Press Conference by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte with Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III and House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez
Malacañan Palace
13 March 2017
PRESIDENT DUTERTE: One of the few instances maybe in your — sa… Magpatawag kami ng partido, because we would like to announce the policies that could be adopted by PDP and to be implemented sa gobyerno where — it’s the ruling group.Alam mo, unang-una, I’d like to talk about federalism. I was talking about it last night na itong federalism is really the centerpiece of our campaign during the last elections and it remains to be so.

I am just worried, and we are from Mindanao that the nationalism issue, it’s not terrorism, insofar as the mainstream of the revolutionaries there. And I’d like to mention the MI and MNLF, na started as a nationalist aspiration of the Moro people. Having been there much, much earlier than the Christians.

It’s not a question of religion. It never has been and it is not now. It is really something about just correcting the injustice committed against them when they were overrun centuries ago by the imperialists Spain and America. So that’s how it came about.

It’s not different from the other countries in conflict now, particularly the Middle East. There, there was also the partition of the Middle East amongst the Americans, Great Britain, France, Germany. Kaya nagkaganon nang ganon.

When you divide a country without really looking into the entrails of the serious issues about tribal communes and the resources, where, what should be given, and how.

Kaya ganon rin ang same, same thing, and that’s happening in the South. Problema, Indonesia has overcome its problems sa colonials niya, the Dutch, and Malaysia, Great Britain. Ang Pilipinas kasi sa Español.

And I’d like also to say that unitary type of government has not solved the problem until now. It has survived for many centuries but it was already actually an imposition on the Filipino people. We have to correct it.

No, I am not threatening or making threats. I do not… It’s not in thy name or for somebody else’s dreams or aspiration. Simply that if we cannot solve the problem sa panahon ko.

Galing ako Mindanao. Mindanaoan ang nanay ko. And more or less I can, just like now, they agreed to just to simply stop fighting and talk about the problem.

Makuha ko ‘yung — even the fundamentals of starting a talk. But I cannot exactly tell you what the outcome would be because we are just starting to hammer on it.

I hope that the MILF would be able to complete the transition phase, with the documents, of course, so that we can submit it to Congress.

Iyong federalism really is an issue. Kami dito sa ano, we have no choice. We know the stakes, we know the dangers and we can project more or less what will happen if something goes awfully wrong.

And I do not make any dire predictions but I would say that, if we fail, dito sa panahon ko, I really do not know what will happen. But for sure, it would tear this country apart. And that is not long time in coming, it’s about six years where I have this small window to really work on it.

And so let it be known to all the people that the Senate President is equally as interested with the Speaker and me that we have to start the federal movement, whatever it is, the mechanism this year — whose time would run out kung pang-apat wala pa.

Because, of course, I would agree that it has to be submitted to the people of the Republic of the Philippines. And whether or not it will pass, I don’t know.

Kung ayaw makinig ‘yung the rest of the nation, wala tayong magawa. But we must be prepared for the consequences. Iyon lang ang sinasabi ko.

Whatever would it be, I cannot tell. But we have to save the remaining [main line?] groups, talk to them about peace, because the ISIS is coming and it has come. It started with the chapters, mga ano sa ano…

They’re competing for the anointment of the leader. Up to know it is [Hapilon] but he was seriously wounded in the bombing runs by government security forces.

We have not heard of him since then, but I said the siege of turmoil is already there. Mabuti’t na lang, coming from your — sa opisina ko, kasi more or less malaman ninyo ang totoo.

And I get… I do not invent my statistics. My data is based on the military and the number of the engagements there.

Currently, Mindanao is becoming lawless with the shabu as a fuel for terrorism. There’s a lot of shabu and everyday, everyday two or three, four security forces, including the police, die.

And kasi malayo lang sa atin. Hindi naman natin nakikita. But if you can just really call the TV networks or whosever there, then he would answer you that travel is very dangerous in some areas in Central Mindanao.

And the fact is that, Abu Sayyaf in complete… Just a simple anarchy and puts to shame our country every now and then with the beheading, a murder in front of the world.

Shabu is really very toxic sa society. I don’t know if I can end it but I suppose I can try. And this would… I would ramble on now to at mabuti rin na malaman rin ito ng the two gentlemen.

Kasi dito ang…The number one argument was that it did not deter anybody at all. So Bureau of Corrections, report on February 2, 2017, there were 189 Bilibid prison inmates convicted of capital crimes. And another in 2006, when it was abolished, these were the figures, it rose from 189 only. Iyong ni-lift ‘yung death penalty, it rose to 6,204 or 3,280 percent increase of persons convicted of heinous crimes.

Heinous crimes are everywhere today pero ‘yan nga… The prayer is for a death penalty as a deterrence. Ngayon, kung hindi ka ma-deter… Some groups, some groups have completely ignored the another aspect of the criminal laws.

What’s the purpose of criminal law? It’s retribution. Magbayad ka sa utang mo sa society. Eh kung sabihin mo lang, lenient ka masyado. Just like in other countries, pinapalabas kaagad nila… Look at other…

They were too passionate, compassionate, about ‘tong mga. “Sige, pasok kayo dito, pasok.” O kita mo, they are suffering terrorism.

Iyan nga ang problema diyan eh. Gusto mong tumulong ka ng sa isang tao. Ang problema life is sacred but do not make it as the pinnacle of your virtues dito.

Saving a life of a criminal does not make any sense at all. ‘Pag ka kasi ‘yung sabi mo na the progressive laws is that the positivist theory. The positive one is that this guy can still be rehabilitated and can still be an asset to society. Well, the other extreme of which I am a disciple is that, well, but you have to pay for your misdeeds.

Ang problema, we are so busy protecting criminals. We never had any even a moment to ponder or to pray for the souls of those innocents who are victims of crime.

Now, kami dito the law must apply to all. Correct. But sinong gusto mong mamatay? Ang inosenteng…Ah kagaya ng kahapon, babae. Ang mga inosente o ‘yung mga kriminal may atraso na? Mamili ka. Sinong gusto mong makitang mamatay? Anak mo galing sa eskwelahan, ma-hold up, masaksak? O ‘yung mga kriminal na nandiyan?

We have produced a society… I do not really think but mga one million talaga — confirmed is one million plus, plus. Tingin ko lang.

‘Pag ka ito, ulitin ko lang ‘yung kagabi, baka hindi nakikinig lahat. It poses a danger sa ating penal system. Why? Because our penal laws is anchored on criminal intent or negligence.

Ngayon ‘pag, ‘pag umpisa pa lang sa korte, dapat malaman na ng lahat, defense, the judge, that this person is facing the charges and being tried and heard must be a normal person, a guy who knows what is right and what is wrong.

Itong one million plus na tinamaan talaga ng shabu… Ako, it’s million maybe because nag-ano ako sa aking panahon. Iyong kay Santiago na three million noon, that was not during my time. Iyong PDEA ni under Santiago. But this time under ni ano, I would simply say that since there’s a big discrepancy between the numbers, I would think that I’ll just follow. Bigyan mo na lang ako ng 100 plus, plus million addicts and spread all throughout the Philippines. And they’re potential criminals.

Ngayon, ‘yung mag-rape ng — tapos patayin niya. Kung ang depensa niya was that he was, the lawyer would say, “Your honor my client is without question, he’s insane.” So he cannot proceed without criminal laws. And potentially about a third, a third or fourth of these one million plus who would commit crimes tapos bangag na talaga because use of shabu will — your brains will deteriorate and it will shrink. 

Kaya ito ngayon… Eh kung puro bangag ‘yan, and in every hearing magsabi doon sa korte and you call in the experts, doctor. “Doctor, is he in his right might? He has complete control of his faculties?” Ang sabi ng doctor, “You know shabu shrinks the brain. And with a shrank brain, a person cannot be expected to discern what is right and what is wrong.”

We are facing potential criminals who would never answer the liability for doing a…Iyan ang problema. And, of course, nothing is said of the social cost. Maghiwalay sa asawa, pabayaan ‘yung mga anak. Ang masakit pa, sabi ko sa akin, ‘yung mga anak ng mga OFW.

There’s a survey, I am trying to revalidate. 

About almost one-fourth ng mga dependents ng OFW may tama. See the injustice. Iyong mga trabahante natin doon nagpapakamatay, mag-asawa. One is in another country, the other — the wife is assigned in one. Tapos sometimes nire-rape pa brutally. Tumatalon na nga sa bintana eh.

Ano ang masakit sa akin? Masakit sa akin ‘yung Pilipino na nagpapakamatay ng trabaho doon. And sometimes suffering a… Their dignity robbed, their existence as human beings there were… May mga gusto akong sabihin, hindi ko lang masabi.

Mas mabuti pa ‘yung magbili ka lang ng slave diyan sa Middle East in the slave markets, papakinabang mo pa. I mean if you buy one, then you can really force them to work, servile. But itong mga nagiging slaves sa shabu, who got crazy, cannot do their job and it leads to a dysfunctional family eventually society.

So kung magtanong kayo, itong mga human rights, human rights. No, it will not deter me either. Mga kriminal nga hindi na-deter ng death penalty, ah mas lalo na ako. I will continue with… Government will continue with its campaign.

There’s a refurbished body in the… Sabi ko, ayusin ninyo muna. At ‘pag naayos na ‘yon, go ahead… Was it yesterday? There was a resumption of the operation. Again I believe it was in, somewhere in Laguna or Cavite. Two were killed.

Wala tayong magawa diyan. That’s how it is. Sinasabi ko sa inyo lumalaban ‘yan. Pumapatay nga eh. If they’re capable of killing a family in one — intrusion diyan sa bahay. Huwag tayong magpaka…

Ako ayaw ko. And even if 99 percent of the Filipino would say, you do not agree with me. That’s my contract with you. I promised it. I made only a few promises. Tinutupad ko lahat.

Corruption, that’s why nandito si Speaker, pati si… The PDP stands squarely against corruption. And you are free to criticize us if you think that we are not honoring our commitment to the Filipino people.

You are free to ask for my dismissal. You can go out in the streets by the millions. 

Pero ‘yung pangako ko tutuparin ko ‘yan. I rise and fall on my election promises. ‘Pag hindi ko kayang gawain ‘yang anong ipangako ko sa inyo, eh ‘di alisin na ninyo ako. Parang kay Park sa Korea.

You can demonstrate every night, I will not require any permit or consent. Go ahead, every night, everyday. Pero basta ako sa pagkaalam ko, what I promised, I will do: Drugs, corruption, criminality.

And by the way, ulitin ko lang, in one of the debates between the presidential candidates I forgot the — what forum was that — but it was a debate, I forgot the place, but I was asked if I would allow Marcos to be buried.

Me and Mayor Binay said, “Yes”. And I was asked, “Why?” There are only two things there in the law, he’s either a soldier or a president. And both counts he was. And now whether he was a good president or a bad president, that is a bad question. It is not for me to decide, to pass judgment on Marcos’ rule as president. Whether he… Because the law does not provide there unless he was a president and soldier — unless the former or the latter was a dictator or blah, blah, blah, blah, walang inilagay doon.

Soldier, he was. Lumabas ‘yung pangalan mo sa listahan. Who am I to deny? So ‘yan ho. Tapos meron lang akong ano dito na ‘yung importante… The hottest issue of the day is mining. Alam ninyo, here the Speaker, the Senate President…

Kayong mga mining, I know that you are funding the opposite side. Alam ko na ngayon kung sinong gumagastos sa kanila. Hindi ko na lang… I know that some of you are giving funding to the other side to destabilize me.

Well, if the police and the military will allow it, it’s their problem? Pero Pilipino man tayong lahat. Look at the — what mining does to our country. [Shows a document to the media.]

‘Di bale ibigay ko ito sa iyo. Huwag ninyo…  Just return it. Ilagay ko lang dito then you can take your shots.

Alam mo sa totoo lang mining brings about 70 billion a year sa taxes. This is Berong Nickel Corporation in Narra, Palawan. Look at the greens. You think you can live with it? Because of the 70 billion? Or because nag-contribute sa campaign funds mo? Hindi sa akin. Maski na mag-contribute ka ganon rin. Uupakan kita.

Now, is Gina a liar? No, I don’t. Mahirap ‘to. Tingnan mong ginawa oh, green, tapos dito. So where are the trees that God gave us? Where is the environment that God gave us? Berong Nickel Corporation, Narra Palawan, Citinickel Mines and Development Corporation.

