Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the induction of Newly-elected officers and Trustees for 2017 to 2018 of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (CCCI)
Gloria Maris Room, Waterfront Hotel, Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu
02 March 2017
Kindly sit down.

Salamat. Maupo po kayo.

You know every that I am into, may nag-prepare talaga ng speech ang opisina. But, you know, after a minute or two uwi na tayo. [laughs]

And you might want to know what is really in my heart and what is the state of the nation. In maybe in a nutshell, what we intend to do and what we do not intend to do.

But before that may I be with the salutations: Secretary Michael Lloyd Dino, the Presidential Adviser for the Visayas; Ms. Melanie Ng, president of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry; the officers and trustees of Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry; past presidents of Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry; guests from Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry; fellow workers in government; mga kaigsuunan nako nga Cebuano.

You know I… We talked of change and maybe I would not want to be pulling my own chair, but I can really say that, in that election that — in the past days, I was one of those who was passionately into the campaign.

Aminin ninyo naa koy gi saad sa mga tao and I kept those promises to the barest of minimum. First is that I will get rid of corruption in government.

And my God, I just fired a close associate of mine. From days in the past, almost historical liaison until the other day, I asked him to go quietly because of suggestions of corruption.

Wala pa nga eh. But as I have said to my Cabinet members and to those appointed by me in government, the first whiff of corruption or suggestion, maghiwalay-hiwalay na tayo.

And I am committed really to just give a respite to the Filipinos for the many years of suffering under corrupt almost in succession governments.

I am not saying that I would be able to erase all, but again there’s a word barest minimum — if there’s another term for that or the next bar for word — then that is it.

Alam mo dugay nang ga-antos ang Pilipino sa korupsyon unya what was really pulling us down all throughout the years was simply corruption.

And, well, from where of I came, I was a prosecutor in Davao City and at the same time I was a special prosecutor for the Tanodbayan. Wala pa kasi noong Ombudsman. That’s the predecessor ng Ombudsman, used to be known as the Tanodbayan.

So I have…From the Visayas to Luzon, I used to prosecute cases involving so much documents that’s why na para na rin akong CPA noon na nag-aral ng Accounting because I had to do my homework.

And, well of course, I saw the thousands of millions lost, gone to waste money of the taxpayers.

So noong na-Presidente sabi ko putulin ko ang corruption. And there was this danger looming very, very bright in sa — staring at us ang droga and ‘yung criminality that goes with it.

And then ‘yung Mindanao. Kasi of the five candidates on stage every time, even on there was a debate, ako lang ‘yung nagsasalita nga about Mindanao and that prompted me — one of the compelling reasons why I had to run.

I was hearing nobody talking about Mindanao. Duol-duol man lang gyud ta. And my father comes from Cebu but my mother is a Mindanaoan, duol-duol man lang gyud ta.

I will not guarantee you on anything but I’ll just plainly tell you: We have to solve the problems that beset Mindanao.

Alam mo sabi nila 100 years but when I was in Malaysia, I went to the archives to do some reading and I’d placed it, sabi ng mga Moro, mga 100 years.

I thought maybe about 70 years would be a good choice to gamble on. When Magellan landed there in Leyte, Mindanao was already Islam by almost 70 years. That’s the reality of it all. And so the guy brought Christianity.

Maybe here in — I don’t know what was the religion of Lapu-Lapu, but since he resisted the colonizers, I almost say that and even surprised why he is — he does not have a day in a year to observe Lapu-Lapu day. He was the first to kill the invaders.

And I would like to change that. Maybe somebody might want to remind me to declare him one of the foremost heroes of the Philippines. [applause]

Ang Mindanao kasi noon was an active part already of the Srivijaya empire of the Malay race. And the only reason why it was easy for them to conquer the Philippines our

Forefathers. Maybe my lolo sa Danao of the gun powder. That changed the whole thing. The cannons and the gun powders really changed — the changing the games in favor of the imperial eh pero pinilit nila kasi. So they took Mindanao farther and tried to Christianize it.

Eh magulo ‘yon because at that time there was already a post and that poste na ‘yun Islam. And you know how religions were fought during the previous times and even now with the Sunni and Shiite. Sila na mismo… Islam ganoon din eh. So you can just imagine how things were at that time.

The Spaniards were able to slow down the migration from the South. At ‘yung Zamboanga, all that they could do was to build the Fort Pilar. But others than that they were not able really to enter the entrails of Mindanao, papasok.

