Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the inauguration of the PTV 4 Cordillera Hub
Romulo Drive, Lualhati Compound, Baguio City
11 March 2017

Kindly sit down. Salamat po.

Secretary Martin Andanar and the other members of the Cabinet over here; Mayor Mauricio Domogan; and other local government officials; and for the longest time, sir. Magkasama kami nito noon si Mayor many, many years ago sa Japan. I saw him first and last on the first day. Kanya-kanya kaming lakad; General Manager Dino Apolinio of PTV 4; the officials and employees of PTV 4; fellow workers in government; my beloved countrymen.

I have a, usual, speech, in about – let me see it – one and a half minute and we may go home. So you would not realize the importance of my visit.

Ang gusto kong mangyari, ‘yung pag-scroll ng Pilipino at madaan siya sa PTV 4, titignan niya ‘yung program. At if there’s really one that is for public service and the truth and it’s interesting, he will stop there at tsaka manuod siya, makinig. “Yan ang gusto ko kaysa pagdaan niya magsabi, ‘Huwag ‘yan kasi sa gobyerno ‘yan, wala ‘yan.” Tapos dadaanan ka lang.

So it’s, in short, it’s almost an ignored TV station. Sabihin ko na sa inyo ngayon, ayaw ko na itong basahin. But, salamat po sa sinong gumawa nito. Maganda man. [laughter]

‘Yang makinabang ang tao kasi pera nila ito. So ‘yung taga-gobyerno, should not be lulled into a belief na meron tayo, parang atin, there’s an armory there, there’s a cannon which you can use to lambast your political… whatever. Political enemies or a propaganda to hide the truth or to cover something. That is ‘yung the least of what we expected of this.

Kaya kung gusto mo pumunta ka doon sa private networks, then if you want something, if it is to their liking and you want to personalize the whole thing, doon ka. Or you come PTV 4, but always it is, ang rule kasi dito is the chance to be heard.

So I would urge all, kayong mga kababayan ko. There’s no need for you to demonstrate and snarl traffic along the way because I urge you to come here, explain to the management, and you have a valid grievance or reason, we will… I would tell you, give them the time.

‘Yung mga komunista, eh kung nandito kayo, magbaba lang kayo dito. ‘Di naman talaga siguro sabi ko, forget about hate so that we can come down and talk. Kasi kung ‘yung, ang galit mo itanim mo and you look at the enemy, at ‘yung enemy mo eh kababayan mo lang rin, ‘yan nga ang mahirap, sabi ko.

We have been slaughtering each other for 50 years. And we are gunning for another 50 years of what? Slaughter for another 50 years. Maliligayahan kayo diyan? Would it make you happy? Could you hope to bring down government within the next 150 years? Because pag hindi, another 50 years. Is that what— [garbled] Is that what you want? Magpatayan tayo?

Including the Moro of Mindanao. ‘Yung main line na mainstream. MI, MN. And if you think that you have to communicate to the whole of the Philippines for what you are aspiring for, your nationalism, we understand that; that you have been deprived of your lands, we understand that; that there has been historical injustice, we understand that; and the fact that you were there when Magellan was sailing just about the first day of his voyage here, alam namin ‘yan.

So you can explain it. I would gladly ask management to use their discretion, their utmost. And publicly, I will say now: I am ready to grant all government communication facilities the degree of freedom. Bitawan namin kayo and act just like a private and your template is really BBC. [applause] ‘Yun lang.

I would urge you to draft the law that you want. Maybe you can… kasi itong Pilipino copying lang naman. So you go to Britain and copy. [laughter] That’s not very good, copying.

But anyway, if you can improve—Kasi ganito ‘yan eh. Baka… Lumalamig na kasi. [laughter] This is not the weather that I– Can somebody embrace me from the behind while [laughter] Preferably a woman. [laughter] Baka marinig ng media ‘yan, ano na naman ‘yan.

You know, in this, what is sad in this world is you cannot be funny anymore when you’re in front of the public. I’m not taking life as a joke. But, at least we should have a degree of— ang ano eh kasi eh, uptight tayong lahat eh. Presidente… Wala, sabi ko nga, treat me as Mayor.

