Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the Awarding of the Go Negosyo’s Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs 2017
Rizal Hall, Malacañan Palace
30 March 2017

Salamat po. Sit down.

Excellencies of the Diplomatic Corps, particularly the Ambassadors of ASEAN, from the Kingdom of Thailand and the Republic of Singapore; Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea; Secretary Ramon Lopez; Mr. Joey Concepcion; Senator Villar, ma’am, magandang gabi po; awardees of Go Negosyo Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs 2017; members of the business community; honored guests; fellow workers in government; my beloved countrymen.

Nagmamadali po kayo? Are you in a hurry? [laughter] Because if you are, there’s a one and a half page of speech. [laughter] Malalaki pa. I can finish this in one minute. And so you can go on with your merrying — merry ways.

But bulatik man ito. Minsan totoo, minsan hindi. But I would just like to read then maybe you know, pitch in my experience with negosyo and mga mama, mothers.

Basahin ko lang muna ‘to to give justice also to the guys spent time preparing the speech.As today’s women are given more equal opportunities and roles in society, equality is more pronounced in our present time. More Filipinas are becoming leaders of their respective industries, contributing significantly to their institutions and making remarkable, major strides that uplift the living condition of their families and communities.

We are gathered here today to celebrate the success of the 26th Filipina entrepreneurs who have not only realized their potentials as trailblazers in the fields of micro, small and medium enterprises but also help other women to develop their abilities.

I congratulate all of the awardees for your hard work and optimism. The seed of hope and determination that you planted at the onset of your economic endeavors have borne fruit.

Your achievements as well as your positive outlook in life now serve as an inspiration to other Filipinos to explore their own road towards empowerment and a better life.

As our country continues to be the leading APEC economy, where many of the businesses are owned by women, I hope that you will remain to be a vital partner in nation building.

Further honed by your craft, grow your enterprises and nurture the sectors you serve. This will create a great impact on our country’s ongoing transformation.

The awards and recognition that you have received today will be your legacy to your family, business group and locality.

May you share with them your secrets to success, the positive attitude that made you win your battles and the principle that should not only be about can do’s but also must do’s.

As this event coincides with the commencement of the National Women’s Month, I ask you to continue achieving better heights and to never stop making a difference in society.

Together, let us make change work for women and make women work for change. Again, congratulations at mabuhay kayong lahat [applause]

Now, I just like to say something. Very short. I made only about a few promises. You can count it by the fingers of your hands when I ran for this position.

I remember having said I will suppress corruption then I will also suppress drugs and criminality, which has really been pulling us down ever since and allow the economic managers, the bright ones, to join me and to work for the country’s welfare.

And then I remember the fifth during the presidential debates and we were asked if you’d allow the burial of Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani? And I said “yes” and Binay, too, but the others did not.

Now, the reason why I really said I will allow is because I’m a lawyer and we are simply told as any lawyer here would tell you that you do not go beyond the ordinary meaning of the word. If you are allowed to be buried because you’re a soldier, then we are not supposed to go beyond the word of soldier.

If Marcos turned out to be a coward, if he was not really up to it in fighting or he didn’t participate at all, but the problem that he was really a soldier. And, of course, he is eligible.

And the other is President. And Marcos was a President. He was ahead of me, I don’t know when he was at that time, but maybe in the so many times that he spoke about the nation and made important announcements. So he deserves to be there.

Now, the ruckus is that I’m at the receiving end of allowing it but that’s the duty of the President to enforce the law. Now, kung may magalit sa akin, if I have a place there reserved for me, you can have it. I’ll give you my space at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. I’d be glad to be burned and then just place me between my father and mother. Okay lang ‘yun sa akin.

Now, let me dwell on corruption. I don’t know how you perceive me or how you look at me but ako po’y taga Mindanao lang. I’m a very small town mayor. And I never really expected also to win that’s why I do not have political debts. Sa totoo lang wala talaga.

There were about Imee, because talagang magkaibigan kami. Then I have another lady in Mindanao kasi talagang magkaibigan kami. Hindi ‘yung ibig na pag-ibig kung hindi kaibigan. Pero pwede na rin ‘yon isali kasi later on, nag-ibigan nga kami. And then Abet of Bataan. That was all. Wala akong congressman, wala akong governor. Kaya ngayon, nasusunod ko ang gusto ko.

