Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the Integrated Bar of the Philippines’ 16th National Convention of Lawyers
Grand Ballroom, Marriott Hotel, Pasay City
23 March 2017
Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II… Kindly sit down please. Thank you. Department of Justice; Associate Justices of the Supreme Court; Atty. Rosario Setias-Reyes; officials and members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines; mga kasama ko sa gobyerno; mga kababayan ko.

You know, it is, automatic ‘yan eh. The PMS, Presidential Management Staff would prepare you a speech of only three pages.

Really, I do not go beyond three, four minutes kasi… But there are times, you know, I am forced to just apologize to you and maybe talk to you. I will not deliver a speech.

I will just talk to you because it is important that we go along. Maybe I will be there one year only, two years, a part of my destiny would limit me to the most three years.

But I would like to tell you now from sa puso ko. I was a bit… It was unsettling for me to be the centerpiece of the moment sa program. Ako lang po’y ordinaryo na tao lang. Well, from a city in Mindanao.

But I never really realized that one day I’d be addressing my compañeros, my colleagues as the President of the Philippines.

Far from it. But I was a hesitant act, candidate. Alam mo, okay naman sana ‘yun sa akin. But for the fact that nobody was really talking about Mindanao.

Lahat sila, with due respect, they… More than just the itong sa Scarborough Shoal. Para sa akin ‘yan as President in my assessment of the problems of the country. Number one would be drugs because it has been with us for so long. It has contaminated a lot of our fellowmen.

Alam mo I just made about one, two, three, four, five promises. Even during the presidential debates, I limited it to about four, five only because I knew that one and one half and the two minutes given us was really a very crazy timetable for anybody to present his platform for an — as important as the presidency.

Parang mali nga ‘yun but ano, I cannot do anything. So but bumawi tayo sa kampanya. I promised, first, that I will stop corruption. And I have started it. I have quietly requested almost up to now 92, most of them sa [LTFRB] pati LTO and the regulatory bodies to just quietly go into the night.

I will not raise a ruckus. I do not want to humiliate a person in front of his family and, you know, children. Somehow it would be a lasting hurt and you will never be forgiven even how right you are.

So sa corruption, alam mo, the only thing that really needs to be done is for the Filipino to be assertive of his rights. Iyon lang ang hinihingi ko sa Pilipino. Join me to stop corruption. I will do it, my God, I will do it even if I have to fire everybody. Pero kailangan ko ang tulong ng Pilipino.

All you have to be is to be assertive. Kapag hiningian ka at hindi naman kailangan bumigay, sigawan mo, b****** mo, i-p***** i** mo. Sabihin mo, ‘Bakit ako magbigay sa iyo at sino ka naman humingi sa akin? Sabi ni Duterte, sampalin raw kita.’ [applause]

Go with the BIR, with the Customs, with the regulatory bodies and all, and even the mayors I am warning them. Though I only have supervisory powers over you but you know I can either suspend, reprimand, or dismiss you.

So kung hindi ninyo ma-correct ‘yang down the line, including ‘yung mga bidding, about a third of the corruption or even about half is always in the local government.

Time to shape up. I’m still trying to, you know, compile the regulations that I want. Bakit hindi ninyo maibigay three days? Pumunta kayo sa Register of Deeds, walang papel pabalik-balik. So I’m giving the directors, every director in this country, in government’s pay, you only have 15 days. You must husband the routinary travel of the paper.

Be sure to come up with all or else you have to explain to me. Ang department secretaries, I’m not trying to belittle the office, but karamihan sa inyo practicing years. How many days would it take you to follow up papers in NEDA?

We had the same experience. And I was a government agency, or at least I was representing a government entity. It takes you about one year, two years, my God. There’s no wonder talaga ang Pilipinas sumusubsob eh.

So each and every department has only one month. Ke kung ayaw mo ‘yan o gusto mo, i-release mo within one month. State the reason why your application is denied. Huwag mo na ‘yang mumbo jumbo na opinion. Your application, one; two, you have not complied; three; four; five. So that when a paper comes to me, malaman ko na kaagad.

Mind you and you can ask anybody in government, I do not allow government contracts to reach my table, either sa bahay or sa opisina ko. I do not.

I leave it up to Secretary Aguirre, kung anong gusto ng opisina mo, basta gawin mo lang, graft-free, walang hingian, bahala kayo kung anong desisyon ninyo.

But be sure you’re always on the right side. Wala akong hinahawakan po. Hindi kagaya noon, it travels so lo — a long and winding road. So that by the time na ano, pati ‘yung mga infrastructure projects nakabitin.

Sabi ko kay Tugade and I trust Tugade, he’s a billionaire. He was my classmate and he was very good. Sabi ko, ‘Art, ‘yung infrastructure bilisan mo. Kasi that’s the only way. Congress is not willing to give you the money and so traffic in EDSA will remain as it is.’

But, after visiting China, ang China naman talaga o gusto tayong gawain na probinsiya nila. [laughter] They are giving us two, dalawang free bridges to span the Pasig River. I really don’t know where. Ganoon ang China. So… If you have the new bridges, you have to improve on the roads.

Then I hope that by late this year, they will start on it. Kung ayaw magbigay ng Congress and for whatever reason kung anong — ayaw nila, magduda sila. Well and good, I look for another one. But lo and behold, I decided to change a little bit ‘yung foreign policy natin.

Sabi… We we’re discussing so why is it that we are too far away from trade and commerce to China? Sabi nila, eh kasi Amerikano daw tayo. Eh sinong may sabi? Sabi ng China. So pumunta ako sa China, sabi ko, hindi kami Amerikano. Ayaw ko ng Amerikano. Pareho tayo. They are only good when the government gets good.

