Arrival Statement and Press Conference by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on his visits to Cambodia, Hong Kong, and China
F. Bangoy International Airport, Davao City
16 May 2017
Magandang umaga po sa inyong lahat. Acting Secretary Enrique Manalo, Secretary Mark Villar and the members of the Cabinet, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, fellow workers in government, my countrymen.

Good morning, and I am glad to be back from my Official Visits to Cambodia and China and my Working Visit to Hong Kong. I return with a renewed sense of belief that, indeed, the future of the Philippines is in ASEAN and in Asia.

At Phnom Penh, I attended the World Economic Forum on ASEAN. I sought the support of stakeholders within the region and beyond in investing in Southeast Asia.

With our growing economies, creative, talented and young work force, and rich natural resources, Southeast Asia now stands at the center of the future of the Asia-Pacific.

Responsible economic partners are our new allies in nation building and regional integration. Working with them, we can narrow the development gap.

I spoke of the opportunities for mutually beneficial partnership, especially in the Philippines’ infrastructure development programme.

With Build,Build,Build, I invited stakeholders to take part in what is the largest effort to date to modernize [and] integrate Philippine infrastructure. And the message resonated, particularly our commitment to provide the enabling environment [for] businesses to thrive where criminality is addressed, corruption is curbed and contractual obligations are complied.

In short, I told them that it is no longer business as usual in the Philippines. The commitments are clear and the interests were articulated in my meetings with business leaders.

Rest assured your Government will do everything to harness investments – both domestic and foreign – for the development of our people.

In Beijing, I had the opportunity to address an even larger group of partners. With One Belt and One Road or OBOR, we have opportunities to synergize our efforts to bring progress and prosperity and the peace and stability that our peoples and our region deserve.

We can look at ways to complement our integration efforts in Southeast Asia even as we seek to reinforce ASEAN centrality. OBOR can be the parallel program or platform for growth in the region. We can use it to stimulate growth and improve market access as it facilitates connectivity and provides much-needed funding.

I also had the opportunity to meet President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang. We reaffirmed the commitment to build on the gains of my State Visit last year and decided to accelerate the implementation of infrastructure projects previously agreed.

We renewed our resolve to strengthen our friendship and mutually beneficial partnership on a broad range of areas. We resolved to fully use the mechanisms we have established to dialogue openly, monitor progress and ensure implementation of projects.

We looked forward to the inaugural meeting of the Bilateral Consultation Mechanism on the South China Sea later this month. This is one step forward in peacefully managing disputes. With the signing of [four] key agreements on Economic and Technical Cooperation, Human Resource Development, Energy and News Publishing, we continue to look for ways to deepen collaboration.

Growth and development ride on the back of peace, security and stability. Your Government will work with expand partnerships in the region to ensure that these are achieved.

In my talk with the Filipino community in Hong Kong, I updated our kababayan on developments in the country as I thanked them for their important contributions.

Our people’s welfare will always be at the center of your Government’s agenda. As your President, my mandate is not only to build infrastructure but it is to build a strong and progressive nation. I will remain faithful and committed to this solemn vow.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I woke up very early yesterday morning. We started our bilaterals and the plenary at 9 o’clock. I haven’t had a wink of sleep since then. But I can take about… How many, Regalado? 50 questions? Sige lang.

Q: Good morning, Mr. President. First question is on the House Committee on Justice having dismissed the impeachment charges against you for insufficient substance but not necessarily insufficient in form.


Q: Iyong ano ng House Committee on Justice kanina…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Oo. Ah ‘yung impeachment?

Q: They dismissed the impeachment proceedings against you.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Look, I was investigated by the Human Rights when Delaila [De Lima] was still the chairman.

I was investigated again when she was the Justice secretary. Then I was investigated again by the Senate and I was investigated again by the House. Ano pa bang gusto nilang…?

I… Some, you know… Some guys are being taken for a ride a thousand times over. Totoo ‘yang may namatay, anak ng jueteng. Meron ba namang gyera na sa droga na walang namatay? Pero not in the character and kind that I was dished out ‘yung mag-utos ng ganun pati bata. Kalokohan mo. Kilala man ninyo ako.

Q: Sir, Alejano said… Congressman Alejano said that he is going to take the whole thing before the ICC since Congress dismissed the whole thing?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, he can go ahead. He is free to do it. This is a democracy. O ganun rin.