Now, about corruption. The only reason why we are really into this kind of quagmire year in and year out, is only because of the Filipino. The Filipino is not assertive. And that is why ito namang mga taga-gobyerno na talagang sanay na, at every instance or at any instance or whatever the instance may be, if there is the opportunity for the asking, you know, talagang gagawa ‘yan.

But if the Filipino becomes assertive, as I am urging everybody to do it, and so we are not supposed to spend for anything more than what is required by law. Just simply, ‘s***, I do not want to give you anything.’

Well, sabihin mo, eh ‘di sabihin mo na in this office doon sa Pasig, we were listening to the President and he said that ‘pag humingi kayo at hindi naman kailangan kami magbigay, either sampalin kita or sipain kita or create a scene. Make a scandal. I will get wind of it and we’ll do something about it.

There is the program of 8888, right after the news in the morning. If you encounter any of these scalawags, simply just dial the number 8888, place your complaint, name the official if you want. You need not name yourself and I will take there —take it from there.

And sa airport, I hope it’s being followed kasi I’m monitoring everything also. There’s no opening of the bags. No more. Wala na. I told them. Because anyway, when it is — when the baggages are offloaded, it passes through a tunnel and there’s an X-ray there. I think dalawa. So from there, everything can be seen, if there is a contraband or a prohibited item. And so, pagdating diyan sa harap mo, hindi na kailangan buksan ‘yan.   

And especially, eh kaming mga mayor noon, mga congressman, we were just waved through the… Never mind how many bags we were having. Pero ‘yung mga maliit, eh ‘yon naman ang dapat talaga hindi na sana buksan, ‘yon ang tinatamaan. So my rule is, do not open unless you have something there.

At saka wala na ‘yang kukunin mo ‘yung mga perfume, isa, dalawa, tatlo. That’s robbery. That is extortion. [applause] Ayaw ko kasi ‘yung graft kay noong maliit pa ako kawatan ako. [laughter] Kaya binubugbog
talaga ng nanay ko kasi I lie, I rob whatever kung ano sa bahay. Hindi pa uso ang shabu noon pero pinagbibili ko na ‘yung mga sala, dinner set niya para magkaroon ng pera maglayas-layas.

But unless you help me. Kayong mga Pilipino, do not be offended. Kayo noon magsigig ganon, ito Pilipinas, ganon, ganito, ganito, now is your time to do it. You can just do it by simply slapping the guy in front of you asking for money.

Ako na ang bahala. Isang sampal lang naman ‘yan. Ako na ang magbayad ng — 25 pesos lang ‘yan slander by deed. You slander by overt acts. At saka learn to insist on the right.

Now in the past, ‘yung mga Cabinet especially NEDA is known for this — my God. They used to take them about two to three years to process papers. Sa aming panahon, we have agreed with Bingbong, the Executive Secretary, Secretary Lopez na we should onlygive ourselves including the Office of the President one month. One month is one month. It’s either approved or disapproved, palabasin mo, basta one month.

Now, itong mga directors na ‘to.. Kaya naman you’d be surprised why are there so many military men that… Gloria, PNoy allying, na tan hawa na rin ang… I am just also giving a warning, itong mga sa gobyernong matagal na, hindi naman lahat, pero because of the time that you have served there just like in prison, you have become indolent.

At ang trabaho ninyo mahinang-mahina. Itong mga director na ‘to either you are present in the morning or absent in the afternoon or
altogether you are not there to do your work.

I am only giving you 15 days and down the line I hope that the governors and mayors are listening because you know I can sanction you. I can suspend you, I can reprimand you, I can even dismiss you.

So please join the bandwagon of just being on the right side. Now, three days… Sa Davao kasi three days ang permit. Used to be, that there is a permit for the building, another permit for the fire clearance. Now, it’s merged into one. When the building is inspected,with it should be the inspection of the safety sa sunog. Why? Kasi kung magpunta pa doon sa bumbero, mga y*** kayo, pinapabilihan pa ninyo ng fire extinguisher. [applause]

It’s used to be…It’s odious actually. Hindi lang ninyo alam ‘yan pero ang tingin ng publiko is it’s really an odious practice actually. Stop it.

