24 March 2017

President Duterte leads PSG change of command ceremony
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte led the change of command ceremony of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) at the Malacañang Park on Thursday, March 23.

President Duterte has appointed his senior military adviser, Army Col. Lope Dagoy as the new head of his security replacing Brig. Gen. Rolando Bautista.

The Chief Executive opened his keynote speech by recognizing several members of the PSG who were wounded in an ambush last November in Marawi.

“Your government will ensure that their needs, your needs are taken care of as you rest and recover from your injuries. If this incident tells you anything it is that the risk and dangers of being a member of the Presidential Security Group are all too real,” he said.

Duterte also said the reforms undertaken by his administration will ensure busy days for the prestigious unit.

“There are those who were upset by the administration’s reforms. There are those whose lives have been affected by our people’s war against crime, corruption, and the illegal drugs. These are the people who do not wish to see me or the Philippines succeed,” he said.

He said he is fully convinced of the competence of the incoming PSG chief.

“The incoming PSG Commander Colonel Lope Dagoy will have his hands full. I am confident that his outstanding credentials and considerable experience will enable him to lead the PSG effectively,” he said.

“I fully entrust the protection of myself and my family to him and to the entire PSG,” he added.

The President, meanwhile, acknowledged the contribution of Bautista in improving the PSG.

He said the organization is “in good order” citing several upgrades and improvements such as procurement of equipment and vehicles and extensive training for troopers locally and abroad, which have been implemented during the past nine months.

He likewise noted the PSG’s deeper involvement in the communities as they participate in activities that develop their social skills, promote a health lifestyle and encourage civilian engagement.

“These have made the PSG stronger, more dependable, more competent and encourage civilian engagement. These have made the PSG stronger and it will be so for all time,” he said.

In closing, he expressed confidence that the PSG will have his back and will stand by the government in pursuing task of bringing prosperity, order and security to the country. ###PND

Duterte to lawyers: Be loyal to oath of office, country
President Rodrigo Duterte called on the country’s legal practitioners to remain faithful to their oath of office and their countrymen as he graced the Integrated Bar of the Philippines’ (IBP) 16th National Convention of Lawyers on Thursday, March 23.

In his speech before the members of IBP at the Marriott Hotel in Pasay City, Duterte said while lawyers confront many challenges, they must bear in mind that the country and people’s interest are paramount.

“As we begin this year’s national convention, I ask the IBP to join me in reminding our fellow lawyers that we are indeed free to choose our battles, our loyalty must nonetheless remain with our oath of office and our country,” he said.

The Chief Executive shared with the top legal professionals the strides made in combating graft and corruption, saying that he has asked erring officials in government agencies such as Land Transportation Office and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board to vacate their posts.

“Iyon lang ang hinihingi ko sa Pilipino. Join me to stop corruption. I will do it, my God, I will do it even if I have to fire everybody. Pero kailangan ko ang tulong ng Pilipino,” he said.

He urged Filipinos to be assertive of their rights in order to stop corruption.

He likewise said he wants red tape eliminated in government transactions and public officials should process permits and applications within a reasonable period.

The President vowed to continuously fight illegal drugs throughout his term, branding it a menace that destroys the country.

Duterte also mentioned China and its shored-up relations with the country and its intention to build bridges in the Philippines.

Peace talks with the Muslim separatists and leftists are also ongoing, the President said.###PND

President Duterte graces PNPA graduation, boosts morale of new cops

President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday vowed that the government will never abandon police personnel in pursuing a better and safer country as he welcomed fresh graduates of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA).

“Never be discouraged, no matter how formidable the odds may be stacked against you. You will find that the most daunting situations will bring out the best of the people,” the Chief Executive told the 144 members of the Masidlak Class of 2017 during the commencement exercises in Silang, Cavite on Friday, March 24.

“The government will be with you as you fight in the frontlines for that dream of a better tomorrow and safer Philippines,” he said.

President Duterte called on the newly-minted officers to “remain strong in your heart and mind as you take in this great fight, because to see our country prosperous and our people safe and thriving will have sometimes entail your sacrifice.”

“You are part of the few who heeded the call to serve and emerged victorious. Losses and triumphs are inevitable in our ongoing battle against crime and corruption,” the President said.

The Chief Executive also pledged that the government will ensure that the families of policemen will be taken cared of.

“That is why we have increased the combat pay and incentives for our PNP uniformed personnel,” he said, adding that he has issued directives to provide assistance to the immediate families of fallen police personnel.

The President took time to acknowledge the fallen policemen and women for their contribution in the administration’s current war against illegal drugs and crime.

“More than just policemen and women, let us remember that those brave souls who were also family members who selflessly laid down their lives to see a better tomorrow for the present and future generation,” Duterte said.

“We will not allow them to become mere statistics. We owe it to them, to ourselves, to our children to ensure that their sacrifice will not be in vain. That they died so [we may] have peace and order and stability for our country today,” he said.

The President said the government will take care of the tuition fees of the fallen personnel’s children and will provide employment for their wives.