Q: Sir, another question po. You’ve just been to Beijing and then maybe on May 9 — perhaps on May 19 there would be the start of bilateral talks concerning the discussions on the disputed area. Now the question is this, there were so many — there were that much agreements between China and the Philippines but are there safety measures or how far can we go in order not to dis — not to affect the talks?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: One is not really the safety measure that you are talking about. The safety measure is that when you avoid trouble.

We avoid violence and we avoid war because frankly we cannot afford it and China cannot afford it also at this time. Masisira tayong dalawa.

Now, there is a dispute and my last meeting was with the Premier and — before we boarded the plane — si President Xi Jinping. And we decided that there’s a time to raise… There is a time for me to ask about the arbitral ruling but it is not now.

We have to go into the mechanics of… We have to have an agenda, the structure of the meeting and the way how to present our case to them first because ano tayo eh we agreed to talk — to have a dialogue.

Now, maybe at some future time these things will crop up. And you cannot avoid it because there is the arbitral ruling.

Q: Yeah. But it would not affect the deals that we have — what is this? The deals or the negotiations that we have entered into with China in your recent visit under the OBOR?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: In the end it would always be legal. So nandiyan ‘yang arbitral ruling rendered by [an] organ of the United Nations.

I said there will be a time that we have to talk about its implementation. You cannot avoid it. But it is not now. It is not the right time to do it. 

Q: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Q: I have to explain because my family name in Chinese Huang means yellow. So that’s why I choose it as my nickname. Sir, I would like to go back to your China trip because in the Belt and Road Forum President Xi said that this initiative comes from China that belongs to the whole world and I know your government launched your DuterteNomics in Beijing, you use this Belt and Road Forum as aplatform to show Philippines to the world. So I would like to know what’s your comment about this Belt and Road Forum this time?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Actually the road there is on the right side of the map. If you look at the Philippines that would really be the international sea. So there’s a road there, it’s just imaginary but the gates towards Indonesia down to Malaysia and maybe towards Australia starts in the Philippines. That’s the imagined route. I don’t know of the other side of what was their presentation.

But one thing is very clear to me that they have the money and they want to share it. The rationale or rationale behind it is really China would want a peaceful region because a peaceful region [that] translates into more prosperity for China.

And China is very liberal and generous. And as a matter of fact, I would not want to… I will do it in [an] official pronouncement but we had… We already have about 100 million coming in and they have promised us something like another 500 million.

And, of course, they are starting to… It’s in the blueprint, I don’t know at what stage. It is but they will start on the two bridges that will span the Pasig River. These two bridges are gratis. It’s a grant. It’s a — no payment, sort of a donation.

But the other projects the railway, they are very eager to start. They want to start this year. And I hope that everything will go on smoothly. At least before the end of the year we see an effort on both sides to start on the projects.

I have always been very thankful to China for its generosity. And your presence here is one indication that we are doing all right.

Q: Sir, may I have a follow up because today you also met with President Xi and our Prime Minister Li Keqiang in China and we also signed a lot of documents. So since your last state visit to China from now already over half a year. So how can we make this… How can we turn this kind of documents and commitments into actions more efficiently in the Philippines?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, they are using the banks. Actually what the grant is money. If it is a grant like the bridge they will say it’s a gratis. 

But the money has… [President asks his Secretaries: “Magkano ‘yong ano?”] And you know the banks come in and there is the money and if you have —you are businessman from China or anywhere — anyway it’s a bidding — you can participate.

And we would have no objections of Chinese corporations’ participation in the bidding. Anyway they are also businessmen. But we get the most of the bargain and the money has been coming in already. To date almost — mga 100. I cannot give you the exact amount but it’s already here.

Three months ago, the money was already here and ready for use. It’s a matter of the projects of the Philippine authority announcing the bidding or the start of this project and that is really business.

Part of the money coming in is I said grants, which means we do not have to pay. But most of the infusion of — it’s really for — you have to deal with the banks.

So if you are a Filipino, you are engaged in a business and you want to start medium or small industries, all you have to do is go to the bank and — or we can get the money and through DTI.

And our agriculture is back to normal. We have an increase of 2 billion. We’re back exporting… My country is back exporting banana and everything that we can sell to them — to your country — and that is good.