Ngayon, I have placed there Faeldon, Dulay… Iyon ‘yung pinakanakita ko, it’s very hard to look for honest guys in this world. Maniwala kayo. And they’re doing well. Iyong nahuli sa ‘yung mga corruption-corruption, well, sabi ko sa kanila, the first whiff — the first whiff of corruption, it need not be true, I’m sorry you have to go.

Kasi hindi naman mangamoy ‘yan kung walang suggestion, walang parinig. That’s what happened to a guy who was with me since 1988 when I became mayor. I’ve been mayor for almost 23 years in Davao.

I’ve never lost an election actually. I was once a congressman and vice mayor once upon a time. Tuluy-tuloy ako hanggang presidente. Ngayon dito na sa president medyo parang nasobrahan ko ‘yung ambisyon ko sa buhay. [laughter] I should… Totoo. I’ll be frank with you. Hindi naman ako mahiya magsabi ng totoo.

Ayan si [Marilou?] sa the… sa Department of Trade ‘yan. It’s never my intention to be somebody more than just being mayor. Ewan ko kung anong nangyari basta… But for one thing, sabi kasi ng nakalinya doon sa ano, nobody was talking about Mindanao.

You know guys, if you do not take care of this problem, place it on equal footing with the drug scourge, you know this can tear us apart and cause a fissure or breakage of the Republic of the Philippines.

Mabuti’t na lang sa panahon ko, if you have the time just to listen for — paramaintindihan ninyo, the Communist Party of the Philippines has agreed again to talk. They are the ones who are now insistent that we resume the peace process. Bumigay ako dahil isip ko naman kasi hindi ako pwedeng magpasuplado. I ain’t fond of it really ‘yung pasupladuhan.  Suplado ako na tao eh pero these are not really the kind of things that I should be applying my personal ego trip because as President it is my job to seek peace for the nation.

We have been fighting the communists for 50 years. I’m telling them, “You want another 50 years of fighting? You really think we can afford it?” Ang historical injustice which hasto be  corrected until now ang Mindanao. And ‘yung mainline rebels, the MI, the MN, MNLF. Nur is just waiting for things which are waiting to develop — it’s developing — to develop fully then we can start the talks. And the MI, okay ‘yan sila.

So were it not for the ISIS, okay na sana and we are on talking terms, there is at least peace. Well, we never run out of problems. I really do
not know what God has plan for this planet. Pumasok naman ‘yung ISIS. And ISIS has anointed Hapilon to be the point man of the ISIS in the Southeast Asia. They have plans to build a caliphate. Okay man sana ‘yan, gusto ng tao. The problem is with the track record of slaughtering men, women and child and everybody else, that thing is not acceptable to the entire country, to the Filipino.

Pero ‘yung iba okay na. So maganda na sana. At least I have complied with my promise, we are talking to everybody. The traditional enemies of the state, they are talking with us. And I said were it not for this extremism, which I cannot really stomach and which I really refused to talk, hindi ako pwedeng makipag-istorya diyan sa mga ‘yan. That’s one that’s bugging us.

But overall ang pinaka-ano diyan is drugs. Two minutes, drug has affected 4 million Filipinos. Shabu is a chemical. It’s a very virulent thing that six months to one year use of a — constant use of shabu will cause your brain to shrink. And if it has shrunk then rehabilitation is no longer possible.

Now, with the confirmed 4 million lahat na nag-surrender. When was mayor, I thought that it was really something that was—just an ordinary neighborhood ano ‘yan sa kanto na ‘yan. At ako naman kasi — I adopt an iron grip sa Davao noon. And as a matter of fact I said, do not go into shabu, do not destroy my country. Do not deprive us of our daughters and sons, because I will kill you.

Do not destroy the future of my city because I will kill you. And when I became President I simply said, ganoon, I will kill you. Because, you know, our sons and daughters hindi naman kami mayaman eh. Hanggang working student lang, sama-sama lang kami nga sa dormitoryo noon eh. Hindi kami ‘yung anak ng mga mayaman na may kotse dito. Mag-aaral talaga lang kami dito para to get a good education.

Pero noong naging mayor ako, huwag mong sirain ang ano — ang bayan ko, talagang papatayin kita. I might not be the most patriotic guy in town, my mama is a mestizo, Maranao, my grandfather was really Chinese from Fujian. Pero ang tatay ko Bisaya. Maghanap man ng pinaka-Pilipino dito ngayon sa kwartong ito ako. So do not fuck with my country because I will really kill you.