You know, I never really graduated –I’m sad to say that. I’m sorry – from being a Mayor to a President. Sabi nga nila, itong Presidente natin hindi naman statesman.

If you’re gunning to be a hero, statesman, tapos may monumento ka diyan, pag nawala ka na. Wala akong ambisyon ‘non. Do not do it to me. Just burn me and bury me within 24 hours. No necrological services, no nothing, no prayers. I’ve done all of that during my lifetime. Unahin ko na lang kasi—Lumalamig ang panahon. [laughter] So can I just talk arms akimbo just to keep the warm. ‘Yan ang mahirap, naka-ano ka ng girls, maano ka na naman, masabit ka. Totoo ‘yan. It’s better to look at the camera directly and ignore the beautiful people here.

Where was I? I’m ready to really, to grant you the, and to devolve to you. Walang dapat, walang makialam. And because… I’m back to the thought now.

Alam mo pera ng tao ‘to. So gusto ng makita ng tao ‘yung anong, what’s happening in this planet. So they want to hear their countrymen. Mga NPA. We’ll give you the space. Ang ating sa mga Cordillera guys. Welcome kayo.

No need really to fight. [inaudible] kasi kung mag-demonstration kayo, wala naman makakita eh. You’ll just invite—How would you call it? Hindi naman… But it could not be a respite of what, of the Filipino is complaining everyday. Traffic and everything. Use it. It’s the people’s money. And the people would gladly hear you.

And what I can assure you during my time is this: There will never be a time that I will use PTV 4 or its allied services there for my personal. ‘Di ko na kailangan. Just better, just tell me. Tell the people about me, the truth. Alam mo bakit? I am into… [Salamat ha. Bilib talaga ako ma’am. Ito na lang. Ako na.] Better.

No, no… no, no personal use of… I won’t allow it to anybody. Maybe if you want to issue a statement in connection with the… what you do, especially if you are about to be criticized or being criticized or having been criticized and you want to answer, I said a fair chance, the right to be heard. Remember that.

So when you begin to crucify somebody, whether in government or in some other areas of our civilization, be sure to give him, the other guy, the right to be heard. Period. ‘Yun lang. And everybody’s allowed to use it para maintindihan talaga ng — eh itong mga komunista sinasabi ko sa inyo, ‘yung audience ninyo noon, hindi na ‘yun ngayon. Mga hindi nakakaintindi ‘yung, when we… when I was there during Sison’s time, I was listening to him. I was a favorite apostle of Jose David Lapuz and you can ask him pero noon lang ‘yun. I was listening to Lava brothers and to Lansang na mukhang hindi na. [lady aide whispers to the President] Ah para maguapo daw ako. [laughter] Salamat ma’am ha.

Ano na lang, let’s go to the democratic market directly. Lahat na ‘yung ayaw ng gobyerno, rather than really fight the MI, you’re about to complete the Bangsamoro Transition draft. I will study it before we submit it to Congress and pray that it would have sail in still waters. Maybe the Senate would have a more or less rigorous opposition, that’s expected. This is a democracy.

The MN, Nur, can… he has many crimes with this government and the Republic. I understand that. You can use this to explain to the people so that may… we have a balanced reporting and a fair share of what’s going on on the other fronts. We’re fighting communists MI, MN.

We are now talking minus the, mga komunista and I hope you are not glee.. in glee, gleefully laughing because of you got about four. I condemn the thing that you did in Bansalan, Davao del Sur. The… or use, that you used. Maybe you… the barangay captain ang tumawag sa pulis reporting of a murder and that is why what was first dispatched was not really combat troops but were the forensics and one of them was a Moro lady si Mangtora. Mangatora. I forgot the name. Sorry. Do not be offended. I have a short memory now. Mangotara na isa sa mga forensics, sumabog ‘yung mukha and you know, the technology advances.

Minutes after, it was already — the whole thing was being streamed at the nation. So ngayong panahon na ‘to, hindi ka makatago. So what’s the use of — there’s the media. It’s a fee willing democracy and the, our government, kami, must be a player in this crucial battle for truth. Importante ‘yan eh.