But in the past we were almost being suffocated. I don’t know why but it could only mean that there was a question about ideology and I don’t know if it’s really the vogue now but that should not be the case anymore.

Q: Thank you so much, sir.

Q: Good morning, mayor. Mayor, the Save Sulu Movement is calling on you to declare martial law in six municipalities of Sulu because of the problem brought by the ASG. What’s your thought on that, Mayor?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I need time to ponder on it deeply and it is not only a political decision, it is an emotional decision.

You do not tinker with the powers of —extraordinary powers of the state. But I have a…

I remember two months ago, when they were already throwing bombs in schools and planting IEDs in the high school, I issued a warning that do not force my hand to declare martial law because if I do, I will solve everything not only about rebellion I will solve everything that ails Mindanao. Pati na ‘yung boundary sa lupa mo.

I would not just tinker with it as if it’s a plaything. It’s a very serious matter. But kung ako ang magma-martial law, there is no way of telling how long would it take us to restore order or we might not really be able to succeed.

But just the same, I’m warning everybody that if I declare martial law, there is no telling how long would it be and for what purpose. I’m telling you now that I will not only decide to end rebellion, I will solve everything I said what’s sick in Mindanao. 

Q: Second, Mayor, your expectation on the coming next round of talks in The Netherlands between NDF and the GRP?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We are… I have been waiting for them, I’m ready. Nur Misuari is taking his time. I am not hurrying him up. The MI probably would be ready for talks.

You know I cannot… I cannot proceed with the structure and even the provisions or the proposals without reading the Bangsamoro Transition law. It would be a useless exercise actually.

I have to have something which I can, you know, craft on and this is how it should be done in accordance with the Constitution. Always in accordance with law and the Constitution.

Wala pa sa akin eh. Madali na ‘yan kung ano… I’m suggesting we copy the parliamentary type of France because doon you need a strong president but with very limited powers, mga six or seven.

But because of the physical arrangement of our land with so many islands there and the contending sentiments now, initially you would need a president, a strong one, to take care of the Republic.

In due time, when we have almost total peace, then we can think of a pure parliamentary government, putting it entirely in the hands of the elected representatives of the people.

But until such time, if I were to embark on a new government, a federal at that, I would insist that I am out anyway but you must have a strong president. Delikado ‘pag wala. I would not agree to it. Things can go wrong especially if there is too much power devolve on… You know, we still have…

Little did we know that narcopolitics was already here about five years ago. It was not until after I became president that we realized the gravity of the situation. It was not until after I had an access to all the records of government and you saw by the hundreds of thousands surrendering everyday. And these guys…

Alam mo ang nangyari dito sa Amerika pati sa EU, they played into the hands of the opposition. Pumasok sila doon sa… It was an issue sa campaign. But that — the issues in the campaign were carried on even after election. Just to do away with the president. Naglaro… And I said they played into the hands of… Iyan ang nangyari.

And of course ‘yung affidavit na puro basura. Would you think I could ever order the killing of a child? Ay susmaryosep. If I have to do it then I will resign really. Iyong magsabi ka patayin mo ang mga bata? Anong klaseng presidente ka kung ganun?

Q: Thank you, sir.

Q: Good morning, sir. I’m Ina from CNN Philippines. Sir, can you share with us details of what—details of your restricted meeting with President Xi? What did you discuss? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: They were the last two officials that I met kanina. I met the Premier then right after we went to another room to meet the President.

Separate talks but dito sa isa hard sell. Iyong isa naman ano ‘yung ano lang — about the things that they have promised us.

And I’m very happy that they are sincere and they are really… They are there to comply with their commitments to us.

Q: Are the… What commitments are these, sir, primarily economic deals po ba or did you go beyond —?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ito marami ‘to ha. They are now opening new avenues for sa — [saan na ba ‘yun?] They are opening the doors for our teachers, workers. Kulang sila sa mga craftsmen and engineers. 

So they are welcoming almost teachers, English teachers. Kailangan nila nang marami. And if you try your luck there, I’m sure that you will make it.

Q: Pinapaalis mo ako, sir? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ay oo, kaysa nandiyan ka sa ano…

By the way, I had a talk with the President Erdoğan and the Prime Minister of — si Erdenebat sa Mongolia. They also want to… Gusto nila na mag-sali sa ASEAN.