Sabi ko, I am here, I am not trying to ask for anything. That was during the bilaterals. Nandoon ‘yang mga Cabinet members pati ‘yung mga military ng Philippines. And I just came here to shake your hand and if I can have a participation in the trade and commerce.

Kasi ‘yung mga pineapple natin, ‘yung mga manga wala na. Puro poor quality, puro kung ano-ano na lang ang pinag… So we were trying hard. Our banana exports were down, pineapple were down. Lahat.

So ‘nong nagpunta ako, sabi ko, you know, I come here in peace. I will shake your hand. But there is one thing that you must realize at this early before we start talking, and that is during my term, anytime into that span of many years, there will be a time that I will mention to you about the arbitral ruling and we’ll have to talk about it because you claim it to be yours, it is also ours by judgment. I mean I do not care your history, it is yours.

Sabi ko, mag-usap talaga tayo. Mabuti ‘yang magklaro tayo ngayon. Sabi niya, ‘okay’. So when is that? Sabi ko, ‘in due time.’ What is the due time? O when you start to dig there the minerals, the riches of the bowels of the sea, kasali tayo.

Kasi kalabitin ko na siya. ‘Di ba sinabi ko, you claim it, I claim it. So I claim now my ownership, my entitlements then we have to talk.

At hindi naman ako madamot. Ang gusto kong kunin ang lahat, wala naman tayong pang-capital, even in the rigs and everything, we cannot afford it. Baka sharing-sharing na lang.

Now, the reason why I’m very ano sa Amerikano is this. Lahat tayo pro-Americans naman eh. In the sense that we have been allied militarily, we cannot enter into a military alliances with anybody because of that RP-US pact of 1950, ’51.

So it would be incongruous for us to be entering into military alliances. One, it could violate the treaty itself. So sabi ko sa kanila, ako trade and commerce lang ako. I cannot enter into military things there because… But you are free to enter my country.

Kaya niyaya ko mga battleships nila, ‘yung una sabi ko, ‘yung Russia nagkita kami ni Medvedev, sabi ko, ‘pakita mo ‘yung mga vessel mo na mga Army, ah mga Navy mo.’ So they sent one. I went on board visited it, it was good. Sabi ko, ‘okay ito’. I said, ‘talo ang mga Amerikano nito’.

Then China is sending one of its biggest ships. I told the Ambassador of China that I will board it. Iyong dumaan na Amerikano, Vinson was it ba? The aircraft carrier. Sabi ko si Vit Aguirre na lang, kay hindi pa nakasakay ‘yan ng barko. Kayo na lang pumunta doon, huwag na ako. Sobra-sobra na.

You know, ito ang tanong ko sa inyo, there is the RP-US pact. It is a military alliances and we are supposed to protect each other. At no given time sa Amerika in jeopardy of being at war with anybody. That option was never exercised by the Philippines.

Alam niya na ang ating argument was we are entitled to it. It’s like a fish pond in front of your house and that economic zone is part of your fish pond where you can grow the tilapia and other mudfish and everything para iyo. Alam ng Amerika ‘yan.

When there was… Four years ago, five years ago, there were some overflights made by us, by Australia, other countries and even the satellites.

And we were warned by everybody that something was afoot there sa Scarborough. That somebody’s gonna build some sort of a structure. Why in hell ang Amerika siya lang naman talaga ang pwedeng kumasa doon, bakit sabihin niya ngayon magpunta ang Navy ko? It will mean a massacre for my soldiers. I will not do it.

Kung gusto mo mauna ka at mag-isip pa ako, baka sasali ako. Why did you not at at the first instance pinuntahan ninyo ‘yung mga Instik doon nagta-trabaho, building that structures there and just to tell.

Anyway, if you disregard the entitlements then you would still insist it’s an open sea international water. It’s near the mouth of the Indian Ocean going inside China. Bakit hindi mo pinuntahan doon? Bakit hindi mo sinita? Bakit hindi ka nagpadala ng limang aircraft carrier at kinasahan mo? And you had to wait for the problem to ripen into an international issue involving this time so many countries Vietnam, lahat na.

You could have cut the problem in the bud had you taken indecisive action. Bakit ngayon sabihin mo you assert, you assert. Tapos sasabihin pa dalhin mo ‘yung… Why don’t you bring your Navy there?

Ladies and gentlemen as I have… I’m 72 years old. I have so many faults in life. Marami akong problema, some intentional, some unintentional. Alam mo nalaman ko sa buhay ko miscalculation.

Be careful of that word ma-miscalculate mo. You go there on the pretext of what? Challenging them? Alam mo isang p**** i** lang ‘yan, ano p**** i** mo rin, l**** ka. Eh bumunot ka p***** i** kang Intsika ka. O iyan. You’d al… It is one single solitary shot. It could lead to an explosion and it could lead into war; and it will be a slaughter.

Wala tayong mga cruise missiles, wala tayo ‘non. We are no match and we have to be brutally frank to admit it. Huwag na nating bolahin ang sarili natin.

Pagka ganon ang nangyari ang pupulpugin nila the island of Palawan. Kasi nandiyan ang logistics ngayon ng Amerika — para atin, nagbi-build up tayo diyan. Ayan ang problema.

So we go back to the days where it could have been solved or settled but why did America done nothing about it? Wala. Tapos ngayon tayo ang ipasubo ng… They want us to be assertive, for what reason? You know, last night I was flying in from Thailand. I got told from the Chinese government that in deference to our friendship at they want to preserve the relations, do not [inaudible]… They are not building anything sa Panatag. O sabi ko, “thank you.”

At least hindi naman you give us a mouth saving because — a face saving… Would have… Again, magmurahan tayo. Sabi niya, ‘nothing sa Panatag’. I will… ‘We will never do it there.’

Iyon namang dumaan dito, there was no agreement. I told Xi Jinping when I was there, President. ‘President, you can… Your ships can go in and out ah country — either pass through the North or the Sulu Sea to the Malacca Strait.’