So when we were past on to the Americans by the Treaty of Paris defeating the Spaniards, the Americans took over, and dito because they already had the… Not even the muskets, the muskets were sa mga Spaniards ‘yun. They had the bolt action already. And so massacre after massacre and massacre.

Unfortunately though for the Americans, they always document their history. So some of us were able to get the pictures of the population piled, killed, and massacred.

Iyon ang sa Mindanao ngayon. It is not a two century event, it is not a one century event, it stays there forever. Kaya sabi nila itong si Duterte bakit noong campaign, why does he have to bother about… You know, every time makikita nila ‘yan and to think that they were Islam, all of them, until the Americans came. And because nobody was brave enough to work in Mindanao at that time, they started the sloganeering, “Go to Mindanao because it is a Land of Promise.”

Ayan ang problema ngayon. So a lot of Christians my father went there. Although married to a Mindanaoan. Nanay ko is a half Maranao. My father, my grandfather, tatay niya was a pure Chinese, si Lam. Pinsan ‘nung si Jack Lam na gusto ko ring patayin ang p**** i**. [laughter]

You know, that Chinese guy, I was reading the briefer for the night, I get the briefer every night from the activities sa mga journals, what happened to the Philippines today. I was reading his statements as if he was talking, everybody was in his pocket.

That’s why tinawagan ko si Bong Go, my aide, another Chinese, sabi ko, “Hulihin mo ‘yang p***** i**** ‘yan.” Sabi ng NBI, “walang charge.” “Ah, charge, maniwala ka ng charge-charge. Basta hulihin mo. Patayin mo kung kaya ninyo.” But luckily, he was out of the country three days earlier.

So kaya ako napika, he was… Iyong mga ganoon na klaseng… “Please…” Sabi ko, “avoid my country kung ganun…” And better help. Doon na lang kayo sa Macau, do not do it here. They are not paying the correct taxes, millions and billions.

He was given a franchise panahon ni Corazon Aquino, one percent. Susmaryosep ka. And that was ages ago and yet he had the gall to talk about the Philippines, characterizing us like…

So ‘yun ang ano. Corruption. We have to stop corruption. The Cabinet is given only one month. NEDA takes about forever. NEDA used to… Kami may application kami for a simple commuter train. And I filed it during the — just before the election noon. Until now, sa awa ng Diyos, nandyan pa rin sa NEDA.

So sabi ko sa Cabinet members, one month. One month. Ipalabas mo ang decision mo, either approved or disapproved. I really do not care. One month. And now I am [applause]

trying to come up with the — to codify all the rules.

Ang mga directors sa departments must husband the papers. Siya mismo ang magtingin kung saan ‘yung papel at any given time and they are only given 15 days.

So director ng what? Nang Trade Industry, whatever, Defense, it could be DENR. Meron doong ano routine slip. The time that it was, that it came in, then it was on to the first table, second table, and to reduce the signing authority.

Kung maaari lang, dalawa, tatlo, apat. Huwag na masyado ‘yang maraming opisina kasi most of them are really indolent. Basta matagal na sa — tapulan. Wala na eh.

Also itong mga director, kaya ang sabi ko, my order now is you should be the first to report in the morning and the last to leave in the afternoon. Trabahuhin ninyo ‘yan dahil diyan galit ang tao sa atin. Ayaw na magbayad sa atin, wala nang magawa eh. Ang tao ayaw na magbigay sa atin ng sweldo. So ‘yan.

And for the mayors, ganoon din or else I’ll file a case against you. I will direct the DILG to file the corresponding charges — misdemeanor, abuse of authority, whatever. And I could dismiss you. I am empowered by law to dismiss you. And I would not hesitate to dismiss the, pagka, basta may corruption. You know the first hint…

You know, alam mo kasi, the thing about corruption is ang Pilipino kasi, hindi assertive. He knows his rights, he will complain about it but he will not do anything. Kaya if only you can assert. The first opportunity kung may maghingi, eh di sabihin mo lang, “P***** i** ka, nagbabayad ako ng buwis tapos ito ang Gawain mo sa akin? L**** ka.”

You create a scene. Even sa airport. Binawal ko na ngayon magbukas-bukas ng bag. Anyway, from the cargo, hold ‘yung may ano doon escalator para sa bagahe, may camera ‘yan eh. So we would know, government would know at first instance kung ano talaag ang laman niyan.

And yet when we arrive from somewhere, or everywhere, pag ka ‘yung… Kagaya ko noon, mayor, congressman, sige, even with a… In his wait, a trail of bagahe, walang open-open ‘yan.