And since I was — I am the chair, ang Pilipinas ngayon, they wanted me to sponsor their entry and I said, “Yes, why not?”

Si ‘yung babae si Aung San Suu Kyi, ang sabi niya, “Have you considered the physical — the geography whether they are part of the ASEAN or not?” They are. I would say that they are.

Turkey seems to be ambivalent to whether to be a bridge of Europe and Asia or being an Asian. Wala silang klaro diyan. There has always been an ambivalent view. Sometimes they say that they are part of Asia, sometimes they say that they are the bridge of Asia to Europe.

Q: Sir, in Beijing, Mr. Joe de Venecia raised the possibility of getting into joint exploration projects with China and Vietnam in disputed areas in the South China Sea. Is this something that he consulted with you before saying and or is this something that you are actually considering?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, that was the proposal during Arroyo’s time.

Q: Sa inyo po, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  Let us see the wherewithals. Tingnan mo muna kung ‘di ba ako malugi? It has to be fair and it has to be balanced.

So if we can get something there with no hassle at all, so why not?

Q: Sir, and lastly, medyo natanong na rin po siya kanina but what do you expect to come out from the May 19 bilateral consultative meeting or mechanism with China? What directives do you have forour representatives there?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Code of Conduct? 

Q: Yes, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Because that is what the ASEAN, I mean the countries are asking? And maybe also the Americans and everybody.

There will be a code of conduct. I will not speculate on how or — the dimension rather of the agreements. It has to be worked out. So ayaw kong mag-speculate.

Q: Thank you, sir.

Q: Morning, sir.


Cedric Castillo, sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: O, kamusta ka, Dric?

Q: Cedric Castillo po, GMA-7. Sir, with respect to fundings from China and ‘yung projects po na nasa pipeline, is the government still considering, sir, or pushing for the emergency powers sa Transportation? Kasi I understand it also involves infra projects po. So pinu-push pa rin po ba ‘yon ng government?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No. If the Congress would want to give it to me, fine. It would expedite things. But if they are fearful of corruption there because walang bidding-bidding ‘yan eh emergency powers, then they have every right to doubt.

But I said I would not insist on it. If they do not feel safe or comfortable with my Cabinet, fine. But I told them that corruption has no place in my government. It has no… There will never be the thing about large-scale corruption. I will not allow it.

Q: Sir, without emergency powers, how are you supposed to compel judiciary not to issue TROs like you said?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganito ‘yan. This is the second time or third time I’ll talk about it. Itong mga bidders, if A wins the bid, B and C loses, they’re going to file a case not really for asking for justice or fair play. 

It’s just to ipinitin niya ‘yung A na bayaran mo kami, a certain percentage of your kikitain mo diyan para hindi ka namin guguluhin. And that has been the historical practice of the courts.

I am now addressing myself to the judiciary. Do not, do not, for Christ’s sake, do not play with TROs kasi pagka ganon, TRO ka nang TRO tapos nagde-delay, I’ve been telling you: Do not force me to disobey you.

Kasi kayong ginagamit ninyo… Alam ninyo, ginagamit niyo na negosyo eh na kung matalo, takbo kaagad. So there is the TRO, the project gets stalled. It is in the doldrums and you…

Huwag ninyong gawin ‘yan, mag-aaway tayo. Sigurado ‘yan. If you start to mess up with the court processes just to earn money or doon sa contending parties, or mismong kayo magkakaroon ng pera diyan bayaran, do not do it, I said. We are on the edge. Hindi ako papayag nang ganon because I know it’s plain corruption.

Sabi ko na sa inyo, ayaw ko ng corruption sa gobyerno. Kung ‘yang mga style na ‘yan magde-demanda lang para —  to get a bargain from the other side — he gets paid. And he says, ‘give me about two of percent of your earnings — of what you get.’ 

They are not really there to fight it out. Ginagawang negosyo ‘yan eh. At ‘yung ibang judges, pati ‘yang sa Court of Appeals, alam ko na pera-pera ‘yan. Kaya ‘wag ninyong gawain ‘yan sa akin mapipilitan akong sasalubungin kayo legally.

I hope it would not go beyond the legal boundaries. Hindi ako papayag nang ganon kasi alam ko corruption ‘yan eh. So stop it, ‘yang mga TRO, TRO.  