Ngayon, ang sabi ng mga… Itong — tingnan mo itong mga newspaper. Sabi marami daw akong pinatay. Remember I said I will kill you, I did not say I will order the police or the military to kill you. For life sake, I have not killed anybody until now. Eh ‘yung patayin kita ako, I, patayin kita. Wala akong sinabi na—but anyway kung nandiyan naman ’yan, then that’s it.

And I will never, never, never allow any policemen or soldier to go to prison for obeying my order. My order was not… Ganito ang order ko, seek out, hunt for them, arrest them if it is still possible but if you are confronted with a violent resistance and you think that your life is in danger, shoot them dead.

And they said, ‘the problem with Mayor Duterte is that poor people are dying.’ You know shabu industry is a conspiracy of all. Kung mayroong shabu, walang runner walang kita ‘yan at hindi magpabili. Kung may mga runner na wala naman shabu, wala rin. But you have to destroy the organization, the apparatus itself. It cannot be stopped by just doing away where the source will also produce it and leaving behind, letting them free itong mga runners.

And I said the… Ang mga NGO has been complaining that rich and poor alive are being killed and so I’m sorry. I told you drop the shabu. You want to the end the killings in this country overnight tomorrow, all you have to do is to drop it tonight and heaven will be tomorrow.

O ngayon ang headline ng Inquirer, ‘The poor will be killed’. Sila ‘yung nag-una sabi nila ‘yung mga mahihirap namamatay. Then when you respond to a statement, they came up with the headline — p***** i**, basura talaga na ‘yan. Itong mga oligarchs pati itong mga elite, mga p***** i** ninyo, sabihin ko sa inyo. You try to… If you lose you…  If your candidate loses, you become virulent rin.

Now you… Noong election, Inquirer pati ABS-CBN, mukhang pera kayo eh. Talagang mukha ninyo pera. Why? You published a 211 million which were all garbage. If I have that money now and you are all influentials to find it out, if even by half of it, I will resign as President. If any of my grandchildren are involved into the slightest corruption, I will step down.

Pero kasi kayong mga mayaman na mga oligarch, nasanay kayo magtingin ng tao—na lahat ng tao tingnan ninyo mas mabuti even the opinion writer has a higher evaluation of himself, napa-corny naman ninyo p**** i**. Ang akala ninyo mas marunong kayo sa mundo. You are publishing garbage and everything. And we tried to answer, we didn’t get the space. Basta gusto lang ninyo ‘yung space — space ni ‘yung kandidato ninyong p***** i** ka duwag noon.

You think he’d be able to control this shabu? Susmaryosep. When his military aide was the one — was the very first one that I fired for being connected with shabu. Tingnan naman ninyo ‘yung utak nila. But ako I do not… Because you know journalism is so… It’s always antag — antagonistic ‘yan eh. That’s their role. Pero huwag ninyong sobrahan ‘yan ‘yung slant. Napakabaho naman ninyo kayong mga Prieto, kayong mga Lopez. You’re full of s***. I’ll tell you.

Ako makasabi niyan wala akong utang, wala akong tinanggap sa inyo, l**** kayo. Even the businessmen, I run on my own. What I had was just a few millions. I do not owe nobody nothing, kaya kaya kong mag-b**** at saka mag… Isa ‘yung EU. Keep on harping ‘yung EU, EU. Isa rin mga b***. Biro mo in their latest communication, they suggested na to put up clinics of shabu, heroine, and cocaine. T******* talaga itong… You know, you try to solve the problems with your own country using what is the culture there and what is the… Bakit mo iutos sa akin? And then you want me to go to prison —prison?

America, shouting about prison. They wanted me to be prosecuted and before the International Criminal Court. When I read it, hindi sila miyembro. Why? Because Bush will go to jail. Why? Kasi kung nag-pirma sila Bush would be under the jurisdiction. He invaded Iraq under the pretext of weapons of mass destruction when there was none at all.

Then they invaded a country, Panama, took out the President, placed them inside the prison to face trial and he’s serving term to New York. Kita mo Amerikano kung gaano kabastos. Tapos sila itong mga… May namatay diyan, and so? Who will now answer for this 4 million? At a conservative number and place it about 700. Who will answer for them? Who will answer for the injustice that was done to my people, to my countrymen?

Sinong p***** i**** birahan ko diyan? And to think that if they are crazy, if they committed the crime of raping the girl.