But ‘yung mga pobre, ‘yung mga OFW, ‘yun ang binubuksan o kung anong pinagtiting—‘yung mga p***** i**. Sabi ko mas bilib ako kung buksan mo ‘yang sa Presidente pati Bise Presidente.

Huwag ninyong pakialaman ‘yang isa, dalawang — do not do that. And ngayon wala nang bukasan. Wala, basta huwag kang magbukas. Tanungin mo lang, “Bakit, meron ba kayong nakita diyan sa x-ray?” Wala. Even sa permit.

Kasi naman ang mga tao sa permit eh magsulat ka lang,“Ano ba ang kulang namin dito? What is it that is lacking or inadequate in our application so that we can correct it immediately.”

If you do not receive any answer, file a case against the Ombudsman and sa akin. And if the Ombudsman will not do anything, I will take jurisdiction over the case.

That’s maybe because the Ombudsman handles so many thousands of cases that they can hardly cope up with the work. I would like to think that it is that way. Sino ba naman ang ayaw?

Pero ang akin is there is the 8888. All you have to do is just sabihin mo ang pangalan. The son of a b**** — I filed an application in this and he’s asking for 5,000. Name him. Do not be afraid of libel, ako na ang bahala. Akin naman ‘yang PTV 4 eh. Ako na ang bahala sa iyo. Isulat ninyo about anything.

Now, nandito ba si Bingbong? Bong, itong si Bong sabi ko eh. Eh ito si Bong Go, isa ring oligarch na, pero Batangueño ito na Chinese. Remind me na tanggalin ko na ‘yung bumbero.

Kasi in business permits, may building occupancy inspection blah, blah, blah then there’s the bumbero. Doon sa bumbero, matagal ‘yan kaya ’yung mga u***, magpabili pa man sa iyo ng fire extinguisher. [laughter and applause]

I have ordered to delist them, kasali na ’yan so ‘yang building permit should include already the inspection of the fire but it should be made at the behest of the city engineer.

After all, kanyang ano ‘yan lahat eh, that’s addendum there that’s really pang racket. So three days ‘yan sila. Business permit, three days. Anak ka ng… Saan man pala ‘yung mga computer? Akala ko ba mapabilis ‘yung trabaho natin kung may computer? O eh bakit humihina lalo? Kalaki ko nang gasto diyan sa p***** i** na ‘yan. Susmaryosep.

Nakaka-ano eh, it’s very unsettling actually. Pero trabahuhin mo lang ‘yang trabaho mo.

And for the Filipino people who are listening right now, I think we’re televised nationally, eh be assertive. Mag-reklamo ka. ‘Pag binuksan ‘yan, mag p***** i** ka, sumigaw ka, “P****** i** kang Customs ka at ikaw Immigration. Nagbabayad ako sa iyo ng tama, ganituhin mo ako. Anong klase ka?” Then it will really get my attention. So never mind about the idiot ako na ang bahala diyan. Huwag matakot ka.

You just raise or create a scene if you may. Mag-bastos ka lang ano ng lahat ‘yan. Akala ko ba dito wala ng kukunin sa bag mo? Nobody but nobody should…

Pwera na lang kung galing ka doon sa cargo. Pero kung maleta kasi magdadalawang maleta talaga iyan. Magpunta ka ng ano. You seldom go there. If at all, kung may pera ka, magbili ka ng damit pati sapatos, magaganda, then that’s another luggage. That’s no big deal maski tatlo pa apat. Pero ‘yung bukas-bukas ang ayaw ko. Either bukas na bukas na tomorrow or bukas na nakaw. So iyon lang just to be, whatever, pulis, magtanong kayo

Sa pulis ‘yang permit na ‘yan, they should also be out same time. Three days, two days. Pati ‘yung mga Cabinet member will meet next month, “No, no, no”. I convened itong labor pati ‘yung PARC tawag nila. Tapos maraming complaints ‘yung endo, contractualization so Bebot Bello wanted a longer period. Sabi nila April, “No, no, no. Next week.”

I cannot wait for. Hindi ako nagbibilang ng buwan dito. Madali ang panahon. Six years is just too really too short to — maghabol tayo ng panahon. Next week. Walang ano dito, walang usapan.

I do not maski sa Davao. When I put to task somebody, 72 hours, 72-48 hours. That’s one day, two days, 24 hours. Mahirap iyang malayo ang ano. That will put again the Filipino in despair.