You courts, you do not decide. We decide what is good for this country sa projects. You are there to interpret the law. 

Do not decide for us kasi kami ‘yung naghanap ng pera, kami rin ‘yung papatakbo ng proyekto.  Tapos kayo diyan magti-TRO-TRO knowing fully well that it is really a corrupt practice. Stop it. 

And I am asking the Supreme Court to do something about it. Kasi kapag sinobrahan mo, sabihin ko talaga ‘wag kayong maniwala diyan sa mga…

Sabi TRO, TRO ka eh ‘di hiram ako nang hiram dito, kung saan-saan na ako pumunta. Magigising ako ng alas-nuwebe hanggang ngayon wala pa akong tulog. Tapos i-TRO mo lang. Ay naku.

Mag-away tayo niyan. I’ll do my share of cleaning government. Kung ayaw ninyo, eh ‘di ako. And I would have to, you know traverse the lines of separation of powers. But do not use it. Use it sparingly.

Tutal kung may corruption, dalawa na tayong sisigaw. Rest assured, I said I will not allow it. But do not delay projects because you are issuing TROs left and right. You will paralyze government, mag- mukha akong tanga sa tao. Matatapos nalang ako, na-TRO pa.

And what’s keeping you, guys? I said you decide a TRO. Kung minsan umaabot ng anim na buwan. Anak ng… Decide immediately because the project has to get started. Do not f*** with it, God d******.  ‘Wag ninyong gawain ‘yan kasi alam ko ‘yung… I know how the game is played.

Now, ‘yung isang tanong ninyo doon sa Hong Kong, na bakit yumaman ako by three million? Sinabi ko may sugar mommy ako na mayaman. [laughter] Nakakainis eh.

Ganito ‘yan ‘di ba sinabi ko sa inyo noong lumakas ako, last two weeks gumanon ‘yung rating ko, doon na nagbigayan ang mga tao ng pera. Iyong iba nagdagdag, ‘yung iba for the first time nagbigay ng pera. Siguro anticipating my victory because of the ratings.  

Iyong two million eight, ‘yung three million na ‘yun, ‘yun — ang two million eight ibinayad ko ‘yan sa ABS-CBN para ‘yung propaganda ko makahabol.

Despite na inuna ko, bayad na ako, inuna pa nila ‘yung propaganda na ‘yung sa bata. Iyong bawal eh.

And despite there was a TRO, ang ABS-CBN lang ang hindi sumunod. They just went ahead to announce and pati ang Inquirer — garbage.

Now tell me, your media is to protect the truth? Nalista namin ‘yun. Tinanong kami, ‘nasaan na ‘yung pera?’ Sabi ko, ‘eh ‘di nasa ABS-CBN’. Iyong sa return ko sa election returns sa expenses ipinasok ko na kasi tinanggap ko ‘yung pera eh, pero ibinayad ko.

Ayaw kong magsalita doon sa labas at ngayon ko lang sabihin sa inyo ang totoo. Actually ‘yung two eight niyan naging income ko tuloy.

Wala mang gastos kasi hindi man…Kasi ang ABS CBN tanggap nang tanggap. Hindi lang ako, si Romulo, si Alan Peter. Senator… Marami kami. Almost all sa Congress may tama. Kako itong harap-harapan na nakaw…

So what is your moral authority to tell us what to do, ‘yung mga programa ninyo? Editorial criticizing us. Who would ever believe you? So I told the Filipino community, huwag kayong magbasa niyang Inquirer pati ABS-CBN. 

Hanggang drama lang ‘yan sila mahusay. Iyan ang negosyo nila eh. They do not get anything dito except during elections. Ano nila ‘yung mga ratings nila ‘yung mga drama-drama nila “Maalaala Mo Kaya.” P**** i** mo nakalimutan na kita bakit alalahanin pa kita? Kaya ako ganito na magsalita.

Iyong Mile Long, ‘yung Mile Long diyan was leased by government for 25 years, tapos another 25 years, tapos isauli na sa gobyerno kasi hindi na na-renew. The owner is the PNRC, Philippine Railway.

Hindi nasauli, nagkakaso, ayaw isauli ng may-ari si Prieto, ‘yung may-ari ng Inquirer. Tapos kung mag-publish sa amin, magsalita sa aming mga taga-gobyerno halos magnanakaw na kami na dumating na sa gobyerno.