It’s visual eh. How can you argue with Gina when she’s presenting, confronting you with a visual thing? So kami dito it appalls us. Ngayon, kung mag-lobby-lobby lang kayo ng mining diyan o mag- gastos kayo. Gusto ninyo akong palitan na Presidente na paluhurin ninyo to do your bidding… OceanaGold. Tingnan ninyo tubig sa baba pati ‘yung sa waterfalls sa itaas. Waterfalls, it’s a clear water.

Ang problema nito, we have to talk with the mining people. Not even Gina now is really the controlling. Lahat tayo sa gobyerno pati sa akin.

Ito, kita mo ‘yung mga water systems, mga portable water sa viaduct ng… Benguet Nickel Mines. Eh kung maubos na ito, maghanap pa sila… They will dig in other… Oh my God.

You think that you are in Wyoming o South Dakota? Benguet Corporation, desert; Eramen Minerals, desert; Eramen Minerals, despoiled environment

Kaya ‘yung mga miners, mag-usap tayo dito. Gusto ninyo tayo-tayo lang o media, explain to me kung bakit ganito. And you explain well to me bakit ganito.

Explain to us, to the lawmakers, such degradation of… Kami ‘yung nasa ano eh…Kami ‘yung… Kaya nandito — importante nandito si Senate President pati nandito si Bebot. Because kami ‘yung nasa gobyerno ngayon. Tapos i-charge mo sa akin ito sa aking panahon? Ay anak ng… Eh sino mananagot nito? Eh ‘di ako, pati ito, pati ito. Eh kayo ‘yung nasa power kayo ‘yung pretentious diyan na that we will work for the benefit of the people. God d*** this people, you are always forgotten.

Look at the water? So where is the fish? So where is the marine life? Where is the aquatic life there? Anong kakainin ng tao ‘yang mga mahirap lang dito? Those mga…Kukuha na nga ng haluan eh para magka-ulam.

So what can your 70 billion do for the government? Nothing. Maybe it would be worth the while for Gina to reimpose the ban. Total muna tayo, tapos mag-usap. Dito magprangka-prangkahan tayo.

Emir Minerals and Emir Minerals Corporation, explain to me how is this? Sabihin mo sa akin dito mag-harapan tayo. What have you done to my country? Kasi ‘pag hindi mo ako sinagot ng tu — p**** i** isampal ko itong papel sa mukha mo. Explain to me bakit ganito.

Kita mo ‘yang mga pristine na hindi tinamaan oh. In the water you see the reflection of the sky. Eh magandang tignan.

At least sa mga anak natin gusto ng adventure-adventure. They’re in the wings waiting to take over this country.

Look at what a clear water, a body of water can mirror? It mirrors the sky with the clouds. Nagkamali ba si Gina diyan?

Tapos maraming palabas na ganon na nadisgrasya. So what? Eh ako, ‘yan sa orthopedic hospital, nadala ako diyan. I forgot the year, 70… I-check ninyo. I was comatose also for seven days? Tapos hindi na ako pwede kasi nabunggo ‘yung ulo ko.

Adnama Mineral. Ang problema nito, hinuhuli natin ‘yung Pilipino na maliit, magkaingin. But ito sila dig and cut and make it clean. So where is now the justice of the Filipino? Eh might as well mag-resign na lang kami, wala kaming magawa. Rather than bear the burden of not — cannot answer because we have done nothing.

Economy? Well, siguro mawawala tayo trabaho sa mga tao. Maghintay kayo. We will scrape the bottom of the barrel to look for the money but I’m going to give you food kung ‘yan lang.

And let us just pray that enough business will come in, new ones, but not as — not as devastating as this one. Kasayang.

Before and after. Meron isa dito responsible mining. Kung ito ang gawain mo ibigay ko sa iyo, monopoly ko na sa iyo. But look at sino may-ari nitong CTP? Surigao, Surigao, Surigao. Bugbog talaga ang Surigao and it’s just beside my place, that is why I know.

Every time I fly over the area especially ‘yun ay good weather, I always ask the pilot to halos mag — ang tawag diyan is pababa, pababa nang husto. Tapos titignan ko ‘yung ganito talaga ito…

Paano ‘yung isda na… Maawa naman kayo sa Pilipinas. So the people know. Alam ko active sila ngayon sa ano destabilization.

Well, it takes two to tango. Carrascal, CTP. It’s being done everywhere. Carrascal and Marcventures Mining. O tingnan mo ang dagat, hindi mo na maliguan.

There’s one remaining ano na pwede kayong maligo at pwede ko kayong samahan. Pero we have to ask permission from both sides. Madali sa ating side. We can always say to the Philippine Navy na, “huwag ninyo kaming barilin kasi maligo lang kami doon sa reef, doon sa lagoon.”   Ang problema… Ikaw, Bot, makasalita ka man ng Chinese ‘no? [House Speaker Alvarez answers: “Dili. Makasabot lang gamay.”]

Bebot… Alam ba ninyo na halos parehas kami. Bebot is a… Father niya Chinese pero hindi kami nagkulang — lolo ko Chinese — pero hindi kami nagkulang sa pagmamahal sa bayan namin sa totoo lang.

I love my country more than life itself. Kaya itong Dinagat o naumpisahan na. Kaganda-ganda ng… That’s starting, look at that corner there, it’s getting brown again. Kasayang, tingnan mo. All of these for 70 billion pesos?

Tahimik kayo masyado siguro stockholder kayo ng mining company ‘no? [laughter] Ah sus… Malaman ko ‘yan. It can pierce the veil of corporate identity. It’s almost like… Krominco, AAM-PHIL Natural Gas Resources Corporation. You dig, you cut. Ubos ang kahoy niyan.

Sa ibang lugar ‘yung mga farmers ‘pag nandiyan ‘yung forest rangers, walang maka… “Sir, pambahay namin.” Iyong mga Lumads sa amin, saan pala sila magkuha ng kahoy? Mag-import sila from Canada ‘no pati Indonesia, thick wood.

Iyon na lang gawain, sabihin ko sa mga Lumad doon sa amin. Mag-import na lang kayo ng kahoy para gawain ninyo bahay.

Ito ang naiwan. This is what’s left behind. Pero may isa ditong… Ewan ko nawala iyong… Ito, itong Bulacan o. Kaya kayong taga-Bulacan huwag kayong pumayag medyo maganda pa ‘yung tubig ninyo, right at the bottom.

Pero may isa dito. It’s here. Itong isa hindi ko malaman kung headquarters ng mumu. May dalawang ano itong ano dito? It looks like pwede ko kayong samahan doon pero walang iwanan.

Saan na ba ‘yung anong? Wala talaga o. It’s all destruction. Sino bang… Ikaw sabihin mo ako lang sige salita di ha. Pwede ako magtanong sa inyo? Harap- harapan tayo. Pwede akong magtanong sa inyo?  Maligaya kayo nito? [Audience respond: “Hindi.”]  Iyong taga-miner man ang sumagot, “no.”

Maligaya kayo nito? Really, honestly. Iyan pala. Pilipino pala tayong lahat dito eh. Akala ko… Kita mo ‘yang Quezon, Palawan o. Sus.

What is your best argument in favor of mining? Sige nga. Hay no ba ‘tong usa? [Bong, san na ‘yung isa? Iyong maganda pang ano.]

Iyong responsible mining, sino itong korporasyon na ito? Ibigay ko sa iyo lahat. ‘Pag ganon ang labas.

There’s another set of pictures that’s really… Maganda ang ano — at least there is a redeeming factor. Iyan ang hinahanap ko. Give me a redeeming — something which I can hang on to to drop Gina. Walang redeeming factor eh. Maski siguro kayo makita ninyo.  So ‘yun ‘yan.

So you’d know that we are running for federalism. That kami nagka-isa dito sa itaas that we are not beholden to any lobby money. And despite of the pressures — pressure politics ‘yan eh. We stand our ground and we join the clarion call for the preservation of the Filipino.

It does not end with siltation there or the — no more trees. It’s the very life, the very essence. We are mandated by our oath of office to protect and preserve the Filipino, period. If one can understand each other… [Saan ba ‘yung isa? Nawala na. Iyong may… Ah, ito ito.]

This is a mining rehabili… Sitio Lalab, Mt. Emily in Sibutad, Zamboanga Del Norte. It took a long time but there is at least the effort. Makita mong matagal nga pero from 1989 — ah 1999, year 2011. At least may nakita ka na…  If it’s a redeeming factor, yes. Maybe they can rehabilitate — [inaudible] the water again. O ito Philex. Active mining and after rehabilitation 1999, 2012.

So I’d like to say thank you to these two companies. I do not know them. Pero ‘pag ka ganito kayo na ano, napakalbo na ano eh ‘di taniman na kaagad ninyo. Maligaya ang Pilipino nito especially if you really plant trees. It takes about 30 years to grow a tree.

Magtanim na lang  ‘yung massive planting. So in the days to come I would ask every Filipino to go out to the country, outside, countryside, magtanim na lang tayo ng kahoy pangbawi nito. Ano na natin sa pagod natin, buuin natin, every barangay.

Now the reason why I am not keen… Let me explain also bakit ayaw ko ng barangay elections ngayon. Because kung may barangay elections tayo ngayon, the narco-politics will prevail. Then you have politicians who become public officials who’d run this government and will control this government sa droga.

Then eventually, it will, I said, destroy the Filipino. I do not know if we can have elections even after itong two elections ahead. I have to satisfy myself na kung mag-election tayo, wala ng narco-politics.

And remember as early as five years ago, six years ago, ang droga nandiyan na. Pumasok ka na gobyerno. Ang sabi nga ni Bebot kagabi what is sad is the number one drug trafficking — drug trafficker is a government official and is already in prison.

Tapos na-demanda pa ako plunder — ay ‘yung human rights. Isinali pa doon kay ako daw ang… Bakit mo ako ipakulong sa human rights? Ikaw ‘yung gumawa. Ako pa ngayon ang kontrabida.

Sige na lang, pa-preso nalang ako kung…Hindi pala kayo maawa sa akin? Siya si… Sino gani ang pangalan mo, ma’am? Nakalimutan ko. Hindi ka kaya maawa sa akin? Makulong ako tapos sa harap ng ibang tao? Buti nakasali ako doon, hindi man extra driver, t*** i**.

Then, itong federalism movement sprouting everywhere. Might as well take — it’s good as any other day to issue a warning that we never authorized anybody to print cards and collect memberships under the guise of federalism.

It does not carry the approval of Senator Pimentel. I hate it. And hinahanap namin ‘yung mga tao, but there’s one sprouting out everyday including dito sa Luzon.

Federalismo, miyembro, then they are asked to shell out 50 pesos. Walang membership sa… If by the grace of God we succeed in convincing the people, the Filipino people, to go federal, it will really be the sacrifice of everybody.

Huwag ho kayong maniwala diyan, ba’t kokolektahin ka pa? So dito… Lalo na ‘yung parte ko na local, it’s “hogpong” in Visaya, it’s a Visayas word “hogpong” is group, Hogpong, Davao. 

That was the vehicle that I used during the — every election. Dito sa national, PDP na. Kasi hati rin kami doon sa Davao noon PDP, we are also not united. So I had to ride on another vehicle sa campaign.

Now I don’t know if… I’d like to turn this opportunity to the Senate President kung ano sabihin niya… Magdagdag ka kung anong gusto mo.

SENATOR PIMENTEL: Thank you, Mr. President. Magandang hapon po sa inyong lahat. Thank you for calling for this presscon to show the united stand of the party, PDP-Laban, on various issues.

And the President has articulated, of course, very well the party stand on the various issues. And, of course, I highly appreciate the passion of the President for environmental justice because I share such a passion. When I… When I was the chair of the justice committee in the Senate, I made the non-lawyer Senator Legarda as the vice chairman of the justice committee. It was a very unusual move, because our agreement was for me to champion our traditional meaning of justice and for her to champion environmental justice.

Noong panahon na ‘yun worried na rin po ako sa sitwasyon sa Pilipinas. And I remember my dialogue with the President, one week after his victory in the election, unang isa sa… Ang unang sinabi niya, federalism; and number two, the party should study good mining practices because if it can be done in Canada and Australia, why can it not be done in the Philippines?

So ‘yung concern po ng partido eh matagal na po for environmental justice and the state of our environment. So, we are solid here, and one new subject matter we will emphasize is the fight against corruption.