So it’s really up to the Filipino people of the Republic of the Philippines to help me at least minimize or do away with corruption. And I am supporting you but you have to help me. I cannot help the Filipino kung hindi ninyo ako tulungan. All you have to do is to assert. Period. Huwag kang bumigay.

Pati ‘yang BIR na iyan, you’re safe, walang ano. Sa BIR kung may manghingi sabihin mo sa akin, ikaw ang ipalit ko doon sa opisyal na iyon. [laughter] Totoo. Pagka-qualified ka lang, CESO ka, or first grade eligible ka, sige, ilagay kita doon. Eh ano.

The problem is the monitoring and the… It must get our attention. Beyond that wala man talaga akong magawa.

Second is, gaya nitong droga. Itong Human Rights Watch. Itong mga pari, 7,000? 7,000 lives? Eh nandiyan ang amin. Alam nila na ang durugista because the immediate or the — yeah the direct effect of shabu use, abuse is your brain will shrink and break up into pieces. Kaya nagugulo.

Ang mga Amerikano they are better off with cocaine and heroin. Kasi hindi naka eh poppy, it’s a plant. Itong meth, shabu alam ba ninyo na hydrochloride? Tubig sa baterya iyan. Susmaryosep. Ginoo.

And I did not know the real score or the total number of victims or addicted to drugs until I became President. Now, when I was in Davao I knew it was really a very serious thing. So I declared war. I did not simply you conduct a police operation in the meantime ganoon.

I said, if you are going to destroy the community, my city, of course, I will be happy to kill you. And if you do away, deprive us of our generations, papatayin rin kita. Alam mo bakit? Hindi tayo lahat mayaman ha.

Anak ka ng p********i**, let us be clear on it. Ako wala ako — meron akong deposito. Pero I cannot wallow in luxury during my retirement days.

Mag-ano pa ako sa mga anak ko at kayo hindi naman. Majority of you, you are better off. Let us be… Prangka-prangka na lang tayo. Iyong iba, the thousands, the millions of Filipinos, pagtanda nila, sino mag-ano ng lugaw nila? P*******i**…

Sinong magbili ng medisina even the painkillers? Huwag na ‘yung for treatment, or for curing the… Even the painkillers na lang when you are already in agony, old age. Who will feed you? Who will buy the medicines for you? Who will buy the oxygens so that you can live maybe two, three days longer? Mga anak namin. P*****i**, tapos ganunin ninyo. Eh di patayin ko kayo.

You know why? Kasi magulo masyado ‘yan sila noon. Duterte mag-martial law? Duterte ‘yung habeas cor…. Kaya sabi ko, mas bright ako na tao. Abugado ako pero mas bright ako sa inyo, sa totoo lang. You know why? I took my oath of office before God and country.

What did I say? To protect, to obey the Constitution, and what else? To protect the Filipino people. Nandiyan lang iyan lahat.

I do not need any martial law. I do not need any habeas corpus, suspension. All that I need to do is to do something to protect the Filipino to preserve my nation.

Huwag mo na akong istorbohin kung ano. Kung sagasaan kita ng tangke de giyera sagasaan kita. Pabalik-balik pa kung gusto mo. [laughter] Huwag mo akong…

You know, pagka-diperensiya na ‘yung country tapos you…Kaya when I became the President, I said I am declaring war. Why? O kita mo naman. Davao is peaceful now. But it did not come about just that easy. So sabi ni ‘yung police na “hundreds were killed”. Of course, sa tagal kong — 23 years ako nag-campaign against drugs talagang hundreds ang namatay.

O ngayon ako Presidente na, huwag naman ‘yan hindi lahat nang… Iyong lumaban because my order was very specific: Go out and hunt for them, arrest them if it’s still possible, but if they resist violently thereby placing your life in danger, patayin mo. I cannot be as clear as… Iyon nga, ngayon ‘yung 7,000, ‘yang mga human rights, pati pari, sige daw, ilang namatay ko diyan sa 7,000?

How many of them were ginanon ng — ? You know, when we started to do the operation, we planted intrigue, ikaw pinyait ka nito, ito gantihan sila. Tapos pinatay ito, ‘yun inutos. Tapos inutusan talaga namin, patayin mo ‘yang kalaban mo para hindi ka makulong. ‘Pag pinatay na niya, patayan rin, kulong-kulong. [laughter]

Ganoon naman ‘yan. So if I go to prison, I can rot in prison. I am now 72 years old. How do you, how do you think I will survive when I am about 76, 77 years old?

