Speech of President Rodrigo Duterte at the Philippine Councilors League 10th National Congress
World Trade Center, Pasay City
08 March 2017

Secretary Ismael Sueno; Secretary Abul Khayr Dangcal Alonto; members of the House of Representatives; Councilor Maybelyn Dela Cruz-Fernandez; Councilor Elmer Datuin; the officials of the National Board and Regional Councils, Chairperson; dedicated members of the Councilors League; distinguished guests; my beloved countrymen.Alam mo, I do not deliver speeches. I just want to converse with the crowd. I have here about three pages. I can finish this in about a minute and a half then we go home.

So parang wala akong mensahe. It’s the…Well, of course, in fairness to the guy who prepared this. Maybe I’ll just read the first paragraph para naman hindi magagalit ‘yung tao. [laughter]

We in government have already accomplished many things since last year. We have relentlessly pursued our campaign against illegal drugs, criminality, and corruption. It is noteworthy that the PCL complements our initiatives to eliminate — to eliminate these social cancers from our system.

Alam mo, let me just stress, hindi naman ako nagpapakalinis. But when I ran for the presidency, I limited the issues to about four or five and foremost was really corruption. Then, the drugs which was choking us — para tayong sinasakal, and then criminality and, of course, the opportunities for economic movement.

Alam mo, I’m talking to you as a Mayor, probably as a Vice Mayor. Huwag ninyo akong isiping Presidente for frankly ang ugali ko hanggang ngayon, pati ‘yung pananalita never graduated to the level of a statesman befitting a President.

Hirap akong mag-adjust and I do not think I will improve in the next ten years. Hanggang dito lang talaga ako. And I just have to contend with my mouth and my behavior.

Sabi ko, I think that when I filed my certificate of candidacy, I thought all the while that I was just seeking a political position.

I never aspired to be a statesman. Mahirap ‘yan. Hindi ka na makapag-chika-chika ng mga magagandang babae. [laughter]

Alam mo…Do not be offended. [laughter] Hindi tayo… Hindi totoo. Binata ako. I mean I’m legally separated from my wife. [laughter] Most of the time, I am hunting for a wife.

I remember, kasi noong nalaman ko na dalaga na rin siya, without offending the family and everybody, I thought all the while na sinabi ko sa kanya, “Ma’am, pwede kang — pwede kitang ligawan?” [laughter]

Sabi niya, “Hindi. Iba lang, huwag ikaw.” “Sige.” Kaya kung every time magkita kami, I pay my respects and do not attach malice into it. I’m just into it also.

Ganito ‘yan. Listen to me as Mayor because someday most of you will make it to the mayorship and probably a lot of you vice mayor.

Alam mo, wala kasi akong ibang example the template of what local governance should be. But ang pinakamapakita ko lang the very — ‘yung visual would be Davao City. And do you know that Davao City is ang growth rate nine percent, the highest.

And kung nakita ninyo ‘yung Davao City, I suggest that next time you hold your— not a paradise but at least ang mga tao doon comfortable. Hindi masyado harassed. There is no rampaging criminality and drugs is at its lowest.

I hold it as an article of faith that no progress… Huwag na ‘yung national eh maraming resistance eh. No progress and development can take place ‘pag ang lugar mo magulo at maraming krimen. Tandaan ninyo ‘yan.

Ang una kong ginawa was really to improve on the law and order. And I was quite a bit strong in my language as I am have to and I said that those of you who are trying to destroy the city, if you continue to plunder the citizenry and the community, I will just have to kill you.

And those of you who insist on doing drugs here, kidnapping, I will kill you. That was my sloganeering and it has kept the peace up to this time.

I was able to talk to my brother Muslims, Moro community, and I have always been in good terms with the left, so I initiated talks dito sa communist front at ‘yung mga legitimate aspiration for a correction of the historical injustice committed against the Moro people.

Let me stress that ito lahat keeps us busy now. Terrorism. I just lost four policemen again sa Bansalan kanina. It’s a boundary, municipality towards Kidapawan, North Cotabato. Namatayan na naman daw ako ng apat na pulis.

And everybody, I lose soldiers to drugs in central Mindanao. Kung mag-raid ng laboratory doon, they have to face machine guns, M60. And that is why, I cannot — I have lost count of the many soldiers. Hindi lang kasi encounter ang ipapalabas eh but drugs connected because the police are — is unable really to pursue a honest to goodness campaign hanggang a relentless one. It cannot be. So from to time lang na ‘yan.

