Media Interview of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte following his official visits to Republic of the Union of Myanmar and The Kingdom of Thailand
Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2
23 March 2017

I can take some few questions.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ikaw talaga ang first, ma’am?

AC Nichols (CNN Philippines): Good morning, sir. Welcome back.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Maayong buntag, ma’am.

Ms. Nichols: Sir, you’ll be celebrating your birthday po next week. It’s the first–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Tapos na po. They gave you the wrong date. It was really March 14. Mali ho ‘yung 28.

Ms. Nichols: Ah, hindi po ba, sir, next Tuesday?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I saw you on that day ‘di ba?

Ms. Nichols: Po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nakalimutan na.

Ms. Nichols: Sir, pero next week po, sir, sa birthday niyo, sir, do you have any special plans first time po as President, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I only have one wish actually. Nakuha ko na lahat. No more gifts to — except maybe a prayer to God for my country.

I have reached the apex of my career, material things which I cannot and will no longer be of use to me.

I’m 72 years old. Give or take the reality of it all, in about five to seven years, I’m about ready by that time also. By that time, God willing if I complete the term, I would be walking slowly than when I… Medyo, saguyud na sa Bisaya.

So my wish really, my prayer to God is that bigyan niya ako ng konting lakas na lang to do our — overwork time because it is needed. Twenty-four hours is not really enough for the presidency, unless you want to sleep more than just about four hours.

I get a lot, a lot of state documents. Just be careful because I’m a lawyer… I’m really to understand what I’m approving. Mahirap na po ma-impeach. No more, ‘pag na-impeach tayo.

So extra careful, extra judicious, and that’s… I only ask God that give me a little bit of time, a little strength to surmount the problems of the country and that I’d be able, not really to solve but maybe mitigate some of the rigors of governance at ang problema.

Ang hinihingi ko po lang, tulong lang sa Diyos at konting o maraming pagka — ‘yung ano, people will understand what I’m doing.

I am really… Hindi naman ultra, but will have just to deal seriously the problems of… I hope to… There’s a backchanneling going on, I must admit that. But there are certain conditions to me which are no longer negotiable. So either I have it before I embark on another journey of peace talks.

To me this is very important and I have said it before, I would not want to overemphasize it. It might irritate the old ones. But ito ‘yung talagang… This will be the… This is it. And if you don’t accept my — the conditions that I have imposed, I am sorry I cannot deal with you anymore.

One is that… Well, one is they have to stop. Iyong iba lang sabihin ko. The forced taxation must stop. Second is that, they have been talking about their territory, that the soldiers of this Republic cannot enter into territories they claim which is theirs.

You know, I do not recognize any territory belonging to any group of persons. Only the Republic of the Philippines own every inch of our territory, period.

Third is that maybe I would ask for the release of all prisoners, soldiers, policemen, and civilians. Those would be the basic… If they cannot give it to me then I’m sorry.

At this early I would say that I would have tried everything but these are the demands that I cannot negotiate anymore. It sets the tone of how a Republic, how a country would deal with the enemies of the State. Nothing short of it. Hindi ako pwede ‘yang ano.

I, as the representative of the people, I do not recognize any boundary for my soldiers to go and the police to go in and out. Mahirap po ‘yan. But all others… including the upliftment of the Filipino, land reform, I would not confiscate but would improve what is being done now, what was really lacking was the support. Iyong equipment, the seedlings, and the time and they are in the waiting period for their plants to grow and harvest. Parang ganon.

Anything that benefits the Filipino… Bibitawan ko ang… The last centavo… sa Republic for the people.

Ms. Nichols: Sir, just a quick follow up, sir, on your birthday, sir. Is it going to be a quiet day with your family in Davao or are you spending it here in Malacañang, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You’re back again to my birthday.

Ms. Nichols: Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ayaw mo maniwala sa akin? Tama ka. I’m a liar when it comes to that thing about birthdays.

Historically, ayaw ko magpa-drama. Pero kami noon, migrants lang sa Mindanao. And we are neighbors… Sonny Dominguez we are neighbors, but it’s not the neighborliness. Kasi nagtitipid ‘yung pamilya and all that we did and everyone of us, I don’t know. But most of my siblings ko, we follow same rule. We just sleep it off the day.

I would be very glad to spend my time with my newest grandson Stone and the rest of my children and grandchildren. That would have been the greatest gift that I can ask in this planet. Iyon sa akin tama na. And for those who… May natanggap na kasi ako.

You know… I’m not trying to be a spoiler. Wala rin akong drama kasi totoo. Kakasabi ko lang nga naibigay na ng Diyos ang lahat ang dapat ko. Because God would only give you the things that you deserve. He does not give you things that you do not deserve or are not entitled to.

So naibigay na ng Diyos sa akin, I have reached I said the highest — the apex of anybody’s dream. If you have something for me, some are very expensive, you know I do not need it anymore.

At saka maski bigyan ninyo ako ng mga diyamante for every finger, I cannot wear it. Otherwise, I’d be stupid, and even watches and all. I stick with just the — what the ordinary people wears.