But I asked him about the situation sa Malacca. You know the President is the one who — foreign policy. So ‘yung mga daldal diyan kung anong agreement, tumahimik muna kayo. When I have perfected the agreement, I ask China to do some patrols there in the international waters. Kasi kung papasok sila dito they have to go up towards Thailand then down or dito sila which is really nearer.

And pagka it becomes — nandito pa itong sa South China Sea, dagdagan mo pa ng piracy, merong isang tugboat kanina na hinijack (hijack) na naman. Ang may-ari si Rodriguez ‘yung may-ari ng mga eroplano ‘yung for rent, for lease.

Sabi ko sa China — ewan ko kung bakit eh ipinadala ko na ang lahat ng Navy doon eh. But sabi ko kulang kasi… Iyon ang sinabi ko, noon iyon ‘nong panahon ng first visit sabi ko, ‘Why don’t you help us also do some patrols just like what you did in Somalia?’ It was a multi-national effort and finally nahinto ‘yung Somali piracy.

Ang order ko sa Navy, basta makita ninyo, pasabugin na ninyo. Do not wait for… ‘Pag hindi pumara, pasabugin mo. Sabi nila, eh kung may mga hostages? Kung Filipino kausapin mo ng areglo, ‘pag hindi, wala tayong magawa. Kung iba sabi ko, wala nang tanong-tanong, pasabugin mo na ‘yang mga y*** na ‘yan.

Kung kayo hindi kayo maghinakit sa akin, bakit ako maghinakit sa inyo? Kumbaga para matapos na, para sabihin ko tapusin na ninyo, tapusin na ninyo. Kasi ‘pag hindi it will be… And may I also add, ‘yung nangyayari sa Mindanao, binobomba ‘yung eskwelahan, ‘yung Marawi diyan mismo sa eskwelahan sa library, state university, pinasabog ninyo ng granada. Then sa Zamboanga nilagyan ng IED ‘yung national high school.

Ako, hindi kagaya noong previous na ayaw magsalita openly, ako magsalita ako. Do not force my hand into it. Once you begin to massacre and slaughter people who are innocent, I will declare martial law over the entire island.

Huwag ninyo akong hintayin na pumasok diyan. Nagmamakaawa ako. I’m pleading for peace. Huwag ninyo akong hintayin na kailangan ko pang gumamit ng extra ordinary power. Kasi ‘pag ako ang pumasok diyan, taga-Mindanao ako, tatapusin ko lahat.

And in my presidency, pinusta ko ‘yung buhay ko, my honor and the presidency itself. I do not give a s***. If I stay here only for one year or I got—barilin ako or whatever, or I am ousted by fault, tanggapin ko ‘yan. Because then it would be part of my destiny as President.

I never, I never, I never thought really all along na maging Presidente ako. At my age 72, if you ask me am I extra ordinarily happy, am I excessively proud of being President, I’ll tell you now, hindi. Hindi. Totoo. And I do not need the presidency at this time of my life. Kaya kong bitawan ‘yan.

So ‘yung takutin ng impeachment, coup d’état, beterano ako diyan. Eh ang mga military gusto ninyo? Do not fight the Presidential guard, puro kayo sundalo eh, gastos ng gobyerno ‘yan. Halikayo dito, linya kayo, raise your right hands and repeat after me. ‘I, General and so and so now hereby taking over the government, I’m appointing myself as the member of the junta.’ Good. P***** i**, sige ba-bye, uwi na ako. [laughter] Then solve the problem.

Sige. Eh mahirap ‘yang takot-takutin ka. Ako pa ang takutin mo ay susmaryosep. Kaligaya ko na lang umuwi doon sa Davao.

I’m 72, marami nag-i-speculate pati ‘yung mga gunggong na press, pumunta na daw ako ng China. Sabi ko, ‘nagpunta ako ng China, nagpatuli ako.’ [laughter] T**** i*** ‘yan.

Bakit ikaw Tatad, ‘di ba pisot ka rin? [laughter] Sabi ko, pina-repair ko kasi ‘yung akin tuli ‘yung ganon lang. [laughter] Eh dalawang hampas eh dalawang parang tapay ng manok. [laughter] Sabi ko, ‘punta ako sa China, pinalinis ko.’ [laughter] Takutin, babastusin mo ako ng ganon.

You know, let me very very very very very frank with you I never graduated into the presidential style. Hindi talaga ako ‘yung… [modulates voice] Ladies and gentlemen in this country we have so many problems. Hindi ako ganon basta ako kung anong gusto kong sabihin, sasabihin ko kay ‘yun man ang totoo.

Kaya lang kung may bata eh siyempre medyo — pero wala man. Iba siguro nakadaan na ng… I don’t know. Pero huwag mo akong takutin ng ganoon. Wala sa akin ‘yan.

I can go anytime but I have to stop corruption. My God talagang totohanan ito. Ang sabi ko ‘pag hindi kita nadala p**** i** lang siguro, pakiusap sasampalin kita in public or sipain kita. Iyon ang ginagawa ko ‘nong ‘pag ka Mayor ako.

Alam mo Pilipino sinubukan ko na lahat ‘yan 23 years. Noong una pakiusap kasi tatay ko mabait eh. He was a governor at one time, pasensyoso. Hindi ko nakita ‘yun nagalit na mag-p**** i**. Mag-ano lang siya, mag-whisper lang kung galit ‘yung nagtu-twits ‘yung…

Ako talagang… May professor nga kami sa law school, bago siyang professor so inilagay ‘yung pangalan niya A-A tapos L-L –A-B-L-L-A-B. Tapos pagpasok namin, nakita ko, ‘ay ito ba ‘yung professor natin na bago?’ Ilagay ko doon… Baka, baka nandito ha… [laughter]

Inom muna tayo ng tubig. [laughter] Iyan tanungin mo si Vit, dinagdagan ko, A-B-S- C-B-N [laughter] Eh A-A-A-B-L-A-A-B, tapos sabi ko, A-B-S-C-B-N. Noong pagpasok niya nakalimutan ko eh, ‘yung basta-basta na ganon. Nakalimutan ko sabi pa ng — ‘Who wrote this one?’