I urge everybody to… kayo kung… Kami dito, I will never allow a foist to be imposed on the people. All truth. And para ang tao makadevelop. Kami, sila nag market kaya nga hindi ka ma ignore. Come out of the best programs. Maybe you can ask the advise of the elders sa Cordillera. Mayor Domogan can really be one of them. ‘Yung aspiration. Pareho rin dito sa ano Mindanao. Mindanao kasi 70, sabi nila 100. I do not believe that.

When I was in Malaysia, I made the rounds sa archives. And tingin ko it’s about 70. So 70 years before Magellan, Islam was already thriving in Mindanao. So they fought, the Moro fought the Spaniards, they could not be overcome. May poste sila and that post is really Islam.

Then the Americans came. They did well dito. Magellan brought in Christianity but they failed. The Americans plus ngayon. So they would look us out as the extension of the imperial setup of having a unitary type.

Now, let me just also add something which is really of vital, crucial importance to you and to your family.

Alam mo, itong setup na ito is really imperialistic. The throne is in Manila and every election noon, sila-sila lang ‘yan diyan namimili. A few politicians [inaudible] there in power for so many years. Itong mga mayaman and I do not have to mention names kasi alam na kung sino ito.

Eh itong mga oligarchs, ganyan sila. Kung sino ang masunod na Presidente basta may sarili silang partido eh. In politics in the Philippines, ang partido mo is a property of either a billionaire or somebody whose family is that [inaudible]. Sila lang ‘yan.

At ang mamili na ng lineup, tawagin ‘yung mga billionaires, itong mga Taipans, “o ito ‘yung kandidato natin.” That has always been the case. Huwag na tayong mag bolahan. Ganoon talaga. At dito, kung sino lang ang liberal downstream, ratsada na ‘yung lahat ng — no offense intended to anybody, ratsada na ‘yan. Mayor, municipal mayor, barangay captain. Pag nabigyan ‘yung governor, mayor, diretso na ‘yan. Bigay-bigay. That’s how. Kaya nga it has worked for so many years. But it has failed for so many years.

I don’t know what period of time were they successful but during the Spaniards were a lot of massacres and killing. Noon pag hindi— magtanong ka ng pari. Pag hindi ka nagsimba noon, 20 lashes. Pag hindi ka nagdala ng manok o itlog doon sa pari na ‘yun, 20 lashes. Pati ang guardya sibil manghuli, magsimba ka. That’s how Christianity became a religion in our country.

You look into the archives of other countries. At nakita mo ‘yung America. It was their fault, tinago nila ‘yung mga picture of massacres nakapatong-patong ‘yung mga — tapos nakaganoon ng baril ‘yung sundalo nila. Tinago nila, somebody got it and now, it’s being shown all over Mindanao. With more reason it’s nurturing the fervor of the Moro to commit suicide. Ang problema nito, we have to support the mainstream because the ISIS has already arrived.

Ayun ang takot ko nung bago pa ako, a few months ago. Na itong mga extremism would find a leader. Pag may leader na, diyan ka na. So ang contamination mabilis na because there is somebody na respetado.

Dumating na so sabi ko, except the terrorists, the extremists, hindi sila magagamit dito. Mag-away tayo. Pero ‘yung sabi ko ‘yung… because you would know they are legitimate fronts because we have been talking to them.

Now, itong komunista na ito. Kung hindi lang nagkalabuan lang doon, sila-sila lang naman, Bello, si Dureza, pinagpapatay ang sundalo ko pati pulis. Ahhh kalokohan na ‘to. Fight na naman tayo. So, you massacred a, almost a… Kasi ‘yung SOCO. SOCO. [imitates the voice of Gus Abelgas] Ganyan siya. [Sino ‘yan siya? Si… o, Gus Abelgas] [laughter] Di na sunod-sunod ‘yan siya eh. ‘Yung mga taga-SOCO, ‘yun naman ang pinatay ninyo. Taga imbestiga lang ‘yan because you reported the murder and so that’s why what was deployed at once was ‘yung SOCO. Iyon ‘yun.