Alam mo, maybe someday, but I said I’m too old for that. What would be the point of wearing a big diamond you are 75, 77? You are better off with going to church everyday to make up for the, you know, babawi ka po doon sa mga pari. Baka gusto mo areglo na lang tayo. Pero huwag muna ngayon kasi left and right ang ano ninyo. Hindi naman tama ‘yung iba eh, especially the dru—

Sabi ko nga sa inyo, if I will stop sa droga. If I… mag-atras ako, I would have place the next generation in jeopardy. Million kasi. Sabihin na lang ninyo 10,000, controllable number. Eh with a million… Sabi ni General Santiago sa PDEA noon, during his time he pegged it at three, tapos kay Bato ngayon plus one.

I-maintain na lang natin, let us put it at three. Walang incremental increase. Three million cuts across the country, everywhere. The three million are distributed in all of the places of this country. Tapos papaano ‘yan? I’ll give you an interesting point.

I’m just being a lawyer. Kung itong mga durugista na ito — continued use of shabu and the drug will cause the human brain to shrink, okay. Now, palagay na lang natin at a conservative estimate of about 800, talagang unstable na. And they commit the crimes that they have committed before I became President.

Do you how many of them have died? Kung 77,000 ‘yung drug related all over the country, 77. Who will now answer for this grievous period of our time?

Iyong nabibilang nila ‘yung patay ng pulis, o lying dead there in the pool of blood and then you go into dramatics. O how about ‘yung mga bata, ‘yung mga estudyante, ‘yung pinapatay, ‘yung hinoholdup, sasakyan and all? 77… 77, 000 is 77,000. Who will answer? Who will take responsible for their deaths? United Nations? Have you contributed a single centavo to the funeral expenses?

Iyong mga bata na pinatay, ‘yung mga infants na ni-rape, who will morally answer for all of these things? Ang problema lumabas ‘to when I was Mayor, I thought all the while that it was just a community drugs. Never did I realize that it would hit millions of Filipinos and you have the gall to call my attention and even threaten of bringing me to —

You know, I said and I will say it again and again, in these stakes there, when I was campaigning, alam ko… Why did I get the three… Where did I convince the six million? Nandoon na ako sa Thailand… Maraming Pilipino.

Anong sinabi ko? Vis-à-vis with the rest of the candidates? We are… Ah iyong infrastructure lahat, all the good things. I limited mine was about five or six promises. I will stop corruption in government and it will stop. Magkayarian tayo diyan. It will stop. Then I said, drugs. Then I said criminality. Then one of the things that I said I will allow the burial of Marcos and I complied with my promise. Then you are mad at me. G*** ba kayo? Bakit ninyo ako binoto?

With the simple promises hindi pa rin ninyo… Then I said I would allow the economic managers that I will ask to help me run government. Hindi ako makialam.

Nagsabi nga ako doon sa, itong Mighty, sabi ko bigyan mo lang ako three billion okay na. I will build a hospital, sa Jolo, Basilan, and diyan sa Mary Johnston.

Okay na sana sa akin, I was overruled by my Secretary. I told him in the plane, hindi ako makialam. Then you decide and file cases. O ‘di pasensya. Mistah ko ‘yan sa Class ’67. I know him.

And as a matter of fact, one time he wanted me to talk to Congressman Ungab of the third district of Davao. He was the Ways and Means and they were raising money for the sin taxes.

And he came to Davao with that carton, mabuti’t na lang ako ‘yung nagbayad ‘yung pagkain namin. I was the one who invited, mistah eh. Eh sabihin ko na lang para walang… Baka sabihin pa, kasi noon meron pala kayong ano eh. Tapos umalis siya. Sabi ko, “look I am not up to it”. “Hindi…” “Huwag mo akong anuhin diyan. Hindi ko talaga ginagawa ‘yan.”

Tapos ‘nong he was… Makita niya, sabi ko, “Ano ‘yan?” Parang ganon. Sabi ko, “Buksan mo nga.” Pera. Akala ko botelya. Eh kung scotch lang, magkano lang man ‘yan. Sabi ko, “habulin mo”. And you know, ‘yung sa PAL, meron ‘yang camera and there’s a TV circuit and you will see Bong there going up to the plane, it’s about to take off. Sabi ko, “isauli mo ‘yung pera niya.”

Last Christmas, he… Malacañang may dumating na magandang baril. I think it was a Nighthawk 45, it’s an expensive gun. Sabi ko, “Hindi. I do not accept gifts.” Hindi nga ako tumatanggap ‘nong mayor ako, lalo na ngayon.

Kaya ngayon kayo, marami man kayong… If you want to give me something expensive, just give it to… Sabihin mo lang “‘Adre, President, ‘yung ibigay ko sa’yo, ibinili ko na lang ng bigas, ibinigay ko…” I’d be happier.

Bigyan mo ako ng ano, hindi ko naman magamit. Bigyan mo ako ng gold. Bigyan mo ako ng mga Rolex na gold. P*****, anuhin ko ‘yan? Pagdating ko doon sa barrio, ‘Mabuti pa itong g**** ‘tong Presidente na ito, tayo naghirap siya nagka-gold watch.’ It’s a drawback eh.