Tinignan niya eh. Sus walang… Ganon talaga tapos sumigaw na. Noong sumigaw siya for the third time gumanon na ako.[raises his hand] Mabuti’t na lang ipinasa ako. Akala ko sabi ko, ‘saan ako mag- summer nito?’ [laughter]

Eh akala ko talaga ibagsak ako ng… Of course, when I saw him after law school, mayor na ako, medyo ano na siya. ‘Sir, sorry, ano lang ‘yun, sir, sabi ko, biro-biro lang ng buhay.’ Kalokohan minsan natin eh.

Anyway, anong tingin ninyo sa akin? Basta ako ayaw ko ng corruption. Let us give the people just a respite of six years and after that bahala na kayo.

You can continue what you were at in the previous years. Sa akin ayaw ko talaga kasi ‘yan lang ang — ‘yan lang ang maiwan ko.

You know why? Iyon nga six million. Maniwala kayo na — plus the 50 million ‘yung base, I got six million more than the other candidate. Why? Wala akong gobernador except Imee, si Abet sa Bataan, Garcia, at isang lady governor na bumaligtad ‘nung — and only because of love.

Kaya it is always good to maintain lovers even if you are no longer the time kasi it can be remembered when the time comes. Bumaligtad talaga and I won by over 100,000. That is to show to you how important love sa buhay. [laughter]

Kasi kung mag-love ka lang naman ‘yung mga congresswoman pati gobernadora. Now but it was — it’s all past tense. Nakilala ko ‘yan siya when I was congressman, 1999 – 1990. Bata pa kami noon. Hindi pa masyadong matanda ibig sabihin we could still make it merrily pa-Hong Kong-Hong Kong, pa-Macau-Macau diyan. [laughter] Iyon ang mga racket ng Mayor eh. [laughter] Tamad man ‘to. But nothing beats the mayorship. If you want to improve your… I’m on second part now.

When I was Mayor in 1988 Davao was at the crossroads. Tapos sila ng giyera and you can ask anybody here from Davao ‘yung seatmate mo, we used to loose about two, three policemen a day, soldier. So ‘nung nag-Mayor ako because I’ve always been identified with the left and that is true.

I used to cross the ideological border. Iyong pumunta ng bukid, maki-usap, release ganon. But iba na ngayon.

I’m just a… Kasi kaming lahat pumunta ng Mindanao mahirap. Pumunta kami ng Mindanao may ano na ako eh. So I could see really the hardships. And would you believe it sa likod ng Ateneo de Davao ngayon, harap ng Marco Polo, doon kami nag-bahay, pagatpatan pa ‘yan sa Bisaya parang wetland. And would you believe it? Na-demolish rin kami in 1954.

And my mother was crying and I was wondering all the time why was my mother weeping? Kaya nag-umpisa lang kami sa — migrants lang kami, seeking greener pastures sa Mindanao.

Kaya it pains me very deeply to see it now na magulo. And nobody was talking about Mindanao so that I had to run. Somebody had to take the cudgels of Mindanao.

So I’m talking with the MILF. They’re perfecting the… I’m sure that they’ll be through by two months from now. We can start on the structure.

Then I’m talking with the — Nur Misuari. Si Tarhata just called maybe he’s ready to talk. Sabi ko, ‘Take your time, Nur.’ Basta wala lang munang gulo, okay lang sa akin. You can go in and out kasi may kaso siya eh but I allow them to go in and out of the country to talk to the OIC. He’s back.

Ang mga — sa NPA, there’s a backchanneling going on pero I will not go back into… They have… They will declare they say a ceasefire. I was the first who did it the last time. Sabi ko, ‘no, I will not.’ Give me one that is [inaudible] in writing guaranteeing the parameters kasi nga magulo noon ang parameters. They targeted February 10 to lift the ceasefire. So nag-abante ako, sabi ko February 8 ako. Then at February 2 pinapatay na nila ang sundalo ko pati pulis ko.

So that night tinawagan ko siya, sabi ko, ‘you resume the fighting.’ Ngayon, I am asking for bahala sila Dureza doon pati… Nandito si Bebot… Isa pa ‘yang Bello na ‘yan, leftist ‘yan eh.

Sabi ko, diyan dala-dala niyang ano… Sabi ko, ‘Bot, hindi ako papayag na walang written ceasefire agreement.’ Then, sabihin mo sa kanila, I will not recognize their theory put forward na ang — may mga teritoryo sila na hindi nakakapasok ang sundalo ko o pulis kasi teritoryo nila. Sabi ko, nothing of…

I… The Republic of the Philippines owns every inch of this island of this Republic as delineated sa Constitution. Nobody but nobody claims any part of it except the Republic of the Philippines. ‘Pag wala ‘yan, giyera na lang tayo. We have been at war for 50 years. You want another 50 years? Fine.

Sinabi ko, bahala kayo. Ako ready ako. Then your extortion activities must stop because I will order the police and the military to arrest you if you keep on asking… Lahat tayo taga saan-saan doon. Alam ninyo, they’re so active. It has to stop kasi napapahiya ang gobyerno. Napapahiya ako. And kung hindi magbaril na lang tayo kung gusto mo.