What? Would it contribute to the cause of the revolution of the Filipino? Tingin mo kaya, can you get converts from the high schools and colleges with all of those police officers for special… blown up?

You think maka convert kayo? Anong reason mo? Kaya sabi ko that incident I was not ready to condemn you mga komunista. Matter of fact I’m sad. I’m very sad na tumanda na kayo diyan. Kayo na nasa Army, yung NPA, ‘yung mga pamilya ninyo paaanak-anak kayo tapos inabandono na ninyo. Lumaki na lang ‘yan na walang tatay, walang nanay, wala namang nangyayari. It’s a quest for the impossible. Totoo lang. Kaya ako naawa sa inyo.

So you are there, you get the mileage sa media, storya pagkatapos you get into trouble by just unnecessarily killing people. So what do you get? You think you can convert these people na ‘yung mga bata nakapanood na pag stream niyan, “ano ‘yan, Ma?” Ano ‘yang… sumabog ‘yung mukha sa NPA. Naka imprenta na ‘yan eh. That’s what we have.

You know what? ‘Yung Hukbalahap noon [inaudible] ganoon ang istorya. Takot kami sa Hukbalahap. It was not only after a realization of… but malaki na. When I was already studying that I learned to know the meaning of the left and the right and of course the importance of the Philippines, this country.

Ninety-nine, 97 percent are really in poverty level. The wealth of the nation is just in the few hands of the rivh. And even mining. Tingnan mo ‘yung mining. If you go by helicopter — hindi mo makikita ‘yan sa taas sa eroplano. But if you get to ride on a low-flying air asset, makita mo ‘yang parang tansan.

Kayong mga enterprising reporters sa media, alam ninyo ‘yan. Nakita ninyo ‘yan. Huwag na tayong magbolahan. Parang ano because there… kaya if you have something in mind about Gina Lopez, kindly rethink. And think… look at her passion. Maybe a little bit of hindi umaano masyado but you know, tingnan mo ‘yang mining talaga. The ricefields that are crushed by a landslide and the waters that are contaminated.

Ako wala akong [inaudible] mining. Ang problema lang is sabi ni ma’am, gusto niya na mine-free kuno. Paano ‘yan ma’am? There’s a law. If there is a law about mining, then mining is allowed.

The problem is nakita ko ‘yung kalbo and until now malayo na ‘yang binutas ninyo diyan because it’s an open pit at tsakam you know pag ka ganoon, I have to support Lopez and I cannot help you.

Let me just add that all you contribute to the country is about 70 billion in taxes. We can live without it. I would rather follow Gina na huwag mo na lang minus the 70. Maghanap-buhay na lang tayo ng iba, get the 70 billion somewhere else and preserve our environment.

Huwag na tayong magbolahan. [applause] Huwag na tayong magbolahan. Kung ikaw, wala ka sa mining tapos titingnan mo mag m***** i** ka, p***** i** ninyo, anong ginagawa ninyo?

Ilan years lang kayo diyan tapos wala pa akong nakitang green. Ang gusto ko after [inaudible] na iniwan mo rito lagyan mo ng kahoy ngayon ito. You just cannot say go to court that’s illegal, no.

We are here. Me? I start, I begin and end my term in the altar of public interest. Mabuti ‘yang magkaprangkahan tayo dito kasi malamig naman so mang-away na lang tayo para uminit tayo. Let’s get hot-headed. It would warm the gray matter between the ears. Well anyway I’ve taken much of your time really.

We have the same problem that so many Filipinos — the Moro, they need a break. Give me a break. Hindi talaga. Kasi kami mag alis kami, anong klase… you have to communicate to Malacañan.

Get your oath to the secretary of… tapos ‘yung kontra partido ayaw pang bigyan ng — it cannot happen in my… You have the 888. You just place there. “This is OB Duterte has done something.” So we can correct it. Name him and name the amount na binigay.

Now if you… sabi ko nga importante ito eh and if you’re listening to PTV 4, do not ignore the channel kasi dito ko sabihin sa iyo na kung anong nireport mo corrected ‘yun.