Two weeks ago, I was here also with President, Speaker Alvarez, and the President said that the party should reiterate the fight against corruption as a party stand; remind party members to observe our anti-corruption position; and warn them — and warn all, especially those applying for government service that if you are party member, you do something na—which is you are not supposed to do, violative of our anti-graft laws, your party membership cannot save you, because that is a party stand.

Thank you very much, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Thank you, Mr. Senate President. May I give it to Bebot, Speaker.

SPEAKER ALVAREZ:  Magandang hapon po sa lahat. Gusto ko lang ipaalam sa sambayanan na ang House of Representatives po ay solidly behind the President. And kasama po kami sa pagpapatupad ‘nung mga campaign promises ng ating Presidente namely ‘yung war on drugs, ‘yung campaign against corruption, ‘yung campaign against criminality, ‘yung clean environment kasama po tayo diyan at suportado po ng House of Representatives ‘yan.

Ngayon, huwag po tayong maniniwala na hanggang  ngayon ay ‘yung mga malilit lang po ang biktima dito sa ginagawa nating war on drugs. In fact po nakakulong na po ang number one, public enemy number one—‘yung number one drug lord sa buong Pilipinas ay nakakulong na po. Ito ay ‘yung dating Senadora natin na si Leila De Lima.

Ngayon po, nakikita nating lahat na tuluy-tuloy pa rin ‘yung kasinungalingan and she still posturing as if merong political persecution. Hindi po mali po ‘yun.

Meron po siyang na-commit na crime which is involving illegal drugs. Iyan po ay krimen. Malinaw po ‘yan na krimen at malinaw po na isa siyang kriminal. Hindi po siya biktima ng political persecution dahil wala po ‘yan ngayon. Hindi po ‘yan nangyayari sa ilalim po ng liderato ng ating Pangulo.

Iyon lang po at sana ay tulungan po natin ‘yung sambayanan, tulungan natin ‘yung ating Pangulo dahil lahat po ginagawa niya upang sa ganon ay maiayos ‘yung ating bansa.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: May I just add, then I’ll give the space to you.

It’s a popular notion sa ating mga Pilipino, ah  ganon ‘yan ‘pag nanalo ‘yan ganon rin, kurakot rin ‘yan.

Well, kung ayaw ninyong maniwala eh ‘di huwag. Basta ako sabi ko, may mga fundamental promises ako. Simple lang, drugs bitawan mo. Sa mga pari, you go then make the rounds and you would know, as priest who are the pusher and who are the victims.

Make it an advocacy on the barangay level sa parish ninyo, kumbinsihin ninyo. And if you think that he is already contaminated so much then you bring him somewhere because I’m funding, I just released, I said one billion for the — with a heavy heart — para lang sa medisina ng community based… It’s a lot of money of the people. Coming from PAGCOR, diniretso ko na kaagad. Another one billion for ‘yung nag-hawak-hawak ng reseta until such time na makagawa ako ng ospital.

And for those sabi nila mga “untouchables”, well, itong si… Nakalimutan ko ‘yung pangalan niya basta Alex. I’d like to… Sabihin ko na sa inyo ang totoo. I think I know the guy kasi parang mistah, mistah kami niyan. This guy and ako were adopted by the Class ‘67 sa PMA. Ako si Clara Lobregat, noon pa ‘yon, pati ito siya.

But he styles himself tapos ang galaw parang — mga NBI ganoon. Iba maglakad ang NBI, ‘pag NBI na lalo na ‘yung may baril na, medyo mabibigat na. Tapos dito posas, tapos maraming cellphone. Ganoon na magkalad ang…

Ngayon, may liability siya. Problema ko kasi nagbi… Doon ‘yon sa Bansalan. Noong nagbisita ako doon sa dalawang  pulis kasi ‘yung dalawa na… Iyong isa Moro eh, Muslim nilibing na kaagad ‘yung babae. Pero they were really… Walang ano ‘yon, SOCO lang ‘yon eh. Mga tauhan lang ‘yun ni — [Mimics Gus Abelgas] sunod na kabanata makinig kayo SOCO.

Wala naman armas ‘yan. Tingnan mo si Gus Abelgas kung nagpunta siya doon, may armas ba siya? Mga bata lang ‘yan ni… Iyon ang paborita niya. I’m sure na galit itong si Gus. Siyempre karamihan kakilala niya ‘yung mga SOCO. Tapos pinagpatay ng —  nawala ‘yung mukha ng pobreng babae.

So ‘yan. Kung may nakalimutan ako, ‘yan ang mahirap basta magtingin-tingin ka diyan sa ano… You’re always a… Really, ikaw distraction ka. [laughter]  Dapat hindi ka… Bawal ang ano… Ang problema naman kasi ‘pag ka ganoon ang pinapadala lahat puro magaganda, kaya sintunado na tuloy itong presscon natin.

Ano pa ba? Ang isa, wala na siguro. Iyon lang ang importante sa mining kasi nagdududa kasi ‘yung tao kung nasaan kami. Because the mining lobby money is coming in, tapos I heard na ako — they’ve been contributing a lot.

Ang nagko-contribute diyan sa — alam mo na kung sino. They are still financing her ‘yung cahoots niya. Drug money and itong mining ang… Kaya ako napilitan na tuma… Binabaliktad nila. Hindi kami pwede diyan. Maski ganito lang kami mahirap lang kami.

We cannot for whatever reason. Hindi kami ‘yung committing a treason against sa inyo? So, I’ll give you the right to shoot me. We will never do that, we will always protect…

Kasi ang labas-labas kasi nitong ano ‘pag nandiyan na, “Ah, Duterte wala ‘yan, pera-pera.” P***** i** mo, kayo, hindi kami. Kami mahirap lang, sanay kami sa mahirap sa probinsiya.

Hindi naman ‘yung talagang mahirap pero simpleng ano… And I’d like to repeat it, dito sa Malacañan magkain ka? Wala ng steak dito. If I invite you to break bread with me or dine, pwera nalang kung gastos ko, diyan sa kabila, sa bahay ko. Iyong magpakain ako ng relatives ganoon.

Pero kung magkain ka dito? Isang ulam, isang sabaw, kanin. Iyon lang ang…Simple lang kami dito, hindi ko inaano ‘yung pera ninyo. I do not throw lavish parties… This is not the place, this is not the venue for parties. This is a place for work. Kapag nawalan ako ng pera ipagbili ko ito sa bakalan. [looks at the chandelier] [laughter] Iyon o. Sa bakalan para — tag-isa tayo, iyo ‘yung isa, pera ito. Bakit magnakaw ng pera? Ito na mismo.

So it is now your moment. The so many questions you are itching to ask, anything. Basta limitado tayo dito sa totoo, whether it is good or bad for you or for me. Limitado tayo sa totoo. Shoot.

Reymund Tinaza (Bombo Radyo): Good afternoon gentlemen. Good afternoon, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Makilakas ng konti ha. Ganyan, lapit lang kayo.

Mr. Tinaza: I understand you have mentioned before that you will be creating a Constitutional or Charter change commission to study and draft proposal for amendments. Can we ask any update with that, sir? And I understand you have also made mention that you prefer Constitutional Assembly as the way to do it the federal system. Does that change or does that remain, Mr. President?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, I am just waiting for the Bangsamoro draft. Kaya baka… Para I can give the guidance also to… You know, I have to call also for the best of minds.

Remember, the persons that will be selected here to form the commission ‘yun lang pinaka-bright at ‘yung walang — with integrity and all.

And I am open to a suggestion who the persons are. Wala akong ano. Pagkatapos niyan I said, this year it will come. I am… I’ve been asked the MI to hurry up. Nur Misuari is taking his own sweet time but I can understand that. And maybe if he sees the draft, he cannot really co-mingle but just set it in para i-fine-tune na lang tutal ‘yung basic demands nandiyan din sa kanya, nandito rin sa kabila.

So it’s a matter of just fitting it in, then fine-tune it to the satisfaction of everybody.

Mr. Tinaza: Sir, last point on the federal. Sir, one of the cons or worries of the public is once the Constitution is open, it will be free for all and some officials especially in the local or those who will form the ConAss will take advantage and they will open other provisions especially for their own interest. How do you safeguard vis-à-vis the interest of the public, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo, maski sino, whether it is really Constitutional Convention or the existing Congress as a constituent body, alam mo just like what happened in the days past, there was this Constitutional Convention, but what happened?

It is no longer… We have spent the money. They were the best of the Filipinos at that time. There was no reason for them really to — except that it was a — they wanted a pattern cut for them. Eh ibang panahon na iyan kasi si Marcos eh.

But you have to change the Constitution. Iyong economic provisions, payag na ako. Kasi we have invited so many guests to partake of the pie here. And China and the other countries are coming. China especially is very benevolent in their grants. Iyong parang halos walang bayad na.

And so I think that if you really want the country to progress, especially ‘yung mga EU, EU, they want the economic provisions of the Constitution amended. I am ready to concede a little bit but hindi lahat.

Now, itong sa lupa, again I would like to make my opinion very clear to everybody.  Still, I am not in favor of selling lands to foreigners. Mahirap iyan kasi maraming mayaman na ngayon. Everybody is rich.

I never start selling our patrimony. It might end up bilihin nila lahat. Eh kung sabi mo ipagbili mo ang lupa. Eh ‘yung dito lang sa likod ko puro privately-owned na ‘yon eh. Eh maraming pera ngayon sila. Everywhere. Eh kung bilhin ‘yung Davao City? Iyon slum area bilhin nila lahat iyon. Saan ko ilagay ‘yung mga Pilipino? They will be squatters in their own country. Mabuti’t na lang squatters sila ngayon kasi kanila man ‘to.

But someday, if you start selling lands, that’s a big problem because we do not have the money. And you tend to sell it cheap. And I have to come up with a legislation prohibiting even the private owners from selling their properties, which would again run counter to the basic law which is you have every right to use, sell, if it is privately owned. It gets complicated but I am more worried about the money and the temptation for people to sell.

Mauubos itong Pilipinas, sabihin ko sa iyo. And they can start to buy lands, then islands, mahirap.

Mr. Tinaza: Sir, last issue on the peace process to the CPP-NPA-NDF. Sir, what could have prompted the government peace panel to agree in entering into an agreement to resume the peace process with the Left considering absent of the compelling reasons and conditions you have wanted to see before you resume the talks?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I just gave my orders to start talking. There is no concrete proposal, there’s not even a list of what should be taken up.

They may contacts… If it will make the process more civil, sinasabi ko naman sa inyo, it is not really a fait accompli statement that ‘yun na iyon. Because as a Filipino, I am still interested to prevent a slaughter by a Filipino to a Filipino.

Alam mo kasi iyan ang mahirap sa ideology like a revolution because it is a cannibal thing. It is really a cannibalistic ideology itong revolution. Why? Because you devour your own kind. You devour the children and the children and the sons of daughters of Filipinos.

Kaya kung maari lang ayaw ko. Siguro kung ibang sitwasyon, a war between a country and our[s] — siguro kung magsali tayo. But at this time, I am not ready to join any flotilla there in China. I have stated it before and I am saying it again that during the bilateral where everybody was present including the government panel, I said, “I come here in peace. I want to just shake your hands and ask you to do business with us. Regarding the arbitral judgment, I will not open it now.”

At sabi ko, “Mr. President, I have to tell you also that at least during my term, I will have to talk about it. And I will not go out of the four corners of the papers.”

Now, when is that? Well, they’re claiming it as theirs. We are claiming it as part of the entitlements as a country. So, when do you open it up? Maybe when they start to dig and find something there which is of value maybe…

Sabihin ko, alam mo amin rin ‘yan. So we just cannot stand by idly and, you know, kubkubin mo lahat ‘yan diyan. Let’s talk first, but I do not want war.

But you have to talk to me because I am also an owner. But I will not go to war with you for that because it will be a disaster. And I do not think that America or any other country will be ready to die for us here.

Rose Novenario (Hataw): Sir, magandang hapon po. Since tinalakay ninyo po kanina iyong tungkol po sa death penalty at ‘yung pagsira po sa kalikasan ng mga mining firms. Pwede po bang isama sa death penalty ‘yung mga akusado po sa illegal mining lalo na’t napakalaki po ng ginagawa nilang perwisyo sa lipunan at sa kalikasan?   

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You have to address yourself to the two gentlemen beside me.