Tutal, marami na. You know, we are not supposed to use the jets, the air assets. Eh nandiyan na ‘yung mga jets ko, na-deliver na, apat ‘yan. Sabi ko, gamitin mo ‘yung bomba mo. Sirain mo ‘yung buong bundok ng Pilipinas. Huwag mong tirahan. Huwag mo akong…

Sabi ko, use the — eh precision ano na ‘yan eh, guided na, some of them are guided by satellites. So I can really blow you to pieces. We had an encounter once and it was good and it will be good for us. Ang sabi ko sa walang… Do not claim any title over… Kalokohan ‘yan.

So ‘yan ang deal ko. We’re talking with the good guys and we are also trying to talk to the good guys. Pero kung ayaw nila ng good guys, eh ‘di bad guys lang lahat. Wala tayong magawa.

Now dito po ako sa ano, that’s why I’ve been itching really to be present tonight, ma’am, kasi I have a confession to make. Sort of. When I was mayor, so it was very topsy-turvy. But at that time drugs, ‘yung shabu were already being caught in small numbers. Mainly in Cotabato pati sa Lanao, sa Davao rin.

And sabi ko sa pulis, bilisan ninyo kasi delikado ‘to. When I was a prosecutor at that time, patapos pa ang Martial Law, iyong forensics, ito ’yung SOCO, was not as yet organized the way it is now.

So PCINP pa ‘yon eh. May kaso ako noon and you can just imagine to my chagrin, iyong iisa lang for Region 11 — they cut this country into so many regions, 1, 2 and 3. Pero ‘yung SOCO Region 11 based in Davao but kung merong hinuli doon sa Gen San, may trial or in Surigao, it was part of the original Region 11, ‘pag nandito, tapos nakatawag ka, iisa lang, si Mallorca, retired na. He was the only one competent to testify as an expert witness and most of my cases heard during the time when he was out of the area at least in Davao City, nadi-dismiss lahat ‘yun.

May galit na talaga ako sa kanila because nakita ko na ang impact sa society. I was just… Pero tahimik lang ako. Wala akong magawa eh. But the so many failures at ‘yung corruption ng police na pagdating doon sa korte, tawas na ang ibibigay sa akin.

Sabi ko may araw talaga ang p***** i** ninyo, papatayin ko kayo. The embarrassment and everything at saka ‘yung mura ng fiscal. You’re wasting your time. What are you doing? You are in cahoots with the — you are planting evidence. Lahat na isinigaw sa akin.

Sabi ko, ‘Your Honor, I am really sorry but I was…’ Kaya ‘yung handling ng evidence. At marami ‘yun itong naging mayor ako. Noong naging mayor ako kasi nakita ko. Sabi nila, magkano, ‘yung 10,000? Look at the statistics last year and 77,000 Filipinos died.

Ayaw niyo maniwala? Ibigay ko sa inyo. Ibigay ko sa IBP. Lahat na ‘yan mga biktima. May nabiktima ako na kaibigan that he called me early in the morning to go to his house at the Insular Village. That is the houses of the millionaires sa…

Pagdating ko doon, I could hear the wife inside the car with the music blaring at umiiyak itong… He embraced me umiiyak. Sabi ko, ‘Anong nangyari?’ Akala ko ang asawa nag-away. Sabi niya, ‘Alam mo mayor, nalimutan ko kasi ‘yung .45 ko, nailagay ko sa drawer ko diyan sa office ko, sa bahay…’ Separate building office niya.

Sabi niya, ‘Nakuha ng anak kong lalaki. Ngayon, nasa itaas, nire-rape niya ang elder sister niya. Hindi kami makapasok kasi every time we attempt to enter the room, he points the gun at us.’

Iyong mga ganon. And the so many rapes of so many children. Tingnan ninyo ang statistics. Do not count this idiotic number of 10,000. Hindi naman ganon karami. 10,000? In that short span of time, 10,000?

Sabihin mo, sila ‘yung unang nagpatayan. It was a turf war kasi nag-intriga kami. About the intrigue na, pinayait ka nito so hulihin ka namin ngayon kasi… May pinatay, pinatay ‘yung ano mo.

So at first, it was not until the second month that we started the operation. And if you noticed, a week before the election, tingnan ninyo ang statistics.

Huwag kayong maniwala diyan sa kaagad na… You know men judge best when they condemn. Ganon ang sakit ng tao. Totoo ‘yan. May salvaging lahat ‘yan sa Pilipinas.

Iyong ibang mayor ganon. But you know ako, kasi Presidente na, at ‘nong mayor ako sabi ko, ganito ang deal ko: Do not destroy my city or else I will kill you. Do not destroy our young, our daughters, and sons. Do not destroy their life, their future, kasi ‘yan sila ang magbili ng oxygen namin… Hindi kami milyonaryo. Iyan sila ang magbili ng gatas natin pati medisina.

Kung gawain mong gunggong ‘yan, saan kami pupunta? Ba’t meron ba tayong home for the aged? Sa Davao meron, maganda.

Sa totoo lang, kung wala kang mapuntahan and you want a comfortable house, you go to Davao, I’ll accommodate you. Maganda ang… Iyang sa taas niyan in the hill, there is a structure there a house worth 33 million. It’s where I placed ‘yung mga bata ng victims ng incest at nanganak sila, doon sila inilagay.

I built for them a house that’s really a house. Para ‘yung anak niya na kapatid niya, lalaki sila sa… Ganoon ako magmalasakit ng kapwa tao ko.

Tapos ito ngayon, sino? Who will take care of us? Kung sa Davao, akala ko ganon lang. Dito, rape… Titingnan mo, marami namang conviction, nakikita naman ninyo.

But when I became Mayor, sabi ko, ‘ito na.’ I never realized that it was so widespread and it was, came to a number… Panahon ni General Santiago, he placed it at three million tapos 92 percent of the barangays contaminated dito sa Maynila.

‘Nong na-Presidente ako, when I got hold of the all data, lahat na, iyon nakita ninyo they surrendered by the hundreds of thousands and it also reached 1,600,000 at the end of last year, December.

