Speech of President Duterte at the 1st General Assembly of League of Municipalities of the Philippines
Grand Ballroom, Manila Hotel
14 March 2017
Alam mo, it’s a practice which — dalawang… This is my entire speech with you.I can read it in about a minute and a half then I say my goodbye. But then I will not be able to impart to you the urgent message of what ails our country.

Ako mayor then and still a worker of government until now, many, many years. We have been bedeviled by so many problems.

Ako na ‘yung natimingan (timing) ng panahon ng lumabas na itong serious problems about drugs, terrorism…

We are talking to the communists, I’m still biding my time. I’d like to… There’s a backchanneling. I’m not supposed to talk about it because it’s backchanneling. But I have certain conditions or demands that dapat magka-igi kami. Otherwise, mukhang…

You know, ang… I’m not delivering a speech. I’m not up to it really. Gusto ko lang makipag-chika-chika sa inyo. [applause]

I want a ceasefire that is reduced in writing and the parameters clearly shown saan tayo papunta at ano ang gawin natin kung pumalpak.

We have to play fair for everything and parang medyo — still vague until now. I cannot expound on it further. But ‘yung, may mga must ako, must do para maabot natin ‘yung kapayapaan.

We have the problem in Mindanao. I’d like everybody to know that what is really happening or what happened and is happening is not just a question of pure rebellion in pursuit of an ideology, deeper than that. And it is really the nationalism of the Moro people.

Sinasabi ko na nga many years ago, about 100, I think about 80 to 100 years before Magellan came here, bringing with him Christianity and imperialism, Mindanao was a thriving territory of the Srivijaya empire.

Malay tayong lahat eh. And we embrace Christianity because it was imposed on us. I do not know the history of how it came about, Mindanao. But we know that Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, down South, are all Islam.

And the population here is the Moro people, the tribe, subdivided into Maguindanao, Maranao, Iranon, Tausug. So hanggang ngayon, mabuti’t na lang naguusap pa tayo sa kanila.

Nur Misuari has agreed to… By this time when you are ready and hinayaan ko lang siya muna. What I got from him is a guarantee that he will never go to war, unless of course there’s a compelling reason to do it. He would just like to maintain the equilibrium now in Mindanao.

The MI, Murad and company, we are on the final stages of the Bangsamoro Transition. And maybe if we can have, late this year, so that we can begin with the structure of federalism.

Meron akong sabihin sa inyo, not as President, not as mayor, but as a plain citizen coming from Mindanao. I believe, in my heart, na ‘pag hindi natin kinorek ‘yang istraktura ngayon sa ating bayan and if we cannot give justice to the Moro people, I think, there will never be peace again. [applause]

We can have this opportunity… It’s a little window actually in the history of our lives as a people. So we grab the chance, parang nakita ko, this only now, I do not know the imponderables of life what will happen after me.

Pero sa panahon ko, I come from Mindanao, I’m of mixed origin but my father is Cebuano, mother ko Mindanaoan, Maranao, half, father Chinese.

Ang tingin ko, we have the trust of everybody. I mean we exchange harsh words with the communists. Pero medyo pumayag talaga sila and up to what extent are they willing to concede to government and for government what to surrender, that is something as yet to be seen.

But I’m telling you now na itong coalition government will never work and I will not agree to it. But all inclusive government, pwede ako.

But the central, the — ‘yung ngayon, the military power and the supervision and control of the police, should only be one. It must be a straight line.

I did not initially agree that we have to talk about the lateral, autonomous military agencies. Sabi ko, “no”. There should only be one command and that is for the future.

I will not be the one in charge of it, of whatever it is produced itong nalalakad natin na… And I said, if you are able to craft and it passes legislation, autonomous Mindanao or however it is done na the sub-structures of a federal setup, it will provide for a strong presidency.

I advise you, I would insist on it, that even if we go parliament, the President must be there with limited powers, but powerful ones, convening of a parliament, calling for dissolution and things like that.

Kailangan natin ng Presidente because of the archipelago, archipelago tayo eh. And you know how it is. We are still in the process of perfecting a system for us.

Unitary type it has never worked and it will never work. And tayo lang ngayon, ang bansa na still adopting the imperialistic government of Manila. Iyan ang problema sa Pilipinas because the setup is designed really for control dito sa — diyan sa Malacañan, trono ng presidente.

And he is given so much power that na-i-stymie ‘yung initiative pati ‘yung aspiration ng ibang tao. And even in the selection of a president, dito lang ‘yan sa Maynila.

‘Pag namatay diyan ngayon, ‘pag namatay ako bukas, bantay kayo, dito lang ‘yan sa Maynila, dito lang ‘yan.

Wala akong pakialam sa kanila, hindi naman kami kapartido but those guys will rise again from the ashes like a phoenix rising and it begin to control again the country, the oligarchs. Sila ‘yan.

They just meet somewhere, decide, then call upon the taipans, tapos sabihin, “O back up mo ba ito?” Antay mag-go signal ‘yung pera then you have the parties, but those parties are not really parties at all.

‘Pag ka — ‘pag ka talo, balik ka doon sa kabila. ‘Pag may bagong manalong presidente o a sudden change of government, administration, iba na. But dito lang ‘yan.

Now, whether it is really for the good of the country, historically hindi. Alam ninyo ‘yan. Kung ano ang… Down the line, from the Cabinet members, to the provincial governors, mayors, ‘yun. Iyon na ‘yun.

Ako lang ang nakalusot na hindi dumaan sa oligarchy natin sa bayan. And I never approached one. Ang sinabi ko I never accepted the money of the taipans.

And I’d like to be frank with you, Lucio Tan was one of the first to offer, I said no. Why? Sabi ko, may negosyo ka sa goyberno. That NAIA 2 is owned by the government but it’s practically monopolized by PAL. Walang ibang airlines diyan. You go to NAIA 3.

But NAIA 2 is owned by the government and Lucio Tan has a contract with us. And even on the landing rights and the so many destinations sa it could be first and second route. Ganon ‘yan.

Kung sino ang may pera, kung sino, who call the shots. Now, ‘pag ka kayo municipal mayors, you deserve to be there in Malacañan. Anybody can dream.

I was also dreaming pero ‘yung bata pa ako not ’yung matanda na ako ngayon na iniisip ko ‘yung Presidente ako, sarili ko. [shakes his head] Far from it actually.