Kayo? Kaya ngayon, ang Court of Appeals nag-issue nanaman ng TRO, anak ka ng… You better… Twice dumating na ‘yan sa Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, the highest court of the land said, “It belongs to the government.” It is really a property of government.

Hindi lang talaga ano kasi from Marcos to Aquino. Si Marcos, ibinigay kay Rufino, ‘yung may-ari ng mga sinehan sa Maynila. Then itong si Rufino, nag-asawa doon kay Prieto tapos Romualdez. So Cory nanaman, tapos Marcos to Cory.

Hanggang ngayon ang income ng mga establishments diyan ang nagku-kubra, si Prieto, may-ari ng Donut. 

Do not steal the property of government. Akala niyo kayo lang ang marunong eh p***** i** ninyo pati kayo magnanakaw. So do not tell us what to do kasi kayo naghahanap lang kayo ng butas sa inyo. That is corruption of the highest order.

Isauli ninyo iyang property. Otherwise, I would tell the Filipino people, ‘Go there and occupy your property’. Ayaw ninyo ibigay? With the Supreme Court ruling, sabihin ko, ‘Inyo. Mamili kayo ng tindahan diyan.’

You choose either you return it the normal way, we follow the law, restore the ownership of government to this particular real estate property. Ipagbili ko ‘yan at gawain kong mga bahay diyan — kayong mga Kadamay, damay na tayo lahat diyan. Kung agawin mo ‘yung sa sundalo na ano — hindi ka nga natakot sa sundalo, eh ‘di ‘yan agawin mo.

I do not say anything illegal. It’s property of the government but here comes this TRO sa Court of Appeals. Please.

Kung puro man tayo abugado, ‘wag na lang tayo magbolahan. Huwag ninyo akong takutin niyang corruption ninyo. Otherwise, magwawaswasan tayo in public.

Nakikiusap ako sa inyo, huwag ninyong idamay ang gobyerno kasi kailangan ko ng pera para ipagawa ko ng mga bahay kasi ‘yung sundalo, kinuha na ‘yung mga bahay nila, gagawa nanaman ako dito. Tapos malaman ninyo na agawin na naman, sabihin ko na lang ‘sige na lang’.

Maghanap naman tayo ng iba, paggawa natin, arya na naman kayo, agawin na naman ninyo, okay lang. Hanggang mapigil ang sundalo. Ngayon kung sabihin ng sundalo na ‘sobra na ito.’ Eh ‘di bahala kayo.

I need money to help the Filipino. Let go of the property, it is not yours. I’m going to sell it. Kung gusto ninyo, bilihin ninyo. Highest bidder. 

I-publish ninyo kung sino ‘yang, Inquirer man. Kayo, akala ninyo kayo ang nakalamang dito sa mundong ito. At kung magbaboy kayo ng taga-gobyerno, akala ninyo kayo lang ang… You think that you are — a select few who are honest in this world. Nagkamali kayo diyan. Nagkamali kayo.

Q: Sir, if I may, sir, going back to the TROs and judiciary lang, sir. In the event na mag-issue ng mga TROs, how does government go about implementing the projects, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That’s why I am pleading… I am pleading to the Supreme Court to control the… Pati sila alam nila ‘yan ‘yang racket na ‘yan. Iyang TRO, TRO pati ‘yung mga sa gobyerno.

Kita mo ‘yung sa Mile Long, mapunta na sana sa atin, nag-TRO na naman ang l**** nandiyan sa… P**** i** ninyo. Diyan na naman sa Court of Appeals.

Eh kailan makuha ng gobyerno ‘yan? Gusto ninyo bidding. I-bid ko ‘yan. Sinong pinakamataas? Gamitin ko ‘yung gobyerno para pagawa ako ng bahay.

At saka ‘yung mga kaso na we are working on it to the — pinaka-bargain. Iyang si Lam, he sent feelers ayaw ko. Sabi ko, mag-usap kayo ni Dominguez pati ni Dulay. ‘Yan kay mga kuripot ‘yan. Ayaw magbitaw ng pera, lalo na ‘yan si Dulay kay Ilocano.