When you become a public official early on, because I was a son of a governor. My father exactly told me that… in public. You only wear what they can wear. Do not buy things that they cannot buy.

Kaya tayo nasa gobyerno, I told my Cabinet, if you want to travel whether you like it or not, they would always assume na gastos gobyerno ‘yan, eh nandiyan ka sa gobyerno eh. So take the economy — seats. Huwag kang magpa-ano-ano diyan kasi… ‘Mabuti pa ito, pa-mabuhay-mabuhay.’

So those are the things that you have to be careful about. Hindi ako… Birthdays? Lalo na. Sabi lang kasi, ‘’Nak, mahirap lang tayo, mag-ano lang tayo ng manok ha.’ Mag-ano na lang tayo ng dugo — puting manok. Tapos ‘yan and then you go to the San Pedro Church in Davao, the cathedral and you light a candle and make a wish.

Do you know what my wish are? Or my wish were? That I’d be President, I’d meet you from CNN. That’s about it.

Ms. Nichols: Thank you, sir.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ma’am ha, can you kindly talk louder kasi nakatulog ako, ‘yung ears ko, kanina pa ako, ayaw lumabas ang buang na hangin. Medyo ano mahina.

Leila Salaverria (The Philippine Daily Inquirer): Lakasan ko na lang. Good morning, sir. First, sir, I just like [inaudible] confirmation on the statement of DILG Secretary Sueño, is it that you want barangay positions declared vacant and the officials replaced with your own appointees to prevent those backed by narco money from heading barangays? Is this your position?


Ms. Salaverria: You want barangay positions declared vacant and the officials replaced with your own appointees.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know, there’s a problem. There is no legal basis for being there. Walang hold over sa barangay. They are just there, I don’t know de facto, whatever.

But the reason why I advised Congress, kinausap ko ito si Senator Sotto. Sinabi ko, because he knows the problem very well, fingertips na niya itong drugs eh. Kalaban niya.

Sabi ko sa kanila, “Do not commit the mistake of calling for an elections now. Because narco-politics has entered into the mainstream of Philippine politics…” [inaudible]

Either patayin muna natin ‘tong mga yawa na ito kasi ‘pag ka hindi, they will be elected again and you have the looming elections next sa 20…

The local elections it’s just around the corner. Kung nandiyan ito, and they can influence the electorate, magkakaroon ng utang loob itong mga officials, delika– because then you’ll have completed the [inaudible] of this country into a narco-politics state.

Kaya sabi ko, huwag muna but they are there. I do not know what… I don’t know about Senator Sotto anong plano nila. Sabi ko, it’s quite a bet messy. Kasi ‘pag ka tinanggal mo rin ang mga g***** ‘to, magsigawa na ano and we are looking for a way to appoint na lang the barangay captains but the mechanism of how to go about it, select them… Ako I can, but you know it’s always the President who has the power to appoint.

But I’m going to a compromise with the Church and everybody. They can nominate three citizens from… Pagka magsabi ang PDEA pati ang pulis and the military that they have no connections with the rebels, that’s one. Second is that they are not into drugs, and third is that they are not really the leaders of politicians.

If you can have that least, I would be happy to just coming from the Roman Catholic from the Islam group, the Jehovah Witnesses. It’s not actually interference in the preference of the character that should be there. Election eh.

Hindi naman sabihin nakikialam ‘yung simbahan. And the Lions or lahat, lista mo lang ‘yung accredited, they can nominate.  So we can do away with shady character.

Pero, ‘pag ginawa mo ang election ngayon, ito ang nanalo, ‘yung nasa listahan. Forty percent of the total barangay captains are into drugs, that’s my problem.

Kaya kayong mga Pilipino, be sure to elect, kasi hindi ko kaya kung ako lang. Wala akong panahon na patayin silang lahat. Tulungan ninyo ako, ‘yung next ano, be careful. Be careful with drugs. Delika—Pera ‘yan eh.

Tinanong ko nga, I can ask… I asked somebody sa plane. “How long did it take you to earn your first million?” Tanungin ko sa iyo ‘yan. He need not answer. Tanungin ko si Speaker Villar, “Sir kalian ka kumita ng first million mo, second million mo?” Years ‘yan.

Lahat dito nagsabi, drugs, may u*** na mayor. He distributed drugs on the east side. Iyong Odicta na ‘yun was on the west side. And how many Filipinos are deranged now because of their activities? They cook drugs, two months they are millionaire. Kaya maraming pumapasok diyan. It’s the greed, money. Bantay kayo diyan.  It’s easy to produce and you destroy a generation of Filipinos.

Kaya nga ako sa OFW, let me lecture. Two minutes. Kaya dumudugo ‘yung puso ko. Nakita ko silang lahat shouting “Duterte” ganon with all adulation and clapping. But what do I… What was I… What was in my mind while I was looking at them? Iyong pagod nila, nandoon sa ibang bayan. Iyong sa ibang countries, dalawa, tatlong oras lang ang tulog because they are transferred from one household to another to clean.