But as President, I again reiterated my slogan. And I said that if you are trying to destroy the Philippines, I would just have to kill you. Kasi ayaw naman kayong maniwala. And if you continue with the drugs, same.

But I am facing so many allegations. Some are invented but some are true. Walang problema ‘yan. I admit. Many died along the way for the 23 years akong Mayor.

But never was a time that I executed a person kneeling down or with his hands pleading. Hindi naman talaga pwede ‘yung ganun,  parang hindi ka lalaki.

So I am ready to go to jail, rot in there for the right charges and for the right punishment. Huwag naman ‘yung lahat itapon sa akin pati basura, garbage, pabalik-balik.

Well, I have consistently refused to answer because pabalik-balik na lang kasi, it’s been the norm of conduct of the opposite side.

Wala ka nang magawa eh so except to shut up. Otherwise, sabi nga ni Lincoln and it’s my favorite adage that if I… Sabi nga ni Lincoln and it is good for you to remember:

“If I were to try,” and I quote him, “If I were to try to read, much less answer all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I can and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything. But if the end brings me out wrong, ten angels of God swearing I was right would make no difference.”

So ‘yan lang ang tandaan ninyo sa trabaho ninyo. Hindi mo kayang sagutin lahat ‘pag mayor ka na o maski kayong in your level as councilors, there will always be allegations of what not — attacks left and right. But ang mabuti lang kasi dito if you really want to do it, you have to be clean.

Kaya dito sa kampanya ko, tinotoo ko lang kung ano ‘yung sinabi ko. If you remember even during the debates, my talk was short and I was very precise because I realized very well at the beginning that you cannot expound about your person or about the issues in government for just one minute and a half. Talagang alam ko na kukulang ka.

So bullet lang ako. Ito ang gawin ko: I will stop corruption and I will do it. And as a matter of fact, I am really focused on sa corruption. Dito sa amin sa taas, I assure you that ‘yung mga Cabinet members are clean. But ‘yung sa mga agencies na, alam naman natin, kayo alam ninyo ‘yan, corruption abounds.

And even sa local government, pinakamarami diyan. Bantay kayo diyan and you know how it is. So alam na ninyo ‘yan. Just… Para sa pagdating mo sa panahon mo, you can talk about corruption without batting an eyelash. Hindi ka na kailangan mahiya. Wala kang reservations because ganyan talaga ang trabaho dapat ng isang Presidente.

Then about drugs, pakinggan mo ako ha. Sinong abugado dito? May I just know the lawyers here? Dito? Lawyers, abugado kagaya ko. Maybe —

Ang Revised Penal Code, ang ating penology, the criminal system is based on malice or negligence. Iyan lang dalawang ‘yan. Bantay ka dito ha.

Ngayon, ang droga umabot ng epidemic and it has afflicted four million people. Four million Filipinos consigned to being slaves to a chemical, ‘yang shabu just to fatten the pockets of the few.

Ngayon, ‘yung iba diyan 40 percent of the total barangay captains of the entire Philippines, may tama sa shabu, about 6,000 policemen.

Cebu has the highest rate of — hindi nila alam ‘to, for the first time sinasabi ko. Mag-abot siguro ng… Sabi ng nandiyan sa loob… But I think it’s about 60, 70. Mahirap tanggalin ang pera.

Iyong mga municipal mayors, ‘yung iba marami ring mga konsehal, municipal councilors are into it. Alam mo bakit? Madali eh. Pumasok ka ng droga, overnight. Where other people would toil — tirelessly toil for 10 years to earn their first million. If you ask the Taipans dito,“When was the first time that you earned a billion?” They would give you a figure something like 10 to 20 years. Shabu, you cook it overnight and in two months, you are a millionaire but at the expense of your fellow human being.

Ngayon, dito sa Revised Penal Code. May four million. Palagay lang natin ilagay mo na ng 500,000 are really bangag na. Ngayon, kung itong 500,000 spread all over the country would commit rape with homicide, robbery with rape plus homicide, complex crime, kung anong pinaka heinous, murder by explosives. Kung itong 500 o four million, i-ratio na lang natin, place it about 800. Kung ito naka-spread all throughout the Philippines and they commit crimes, anong ginagawa ng judge? Mga abugado man tayo.

Then the prosecution would prove na may malice siya but alam mong malice excludes persons who are insane. They cannot be held accountable for their acts simply because they are not in the right track.