You know, you count. You better go sa computer ninyo. There were 77,000 deaths connected sa drugs before I became President. Sabi nila ilan ang patay? Quatro mil? P***** i**. Eh ang pinatay ‘yung mga mayor doon inambush, tapos… Why? You grieve for the son of a b****? He was running the show and making crazy out of the Filipinos by the thousand and you grieve for this… Mabuti kung magkaintindihan tayo. P***** i**.

I am nobody’s… I will do what I want because after all, sabi ko. Sabi nila ‘Duterte because gusto niya magdiktador.’ P****** i**, kung pwede na ngang umalis ngayon eh, kung hindi lang nakakahiya.

Sabi ko nga eh, if you think that I am exceedingly proud or happy that I am now President, no, I am not. To tell you frankly. Tell you what? I do not need it at this time of my life. I’m 72. I should be retiring. Ngayon kasalanan ko kung bakit ako tumakbo. That is the problem which I’m trying to find out. I want to hang myself for that.

Pero ‘yung mga ‘he wants to be a dictator,’ ‘martial law.’ Tapos magparade-parade diyan. You’re wasting your time. It’s all here. [raises his right hand] In that few words, few sentences, it says in a nutshell that I, as President, is under obligation to protect and defend the Filipino nation. 


Wala akong pakialam. That is the long and short of it. I have to preserve the nation. Wala akong ano kasi nga mahirap kami. Iyong mga anak namin ‘yun ang magbili ng oxygen, medisina namin. Buti kayo kung meron kayong mga blue insurance diyan, purple or what. Kaya ako, ako sabi ko you burn me after I die because that is the most cheapest way to do it.

Sino… Ilang Pilipino mawalaan ng anak niyan? Sino ngayon magpakain nitong mga ito? But may pera, do we have… Unless you are in Davao. The home for the aged there is very, very, very, extremely good. On top of the field, there is a 33 million facility for women who are victims of incest. They live there together with their children. O kung sa Davao ka. Eh kung sa ibang lugar ka? ‘Yan ang problema ng Pilipinas.

Sumosobra kasi ang media eh. Binababoy na nila. So kung ganon, I have a government station here, PTV-4. How do you suppose if I get one hour? Pup***hin ko kayo araw-araw at istorya ko kayo mga buhay ng anak ninyo. I mean, huwag ninyo masyadong sobrahan because hindi naman ako mag-hurimentado but I will give you your dues also. Wala magmula sa amin. Mahirap lang kami.

Kayo kaya kung kalkalin ko ‘yung mga buhay ninyo? Mga anak ninyo? I am sorry to… Talagang smarting ako. Now is the… Kasi nandito kasi si Ramon Lopez, time for me to b*** s*** the Lopez, tutal hindi naman siya Lopez. [laughter and applause]

Ladies and gentlemen, again I’d like to congratulate the hardworking, enterprising women. You know I lost my father when we were young. He was just 56. I was just in, sa AB ako noon. And I thought that I would never really complete my studies. 

Nanay ko suffered one year depression. She could not stand up. She was sleeping all the time. But when she finally regained her composure, we were into sa lumber sa [Sumisumil?] kami, may ice plant kami. Dahan dahan niyang minortgage tapos napatapos niya kami. But na-wallop siya diyan sa kamatayan ng tatay ko. But she was also a businesswoman. Ice plant pati lumber and that enabled us to finish our studies just in time.

After that, medyo na-dissipate na rin kasi marami kaming anak na estudyante. Alam ng mga taga-Davao iyang history namin.

So talking of women, the empowerment of women, ako I… More than losing my father, talagang I grieved today. And yet araw-araw ako noon akong pinapaluhod sa altar. Ganon talaga, almost everyday. Mga three times a week, I kneel before the altar. ‘Yung Jesus Christ sa altar namin nakaganon eh. Parang Father forgive them imploring.

Ngayon ‘yung nagpunta ako doon for the few times. I do not want to go home to the ancestral, which is a small place. Si Hesukristo nakaganoon na. [laughter]

Kasi he was looking for me. Kasi sinabi ko sa kanya noon, ‘Lord pareho talaga ang swerte natin.’ Parang gumanon siya. ‘Tama ka. Go there and be the President of this country and kill all the idiots.’

Maraming salamat po.  [applause]