So itong anak, walang helper doon siya. Then he has to clean the room of another relative. That’s why they say it’s uniformed. Hindi ba ninyo nakita? They are only allowed three to four hours of sleep. Have you not noticed that? And they are abused, raped. And they endure it, most of them. Manganak na lang diyan sa eroplano. T*** i** kayo.

Iyan ang masakit sa akin. Ang tatay nandito, ‘yung nanay nandoon. They work hard, endure abuses so that they can send money here, sa mga anak nila para mag-aral. And after years of toil, madisgrasya, mag-uwi dito nakita nila ‘yung anak nila babae naging whatever, kung hindi nabiktima ng mga durugista. Why?

Nandiyan sa baba ang pinakalaban ang.. The miserable life is there, then you add to their misery. You do not even consider for a moment the blood, sweat, and tears of the Filipino. Millions of them outside of the country. Tapos mukain ninyo ako na… Kaya kayong mga pari.

Ilan 10,000? Papatay ako ng 50. Sinabi ko naman: If you destroy my city, I will kill you. If you destroy my country, the more that I will kill you.

I, I said I will kill. Sa awa ng Diyos, wala pa akong pinatay ni isa ngayon. I. Kung hindi kayo bingi. Hindi ko sinabing utusan ko ‘yung pulis pati sundalo magpatay.

But if they kill those idiots, ‘yung mga ulol sa buhay, if the performance of their duties, in obedience to my order, I will take the consequences. Do not worry. And if I will have to rot in prison, I will do it because not everybody is given the chance by God to be President. Not everybody, Pilipino na maging Presidente.

P***** i**, magpakamatay ako sa Pilipino. L**** kayo. Talagang yayariin ko kayo. Do not do it. Drugs, shabu. Drop everything kayong mga pulitiko, I warned you, the mayors and all, barangay captains, huwag kayo talagang magkamali. Yayariin ko kayo. Do not [inaudible] to the Filipino.

Lalo na ngayon. Hihirit ako nang hihirit. I do not really care what you’re… mayor ka. Ako mismo maggamit ng Barrett, eh ako ang babaril sa’yo. ‘Di kita madala sa [unclear] barilin kita sa malayo. Lalo na ‘yung mga pulitiko holding power, do not do it. You’re courting death there. Pranka-pranka na lang tayo. Wala naman iba kasing paraan eh.

Either you continue to plague this country you work [inaudible] you inflict misery and agony sa mga kababayan ko. Ako ‘yung… Ako ‘yung Presidente ngayon. Who gets the blame? Who will answer for this? At this time [inaudible] lumabas itong mga ‘to.

We never realized that it would hit millions. And when did it happen? During my term. Hindi ko maipasa ito kay Aquino. Hindi ko maipasa ito kay Arroyo, na noon pa pala mayroon ng… Sa amin man ‘yung panahon o hindi, ikaw ‘yung Presidente ngayon, eh ‘di solve it. Ngayon…  Ako? Sige, ‘yun pala gusto ninyo.

Kayong mga pari, you are put on notice that I will not, hindi ako aatras even an inch I will not. I will suffer the consequences you want. I will answer for my deeds and for my [inaudible]

Arrest them. Mas gusto ko matulog sila diyan. P***** i** diyan, diyan sa kulungan. Alam mo natutulog sila nakatindig for the utter lack of space. Good. Hindi ko naman kailangan patayin, mas gusto ko patindig ‘yan nakatulog. Hindi ako maggawa ng bagong kulungan. Tama na kayo diyan. Human rights, gusto ninyo kayong gumastos.

So if your hearts are bleeding outside mga… ‘yung EU pati ano. And ang EU they keep on harping on us. I could not understand this EU. Alam mo, EU, between the years 1914 to ’16 there was a war. The Archduke of… ‘yung si Ferdinand was assassinated, then the Second World War.

First World War kayo-kayo ‘yan, mga g*** kayo. You know how many died? Ninety million Europeans. Do not give me that s*** about that happened a century ago. Things do not happen — you are as good as you are now with your conscience.

Remember pinatay ‘yung isang ano, sa duke. It was known then as Prussia, Germany and Austria. Then they went to war, kalaban nila, sino? O ‘di France, Russia. Ngayon, that was the First World War.

The Second World War was… O sinong nagpatayan? Eh ‘di kayo. Huwag mong sabihin ‘yung konsyensiya noon ng mga lolo ninyo mas magaling kayo ngayon. Tapos pakialaman lahat ng… Lahat ng ASEAN, if you want to know, kasi iniipit ninyo by death penalty sa Indonesia, may death penalty sa Malaysia, tapos pine-pressure ninyo ‘yung mga leader kaya puro reklamo sa inyo na ayaw nilang magsabi sa inyo, ‘hoy mga g*** kayo, p**** i** ninyo huwag kayong makialam.’ [inaudible] Eh ‘di ako na ang magsabi sa inyo, puro kayo u***. Sino bang gustong pumatay especially your countrymen?

I will just happy to hang you if you’re… If I have the preference, I’ll hang all of you. Marunong kayong mag-ano…  You are putting us down. You are exerting pressure in every country na may death penalty. Why are you [inaudible]

Genetics that is why. Kami hindi kami. Ako hindi ako pumapatay huwag mo lang galawin ang Pilipino wala akong pakialam sa inyo.