“Do not be afraid because we take care of your wives. They are – on that day, pag bisita ko, they are automatically employed. Then ang mga anak, we take care of the tuition fees. I hope it would be institutionalized and that is my dream about three to four years, in place na ‘yan,” he said.

The President also said that he will push for a legislation that will create a trust fund for the families of police personnel.

“That is why I will assure you now, I’ll make you the guarantee that I will leave a legislation that will put in trust so many billions, marami namang, dahan-dahan lang,” he said. ###PND

President Duterte assures Chinese businessmen of his support
President Rodrigo Duterte assured Chinese businessmen of his support as long as they pay the right taxes and help him in his reform initiatives.

In his speech during the opening of the 31st Biennial Convention of the Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (FFCCCII) on Friday, March 24, the President said he has taken a strong stance against corruption, illegal drugs and criminality, just as he did in Davao City when he was mayor.

“So this country needs to perk up. Corruption will stop. Kayong mga negosyante, you businessmen, one of those who can really stop corruption,” he told Chinese businessmen.

“You know what? You just pay the right tax. And if somebody tinkers with your return, mentioning or suggesting anything, I should be the first to know. You report to me,” he added.

President Duterte also told the Filipino-Chinese businessmen not to be afraid of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and Bureau of Customs (BoC), adding that Filipinos need to be assertive of their rights to eliminate corruption in government.

The President also reported about the improving economic condition of the country, particularly with the assistance of China.

“I would like to thank China again. Our exports in banana have doubled and the pineapple increased by 50 percent. And China says, ‘you sell to us what you have in your country and we will teach you how to improve on the quality before you send it there,'” he said.

Duterte also said he is going to China again following the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping regarding China’s One Belt, One Road initiative.

The President also reiterated his willingness to enter into a compromise with big companies not paying the right taxes, stressing that he needs money to fund social welfare and development projects.

Duterte said another hospital he wants to rehabilitate is Fabella Hospital.

He said if he could raise millions through PAGCOR, he’ll give it directly to Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial to start the project.

“She built a very good hospital sa Marawi for the Moro people. It’s a good one, it has a complete… I intend to build one also. Kaawa ang Moro eh,” the President said of Ubial’s project. ###PND

PCOO widens reach as President’s communications arm
BACOLOD CITY — Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on Friday, March 24, underscored the important role of the Presidential Communications Operations Office in making the policies and programs of the presidency and the presence of the government felt on the ground.

“We only have one country. We only have one flag. And we have to take care of our own country. And we have to take care and love our flag. So that is the job of the Presidential Communications Operations Office to go around para ipaliwanag sa ating lahat ang maraming ginagawa ng ating Pangulo,” Secretary Andanar said in his keynote speech.

The PCOO chief was in the City of Smiles to attend the Bacolod leg of the 2017 ASEAN-PCOO Roadshow held in Sugarland Hotel.

“Kailangan nating malaman na ang Presidential Communications Operations Office ay taga-pangasiwa ng ilang departamento at ilan pang mga ahensiya ng ating gobyerno. Hindi lang limited doon sa pagsasalita para sa ating Pangulo.” the PCOO chief added.

The PCOO, Andanar said, has strengthened its agencies, especially their on-air, online, on-print, and on-ground communications.

He mentioned PTV (People’s Television), RTVM (Radio-Television Malacanang), and Radyo ng Bayan as PCOO’s on-air media channels, while the Presidential Communications Facebook Page and the website www. pcoo. gov. ph as major online platforms.

For the “on-print” aspect, Andanar described the key functions of the National Printing Office (NPO), APO Production Unit, and Bureau of Communications Services (BCS).

“(Y)ung mga resibo ng local governments dito galing sa NPO din, National Printing Office. Ang nag-i-imprenta po ng mga balota natin ay ang National Printing Office. (A)ng pasaporte po ninyo ay ini-emprenta ng APO Production Unit. Ang APO Production Unit ay nasa ilalim din po ng PCOO. Para po sa mga kababayan natin na nakakatanggap ng yearbook, lalo na yung sa gobyerno na galing sa Pangulo, ang nag-i-imprente po o gumagawa nun ay yung Bureau of Communications Services (BCS),” Andanar explained.

On the other hand, the Philippine News Agency (PNA), which is under PCOO’s News and Information Bureau, and the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) comprised the on-ground communication channel.

“So napakadami po nating ahensiya under PCOO. So that is why it is very important, lalo na for this administration, na maramdaman po ng ating mga kababayan kung ano ang kahalagan ng PCOO,” Andanar said, adding the President has so many good policies the public needs to know.

More than 650 participants, including Vietnamese ASEAN delegates Nguyen Hang Thi and Pham Minh Anh, attended the Bacolod leg of the 2017 ASEAN-PCOO Roadshow, which was part of PCOO’s on-ground activity through the PIA.

Other speakers during the event included PCOO Undersecretary Noel George Puyat, PCOO Assistant Secretary Kristian Ablan, Presidential Task Force on Media Security Executive Director Joel Sy Egco, and blogger Carlos Munda of MindaNation.###PCO-Content