Pati kayo hindi kayo maniwala na manalo ako ‘no? Kasi hindi naman talaga ako lumapit sa inyo. Ni isa dito sa singko — Bobot lang pero… Alam mo kami magkaibigan kami ni Bobot. I was campaigning to Catanduanes then to her place in Mindoro. Doon sa Catanduanes, mga brod ko lang. Nagkaroon sila ng grupo-grupo.

Mabuti na lang ‘yung mayor noon, si… Baka magalit ibanggit ko. Basta ’yung mayor noon, nagpunta doon sa audience so may nagbulong sa akin, iyan ang mayor. So medyo nadagdagan ‘yung gym. Pero mga pulis ‘yung kalahati doon.

So sabi ko, “Ma’am, bakit, you know, nahihi — nae-embarrass naman ako sa inyo.” Eh sabi ni si Flerida, si Nanette, sabi niya, “Pumunta ako dito kasi mayor ka, mayor ako.” Out of respeto just a maybe a courtesy call. So hindi ko nakalimutan.

And, of course, Bobot pagdating ko sa ano ipinakilala… Kaya kami magkaibigan talaga kasi kakilala kami niyan. Sige wala kang [garbled] , wala. Iyong mga ano ko lang mga brod ko, kasi ‘yung brod mo it’s spread all throughout the country. “So sige tulungan kita.” Dinala niya ako sa bahay. We had a gathering and I was — allowed me to talk. So iyon lang, dito banda. Sila lang dalawa, wala ng iba. Kaya wala akong bagahe sa partido.

So all of you, I assure you, henceforth at ‘yung ngayon, ‘yung buwis talaga ng Pilipinas will be apportioned ratio and proportion equally.

Wala akong…  I’m not favoring anything, anybody. Davao is good. It’s hitting the nine percent growth — economic growth of the local government. So okay na kami doon.

But if you ask with all the allegations of murder, extra judicial killing… I’ve been a mayor for 23 years and I assure you that my stay here ‘yung position ko is it begins and ends with the public interest in mind.

Wala akong… Matanda na ako. Gusto ko man nang maraming kainin, hindi naman ako makakain. Gusto kong pumasyal, ayaw ko naman ‘yung mga long haul. Napapagod talaga ako. You might think that I’m enjoying the trip, I don’t.

You know flying… I used to be a pilot when I was young. Kung oras lang sa lipad, I have about mga 1,000 plus hours of flying. I hate travelling out pati ‘yung out of the country. Busog na ako diyan.

And even the accolades. Nakikita ko na kasi ang buhay ko padaan. Pagtapos diyan ako nakasunod na to kingdom come. Tapos na ako diyan sa [claps his hands] “Duterte! Duterte!”

When I was even mayor, may overdose na ako ng public adulation. I do not need it. That is why kung hindi lang kayo kasi mayor to mayor, hindi ako sisipot dito. [applause]

Well, the reason is different. I do not want to create a traffic situation. Whenever I use the public streets, alam mo naman tayo, mayor tayo eh, sasarahan ‘yan. Alam mo na ‘yung kanto but ‘yung sa likod is exponential ‘yan. Kung saan kahaba na kasi while waiting.

For example, when I go out here, mag- ano na ‘yan sila clear. So lahat ng kanto ma-block. Mabuti sana kung makalakad ako diretso sa sakyanan. Sometimes marami pang sabit-sabit, may kilala ka. And so it takes time while the public is waiting for you.

Iyong may sama ng tiyan o kagaya sa atin matatanda na medyo ihi dito, ihi doon.[laughter] Totoo ‘yan. Noon, isang araw na hindi ka umihi pwede eh. Ngayon, ako three times before I sleep, during and after. Noon, diretso-diretso ‘yan. Iyong ganon.

I do not want to inconvenience the people. Tutal hindi naman ako up for reelection. And I do not want it even if you extend me one day. Kaya hayaan ko lang ‘yung mga critics diyan martial law kasi gustong perpetuate in power. Susmaryosep.

Kaligaya ko na lang umalis. And if you ask me if I’m happy being President, I’ll tell you now, no, I’m not. I just say to you that I do not need it at this time of my life. Wala na. Kaya ako trabaho lang talaga. So you can come to me for whatever.

But I’d like to begin at least ‘yung platform ko for you is that corruption in government must stop. I’m not trying to project anything for us. ‘Pag nandiyan ka, hindi ka talaga matutulungan. I’m sorry.

Pero kung sabihin mo na additional public works and of this money, [China] before the Minister of Commerce left, he left us with 100 billion, billion — no, million, dollars.

Sabi niya ‘yung pang-gastos-gastos ninyo sa… So tinitingnan ko nga kanina where can I help you immediately. Maybe I can, maybe I cannot, but I can. But it would take time.

You have to sort it out with Dominguez. Masyadong ano si Sonny istrikto. Mukhang pera. Ayaw maggastos. When it’s money matter that’s being discussed in the Cabinet, he would come up with so many questions. Pera talaga but, you know, the guy does not want to spend. Papaano ito?

So little things I can help you. But ako ba, pareho man tayo, naging Presidente ako, what was the secret or what was the formula? Ano… I… Nanumpa ako, after my first in 1988, I said I believe, I hold it as an article of faith that can — there never really progress if your municipality is in turmoil, believe me.

Tingnan mo ang Davao ngayon. You’ve been to Davao. I’m not saying it’s paradise but it has a share of little of everything. Maliit na droga, paminsan- minsan may patayan, but there is no total outbreak na kung sa iba hindi ka makalakad ng gabi. That used to be Davao.

Mind you, we lose two — we lose about five to four, five, six policemen and soldiers everyday by assassination. So how… That’s how it was shown to you, how scared the people were.

Kaya noong na-mayor ako, sinabi ko, you know, drugs was coming in very fast. So I told them when I won: You criminals, you go out of my city. Do not do drugs here because you will destroy karamihan diyan ‘yung mga anak namin. And it would not really be fair for you to do that. But if you continue to kidnap people, kill them as matter of fact after the payment of ransom, patayin mo pa rin o mag-rape ka ng bata — sabog ka, magkakalat ka, I will kill you. Prangka-prangkahan talaga, I will kill you.