O, mag-usap kayo doon. Iyan kasi kailangan ko ang pera, gawaan ko ng… I said I will build a hospital in Basilan, Jolo, Mary Johnston, pati ‘yung Fabella. Doon mapupunta ‘yung pera, kung anong makuha natin. Because it goes to the Treasury, but I will ask Congress na, kita man namin ito. Ibigay ninyo sa akin because I will build hospitals for the people in those places.

Para ang mga Abu Sayyaf kung matamaan sila, pwede nilang dalhin doon sa hospital. Sabi ko naman sa mga sundalo kung may tama na ‘yan, putol na ‘yung paa, huwag na lang, hanap ka na lang ng bagong kalaban na kondisyon.

I am happy also to report that the last remaining Abu Sayyaf member, baka lumabas naman sa news was — tapos silang lahat, all accounted for. Patay sila lahat.

The last ‘yung kanina. So that should also give a lesson to everybody who is interested to hear government.

Q: Good morning, sir, and welcome home. Sir, just a follow up on the Bangsamoro Peace Process…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ang ganda ng sapatos mong pula, bagay sa‘yo.

Q: Thank you, sir. The six-month liberty for Misuari has already lapsed last month, is there any move from your end to seek extension on his liberty?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: In the name of peace, I can wait. I will not be imposing timelines. Huwag lang sobrahan ninyo, but I hope to really comply with my promise to the Moro people of Mindanao.

Huwag na ninyong tagalan, but that commitment of mine, maski na hindi ninyo kailangan dapat ma-federal talaga ang government. Sumosobra itong…. This set up is really conducive to corruption. Itong set up na ‘to, big time corruption ‘yan dito.

Kaya kung pera-pera dito, malaki. That’s why nakatutok ako sa mga opisinang malalaki ang…

I am trying to figure out how the money is being used. Iyong may mga agencies na tig-150 billion ang mga appropriation, binabantayan ko talaga ‘yan. And once I find out, you go.

Q: On the BTC, sir. Is there a word from BTC, Bangsamoro Transition Commission, as to when they could submit to you the draft new Bangsamoro Basic law?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ewan ko, si Jess Dureza. Tanungin mo na rin si Bello sa ‘yung doon sa Norway.

Ano ba doon, Bot, okay na ba? Sige ka lang diyan okay. U*****. [laughter] Ayusin mo. Matagal na eh.

Ako basta for as long as they are killing government security forces I will not sign anything. Wala akong magawa eh. I have to protect my soldier. Ako ‘yung Commander-in-Chief eh. Alang-alang naman ibahog ko ‘yan.

So but my offer to Sison stands. He can come here in peace. I will guarantee safety and I will even underwrite his hospitalization. Hindi ko siya aarestuhin.

May sakit siya. Kayo man rin ang nagpiyaet na may sakit na siya. Ito o si — chismoso ito si Bebot. Eh, may sakit na si… You know, you don’t… ‘Pag tao may sakit tapos wala na. It’s not good to be oppressive, kulung-kulungin mo pa. Ipagamot mo na lang.

Tapos kung gusto niya, uwi siya ng Norway ulit. But that is my offer, with sincere ano… Hindi ko siya aarestuhin, he can come home.

We do not fight people who are helpless, not healthy anymore. It ain’t that way, it’s not.

Q: Thank you, sir. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Pahiram ng sapatos mo ha. [laughter] Pula, maganda ‘yan. Regalado? ‘Yung katabi mo, wala na siyang itanong? 

Ms. Regalado: Ewan ko.  


Ms. Regalado: PMS po ‘yan. Tao mo ‘yan. [laughter]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Akala ko bumilib ka sa akin kasi ang tingin mo. Magkasama lang pala tayo sa Malacañan eh.

So that ends everything. Are you satisfied? Itong pagpunta ko ngayon dito, if you want to use an idiom, I’d say it was a “windfall”.

You know why it’s called windfall? In the olden times sa England, property ng mga baron, mga duke ‘yan, lahat pati tao doon, propedad niya. Hindi sila makakuha ng kahoy, makaputol.

But during a storm, malakas ang hangin, magbagsak ‘yung mga kahoy, that’s the time that they chop the woods for use. Kung walang hangin, wala sila. They… 

In winter, they freeze to death. Ganon ka g*** ‘yung mga amo nila noon. Buti nga nawala na ‘yung royalty.

So that’s why it’s called windfall. [applause] Nag una-una na kasi gusto nang umuwi o. [laughter]