Hindi lang ako kakain ng tatlong araw, patay na ako niyan. [laughter] Tapos takot-takutin ako ng Human Rights, human rights violation, EKJ. EKJ ka diyan. Sino bang gustong pumatay ng tao? But when you place the security of my country in danger — like in Mindanao, what is driving the Maute group there? What do you think is fueling the terrorism? Iyang senior military — ayan si Oca. Nandiyan si Oca o, General Lactao. It’s drugs. Kaya nga sabi ko mag-raid sila ng compound doon, I have lost 32 of my soldiers. I have lost 29 of my policemen.

Tomorrow, I’m going to fly to Jolo because may, maraming nasugatan doon and two were killed then I have to fly to Cagayan because I have to be with my soldiers when they suffer. Kailangan nandoon ako.

Natinik ka lang ng lansang diyan kasakit niyan. Tamaan kapa ng bala… Ganun na lang rin ang ano ko. Doon sa Cotabato ‘pag mag-raid sila ng dalawang M-60 ang kaharap nila kaya patay ang mga sundalo.

Hindi ako mag-atras diyan sa drugs. If you think that it will stop tomorrow, today because of the pari, ay mga pari lulo [laughter] Stupid, idiots.

How about the — ang mahirap sa pari, ganito. Pinipicture nila tapos may mga national newspaper na binoblow-up, ‘yung parang naghawak si Hesukristo na hinawakan niya ng nanay niya patay na. They would like to publish again and again. Itong pari naman na pinapatay ‘yung mahirap.

Hoy, mga u***, makinig kayo ha. I cannot destroy the drug industry by just killing the drug lords, the one who sells shabu in large quantities.

I cannot stop the drug industry if there is one single drug pusher on the streets because it is an organization, an apparatus. You have to take them out so that I am telling you now, the campaign against drugs will continue to the last day of my term.

Hanggang may drug pusher pa diyan sa inyong lugar, in the neighborhood or until such time na itong mga ito mamamatay lahat, maghinto na ako.

Iyan ang — ang pag-asa nga nila patayin ako. Sabi ko nga doon sa Cordova, “Patayin ninyo ako, ngayon na.” Dalawang granada lang kailangan mo pati si Pangilinan ng PLDT, sasabog ‘yan. Siya man ang nandoon [laughter] Kanya man ‘yang project pati ni Sitoy [laughter] Ayan, ubusin mo na kaming lahat.

Sabi ko, unless you would do a dras…Hindi matatapos ‘yan. Ang criminality gaya ng kidnapping. Ang uso pa talaga, papatayin na tapos maghingi. Ah ‘yan taga-Davao Sammy Uy. Ikaw doon, magkidnap ka sa Davao noon, patayin mo tapos magkubra ka, hindi aabot ng istasyon.

Iyang Human Rights, sige subukan mo akong kidnapin tapos maghingi ka ng ransom. Hindi ka…Tapos ‘yung mag-rape patayin ang bata — karaming istoryang Human Rights, mabuti pa sa ano maligayahan tayo.

Eh alam mo kasi you are playing with — you present it melodrama. Itong mamamatay na ano tapos… Hindi mahinto ito kung hindi mo alisin ‘yan. Because it is an apparatus and that is what happened in Central America, you know that.

Nakikita mo gobyerno doon, they decide kung sino ang maging governor. They decide kung sino ang maging mayor. May mayor na babae took oath of office in the morning, in the afternoon she was killed.

When were we already a narco-politics? God.

As early as five years ago, 40 percent of the barangay captains were already in narco-politics. Some of them won in Iloilo and I will repeat, Malibog, Mabilog, Malibog — pangalan niya [laughter] Dito sa Iloilo karami eh. Iyong si Odicta. Iyong mag-asawang pinatay. Huwag na tayong magbolahan dito sabi ko sa iyo bayan ko ito eh.

If it’s just a political rift maybe I would ano, hindi masyado ako. Kung sabihin lang ni Drilon na pulitika ka, hindi ako ganoon. Kaibigan ko siya pero pinsan mo kasi ‘yan eh. Madidisgrasya.

Actually ito, I will tell you now and I revealed it doon sa Cordova. Last week, no, the other week, ipinatawag ko lahat ng mayor, city mayors ng Pilipinas.

Sa karami, three groups. Sinabi ko talaga sa kanila, t*** i** ninyo, huwag kayong pumasok diyan, papatayin ko kayo. Either ambushin ko kayo o ipa-sniper ko kayo, banggaan ko kayo ng 6×6.