So just be conservative na lang tayo. Wala ng incremental increase. Place it at three million or four million if you may. Maglagay ka lang diyan 800,000, durog. What will happen to the penal system of this country? What will happen to our civilization? 10,000 patay, maski totoo, dagdagan mo pa ng 20.

I have 4 million potential — drug addicts because if they continue to use shabu for six months to one year, their brain will shrink and if the brain is shrank, he is no longer viable for a rehabilitation.

So we are stuck with 800 insane persons and they can go out and kill again and look for money ‘pag ka basag na. And they’ll be at it at their usual business. Then time will come ‘yung lahat ng pumatay dito ng mga bata nag-rape, mahuli natin. And if I could get an accounting for them, for the misdeeds, when we file a case in court, tapos ako ang defense, sasabihin ko, ‘Your honor, could we make a preliminary inquiry just to determine if he is in his right mind?’

Eh kung magsabi itong forensic na, ‘You know his brain is shrank. For all intents and purpose, psychologically he’s insane.’ Then the next question, can he stand trial? ‘Is your sound mind, can he understand, can he discern what could be the wrong?’ Even at the time…

Kung hindi pa bangag noon, okay pa. But when he’s at trial, bangag na. You cannot try him. And kung hindi mo…Who will now account for the 77,000? Who will answer for the lost souls? Who will take now the responsibility of — even assuming that you have taken note of their deaths by statistics.

Sino ang managot nito? Kita mo, pag-surrender sa TV, kala mo sa Nazi camp concentration, puro payat, puro malnourished, puro bangag. What are you doing to my country? You do not do it because I will kill you. And I said I will stake my life, honor and the presidency itself.

I will not allow my country to go to the dogs. Itong EU, you know, 1914 to 1916, ‘yung si Archduke Ferdinand na-assassinate. There was a war. Then it was followed by the Second War, sila-sila rin.

Sa una it was France, ah Russia against the Prussian, Austrian pati Germany. Second World War, sila. How many Europeans died? 90 million. Tapos sabihin mo sa akin ngayon, why are you…? P****** i** mo. T******** ka pala eh.

Kayo diyan. Why? Were the conscience of your forefathers worse than your conscience now the present generation? Was there a difference in the values? Why are you imposing your values on us?

And noon nasa UN, nasa UN kayo, hindi kayo, there were countries, they never arrived at a consensus of how to deal with this problem, the first anti-drugs summit. There was none. And the majority opinion was that each country should be given — to deal with the problem his own way. Why? Do you think I enjoy killing people? Do you think you can stand with your — sleep at night when you kill an innocent man?

Ako ho ganito, magsabi ka lang siguro mga two, three meron. This was really my order even in Davao. Arrest them… Abogado eh. Arrest them if possible para gisahin mo at malaman natin kung sino pa but namatayan na kasi ako ng pulis dalawa.

Sabi ko sa kanila, if possible, but if they confront you violently and if you think you will die, p******* i**, patayin mo. I would rather see a criminal patay than mga pulis ko nagtatrabaho. May pamilya ‘yan eh. At saka ang pulis noon takot, bakit? ‘Pag nagka-problema, alam ninyo ‘yan, ‘pag ka nagkaproblema, na-file ang kaso, lalo na patrolman, that day wala ng pagkain pati hinto na ang eskwela ng bata.

Kaya ‘nong ako Mayor, ‘pag na-suspend ako ang gumagastos. That is how it is. It was not spoiling them. Kaya nagtatrabaho talaga. Dito sinabi ko, ako ang managot. If something wrong comes up, you arrest then there is a confrontation, then somebody dies, I will answer for it. I will answer for it, each and every case. Basta sinunod lang ‘yung order ko. That was as far as I could get legally. Sabi ko ‘yun.

Hindi ko iwanan itong droga and it will continue until the last drug lord is killed and the last pusher… Every user is always a pusher. Iyon ang panggastos niya kung sino ang ma-connect niya. Now, kung wala itong runner, nandiyan lang ‘yung shabu mo sa warehouse mo, huwag lang kitang maabutan, talagang papatayin kita, p***** i** mo.

Kung tenolada ka, if you are there, shabu 500 kilos, you better pray. Sabihin ko talaga, ‘Mga pulis, umalis kayo diyan. Yayariin koi tong y*** na ito.’

If you do that, ngayon kung dito, sabihin mo, itong mga NGOs, ‘mga mahirap lang ‘yan sila, ganon pobre, inuna ninyo ang pobre.’ You know kung walang runner, walang trafficking. Kung wala ‘yan sila, nandito lang, hindi ma-distribute ‘yan.

Ngayon kung nandito sila, wala ‘yan. Wala rin. Pero galit ako sa mga tao because… Kanina, ah kagabi sa Thailand. Sabi ko, ‘Senator, how long did it took you to earn your first million?’ Mga housing, housing.

Sabi niya, mga two, three years. Itong mga p***** i**** ‘to, mga municipal mayors, itong mga barangay captains, 40 percent ng ating barangay captains sabi ko, may tama ka. They cook shabu, in two months, they are millionaire.

Sa Mindanao, there’s a dynamics there very fast. Kasi you know, mga y*** kayo, I lose about two, three policeman or soldiers day-to-day, everyday. Sa Mindanao, ang shabu doon, may… M-60, dalawa ang machine gun.

Kaya every time may raid, may isa, dalawa talaga akong patay. It’s either the police or the military. That’s why I have to go there. Kaya hindi lang ‘yung casualty isang pulis patay. Maraming tinatamaan, drug-related ‘yan. It’s shabu.

Kaya I am… Maglipad talaga ako doon to show my solidarity with the soldiers kasi sila naman ang binubulyawan. P***** i** bakit malakas ‘yang droga ninyo diyan? Wala ka siguro… Ayaw mo magtrabaho? Palitan kita.