SENATOR PIMENTEL: The strategy in the Senate is to limit the number of heinous crimes subject to death penalty. If I pursue such a strategy, then I have a better chance of having a death penalty law.

SPEAKER ALVAREZ: Pwede po iyan, ma’am, basta tulungan ninyo lang kami doon sa pagkumbinsi doon sa mga protectors of evil ‘yung mga tinatawag nating “angels of Satan” na gustong protektahan ‘yung mga kriminal. Posible po iyan. 

Ms. Novenario: Okay, thank you po. Mr. President isa na lang…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. I am in favor of anything that produces death. Robbery, after robbing you rape, then you steal… Robbery with rape or robbery with homicide, that’s a special complex

[trial?] Robbery with homicide, or robbery rape with homicide, it should be…

Retribution eh. Alam mo talaga nasira ito ‘yung mga life, life, life. Palibhasa itong mga ano, itong mga EU, they have this historical guilt. Sila ‘yang nag-conquer ng other lands eh, Britain, France, they went, hanggang dito, the Dutch.

Noon, during their heydays, okay sa kanila to kill… The colonials made slaves out of other people in Africa. Tapos ngayon they have refined their generation, their society.

Tayo ngayong naiwan, they’re imposing it on us na ‘pag ka may death sentence ka diyan, hindi ka nila i-recognize. And yet America, kuno the exponent of human rights daw, there’s a death penalty. There’s even one who has sentenced now, being heard.

So ako, kung hindi mo naman… Hindi ka nag-deter kasi hindi ka talaga takot sa batas matapang ka, eh ‘di kung ano ‘yung ginawa mo, pagbayaran mo. Otherwise, sabi ko nga itong mga durugista kung puro bangag na ‘yan and preliminary in court, the lawyer would say, “I would like to find out first, judge, your honor, kung ito ba’y talagang in his complete mental faculties to discern what is right and wrong.”

‘Pag testify ng — sabihin, “Ay buang ‘yan.” So who now answer for this maraming namatay? Maraming batang na-rape. Iyong kahapon sa Cagayan. Ano ba ang paboran mo ‘yung mga inosente na namatay o ‘yung mga kriminal?

So mamili kayo, ang problema nanalo ako, eh ‘di ibig sabihin gusto ninyo. Kasi inilibing ko si Marcos, that was one of the promises that I made during the debates.

Ibinoto niyo ako, ibig sabihin gusto ninyo. Eh bakit ngayon ako pa ang kontrabida? Akala ko ba demokrasya ito? Then we go by numbers.

The greatest good for the greatest number. That is really the equation of democracy.

Ms. Novenario: Last nalang po. Sir, may nabanggit po kayo kanina na nagpo-pondo po ng  destabilisasyon laban sa inyong administrasyon ‘yung mga mining executives po…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: At saka ano, of course, they will deny it, pati the drug money.

Ms. Novenario: Opo. Meron po kaya silang ano kasabwat sa ibang bansa o meron po kaya silang kasabwat na mga dayuhan?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, diyan sa America madalas ang lobby… They make… They have gained the upper hands sa popularity of the issues.

Kasi ako naman, bakit ako gagastos? But somebody there is also funding. But if you want to throw your country into a turmoil, fine, let’s do it.

Ms. Novenario: Okay po, thank you.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pero huwag ka ng umuwi dito. That is rebellion actually. You try to topple down a legitimate government. Wala pa naman ako kasalanan sa Pilipino. Ano bang kasalanan ko sa inyo? Pagpatay ng kriminal? Ano pa? Anong ninakaw ko? Kasi nagtatrabaho lang ako, kung ayaw ninyo eh ‘di huwag.

But I said I have to comply with my promise. There so much noise about this thing about extrajudicial killing. Sinabi ko sa inyo wala eh. Magtanong ka ng isang pulis dito sa Maynila, sige daw. Was there ever an order which is, “banatan mo maski nakaluhod or nag-surrender.”

Pagka-ganoon marami talaga tayong kaso because they are out on the streets. And if you do that, eh kung kalaban ka, kriminal ka, or nagka-otsohan kayo sa negosyo, or rivalry sa turf, inyo ‘yan.

Iyong namatay sa kamay ng pulis pati militar aking utos ‘yan, ‘yon ang sagutin ko. Doon ako handa na pumasok sa presuhan.

Wala nang pa-kornihan dito iyon. Wala dito ‘yang mga kasi ganoon… Wala, iyon akin ‘yun. I assume full responsibility for it. May tago-tago pa, tatakbo-takbo ka ng Presidente tapos takot ka rin pala eh l**** umalis ka.

If you are a President and you cannot keep your promise, bakit ka pa tumakbo? Alam mo na ang problema ng— of course,  mayor ako nang matagal eh. Alam ko gaano kalalim ang tama ng Pilipinas. Kaya I said: Go out and hunt for them, arrest them. If it’s still possible, akala mo kasi puro bangag ‘yan eh. If your life is placed in danger, natural bakit ko payagan ‘yung mga military ko pati pulis mamatay? Sila muna.

Ako na ang kausap nila, iyon ang totoo diyan. Ngayon sa utos mo nasobrahan ang pulis ganoon, may tinamaan, ‘yun sagot ko, okay ‘yan. Ano ‘yung pulis mo instead of using .45, ginamit niya ‘yung M16 isang baril, it’s about 7… Isang squeeze lang ng trigger niyan eh.

May namatay doon na sa sampu, inabutan ng bala ng gobyerno o ‘di sige pakulong tayo. Pero ‘yung ibang patayan diyan.

Iyong taga-Davao…You know, magtanong ka ng isang military officer o isang military man na dumaan ng Region XI because I was for the longest time the — ano to, the chairman ng peace and order. Nagbibigay talaga ako ng pera. Dito binigyan ka ng pera — sabi nila binigyan sila ng pera, tama. How can you now prove trafficking kung walang buy and sell?

‘Pag walang buy and sell, there is no trafficking. So ang ano niyan is kung dala-dala niya isa lang ganito, isang sachet o ‘di ‘yan ang — that’s possession. The moment he goes to prison, he goes out, because bail is available. May pera ang droga eh. Kaya nga ang lahat nakakapag-ipon ng pera. Iyong by the thousands lang.

Kaya kailangan mo bigyan mo ng pera para makabili siya at hulihin niya and that is trafficking. Something to sell which is the shabu and ‘yung pera, marked money, then there is traffic already, buy and sell diyan.

Ayan ang ibig kong sabihin. Lahat ng militar, lahat ng pulis ‘yan sila Bato pati ‘yung mga bata ngayon dumaan ng Davao. Lalo na pulis o lalo na ‘yang peace and order. Binibigyan ko kasi may program ako sa peace and order ko eh. Ito every meeting ganoon, mabigyan ‘yan sila, 30,000 for an operation. Diyan harap-harapan.

Hindi ako nagbabayad ng…Bakit ako…Hindi ko naman pera. At saka trabaho mo ‘yan g** bakit kita bayaran? Ngayon, kung inotso mo gaya ng mga pulis dito na binayaran nila kay hindi man nila binili. Nanghuli sila, hindi nila binili, kinuha pa ‘yung shabu. Sila nagpabili uli doon sa… Hay naku. Huwag mo akong lokohin ng ganoon. Alam ko ginagawa ko. Bakit kita bayaran? Bakit ako mag-utos? Eh ano sa akin kung mabuhay ‘yan o patay. Diyan sa kulungan, tingnan mo natutulog sila nakatindig na, hindi na nakahiga. O iyan [inaudible]kayo. Sabi maggawa tayo bagong jail, huwag muna. Ma-experience nilang matulong. Kasi kung dikit-dikit na sila hindi na sila matumba. Nakaganon na. [Snors] Standing up snoring.

Para sa akin mas grabe ‘yung sitwasyon na ‘yan. Tapos mangati ka dito, may mga impeksyon diyan sige. Does not matter to me kung buhay ka o patay basta huli.

Ang ayaw ko lang ‘yung mamatay ang pulis ko pati ‘yung military na inutusan ko. Kawawa naman. Alam mo bakit ang pulis sa akin panahon matiyaga? Kasi ang pulis hindi nagta-trabaho. Noon makita ‘yung droga dito, mga bigtime. ‘Pag pasok diyan sa mga night club, mga bars, ayan akala mo mayor kasi maraming security, may army, may pulis. Pagpasok diyan naka- jacket ang lalaking mama, mga y***. Tapos ‘yung mga tao titingin-tingin. Iyong iba sabihin na, “Huwag mong tingnan baka magalit.” P***** i**, l**** ka, sampalin kita sa publiko.

Huwag ninyo gawain ‘yan ha, ayaw ko ‘yang ganon. Forget about the old — kaya ako noong una inuna ko talaga kayong mga pulis pati military, go back to your mother units in 24 hours. ‘Pag hindi talagang barilin kita. Iyong panahon na ‘yan, talagang babarilin kita. Kasi may mga baril ‘yan ayaw mag-sunod ng utos, eh ‘di… Anong gusto mo? Barilan na lang tayo.

Kaya kita mo that was the first time ang mga drug lords na wala ng — they felt naked na sila.

Kasi nga… Iyong mga pulis na talagang nagtatrabaho, ‘yung mga militar na gustong magtrabaho sa probinsya ganon ‘yan. Limang sakyanan…

Vit, paki — si Secretary Aguirre, pakisilip mo nga ‘yung kay Alunan. Iyong three is a private army. I-reimpose ko ‘yon.

Ang mayor, governor, tag-dalawa lang. Iyong reimpose natin ‘yung travel na ano limited to mayor ka, dalawa. Huwag ang military, huwag mong gawing bodyguard ‘yan. Doon ka magkuha sa pool mo sa pulis ninyo ‘yung under mo.

And besides if you are a mayor and the police is really topsy-turvy, you are doing nothing, I will deprive you of your police supervisory power. You’ll lose the supervisory power. Dalhan ko na lang ng army doon sa ano… Hindi na kailangan ng martial law. I will tell the Army, you impose order there.

Tapos sa Basilan kasi wala masyadong tao. Mag-settlement tayo doon. Doon na ang ano, doon na sila. Libreng pabahay. Walang tao. Dito na lang ako sa mga army magpulis-pulisan.

Iyon pala, those were floating in my mind. You are always in my mind kasi gidaya mo ang gobyerno ng 1.3. Iyong tinanong kasi ako basta sa Bansalan, nawala ako doon sa istorya kasi pasok labas ‘yung isyu ng NPA.

Sabi ko na pagka-magbayad siya ng 3 billion kasi 1.5 man ‘yon, tanggapin ko, tanggapin ko. Sabihin ko, 3 billion, hospital para sa Mary Johnston; 1 billion, 1 billion para sa i-refurbish ‘yung ospital ng Basilan kasi kawawa talaga ‘yung — naawa ako sa mga tao doon, pati Jolo.

One billion worth of equipments. Ginagawa naman eh. Marami ‘yan. It has very good hospital. At saka ‘yung more than technology. Hindi na kailangan may oncologist doon. Eh picturan lang sa MRI, ipadala niya. Tapos basahin na diyan sa Davao. Iyang Davao City is the biggest hospital in the Philippines today. Kumpleto ‘yan. They can do heart, kidney transplant at lahat ng organ kayang palitan. Ewan ko lang kung ano ang hindi nila kaya.

Oo, doon kidney kaya na, heart, liver. Pero ‘yung may edad na walang transplant para sa iny. Si ano pabayarin ko ng… Pero sabi man ni… Ayaw man ni Vit, pati ni Sonny kasi 10 times daw.

You know, I speak freely about itong ano because the law itself allows — the law allows compromise. Pwede mong aregluhin kung ano ang… Kaya kung papaya, silang tatlo eh. It was really Domiguez, Faeldon and Dulay. ‘Pag payag sila… Iyan lang ang hingiin ko.

I’ll give it to Congress but on the condition sabihin ko sa kanila ibigay natin sa ospital ito, diretso. The aid must go direct to the hospital o to the persons there.

At ipaayos lahat. Eh ‘di mas okay pa kung… Bakit anong use ko sa kanya? Ipakulong mo?  He’s a billionaire. You just… Kumportable ang buhay niya doon. Just like any other millionaire or billionaire na pumasok diyan. Uy si, ma’am.