Tapos mga governor, sinabi ko, magkaibigan tayo. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth to be uttering these words, I was just — I’m just an ordinary guy, a mayor, small town mayor but do not ever think na mahiya ako sabihin ito,“P***** i** papatayin ko talaga kayo.”

Sabi ko, magka diperensya tayo sa ibang bagay, okay lang. You can even attack me, humiliate me. Pero kung sa bayan ko na, when preserving the Filipino, this nation — huwag kang mag-ano sa akin. Yayariin kita. Iyan ang totoo. Sorry but…

Dito sa economics, gumagana tayo. It was not really on purpose that I quarreled with the Americans. Hindi naman Amerikano na — the State Department actually.

State Department ‘yan siguro matagal na ako sa negosyong ito. So ‘yung Human Rights, the first to come out was a statement coming from the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations because they were fond of attacking me when I was mayor.

Kasi isyu na ‘yan sa akin noong mayor pa ako eh. Eh sinabi ko, I will kill you, get out of my…Tapos okay lang ‘yun. But when I was President, you do not reprimand me that easy. Pero ang United Nations, you deliver your speech there, asked the UN for a vote to refer this, my case to the Human Rights Commission, have me investigated, then give the recommendation whether I stand a criminal case. Fine. Harapin ko ‘yan walang problema ‘yan.

Hindi ‘yung basta-basta, then ‘yung Secretary and then si Obama na. Ah sabi ko, p***** i** ka Obama, you go to hell. Huwag mo akong ganunin kasi hindi na ako ‘yung ano…Presidente na ako, huwag mo akong — do not reprimand me in public or chastise — who are you? Ah pumunta tuloy ako sa China eh di maraming pera. [laughter]

We have what? We got 6 billion for government and the rest for the private sector. That was… Nakita ko kahapon, ilang memorandum ang ano ko? In billions of dollars. Iyong Amerikano naman, hindi naman natin nakalaban pero nag-atras because we were really tightly nakadikit sa ano eh. And may misconception sila na baka nga ano, they never really bothered to give importance.

So tayo, we were left off. Ang sabi ko, I come here as a friend. Sabi ko, I will not talk about the arbitral judgment because I come in here to ask for your help. I am here to ask that we improve our trade relations. The bilateral relations of trade and commerce, because I am suffering from a total lack of money and I need to run the country. I need to improve the lives of the people. I need to raise the level of — tapos naintindihan niya kaibigan na kami ngayon, oh see.

Kita mo ang perang pumapasok? And even in Davao City. Punta ako sa Amerikano, kita mo. Si Obama, kunwari pa he will reprimand me. Noong si Trump na ang na-Presidente, tumawag ako. That’s, standard ‘yan eh.

Sabi ko, “Mr. President-elect, this is President Duterte.” “Yeah, I’ve been expecting your call.” [laughter] “Mr. President, I’d like to congratulate you for a well-deserved…” “Yeah, I know, you too, congratulations and you are doing it right. They are son of a b****, this God d*** in the boundary of…” [laughter and applause]

“This God d*** guys in the nearby boundary of…” Galit siya. “Wait until I…” Ngayon sinusunod talaga niya. Ipapatay niya ‘yung mga maski sino. Walang matino na Pilipino papayag ka na lang na ganoon.

Pari? Sige lang yawyaw. Sila ‘yung may pera. Sige kolekta Domingo, Sabado ug Domingo sigeg kolekta. So saan ang pera ng tao? Eh di wala. Meron ba kayo diyan rehab center na run by the Catholic? Wala, sige lang happy-happy.

I am asking you where is the money of the faithful? Madala ra bag kung muigsa yan ug 25 centavos? Magano pa na pag magligid ana o. Saan ang pera? Sige kayog yawyaw mga pari wala naman kayong ginagawa.

You know what? It’s very easy. You go to the precinct commander. Precinct commander, ano ba sino ba ang mga tao dito sa barangay, sa parish ko na — pwede mo akong bigyan ng listahan? Bibigyan ka ng pulis. Eh di puntahan mo hijo, hijo de puta ka pala eh. Gumagamit ka ng droga eh huwag ‘yan kasi ‘pag namatay ka si Duterte tuloy ang gina…Bine-blame. [laughter]

Bakit? Isipin ninyo may bayan ako. I build a city. Iyan ang trabaho ng mga mayor. We build cities. Ang Presidente, we build nations. Iyan ang trabaho ng mga Presidente pati mga Prime Minister.

And the barangay captains they what? They build communities. Do not forget that. We are not a rehab. Ano man kayo.