Kaya ‘nung na-mayor ako ngayon — ay Presidente, ‘yun rin ang… That’s the only formula that worked in my city. It might not help the country at all,  pero sa aking paningin, since I am there crossing the Pasig almost everyday, aking laro ‘to, aking antog kung sa — hantak pa aking… Antog ko ‘yan ngayon. So I have to do everything.

Kita mo naman ‘yung statistics, holdup dito, holdup doon, diyan. Hindi na makagalaw ang tao sa gabi. All are nervous. You live in your own country, but hindi mo maasahan ang bayan.

Iyan ang hindi ko matanggap. Human rights, United Nations, okay lang kayo diyan. May reklamo kayo, okay. You want to file charges, fine. Look for the evidence. But still, I will kill you.

Walang… Eh… Huwag na tayong magbolahan dito. Ang Pilipino sabihin mo… Mga generals nga eh. That’s treason for them. Iyong ganon nasa gobyerno ka, tapos gumawa ka ng— pati droga nakakasira ng kapwa mo tao mo, Pilipino.

You think it’s really good for you? It’s treason in the olden days. Kaya sabi ko, magpatayan tayo. Ngayon, ito namang mga human rights gusto ako i-demanda. Mga buang.

Ba’t mo ako i-demanda? Wala naman akong pinatay. Sabi ko, I will kill you. Since… Kailan ba ako lumabas ng Malacañan para magbaril ng tao? [laughter] Maraming pulis diyan.

Si George… Kalimutan ‘yung ano… I’m promoting… Para lumago ‘yung bayan, palayo na kayo diyan sa sugal-sugal. Iyang sugal ‘yan sa gobyerno, tulungan na lang ninyo. Sugalan… Small time lottery. Kaysa ibigay mo sa mga… Hindi niyo tutulungan, you will just give the money to the pockets of other people.

Iyong mga sugarol and the corrupt local officials. Sabi ko, ayaw ko ng corruption. Ayaw mo siguro maniwala kasi mayor rin ako, but I ‘ve had my share of faults. But it was never on the side of corruption. Something else. Iyan nga ‘yung… Ma-ano ako sa. Matindi ako sa krimen.

I was a fiscal before I became mayor. Kaya mainit talaga ako sa kriminal. Hindi na sabihin mo na… I am trying to… Noon pa sa Davao.

At noon pa ‘yung human rights, sige na habol sa akin kasi ‘yung bunganga ko daw encourages the police. Ngayon isinali ko ang military because drugs has become a threat to national security.

And just imagine… Magturo ako ng isang pangalan, tao ha. Tapos tanungin kita ‘yung pangalan mo kung nandito sa listahan. [shows the narcolist] This is the drug industry. Mapipilitan ako. Bayan ito eh.

Mukhang nakita ko ‘yung pangalan ninyo [laughter] Hindi dito, sa attendance. [laughter and applause] Dito… Huwag kayong mainsulto ha. Trabaho ko ‘to e. It is my sworn duty.

Meron dito mga municipal mayors. Kasi nandito ka naman, for respeto ‘di muna kita patayin. [laughter] Pero huwag ka gyud mag-kumpyansa sa akin.

Six thousand policemen, 40 percent of the barangays of entire Philippines. Ganon kakapal ‘yan ha. Paano ito? Kaya sabi ko sa Congress, paano ‘yan? You want a barangay election, sinong manalo diyan? Iyong may pera. Saan ang pera? Generated from somebody else’s pocket. Sa droga.

Ngayon ito, since six years or seven years ago, we were already a narco-politics state. Kasi paglabasan nitong mga barangay captains, ayon. Hindi natin alam ang number one drug lord pala sa gobyerno. Mga generals pati ‘yung… Hanggang ngayon denial pa. Political prisoner. G*** ka ba? Anong political prisoner? Hindi ako interesado magpakulong ng—Magyawyaw ka diyan kung gusto mo.

Pero ang masira tayo… So when can we expect to have a clean elections? Freed of the money of the corrupting influence of drugs? When? This year and barangay captain?

Sabi ko sa Cong — kay Senate President pati kay Speaker, sabihin mo sa mga congressman, ‘pag ngayon tayo nag-election sa barangay captain, patay. The next ano… [applause]

So next elections, nakapuwesto na ‘yan. So kailan natin ipasa sa atin ang mga anak ‘yung responsibility to run the country? How old are we on the average? Almost late 50s, early 60s kayo. Some 70s. So ‘yang timeline na ‘yan. Will it last? Nandito tayo lahat.

No, in a few years. Kailangan talaga ipasa na natin ‘yung bayan natin sa mga anak ninyo na kung hindi kayo magtulong ngayon sa droga, anong ipapasa natin sa kanila?

I am asking you now. The timeline everyday it’s getting short. There has to be a time when the next generation —‘yung mga anak natin na kinakasal ngayon, kuha tayo mga ninong, in about 10 years, sila na ‘yun.

O ‘yung mga anak papano? Pareho tayo ng Colombia? Iyan ang problema ang hindi nakita. Akala nitong ugok na ‘to, ang trabaho natin ‘yung droga.

You know when I was a mayor, I was building a city. Iyong mga extra-extra doon, wala akong pakialam diyan, pulis ‘yan.

Now as President, I build a nation for the Filipinos. [applause] Sabi ko, anong ibigay ko sa anak ninyo? Puro droga?

Sabihin mo, ilan sila lahat? Iyong kay Santiago noon PDEA head, he gave a — he pegged it about mga three million. Huwag na lang ‘yun. Itong akin nag-surrender, 100… 1,600,000 plus. 

Ilan ang bangag diyan? Liki sa Bisaya. Cracked. Bisaya ‘yung liki, may liki ‘yan sa droga. And they’re spread all throughout the country. Tingnan mo ha. Human rights, United Nations makinig kayo sa akin.

One million lagay na natin, sagad na natin sa two. Magkaiba ang figures eh but I’d like to stick to my data. Sa akin is we have reached, breached the one million mark.

Marami sa atin dito abugado. Sabi ng doctor forensics, constant use of shabu will shrink the brain of a human being. Kaya nga ‘yung iba at alam ninyo naman mga mayors kayo, wala na sa landas.