AC Nichols (CNN): Hi, sir, good afternoon. Sir, earlier you spoke quite a bit about the negative effects of mining on the environment. Sir, total mining ban is that something that you’re considering anytime soon or you’re saying earlier that you want the mining companies to explain to you. Are you thinking about meeting with them so that they can appeal their case to you, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I will just show them. If you want to talk to me now pero huwag mo akong bolahin kasi ipapalo ko ito sa mukha mo.

Do not… Huwag mo akong I jumble- jumble dito kasi nandiyan. I told them that, you know, it’s an open pit, it’s a very dangerous way. Nag-aano ng lupa ‘yan eh, nag-soft, tapos papasok ang tubig. That’s why during earthquake, landslides are really very frequent. It’s not a surprise to me.

So and all of these things. Sabi ko sa kanila, you follow the Australian or Canadian practice. That’s the template, that’s the template. Dalawa ‘yan o templates. Gawain lang ninyo or bakit kayo mag-open pit baka… Ganon rin ang disaster eh. They would… I would say that ‘yung… They would bore down into the bowels of the earth. Then doon sila magtapon ng granada.

Alam mo ang sikreto nitong mining? Isa lang eh, utusan ko na. I’m ordering Bato now, istriktuhan mo ‘yung… Wala na, wala silang pamputok, wala ‘yan, no negosyo. TNT ang ginagamit ng mga ‘yan akala mo spade ‘yan, hindi pala ‘yan. Pinapaputok ng… Higpitan mo lang mabuti, walang mining.

Ms. Nichols: Sir, clarify ano po ‘yung order kay PNP Chief, sir?


Ms. Nichols: Sir, can you clarify ‘yung order po kay PNP Chief? Istriktuhan, sir, ‘yung alin, sir, ‘yung…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, they will take notes. The Secretary is here. They’re taking notes while I’m talking. Ako ang trabaho ko tig-payabang. Ito naman nirerecord ‘yung kayabangan mo.

Ganun ‘yan eh. It’s a recorded history of kayabangan. So at least ako ‘pag sinabi kong gawain ko, bantay ka kasi gagawin ko talaga. Ang diperensya sa akin, kasi ako ‘pag nagsalita ako dito, lalo in public, ‘pag sinabi kong gawain ko sa inyo ‘yan, gagawain ko talaga.

Ms. Nichols: Sir, last follow up. Sir, on explosives po, sir, ‘yung sinasabi ninyo na hindi na po pwedeng gawin?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah hindi rin pwede, ma’am. Kung pala-palahin mo ito wala, walang mangyari. It’s part of the mining territory.

But I said there has to be a compromise here. Merong ‘yung, saan na ba ‘yon? Iyong ni-restore na ano. Ah nandito. Kung ganito lang. If you can do this maski na hindi na mataas ‘yung kahoy but I prefer really ‘yung Philippine variety. Tapos mahogany is still there. Wala na ‘yang mga giho, tindalo, yakal.

But if you can revive there, I will grant you more permit but do not contaminate. Do not — huwag mong anuhin ‘yang tubig, ah kalokohan ‘yan. You wash the water… Expense eh. Eh kung ngayon kung ayaw mong gumastos, eh ‘di huwag ka pumasok diyan.

But if you intend to go there mining and you target about 100 million better have 50, 150 tapos ‘yang 50 solely dedicated the amount to repair and rehabilitation.

Then you get rich. Just pay me. Huwag kang mag-stamp-stamp diyan na peke talagang babalatan kita ng buhay. Hay nako. Sabi ko nga huwag sa aking panahon.

I am pleading to nasa gobyerno at saka ‘yung mga — tawag nitong sila, sila an, they are the — ‘yung mga parang hillbilly na style magnegosyo, binugoy ba.

Huwag ‘yan sa panahon ko kasi magkaibigan tayo pero kung hindi tayo magkaintindihan dito eh ‘di hiwalay-hiwalay tayo.

Ms. Nichols: Thank you, sir

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pero ayaw kong makipag-away sa’yo, ma’am.

Joseph Morong (GMA-7):  Good evening, sir. Sir, can I ask you about Benham Rise? This is separate from the PCA ruling on the West Philippine Sea…


Mr. Morong: Hindi, sir, Benham.


Mr. Morong: Yeah, ‘coz recently, sir, ‘yon pong Foreign Ministry nila said that the Philippines cannot claim Benham Rise as its own territory. Your reaction first to that kind of statement.


Mr. Morong: The Chinese Foreign Ministry po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Because they are claiming it.

Mr. Morong: Correct, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So I can understand. So vis-à-vis I can also say you cannot also claim that because I am claiming it.

But let us not fight about ownership or sovereignty at this time because things are going great for my country.

But kung panahon na it becomes commercial to me, then as I have said whether you like it or not, we’ll have to talk about the arbitral ruling.

Mr. Morong: Pardon me, sir, pero…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabihin mo, when is it? When it becomes commercial nga.

Mr. Morong: Ah, sir, ‘yun pong Benham with due respect, sir, the UNCLOS has already awarded that Benham Rise is ours, sir, and the Chinese has a different version of the fact, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, they can always there and shake their hands. My orders to my military? You go there and tell them straight that, this is ours but I say it in friendship.

I cannot deprive any Filipino from claiming… Eh maski si Inday gustong pumunta doon, si Mayor. Sabi ko, “Bakit anong gusto mong gawin doon?” “Hindi man kay atin man kaya ‘yan.” Para sa atin, atin ‘yan. Pero huwag kang pumasok doon magsigaw-sigaw ka — gusto mo magsalida ka doon.

Mr. Morong: Sir, assuming the Chinese becomes aggressive and they do what they did sa West Philippine Sea, put up structures, explore that, will you allow that, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: They will not do it at this time. Magugulo lang ‘yan eh. Magugulo ‘yan because America wants to pick a fight there.

Pupunta na ‘yung mga barko-barko doon. At ang Amerika naman ang hinihintay lang na tayo ang magulo. Bakit ako manggugulo doon? Wala kasi akong… I cannot match the might of China.

Kita mo sa TV kanina? How they have prepared for terrorism in a certain province? Wow, 10,000 fully armed. May mga military tanks. Ganon katindi ang kalaban ko. Of course, lalaban ‘yan sundalo ko. Walang problema ‘yan.

Ang problema, I have to weigh. Is there a way of winning this war? If not, then what’s my other options?

Mr. Morong: Sir, ‘yun pong 24 billion in trade investments that you got from your first trip sa China, sir, ‘yon ba it comes with strings and islands attached?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. In fairness to… Iyan gyud ang tandaan ninyo. I’ve said it right after my visit. No strings ‘yan sila and ang…

Most of the about a third of what is almost grant. Iyong iba bayaran mo, payable in 30 years, renewable for another 30 years, that’s a lifetime. Ibig sabihin parang bigay na ‘yan.

So I said, why should I pick a fight? I rather talk na kung gusto nila na mag-show of force doon, eh ‘di papuntahin ko ‘yung Navy ko. Pero sabihin ko, pagdating doon, huwag mo lang — banggaan mo lang sa likod tapos boarding ka. Sabihin mo, “Sorry, naglalambing lang po. Kasi… Huwag ninyong kalimutan ‘yung amin. May amin kami diyan.” Ganon lang.

Mr. Morong: Okay. Sir, just one last. Iyong sa speech niyo po kahapon, on a different topic, ‘yon pong regalo na Mercedes-Benz — only if you want to — kanino galing, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I can give it to anybody I want.

Mr. Morong: Kanino man galing ‘yon?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Huwag ka ng magtanong. Sa girlfriend ko. May mayaman ako na girlfriend noon.

Mr. Morong: Sige, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Just like ano, she made good. She has millions in America.

Mr. Morong: Will you allow us to get a footage of the kotse?


Mr. Morong: Will you allow us to get a footage of the Mercedes-Benz?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. I am sure no…Wala man rin dito actually. It’s in a private garage. Nandiyan lang, ilagay mo lang.

Hindi ko i-declare ‘yan sa SALN kay hindi pa man na-rehistro sa akin.

Mr. Morong: Okay, thank you, sir, for your time.

Henry Uri (DZRH): Good afternoon, Mr. President, Senate President…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Oo nga pala sandali. Baka ngayong December i-lottery. Ipa-raffle ko sa, mag-Christmas party man tayo dito. You go home with a Mercedes-Benz. Ikaw ang ma-anti graft, magdududa ‘yung editor mo, nabili ka na.

Yes, sir? Sorry.

Mr. Uri: Mr. President, sundan ko lang ‘yung tungkol doon sa Mercedes-Benz ano ho. So tinanggap po ninyo? Hindi po niyo isinauli? Does it mean na pwede rin tumanggap at hindi isauli ‘yung ibang government officials?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi, kasi isinauli ko, ayaw niyang tanggapin. Alang-alang iiwan ko naman diyan sa San Marcelino, eh ‘di nawala ‘yan bukas.

At baka sabihin niya tinanggap ko na. So ayaw mong tanggapin? Sabi ko, “Sige, ilagay mo lang diyan.”

Mr. Uri: Kung merong mga government officials po na-regaluhan din ng ganon, anong instruction ninyo sa kanila?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Maghanap sila ng garahe sa Tondo. [laughter] Simple lang man ‘yan, common sense lang ‘yan eh.

Oras tinanggap mo ‘yan, that’s graft because of the amount, na kung bigyan mo ako ballpen, tanggapin ko talaga.

Gaya ng mga pulis, ‘di ba sinabi ko sa… Ito totoo, tanungin mo si Bato, pati ‘yung, ‘yan diyan sa Crame, pati ‘yung mga military, magtanung-tanong kayo.

Itong pulis may Parker man ‘yan si Bong, eh ‘di naka-ganon. Sige, pirma tapos isauli mo ganon. Next pulis, ganon. Pagdating sa dulo, pagkuha na kay Bong. Ang naka-attach doon, hindi na Parker niya, Panda. [laughter] Ganon kahusay ang pulis.

Along the way, ang Parker naging Panda. Iyan ang pulis. Ay sus. Iyong pag ka kay Bong, ganon siya, eh alam ko ‘yan nilalaruan niya ‘yan eh. Sabi ko, sige Bong, ibigay mo na…. Sige.

May ano ‘yan ha. May ano ‘yan, may pinipirma ‘yan sila. I don’t know how they call it. Reimbursement something. Tapos ilagay ‘yan.

Kaya pagsabi ni Bong, “Panda naman ang nasauli ko.” Basta pulis. Itong pulis mahilig talaga sa foolishness. Pero hindi naman lahat ano diyan, nagta-trabaho ‘yung iba. Kaya kung hindi ko ganonin, I have to declare a war and I have said, I will kill you. Hindi naintindihan nitong human rights eh. If you destroy my country, if you deprive us of our youth, I will kill you. Ilang beses na ‘yan.

Now, magtanong sila ngayon, ilan ba ang pinatay mo? Sabi ko, “wala pa”.

Hindi ko man sinabi, we will kill you or I will order the military and the police to kill you. I never said that. I said, “I will kill you.”

So magtanong, dapat imbestigahan ako. “O, sino ang pinatay mo to date?” “Wala pa.” Gusto ko mamili ako ng ano, ng…

Eh bakit mo ako ikulong sa nangamatay diyan? I will kill you. Ba’t nakita ba nila ako namamasyal diyan nagbabaril ng tao? Sa Davao ang order… Iyong sa Davao ganoon rin, I will kill you.

Mr. Uri: Mr. President, Mr. Senate President and Mr. House Speaker, 2015 may report po ang SWS na halos mahigit tatlong milyon ang namatay po sa gutom. One out of three, malnourished po ang report noong 2016. Ang dahilan kakapusan po sa basic services na ang dahilan naman ay corruption. Ang atin hong mga kababayan ay nagtatanong dahil habang sila’y nagugutom at namamatay sa gutom, may mga pulitiko namang nagpasasa sa pondo ng bayan, pagkatapos ho ‘yung plunder ay hindi po ninyo isinama sa death penalty. Ano ho, Mr. President, ang inyong stand sa death penalty at ang party stand dito sa bagay na ito?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That was the question, I said, I referred it to the legislators.

We… This is the first it was brought out so we shoot the breeze here. Pag-usapan natin. So what are the misgivings about death penalty?

Pero ako talaga sinabi ko, right after, sinabi ko, ako talagang payag ako. Kasi ‘yung retribution nga, pagbayaran mo.

Mr. Uri: So sang-ayon po kayo, kung kayo ang tatanungin ang plunder isama sa death penalty?