Now you realize, when I came out openly, how many surrendered? You saw it by your own eyes, God d*** it. By the tens of thousands. Another one million added to the three million ni General Santiago noon sa PDEA, so it’s four million.

How many of them are permanently…Give it half. You know sa shabu ‘pag out ka, once the brain shrinks, rehab is no longer feasible or possible. That is the naked truth that you have to face. I will not allow my country to produce slaves to a chemical to make the drug lords rich. I will never allow that. Huwag mo akong bigyan ng mga slaves to a chemical.

Kayo mga negosyante kayo. Tell me frankly, how long did it take you to earn your first million? Sige nga. You guys, kayong mga — tell me, how many years, how many sweat and toil para umabot ka diyan sa billion? Sige nga. T***** i** itong mga barangay captains, itong mga negosyante, Chinese and Filipino alike, mga mayors, they produce drugs overnight, in two months they become billionaires.

When you trace sa mga properties ng…Iyang si Albuera Mayor, may shipping, may hotel, may lahat. Tapos takutin mo lang ako na extrajudicial killing.

Maniwala talaga ako sa pulis. Sabi ng pulis lumaban. Bakit ako maniwala doon sa…Pinasok, eh ano kung pinasok? To serve a warrant is not illegal. It might be improper but the warrant can be served anywhere. You can ask any lawyer.

Walang limit ‘yan maski nalibang ka. O kami gamitang warrant imo ning ihimud sa imong tae. [laughter]

Ngayon sabi ‘nung may baril, walang baril, eh walang pakialam diyan. Kung anong sabihin ng pulis, kung ano ang sabihin ng military iyon ang sundin ko. Eh sila ‘yung utusan kong mamatay eh. So I have to give credence and…Eh kita mo sa Mamasapano, you go there and die in one day. So talagang papaniwalaan ko sila kung ano ‘yung istorya nila maski na baligtad ‘yung istorya. Ayaw maniwala ‘yung iba.

What the military, what General Lactao reports to me, that’s final. Tanong ko sa kanya, “is this the truth?” “Yes, sir.” O ‘di tapos tayo. “Sabi nila, sir, salvage daw.” “Huwag ka ng maingay.” [laughter]

So the economy is great. You can import…It’s WTO ito namang Amerikano. Mabuti na lang ngayon the Trans Pacific Partnership eh kalokohan ‘yan. Alam mo ba kung natotoo iyon we cannot sell generics. Lahat first class na. ISO credited na. Wala pa tayo doon eh.

Lugi talaga tayo, lugi tayo. So dapat ‘yan, mabuti na lang nag-withdraw si Trump. Alam mo pati si generic hindi ka na ma…Kagaya ng climate change, tingnan mo ulit. Ang misgivings ko, it’s just about climate change. Abugado ako. Ang sabi the industrialized countries will commit to donate…Saan? Sino? Nakalagay doon ang pangalan? Ang sabi ko where? At saka ang violation. ‘Pag sila ang nag-violate wala tayong magawa pero ‘pag tayo ang nag-violate they can threaten us with everywhere and anywhere and with anything. They will cut off the quota or whatever ‘yang assistance.

Kaya doon ako nagalit sa Amerikano. Every time that they attack me or criticize me they’d always say, “We will withhold your assistance and…” Sabi ko, p***** i** ka para ka namang, tingin mo sa amin patay-gutom, l**** ka. Kaya ikaw Obama l**** ka. Hindi kami patay-gutom ha. Kunin mo ‘yang aid mo na ‘yan.

Sabi pa ng Russia, “We will have everything you need, just come here.” So I’m going there with Lactao, May 25. Maganda rin ang mga Russian. [laughter] Iyon lang man ang puntahan mo. Usap kami ni Putin.

But anyway I am taking much of your time. I have to fly home because my daughter, the mayor of Davao, gave birth to…Tatlo ‘yon eh. [applause] Nahulog man ang ano…

So I am very excited to go home. I’d be flying home directly. Tuloy ako sa hospital kasi ang pangalan daw Marco Digong. [laughter]

Ganon talaga ‘yan si Inday. Ganoon ‘yan sting ray ang…Ito ang palayaw daw Stonefish. Kawawa naman ang bata. [laughter] Ganon talaga. Bata-bata man ‘yan si Inday. Mag-mistah ‘yan sila eh, mag-mistah kayo ‘no?

I’m happy so I have to… I just remember that my daughter gave birth. So salamat naman sa Diyos. Tatlo ‘yun eh. Tapos nakunan.