So if you say that it’s more than 15 days between directors to directors, that would be a violation of my order. Ang Cabinet members, [inaudible] in three years. The earliest was one year dito sa Cabinet ko, irrespective of what… ma-Defense, it’s 30 days

It must be out in 30 days sa ledger doon. Itong directors, you must husband whatever application or paper or document sa opisina dumating mo. Husband it. Ikaw ang magtingin na it is done.

You make the corresponding assignments. “O, table 1, I know your work. Diyan ka lang. I’ll give you one week. Ito or maybe… because we have 15 days to comply with… what the people that’s mine.” Ganoon ang gusto kong tao. Do it or else I’ll fire you.

Director? Puro political appointees eh. L****. Tumahimik ka nga ‘yang y***. Nagagalit rin ako sa inyo, sa totoo lang. I have fired so many [LTFRB] or LTO almost 93 ‘yan sila and many are going.

I just let go of my aide for the last since 1988. Sabi ko nga sa inyo, even the whiff, maka amoy lang ako, hindi na kayo kailangan makatanggap. Kung ako wala eh tapos kayo diyan triple percent. Naloko na.

Sinabi ko, ilan ang promise ko? I will stop graft and corruption. My God, I’m doing it. I will control drugs at the expense of being crucified in altar of what? Ginagawa ko talaga. Until the last pusher is out of the streets or until the last drug lord is killed, hindi ako hihinto.

I will rot in prison. I might be there pero for the right accusations. ‘Yung totoo lang ginawa ko. For those who were killed in obedience to my order and I repeat, my order was really very simple: go out and hunt for them. Arrest them if it’s possible.

But if in the process they violently resist, placing your life in jeopardy, in danger, kill him. Criminality. Mga… ‘yang mga kidnappers mga dito… lalo na ‘yang mga diyan bandang Pampanga ‘yung mga biyahera na pahintuin ninyo. Walang checkpoint ngayon ha. Walang haggard mag istambay diyan sa highway mag parking.

You are there just for the [inaudible]. You are not there really to maghabol. Ano bang makita ninyo mga sakyan nandiyan. Do your work somewhere else. Go for the carnappers and kidnappers sa—‘yung mga [inaudible] sa highways. ‘Yan.

Ayaw ko ‘yang checkpoint, checkpoint. Checkpoint hingi ng pera. Well, the military in sa bukid, if at all its necessary, I leave it to the discretion of the commander because pag hindi ka diyan nagka-intindihan diyan, ako makaharap mo.

So I do not want the ruckus with you. Walang—avoid ‘yung ano—‘yung dapat ‘yung city mayor’s office sa akin noon, three days. Tapos ‘yang permit para sa building, wala nang electrical. Kasali na ‘yan. Kasi pag electrical idaan mo doon sa bumbero, magpabili pa ng fire extinguisher na ang laman sabon. Eh ang hugasan mo ‘yung apoy, pwede naman ano, it’s being done. It used to be the vogue, it used to be the fad. But stop it.

Tuunan ninyo ‘yung kalunos-lunos doon sa Pilipino, kawawang taong maliit. Mag-iinit talaga ang ulo ko and even the [inaudible]. Ang raming mga ano diyan.

Sabi ko, “Bakit mo ‘yung maliliit diyan parking tag-dalawang piso, five pesos?” Susmaryosep. Pagka ganoon, pumunta ka na sa opisina ko, bigyan kita. Magpila kayo diyan tapos talian ko ‘yang… i-handcuff ko, itapon ko sa Pasig river.

Ang sabi nga, si Duterte, nagpapatay man ‘yan. Ako raw magpatay? Bakit ako… ano ako, berdugo? Pulis diyan, hindi ako. Tsaka ‘yang extrajudicial. “Yun nga eh, extra. Ba’t naman extra-extra diyan? Ano ‘to sine, may extra?

