meron pang nilalagyan nila ng GPS just to facilitate the location where the drug was thrown overboard.

Hindi na bale, in due time, in the fullness of God’s time, we will solve the problem, the drug problem in the Philippines. I’m just warning this Peter Lim and Peter Co “do not escape from prison, you will die.” “Colangco, never try to go out of prison, you will die.” And regarding Garbo, I think the DILG would take care of him. The other personalities in this matrix are ‘persons of interest.’ Will they also die? I do not know.

That is all for the day. Thank you.

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President’s Hall, Malacañang
July 7, 2016

R. Ignacio : Reporters are asking kung kasi I think you are leaving for Davao tonight, sir?

PRRD : My security about my person?

R. Ignacio : No sir, may security threat, ISIS threat daw sa Davao ngayon, sir?

PRRD : Ah, hindi sa akin. O, baka sa akin? I heard they’re offering billions, but you have to read, you have your Vice President kaya nga tayo my Vice President eh. Eh di, there is always the rule of succession.

R. Ignacio : Okay. So, sir you are confident with your security…

PRRD : No I’m confident that God will decide everything. If God does not want me to die, I will not die. But if God wants me out of the scene, I will be gone. So, ba-bye na lang.

R. Ignacio : Okay, sir.

PRRD : That is just a, that’s the story going around. They are going to raise funds. Alam mo the Armed Forces will not take it sitting down. The Philippine National Police even if I’m gone they will not allow these animals to have their day. You can be very sure that one of them but also, di ba, we asked, and Leni Robredo if she becomes the President will also be harsh kasi we are talking about the welfare of the country. I’m very allergic if it becomes an interest that would affect the country. Masyado akong ano, lalo na itong drugs, criminality, kidnapping.

So, I’d like to ask also the police and the with the participation now of the military, I’d call them to help. Do not forget the kidnap-for-ransom. But you might want to know that yung mga kidnap-for-ransom, murder for hire, they have shifted their operations. And their money-making schemes dito sa drugs. Mas dali gawin with the least danger for themselves. I’m sure as the drug problem would go down, then you expect the criminality of drug for hire and kidnapping will also rise. If it’s, it just never ends, you know, for as long as we have a society, for as long as there are laws that allows men to do this really. They can do it because we do not, this is not a fascist state. This is not a state where you can just stop a civilian and search his person and ask question. That is not allowed under the law, our laws. Kaya nagkakaroon tayo ng problema na… In autocratic countries mahirap, talagang—tapos doon may death penalty. Dito wala eh. So yan ang, that is really the meat of the problem.