12 May 2017

From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella – On SWS First Quarter 2017 Self-Rated Poverty Gap and Self-Rated Food Poverty Gap
A March 25-28 Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey revealed that the national median Self-Rated Poverty Gap, or the amount poor families lack in monthly home expenses relative to their stated threshold is P5,000. This is half of the respondent families stated Self-Rated Poverty Threshold, or the monthly budget that a poor household needs for home expenses in order for them not to consider themselves poor in general, of P10,000.

Meanwhile, the same survey showed that the respondent families Self-Rated Food Poverty Gap, or the amount food-poor families lack in monthly food expenses relative to their stated threshold is P2,000. This is lower compared to their stated Self-Rated Food Poverty Threshold, or the monthly budget that a food-poor household needs for food expenses in order not to consider its food as poor is P5,000.

Bringing comfortable lives to all is the overarching goal of the Duterte administration. As a starter, the government initiated some pro-poor and inclusive efforts that include higher pension for seniors, free medicine for indigents, added incentive and combat duty pay for police and soldiers, and gratuity pay to job order and contract workers in the government. Through these initiatives we hope there will be more food on the poor household families’ table.

From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella – On PH exports and imports
The numbers are out and they are encouraging.

Philippine trade during the first quarter of 2017 grew by 18.5%. supporting the view of the President’s economic team that we will be the fastest growing economy in ASEAN-5 in 2017.

Having said this, the Duterte administration not only aims to make growth robust and sustainable but also to promote it to be equitable and inclusive. No one must be left behind.

Bringing prosperity to all is one way of empowering Filipinos. The Duterte administration is on the right track by promoting micro, small and medium enterprise s (MSMEs) to help create livelihood opportunities that would contribute in the poverty alleviation efforts of the government.

From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella – On the new Senate pork barrel investigating Janet Napoles
The plan to conduct a new Senate investigation into the pork barrel scam involving Ms. Janet Lim Napoles is the prerogative of our lawmakers.

PRRD in fact has publicly said that he wants to revisit it. The President wants the truth to finally come out and hold those involved, regardless of political color or party line, accountable.

The Filipino people deserves to know the truth in this case, not the slanted truth nor the doctored truth.