SPEAKER ALVAREZ: Akin na ‘yan, sir?

Mr. Uri: Mr. President, kayo po, sang-ayon po ba kayo personal —


Mr. Uri: Kung kayo po ang tatanungin.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sige ako tingin dito, kay walang — [laughter]

Mr. Uri: Kung kayo po ang tatanungin, sang-ayon po ba kayo?


SPEAKER ALVAREZ: Ito lang po ano. Originally, doon sa original bill na finile (file) ko, nandoon po lahat ‘yan, including plunder.

Ngayon, napagkasunduan ng majority sa House of Representatives na ipasa na lang namin isa-isa ‘yung mga krimen na ‘yan.

Kasi kung pagsabay-sabayin lahat ‘yan, baka mamaya ay natapos na ‘yung taon, wala pa rin kaming natatapos.

Nakita niyo naman kung papano ang delaying tactics na ginawa ‘nong — ‘yung noisy minority sa House of Representatives. Kanya po, this is just a simple art of legislation, ‘di ba?

Kung gusto mong mapabilis, isa-isa. Pwede naman ‘yun eh. Wala namang nagbabawal na ipasa ‘yung — ‘yung inclusion ‘nung mga crimes na ‘yun na sabay-sabay. Pwede namang ipasa isa-isa ‘yun.

So ganon po ang ginawa namin para habang nagde-deliberate tayo ‘nong mga ibang crimes ay meron na tayong natapos.

Mr. Uri: So are we expecting amendments in the future?

SPEAKER ALVAREZ: Definitely yes. Definitely yes. In fact, bago pa pumasa sa Senado ‘yan, gumugulong na naman sa House of Representatives ‘yung additional crimes na pwede nating isama.

Mr. Uri: Mr. Senate President?

SENATOR PIMENTEL: I have been a legislator for a little bit more than five years. May mga reyalidad ka rin dapat maharap na consensus ito eh. Majority rules. So you have to deal with your colleagues.

So we will — let’s be practical. If we want… I will reiterate what I stated earlier, the strategy in the Senate is if we want a death penalty law to be passed, the best strategy is to try to limit the number of crimes subject to death penalty. That’s the best strategy.

Mr. Uri: All right. Maraming salamat po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know, may I butt in. We live in a democracy. So it’s always numbers. Kaya sa election, if there are 100,000 people voting and you get 51, iyo na. The 49 can suffer. Why? Because it’s the rule of the majority. And that is democracy.

Mag… You are group together, tipon-tipon tayo dito, then pag-usapan natin. Whatever be the subject matter, it’s always subjected to a vote.

Now, people have different mindsets… Almost every other one does not agree with you. So you have just to contend with dahan-dahan. Tutal nandiyan. What Bebot was trying to say, that we are restoring the death penalty itself. Iyong crimes na ano — merong crimes na nandoon na. So naka-canned na ‘yun. So others, because of serious objections, unang-una sa…

Ako, bilib ako dito kay ano, kay Oscar Cruz, Bishop. Noon, pinapagalitan niya ako pero ngayon okay na lang. Because nakita ko kasi ‘yung… I was able to go inside his brain.

There was this Al Jazeera special series about corruption sa Roman Catholic and itong pedopilya. Tapos sabi ‘nong, ‘yung nagi-interview. Eh bakit hindi na lang ninyo i-encourage na mag-file ng kaso? Just like in America… Sabi ko noon sa Davao, na-assign ‘yan doon. They lost about 25 million. Iyong archdiocese ng LA, tingnan niyo diyan sa…

Ngayon, sabi ng, bakit… Sabi niya, “it will not prosper,” sabi ni Oscar. The judge is a Catholic, the prosecutor is a Catholic and the defense lawyer is a Catholic. Natawa ako, tama ito. Kaya ako sabi ko, saludo ako… Iyan ang totoo. That’s the reality. Pari na ‘yan ha.

Kaya ako sabi ko, ito siya ang favorite bishop ko. Totoo, kung siya ang magsabi sa akin minus the — ‘yang mga ano nila, patutsada — makinig pa ako, sa totoo lang.

Anyway, alam man nila naniwala ako ng Diyos. Pero probably, we might not agree on certain matters regarding our religion. But kung Diyos ang pag-usapan, kaya ako malakas ang loob ko because I really believe in God. I have this deep and abiding faith in God.

Kaya hindi mo ako matakot diyan magpunta ng mga ano, mga NPA, punta ng Jolo, Basilan. You fly during a storm because ‘pag sinabi ng… If my God says it’s your time, it’s my time. I will go. So wala akong ano diyan sa assassination. Eh ‘di patayin mo.

Kaya sabi ko kagabi, parang ano na lang, in connection with this assassination, assassination, merong ano… Sabi ko, huwag kayong mag-alala tutal hindi ako magpalibing diyan sa Libingan ng… Kayo na lang mag-agawan diyan. Pero sabi nila, meron daw ako pwesto naka-reserba. Isali ko ‘yan sa lottery sa Mercedes-Benz ngayong December.

Para ang aking lugar, the space that’s been provided for me there, eh Presidente ako, whether the military would like it or not, kasi Presidente ako, just like Marcos. If my family would want me there, burial. Pero ako ayaw ko, sabi ko.

Kung merong gustong substitute, ibigay ko. Ikaw ma’am baka gusto mo? Mamatay rin ang tao, whether you like or not. Sooner or later.

But I can give you my reserved seat there. Ayaw ko ‘yan. Doon lang ako sa nanay pati tatay ko. Burn me and place me beside my father and mother. That’s where I came from, that’s where I will go.

Bong, ano mo ‘yung listahan, kung sinong mag-participate sa lottery. Iba ‘yung lottery sa Mercedes-Benz, iba rin ‘yung pwesto doon sa Libingan. [laughter] Ayaw mo pa ‘yan hero ka. Hero na, maganda pa.

Benjie Liwanag (DZBB): Good afternoon, Mr. President. Ito po’y may kaugnayan ang tanong ko sa Mindanao. Nababahala na po ang Defense department especially Defense Secretary Lorenzana na dumudoble na ‘yung kidnapping sa Sulu, ‘yung Abu Sayyaf. Ano po ang masasabi ninyo rito, Mr. President?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I said. Medyo okay pa ‘yan. I can understand it very well because there’s a rebellion going on.

But with your pakiusap, meron tayong peace talks with the MI and MN. So ‘yun sila ‘yung main — nasa highway talaga travelling towards, if possible a peaceful solution sa Mindanao issue.

Ang problema nito ISIS na. Kaya I just want… I just give you the warning. Itong ISIS wala itong pinipili. A few months ago pinaputok ‘yung Marawi, ‘yung sa granada sa loob ng library. And then about two weeks ago, one week ago ‘yung national high school sa Zamboanga.

Kaya pinatawag ko ‘yung lahat, hindi lang ‘yung mga Moro official. Pero separate, separate ang issues eh. Sabi ko sa kanila, in a nutshell is that, you have to use your own — your own office to solve the problem. You have the police, use it. You have my backing. Huwag kang magda-dalawang isip. Go ahead and destroy them. Because if not, then kung ayaw mo, maraming drugs, maraming kidnapping, I would just simply call the military to establish order there. No need for martial law.

But sabi ko, kung, if it gets worse and people are dying needlessly, ‘yung mga inosente, do not force my hand. Kasi ngayon, pwede ka pang mag-ano, search warrant, warrant of arrest.

Alam mo, martial law, ASO lang ‘yan eh. Arrest, search, order.

Mr. Liwanag: Papaano po ninyo poprotektahann ‘yung mga inimbita ninyong mamumuhanan especially sa Sulu para mapalakas po ‘yung ekonomiya natin sa Sulu?


Mr. Liwanag: Iyong security po ‘nong — nagkaroon po tayo ng program dito eh sa Malacañang.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I get it. At this time, I cannot. I cannot but… Well, ibang istorya ‘yung martial law. Arrest, search, order. ‘Di na kailangan ng korte-korte, basta mapirmahan ‘yan ng administrator ng martial law, which is usually the highest military officer. Para siyang governor. And he has a free hand.

So law should be enforced not by the civilians but by the military. But that is an extreme measure. Now kung ganon kayo palagi sabi ko, you kill innocent civilians, pati mga bata na binobomba ninyo. Do not force my hand into it.

Kasi ‘pag ako ang nag-martial law, tatapusin ko talaga. Tandaan mo ‘yan. ‘Pag ako ang nag-declare ng martial law, tatapusin ko ang problema. Tapos as in tapos.

But I will have to use all the might of the Armed Forces, air, sea, pati… It’s going to be an invasion actually.

I will order the invasion of places where government cannot operate.

At kung ako ang mag-utos niyan, sabihin ko talaga: Linisin na ninyo, ganon rin.

Mr. Liwanag: Okay, sir, on another issue, ‘yung Kadamay, inokupahan po nila ‘yung isang housing unit, or ‘yung mga housing units sa Pandi, Bulacan. Nakarating na po ba sa inyo?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo, sa totoo lang… Kayo minsan, madalas magsabi, “obey the law”, “no martial law”. But kayo naman, ‘pag kayo na ang gustong… If you want to ignore the law, you cannot do that. I will force the issue with eviction.

Tutal kung gusto man ninyo, huwag mo lang akong ipalagay sa alanganin. There’s enough money now to go around. May pera talaga ang gobyerno at sabi ko sa inyo, even a whiff of corruption, tatanggalin kita eh.

So I want to make sure that the money is really utilized. I can give some but not all. But you will have if you want. Daanin lang natin sa dayalogo, huwag ‘yung ganon. Kasi ‘pag ka ganon, it’s anarchy. You just give me the excuse to…

Do not do that. Kasi labas niyan parang inutil na rin ang gobyerno. Huwag mong gawain sa akin ‘yan.

Noong panahon siguro ng ibang dumaan. Pero sa akin, I will do what I have to do. Buti naintindihan nila ‘yan. I will do what I have to do, even if it pulls me down or pulls me up. Huwag ganon kasi anarchy ‘yan.

JP Bencito (Manila Standard): Hi, Mr. President. Good evening. Sir, we just like to clarify again your stance on the total ban on mining? Sir, ano po bang magiging duration niya? Kailan niyo balak iimplement, sir? Will this be done through an executive order or through a legislation?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo, as I have said, when it comes to the preservation of my country, the land, and, of course, eventually the people, because it could affect the aquatic resources, the marine resources, I do what is necessary.

Hindi masyado ako diyan sa batas, batas. It’s here. It’s here. Dito lang ako mag-tingin. Tingnan ko lang ‘yung oath of office ko: To preserve and defend the Filipino.

Mr. Bencito: Pero sir, ‘yun lang po sanang mechanism? Will it be done though an executive order? Will you ask ES?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabihin ko lang doon sa military, hulihin mo ‘yang mga ‘yan. O kung hindi mo hulihin, ipasok mo doon sa butas tapos sarahan mo. ‘Yun lang. Tutal, kaso man lang ‘yan. 

Mr. Bencito: Sir, you were mentioning earlier about a destabilization plot connected to the miners?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, mining is funding…

Mr. Bencito: Funding what?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: They did not invent destabilization.

Mr. Bencito: Sir, ‘yung pina-fund lang nila is about ‘yung PR war, sir, or destab talaga against you?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I don’t know. Maybe destabilization make me unpopular ‘yung mangamoy ako, sige lang. So be it. Tingnan natin.

Mr. Bencito: Sir, on another…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Mamili kayo ng bagong Presidente. Si ano na lang… Pero hindi ko sila sabi na kasali ‘yan si Leni ha. I do not want to drag her name.

Hindi totoo na may… Ako ha for the life of me, ito may Diyos man, tanungin mo ang dalawang Secretary, ito silang dalawa, bulungan mo sila kung totoo.

I have never, never, never, called anybody since I — nag-upo ako dito. Justice department, to call about De Lima? Tanungin mo ‘yang mga taga- Justice department kung may na- receive ‘yan silang tawag sa akin, and si Senate President pati Speaker. Even in the matter of votes and in the reconfiguring of the power there inside. Hinayaan ko na talaga ‘yan sila.

Gina, she’s an honest woman. Hindi mag-lie ‘yan. Tanungin ninyo kung may tinawagan ako even isang beses.

Si Yasay pumunta dito kanina. Sabi niya, “Sino ‘yang mga media na ‘yan?” Sabi ko, “May hate ka diyan?” “Wala naman.” 