Iyong guilt ninyo sa conscience is almost genetics. It is passed on to generation to generation [inaudible] it was only during the war. It was only during the ‘yung colonial days. And you still insist about… We are trying our best to strike a deal because Jolo was never conquered by the… [inaudible] was…  Ang Mindanao but still it was part of the Sri Vijaya empire of the ancient Malay race [inaudible] Visayas ang masyadong medyo different sa culture but because of the vastness noon ng… You know, at that time [audible] he wants to sail seas.

I’m sorry I forgot you. I was carried away by the…

Ms. Salaverria: Sir, I will move on to another topic. Can I just…  Sir, what made you change your position on same sex marriage? Because based on your campaign statements, you appeared to be open to same sex marriage?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Same sex marriages?

Ms. Salaverria: Same sex marriages.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganito ‘yan… You are a Catholic? The earth is five [inaudible] Anong panahon sa five billion years pumasok si Adam and Eve? Kasi kung tignan mo ‘yung mukha nila diyan sa mga pictures, embossed or scratch on the wall, halos [inaudible] halos mukhang unggoy. Eh kung wala si Adam and Eve, kung sumunod ka doon sa —

You know, I am not mentioning any particular manuscript or a book [inaudible] Iyong pinasa ng religion, it’s 3,000 plus years ago.

Anong pakialam natin noon? They were written by nomadics diyan sa… I don’t know where they got those… Five billion years old tayo. Kailan pumasok ‘yang religion? At ano ang itsura nila noon ni Adam and Eve? Eh ‘di pang unggoy.

Meaning to say the incongruity of it all. Totoo talaga. When was Christianity invented of the five billion years na nandito tayo? How many civilizations long before us?

Ngayon ako, I am centered on the human being. What pleases your existence? Isang daanan lang tayo sa buhay na ito. Kung ano ang makapaligaya sa isang tao o dalawang tao, kanila ‘yan.

But for the reason that there is a law which say — in the Family Code sa ating Civil Code defining the relations of non — our society, marriages and everything, it says that marriage is always between a man and a woman.

If I allow it then I would have violated the law. Pero kung ano tanungin mo ako kung anong makapaligaya sa iyo, gawin mo. Isang beses [inaudible] dumaan dito.

Never to return back. This is one straight deal. Kaya kung anong makapaligaya mo, you go out of this universe happy and fulfilled.

If it makes the gays happy, let them be. I do not condemn anybody there. What makes you happy, good, just don’t violate the law, period.

Kung nag-sipsip ka diyan kung anong suyupin mo, wala akong pakialam. Kung cogon ubusin mo, eh ‘di okay. Huwag mo lang [inaudible] Kasi may batas eh at sumobra na talaga abuso. Imagine, breaching the million mark, sino naman ang maligayahan niyan?

Tapos nandito ‘yung makialam ang sabi — son of a b****, [inaudible] marami kayong daldal. Eh papaano ‘yung mga bata? Papaano ‘yung mga matanda? Paano ‘yung mga inosente na walang kalaban-laban? Ni-rape. Sino ang ano nito? Who are… Itong animal na ito, they had a choice, going into drugs or not. Itong pinatay nila, wala talaga itong choice. Iyong hinoldup nila, binaril nila diyan sa bus, binaril sa… O galing sa eskwela, waylaid, then raped then killed. Nobody is grieving.

Actually itong mga EU na ano…Iyong NGOs, magtawag kayo madali iyan. Ilan 10,000? Gawain ko pang 50,000 ‘yan kung gusto ninyo. Sige, you still protect them. ‘Pag lumaki ‘yung mga ulo nito kasi protektado sila ninyo ah… Hindi ako maniwala sa inyo.

Iyong ibang Presidente, sa akin wala ‘yan. You are expendable because you are into a lot of b***** in this… I will not allow it, not during my term. Hintay muna tayo. After six years, then you go back to… Ngayon, suspended ang bisyo ninyo. Choose. Choose.

Kaya ‘yung lady of justice nandiyan ‘yan eh. ‘Di ba nakaganun siya. O, hindi naman ‘yan minsan, minsan hindi ‘yan sumusunod, nakaganun ‘yan eh. That’s justice. Iyon ang babae na naka-blindfold? Minsan humihirit iyan doon sa b**** mo. Mamili kayo. Bayan ko tapos sirain mo ng ganon.

Hindi ako pahero-hero. I am not a Rizal. I am just nobody. But do not f*** with my people. God d*** it. Huwag ngayon.