Magsalita kayo, wala na. Tapos marinig mo na lang ‘yung kapit-bahay mo, ‘yung isang leader mo, ang asawa naka-droga, hiwalay ang pamilya, dysfunctional family. Ang mga bata mawalaan ng tatay o nanay. Karamihan diyan sa mga babae middle class iwanan, pumuntang America, iwan ang mga bata.

They grow without the loving care of a father or mother. Anong kasalanan ng — ? Drugs. ‘Pag naggulong ‘yan, kaya dito sa Maynila hinatsa niya ‘yung lolo niya, pinutulan niya ‘yung, decapitated ‘yung nanay kasi sabi ng guardian angel kung ano-ano nalang.

Darating itong mga TV, “O ano, anong ano?” So it is — parang melodramatic. Kaya minsan ang tingin ng mga isa ring liki na itong pinatay puro mga santo. Karamihan mga santo, mahirap lang so they dramatize the situation.

Ako wala akong pakialam ke mahirap o mayaman ka. I cannot stop shabu number one problem now. Kung sabihin ko na huwag itong si ano, kasi mayaman nakapagbigay sa akin ng — ilan, ilan? Isang million? O huwag ito kay anak lang ito ng mahirap.

You cannot stop or suppress shabu kung mamimili ka pa ng anong titirahin mo, sinong makalusot diyan na mahirap. You are trying to figure out a class conflict here.

‘Pag hindi mo pinatay ito o hindi mo hintuan ito, hindi mo mahinto tapos may supply, gagana talaga ‘yan. Then it will continue kasi lahat may aandar.

Iyong numbers na ‘yan drug addict na talaga ‘yan. And they will crave. When the monkey rides on his back ano na kati na, maghahanap talaga ‘yan. Walang pera ‘yun. Akyat-bahay ang pinakamarami sa atin. Iyan ‘yan. ‘Pag nabunggo… Kagaya ‘nung sa Cagayan. They only intended to rob, noong nagising ‘yung babae dineretso na.

Ilang akyat-bahay — kayo mayor kayo — ilang akyat-bahay ninyo? That will show you the sharp rise because of drugs magka… Tapos sabihin mo hindi na ito hintuin kasi mahirap lang. Sino ang patayin ko, ubusin ko, ang drug lords? Patayin ko ang drug lords then take them out from the streets. Mahinto ito.

Ngayon, kagaya ng human rights, pari, bishop, anak ka ng… Meron kayong mga parish, may kolekta naman kayo Sabado’t Lingo. Karami ninyong pera y*** kayo. [laughter]Bakit hindi ninyo gamitin go around your parish jurisdiction, your — the neighborhood — and find out the persons who are afflicted or contaminated with shabu? That is my advice to you. Rather than shout diyan sa pulpit, p***, maginugok lang kayo… You have no moral ascendancy kayong mga pari. Tama na kayo diyan.

Iyong iba nga tig-dalawa ang asawa, kayo pati ako pareho lang tayo. Mabuti pa magpari nalang ako. [laughter] Prangka-prangka tayo.

Kailan pa ba ang simbahan naka… When has religion really helped anybody? Look at the — except for the Islam — ang China walang, Japan minimal. Tingnan mo pinakamayaman. Ginaganoon pa ‘yung mga Kristiyanos noon. Saan man ang karma dumating? Dito sa atin. Sila ang yumaman.

Tapos tayo ngayon paganoon-ganoon na lang. “Sige na, sir. Sir, ano lang tayo usap lang tayo.” “Iyang dagat mo.” “Okay lang, sir.” Mag-langoy ka lang diyan huwag muna ngayon kasi wala kami. Pakulata ka lang. Agay-agay. Iyan ang nangyari sa Pilipino. Anak ng… Tapos ang… [Iyong libro mo sa pari.] [laughter]

Kayong mga Katoliko basahin mo ito, “Altar Secrets” Nandito lahat, nandito si Bacani number one pedophilia. And there’s a piece coming out from Al Jazeera ‘yung “The Priest”. Story about dito. Kami.

‘Di ba sabi ko ‘nung eleksyon, t*** i** kayong mga pari, kayo l****. Kayo ang nag-una ng malisya sa aming ulo. Bigay ko ito kay… Anybody who wants to read it you can have it. I’ll just leave it here. Hindi wala kang mabili niyan sa bookstore, ubos kaagad.

Kami noon sa… Tanungin mo ‘yang Finance Secretary, kababata ko ‘yan eh. Pagkumpisal, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.” “What’s your sin, son?” Tapos… “I went to the bathroom.” Tapos dahan- dahan ka naman. “Oh, that’s bad.” So ‘pag ganon ka, kita mo aray, “Continue, Father”. [laughter]

Tapos magkalinis kunyari kung magsalita sa pulpito, “Duterte, extrajudicial.” God, kung totohanin mo ‘yung statistics noon ni Santiago pati akin, it’s four million.

Kaya ako — hindi ko panahon ‘yon eh. I don’t know if… Pero ako I do not have the — the slightest doubt about the kay Santiago.

Let us try to extrapolate. Four million, at 200 per hit dito sa Tondo, that’s about 6,000 a month, more than half of the salary ‘yung diyan sa pobreng Pilipino tinamaan. That’s 6,000 a month, times three huwag muna — tanggalin mo ‘yung akin. That’s 18 billion a month. Times 12, that is 216 billion a month. P***** i**.

Tapos dito mag-drama ka ng may namatay parang Pieta na… And so? Eksibisyonan (exhibition) mo ako ng ganon? Balewala sa akin.

May trabaho ako. The greatest good for the greatest number, ‘yan ang democracy. You know, I said in my oath… Kalimutan mo na ‘yang Constitution… Don’t shit me with that. “The President shall have the power to declare martial law.” [shakes his head] In my oath, nandiyan lahat, more than the Constitution itself. Itabi mo ‘yan, dito ‘yan.

Nangako ako, the Constitution and many other sacred commitment to protect and defend the Filipino and nation. Gawain ko ang gusto ko na sa tingin ko tama para ang bayan ko will not go to the dogs.

So what will I do with you if you try to destroy the young generation, mga anak namin? Hindi nga — pati lamok pinagsasapak mo. Tatlong palo ka kung magalit ka ‘pag ganon may dugo. “P**** i****, langaw.” Kasi may dala ka pang galit. Even just a mosquito could put you in a rage.