Pero sila ‘yung nag-report sa akin na nagsinungaling ka, o nagsinungaling ka siguro? [laughs] Hindi ano, ‘yang si Yasay I told you, he was a roommate of mine. During Martial Law, he was one of those being hunted. They were able to escape on time and nagkita- kita ‘yan sila doon. He became a law partner of Maceda.

Iyan ang totoo talaga niyan. So maybe he was granted privileges kasi bright ‘yan eh. He is a circuit talk, talk circuit, miyembro ‘yan. Ramos, De Venecia. They go around, different venues to talk about Philippines, treaties.

Iyan ang… Hindi niya kasalanan ‘yan actually. Hindi niya kasalanan kasi at that time, hindi siya maka-travel eh.

But ang problema itinago niya. Ilabas mo. Ano bang masama niyan na he was seeking sanctuary there? The right of sanctuary, asylum sometimes it’s called. Sought an asylum in a third country, sought the sanctuary.

Yes, sir?

Mr. Bencito: Sir, there are still five Cabinet secretaries who will be bypassed by the Commission on Appointments with the Holy Week break, sir. It’s Secretary Taguiwalo, Briones, Lopez, Mariano and Secretary Ubial. Sir, all of them are facing fierce criticism except, of course, Secretary Briones. Sir, are you willing to reappoint them for another — ?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganito, if it’s just a matter of bypassing, they can be reappointed. But if your appointment is taken, it’s being discussed, put into the table, and you are rejected, that’s the end of you.

Mr. Bencito: Pero, sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ang may rules sila na on the third bypass kailangan i-deliberate na ang appointment mo. Once you are rejected, wala na.

And as I said, I have not called anybody, anything for any reason at all. Alam mo bakit? Itong telepono ko maraming nakikinig diyan. Maraming nakikinig diyan. Siguro lahat na. Kasi ako nakikinig rin ako sa iyo.

Mr. Bencito: Sir, last follow up na lang po sana. I believe Secretary Lopez has talked with you about the suspension of the MICC review that she herself ordered together with Secretary Dominguez…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: She has the authority to do what she thinks she likes. She knows her oath of office. I do not bother. I decide on ‘yung final form na.

Sometimes it is brought up in the Cabinet. So the decision of the Secretary, she would just explain to us and that’s it kasi wala kaming pakialamanan.

Mr. Bencito: Sir, last na lang po. Is this an opportunity for the Secretary to explain her point and to prove to her critics na wala naman talagang circumvention ‘yung due process, sir, ‘yung — ?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said, I’ll give this to you. Do you think it is good to undue the process? Tingnan na lang ninyo iyan.

You can examine that. If you think there’s any need for a discussion for that.

Tricia Macas (GMA News Online):  Good evening, sir. Sir, the Senate Joint Committee on Dangerous Drugs — Public Order and Dangerous Drugs and Justice released a report on their findings on the investigation of the death of Albuera Mayor Espinosa. They said that the CIDG-Region 8 premeditated — were behind — was behind the killing and they used it to cover up their involvement in drugs. So we just want to get your reaction on this, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: If it is done in the performance of their duties and it went out of hand, I said that I support the police.

Because they told me there was a gun. And I will believe the police rather than other people. Otherwise, what’s the point of sending the police there? Or asking the police to go out and hunt for them and kill them if they put up a violent fight.

Ms. Macas: Sir, you stand by your —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, of course.  

Ms. Macas: So even if the Senate Joint Committee said that it was a premeditated —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  I do not care if there is even a thousand committees diyan.

I will insist on the truthfulness of the police, period. And I will defend them. Basta huwag lang ‘yung abuso.

Ms. Macas: Sir, we just also want to get your reaction on — also on the same findings also on the same report. The Senate report said that you “micromanaged” the PNP when you reinstated Superintendent Marcos.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Let us just wait if the case is filed in court. That would be the proper — where we can discuss it thoroughly. Idemanda nila, okay lang ‘yan.

Ms. Macas: Sir, just for the record, why did you reinstate Superintendent Marcos before, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Because meron akong ipinapahanap sa kanya. 

Ms. Macas: And what is it, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Like what I said. I was looking for the person who was contaminating the Eastern Visayas, sending young people to hell.

Bakit hindi kita hanapin? Gagawain mo ‘yan. Bakit hindi kita hanapin?

Ms. Macas: Sir, nahanap ninyo na po ba ‘yung taong iyon?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah marami iyan sila. Not only si ano… Because ‘yung iba kasi nabibili. ‘Pag ka ganoon na utusan mo, “ah, wala sir…” Because he is on the take. That’s why ‘pag ka pera na ang — eh ang mga generals nandiyan eh.

Are you not surprised when there are — even generals nasabit? So that’s money. So you grieve for this idiot? Espinosa? Eh ‘di sige. Then because I said I have to protect the Filipino people, I would declare war and I will kill you. Kung sinabi nilang nandoon, puntahan ko ‘yan ako mismo ang… Naku…

Ms. Macas: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said, I do not… My heart does not bleed for anyone of son of a b***** na namatay.

My heart bleeds for the so many Filipinos who are out of their minds, cannot function anymore and has practically destroyed our society. Just like the other side diyan sa Western, si Odicta, cousin iyan ni Mabilog. Mayor ng…

Ang unang findings babae ‘yung… The Odicta couple. Papasok ka diyan ngayon talagang delikado ka. T*** i** itong human rights na ‘yan. Sabihin mo sa mga p**** i**** ‘yan, drop the shabu.

Wala na tayong pag-usapan bukas ako na ang magsabi sa pulis, hinto kayo. Ako na magsabi sa military, withdraw kayo. Now, if you are there out, mayor ka ngayon, nagluluto ka sa — barangay captain ka, madidisgrasya ka talaga, anak ng…

Iyong narco-politics… You plunder the country. And you expect a good story about your death? Son of… Ilang Pilipino sa Visayas ang naging g*** na ngayon? Then you want a melodramatic story of this idiot? A son of a b**** who destroyed….

Ms. Macas: Sir, just one last follow up lang, sir. So was it Espinosa, mayor Espinosa that pinapahanap niyo kina Superintendent Marcos?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi naman si Espinosa. Why so special about Espinosa by the way? Why are you zeroing on… Marami nang pinatay ang pulis including Espinosa.

Ms. Macas: Just to clarify lang, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: If he was a victim of salvaging eh ‘di hindi lang siya, marami.

You just go into the files. Ang sinasabi ko lang… The point here is may findings na parang he was rubbed out? Is the connotation to you rubout or extrajudicial killing? Iyong ang findings. Okay, because the police is under me and it was reported otherwise, sino ang papaniwalaan ko?

Hindi ko man trabaho ‘yan committee. It does not work for me. They are not my workers, they are not from the Palace.  So ang sabi ng pulis, inutusan ko, “destroy the drug industry”. “Anong nangyari?” “Ito sir, ganun may baril.” Eh ‘di ‘yun. O ‘di tama kayo. O sige kung meron kayo, if there is another version of it, just go ahead and file a case.

Walang problema ‘yan. When I defend the police, I will defend the police. If I will defend the military, I will go down with them to the mouths of hell because that is my order.

And I do not renege on it and I do not deny it. Somebody has to… You know, when you are the President, dito, dito. Hindi ko maipasa kay Senate President, hindi ko maipasa kay — akin ‘yan. Mine and mine alone.

Ms. Macas: Thank you, sir.


SENATOR PIMENTEL: It’s good that the questioner, the questioner highlighted the fact that these are committee reports. So these are not yet Senate findings.

They will have to be subjected to plenary discussion and then approval by the body. So these are reports.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Basta kayo diyan, nandiyan pa ngayon. Do not expect any… Iyong nandiyan talaga sa droga, do not ever think that I will cry for you.

Ilan ang sinira ninyong buhay sa Pilipino? Bata, matanda, babae, lalaki. Tapos mamatay kayo gusto ninyong memoirs ninyo melodramatic para ni… p***** i**, l**** kayo.

Alam ko you are ready to go to hell. Sabay tayo, ambak ka dito. Sabay-sabay tayo.

I have to consult Bishop Cruz kung pwede pa ba ako sa langit? Kung sabi niya wala nang pag-asa, eh ‘di sorry. Sabihin ko na lang sa mga love ko sa buhay, sa anak ko na, “Sorry, I cannot join you there.”

But if some here would join — like to join me, okay. Gumanon lang ako sa’yo, makati. Juice ‘yan eh. Butts into your gum.

Hannah Sancho (Sonshine Radio): Good evening, sir. Hannah from SMNI. Sir, what is your next move or action to Mr. Cesar Montano after the employees of the Tourism Promotion Board filed a complaint against him over alleged mismanagement and possible corruption?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sino ito, ma’am?

Ms. Sancho: Cesar Montano, sir. Siya po ‘yung CEO ng Tourism Promotions Board. Nag-file po ng reklamo ‘yung mga empleyado.


Ms. Sancho: Dahil sa mismanagement po, misuse ng funds.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: All they have to do is just to file a case. If you have a gripe and if you think that there’s something wrong there, file a case.

But I trust the guy. So kaya ko inappoint ‘yan. Eh kung hindi ko… Kung wala akong kumpiyansa sa taong ‘yan eh hindi ko na ipinuwesto diyan sa posisyon.

Ms. Sancho: And you think, sir, na may capability siya to lead the agency po? Cesar Montano?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That would be an opinion of mine, but hindi naman kailangan may pera man ‘yung tao.

It’s a matter of destroying yourself with a measly amount, I do not think he would go for that.

Ms. Sancho: Sir, may regrets po ba tayo, sir, na may mga inilagay tayo sa puwesto sa pamahalaan tapos nasasangkot sila sa isyu ng corruption?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sino kami dito? Saan?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: May mga…Iyong appointees ninyo, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ako ready ako. If I commit graft, my children, I am ready to resign. I do not have the illusions about hanging on to something.

Ms. Sancho: Last Saturday, sir, minention (mention) niyo si Sandra Cam, may utang na loob kayo kaya may plano kayong bigyan siya ng posisyon sa pamahalaan.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ba bakit? What’s wrong with utang na loob? Alang-alang ‘yung mga Liberal ang ilagay ko dito? Ay kalokohan ‘yan. Hindi na lang ako mag-Presidente kung si Roxas ang — sino?

Ms. Sancho: As long as, sir, pasok sila doon sa sinasabi ninyong qualification na kailangan hindi corrupt?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That would be an opinion, hindi mo nga alam kung sino eh. For what crime? Because if I… ‘Pag sinakyan ko ‘yang state mo na ‘yan so makonektado ‘yan sa tao, very unfair. Pinag-usapan ‘yung corruption ni ano…Malay ko.

Ms. Sancho: Sir, na-mention niyo sa mga previous speeches ninyo si Laviña, mga taga-LTFRB, LTO na tinanggal ninyo.


Ms. Sancho: May mga nadagdag po ba, sir, recently?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Meron. Mayroon pa, marami ‘yan.

Ms. Sancho: From what agencies?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Marami pa, mga directors.

Ms. Sancho: Saan, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I told them to act on papers within 15 days. Cabinet members, they are only allowed one month.

Panahon ni — sino? One year, two years sa NEDA. Alam ninyo ‘yan. Dito one month. Directors, regional directors: You must husband the — ‘yung papel mo sa…

Come up with a decision within 15 days half of what it would take for a government Cabinet member to do it. Three days sa local.

Ms. Sancho: Sir, clarify ko lang, sir, ‘no. Meron tayong aasahan na puwedeng matanggal sa puwesto dahil dun sa corruption? Katulad ‘nung minention (mention) niyo…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi ko na kailangang sabihin ‘yan, ginawa ko na eh.

Ms. Sancho: Okay, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sinabi ko sa’yo dito, baka tingin talaga ninyo sa amin kaluluwa namin na wala kaming pera, nandito kami… I’m sorry to disappoint you.

If it’s just a matter of looking for your money that’s being wasted, tell me. And ‘wag na ‘yang imbestigasyon, imbestigasyon. Tell me kung sino. At saka malaman ko kasi tinatanong ko lahat eh.

Ms. Sancho: Sir, clarification po kay Yasay. May plano po ba kayo siyang i-appoint sa ibang government position? Kay Yasay?