JP Bencito (Manila Standard Today): Good morning, Mr. President. Sir, last Tuesday may nahuli na isang member ng Maute sa Quezon City and PNP Chief Dela Rosa raised a concern that maybe ‘yung Maute has already entered here in Metro Manila and has established presence po. Sir, how serious and up to what extent po ‘yung threat na nakikita po natin on Maute dito sa Metro Manila specifically? And do you have any instructions to the police or to the military on how to counter these security threats?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know, even just a connection with Maute is very serious to me. And I have said before, I was — I think it was in La Salle during the debate, and ako lang ang sumipot, sabi nila, “how would you deal with terrorism?” My answer was [inaudible]

Kayong Mindanao, I am warning you kayong mga kadugo ko na Maranao, tulungan ninyo ako because I have warned you, hindi ako kagaya ng ibang Presidente pabigla-bigla martial law. I just warn you now, now is now, tulungan ninyo ako kayo diyan sa Mindanao pati ‘yung mga bata na pati ‘yung pamilya dumadaan eh isang pamilya pinagrarakrak lang diyan na walang ka… Because ‘yung bangag, the terrorism there is you will buy drug money. So they earn fast. May mga ilang… Marami ng bilyonaryo because of drugs. I used the word “harshly.” But I would not… You overdo things, you put bombs in schools, you bomb ‘yung mga IED diyan sa mga eskwelahan ng mga bata, then you have forced my hand to declare martial law.

Martial law, hindi ko na kailangan pumunta ng korte para magkuha ng search warrant, warrant of arrest. Ang tawag nga nila diyan ASO.

‘Pag ako ang pumasok sa Mindanao ng martial law, I will see to it, tapos ang lahat. Eh magma-martial law lang naman ako, ‘yung lahat ng problema ng bayan diyan sa Mindanao tatapusin ko talaga. Gagamitin ko ‘yung ASO. Wala na akong… ‘Pag search warrant walang, wala ng… Magsabi ang korte “bawal ‘yan.” And I would use the powers of the presidency to the hilt.

‘Pagka pumasok ako sigurado ‘yan. Ang makuha ninyo puro ASO, puro aresto and maybe I will just also create [inaudible] I will allow the military to try you and to put you to death by hanging.

Huwag ninyo akong pilitin. Kayong mga may pera tama na ‘yan. Huwag ninyong galawin ang mga bata, ‘yung mga inosente, walang kamuwang-muwang ‘yan sa diperensiya natin. Ako inaantok na ako pero I am taking time to take questions because mabuti ‘yan dumating na tayo dito.

Ulitin ko, ‘pag ako ang nag-martial law, tatapusin ko lahat ng problema hindi lang sa droga. Then ang bayan natin da-dive ‘yan, pasensiya, wala na akong magawa. It’s either I save the Republic or mag-prevent [inaudible] exploding.

I will be harsh and harsh is harsh. Do not try it. Do not try it kasi kakasahan ko talaga kayo. Do not do it please. Yes, sir.

Julius Disamburun (PTV-4): Good morning po, Mr. President, Julius Disamburun po ng PTV-4. Opo, tanong po natin ang inyo pong administrasyon ay seryoso po dito po sa pagkamit po ng pangmatagalang pangkapayaan. And nine days from now po ang peace talks will restart in The Netherlands. Nakikita na po ba ng atin pong pamahalaan ang sinseridad po ng New People’s Army lalo na po nitong past three days nai-report po ng ating AFP na meron silang 131 na na-neutralize na NPA members. Your thoughts about this, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: [inaudible] Whatever but there will be no releases this time. I am not… Iyong last release ko ‘yon na. Pero ‘yung mga NPA na matanda na may sakit kasali ‘yon doon.

But that is a different category. It’s because they are dying or helplessly old age, they cannot even lift a finger towards their bodies. At saka mahigpit na masyado ‘yung Muntinlupa hindi na maglaban. Ano bang laban ‘yang matanda? Umuwi na kayo. Pero ‘yung ano, no more releases sa ‘yung mga akin. Eh sila rin eh nandoon na tayo, nandoon na kami and with a very slight difference in the — how to look at the problem, eh sinira ninyo. Eh tapos nag-declare ng ceasefire, unilateral, wala pa nga February 10, February 4, pinagpapatay na ninyo ang sundalo ko pati pulis ko. Kalokohan ‘yan. Ayaw ko ‘yan.

Mr. Disamburun: Thank you po, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Huwag ninyo akong ipahiya sa mga…You know I am committed to serve the Republic of the Philippines. I am not there to please anybody. Ma’am…

Ayee Macaraig (Agence France-Presse): Maayong buntag, Mayor President Duterte. I am Ayee Macaraig from the French News Agency, AFP.


Ms. Macaraig: Agence France Presse.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Agence Presse International?

Ms. Macaraig: Yes, sir.


Ms. Macaraig: [Speaks French]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: [Speaks French] Ang medyas mo butas. [laughter]

Ms. Macaraig: Bonjour. Sir, my question on China. Sir, before you left for Myanmar [inaudible] the Philippines cannot stop China from building on Scarborough Shoal because you want to avoid a war and the loss of lives of our soldiers. Senior Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio has suggested several options that are not related to conflict but diplomacy like filing protest or possibly sending the Navy for patrols in Scarborough and what you said refraining from statements that seem to waive our claim. Are you open to other avenues of dealing with China that do not involve war?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: This is what I said in China and it was bilateral and the Defense Secretary was there, my security and the National Security Adviser was there. It was a bilateral.