Ngayon, kung ako ang tatay nagtingin ako sa bayan ko, dinagdagan ng 10,000. Eh ‘di gawain mo ng 50,000. Sabihin mo na… You almost… Lahat sa Pilipinas may tama sa droga. 

What am I supposed to do? Sit on my ass and look at my country deteriorate? And after six years, magsabi ako sa’yo ba-bye?

Hindi ako… My oath of… Sa ayaw mo’t hindi, sumunod tayo dito. And this is how I interpret my sacred duty to protect everybody. Wala akong compromise dito.

Hindi mo ako mapaatras maski i-demanda mo ako kung saan. No way tayo diyan.

So the drug campaign will continue… Kailan ba ako magtapos? O ‘yung araw na ‘yun. Kung sabihin mo, takutin mo ako ng mga extrajudicial accusation? Buti ngayon lang ‘yan. Noon pa ‘yang mayor ako, sige daldal, pakulong ako. T*** i** mo. Subukan mo.

Corruption. I will not hesitate. Dito sa Cabinet level, pati… The slightest whiff. I just fired a guy who was with me since 1988. Sinabi ko mangamoy lang ‘yan, hindi kailangan totoo. May amoy lang na — you suggested or nagpaparinig. I will know.

Kaya ako, kailangan straight talaga ako. Sa ayaw ko’t sa hindi, mapipilitan ako talagang magbantay sa… Lalo na ngayon maraming camera.

Magkamali ka lang nang hawa-hawak ng ganon. Eh si Bobot sanay na ako, mahal ko ‘to kasi sila lang ‘yung nagpakita ng tulong and Bataan. At may isang governor sa Mindanao, babae. Tumulong sa akin. Iyon lang.

Sino man daw ‘yun? Mga taga-Agusan del Norte, alam nila ‘yan. Saan taga-Agusan? Magkakabayan man tayo. Puro adik kasi walang… [laughter]. Puro protektor ito ng… Hindi ha, jina-jamming ko lang kayo. That is really the least of the consideration.

So you have to build a city. My advice to you: Keep it safe. You have to invest. Now ito, kasi ako pumunta talaga dito, this is my important message to you: Huwag lang sana po na you will have a runway problem with law and order, because may supervisory powers kayo sa pulis. And I will grant it to you. Just give me this commitment: Droga, pati ‘yang criminality, you have to personally do it.

Hindi mo madala na ibigay mo sa pulis na… Ikaw mismo, see to it that nobody is hurt, nobody is nagdudusa diyan sa kriminal.

Who are you? Sabi ko, I’ll address myself to the… Who are you to think that I am thinking of your welfare? Who are you to… I will grieve over your dead body? Hiningi ninyo ’yan eh. He who is the cause of the cause is the cause of them all.

Ikaw ‘yung nag-umpisa. Ikaw ‘yung nag-generate ng galit kaya huwag ka — do not expect sa gobyerno na parang magpakulata lang.

Kaya sa Davao sabi ko, p**** i** kayong mga kriminal, ‘pag nakita ko kayo sa daan at na-pick up ko kayo bantay kayo. Sabi ko, sa Davao, ‘pag magsabi ‘yung pulis, “Sir, nandiyan si ano, ‘yung ano ‘yan eh ‘yung sa holdup ng Cagayan, sir, ‘yung sa Bukidnon.” “Eh ‘di sige pulutin mo.” “Sir, nahuli na.” ”Tapos?” “Nahuli na, sir.” “Tapos?” “Nahuli na.” “Tapos?” Ay sus kang pulisa ka. Ba’t mo itapon ‘yan sa akin? Ikaw ang nag-aresto niyan, ikaw ang mag-tapon niyan. Bakit ako? Eh ganon talaga.

When you say that’s just pure exercise of my mouth. Kasi bakit kayo… Bakit kayo ang mga kriminal ang dapat nasa daan? Ang dapat nasa truck, de pasahero, jeep de pasahero, ‘yang sumasakay ‘yan, sila ang dapat nandiyan. Kayo ang walang karapatan, human rights.

You are not allowed to join in a ride just to kill or rob persons. Kayo ang walang karapatan. Ang mga inosente ang may dapat may karapatan. That is human rights of the community of society.

Kayong mga kriminal, ang dapat hindi gumamit ng mga sasakyan at huwag kang lalakad-lakad diyan, pa-display ka pa. Kala mo sino ka kasi talagang…

Punta ho kayo ng Davao. Sino sa inyo punta ng Davao? Lahat kayo? Saan kayo kumakain? Noon? At least noon? Anong favorite ninyo Yellow Fin? Iyong sweet sour lapu-lapu natikman ninyo? Ang sarap ‘no. Dapat kasi ang kinakain niyan tao. [laughter] 

Ewan ko si Inday. Si Inday kasi medyo ano. Minsan… Mayor na ‘yun. Pumayat ‘yung lapu-lapu ngayon. [laughter] Ibig sabihin hindi pinakain ng mayor doon.

Mag-ano tayo… Sabi ko, look. Just… I never graduated to the level of the presidency. I must admit that. “Eh parang magsalita ito hindi Presidente.” Talaga. Tingin ko sa sarili ko mayor eh. Presidente? [shakes his head] [applause]

Hindi mo talaga. [modulates his voice] “I’d like to… I urge the municipal mayors of these country that…” [laughter] Si Yasay naman… [mimics Mr. Yasay] “I was ousted by the Commission on Appointments… But I did not lie.” [laughter] And so if you did not lie, why are you out of the Cabinet? [laughter]

Hindi ‘yun si Yasay, ka-roommate ko ‘yan. Padre Faura rin sa UP. Ako diyan sa Mendiola. Alam mo ang totoo niyan, ‘nong nag-martial law wanted ‘yang buang na ‘yan. Sumibat sila. Marami ‘yan sila, Maceda, ‘yan sila. Kasi naging… Nagtayo sila ng law office doon. And because they had to travel maybe he was accommodated by the State Department.

Kasi they sought asylum eh, sanctuary. So it’s usually given to political prisoners or political refugees. Kaya doon nagka-l****-l**** ‘yung papeles niya. Iyon ang talagang totoo. Kasi ka-roommate ko nga eh.

