Press Briefing by Undersecretary Rowel Barba of the Department of Trade and Industry (Management Services Group and DTI Chief of Staff)
Golden Ring Hotel, Moscow, Russia
23 May 2017

Pia Ranada (Rappler): Hi, sir. Sir, Pia from Rappler.

USEC. BARBA: Good morning.

Ms. Ranada: Sir, could you just give us an overview of the business delegation accompanying the President during this trip? How many they are? Which companies? And what industries?

USEC. BARBA: Yes. We’re happy to report that there are about 260 members of the business delegation who joined the President and large companies and small companies are represented in this delegation.

And they’re very interested to join the President and engage their Russian counterparts during the visit.

Ms. Ranada: Sir, which kinds of companies, which industries are they involved?

USEC. BARBA: Actually, I think almost all industries are represented from the large companies like the MVP Group, including some should I say, small and medium enterprises.

Ms. Ranada: Sir, aside from MVP Group, ano pa po ‘yung big names?

USEC. BARBA: Well, I think part of the delegation is Mr. Michael Tan also.

Mr. Ranada: Sir, how many worth of deals do we expect the President to bring home from the business delegation’s activities?

USEC. BARBA: We cannot say that at the moment. We’ll leave that to the President to say during the arrival report.

Joseph Morong (GMA): Sir, saan po ‘yung mga areas of trade engagements, sa anong mga industries tayo na pwede mag-engage with Russia?

USEC. BARBA: Currently, we are working under the framework ng ano, JCETC, which is the Joint Commission on Economic and Trade Cooperation, which had an inaugural meeting last month. And included doon sa mga pinag-usapan is trade and investments, tourism, agricultural, marine, and all the other industries actually.

Mr. Morong: Sir, ito bang 260, ganyan ba kalaki or or sobrang laki na? And how would you characterize the number of delegates that the President was with when he arrived here? Is this normal size or medyo malaki?   

USEC. BARBA: Medyo malaki. I think this is next to China. We were hoping that we can limit it. Unfortunately, many businessmen were interested to join the President.

Peng Aliño (DZRB): Mostly from the Philippines?

USEC. BARBA: Yes. All Filipinos.

Mr. Morong: They paid for their own fare?

USEC. BARBA: Yes, yes. Thank you very much.