Itong shabu ngayon… Look at the danger sa shabu, kung magkalat ito, may marunong na abugado. He come… He does it with forensics plus the testimony. “Doctor, do you think that at that time he was aware that he was committing a crime?”

Sabihin ng doctor at that time when a person is bangag, he does not know whether it is right or wrong. So acquitted lahat ‘yan. Think about that.

Ang umpisa shabu. You cannot send him to prison. If I were a lawyer and you pay me enough, I will call in the experts and I would place them in the stand and say, “Do you think there was malice?” Malice is right and wrong. “Do you think that he was conscious of what he was doing? Do you think that he was realizing at that time that it was wrong to rape, to kill?”

Kasi sabihin eh may nagbulong sa akin demonyo. Ganoon talaga ang nangyayari shabu because long-term sa shabu, about one year, shrinks the brain of a person.

Alam ninyo ‘yan because you are representative of the officialdom one of the largest municipal councilors excluding the barangay na, which is the basic unit in our country, alam ninyo ‘yan.

Now, four million is four million. Sabi sila may namamatay dito iilan. Well, sabi ko ako I am ready to go to prison for the right accusation and the right penalty. Walang problema ‘yan. I gave the orders: Go out and hunt for them. Arrest them if it’s still possible. But if they resist violently, placing your life in danger, shoot and shoot to kill. Inuulit-ulit ko na ‘yan.

Kasi ganoon talaga ang bangag, lumalaban. At alam ninyo lahat na — kayo nakakaalam. ‘Pag nasa droga ‘yung nagpapabili may armas talaga. Ke paltik kung ano but he is always armed. He does not loiter around with parang naked na…

Alam ninyo ‘yan kasi baka ‘yung — kayo may mga nalaman kayong tao sa lugar ninyo, baka kilala ninyo and the way they behave, and the way they answer kung may tama na.

And what’s… What ails the system now? One is that the immediate dysfunction of a family. Maghiwalay talaga ‘yang asawa, hindi makatiis. Ipagbili lahat tapos dahan-dahan mainit ang ulo. Sometimes battering. Bugbog ng anak, bugbog ng asawa. And there are thousands of them going on. Separation of families, the breakage of family ties because of shabu.

Sinasabi ko sa inyo ‘yan. At 200 per snort, that is 6,000 a month. Times three million ‘wag na ‘yung four million sa akin. Itong three lang noon kay Santiago, confirmed niya, PDEA. At three million that is 18 billion a month times 12, that is 216 billion a year. That is the cost of shabu.

At ipalabas mo na kung mamatay ‘yan puro inosente ang mga p***** i**. They are pictured as victims of injustice na basta pagbabarilin mo lang. Sino ba naman gustong pumatay? Iyan ang problema because the victims are treated to be saints or at least the innocents in the society.

When you go after the drug, you have to destroy the apparatus. You cannot stop the apparatus from moving if you do not kill the drug lord and take care…

Sabi nila, “puro mahirap ‘yan”. Eh wala nga tayong magawa eh. Naghihintay siguro ‘yan sila na mag-recruit ng mga milyonaryo, wala namang mayaman mag-istambay diyan sa lugar mo, sa munisipyo mo.

Iyon talagang mahirap, iyan nga ang problema. So what do you…? You have to destroy the apparatus. It means people killed, wala talaga tayong magawa.

Otherwise, kung ito lang ang tapusin mo nandiyan ang stock naghihintay lang ‘yan na may runner, mag-apply. Itong mga runner naman kung walang makuha dito, kasi tapusin mo talaga. That is how it is.

You cannot stop the movement of drugs in the entire country ‘pag hindi mo yariin lahat. Whether arrest, plenty everyday or people are killed. So ‘yun nga ang sinabi ko. I am just complying with my promise kaya ‘yung mga taga…It’s about 92 LTO pati sa LTFRB wala na. I fired them pero hindi ako nagpa-publish basta umalis ka na lang.

And even somebody who was with me since 1988 when I made it for the mayorship. The first whiff, makaamoy lang ng ano —  hindi na talagang sabihin mong makita ko, you go out. Because I have said to come up with what I have promised.

Now, I would not have stressed the drug as number two or the number one problem where it not really something that could destroy the country. At alam ninyo na ang may tama niyan ang mga bata. Ang kawawa ‘yung mga anak sa mga pamilya and there are thousands. So four million na family — sira na ‘yan.

