Remarks of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Russian President Vladimir Putin during their bilateral meeting
Grand Kremlin Palace, Moscow, Russia
23 May 2017

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: … Please consider us as a good friend. I came to visit your place and it’s to establish stronger bilateral relations…

It has happened to my country even after the occupation many years ago. I am referring to the MILF.

I come to seek your friendship and to trade, establish trade and commerce with your country.

I am sorry if I am in a hurry but I need to buy, if you can grant me a soft loan, we’ll [?] the money and pay it right away because the arms that we ordered from America was cancelled and…  the ISIS…

I come to seek your friendship.

PRESIDENT PUTIN: Your Excellency, Mr. President, I’m so happy to see you in Moscow. As far as I remember, you and I met in Lima and we had a meeting not long ago in Beijing. 

Last year marked our 40 years anniversary ever since the establishment of diplomatic ties between our nations.  

Unfortunately now, the mutual trade exchanges are not too high.

But at the start of this year, it started rebounding, increasing by around 25 percent. And we have very many promising and interesting areas of cooperation, including on energy machine building, transport and infrastructure. 

And I think we can cooperate in many different technical sphere.

At the outset of our conversation, I would… I have to express our condolences as a matter of fact, loss of lives of your people happened because of a horrible terrorist attack.

And my colleagues and myself definitely understand quite well that you do have to come back to return to your motherland.

And let me express hope that the conflict that you have just mentioned will be resolved as soon as possible and with minimal losses and casualties.

But you and I know that our teams have worked hard and prepared a full package of bilateral documents, instruments. 

And your Ministers, as far as I know, are staying and tomorrow the package aiming at the development of bilateral ties will be signed and inked.

As you probably know, I spent this day away from Moscow in one of our regions.

And that I have seized the chance to see you in person. Thank you for accepting our invitation and coming to the Russian Federation.

And I hope that we will take advantage of the few minutes that we have before you leave for the airport to talk our bilaterals and the regional situation as well.

Thank you.