Press briefing by Presidential Communications Office Secretary Martin Andanar, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, and Solicitor General Jose Calida
Press Briefing Area, New Executive Bldg., Malacañang
07 July 2016


Thank you, Marie. Magandang gabipo sa inyong lahat. Good evening.

Kagagaling lang po naming sa isang Cabinet security cluster meeting sa opisina po ng ating Pangulong Duterte. At bago ko po ipakilala ang ating bisita ngayong gabi ay nais ko pong ipabatid sa inyong lahat na ipinakita na pong Pangulo doon po sa interview kanina ang draft copy pong operationalizing in the Executive branch the people’s constitutional right to information and the state policies of full public disclosure and transparency in the public service and providing guidelines thereof of the freedom of information.

At ipinaliwanag pong Pangulo na natanggap niya po ang draft kanina at alam naman po natin na ninais pong Gabinete at ng Executive Secretary nai-release po ang FOI bukas pero pag-aaralan po munang Pangulo itong draft. So, it will be signed, sealed and delivered by next week. Ire-review lang ni Presidente muna ang FOI, ang FOI executive order.

At ngayon po, meron din pong dalawang mahalagang announcement ang Pangulo at kung maaari po ay meron po tayong bisita ngayong gabi: DOJ Secretary Vit Aguirre and Sol Gen Joe Calida at sila na po ang magpapaliwanag patungkol po doon sa nabanggit ng Pangulo at ‘yung mga inanunsyo niya tungkol sa laban natin o laban ng gobyerno sa droga. Secretary, birthday po ni Secretary.

SEC. CALIDA: Inannounce mo pa in public. Thank you, Secretary Martin. Earlier this afternoon, President Duterte faced the media and told them about the triad and the operations of triad in the Philippines. As you well know, triad comes from Mainland China.

There are five levels depending on the capability of the drug pusher to sell and these are categorize either in grams or kilograms. So the level five is the top tier of the drug hierarchy. If you have in your possession a copy of the chart — this is only a partial copy because what was presented by President Duterte was the entire organizational chart, if we may call it that. But that will be tackled later on. I’ll just talk about the fifth level.

A certain Mr. Wu Tuan alias Peter Co is the responsible for the triad Luzon/NCR regions. He is currently detained at the National Penitentiary and leader of the so-called Bilibid 19 Gang.

The next level 5 drug lord is a certain Peter Lim also known as Jaguar. He is in charge of the triad Visayas. This person is not the Jaguar who was killed in an operation in Las Piñas sometime ago and he was buried in Cebu. This is a different Jaguar.

And according to this chart, the associate protector identified by President Duterte is retired general Marcelo Garbo, former DCO, PNP and former regional director of PRO 7, former DRDO, PRO 7 class 1981.

Another level of personality in this level 5 is Herbert Colangco alias Ampang. He is an inmate at the National Penitentiary. He is a drug lord involving KFR, bank robbery in alliance with Parojinog Drug Syndicate/Kuratong Baleleng.

Below this level 5, there are persons of interest. That was part of the chart that was presented by President Duterte before the media composed of the following: Chinese nationals, PNP officials, BJMP officials, local government officials and many of them are mayors, and other persons of interest.

Our President will divulge their identities in succeeding press conferences. That will be all for now. Thank you.

Any questions?

Joseph Morong (GMA-7): Sir, first off, ‘yung Peter Lim at large lang?

SOLGEN CALIDA: According to information, Peter Lim is outside the country.

Mr. Morong: Sir, can you describe the —

SOLGEN CALIDA: And President Duterte warned him that if he steps into the NAIA, he will be killed.

Mr. Morong: He is Chinese, of course, hindi naman Pilipino ito?

SOLGEN CALIDA: He is Chinese.

Mr. Morong: Okay, sir, can you describe the relationship between General Garbo and Peter Lim and if there is between Peter Co and General Garbo?

SOLGEN CALIDA: According to the briefing that we received earlier and as announced by the President, he is on level 5 as associate protector. In short, coddler.

Mr. Morong: How does the coddling work? Kumbaga pwede doon naglalagay — alam ni General Garbo kung ano ang lagay ‘nung triad ng Visayas?

SOLGEN CALIDA: Okay, let me define coddler under the law, a coddler is one who protects the drug trafficking activities of drug lords. You can find that in the Comprehensive Law of the Dangerous Drugs Law. The same penalty will be given to a drug lord, trafficker and a coddler, same penalty.

Mr. Morong: Sir, doon kay Peter Co — ‘yung relationship between Peter Co and General Garbo?

SOLGEN CALIDA: Well, according to the briefing, as I said, and as announced earlier on by our President, in this level 5 chart, he is considered associate/protector.

Mr. Morong: Of both?
SOLGEN CALIDA: Quote and quote.

Mr. Morong: Sir, of both Peter Co and Jaguar?
SOLGEN CALIDA: Well, he is in the line of these two drug lords Wu Tuan alias Peter Co and Peter Lim alias Jaguar.

Mr. Morong: So pwedeng sabihin, sir, nasi Garbo is protector of both?

SOLGEN CALIDA: I will not venture an opinion on that. Just read what we have given you.

Dexter Ganibe (DZMM): SolGen, magandang gabi po, Dexter Ganibeng DZMM. Ano na po ang lumalabas sa inyong imbestigasyon kung nasaan si General Garbo at kung ano ang mga legal na aksyon na gagawin doon sa kanyang kung may pasaporte ba na dala siya kung nasaan siya ngayon?
SOLGEN CALIDA: Let me clarify, we have not investigated him. I am not part of the investigating team. I was just asked by Secretary Martin to clarify this because I used to be the executive director of the Dangerous Drugs Board and a former undersecretary of Department of Justice. So I am here to help. But I did not investigate yet. That will be the function of the Department of Justice.

Secretary Aguirre is here, you may ask the question to him.

Ina Andolong (CNN Philippines): Good afternoon, sir. Sir, how about the other generals earlier identified by President Duterte? Saan po sila dito sa ibinigay niyo sa amin?

SOLGEN CALIDA: They are in the lower levels. As I said, there will be persons of interest consisting of Chinese nationals, PNP officials. They are on that level.

Ms. Andolong: Are they also somewhat related or linked to these drug lords mentioned here?

SOLGEN CALIDA: The organizational chart presented during the media conference, the press con. They are part of the big organizational chart.

Ms. Andolong: Okay. Sir, last from my part. Are these drug lords also the ones maybe ‘yung nago-offer daw pong bounty for the President and the PNP Chief?

SOLGEN CALIDA: Most likely, yes.

Ms. Andolong: The three of them combined, ganon ba? Or just specifically, maybe Peter Co or Jaguar, ganon ba?

SOLGEN CALIDA: I have no personal knowledge, but you can deduce from what was mentioned.

Ms. Andolong: Thank you, sir.