I never—taong nakaluhod, naka… without [inaudible] barilin mo? The rule is very simple for the peace officers: only when your life is in danger. And sa engkwentro, mag-ubusan na kayo. But ito ang sabihin ko sa inyo ha. Are you good for another 10 minutes? [crowd answers: Yes] Gusto kasi kayo ng chismis [laughter]. Mas gusto lang ni [inaudible] chismis kasi… ma-exploit nila kung ano.

Alam mo ganito, ganito ‘yan hija eh, bakit ka hindi magalit? Kasi ako abogado, si Mayor abogado. Ang rule talaga sa taong nagkaroon ng kasalanan is he must be in complete control of his faculties. Because kung may insanity ‘yan, the mayor who is a lawyer, I would tell you now, and Panelo who is an expert here would say that if he is insane or out of his mind, he cannot be prosecuted. He cannot go to jail. Panahon ni Santiago was three million. Huwag na ‘yung akin.

How much of them… tawag naming diyan sa Bisaya, ‘yung colloquial, may liki. May crack. Pag nagliki na kasi ‘yan, constant use long-term, the chemical shabu shrinks the brain.

Ang ginaganoon niyan tubig sa baterya then it’s mixed. It’s a deadly… kaya pag-snort mo, ‘yung fumes so your brain gets smaller. Pag nagkasawaan na niyan three million — lagay mo na lang 800,000 spread all out the country. So mayroon kang potential criminals that you cannot place in prison.

Kasi pagdating ng korte magsabi naman ng—‘yung mga abagado… we’ll just say that we can have a preliminary… Can I call the forensic, the expert, to tell him.

Ngayon kung nasa ganyan, doctor what… “Doctor, what happens to a guy when he uses shabu?” He hallucinates, blah, blah, blah.

“What happens if it’s on a long-term use?” Eventually his brain will shrink and the consequences will be he would become insane. And therefore, when he commits the crime of rape with homicide killing [kahapon saan ba?] There was this rape—wala na, Alzheimer’s.

“Doctor, Alzheimer’s.” And now there was a rape in Cagayan de Oro. Pinatay tapos nahuli. All drug addicts. Hindi, ano lang ito, forgetful lang, hindi masarap. Sabi, nagpapakain ang mga mamaw ninyo dito ah. [laughter] Baka walang—bakit wala bang hapunan dito ngayon gabi?

So is he on his right mind? “Doctor, let me put it in the very simplest form. Is he capable of knowing what is right and what is wrong? COuld there be malice in his brain right now?” I would say not because he has progressed into insanity. Who will answer? p****** i***, who will answer for this? Who will answer for this? Kami? Society? Government. ‘Yung sa akin, I was able to breach the million mark. So its 4 million.

Dagdagan mo na ng 200, talagang liki na. Sinong managot nito ngayon? Permanently damaged and what happens is there is a pagka-ganoon alam ninyo ‘yan. It starts with a social dysfunction. Family becomes dysfunctional.

Sige nakaw dito, nakaw doon eventually magsaksakan. Akyat-bahay lahat, tapos pag mahuli magwala doon pati ‘yung house owner, patay. O kaya rape-in ‘yung lahat ng babae doon sa loob. Tapos itong mga kriminal na ito, when you hale them in court, sabihin p***** i*** “walang kasalanan ‘to.”

Kayo sa gobyerno kasi wala kayong ginawa. Kayo kasi natakot kayo sa Human Rights, kasi takot kayong makulong. Dapat ang unang pinatay ninyo ‘yung gumagamit, ‘yung gumagawa ng shabu. But you cannot stop this trafficking if there is no buying and selling.

Kaya ‘yung mga police binibigyan ako. Lahat ng military, magtanong ka dito maski sinong pati pulis na dumaan sa syudad ng Davao. Tinatawag ko ‘ya in a conference and I give the money publicly. ‘Yan si Bong ‘yung aide ko magdala ng listahan. Gamit niya ‘yung pulis ganoon. “Tawag mo.” Harap-harapan may mga media, alam nila ‘yan. Ayan o si—diba galing man ‘yan doon sila Rocky.