I said I come here in peace. I am not asking for anything para hindi tayo magmukhang kawawa. I just want to shake your hand, but since you had this and animosi [inaudible] America you have identified as unjustly on the American side. We do not share the American ambition or the aspiration to be the police of the world. I said I just want to trade with you and I want business because my country needs the money.

But certainly, during my term before [inaudible] it ends or in the middle of my administration, there has got to be a time when I will confront you with the arbitral judgment. Sinabi ko ‘yan.

Well sinabi nila, well, China, “South China Sea is ours”. “That is your view. That is your historical basis but I have this arbitral ruling. So what do you supposed?” 

I said, “Ikaw?” Sabi ko, “Ako, I want to…” “As I said I want to trade with you because you are a very prosperous country, I need the money.” Sabi ko, “In the meantime, I set aside.” But I said remember my caveat that I will bring it up at someone. When? When they shall have dig the minerals and the riches of the bowels of the sea.

Bakit ako makipag-away ngayon? Then in that statement of Mr. Carpio, justice and everybody else, let me tell you now, I was informed that they are not going to build anything sa Panatag. Out of respect for our friendship they will stop it. Hindi nila gagalawin ‘yan sabi ng China. Huwag kayong mag-alaala, magkaibigan tayo.

I will not tell you the source, but certainly [inaudible] Pero ‘yung sa iba, sabi ko then you build — ‘yung gate na lang galing Indian Sea, maggawa na lang kayo ng floodgate diyan. Diyan bahala kayo. Dito sa atin wala.

Basta ‘yun ang… That was the assurance given by the Chinese government. They are not going to build anything sa Panatag because they want our friendship. They are… They [won’t] do anything to place it in jeopardy.

Ms. Macaraig: Sir, just a follow up, when did they give this assurance to you personally? When, sir, did they give this assurance to you that they will not build on Panatag Shoal?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: China has a word of honor. Alam mo ‘yung kaibigan kong isa sa likod ko ang hindi eh. P****** i**, ito ang doble-kara.

But know about China kung anong sabihin niya, in good stead, talagang ginagawa niya. Kaya ako nagpunta sa China[inaudible].

By the way my grandfather is Chinese. But that’s beside the point. Kung magkaupakan tayo okay lang, pero there’s nothing to do with that.

I know more sa kanilang ugali. Like ‘yung person in authority noon, ‘pag mag-bitaw ng salita ‘yan, hindi dito. May State Department, may ano doon. Aba’y p****. Kung ano-ano lang gawin sa iyo.

Ms. Macaraig: Sir, just last from me. Sir, during the campaign you said you were applauded for saying na you would go to the disputed islands on a jet ski and plant the Philippine flag and say that this is ours. Nine months into your presidency, has this stand of yours changed, what change?  

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabi nila huwag ka nang magpagod-pagod diyan, gusto mo kunin ka namin ng helicopter dalhin ka na lang namin doon mag-meryenda tayo? Ganoon kami kaibigan ng China pati ‘yung military nila. Medyo matagtag na nga.

Pero [inaudible] usap ko eh bakit ka mag… Maya-maya makasagasa ka pa ng pating diyan mawalaan ka pa ng paa.

Ms. Macaraig: So from jet ski, sir, to helicopter —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganun ang party nila, kumain kami. Sabi niya ang magtanong isang general, ‘Mag-jet ski ka?’ Sabi ko, ‘Oo.’ Sa isa, ‘Bakit?’ ‘Gusto mong pumunta doon?’ ‘Oo.’ ‘Sige, kukuha ng helicopter dalhin ka namin doon, magdala ka ng flag doon o bayang magiliw tayong lahat.’

So what’s the use? You can go there any time I said. I told them ganito ‘yan, since you are claiming it, I am claiming it, do not impede our travel there.

Sabi ko, my coast guard — not the gray ships, not the Navy, huwag. They can go there and visit you, shake your hands, and you can park dito sa amin.

Wala akong sikreto sabi ko, you can travel around the island at magba-bye ka lang sa fish na nandoon. Island… Sabi ko[inaudible] you can pass by my territory.

As a matter fact ‘yung Russia nagpadala ng battleship. I said sabi ko, tapatan mo lahat. Nandoon na ‘yung Amerikano, nagpunta na ang Russo, pag… Bigyan mo kami ng exhibit sa inyo. Sabi nila, okay, we will be sending the biggest ship of China. Sabi niya, sige. Sabi ko, sige bisita kayo, magbisita ako.

So I don’t know what kind of… Maybe their aircraft carrier. There are about two. Ginagawa na nila. You are free to enter — just inform my Navy. Inform the Foreign Secretary — Foreign Affairs Secretary,  inform my Navy, wala tayong… Maglaro- laro tayo doon. Gusto mo mag-giyera- giyera kayo ng America pero ‘yung sound lang muna. Wala ‘yung totohanan kasi madamay kami because why?

I’d like to tell why? I do not want to precipitate a shooting. Once single boom, ang masira ano, ‘yang Panatag, ‘yang Spratly, ang masira ‘yung Palawan, ‘yan ang unang puputok kung hindi kayo bright.