Pero ang presentation niya kasi… Pero kung magtanong ka Pilipino ‘yan si Yasay. Pilipino talaga ‘yan. Roommate ko, roommate ko. Well, another topic for another time.

So ‘yun lang ho ang message ko kasi droga pati ‘yung… Kaya I was considering. Mindanao, not only Central Mindanao. Sana naman ‘yung kagaya ng Marawi, pinaputok ‘yun sa Marawi City ‘yung granada pa ‘yung, mga bata ‘yan eh.

Tapos doon sa Zamboanga, nilagyan ng IED ‘yung national high school. Okay lang ako kung sabi… I lose 10 soldiers, 20, five policemen. I can accept it. That’s the reality of a war. Pero kung sabihin mo ‘yung mga bata, may eskwelahan.

Sabi ko, do not ask for it because I will always give it to you. Sabi ko na wala akong martial law eh kung ganito lang ang sitwasyon. Pero kung sa Mindanao pati mga bata ganunin mo na, talagang hinihingi mo.

Now remember, I do not want a martial law administration. It stinks. Pero kung ‘yan sa ibang lugar, sobra ang abuso at pati na ‘yung mga anak natin na ka-inosenteng-inosente, you will force my hand into it. And if I declare martial law, I will see to it that lahat ng problema sa Mindanao tatapusin ko. Tatapusin ko talaga. [applause]

So do not tempt me to go there because that is a part that I hate to travel. But hindi na kailangan ng… Sabi ko the… It begins and ends with public interest.

Wala na ako niyang rebellion-rebellion. Huwag mo ako bigyan ng ganon. Basta maghanap ako. ‘Pag pati ‘yung mga inosente, you slaughter them, then it’s time to magpaprangka-prangka tayo. Ibibigay ko talaga sa inyo. Sabihin ko uli ‘pag pumasok ako diyan, lalabas ako, tapos ang problema. Lahat.

Kaya ako nag-iipon ng eroplano, nag-iipon ako ng… Ayaw kong gamitin ‘yan. Baka ihulog ko lahat ‘yan doon sa ulo ninyo. Huwag naman ganoon kasi paningin sa akin ng mga tao, para nang — para mo akong ginagawang g*** dito. Eh sagrado ‘yang oath of office eh. Eh ayaw ko ngang  — ewan ko kung bakit nanalo ako. Iyan ang — it’s public interest or national interest.

Pag-usapan kasi lang natin diyan ‘yung Pilipino. Mga human rights… Pag-usapan natin ‘yung mga Pilipino. Ano ang ginagawa ninyo sa Pilipino?

Bakit? Why do I have to tailor my behavior in accordance with the human…? Aba, sinuswerte kayong mga g*** kayo. May problema ako dito and kayo ang pinaka-ano eh. Pinakamarami kasi ang barangay captains into drugs.

Same. I do not… It leaves a bad taste in the mouth to say it. Pero maski sino. Kasi ang ginagawa… Sabihin ko sa iyo. Huwag na huwag kayong pumasok diyan. Talagang papatayin ko kayo. It’s either banggaan kita ng 10×10 na truck o ptak… Magsabi, “Pinatay ni Duterte.” Sabi niya doon sa hotel. “Ano? Istorya man lang ‘yan maniwala ka pala.”[laughter] 

So ‘yan lang ang mensahe ko sa inyo. Tulungan ninyo ako kasi Pilipino itong nakataya dito eh. Huwag mo nang problemahin ‘yang mga smuggling, smuggling o magpakasal ka.

Marami ‘yan dito eh. Magpakasal dalawa, tatlong beses. Noong barangay captain pa ang y***, isa lang, may girlfriend. Pagka mayor na, dalawa, tatlo [laughter] tapos dalhin ‘yung isa sa Maynila, dito. Dito papatirahin. Kaya sige byahe dito kunwari ng… Akala naman ng tao hardworking. “Iyang mayor ninyo hardworking sa kama.” [laughter]

Hindi, ano lang ‘yan ha, biro lang ‘yan, biro lang ‘yan. Kung ikaw ang tinamaan, [nirese ka?], [laughter] Ngayon, ilan tayo? Marami tayo nagkaproblema ng ganoon. Ayan pa, may masabi ka pa sa akin. Ayan, corruption.

Kaya ang masasabi ko po sa inyo is do not worry. Pare-pareho lang ang ano natin. Ikaw mayor, ako, pari, bishop. Lahat tayo tabla [laughter] Maniwala kayo. Sinong… Sinong…

Isa pa itong simbahan. Ako, bilib ako kay Pope. He’s open to the proposition that mag-asawa na lang ang pari. Tama. Kaya mga buang na ‘yan, dalawa, tatlo pa ’yan maski sabihin mo, “Sige, mag-asawa ka na.” Eh araw-araw, maraming mga relihiyosang mga ganoon dito sa…

“Psst. Bumalik ka.” [laughter]

Hindi, kung ako ang nag-pari, ganoon lang ang gawin ko. [laughter] “Paganyan, paganoon. Ganda ng ngipin nito ah.” [laughter] Plastado. Pagka ganoon ko“Sige, habaan mo pa ang pagdadasal.” [laughter] Mga pari. Tapos kung magsalita kayo akala mo hmmm…

Hindi ha, I have this deep and abiding faith in God. Pero ‘yung ngayon, magtingin ako. Wala, hindi. Hindi talaga nakatulong except magyawyaw. Tapos noong panahon ni Arroyo, ang mga buang naghingi ng mga Pajero pati Montero. P***** i**, that is graft and corruption. Alam ba nila ‘yan?

That maski isang centavo dapat hindi ka recipient or beneficiary. The graft law says undue advantage. What is your advantage? Mobility. By? By car. Who owns it? The government. Who paid for it? The people.

Ano man kayo. Tapos magsalita kayo with all the protestation. Kaya ‘yang akala nila na nandiyan ‘yung si Hesukristo, pa-bow-bow silang ganoon. Hindi lang ‘yan makasalita ‘yung mama eh. “P***** i** ka, isa ka pa rin. [laughter] Pareho lang kayo ni Duterte.” O di sabihin ko doon, “Lahat man kami sa municipal mayors’ league, ganoon man.”[laughter]

Kaya sabi ko, I never graduated to be sa ugali pati sa behavior, so do not expect it from me. I remain ang bunganga ko talagang you know, and I don’t feel the… except when I… You know, ayaw kong magtravel-travel kasi. I hate the extra… ayaw na… Sa Bisaya, nakokornihan ako.