Ito si… Ito si, ito ang…‘Di ba dalawang twins ang iyo? Apat na siya. Dalawang twins, oo. So apat kaagad. Remember his family, ‘yung ano niya, ‘yung family ano niya, genealogy. Lactao. [laughter] Kaya kung gusto ninyo ng maraming anak, isang tirada lang. [laughter] Humanap ka ng Lactao.

So I’d like to thank the chamber for giving me this opportunity to be with you tonight and I hope that you’ve learned something from me or at least, I was able to clarify. You must know kaya what is in my heart. ‘Pag wala kasi, hindi ninyo ako makilala.

At saka ‘yung importante talaga sa akin ‘yung bayan. Importante talaga. You create monsters in my country, killers, rapists…

Iyong mga pari. Sige lang. Ang ayaw ko ‘yung melodramatic ano nila. Iyong mga mahirap mamatay. P**** i**… Mga pari. ‘Pag panganak nimo, bayad ka simbahan ng yawa. ‘Pag pakasal ka, mag-prikana pa, ang mag lecturers mga bahog baba, purot-purot ang laway, ‘di pa gyud kamao. Di pa kamao, wa pay grammar ang in-English. Unya mamatay ka, bayad ka man gihapon. Unsa ning Katoliko uy? Unya ug Sunday, dad-on nimo ang patay, kasab-an ka sa pari. Dili mo bendita ang pari ug Domingo.

So ‘pag ka Lunes ‘yung, ‘Father ang balsamasyon ani, duha lang man kaadlaw.’ ‘Ah dili.’ So pagkaugma, dad-on nimo Lunes, pag-sulod sa patay, baho na. Masuko na pud ang pari buang. Nganong gida ni nimo baho na mani? Kay hindi man magbindeta ug Domingo. Katoliko. Sige lang tagbayad aning yawa. Pera-pera lang pala dito, itong buhay na ito, as tang gobyerno. Kamo pud di ha sigeg kolekta, sigeg kolekta. Naa pa gyud ika duha kolekta, second round. [laughter]

Patya ng pari. [laughter]. May ano ka? Taga-Tawi-Tawi to eh. Tausug. Iyong Altar… “Secrets of the Altar”. Kasi si Tatad, minamaliit niya ‘to. But it was actually written by Aries Rufo, with the introduction from Maritess Vitug, ‘yung journalist. Nandito.

Iyang si Bacani, of course, he’s very vocal, pati si Tatad. Opus Dei si Tatad eh. Starts with the ano, it starts with the pedophi — si Bacani dito.

“Altar of Secrets”. Tagal na ‘to. Basahin ninyo.

Now if you continue to be a Catholic when I come back here someday, and you think that I was unfair in my comments, you tell me I will resign as President.

Pero basahin muna ninyo ito. Kay nandito lahat ang…And ‘yung sa Al Jazeera. Nakita ninyo ‘yun? There was this special feature about pedophilian priest. Manila ang — Manila ang setting. Tapos denial pa sila. “Altar of Secrets: Sex, Politics, and Money in the Philippine Catholic Church.”

Maski ‘yung panahon ni Gloria. Iyong naghingi sila ng Pajero, naghingi sila ng Montero, that was already graft and corruption. Magtanong ka ng abugado because of the separation of Church and State. You cannot spend any single centavo in favor of a sect or religion.

Naghingi iyan sila naghingi ng Pajero, binigyan sila. Iyong panahon na ‘yon. I don’t know. Nag-prescribe na ‘yung crime ‘no? Tagal na ‘yun eh.

Pero kung hindi pa nag-prescribe, they’re really guilty, liable for graft, Republic 3019. Kaya ako tuloy, in my defense, ito ‘yung inano ko, kung sino lang ang may gusto, kunin niyo ‘yung copy ko.

But you can…It’s online but always ano, out of—Walang… ‘yung pinakamatanda… Kasi ikaw ‘yung medyo, bigay mo kay ma’am. Basahin mo. Pakipasa… [applause]

May ano ka? May ISIS ka? Ito naman ISIS. I ordered… It is a must reading for military and police sa Pilipinas.

You must read. I have ordered copies. Libre. Ibigay ko sa inyo. But you must read. Must talaga ito. Meron ka nito ga? [applause]

Salute kay hindi samahin sa Russia. [laughter] Misis mo hindi? Akala mo misis mo kasi mag-sorry ako. [laughter]

Iyon lang po at maraming salamat sa inyo ha. [applause]