Statement of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the Situation Briefing
Camp Guillermo Nakar, Lucena City, Quezon
28 July 2016
I appreciate the military and non-military endeavors of your command, Sir. I’m happy with the ongoing operations on all fronts sa Communist Party. Matagal na ‘to, long in the making, but I finally decided—and they also agreed, si Bello and si Dureza—to propose to them to talk again.

Ngayon kung gusto nila, sabi ko: ‘the same arrangement.’ Tignan natin, let’s give them a chance. I would like to assure everybody here in this room that I will never, never agree to a coalition government. I am very emphatic about that na I can have an inclusive government. I have taken them in. I can only really surrender to them in a sense that I can shake hands and talk about peace—an inclusive government.

Pati yung Moro insurgency, yung—so better off kung matuloy man giving Murad his BBL and we have to proceed with federalism because that is the only way we can attain peace in Mindanao. No other set up, I tell you now, would work. Of the things really also on the side of these talkies, kaya ako that prompted me to order the increase of your salaries. It will be implemented August, incrementally, hanggang madoble. (applause)

Itong drugs, no quarters given at all, no quarters. That is a policy na hindi ako maaatras-–criminality. Droga, hindi ako aatras diyan. To date, 150,000 surrenderees. 130,000 last week. Kita mo ang spread ng droga? Tapusin ko ito dito. Tapusin ko talaga.

I would like also to share with you that—well, nandiyan sa newspaper—Kerry promised me—nandoon ka ba?—32 million. Look into the increase kasi ang headquarters ay naghingi ng 20,000 soldiers. Maybe towards the end of year, I can give you half, with the funding na ‘yan. Ibibigay ko sa‘yo. (applause) And I will buy you more Barrett. So, I will give you the equipments. ‘Yung 32 million dollars, mga gear ‘yan, yung ginagawang ‘yung ano.

Ang deal ko, ganito ha. Nandiyan si—if you can pass the federal set up in three years then provide a structural na maganda talagang that it’s all fair. And I said: “Do not forget my advice. Do not take out the presidency out, even if it’s federal. You can copy sa France.” Because ang Filipino by nature, do not deprive them of that desire dahil gusto talaga niya magboto ng presidente. Ayaw ng tao ‘yan, kunin mo ‘yang the right to vote for a President, magagalit ang tao. Kasi yan lang ang panahon na parang great siya.

Ngayon, gaya ‘nong election, for whatever reason or motive na nanalo ako. “O ngayon, makapili na kami kasi sawa na kami.”

‘Coz may mga ano ako, land reform. I will go back to land reform but I will not take the properties already in the hands of—yung mga bago, yung silang mga tenants noon pati… Marami tayong public lands. I will open the forestal area, wala na rin. So kung may konti man diyan, as long as we—ang i-ano ko lang watershed. ‘Yung may mga spring doon, talagang kalahati so that is needed for water. But otherwise, I will distribute them. Babalik ako pero not, not within the two years.

Ito, itong increase of salaries, ang sunod ko mga teachers. Ako, loyal ako sa Armed Forces. I will—I remain loyal to you because—well, I have been with government for so long. Ordinaryong tao lang ako nun. ‘Di masyadong—casual- casual lang tayo. Anak lang ako ng mahirap eh, so I know how it is to rise from the ranks. Kaibigan ninyo ako, hindi niyo ako kalaban. But you can be assured that this Republic of the Philippines will be protected by us, according to the mandate of the people. Hanggang diyan lang tayo. Ano lang ang gusto ng tao at ano lang magpapabuti sa kanila.

Maraming salamat po.