Ganoon kami magbigay, si Bong Go. Sige Bong, kumuha ka doon sa kahera. ‘Yan 50,000 depende sa ano ‘yung project mo. “O sir ganito.” O sige. Kaya sabi nila may ano—talagang binibigyan namin lahat military pati pulis na dumaan sa Davao. Hindi lang ‘yan sila sabihin na ano— kasi ang pulis walang pera. Dalawa-dalawa nga ang asawa kaya ganoon maski pamasahe wala. Mga g***. Pareho lang rin kayo sa mayor noon. Ganoon ‘yan eh.

So if there is no buy and no sell, there is no trafficking and you only hale them pagka—‘yung mga bata wala talaga ‘yan—ako ‘yung runner.
“’Yan lang ang gramo. ‘Yan lang ang bilhin mo, isa-isa.” It’s only for possession. And he goes right out to get money to bail himself out.

Balik na naman siya. Kaya you cannot say, “Si Duterte, you know, mga pari [inaudible]” p***** i**. Hindi mo mahinto ‘yan. It’s an apparatus. You have to do away with itong mga drug lords and drug manufacturers. Sa ayaw mo at sa hindi, talagang sisirain mo ang — this… because hindi mo — maraming runner, meron talaga ‘yang supply. Kaya tanggalin mo lahat.

And itong shabu dealer, meron talagang armas ‘yan. Tama ‘yang mga pulis, lumalaban ‘yan. Hindi naman lahat. Pero ‘yung lahat na namatay, akin ‘yun and I assume full, legal responsibility.

At pagka nagkulungan, huwag ‘yung military, who’s fighting drugs now in Mindanao. Doon pag mag-raid sila ng shabu factory, ang kaharap nila M-60.

I have lost more than 40 soldiers. I have lost 60 policemen along the way. Huwag ninyong ako sabihin na kayo lang ang umiiyak at kami dito. Kita mo naman.

So kung sabihin ninyo kayo lang ang may right magdemanda doon sa Human Rights — well, how about my policemen and soldiers who died along the way in the wake of this drug menace? What about them? What happens now to their families?

Sabihin ninyo na magkaganun-ganon kayong patay diyan sa kanto. Eh ang pulis ko pati mga military ko, paano ngayon ‘yan? Sayang pinapaaral pa natin. Eh silang kriminal, walang pinag-aralan. Ito, gastos ng gobyerno ‘to. Four years ‘yan na mga sundalo natin pati pulis. Mamatay lang diyan sa ano.

Akala kasi ninyo — the problem is the drug addict or the drug pusher or the drug lord, pagka nakalatag na diyan, maraming tama, parang santo ang tingin ng mga p***** i**. Tignan mo ‘yan as a criminal tapos isipin mo kung ano rin ang nangyari sa kabila.

When you begin to make the body count of the criminals, of course they are criminals. Why? Because it’s prohibited by law. [inaudible] criminal unless he is poor, he does not become a criminal at all.

‘Yan ang mahirap sa ating society. So I promised you a few… few promises. Drugs, corruption, criminality. And what else? During the debate, I was one of the two, si Binay who said that, “We will allow the burial of Marcos.” So I allowed it. And the Filipino people elected me as President. Bakit ninyo ako ginawang Presidente kung ayaw pala kayong sumunod sa akin?

Eh sinabi ko sa inyo, ilibing ko ‘yung tao, wala akong pakialam. The law says president and soldier. Was he a coward? That’s not my problem. I don’t investigate into his exploits. Was he the president? Of course. ‘Yan ang… magkakainteres na magsalita parang kayo lang ang marunong — marami tayong bright dito. Sabihin pa ng Bisaya sa’yo, [unclear]. He’s goddamn greed. Ah ayoko na. Tama na.

Let’s see what’s… what— tomorrow’s your [unclear]. Let’s — Pero hindi masyadong malamig sa umaga ano? Kasi mag-barong ako. Nag-jacket ako noon, I was getting a flak. Bakit daw ako naka-ano, barong ang… Mahirap itong lamig, hindi ko kaya. Hindi ko kaya talaga ang lamig, I cannot stand cold. I [unclear] warm and she must be… [laughter]

Salamat po.