So they’re forced to perform and they die. That’s why I have to take time maski wala akong tulog, lipad ako, lipad doon, just to be with the family. That’s the only thing that I can offer to them.

Iyan ang problema niyan. Itong namang… Basta ako. Hindi ako aatras diyan. Hindi ako aatras diyan. At saka ‘yang durugista ‘yung malalaki, hanapan kita ng paraan. Bigyan kita ng baril. Ibigay ko… Droga, p***** i**, sige, pero isa lang ang bala ilagay mo. Para kung mag-miss wala na, okay na. Eh mag-suicide ka pala.

Mabuti lang sila, hindi na ako mayor. Kay kung mayor ako dito sa Maynila, eh wala. Barilan palagi ‘yan. Lumaban ka. Lumaban ka kasi papatayin talaga kita. You better fight. I will give you the chance.

Anong ginagawa mo sa bayan ko? Four million and until now. Kay i-publish ko ha. May daily briefer ako. Ibinigay ko na nga sa mga pari eh.

Look at day-to-day incidents of this country. Two pages. Iba-ibang… Shabu, puro shabu. Apprehended barangay captain, konsehal, barangay kagawad.

Ngayon, bakit nagkaganon tayo? Alam mo, sa totoo lang, itong EU, iba ang kultura ng mga g*** na ‘to. Health-based nila, ang proposal ba naman nila, kopyahin natin ‘yung sa Switzerland, na magtayo ako ng shabu station at marijuana. Totoo ‘yun. Nandiyan sa ano nila, nandiyan sa, ‘yung EU.

Panay basa ang p***** i**, itong EU parliament, puro pulitiko. Bugok talaga ‘yan basta pulitiko. Itong EU Commission, they are the executives, ‘yung mga banker ‘yan, about the economy.

Pero ‘yung parliament na ‘yan, puro pulitiko. Nor different from ours. Walang ginawa ‘yang mga u*** na ‘yan. Ang suggestion nila, kaya ako nagalit, maglagay daw tayo ng — Canada — o station sa Tondo. Meron diyan libre, free shot sa shabu, marijuana, at cocaine. O ilagay mo sa Forbes Park ‘yang mga p****** i** isa pa ‘yan. Doon sa Dasmariñas. Sige. ‘Yun ang gusto nila. Punta ka doon. Libre. Hindi ka na patayin. P***** i**, sabi ko, u***.

Wala ng ginawa itong mga puti kundi kalokohan. Iyan ang totoo. Iyan man talaga ang totoo, ‘yan man ang lumabas. Gusto nila health-based. Ako hindi ko kaya tanggapin ‘yan ngayon. I would never, I cannot speculate what will happen to my country. Be that as it may, it will not happen during my time.

Wala kasi… I get to answer for all of these. Sabihin ‘yan ni Arroyo, ikaw naman, bakit, why do you have to, you know. Sabihin ni PNoy, you… eh panahon mo na eh. Ikaw ‘yung nagsabi stop, stop.

Hindi ko man rin akalain na ganito pala kalala ang problema. So na ako, ako, so ako ngayon. Eh kung ikaw, palit tayo ng… Kaligaya ko na lang kung may gustong magpalit sa akin. Sige daw, then solve the problem. Solve the problem in Mindanao. Solve the problem sa terrorism.

Kaya ‘yung ISIS, may ni-recognize. They had anointed [Hapilon]. He is Mindanao. They are working overtime sa shabu to finance their terrorism. What will be my reaction sa terrorism?

I was asked during the debate sa La Salle. And said, ‘how would you deal with terrorism?’ And my answer was ‘harshly, very harsh.’

If you want a preview of what’s going to happen sa terrorism, just look at CNN and BBC every night. And you will see that Syria today was bombed, Iraq was bombed, and the market is bombed, bombed, bombed. Huwag mong gawain dito ‘yan. So let me just do — use the word “harsh”.

Itong sa China po, hindi talaga kaya natin, we cannot stop. Because they are building it, whether mind fixed that they own the place. China will go to war. Tama ‘yung si Aquino. [inaudible] war, it was only America to deal with that problem, hindi tayo.

Not even… Tapos na eh. Nasabi ko na arbitral. Nasabi ko na atin ‘yan. What more can I say? Ah okay iyo pala ‘yan, o sige okay lang. Hindi naman humihinto. Ano pang assertion gawain ko?

Pero gusto ng iba kasi daw sabi ko mag-jet ski ako. Tingnan mo itong mga g****, naniwala rin. [laughter] Pagkabugok.

Sabi ko, ‘pag ako ang, when I confront, pakatawa lang ‘yan, kampanya ‘yun eh. Sasakay ako ng jet ski pupuntahan ko ‘yan, runway pa lang noon. Runway pa, ang bilis ng ano eh. Sabi ko mag-jet ski, magdala ako ng flag, tapos itayo ko doon.

Sabi nitong ugok na kasama ni Trillanes? Wala naman ginawa itong p***** i** ‘to? Nagmu-mutiny-mutiny. Pagdating ng pulis nag-surrender. [laughter] Trillanes maalaala ko, ‘yan, ‘yan pakita ko ‘yan buong Pilipinas magtakbo ‘yan. Paganon-ganon sa Makati, akala mo… Ito na ang mga Pilipino natin na nationalist, pa-sigaw, sigaw.

Tapos pumunta ng Peninsula eh ninakaw lahat linen na maganda, mga kutsara, tinidor [laughter] lahat pati ‘yung piano, ikarga kung sino naka– Iyak, iyak ‘yung puti. Ni-ransack lahat tapos pagdating ng pulis nag-surrender. Tapos ngayon sila ‘yung akala mong mga crusading, crusading idiots, puro arte lang.