Kasi sa Davao, ako lang man isa maglakad. Totoo. Nagda-drive ako ng taxi. Ayan si Panelo ‘yung Presidential Legal… Sal? Tumindig ka nga. Hindi ka kilala nila. Atty. Panelo, ating Presidential… O, hindi kita susuportahan pagka-senador. [applause]

So kung ako, I’m open. Wala akong pulitika. I do not have to please you or please your political enemy. So if you want ‘yung tulong, may problema ka, importante ‘yung bridge, ganoon, maybe you can talk to me and try to find out if I can help you.

Huwag kayong magdadalawang-isip kasi, except for the party, PDP, I don’t know if there’s gonna be a candidate next elections from my party pero I’m beyond that. Kasi gusto kong — para hindi kayo mahiya mag-ano sa akin kasi may distansya eh, alam ko man.

Kasi sa yellow kayo. Huwag na lang ‘yang yelo kasi natunaw na. [laughter] Ang tawag sa Bisaya ‘yung ice is yelo eh. “Bata, bumili ka nga ng yelo doon.” “Wala na, natunaw na. Tubig na.” So punta ka sa akin, wala akong kulay except public service. So I guarantee you that.

Pero ito ha. This is my parting words with you. Gamitin ninyo ang pulis ninyo. They have the standing order that they must cooperate sa mga duly-elected leaders of the country because ‘yan ang sabi ng Constitution. Ma-Presidente ka, ma-senador ka, you want to be a top honcho, you run for an election and if you win, it’s yours. But you have the corresponding duty to keep your city at least clean.

Magpunta nga kayo ng Davao minsan, doon kayo mag next ano. And it’s relatively safe.Ngayon, ‘yung bomba meron ‘yun. At sinabi ko, if you have been to Davao and you saw the cameras operating… Iyong nagbomba sa… They are all accounted for.

You should go to Davao and study the almost about 10 major crimes. ‘Pag na-tag kita doon, ‘yun na. And I can follow your…

May ano kami may… Gobyerno — and of course, the Americans are also very cooperative. ‘Pag na-tag kita sa camera, maraming camera ang Davao eh, maski na mag-helmet ka ‘yung ganunin mo lang, tapos lumabas ito. Lagyan lang ng buhok ng computer ‘yan.

So iyan ang… Punta kayo minsan sa Davao and if you go there just ask — you call my aide si Bong or call anybody sa — sabihin punta kayo and I will open the… Pero medyo istrikto ito si ano ha si — pero okay kayo kasi mga mayos eh.

Hindi naman ito si Benito ba ‘yon? Lim? Iyong ano ni Inday military man ‘yan eh, medyo may pagka-istrikto talaga. Pero we will let you in sa paano ko ‘yung

camera gumaganon.

At saka if you have the money, lagyan ninyo ng ano… Mine is IBM. You go for ano… Ito pang isa, magtulungan tayo itong, itong stupid role ng lowest bid. Gusto kong tanggalin ‘yan eh. I have to talk to the congressman. [applause]

Alam mo ‘yang lowest bid, it is the source of corruption sa gobyerno. [applause] Maniwala kayo. So kayong mga Pilipino who are listening now, do not blame us sometimes ‘yung mag — nag-reject ako ng…

Kagaya sa military, they have only two sources. Hindi ko lang sabihin ang bayan. There are only two countries where I allow the Armed Forces to buy ‘yung mga ganon kasi delikado eh. Magbili ka doon sa iba interior tapos lagyan nila ng ano makinig pa sila, marami na tayong nag-i-eavesdrop.

Iyang lowest bid na ‘yan kasi ‘pag sinabi 100 million project, bi-bid ka legit siyempre ‘yung 100 na ‘to gastos mo, semento, tao, manpower, para matapos in 45 days. ‘Pag ganyan mahal rejected ‘yan.

Sabi ng contractor, “Iyan ang ano ko. I need so many men I have to employ workers para I can meet the deadline of 90 days.”

Hindi ‘yan ang hanapin talaga ng COA minsan… Pero hindi kasalanan ng COA ‘yan. Iyang lowest bid tanggalin mo ‘yan. We should go for quality. [applause] Kasi ang lumalaban kasi sa lowest bid ‘yung walang… Kasi ang akin bagsak niyan parang 70.

Magbigay pa siya sa — pati barangay captain magpirma, magbigay pa siya sa sino… SOP sa gobyerno sino, sino ‘yang mga ‘yan? Ang kikitain pa niyan.

Kung lowest bid ka ang project is worth 50,000 o 50 million only out of 100 ‘yan ‘yang ibibigay niya.

Eh tapos tayo naman hindi lowest bid bibirahin ka doon sa Ombudsman pati sa COA.

Kaya ako “Kasalan ng Bayan,” I’ve been doing it with since 1988. There is absolutely nothing wrong with legitimizing relations of Filipinos na ilang years na.

And for the security of the children kung mamatay at least kanino bayaran. Importante marami sa mga Pilipino na ano lang walang pakasalan.

So tayo and I urge you to do that, tingnan mo kung sino ‘yang living together na walang kasal-kasal. Ang problema sa mayor baka maganda ‘yung asawa naiba na ang istorya. Kasi ako nagbibigay ng 200, bakit ka magbigay — ah 2,000, kasi nga mahirap ‘yan eh walang pangkasal. So bigyan mo  harap-harapan meron pang picture.

Akalain mo ba ang COA in my last 23 years doon pa nalabas na dinisallow. Eh ‘di bilyon ang utang ko sa gobyerno.

Kasi from time to time, sige. Statistics, ano bang hindi nagpakasal diyan? Iyong kailangan makasal ang basic family. Kasi

huwag naman sanang mangyari, mamatay, madisgrasya, doon mapupunta sa mga anak. So inencourage mo.

Sabi ko sa COA, “Sir, halika nga dito.” Sabi ko, “Gusto ko mo ihulog kita diyan sa ano?”[laughter]  “Bakit, Mayor? Ang sama naman ng salita mo.” “Eh bakit mo dinisallow mo ‘yan? Ibig sabihin pabayarin mo ako sa ibinigay ko doon sa mahirap?” “Kasi ‘yung programa wala sa ano” “No, no, no.” 