You cannot live with an addict. If your son or daughter are into, you have a serious problem in the family forever. At ‘yung drain sa finances, ‘yung mga mayaman paying 500 a month just to…

At sabi naman ng mga doktor ‘pag tinamaan ‘yan, when the brain has shrunk there is no way of returning it back to its normal size. And then verily, inutil na ‘yan.

So I am mad, galit ako. Maraming slaves na wala nang silbi. Mabuti pa ‘yang slaves that you buy in the slave markets of the Middle East and Africa, the continent itself, it’s a free selling of trafficking of human being at least mapakinabangan mo ‘pag nabili mo mautusan mo. “Magtrabaho ka”.

Itong mga anak natin ngayon, what do we do? ‘Pag inutil na? You have lost a son or daughter to drugs, you have lost them forever. Iyan ang masakit kasi hindi anak nila ang tinamaan.

Madaling magsalita, madaling magyawyaw pero kung nandiyan ka, ibigay ko nga sa inyo eh ‘di kayo na ang magpatakbo.

Ayaw ninyong maniwala—itong boulevard. Hamunin ko kayo ngayon. Nandito lang naman kayo sa Maynila. Magpasyal kayo doon sa inner cities, sa likod niyan. From…Galing doon hanggang dito. I would not mention the names sa…Sige nga.

‘Pag sinabi ninyong malinis ang daan wala kayong naengkuwentro, mag-resign ako bukas, p***** i**. You know if you ask me if I am happy being President now, no, I am not happy. I do not need it at this time of my life. I can go anytime. Takut-takutin ako ng ouster, my God. You, halika dito. I will swear you. ‘I, being the substitute will run this country.’ Fine. Uwi na ako sa amin kasi matanda na ako. Magtingin na lang ako ng mga magaganda doon.

Ano palang gawain ko? Eh kung wala namang girls eh ‘di mabuti pang mamatay. [laughter] Eh kayo? Bahakhak. Kaya nga tayo nandito sa mundong ito kasi may nanay tayo pati tatay na… Huwag naman ‘yang sobra-sobra mga tatlo, apat tama na. [laughter]  Kaya baka… National pala ito. Naririnig ng dalawang asawa ko, nabuang na. [laughter]

So, sa economic front, I think I made a correct decision. You know I went alone sa foreign policy and I went to China and talked to President Xi Jinping. And I said, “I come here in peace. I am not here to demand or impose some conditionalities. I just want to shake hand and I want to make friends with you.”

Kasi ‘yung trade ng Philippines pati China, maraming restrictions. ‘Pag nagalit sila, ito saging… Would you believe it? And you can check it, doblado na lahat ang ating trade sa kanila. [applause] Pineapple doblado, mango doblado, sabi nila avocado bilhin namin. Ano pang gusto ninyong bilhin namin? Kasi kailangan namin ‘yan with five billion people going six. There’s a lot of people who would like to eat, kulang pa ‘yan. So the Minister of Commerce was kind enough to visit us and he said, ‘Iyong mga listahan ninyo previously ito na yun.’ So it amounted to 10 billion dollars. Right away he handed to the Finance people 100 million and another 100 million dollars for Surigao. Kita mo kung magbigay ng aid—one billion dollars, hindi pesos. [applause] Kaya ganun na lang ang pasalamat ko.

And they have really lightened up the economic life of our country. Ang sabi niya, “It was a cold winter. It is springtime for you to embrace with us.”

Kita mo. Noon kasi parang alangan. Iyong mga saging natin… Alam ng mga trader, alam ninyo ‘yan. Humina kasi may restrictions sa quarantine and all of these things that would make really very hard for you to trade.

Ang statistics naming…And it was the Finance people who told me, Dominguez that doblado na lahat. And they are willing to buy anything that we can sell. And may mga grants tayo and they will take care of itong railway from North to South, and we will begin immediately. Kita mo ‘yung sincerity talaga ng Chinese.

So let me publicly again thank President Xi Jinping and the Chinese people for loving us and giving us enough leeway to survive the rigors of economic life in this planet.

Kaya ako sabi ko, well, at the expense of being hated doon sa ibang lugar eh okay lang ‘yan. Tutal at the days end, I am answerable to you dito lang, kasi kayo lang ang nag…You elect [Ano ba ang Binisaya niyan?] Tuboy is elected.

Ang Pilipino lang naman ang nag-elect sa akin in this country. So I answer to you only. I am not obliged even to answer anything from these idiots.

Wala akong pakialam sa inyo tapos gusto pa akong kulungin ng mga siraulo. Internal…They want to…America want to hail me before the International Criminal Court. Nagbasa ako hindi pala miyembro ang buang.