Look, mag-prangka tayo, they want me ousted? Who’s behind it? Itong si Trillanes. Sundalo, mas mabuti pang security guard dito and his help. Sinong isa? Si De Lima. Gusto na niya akong paalisin. Wala naman akong ginawang exhibition. [laughter]

T**** i**. Pangatlo si Leni, eh natural kasi bakit pa siya maghintay kung nandiyan ‘yung opportunity. Barilin na lang iyan si ano.

Well, so look at the people behind. Kagabi, I was asked at the airport sa presscon. ‘What can you say about the plan?’ ‘You have the numbers…’ Sabi ko, ‘Look, guys, ladies and gentlemen, we just had — have had the elections. It’s too early to be of ousting people.’

Let Leni… Alam mo hayaan mo siya. She has also to take a stand, I understand that. It’s always the kontrapelo ‘yan. And that is natural sa politics.

Pero ‘yang to be ousting… Too early, kakatapos lang ng eleksyon. And for the… Do you know why? I’m on my last…

Dapat malaman kasi ninyo ito eh. I did not agree sa election sa barangay. Kinausap ko si Koko pati si Speaker, pati sila Rudy, lahat ng mga congressman. ‘Huwag kayong magka-mali because ang status ngayon ng barangay captain, ni hi, no ha, wala. There’s no such thing as a hold over. It is not provided in the Constitution, but because sabi ko, ‘huwag mag-election ngayon.’ Bakit? Maghanap na lang kayo ng paraan.

Ako, I am agreeable to just putting them in place, appointment and we can accredit all, all civic organizations, pati simbahan, to recommend, to come up with a three or two, three. Tapos i-appoint upon the recommendation para automatic na lang. Whoever is the appointing authority… Who is the President… Wala, wala tayong piliin. So it’s going to pass a grid somewhere there.

Kasi kung mag-election tayo, ang mananalo ang drug lords pati the 40 percent of our barangay captains who are contaminated and about almost 600 municipal mayors.

Drug money will rule the day at you put in peril the coming elections ngayon local pati national. ‘Pag nandiyan ng lahat and the other positions or victory, itong sa mga tao na ito, alam mo ang Pilipino ‘yang utang na loob. Ah lider ko ‘yan. Doon nagka-l****-l****. Kaya ako nagalit. Kaya sabi ko sa mga mayor, ‘I give you 24 hours, papatayin ko kayo, ‘pag hindi kayo nag-surrender.’ Because they strut around limang army, limang pulis. Kaya ‘yung mga pulis na mag-trabaho, ah mahirap ‘to, bata niya ‘yan.

O ngayon ako ang nanalo. Sino man magtawag sa akin na ipa-transfer mo ‘yan si ano? P******* kita. Wala akong utang na loob, ‘yun lang… Eh puro naman ‘yan matitinong tao. Iyong isa mahal ko pa masyado, hanggang ngayon, hindi nawala, ma’am.

Anak ng… Televised ba ‘yan, national ‘yan? Biro lang man ‘yan, hindi man ‘yan totoo. [laughter] It’s dangerous actually because little did we realize it that four, five years ago, narco-politics was already in. And even the Secretary of Justice pardoned me pero was at it.

See how far it has reached and the barangay captains and the mayors. Kaya ‘yung Albuera namatay sinalvage raw? P***** i** niya, the hell I care, you son of a b****. How many lives he destroyed in the eastern part? Iyong Odicta na couple na pinatay ilang buhay sinira ‘non? ‘Di ba sinabi ko malakas masyado sa Iloilo.

And even… Ikaw nakikinig ka, magalit ka sa akin, wala kang magawa, p**** i** mo kasali ka sa listahan. Kasi kayo ‘pag hindi kayo nandiyan…Aalam mo tinatawagan ‘yang pulis eh pati PDEA. Tinatawagan ninyo, ‘’wag ninyong galawin kasi ganon.’ Eh di’ protektor ka. Nandiyan ka. And judges. Nakita naman ninyo sa listahan. Totoo talaga lahat ‘yon.

You can process it several times. May isang fiscal dito sa Maynila. Almost 900 cases ni wala man lang conviction na isa. Hindi man lang nagbalato sa gobyerno.

Kasi ganoon ka — the corrosive… Delikado ang pera lalo na in the hands of narco-politics. Bayolente eh, bayolente talaga ‘yan. Shabu, bayolente ‘yan. ‘Pag hinuli mo. Kaya ang pulis sabi ko, ‘wag kayong p****** i** pahuli-huli na. Kaya sabi nila bakit namamatay?

Namamatay ‘yan kasi sabi ko sa pulis huwag ninyo mag-huli-huli isa, dalawa. Apat at nakatutok na kayo. Bakit…? Magpunta na naman ako doon sa patay? Mahirap ‘yang…

Kaya ‘yung ‘yung pamilya ‘yon ang maawa ako. Kaya I have to raise funds again. I will put up something for the police and the military.

Ang greatest fear talaga nila mamatay kagaya rin natin. Tayo wala naman eh. Anak. Anong mangyari sa anak nila kung mawala sila? Paano makapag-aral?

Kaya ‘nong sa aking panahon ‘yung namatay lahat, sinagot ko ang sa social amelioration. Sabi ko, paaralin ko ‘yung mga anak nila. So ‘yan ang problema ng…

Wala man sa speech dito. Wala oh. Kaya kung binasa ko ito, kanina pa tayo nag-uwian. [laughter and applause] But mahusay ‘yung mga writers ko diyan. I just want… I wish to read the last paragraph.

So as we begin this year’s national convention, I ask the IBP to join me in reminding our fellow lawyers that we are indeed free to choose our battles, our loyalty must nonetheless remain with our oath of office and our country.

Thank you very much and I wish IBP more power. [applause]