Why do you have to go there and look for — you know, ‘yung a friction? A friction could cause an explosion. An explosion, you know…  There is always the unchanging rule diyan, alam mo ano? Hindi ako bright, hindi ako — pero abugado ako, the reality is miscalculation.

Maski sa military sinabi ko lahat ‘yan, be careful of miscalculation. An [inaudible] can read into a friction, a shooting then you can have war.

And before you know it, bakbakan nila ‘yung Palawan kasi na nandiyan ‘yung mga Amerikano pati ‘yung equipment nila.

Be careful of miscalculation tutal nagsabi na ako sa kanila tama na ‘yon. And they have [inaudible] they will not build anything there sa Panatag. Out… In reaction not of my statement, in reaction to the statement of — itong sila.

Ms. Macaraig: Sir, clarificatory question lang para sure. You said to China they are free to enter Panatag, you’re referring to Scarborough Shoal as long as they ask for permission?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Huwag tayong maghanap ng away. It’s only [inaudible]. If they come here, fine; if they want to pass the territory, just inform the Navy, just inform the Armed Forces and the Department of Foreign Affairs. Wala tayong prolema diyan. Hindi ako maghanap ng giyera.

Paano ‘yung mga anak ko? Giyera… Naku, ipapasubo ko ‘yung bayan ko. Maganda na ang trade natin. Do you know that ang ating banana industry had recovered. Doble na tayo ngayon. Ang ating pineapple ganoon rin, it has increased by 50 percent more than the previous. Noong pinahirapan tayo lahat na lang ng makita nila sabihin nila ‘yung ano—hindi masama ito ganoon, masamang produkto, madumi.

Ngayon China says you sent to us everything and we will buy. If it is does not come up with the quality that we desire, we will ourselves make it a quality product.

Bakit ako maghanap ng gulo? Hay nako. Gusto mo akong mag-ingay-ingay doon? Nasabi ko na infront of the official doon, of the state, of the Republic. Nasabi ko na sa harap ng military, pati ‘yung mga –sila lahat. Ano pa bang gusto nila? And I have this assura — Kaya nga… That is not…Does that not make you happy to hear that they are not going to build anything sa Panatag? Out of respect sa ating friendship.

Iyan paano magdala ng gobyerno…Hindi naman pwede sulat-sulat eh. It could lead to, I said, a miscalculation. Lahat ng giyera, lahat ng ano…

It’s always palpak ganoon, disgrasya, nagmakamali, it is a result of a miscalculation. That’s a very important word for all of us. Do not miscalculate. I will not do it to put my country in danger.

Ms. Macaraig: Thank you, sir

Victoria Tulad (GMA-7):  Good morning, sir.


Ms. Tulad: Sir, may nagsampa na po ng kaso, ng impeachment complaint versus Vice President Leni Robledo, and other said they will follow. What are your thoughts about this po and do you think sapat po ‘yung basehan para ma-impeach VP?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ma’am, hindi ko nakuha… I only got it about a third of what you are saying.

Ms. Tulad: Sir, may nagsampa na po ng kaso ng impeachment complaint against Vice President Leni Robledo…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I won’t ano, I won’t…

Ms. Tulad: Do you think, sir, may basehan po para ma-impeach nga po siya. What are your thoughts po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Look, you know, we just had an election. Guys, lay off. Let’s stop it.

You can do other things but do not tinker with the structure of government. I will not countenance it.

Elected ‘yang tao eh. So why do you have to? Just because she keeps on harping on me? Hayaan mo, this is a democracy, freedom of speech. Wala naman… There are… There is no or there are no overt acts committed. Kakatapos lang ng election. Bakit mo sisirain ang bayan?

Eh ako, malay mo ako baka hindi na ako magising bukas sa bangungot eh okay na. Siya naman, pero ‘yung, you know, you create trouble there for…

Ayaw ‘yan military kasi ayaw nilang—hindi naman tamad pero bakit mo dagdagan ‘yung problema nila? Pati pulis. Who will keep order in this country kung hindi sila? Ngayon, magsabi lang hindi lang natin….t*** i** itong mga ito gusto ng gulo. Gusto talaga ng basagan ng ulo.

Eh maganda na nga buhay kakatapos lang ng election.

You know, this is a democracy. Leaders are elected. You don’t have to be son of a b****, it’s the people’s choice. Remember that.

Ms. Tulad: Sir, sorry follow up, so wala kayong nakikitang mali doon sa ginawa niya, sir, na nagbigay siya ng video doon sa UN Commission on Narcotics and said na may palit-ulo in the Philippines…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ma’am, I cannot… That I cannot… I am out of the country for four days. I have not been apprised with the…

Alam mo hindi ako nakabasa ng newspaper ‘yung mga column, hindi ako naka… Iyon lang ano, ‘yung news talaga. But wala akong nahahawakang newpapers.

Usap nalang tayo ngayon gusto mo? Pagkatapos. You brief me and maybe tomorrow I am ready to answer… I’ll call you first. Ang ganda ng smile mo ah. Iyong taga-GMA talaga.

My countrymen that’s about it. Salamat po. [applause]