Pati ‘yang hindi ko… Ako ‘yung pinatay ng pulis, we will…Maybe in excess of that duty or maybe whatever, something went wrong, I am ready to assume full criminal liability. Order ko ‘yan eh. So I have to defend the police and the military for doing it. I am ready to go jail for the right crimes and for the right punishment.

But huwag mo ako tapunan ng basura ipasagot mo sa akin susmaryosep, papalag ako diyan. Alam ko kasi abugado ako at hindi naman ako buang. Sinabi ko, “I assume full liability.” Walang problema ‘yan.

Ako ang nag-utos, ako ang sasagot, period. Walang…Walang ni hi, ni ha pero kung ngayon kung abutin kayo sa mayorship someday, ‘yan naman ang pag-usapan natin eh pulitika.

Alam ko sa inyo nagpa-plano na kayo, either ambushin si mayor or si vice mayor, [laughter] kung minsan inaagawan ninyo ng girlfriend kaya mainit. [laughter]

So ‘yan lang ang advice ko. I am not delivering any speech. I preferred just to talk to you para ma-realize natin na kung hindi kayo tutulong dito, hindi talaga malutas itong bayan na ito, sa totoo lang.

I cannot perform miracles. Well nigh impossible to do it. Pero kung kayo mismo as a citizen… Eh kung ako may baril ako, marami akong baril.

If I were just a civilian and you are all lurking within the neighborhood at namatay ang babae kong anak, na-rape mo o ang anak ko natamaan sa droga naging bangag, vivigilantehin talaga kita. I will be a vigilante, hihiritan talaga kita. Kung wala nang magawa ‘yung pulis, hindi na makontrol and look at into the previous crime rates.

Bata nire-rape, lolo hinahatsa. Nakakita siya ng demonyo, utos ng anghel niya. Kung ano-ano na ang…So ang problema nga, marami ‘yan. Mas marami pa sa nakaupo dito ngayon, just to give you a visual.

Kung kasing dami, doblado. Kunyari about mga 5,000. I’m placing it about 8, 7. Or you give it to a meager amount of 500. I-times mo ito karami, nakakalat ‘yan sa buong Pilipinas. And every time they commit a serious crime, the lawyer will just say: “Your Honor, we are presenting evidence today to show that my client is insane and it was caused by shabu and as the forensics people say, his brain has shrunk, and therefore he does not know whether what is right and what is wrong. And therefore, there is no criminal liability.”

What will now happen to this country? Who will answer for that? Sila ba? Who will now take care of those? It’s government and the country, taxpayers. Kaya…

Terorismo. Well, some other time. NPA. Well, sabi ko, ayaw kong pumatay ng kapwa ko Pilipino. It grieves me to hear na may namatay ditong apat na NPA na sundalo, anim Abu Sayyaf o MI. You think it will make me happy? To sign even a document to buy bullets to kill Filipinos?

That is why I have gone out. Whether you like it or not, you have to carry the message. We have to go into a federal system. We have to revise our Constitution because it has not worked for the Filipino for many centuries.

Tayong taga-probinsya, alam naman ninyo. Ano ang nakukuha natin? Buhay pa naman ‘yan si Aquino, pati si Arroyo. I governed Davao, hindi ako naghingi ng…Tanungin mo sila. On my own. Though I supported Aquino and President Arroyo.

Hindi talaga ako… Hindi ako nagpunta ng Malacañan. Ayaw ko. Part of my behavior. But I did that on my own. Hindi ako nag-ano na… I do not share, make any imposition sa…

Pero kailangan natin ayusin ang bayan. Sa panahon ko, hindi ito maayos. It is the time for fixing. You know, I have a very simple question: Bakit ka masyadong mainit sa droga? No. It’s a part of the game, part of my duty.

As Mayor, I build a city. As President, I build a country. Iyan ang hindi nila naintindihan. It’s not because ‘yung mainit ka, extrajudicial. No, no. Pang-karaniwan lang ‘yan buhay mo. Eh l**** ka, pumasok ka diyan eh.

I do not demean life but I have to think of the higher interest. And my term as President begins and ends with public interest only, nothing else. [applause]

So I will now demand, bitawan ninyo ‘yang droga at tomorrow wala na talagang patay. I will see to it na wala ng patay, ni isa. Huwag kayong mag-corruption kasi pagdating, you cannot come to me for help.