Ms. Sancho: May plano po ba kayong i-appoint sa ibang Cabinet position po si Yasay?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: As of this time hindi kami nag-usap. Hindi kami nag-usap. He was here but he introduced the acting.

Ms. Sancho: Ah okay.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pero wala siyang sinabi, wala kaming pinag-usapan. Sabi ko, I need to hurry because nandito ‘yung media.

Ms. Sancho: Hindi kayo nasasayangan, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Maraming tanong tapos ang haba pa naman ng tanong kagaya mo ngayon. Ano?

Ms. Sancho: Hindi ba kayo nasasayangan kay Yasay, sir, para to consider na i-appoint siya sa ibang position?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi pa nga kami nag-usap eh. Ikaw ‘yung nagtatanong kung interesado ka sabihin mo kung i-rekomenda mo siya.

Ms. Sancho: Last na, sir. Si Senator Alan Peter Cayetano po ba ang itatalaga ninyo sa Department of Foreign Affairs?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala, hindi pa namin pinag-usapan. But, you know, Senator Cayetano is a very brilliant man. He would be needed by the Senate. ‘Wag ninyong walain ‘yan. Dito pwede naman acting, acting eh.

Ms. Sancho: So hindi na si Senator Cayetano sa DFA, sir? Mas kailangan siya sa Senado?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo sa kakaikot ng tanong mo, I just decide na ikaw na lang. [laughter] Pwede mong tanggapin?

Ms. Sancho: Ika-clarify lang po naming, sir, para sure. Ayaw naman namin akusahan gumagawa kami ng istorya, sir, ‘di ba?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi, gawain ninyo ‘yang story, pero ‘yang sabi mong idikit hindi mo ako mahuli diyan kay pareho tayong bolador eh.

Ms. Sancho: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pareho… Eh ako praktisado ako sa nanay ko ‘yang mag-slant. Araw-araw ako diyan sa altar nakadipa o. Bakit pala close ako kay Hesus? Dahil man diyan.

Three times a week akong nakaharap sa altar, naku. Praktisado ako sa nanay ko ‘wag mo… Hindi ha, huwag kang ma-offend diyan ha biro lang ito. Nagbibiruan lang tayo dito. Sino pa?

Ms. Sancho: Opo, sir.

Andreo Calonzo (Bloomberg): Sir, magandang gabi po. Sir, magshi-shift lang po ako sa isang mga favorite niyo na subjects, economics po. Sir, do you support the tax reform proposal that is currently–?


Mr. Calonzo: Sir, in its entirety? Iyong pagpapataas ng tax sa auto, sa gasolina. Do you support that too?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I don’t know. Sila ‘yung nag-usap, hindi naman ako. But ipinatawag ko dito si ano — si Dominguez tapos silang dalawa, sabi ko na it’s… Apparently it’s a rough sailing for the reform law ni Dominguez.

Sabi ko, suportahan ninyo kasi kailangan ni Dominguez ‘yung pera. We’re trying to… Make or break tayo dito sa ating buhay ngayon eh.

There has to be change. Kaya ‘yung change na ‘yan, kailangan magkaroon ng — within the possible time. Iyong mobility ng tao, tapos may development dito.

But sigurado ako marami because napirmahan na eh. The Chinese guys are coming in very fast. They are offering airports and itong mga wharves. I-upgrade nila. So we have accepted it all.

Nandito nga ‘yung, ‘yung sa Minister of Commerce. He was here to hurry us up. Harap-harapan sinasabi, dala-dala na namin ‘yung pera. Where is — ‘yung documentations ninyo?

Mr. Calonzo: Sir, how do you plan to convince the lawmakers to pass the less popular portions of the bill?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It is really… We’re not really odious. But it is not also… May resistance. Kasi ‘yung, ang ano naman kasi ng trabaho ng congressman is ang pera ng tao.

But I think that if people will realize that the money would be put into good use and really spent for the purpose for which is being envisioned to be collected, and then, give us time.

Kasi may mga pangako nga ako na dapat matupad.

Mr. Calonzo: Tapos, sir, you’re popular — ah sige po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Government runs on taxes. Iyon ang gasolina ng gobyerno.

We cannot collect any other, except taxes. We do not go into business. Walang profits ang gobyerno except taxes. We do not compete.

That’s why government is prohibited from putting up proprietary entities. Kasi we cannot compete with the private sector, that’s not allowed.

Mr. Calonzo: Sir, you’re very popular now. Are you willing to lose some of that popularity to pass it?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said, as I rise and fall, sa aking promises sa inyo, taong bayan. Yellow ang kulay nitong langaw dito. May naiwan.

Mr. Calonzo: Tapos, sir, what do you tell the public, na sila ‘yung averse sa idea na magkaka-bagong tax?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, to the Filipino people, I said I made promises, few, far, in between the campaign days, ginagawa ko. And if you think that it’s out of order, then tell me, why did you vote for me?

I told you na gagawain ko kung anong pinagdadaldal ko dito, so gagawain ko. So ginagawa ko lahat, nakita naman niyo, simple things.

We’re just trying to get the money on time to start on the things that we plan, we envision to have this year.

Mr. Calonzo: Sir, your administration has very ambitious infrastructure plans, so can we expect this measure, this tax measure to be certified as urgent?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I supposed that — nakiusap na ako sa Congress, by and large, pati ‘yung individual, I hope that they would give it to Dominguez.

Si Dominguez ‘yung binubugbog ng mga ano eh, projects, projects. He has to raise the money. But he’s a very good, he belongs to the financial world. He’s very adept diyan sa mga ganon.

Mr. Calonzo: Pero, sir, on your part have you talked to congressmen, some lawmakers — ?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, magkikita kami. Pero ito si Koko pati si Speaker ipinatawag ko talaga sila, sabi ko na — at saka si Dominguez, nag-usap kami. Dominguez explained everything. Ganon, ganon, ganon. I need this because ito ‘yung dapat gawain natin. Without taxes, we cannot do anything.

Mr. Calonzo: Sir, maraming salamat po.


Mr. Calonzo: Yes, sir. Bilib na bilib.


Mikhail Flores (Nikkei): Good evening, Mr. President. Sir, just to clarify on the Benham Rise issue.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganon naman talaga kayo lahat, puro clarify. Lahat ng butas siguro, hindi clarify.

Mr. Flores: Sir, what diplomatic courses of action will you be taking with your counterpart in China following its incursion by its military into clearly a Philippine territory?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, there’s no incursion because may agreement kami. I invited… I will invite them to the shores of the Philippines for a visit.

Wala, pinapalaki lang ‘yan ng… I don’t know whose… Walang incursion diyan because it had our… We previously agreed, that they can — research ship naman ‘yung ano… But even their… Inimbita ko nga ‘yung Russia ng battleships nila. So walang incursion.

We were advised of it way ahead. But maybe we have every right also to ask, “O ano? Kamusta? Anong sadya mo dito?” Parang ganon lang ‘yun. We do not want to pick a fight.

Things are getting great our way, so why spoil it?

Mr. Flores: Sir, on another issue. BSP Governor Tetangco will be stepping down, I think, by July of this year and you will be appointing a new governor. Sir, who is the top of my mind choice that you’re considering now for the position?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I have to listen to everybody including the Senate and the political leaders of the country. And the appointee, whoever he is, must have an acceptance to all.

Mr. Flores: Sir, do you prefer an insider? One who has worked in the Central Bank throughout his career or are you open to appointing an outsider from within the banking community?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Part of the call would be Dominguez’s [inaudible].

Mr. Flores: Sir, last question on my part. Deputy Speaker Gloria Arroyo is being — her name is being floated as one of the possible choices for BSP governor. Are you considering Deputy Speaker Arroyo as one of the possible appointees to the position?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I don’t think she would agree. Hindi ‘yan tatanggapin ni ma’am. Useless to speculate. Hindi tatanggapin ni ma’am ‘yang trabaho. Paupuin mo sa opisina uli?

Mr. Flores: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Any other name. You might want to mention a popular name or whatever?

Mr. Flores: The two insiders who are being considered are Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo and Deputy Governor Nestor Espenilla, as well as I think the PDP-Laban has the top of mind choices EastWest Bank President Mr. Moncupa. So…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We would be listening to — largely to Dominguez. And consultations with the leaders of the country. Because he might, you know, have a time, it is not acceptable to the other guys of government.

I do not run this government alone. Although I appoint but there must be a concurrence also of the political leaders. Kasi ‘pag hindi nila tanggapin, mahirapan lang.

Mr. Flores: Thank you, sir.

Celerina Monte (Daily Manila Shimbun): Good evening, sir. There’s this report that Japan is planning to send its largest warship at the West Philippine Sea. May we know if Japan has informed you about this plan?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I have invited all of them. Sabi ko maglaro-laro nalang tayo diyan, bakit tayo mag-away? Giyera-giyera nalang ba? Use plastic bullets in the meantime.

You know, that is an international passage. Iyong China Sea is not within our territory but it is part of the entitlements. Kung baga ikaw bahay mo, binigyan ka ng fishpond pero labas sa gate mo, sa fence mo.

Ang territorial limit natin is from the shore — where the tide runs from ‘yung up, down, count there, 12 miles. Diyan sila mag-permiso sa atin.

Pero ‘yang ano ‘yung pagdaan lang [shakes his head], international waters ‘yan. Pero what’s inside there ibinigay sa atin by a treaty, by the consent of the United Nations na ‘yan ang ating fishpond, para sa konsumo natin sa isda, marine life, blah, blah, blah.

Ms. Monte: But, sir, apparently it’s not just an innocent passage that they are — what they are planning to do there. Parang they are going to patrol in that area and there is this report that it will also dock at Subic bay and they are planning invite you to that ship. If ever you will be invited, will you be going there?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: If I have the time. Ang problema sa America ‘yung kanilang dumating aircraft carrier nandoon ‘yung… [Nandoon ba kayo?] Most of the Cabinet members were there. Were you there, Vit? Justice Aguirre was there.

Kung may panahon. Gusto man akong magtingin ng mga battleship. Gusto ko nga magpuntahan sila lahat diyan eh. Pero sige maglaro-laro lang kayo, huwag kayong mag-giyera kasi…

You know what? America, Russia, China and everybody else in town know that a third world war ends the planet earth.

‘Pag ka pumutok lahat ‘yan, China, Russia, wala na ang mundo.

Ms. Monte: Sir, this is a Japanese ship ha, so you’re willing to visit that even if there could be repercussion with our relationship with China? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, alam ng China na international waters ‘yan. Twelve miles ‘yan. There is no entitlement claim there galing Japan papunta rito.

It’s a long way. It’s not even… Paglabas pa lang ng ano nagkakagulo na sila sa — ano ‘yon? The islands there, the three islands. Senka…

Ms. Monte: Senkaku.


Ms. Monte: Sir, on another issue. The lawyer of Matobato is planning to raise or file a case before the international court daw against you. So what’s your reaction on this?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sa ipakukulong ako? Bisitahin mo ako doon ha, saan ‘yung kulungan.

Ms. Monte: Malayo, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Saan ako ikulong nila?

Ms. Monte: So, sir, ang…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ako, payag  ako. I would gladly… Pero kailangan may kasama ako.

Ms. Monte: So, sir, you’re ready…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: If you would allow me to have somebody, a companion, I will not hesitate to —paki-nominate nalang pagdating ng panahon.

Ms. Monte: So, sir, you are ready to face the — whatever charges that they would be filing before the ICC?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I said, I will do what I say in public and I am ready to face the consequences.

If I go to prison, so be it. Iyan talaga ang buhay ko. Sabihin ng Panginoon Diyos, ‘Sige, mag-Presidente ka. Linisin mo ang bayan mo sa droga, tapos magpakulong ka.’ Pero ‘yang mga hinihingi mo na may kasama ka, eh ‘di mamili ka nalang kung sino diyan.

Ms. Monte: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Salamat ha. Forget my jokes. I am one guy na hindi talaga…

Kaya sabi ko I never graduated. I have… I’m honest to admit it, I never graduated to being a statesman President.

Ang style ko talaga is — ang ugali ko is pang-mayor lang. Ang problema ang city hall ko ito. Wala man tayong magawa, alang-alang naman. So may mga trabaho ako na hindi naman palpak pero kailangan kong trabahuhin.

Sabi ko alam—international lang…Sino ba naman ang ayaw doon? Diyos ko po. Sa smile, parang Mona Lisa. [laughter] [Sings: Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa.]