Do not do the program for us. You were not elected by the people. Kami. Iyong programa namin kasali na ‘yun. Social alleviation. Sa hirap at–

Kami ang dapat. [Ano ba ang magboot?] Sa bisaya, mag-boot eh. Kami dapat. We should be the one choosing what programs of government that would be beneficial to the people. Do not do it for us. [applause] I don’t.

Kasi mas marunong pa kayo, ‘di kayo na lang ang mag-mayor. [applause] Basta ang trabaho ninyo, umabot ba sa kamay ng mga tao or the thing that you give to the community, was it really worth the while of the pockets of the citizens?

Do not put malice there kasi hindi naman lahat ganon. Baka ‘yun lang ang tingin ninyo. But we do not… Sino ba naman gustong mayor magkakaso sa Sandigan? Nakakaawa… Gastos ‘yan. Ma-demanda ka, abugado pati ‘yung dito.

Maraming na-demanda ‘yan, mga treasurer ganon walang tumulong including — just because may pirma sila. Kaawa eh.

Sabi ko, before you… Prosecutor ako. During my time, I was a fiscal of Davao City, started from the bottom. When I left it, I was already second assistant. Then I was a Tanodbayan, wala pa ‘yang Ombudsman  eh. I was taken in by Gonzales to be one of the two special Tanodbayan special prosecutors for Mindanao. Iyong isa taga- Zamboanga. Kami lang dalawa umiikot noon sa Mindanao, sa cases.

Kaya alam ko gaano kahirap maglapit. “Sir, wala na nga ako pamasahe.” Minsan ako mismo mag-ano, ‘pag nakita ko talaga na tagilid, basta tagilid. “Your honor, we move to dismiss the case.” “Why?” “I cannot prove my case with the — itong ebidensyang ‘to. Hasulin (hassle) mo lang ‘yung tao.”

Kasi galing ako diyan eh kaya naintindihan ko. That’s the reason why. I used to prosecute graft cases sa Tanodbayan, for the Tanodbayan. I know how hard it is when you look at the evidence, ‘yun lang naman maibigay tapos you put the guy into the rigors of, pabalik-balik. It has to be here.

Ako naintindihan ko. Wala kayong problema sa akin. Basta huwag lang talaga I said graft is really out because I cannot help you. And if you want my help, kasi sabi ko, Tanodbayan ako noon, I would…  Mahusay ako mag-present ng evidence sa katagal ko. Audit report tapos observations.

Kailangan ko ‘yung observations nila tama rin. Observation na pang-ganon ka lang. Hasulin (hassle) niyo ang tao. Ako, basta konting ano lang. Tingnan ko na I cannot prove even one element of the crime, diretso ako. Mahilig ako diyan. “I move to dismiss the case your honor.”

So magtaka, magtingin pa ‘yung judge, baka mabigyan ito si… So, that I can assure you. Basta tama lang. No corruption or else sa pulis, kukunin ko ‘yung pulis. 

Sabi ko nga my oath of office allows me anything to protect public interest. Tanggalin ko ‘yang police ninyo lagyan ko ng batallion. Then you have to talk to the batallion commander. Wala namang… Kasi isinali ko na ang Armed Forces and the state of lawlessness. Wala akong choice. Kulang ang police ko. 

Ngayon, kung hindi ako tignan ko na ano — either maglagay ako ng ibang tao. Kung puro droga lang pati krimen tanggalin ko lagyan ko ng SAF. Bahala na kayong magusap doon sa SAF.

Kapag martial law, nagwa-warning lang ako, tutal ito naman ang totoo. I am not threatening you. It’s the law itself. Wala ng search warrant, search warrant, warrant of arrest. Ang mag-issue niyan provincial commander delegated, ASO. Arrest and… Hindi na kailangang makita ka.

Ayaw ko ng martial law. Kasi ang usapan diyan ang military na pati police eh. Hindi na ‘yung… Kaya ako nagmamakaawa sa mga ating kababayan. Huwag ninyo sobrahan ‘yang istilo niyo pati iyang mga eskwelahan bobombahin ninyo. Mapahiya ako niyan. ‘Pag napahiya ako, tabla na. All bets out. So iyan lang ang payo ko.

Tutal meron namang police diyan, gamitin mo. Sabihin mo na police ako sagot. Basta ito tutal may order na ako sa pulis. Go out and hunt for the criminals. If there’s a crime, arrest them if possible. But if they resist violently, placing your life in danger, pati ikaw mamatay, shoot him. So ang police ninyo may order na. [applause]  Sagot ko pa, hindi inyo. Kasi sinabi ko lahat ng nagtratrabaho masabit, akin ‘yan, akin.

Kaya kung mademanda ‘yung pulis. “Sir, ito hong raid namin…” “O sige, abugado.” “Sir, naconvicted ako.” “’Di bale. Sabihin mo doon magbasa na ng sentence.” “Ngayon, bukas magpunta ka doon sa opisina ko diyan sa Pasig River. Anong pangalan mo? Partol man ano?” Iyan na. “You are hereby granted pardon.” [applause]

Ipitin ninyo ang pulis. Pardon. Tapos sabihin mo balikan mo ‘yung nag-ipit sa iyo, patayin mo ulit. Pardon kita. [laughter] Kasi ganon. Iyon lang ang alas ko. Kasi pag sige ako basa, saan ba tayo dito makalusot o makalamang man lang tayo? Pardon.

So meron na akong form doon para sa kanila ganon kakapal. [laughter] “Sir, convicted man ako.” “Kumuha ka ng kopya mo. Punta ka doon sa babae. I-type mo ‘yung pangalan mo. Balik ka dito.” Pardon.

And reinstatement to its former — reinstated to the PNP or to the Navy with a promotion. Ayaw mo pa iyan? [laughter]

Eh itong mga g***** sabi, “Magpatay na lang tayo para promoted tayo.” O ‘di ba?[laughter]

Sabihin ng human rights, well, ganon talaga ang buhay.

Maski anong yawyaw ninyo, for as long as I am here and for as long as I am tasked to protect the Filipino, I will do it. [applause]

Maraming salamat po.