Pagdating sa corruption. Sorry. Ngayon kung tulong ang gusto ninyo, maghati-hati tayo. As President, I said I never favored any region, province, or city. Divide the money as equally as it can be. Iyan kasi puro tayo Pilipino. [applause] So maghingi kayo, maraming pera

Inshallah, baka balang araw magdatingan talaga. We will see to it that projects coming from the help of the government of China and people will be allocated for everybody including the Sulu area [applause] at mauna sila because gusto ko buksan ang trade, barter uli doon sa Sulu, Tawi-Tawi down to Sabah.

Ang problema ko ngayon baka lahat ng negosyante magdatingan ‘yan eh kausapin ninyo ‘yung Abu Sayyaf eh baka kidnapin lahat naloko na.

Eh ‘di kung may pera tayo bigyan na natin capital mag-negosyo na lang tayo tutal noon, noong nandiyan pa ‘yang trade, barter trade, maganda man ang buhay ng mga tao walang Abu Sayyaf, walang terorismo, well, the usual — and the Tausugs were really peaceful.

So in Central Mindanao, iyan ang unang gawin ko pero I have to get the assurance that everybody is safe and it would be working arrangement for all. And if not kung marami na tuloy ang madisgrasya pupugutan pa ng…Naloko na.

Mag-usap tayo para aangat tayo. I am willing to talk to anybody about peace. Kasi just to save lives. Hindi nga maganda iyan magsige lang tayo patayan. For what?

The military is still there to take care of those who ayaw ng gulo. Iyong may mga ambisyon naman na…

I’ll be talking bukas sa Central Mindanao governors and mayors. And for everybody, may I address myself to every mayor: See to it that your municipality or city is peaceful.

Alam mo ‘pag hindi, kukunin ko ‘yung pulis sa kamay mo at papasukin ko na lang ang military with the police and for the military leader there — hindi naman Martial Law — to plan out what is good for a peaceful city or municipality.

Then I can do that because I have declared the state of lawlessness and the fact that the military is there helping the police to preserve. At the end of the day, lahat tayo, ako I swore that I will protect the people and defend the Constitution.

Huwag mo na akong pakitaan ng Martial Law suspension of writ of habeas corpus, hindi ko kailangan ‘yan. Dala-dala ko na. My oath of office carries with it a simple mandate: I will protect and defend the Filipino. So in a nutshell, what is it? That I have this sworn duty: To preserve the Filipino nation.

Hindi ko na kailangan ‘yang Martial Law, Martial Law. I will do what I think is legally allowable and just do it. Hindi ko na kailangan ‘yan. Duterte mag-Martial Law, perpetuate. Anak ka ng…

Ako mag-ambisyon ng perpetuation? Sinabi ko nga sa inyo eh kung mayroon lang diyan o sige kayo na. Parang bang g*** na mag… Presidente ka tapos hindi mo na kaya? Eh ngayon pa lang sabi ko I am not happy because of the enormity of the problems and I am getting old everyday.

Mabuti na lang every time na makakita ako ng maganda medyo bumabalik ako sa edad pababa. [laughter] Kagaya niyan nakita ko si Myra, so my age has gone down to about two years a little bit. [laughter]

So from 72 this month — I’m around 69 ‘pag nakita ko siya. You give me another lady there na… Kasi sira na ang mata ko eh. Hindi na masyado makakita but if there’s another lady — I’d like to meet you. And thereby reduce my age further for the day.

Ah iyon lang that is really my message because of the pressing problem. We cannot move ating sa economy unless we have enough you know… There’s not enough money to go around. So the little effort and with the big assistance that we are getting, maybe I can plough back the money doon sa local governments.

Sabi ko nga it will be strictly equality. Tutal I won by about six million and that is representative also of the… Nanalo ako dito pakonti-konti pero ‘pag inipon mo lahat. In a few… Sa Lanao landslide, hindi man ninyo alam. So huwag ko na rin sabihin kung bakit.

In the Muslim areas even in Basilan and Jolo, I won. Tawi-Tawi I won. Sa Visayas… Sa lahat man ng ano — halos lahat. Except in a few areas.

So I have to be true to the Filipino people and I have to [be] true to myself. Pagdating ng panahon gaganon ka na at least ‘pag alis ko meron akong maipakita.

Although it might not really be good for everybody, it might not meet the approval of the entire planet, wrongly or rightly at least may ginawa ako.

Kung nagkamali nga ako, ten angels of God swearing na tama ‘yan wala na. But I will do it because I am here.

Maraming salamat po. [applause]